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Puff the Magic Dragon: Christians & Marijuana

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 30, 2021 3:32 pm

Puff the Magic Dragon: Christians & Marijuana

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 30, 2021 3:32 pm

Puff the Magic Dragon: Christians & Marijuana

Today Chris Connel guest hosts while Steve is out of town.  Chris talks about Marijuana and although legal is it beneficial?  He is joined by Dr. Craig Fowler of Campbell University.  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign as the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. You may not recognize the voice, because it's a little more nasal tone and a lot more obnoxious. This is Chris Connell filling in for the one the only the incredible Steve Noble. I am a friend of Steve's. I'm a local pastor on staff at cross assembly with a guy shouts my by Pastor Chad Harvey and I were here today in the Steve Noble show and there was a song I think it came back in the 70s came on. The same is called puff the Magic Dragon and it was a song that was strictly really about marijuana and today were going to talk about marijuana legalization of the recreational use. The medically's been around for a while of marijuana in these united states currently according to my research or Seth's research.

Thank you very much, Seth. 24 states have made the recreational use of marijuana legal and many more states have laws on the books. So Paul said in first Corinthians chapter 10 reverting referring to the eating of the meat of viable idols like what's vitals idols he said in verse 23. All things are lawful for scripting stand but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful, but not all things build up let Nozick his own good of the good of his narrow eat whatever sold the meat market is talking about eating the meat of idols will listen.

Just because marijuana use may be legal and 1/2 of our states and rumor is that it's going to be happening in North Carolina as well. Doesn't mean it's good for you.

I got a very good friend, I'm to bring here on the air here in just a moment. His name is Dr. Craig Fowler. He's a personal friend. He does like to call him Dr. Craig so if I call Greg notes no disrespect. He is currently the surgery and surgical specialty divisions chair including anesthesiology at the Jerry and law school of osteopathic medicine part meet at Campbell University. He is also the clinical associate professor at UNC school of medicine and medical director emeritus and medical advisory Board chair for miracles insight, which I believe is and I bank is a good friend and someone there to enjoy. He's a lot of research on this and to bring him on. Now Dr. Craig Fowler, you are on the air with the Steve Noble show Dr. Craig, thank you so much for calling today. Having me help yacht will Dr. Craig you you can know you like to call you Dr. but I'm okay to call you Dr. on the air. Is it okay whatever you are. I listened I could spend a lot of time in your accolades, you're an incredible surgeon.

You have a credible heart for the Lord doing great work you've done a lot of research on marijuana and you said something to me off the air a few moments ago about a few basic things that most people don't know about marijuana could you share with Steve's listeners what you know and what you begun understand about its effects from a medical viewpoint well or at no background and you start marijuana Gallup poll done in October, 28, and roughly at that time or percent of Americans were in favor of legalizing marijuana well. Early yes we left about marijuana. There's roughly over 480 map component found in Canada. The plant which 66 event class Anna Benoit's unique needs include things like THC DVD EPD BBN EA ABG and so I think that your overview about marijuana. The two main ingredients that we talk about the DVD and help people understand.

They have psychoactive ingredient hallucinogenic ABD not psychoactive.

Although it appears to have a mild day back. Additionally, the left bike black back so be aware about marijuana and probably a relatively mild that it better to culminate okay and natural level.

It the way back when they were probably both under think about Berkeley 1 levels are rising rapidly farming technique designed to raise the percentage okay impact you will why are they doing. Is that so I yeah was a powerful white like reading the look at marijuana by year. We looked in the MD you know you're you're down around 1% after 2000 and rising about 14% and then what's really thing. If you look at, you know now we look at that level and higher than the marijuana of the 19th 1976 times higher.

While 30 times higher so I concert with not your grandfather that marijuana right level of overlap with.

That means it higher the lower DVD level more rapid and I and more help put this in perspective just about make policymakers in your metal right level recommended that marijuana over 15% declassified with heroin. Okay, so unbelievably now you marijuana the weight off black is also you can't get this in mind with nothing else. So thanks for no jumping to go to the second second segment here to stay on the air with which I hold or bring it right back were talking about marijuana puff the Magic Dragon lawful but is it beneficial our guest, Dr. Craig Fowler knows quite a bit.

Satan will be right back. You don't want to miss the show. You are listening to the same Noble show and this is not Steve Noble this is Chris Connell friend of Steve today were talking about puff the Magic Dragon marijuana ganja weed Mary Jane.

It's fully legal and 24 of our states according to the research that I've had this afternoon, and many other states are have it on the books legislatively. Many are, if not most every few states have the medicinal use of it to be legal, but just because it's lawful Paul center for scripting stand doesn't mean is beneficial. Our guest is Dr. Craig Fowler, who graciously very last-minute. By the way, offered and was going to call him, which is very grateful because is a very busy schedule and Dr. Fowler is MD is the professor and chair of surgery. The University school of osteopathic medicine is a clinical associate professor UNC school of medicine and medical director emeritus and medical advisory Board chair for miracles.

Insight isn't quite a bit of research on this subject. Bring them back on Dr. Greg, thank you so much for joining us today so at the previous segment you were sharing that the marijuana that people are taking recreationally today. There are two drugs is a THC drug and there is this the initials for CBD drug and you were saying that the current strains of exit of marijuana are much higher in their content of THC does this have an negative affect is the public aware if the government is making it legal. Does that mean it's good for people. Is it beneficial sure that your thoughts on that. Dr. Greg oh ingredient of only think about the animal annual flowering plant in eastern Asia subdivided marijuana. We think of marijuana with en bloc and so you know basically you know what happened historically that the level of the DVD E on talk about with dark marijuana were really 1% of the levels now or in the 30 times higher than the marijuana that not your grandpa. Marijuana right. The fire in the lower level me much more rapid if you get this. About 50% level of the policymakers and you're going map of Bogart should be classified marijuana. Carolyn and okay much much higher level right here. You have to realize that without their different and you know that the high concentration of research.

Very few studies percent and aunt of objective observations just goes this paranoia pain affect mood disorder which include things like that. I read, and one for traffic out in state of Colorado 25% 25% of the accidents that are occurring in Colorado. Somebody out right this acetyl. No. Some things up marijuana.

I must say that you look at realize that current state medical marijuana laws very greatly. Most will approve medical marijuana HIV ALS. I believe about whatever you even though the scientific data you must realize screaming week nine negative, many of the and so you know and realize that in general medical research experts say no medical marijuana thrown out. No Mike, I want I want you to hear me say that at the knee doctor. There is no such thing medical marijuana". Alec they 2008 quote no such thing medical marijuana" the National Academy of Sciences, engineering, medicine called on better research. The chronic quote lack of definitive evidence on using medical marijuana clinic 2008 eight quote in the world of healthcare medication is a drug that endured the clinical trial, public hearing and approval by the Medicaid for safety and efficacy are closely regulated from production, distribution accurately does down to the medical marijuana is none of the thing." Despite being legal high will not recommend medical marijuana `there quote we believe there are federal vaporized edible oil at all like all black uniform level to be differed greatly from one dispensary to another one. By contrast, again I'm quoting an FDA approved medication offers uniform medication bought today will be the same medication bought it for tomorrow." I so you got to realize that smoking is a very harmfulfor any compound because of carcinogens and other harmful materials which are known to adverse effect on the lungs or other no prudent regional vision should ever recommend smoking and so the exile of Dr. Cragin saying this is not something that is good for even medical purposes is what I'm hearing you say well what happened well like that. There are explain something about the whole thing. Healthcare professional.

We want to have regulation will have a corporate study done and so we need is my personal Canyon healthcare professionals we need to be honest and great in one patient about the marijuana I downright false and misleading medical clinic. We need one patient about those place profits over people.

The medical Charlton have always been, always will.

One patient about all want tax revenue in their vote. One patient about people, even on anything associate with marijuana because that's also an issue from M church in the neighborhood. So I mean the Methodist DVDs that they have all the help and without the high but reality for dealing with high profit and the important issue is there's no regulation so we don't. We can't really properly address the safety concerns starting lack of ethics so well so you think that this basic research study were timing out. If you can't, could you stay for one more segment.

I would love it will be right back.

Dr. Greg Faller were talking about marijuana puff the Magic Dragon Dragon it's lawful, but is it beneficial that's a good question. Paul asked for scripting stand time.

I next generation because they're being told it's lawful, it's beneficial. It's lawful, but that doesn't mean pardon me that it's official.

Any questions you've got, you can try to call in 866348784 and leave the question for Keith and then you can also go to Steve Nobles Facebook page and put a comment up there if you would like to and and will try to respond as were able yeah I know, great question, Lisa Franklin suppose a policeman has probable cause to search a marijuana summons car and find you interesting question honestly don't know a good response to that, but I think that there's been some wisdom for reason why was made illegal in the first place and Lisa Frankel said the desert.

That's why ODs of people who are overdosing on drugs are going up, and sometimes because of medical marijuana so and I have not heard of the CBD miracle stick needed to figure out what that is set help me figure out what CBD statistics for looking for the correct worker. I have sorry I have very busy lives. I don't always have the time, I would like to do all the research I would like communion, but it is a privilege to be here and serve. And I'm so grateful to have someone there who knows the talking about because this is a a a very important topic very so, and I think that we have young people that are hello I son in Aruba. We were live. Okay, I did get into music I apologize and I know that hey this is Chris confident received no, my apologies on that I am here.

Did I hear the intro music but we are talking today about marijuana and its recreational use and how 24 of our United States states have made recreational use legal our gas we have with us today is Dr. Greg Faller and he has done quite a bit of research on this.

He is currently the professor and chair of surgery the Campbell University school of medicine is also a clinical associate professor at UNC school of medicine and the medical director emeritus and medical advisory Board chair for miracles in sight and ran back here on the air. Dr. Craig Victor be on the show today.

It's a great purpose to have you with us.

Thank you so much for me know. I'm you might indulge me.I want to make sure I get the marijuana on certain things that we have evidence for some oh, I like the marijuana day and people are not aware that would be right. Okay.

So with regard to where we have research study.

We know that we have some affect the chronic pain and adult the multiple sclerosis her appetite and weight loss in patients with eight American chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting rear forms of child left though, but we also have things that we have to moderate eyebrow. The chronic pain we have no evidence of the camera. Answer anorexia nervosa about the ground like this so you're saying that there is some evidence that there are some medicinal uses that are good now is that coming from the CBD part of the marijuana.

The THC part of it so well break down in your life. The main ingredient. The. The black ingredient right BBD the camera. I'll not like black appears to have a mild left psychoactive effect and psychotic side effect.

What we need to realize that, you know, let me you want to get. Please permit me you know I'm I want to go over somebody angered like this in perspective all night out there that are highly recommend you got a good side right now so you don't think about box out with his glove under guard of medicine William Witherington. He published medical good across but in 1800, we isolate the active ingredient with the Dr. 1900 be purified down so you look this might be purified to docs and found our we had to test the worst effect on human and we found that we need a higher dose relation and lower doses per contest. Arctic with fat and develop manufacturing process to produce accuracy to the milligram in determined the document should be patient in the 1900 be observed new articles about the start and we discover toxic doses will get white higher than the therapeutic we called it. We had developed long-acting formulation we had to develop what level it was found that limited benefit and better drugs and develop growing foxglove What everyone else for their neighbors to figure out what you often use how much you are not where we are only look at marijuana buying regulated and so we can't have opinion determining the use of this without having why in clinic by the Surgeon General. That's why most common. You never hear on the news the marijuana date so I walked and this is the back part because you have widespread money is brought heavy marijuana exposure. Starting out point block IQ from ages 13 to 38 year and I believed I could drop the lead paint the let everything else but no that there is a twofold increased risk by Coast Apple adult with my wanting well consider that we are all I've got all the references or the thing I'm we can provide this bring you that would like that give you the PDF one. Develop lamp daily smoking with changes in airway is all constant, scarily increased, stroking people age less than 55 years increase risk of myocardial art art right right if it is really use memory impairment or seven-day of one of the study know that without done by oh my gosh.

But anyway this memory impairment. This has a lot to do with why we see the increase alley and traffic accident 14 start test positive for it. With regard to early exposure, decreased IQ age 5 point down with regard to early exposure, increased depression and 35%.

While this also increased the marijuana use age bombs want to be smart, but consider this decreased school achievement at age 14 and so you know, these are things that we need to study this further and just blank out think that the alcohol, no thank you, so you know so that my concern one thing my concern Craig is that with with the United States having 24, almost half of it states legalizing recreational use that young people are saying more of the governments is okay must be okay. There must not be any harm in it.

But you're telling me yeah Chris. There are some mid there are some medical benefits but there's also significant repercussions for those who do uses recreationally and you can actually do fatalities in the car accident exit is equal earlier like no no no matter what we not your offer right so we ask that the awful coming. The story and to get parallel no why we have Dr. Craig jump Amber hopping off me right back to Steve Noble showing just a second. Dr. Craig Pharr has been our guest. Thank you so much. He was a Dr. Greg. We appreciate all your insights and information. This is the Steve Noble show this is guest host Chris, phone and talking about pop the Magic Dragon, the legalization of marijuana in these United States. 24 of our states have said it's okay to smoke marijuana recreationally.

Our guest Dr. Craig Fowler has other information sharing with us. He's a professor and chair of surgery, Campbell University and the clinical associate professor, a clinical associate professor at UNC school of medicine and also the medical director emeritus and medical advisory Board chair for miracles.

Insight is also a good friend, Dr. Craig Fowler is here with us talking about the use of marijuana recreationally, and the evidence behind it. Dr. Craig, thank you so much for giving us an hour of your time but it's been great here. Thank you so much for having the ballot. Now so Dr. follow one of the things it happens. I think this day and age is because so many states are legalizing it.

North Carolina has decriminalized recreational use that music and it's a slap you on the hand if you get caught with it to a certain extent, much like dealing it are subject to that effect.

With that being said, if you if we have parents and art in our church. Being a pastor myself that are dealing with their younger people growing up in there looking at what our government is telling them that is good. What kind of information would you recommend parents talk with their students or young people about because you know if the government saying it's okay and most likely with the overwhelming momentum in our culture are legalizing recreational usage probably become legal North Carolina. Although I'm not in favor of it, but what kind of information do you think would help. Maybe not just parents just you know people who are trying to advise younger people about a situation like smoking marijuana that just because a government is as lawful doesn't is beneficial.

Any thoughts on that. Well in perspective that we have not researched the problem and I know you heavy marijuana exposure and adolescent good sound evidence on this prediction and going to rock in IQ from age 13 to 38 years that significant business you heavy marijuana exposure exposure starting Ebola eight point drop in IQ while with regard to adult or they have a 20 increase increased risk of psychosis and adult that think and daily smoking has premalignant changes in airway, you have an increased risk of stroke and people ate less than 55 you think of stroke in the old people think with the artifact use the memory impairment, seven-day helper. Once there have mom with pregnancy and early exposure, decreased IQ 856 point drop published in the journal American Academy, I agree increased depression H 10 increased onto marijuana use, age 14 decreased school achievement at age 14 because people do right so the thing is, we need to have some some of this back, you and this I keep in perspective write a problem days, marijuana, hallucinogenic drug, now that marijuana will probably have used medically much for research needed to know that our medical after years of anything shown marijuana to be far more problematic, medically. Unfortunately and problematically the public perception of risk is dangerously scientific data that the big picture. Sadly, it's really the poor suffered for an increased access minors and what were thing that profit Baltic and social media are very powerful forces driving, so I may assist like FDA approved medical marijuana need and should be regulated and regarded like any other. I think you know the long-term know the legalization of marijuana DFD approval to formal clinical scientific research needs be done not by popular vote or by flip-flopping so many additions believe it. That marijuana should be rescheduled to schedule to locate research, but we need to oppose the promotion of Google recreational and medical marijuana even states was legal because of the found social health and personal implications in the inadequate research so that this is the big picture. I hope that helps. So it's a great help and I think Dr. Fowler, you do have a generation of adults that are concerned about this for the next generation and are feeling a little alarmed or greatly alarmed because we have a government that's stepping in and saying it's fine. Go ahead and do it in our God is not.

It can't be. And then what your sharing is well there is evidence strong scientific evidence that this recreational use has negative side effects. Are there medicinal benefits yes but it's got to be well regulated and documented and tested and what we've got now is marijuana.

There is much more potent than it was 20 3040 years ago and you told me early in the show that some experts put the amount of THC in current marijuana at the levels. In effect, like heroin or cocaine and I know for a fact there are studies that show that marijuana is in fact a gateway drug as well. Dr. Faller into other things and if so, I'd I'm not in agreement that this should be by popular vote.

I think you put the hit the nail that by saying that is that were were just making a decision because it's popular by elected officials, but were not necessary. Looking at the medical research to help us make that decision and in it seems like to me that's not the best way to love the next generation because I think truelove speaks truth and love, not just love and I'm very concerned. Are you seeing evidence of this from your medical friends in things like emergency rooms accidents you know are they seeing it in real time play out front of them with their own patient sometimes problem one of our colleagues no longer work in Colorado and with this thing is amazing. The high-level the no remember, you have marijuana. Keep the baby is the one that I collected ingredient hallucinogenic and level the right way out of control and DVD not like black, although it appears that a mild and things I get back less than like back anything. So the problem is the level were 70 level drop also. Now you got nothing out of all the cognitive and permit the huge issue with regard to traffic fatalities need to have this regulated the issues with we see substantial evidence for compensation will.

And we have moderate evidence of ideation and I told you, impaired learning, depression, so such social and I order so we have moderate evidence we have and we need to have the right weakness out because I was doing. It doesn't make it right.

No majority doesn't find truth will others in the medical community are as concerned as you are. Are you an exception to the rule. Dr. Faller on this viewpoint.

Are you within the majority with the medical field, so you know you know why I was just on actually adequate little law, all I hear about some rational sure got about 10 minutes more casino. I am trying well while you while you look at Fort Ord.

All without thinking of 40 and this would tested this new responsibility what's going on your green profit over people but 46% phone call that they had recently recommended medical marijuana patient. Although 56% of them admitted they did not knowledge to do so while so why do it, what, what, what's the motivation at that point, the problem you that there are better alternatives and no we need uniformity and that's why I know you again for actually drum out of the Surgeon General.

No money. I want you to hear me say this Dr. quote there's no medical marijuana. Cesar you effect. Helpthing medical like making no we need studies that there really is no man's land will thank you so much for coming out to see Bilbo so today I appreciate your wealth of knowledge. It's been very informative and I look for to have you back on again and I bless you for your time and research of Richard very much but well that is Dr. Craig Faller. He says it may be lawful is not necessarily beneficial, so folks as followers of Christ. Let's get the gospel to those who need Jesus as the gospel is what's paramount.

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