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The Theology of Patriotism

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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July 1, 2021 3:28 pm

The Theology of Patriotism

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 1, 2021 3:28 pm

The Theology of Patriotism

Today Steve goes live to talk about the benefits and dangers of patriotism.  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign for his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble golly Eileen Fred J. Pastor Chris, from cross family church comes in the filling of one of the talk about Mary Jane marriage want drugs but I appreciate them talk about that. I wanted to do some shows on marijuana and the growing trend around the country of legalizing that is what you do it that is Christian so will come back around that. But I appreciated them doing that he'll be back in tomorrow. By the way, we've got a huge week and you may remember, earlier this year when our esteemed president Joe Biden came out and said you know all fully with respect to coven.

Hopefully by July 4.

You might feel to have three or four people over right hopefully and then I said at the time. You know what my response to the president's order is working to have a Fourth of July party at our house nanny nanny boo-boo fingers and ears waving my other fingers, thumbs in my ears going 90 nanny boo-boo so were actually having 18 people at our house this weekend from my wife's side of the family in a kind of a family reunion Fourth of July celebration at the noble house. Sorry, Mr. Pres., that somehow a violation of your dictates. I don't really care so that's what's going on so they're starting to come in today. Our son came in early this morning from San Francisco and so I'll be off tomorrow to spend time with family and then the Monday truth radio syndicates the show that there there other staff taken up Mondays on Monday.

If you tune in, you will hear that's a July 5. You'll hear a show I did a couple years ago which is really the history of the Declaration of Independence and how do we even get to that point. Starting only back in a believe it or not, the Reformation and then bringing that all you all the way forward to 1776 Declaration of Independence so you can hear that show on Monday. That will be of a replay, obviously live here today not tomorrow and then I'll be back on Tuesday okay so today the fee on theology Thursday. The theology of patriotism. How much does the Bible support or denounce for the Britt God save the Queen and for the American you know the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem and the flagon and outputting the flag in the sanctuary. All I can stuff so working to work our way today on theology Thursday through patriotism versus nationalism of what can we take from the Bible.

What's acceptable what isn't, but I thought I'd start in an interesting place as the senior demon Screwtape was writing to his neck." Nephew, a junior demon wearable Ed who is trying to work on his" patients. A gentleman this I remember this was written back during World War II in Britain by CS Lewis. So he's working on his patient try to figure out a way to make sure he doesn't become a Christian. So this is crucial Screwtape and wormwood. Okay, having a conversation and this is Screwtape.

I have not forgotten my promise to consider whether we should make the patient's misguidance.

Think about being a Christian and extreme patriot or extreme pacifist, listen all extremes except extreme devotion to the enemy are to be encouraged to remember it from their perspective, who's the enemy that's got so all extremes except extreme devotion to the enemy are to be encouraged, not always, of course, but at this. There talk about World War II. Some ages are lukewarm and complacent and that's our business to suit them yet faster. Asleep other ages of which the present is one are unbalanced and prone to action and is our business to inflame them.

If your patient can be induced to become a conscientious objector, he will automatically find himself one of a small vocal organized unpopular society and the effects of this on one so new to Christianity will almost certainly be good, but only almost certainly whatever he adopts your main task will be the same. Let him begin by treating the patriotism of the pacifism as a part of his religion then led him under the influence of partisan spirit come to regard it as the most important part then quietly and gradually nurse him onto the stage at which the religion becomes merely part of the cause in which Christianity is valued chiefly because of the excellent arguments it can produce in favor of the British war effort or pacifism data to which you want to guard against is that in which temporal affairs are treated primarily as material for obedience. Once you've made the world and end and faith. A means to hear that I'm repeat that part. Once you've made the world and end, and faith means you almost one year man and it makes very little difference. What kind of worldly end. He is pursuing, provided that meetings, pamphlets, policies, movements, causes and crusades matter more to him than prayers and sacraments and charity. He is ours and the more cortical religious on those terms. The more securely ours. I could show you a pretty cage full down here that Screwtape talking to wormwood. What do you do with your patient.

Would you rather them be a pacifist or a patriot, or as the Brits would say in the Screwtape letters, a pop treatment and so that's the question that will walk through and work through today on the show here on theology Thursday patriotism versus nationalism versus the Bible in our Christianity. What do you do with that so many do some negatives and some positive, some of these things are to bug you. Some of these things won't, but working to go down this road together today because I think it's super important and I think we've had issues with it. I certainly have an odds are you have two in usually like Screwtape was talking about, to one extreme or the other. Is there a happy medium thoughts questionable work undertaken patriotism become idolatry. This is from relevant magazine July 4, 2019, straddling the magnificent cross in the center of the sanctuary. There are two flags, one Christian, the other American. It's a scene that plays itself out in churches across the country especially. I mean if your church is meeting this Sunday will they have a bunch of flags on the stage. That's good question. I've been in churches that do up in churches that don't now to be fair, back to the article, though aggressively tacky.

I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with a Christian flag hanging in our sanctuaries. After all, it reminds us where our true allegiance lies. But it's that reminder of allegiance that makes the other flag so profoundly out of place. Talk about the American flag right this particular author Zach Hunt wrote this for relevant magazine that other flag, the one with the Stars & Stripes By the same bronze eagle that once was the icon of the Roman Empire demands our allegiance even the lives of some of our brothers and sisters, and yet we worship a God US the same of each and every one of us.

We can't have it both ways.

We can't fully serve two masters. But boy do we try so what is it patriotism and nationalism. None of the above will be right back and so what which is rather good patriotic song or good, praise, worship songs of today and theology Thursday pretty much on the eve of 4 July where we celebrate our nation's independence were asking that question. What's the deal. Patriotism versus nationalism versus idolatry versus being ungrateful or hateful towards this nation. We have all those problems in the church. Okay not talk about the culture. I do not apply a theological a measuring stick to the lost culture which is most of it vast majority of its lost so I don't apply a theological measuring stick to them other than the gospel itself and that you're already condemned. If you're outside of Christ because of your sin. This is all about us is inside baseball game. So some people eat can hate America that's going on plenty and growing and other people love America, but maybe too much so what do we do what is the Bible say about nationalism is a lot of different websites I use in got is a good one and can harm a Christian apologetics research ministries. Another good one and abuses for years so this is one from. I got which is they do a great job of assembling Scripture, which is why is it, and it's a Christian site. Why does the but what does the Bible say about nationalism.

Okay, walk you through this one coming get sad get our feet on firm ground here. The Bible ancient Israel was a nationalistic culture right, of course it was and that was God's intent when he called Abram to leave his home and traveled the land God would show him God was laying the foundation for theocratic nation.

Genesis 12 12 for theocratic God being the king, the ruler in order to succeed.

The Hebrew people had to develop a nationalistic mindset.

They were not to mix with pagan nations around them, and would have their own laws, religion and culture that would make them distinctive. Any outsider wishing to join Israel had this this is interesting. Had to submit to God's law and become like the Hebrews by the way, one of those things was to be circumcised nationalism for the Jews was necessary in order to become a holy people through whom God would send the Savior of the world for Israel. Nationalism was one part of keeping the decrees given by the Lord Jewish nationalism had taken a wrong turn. However by the time Jesus came to earth. The religious leaders had so perverted. God's law and so look down the Gentile nations that they assume being born Jewish was all one needed to be right with God.

John the Baptist rebukes such thinking quote and do not think you can save yourselves. We have Abraham as our father.

I tell you that out of these stones. God can raise up children from Abraham for Abraham Ho Matthew 39 that rock their world.

The Jews were making the same mistake some of us make today. They assume that their heritage nationality or religion was sufficient to guarantee them the righteousness nationalism had become like a religion to them and kept them from humbling their hearts to receive God, Savior, that being Jesus. Of course, the Bible teaches nationalism in the sense that believers in Christ are to obey the laws of the land, regardless of their nation or residence quote let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there's no authority except that which God is established.

The authorities in it that exist have been established by God. That's Romans 13 one through seven.

Those words were penned by the apostle Paul who suffered persecution was martyred under the reign of Emperor Nero so like when Paul told Timothy to pray for those in authority over us. Who was the king at the time who was the president so to speak, was Nero was a maniacal psychosexual pervert murder and pause like yeah pray for it wise that Paul so that we can live quiet and peaceable life would not be nice. I think that would be nice, while sojourners on this earth we should support our governments, our countries inner communities as much as possible without violating God's commitments. Acts 529 is when they drag Peter and John before the Sanhedrin and the Pharisees and their like okay you guys i.e. got a quit preaching in Jesus's name and that's when Peter below the Holy Spirit like a lesson essentially a you do what you gotta do we're working to do all we have to do is we can't help speak about that which we have seen and heard we are knocking to shut up till all of a sudden. In my lifetime when I'm on radio or whatever you like, you can't talk about the Bible stuff anymore that you can the gospel of hate speech can't do that since law, I will tell them out. You're not have to arrest me jail me or whatever the market to stop talking about right. That's what acts 529 teaches us when Israel was exiled to Babylon because of their disobedience. The Lord told them to listen to seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you and exile pray to the Lord for it because it if it if it prospers you too will prosper. That's Jeremiah 29 7-Up. Think about that God providentially allowed for used Nebuchadnezzar in the Babylonian empire to take Judah and Israel just destroy him essentially take them in the captivity, God ordained and then he tells them you need to pray to the Lord for for its meaning Babylon because of it prospers you too will prosper. That's where we get the whole story at the annual Daniel chapter 1, which is a great example how you live in a pagan nation and by the way new/you live in one was America born out of a Christian creed for the most part was America a Christian nation in terms of the soil out of which she sprang for the most part, a Christian nation is in born again Christian, but God-fearing Bible respecting day for the most part back to this article, we should defend freedom, the innocent in our homes from foreign threats. So it's not wrong to feel proud when our nation does right and dissing its anthems with joy and thanksgiving to God.

Okay three. Gotta make sure when you're singing the national anthem used your heart should be really all about thanksgiving to God for the good things our nation is done a recognition and a repentant heart for the bad things our nation has done and continues to do, not the least of which would be murdering the unborn under the legal auspice that it's fine but thankful to the Lord that you live on perhaps the freest planet, freest country on the planet. Certainly in the history of the planet which is great for the propagation of the gospel to sharing the gospel living out your faith, sanctification, worshiping freely, openly, publicly that's all good. We hear, however, when we allow nationalism to displace our first loyalties to Christ and his kingdom all those born again into the family of God, are citizens of another kingdom we live with the awareness that the things of this earth are temporary, including nations, governments immaterial good when certain national policies align with biblical principles. It's easy to subconsciously substitute nationalism for Christianity and expend our zeal and passion on the wrong things despite how noble our nation may be entered not die on the cross for our sin. Good to remember that it cannot promise us eternal life. President King or military leaders. Only a fallible human being and cannot meet our needs, as God can a certain level of nationalism is not wrong. In fact it's one way we can be good to the community which we reside. We can send our sons and daughters to defend our community, pay her taxes to support it and honor that which is honorable in it, but Christians must keep in mind that earthly nationalism is fleeting.

Heavenly citizenship is forever our greatest loyalties in our primary obligations are to bet kingdom that will never pass away. So this is a matter of balance and I'll take it into some different things to different writers, different opinions when it comes to a Christian who is a biblical Christian and how do you manage your feelings and allegiance to your nation.

In this case, the United States of America, a nation that I love and I work on behalf of and I try not to worship and place it above the things of God. And that's very have to be careful when our patriotism to become nationalism, i.e., idolatry will talk about that patriotism Christianity nationalism. How do we do this well when we come back to back. It seemed normal to show theology Thursday patriotism, patriotism versus nationalism versus I hate America, hate Americanism that's out there and so were trying to get a handle on this. As followers of Jesus Christ just gently out love of countries can be a great thing. It can also be a problem, and patriotism can turn into nationalism was can turn into jingoism. And that's when you're just that's it's a lot of pride in their as you look down at everyone and everything and every other place because were Americans and everything else is just her back. City right in that there's a ton of pride in their so there's the yet to be really careful at this on because we can become political idolaters, and you if you're if you're like if you're way more interested in God saving America than seeing Americans saved, you might be in idolater. Okay, if you're far more agitated by the political sign that shows up in your neighbor's yard. Then the thought of whether they know Jesus or not.

You may be a political idolater case to the point if you think the way to save America is to get the right guy or gal in the White House versus seeing more and more people coming to the kingdom of God by being born again then you may be political idolater so you got where's the line in all of this and now we need to be very careful with this because were painted.

One way especially pure conservative evangelical. The assumption is your political idolater your nationalist that's what happened with Trump and everything you have you known Donald Trammell as a Christian.

This is when Donald Trump came out on the stage that one time and he hugged the flak first of on such a cynic and like that's a show put on the show does he love the nation.

Does he love the country yes does he appreciate the flag absolutely, but hugging the flag with a big smile on his face. He's playing. I think he's playing you. I gotcha's hyperbole. It's like propaganda but to see the present United States who claims Christianity to hug the flag makes me uncomfortable. Okay I at this point my life in my walk with Jesus, put my hand on my heart and pledging allegiance to the flag of United States makes me a little uncomfortable and I love the country so this is the tension of the Christian life that we should all experience in my doing this right in my following the dictates of Scripture or MI string and idolatry see. Gotta be careful if you think I'm just an idiot. Right now, and just slamming America then you've got a port, you probably have a problem. You probably have an idolatry problem. If he fears losing her mind listening to me right now and aren't even willing to engage in the conversation. That's a problem. Once you know when something is an idol. It gets attacked you get ticked off and you go on the defense and in the offense that's I know something is an idol is pretty easy way to tell our patriotism versus nationalism. This was in a Christian Christian Bible studies guide patriotism can be defined as love of country. It's a love that seems to include much of the world's population is the kind of love that makes you thankful you're an American. Whenever you hear the national anthem that makes you thankful your British whenever you hear God save the Queen, or that makes you thankful when your whatever country whenever your country wins an Olympic medal funny lately. It's that feeling of altruistic gratitude for freedom or democracy or culture any of the other values people around the world treasure in their nation. Nationalism, on the other hand, takes that love of country and expands it to me. Love of country at the expense of other nations. It's when someone believes there better because they come from a particular place you can see out the gospel problem right the matter, whether American or Russian communist of capitalists Western civilization sub-Saharan Africa.

And guess what everybody's a sinner, all of sin and fall short of the glory of God.

Just because you're an American you think you get better standing before the Lord than the communist. You don't not art level.

You do not, in the United States often given the innocuous sounding title American exceptionalism see now even there that triggers you. I can I can unpack American exceptionalism and make it something that's okay. I can also take American exceptionalism that phrase and twisted in the something that's totally prideful but denies reality. That's like reading from first John, if you say you have no sin, you're a liar and the truth is and and you write those American exceptional nation relative to others in many ways, yes, CI nuance, the answer is it flat out an exceptional nation, will you tell me we've killed over 60 million of our own children, is that exceptional. We had chattel slavery for long times, that exceptional slaves got freedom and the right to vote for women did that exceptional hey we could draft to send you off to war, were you would die and you can vote that exceptional early on, he had to be a rich white landowner to be a citizen, that exceptional you coming from another country or not white you're not a Christian you can be a citizen of that exceptional day to deal with this stuff so so there's a fine line right so this article a good kind of patriotism Jesus. It seems love this people, his city, his nation so much that he cried over right he cried over and despises country or wish ill upon it and said he wanted nothing but the best for it grieved him to see how's people had rejected his teaching Jesus example of patriotism perfected can become provided guidepost Christians.

It's a good example to both pragmatic and romantic shot through with justice, truth in love is not a nationalistic patriotism with love for nation that doesn't pitted against other nations. Instead, it's a recognition of love followed by a mournful recognition of short comings right so I love America but I don't gloss over her stuff. We should gloss over our own Mike, like David said in Psalm 51 my sin is ever performing.

It should keep you humble right so Thomas kid is a professor of history done at Baylor is a believer excellent writer.

Actually, his book on US history is one of the three that I'm working myself through book in preparation start teaching US history in the fall, so he wrote this article is excellent from December 18 Lester Christian nationalism versus Christian patriotism because Christian nationalism became an issue day because of tromping people all rap and all that stuff and everything. It's everything. Listen, every think it's politicized and it gets used as a hammer or nail or agrees whatever to advance your agenda, whatever that may be in just a rumor that Roe is being played euros being sold something is being moved in a direction for the right and from the left, but as people of the book we need to be people of the truth that takes every thought skews me captive that sets itself up against the knowledge of God.

So Thomas writes this Thomas. What's the difference between Christian nationalism, which is bad in Christian patriotism, which is good in moderation. Political theorist Benedict Anderson described describe nations as imagined communities donations may be vast in geography and population. Many of us share such intense patriotic commitment that we would lay down our lives and those of our children to defend our country and to promote its power around the globe. Obviously, traditional Christians ought to limit that kind of nationalistic fervor as strangers and exiles on the earth which is the theological fact, our ultimate allegiance is to Christ's kingdom. Our love for non-American brother or sister in Christ should exceed our comradeship with unbelieving American patriots. Those numbers are legion. Many okay the reference but measure patriotism still seems appropriate and somewhat unavoidable for most Christians, even Romans 13 Romans 13 Romans 13's injunction to be subject to the governing authorities suggests a default support for your nation. If nothing else, we pray for our leaders and community so that is first Timothy two puts it, believers may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. When believers can live that kind of life in the nation as they often have in America.

We should be grateful. Amen.

Should we Americans have long nurtured more problematic forms of Christian nationalism in this, the United States is hardly alone British nationalism that was an enormously powerful commitment for white American colonists, one that most patriots only broke with a great reluctance in 1776. Communist nations like North Korea also engender very virulent forms of nationalism, since official atheism needs transcendent national commitments to fill the void usually occupied by theistic civil religion still Thomas writes since evangelicals usually meaning white religious Republicans to the to the culture right you say evangelicals the culture things white Republicans, Bible pumpers okay but just a reality are the Americans most often accused of Christian nationalism of the behoove those of us who still except the evangelical label to consider nationalism's history looks at a few different things and mentions this Christian nationalism is often changed over America's history.

Originally took the form of British Protestant nationalism aligned against Catholic national powers, especially France and Spain. Britain became America's rival in the revolution in the war of 1812 other Americans became the great national enemy during the Civil War. But today's Christian nationalism dates back to skews me to the Cold War. Jesus gets up during in many ways the fight against Soviet communism set the modern template for white evangelical engagement of politics suggests some factual study are okay don't get offended. This helps explain why many of today's most ardent adherents of Christian nationalism are also children of the Cold War white evangelical leaders like Billy Graham frame.

The Cold War is a conflict between the Christian values America in the atheism of the Soviets white people have been the primary of though not exclusive purveyors of Christian nationalism, partly because they been great beneficiaries of America's national power. That's just historical 74% of this country's white okay so don't get all triggered every time somebody mentions white and black ghetto listen to work through it. Keep your emotions under control and study. As Graham would later admit the spiritual framing led him another evangelicals to see almost everything about Cold War politics through a spiritual left. Thus, whoever was toughest on communism like Eisenhower, Nixon, or Ronald Reagan got transformed into a Christian warrior pick it up there no more than talking about the reality of patriotism is nationalism versus I hate this country which is ridiculous that that it reminds me of something when there you know they been playing a bunch of watches till recently they were using a bunch of Rush Limbaugh's older clips in the show and kinda bringing that in the modern context and for one reason, one of the guest host recently couple weeks ago was talking about Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago and she was asked at one point when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. Are you an originalist and she said oh, are you talking about that document that didn't recognize me as a black person as a woman, or as a lesbian member of the homosexual community that document and shoot me know, so she's hammering away in the Constitution. This is normal for a lot of woke people out people on the left just see America is just pond scum. Just a just a blight on the planet and they look at that little the Constitution. Those white Europeans and balloons slavery and and there's a lot of things to talk about their it's nuanced and complicated so and Rush Limbaugh on the air said in it and in my first reaction was to have some compassion for her because yes, did the Constitution following on the heels of our creed. The Declaration of Independence were read. Do we really live out was artwork the artwork the Doxy was all men are created equal, or Arthur prexy was hoops slavery in women. By the way, you were nothing, and you had to be a rich white landowner to vote all men are created equal great orthodoxy that Arthur prexy did live that out, but then Rush Limbaugh says, but then I thought I was. I'm listening to a black female homosexual mayor of one of the biggest shoot such cities and in the country complain about the Constitution and it's the Constitution and its somewhat flexible nature and our desire as a nation following the Constitution to form a more perfect union that got us to the point where a black female lesbian could be the mayor of a major city or a Jamaican Indian could be the vice president, or an African-American Barack Obama could be the president. What enabled all that to happen in the first place.

The founding document in this kind of Christian civic religion nature of the country but the Constitution allowed for that and promoted in order to form a more perfect union, flexible, changeable, not easy to do but striving, and then when we created the Declaration of Independence man. We created a mirror for ourselves, to hold up, and that's why in the Constitution. There was a 20 year hold on the slavery issue but did you know 20 years exactly 20 years later they outlawed our Congress outlawed the president signed it outlawed the importation of slaves. Now the problem was we had enough slaves. By that point where they were just producing more slaves, but they did do something not enough. But something in the end there were many of them that struggle with that they knew the guts to change they were going to have a thing to deal at the South that eventually led to the Civil War okay number down all kinds on the road but I don't.

I hope you get my point. This is again from Thomas kids article is talking about different things you can do bad things, good things in terms of patriotism related warning sign is ever to turn the ostensible defenders of the Christian nation into devout believers. In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, or to defend them against criticism David Barton wall builders okay big time and other popular history writers have done this with the likes of Thomas Jefferson was a materials in the Unitarian at best. We've seen similar instances such as Billy Graham having Richard Nixon speak at evangelistic crusades or event evangelical Republican insiders to claimant Donald Trump is a baby Christian who sometimes just engages in modular lot. Locker room talk. The urge to transform politicians or other defenders of the American nation to virtuous believers or Christlike figures suggest that we may have confused nationalism of biblical Christianity yet suggests I don't know if it did for you because I can't judge her heart, but that can be an issue and David Barton wrote a whole book and the Thomas Nelson yanked it because a couple of academics took up took issue with him, saying Thomas Jefferson was a Christian, a really wise that because he called himself a Christian because he signed the law that was for the propagation of the gospel to the Indians that was actually the name of movement that the law was about Thomas Jefferson's president at night not sign a law that says now we gotta go share the gospel with the Indians, but that's how David Barton presented it in because Thomas Jefferson called himself a Christian. So what 70% of this nation calls themselves a Christian, are they they are not just go talk to find out what they believe Thomas Jefferson denied Jesus as the son of God denied his virgin birth denied his resurrection. Can you be a Christian if you deny all three of those you cannot. Thomas Jefferson, unless he had some deathbed conversion that nobody's ever written about is not inhabit. Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian she had to be careful with that stuff to be very careful brutally honest. Okay.

Finally, more positively, does our congregation reflect as much of the local demographics the nation's kindreds, and people in tongues that compromise God's kingdom, or does it reflect mainly one ethnic group sharing the same partisan commitments and zealous American patriotism great ways to platform the all nations aspect of church life, including supporting international missions project prioritizing relief and evangelistic work among immigrants in America giving people of varied ethnicities and backgrounds leadership roles as all kinds of things. There you can do to try to make the local church look a bit more like that like the universal church, which by the way, for us whites in America.

Most of the church in the world is not Caucasian day. It isn't interesting thing to think about and so that what only land with this one. This is written by my buddy Bruce Ashford is PhD great writer great thinker and he wrote an article in May of this year called I pledge allegiance to the flag in order to be loved. A country must be lovely and do not be flawless. In fact, no society except the eternal city is flawless, but to garner affection and must be lovable. The World War II generation recognized our nations loveliness and gave everything they had to defend it.

In fact, the sacrifices of that generation of the reason we'd 20th century, Americans can live as free people in a sovereign country. Yet even today the loyalty and affection of many of in our own generation cannot be question. I was 26. Bruce writes when the twin towers were imploded by the Wahhabi coward syndicate and terrorist organization Al Qaeda and the reason at 46 that I live as a free man in a sovereign nation is the courage of our nation special forces and other war fighters. I for one, am grateful that their blood run strong today. However, after that many Americans are instinctively anti-American. Many of the children in the 1960s are now quite old, have retained their opposition to even moderate strains of patriotism were still many of the so-called millennial's and Jens each declare a national nation fundamentally unjust. They call for revolution wishing to clear the decks and rebuild our cultural institutions and traditions from scratch. In other words, the USA is a patriotism problem. Many of our fellow citizens that seem seem not to admire or be grateful for all the good that it's been to be found in America's founding ideals and documents they seem not to care for many of their fellow citizens seek justice for them or hope they will flourish to see patriotism is simply another symptom of deplorable this among everyday Americans NFL quarterback on Perhaps the most well-known anti-American claiming that patriotic Americans such as Frederick Douglass share his disdain was at the same time ignoring that Douglas honored America's founding documents and principles while refusing to speak to despair of our nation loops.

Such anti-Americanism demands a response, but we cannot simply be reactionaries baptizing any form of patriotism, blood and soil right wing extremism, though not prevalent, must be rejected. Indeed, we must counter the prevailing winds of anti-Americanism while cultivating a healthy and appropriately self-critical patriotism that can maintain the cohesion necessary for our nation to function as a society that's just sober mindedness. By the way, we should ascribe significance to the nation as a whole and view the United States is more than an aggregate of isolated autonomous individuals. We can thus work to protect the rights of the individual and the community.

Instead of seeking merely the good of our own tribe. We must cohere around the common good of the entire nation so meet anti-Americans overreact our country's real flaws historical or contemporary, but the fallibility of a nation is not a reason to disown it.

Indeed, no society, but heaven is without flaw. Others overreact to the sort of gross and uncritical patriotism championed by some of their fellow citizens. Yet two wrongs don't make a right response to uncritical love must not be unbridled negativity still. Bruce writes other Americans, many of them elite influencers in academia, religion and politics engage in anti-Americanism as a rite of passage and an opportunity for virtue signaling the Academy, especially as a lush environment for national self-hatred to flourish in about far too many of today's scholars are valid. Enemies of our cultural heritage, viewing themselves as prophets in the University is a breeding ground for revolutionary activism. How true is that we must show Bruce writes the destructive nature of this sort of self-anointed prophecy and virtue, signaling anybody you think that people wandered in darkness until marks Freudenthal caught took us by the hand will do nothing but injure the hearts and minds of our civilization, the matter how good his or her intentions. Listen super important. These professor activists are corrupting the hearts and minds of our young people in unfortunately cannot be reasoned easily out of their anti-Americanism.

For this reason, as Joseph Epstein put it, quote one must leave them as they are shimmering in the superiority of their dark view that and being born Americans never giving a frightfully raw deal while trying to win over the young, who do not have locked-in beats.

Indeed, we must focus our efforts on the younger generation. The students of our profit activist professors what we have to tell them the truth telling the truth.

We walked through the ugly things about our nation, which are there varied and there's a lot of there's also a lot of incredibly beautiful things about this nation, not the least of which is her track record of self correction. There's no other country on this planet that sacrifice 750,000 of its own people in order to deal to do away with chattel slavery does not count for anything for anybody certainly does for me, and I think God for that. The civil rights movement in the right direction of abortion were still killing babies is a great nation. Yes nation. No, never will succeed.

No one the Steve Noble shall have a great Fourth of July, God willing. I talked again real soon.

My dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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