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Congressman Mark Walker

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June 28, 2021 3:06 pm

Congressman Mark Walker

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 28, 2021 3:06 pm

Congressman Mark Walker

After careful consideration, the government has determined that the  National Archives is racist!  Congressman Mark Walker who is running for U.S. Senate joins Steve in the studio.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical unity meets the everyday issues of why your home work in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble, the national archives of the National archives in Washington DC, were you get the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence and talk about the original right right there in the national archives in Washington DC. It's an awesome site to behold. It's just really so powerful there's there's beer in the retirement rotunda there. This, obviously, since Nicolas Cage still the Declaration of Independence is a lot of security and cameras in the thick glass and it's kinda darker and there to protect the documents and all that but they just came out with the reports. Of course, because that's what the federal government likes to do by the national archives task force on racism so we'll talk about what their problem is with the national archives rotunda where he again you see the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, and maybe the last time you went through it.

Did you notice the crying room for those of you that are of the Catholic denomination.

You guys in your church. A lot of them anyway have a crying room that's a little room. I usually with glass so you can see what's going on during the actual church service, but you're in there because they want crying babies in the service he they stick you in your crying child in the crying room so you did you go did use the crying room.

The smelling salts room. The debrief from your traumatic experience room at the national archives. After viewing these unbelievably wicked document so I'm in a take you through that because that I am in the process of reading through three US history textbooks because I'm a begin teaching US history guys going to homeschoolers this fall, so my my my commitment is to teach the truth of US history. The good the bad the ugly. It's complicated. It's messy and places there's beauty and there's the beast all the same time and I but nobody's really teaching US history.

Well, certainly we known public school system. There teaching their version of US history. And it goes it struck talk about structural goes all the way to the top of the national archives report, some to take into that story. Congressman Mark Walker is on his way here actually has an event here in Raleigh this evening. He's running for the U.S. Senate primary which is now basically him Ted Bud and former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory is over to talk to Mark for a couple segments will be here in the studio in a little bit and then in the fourth segment of the show will do a little money Monday update with her good friend David Fisher. But this story okay because this is why I'm diving into the US history battle and were praying and hoping it looks like were moving in the direction of greatly expanding my ability to teach, not not 100 hundred 50 students in person by myself here in Raleigh North Carolina but to expand our ability to do that online so any given time in a couple years.

We might've a thousand student or 2000 students. Who knows what God might do, but this is one of the reason your that I'm finally listening my wife once again in teaching US history. Starting this fall, so it's time to reimagine rotunda.

This is from hot air. That's the conclusion reached in a report released by the national archives task force. So they're looking at the rotunda at the national archives you know constitutional rights acquisition and dependent.

The report was completed in April and released this month. Little notice the problem. The white founding fathers were racists who do not deserve to be recognized for their role in creating the world's greatest experiment in self-government structural racism" unequivocally impacts how employees of the national archives and records administration interact with each other. Visitors and their historic records to because you notice the last time you were there all the weeping and gnashing teeth write some examples of structural racism were provided in the summary of the report, including legacy descriptions that use racial slurs and harmful language to describe BIP OC communities that's black indigenous and other people of color, which includes actual racial slurs alongside term such as elderly, handicapped an illegal alien trigger warnings. Additionally, the report categorized the national archives rotunda is another example of structural racism as it" lauds wealthy white men in the nation's founding, while marginalizing by pot black indigenous and other people of color, women in other communities from so this author in the hot air I maybe some performance art will change how visitors feel. You think that's funny right but that was actually something they're talking about quote staging quote dancer performance art in the space that invites a dialogue about the ways that the United States is mythologized, the founding era unquote mythologized. I was reading an actual historical document historical timelines telling myths apparently Americans are so soft these days that visitors to the national archives need to provide trigger warnings as they prepare to view historical documents and safe spaces to the report also called for literal trigger warnings to be put in place with historical context quote to forewarn audiences of content that may cause intense psychological and psychological symptoms so they got provide an advisory notice so here's their problem. They don't care about US history there too lazy to take the time to teach it properly because there's beauty as well as beast, and in order to change the trajectory of an of this nation you have to erase its path. That's why one of the largest libraries in the history of the world the library at Alexandria was destroyed by Islam, Muslims in order to destroy the past so that you can re-create the future right destroy the past. You don't know which documents got nothing to cling to their are no founding principles anything about the founding this nation is tainted by the fact that they allowed slavery to continue. Many of them are slave owners. They were imperfect people, many of whom by the way were God-fearing biblical respecting but not born again. They were Enlightenment tight Christians, but the Christian worldview dominated the stage and especially the understanding of the depravity of mankind. And then interestingly enough, as God would have it, as they penned the Declaration of Independence, they were pending a creed that would then drive them to the mirror to consider the actual impact of believing that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and all that stuff is our president said. And so the very fact that like in Chicago you have a female black lesbian Mayor was enabled by the very document they want to burn. Perfect.

No. But in order to form a more perfect union, establish a platform by which we can go to the mirror and then go to the mat and look at the atrocities that are committed.

We haven't corrected abortion yet right but we shed the blood of 700,000 Americans in order to mostly deal with slavery and then the civil rights movement happened and now a gay man out gaming can be a leading figure in the federal government that BP booted and what all allowed that what cut what can a nation would allow those types of people to rise to the top this nation, under what under the U.S. Constitution.

Wow they are so blind, so blind is just remarkable. But I'm not designed to teach the stuff the right way will be right back to sleep.

No Michelle.

Thankfully, my brother in Christ constant Mark Walker stoplight stop me from imploding heart good to see you.

Are you doing B part of the intervention brought us up yet I needed. I was just telling Carson Walker about the story.

I was a take about the reimagining the rotunda because every thing about the foundation of this nation obviously is triggering and just just created structural racism from the get-go. None of our founding fathers actually cared about anybody except themselves as wealthy, white, rich landowners and so yada yada yada. So there. They're looking to install, trigger warnings, I mean literally. Mark they were talking about maybe being able to do some I think interpretive dances things about that nature. There at the national archives in order to somehow blunt the offensiveness of the damages can be done by just by just gazing upon the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, yet week. We're really have come off the rails on this area. I think it's time and I hope this time and I'm seeing awakening for many people to sit okay were drawing a line in the sand It's not that our founding fathers were perfect, but these men were putting their lives or fortunes the sacred art of this was some of they were kicking back, they knew the British Empire was coming after that there was a price they paid. And even though some it was still aspirational when they said all men are created equal. The great thing America about America is that we never quit trying until we get there right is accurate is exactly what I said it's kind of funny because there is.

They played on Rush Limbaugh show recently a clip of him when somebody asked the light, but the mayor of Chicago.

Black female lesbian okay asked her if she's an originalist about the U.S. Constitution shield. Oh, you mean that document that doesn't acknowledge me as a woman, a black person or lesbian and then rush that I felt some compassion at first as is it is listening to that and and I go to I can understand where she's coming from. When you understand US history, but she didn't understand that it was the very document she's referencing that allowed her to be as a black female lesbian, the mayor of one of the biggest cities in America. One of the most influential cities on the planet.

And it's because the U.S. Constitution in order to form a more perfect union exactly the work in progress that this would become the land of opportunity for all people for all communities, not something that we don't talk about enough, but we should be very proud of. Let's Centura interested in being the next senator from grace in North Carolina.

What did you think of what just happened NC State University's baseball team. I lost my mind. Now a lot of people don't know this. I've been fighting with the NCAA for the last three years. In fact, our member my office there in the in the Longworth building when the NCAA showed up their top lobbyists and three attorneys and asked me what the heck do you think you're trying to do here.

That was when we were working on getting the name, image and likeness because we don't think any American should sign off their own name to any entity you but when I saw this why Mark Emerick, the president of the NCAA still has a job blows me away after the abuse North Carolina over the over the pass HB to try to intimidate us, and now they're attacking NC State in a decision they made fun of the middle of the night that Dick crushed the hopes of these young student athletes unite our head preach Sunday morning so Saturday evening with this breaker had to temper my language. Until of these pompous, self-righteous all my fault that the entity in the brashness and the arrogance I'm hoping people will pay attention just how corrupt these folks or else out there so corrupt or so.

Given over there such such a part of the that the machine and it's well beyond PC.

At this point because he had two players test positive.

Then they test all team four of four more players test positive they'd all been vaccinated yet there's 20 to 25,000 people in the stands. Nobody's tested nobody's nothing is out there hanging out having a good time and then they just target these guys because they continue to just embrace the notion not even knowing the mathematics behind people 24 down to the age of one of the mathematical probability of dying from covert is statistically zero will it it it is his problem in the way they make decisions and remember this. These guys have a nonprofit status which precludes them from doing anything political him. If you look at your track record that's anything but healing and politics are to you what I hope members of Congress are no we went after for two and half years. If we get a chance be the U.S. Senate will continue to stay on the true yachts. It's really remarkable. I was hoping that the other teams would say were all sit down until they played none of us place but of course human nature gets in the way and the depravity of mankind. So let me talk about an elephant in the room and in the end I was torqued off when this happened at that at the G GOP convention near Northcote you want this drop will handily write 44% for you 29% had but 18% Pat McCrory and then our former president Trump steps and who you've known for years and have a good friendship with and endorses Ted but and and that was, like an NCAA moment for me. I was rather upset by that. I can only imagine what that's been like for you to do what you know what it was. It was a little bit of a punch in a good at the moment my daughters were there, setting the table frankly you know if he would text me Debbie can relieve us of what will do the right thing will stick it out show the respect but there you that's inside baseball inside politics sometimes in this stems back from Mr. Meadows watch best friend was running up there. I supported Madison Copthorne. I thought it was a better candidate and after Mr. Meadows had convinced president Trump to endorse his wife's best friend. He and I were doing competing Robo calls from the election of a member backstage beam of medicine count call for everyone like 65 or 35 and he said Mark what I said you said you go out there and you say you look forward to working with the president but but but there are some things sometimes it but but we have. It's like our support has galvanized over the last 23 weeks and we get different metrics and measures.

I know very few active Republicans in North Carolina personally that were not disappointed and upset by that but then you know it is through sickness and its politics as usual and it's one of the things ironically that got Trump elected in the first place.

I think a lot of us that vote Republican have a visceral distaste for the game being played. As usual, even when it's a president that you loved and appreciated, but I think for a lot of at least for myself on the okay whatever and then I move on. Does it how does it change what you're doing but it doesn't change a bit the amount of appreciation we get statewide it.

It's like we became the underdog overnight snow were rallied behind Mark Walker in I think the reason why listen no disrespect present Trump you're only as good as the advisors that you have registered her arms, but I think one of the things that did not.

My wife and I Kelly were talking about this. We don't fit in the camp. We don't fit the establishment. Mitch McConnell is not dolling her phone and even this kind of question. I am certain of praise the Lord) on a run in there. Not in there is a conservative mafia style that's really pack super pack driven.

We don't fit in that Either because here's why we never surrendered our voting card to any caucus group. Any special interest and were proud of that were limiting work towards yeah that's it. That's exactly why you've been a somebody that I've appreciated and supported the whole time and it's been great to watch it.

I often tell people listen. I don't require somebody in elected office to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

I don't if we had a really solid great thinking ATS that that was my only choice, but they were pro-life and they were right on the issues I can give them my boat her, but if I can get somebody that solid on the issues and has the Holy Spirit I'm down for that. Thanks.

Because here's why this is no longer about Republicans and Democrats a swamp as deep as my homes on both sides right. This is spiritual warfare and that is the approach if were going to have some winds up going to have some successes here this not more programs or policies. This is has something that we have to battle from a spiritual cartel yet that's exactly right. And if you don't understand that because behind all these stories are spiritual realities.

Whether you want to talk about what happened at the NCAA covert critical race theory is a whatever I know for a fact that there's a principalities and powers behind it all, most people aren't aware that those of us that are in the body of Christ are aware of. It really gives you an extra edge in terms of dealing with things that are actually good for your neighbor were talking to Congressman Mark Walker Walker for the number four in will be right back. So another pleasurable walker for and see the number Walker for who would like to line up one of your US Senators and I just a pleasure to have Mark back in the studio in your schedule is crazy bro.

You know what is crazy as it sounds. I enjoy it with my reasons are never move my family to Washington because I feel like part of your job part of the founding fathers ideal was to be a representation was to be here to live in the state in traveling to gets nine hours and 60 minutes walk to the state but I love being out among the people listening in and understand what you're talking.

Yeah, to such an important thing to get out there and connect like that, our mutual friend Dan Forrest which is masterful at it and eat and I see masterful as if that was the plan that was just who he is yes and he cares about the people care about people and represents people helps to get to know the people. So now that you have a little distance from DC and you're watching what's happening up on the hill, especially with the growing influence of the squad and what we see happening in the U.S. Senate Senate and Mitch McConnell was going on in the house. What are some of the big issues for you market your like you wish you were in the game like right now will first thing I do is pray for Joe mentioned this hold the line there. Marcos easily delete the Republic that we have it, saying all my threads.

He is the one I think they can go either way with it, but I think I think we've got to continue to raise the alarm on China.

Last two years, but is the ranking member on intelligence and counterterrorism for homeland security and not subcommittee the two things are really focused on was China's growth materially, as was the border issues right now.

The South China Sea China is assembling in building close to two and 50 to 300 warships what they're doing and be blessed with the date stated. So what is it really matter where the Americas normal superpower orphanage chart will allow them explain to concentration camps in human rights violations at what they do to Christians in limiting the families. This is a brutality communist country. I hope we don't away from it because the amount of money that were borrowing a lot of it from China.

That's what all this is tied together when you have not one or two but five Bidens that have now taken more than $20 million from the CCP organizations inside their it's very concerning to me that would be the number one issue. I would be bracing to Judea and China and everybody needs. Understand that China's and in many ways ago. Yet, we have to deal them absolutely and there they are a economic superpower, bar none. So you have to deal with them but you can't trust him as far as the throne know they been stealing her so for years, but now they're producing their own products and entities in technology that did. Frankly, it is concerning to yeah and then and I try to be delicate about our president's mental ability because I'm trying to love my neighbor as myself.

My father died at 91 I've seen what can happen to people to get on the president's not nearly that old but is that something that we should be having an open discussion about a lot of people will say on nonsense might go there and screw towards older people. But is the present is the president of the United States.

This is this is not humorous to me and a lot of people like to make a joke about. I understand like egg but but if you listen to effect somebody sent me something last week that he gave the same speech, just a year ago, and the lack of ability to articulate or to remember some of his even talking points. He just couldn't do it in and it is concerning to me because when you have people across this globe that look to do us harm that it hated the fact that we have ended longer/Republican history, world allotment based on our faith. They want to undermine us and I worried that not only did Pres. Biden with the staff and team. He has around its guiding him and coaching him and help it can make these decisions is just word a very concerning place right yeah I and I don't know that working to see a president, Harris, but it's I think it's certainly on the table. We never really looked at the 25th a memo from a serious perspective to enact it, but I think were in that world. Now I do it in August.

In my past positions of try to stay with the conspiratorial aspect of this, but I can see will coming to Joe Biden say listen, it's time for you to sit down. We want to, vice president, takeover want her to run as a comet in if you push back were going to release information of how just involve China, has been with the Biden family goes allow this is protected him and just point I know that's a lot of this Rena website stuff but some of that actually is foundational so I think that's how this might play out yet. I think we need to proceed with caution and be delicate in end but but Furman. Our allegiance is always to the truth. But if you're willing to follow the truth can be willing to talk about where it takes you right so China setting aside president by what what else a real big issues watching what's happening in DC for you what I think the border concerns you soul article this morning and we been monitoring this of been to the border of talk with the agents sexual assault there at the borders apart from 38%. The amount of drugs. I did press conference with Sheriff's dealer before five surest the talked about that you don't even have to cook some of the math drugs because it's so cheap now because the drug cartels were talking about northern Mexico Syria.

The two most deadly places in the world. Everything that happens there is from the drug cartel.

There are so many entities from antihuman trafficking to the drugstore all the different things are going on.

In fact, if you want to see me get to work, took the most gets when this administration, gave the green light yet to increase this when they look they have the same access to the secure information that actually what it's classified or unclassified. They know what happens to children coming across that when parents release them and for then the give the signal know when the humanitarian separate but listening talk about what's happening on our side of the border. Let's just talk about what happened to these people as they try to come across. It's gruesome. It's horrendous in, and I feel like that's something that we gotta continue to be drum on why do you think they do.

This is just one giant virtue signal. We care about people we care about people that are impoverished.

Everybody just about everybody in the world want to come here, by the way, is it just a big virtue signal widely continued as they say they care goes deeper than that. The basis it it's about control, control and power through the vehicle of virtue signal and get that when there is amnesty's, given her weight up there reaching out to certain communities vote for us will continue to do this will continue to give will create victims will do all this and that's the bottom line not from a compassionate stamp out this is, as always, it has been the left. Even some places in our circles. It's always about control and power. Even COBIT was use to backtrack on some of this to get Ovitz back for more power, more control, and that's ultimately the federal government.

Thomas Jefferson wonders about this and that's where we are today welded the Democrat party can do math, even if it's common core math. We'll figure out the majority these people come in over the southern border because you can create a victim mentality in this country been there to turn to the victim party was the Democrat party and they just people are just pawns. I don't think they actually care about anybody other than themselves under know it sounds harsh, but I think history bears this is seen on the floor when you're you get three Democrats out of 198 that vote with Republicans. The other hundred and 95 vote that if the baby doesn't survive a botched abortion that the life is worth saving. It usually these people did not care about it and that's where we gotta continue dish point. These people listen fight sometimes people say well art are Christians supposed to be nice were supposed to engage in the battle.

We can still love her neighbor, but those that are bringing harm to our communities.

We call them out. We do so with boldness just talking about.

There is a story I was reading earlier today about the Americans are leaving unemployment roles more quickly, really, and states cutting off benefits that math is shocking I know I but but we've again.

It's just created. The Democrats largely, but the Republicans involved in this as well, creating a continued kind of drug dealer drug addict state yeah it's out that that the here's the pitch it's all about you know were not taxing the rich enough and you're the victim and you should support us when when the reality is is that 97% of all federal taxes are paid by the top 50% wage earners.

The numbers simply don't add up. Speaking of math, but anytime they can posture picture there trying to help you that what really help somebody does it help me get a on-ramp to be able to find the self-worth to get out there, provide for the family to be able get back or does it help the more by creating victimhood status yet. Great point I was watching the videos just came out over the weekend. You mentioned a few minutes ago Mark talking to Konstantin Mark Walker's running for a US Sen. North on walker for all the talk about people waking up and you're starting to see more more footage of school board meetings when parents are just getting torqued off and stepping up to the plate. I just saw one were literally one of the school board members called one of the parents a blank blank.

The parent rushed the stage and got up and the guys face this stuff just continuing to happen mostly because of critical race theory and and as difficult as it is to watch that this is a serious issue because I think the critical race theory they're actually attempting to re-segregate the nation.

What can we see deft Gov. DeSantis like this just happened.

Florida orders universities to assess viewpoint diversity and allow students to record their professors to use that as evidence I think is the huge threat to the stability of the nation. What can be done from a U.S. Senate perspective to deal with critical race theory. We see it happening on certain governor levels, but anything happened in DC. What we are actually pushed through an A+ act work with Heritage foundation on it that doesn't strip waiting the funding but it allows all decisions when it comes to a child's education. Yeast is much as we can in the local arena bureaucracy should not have any say so because that's where love this comes from. So the more that you can localize those decisions, the better chance that you have in educating your children in the way they should be educated yet keep it local and not under the, the strings, the cash purse strings from DC because that something you wonder how they implement national agendas on a local level. It's always the cash it's always the cash about 30 seconds left. Mark just generally how can we help you likely pray for you. What can people do to be implicit were so honored when people say were praying for you were out there working for you we we get eight or nine months for this primary. If we don't really even ask for the boat at this point we just want to earn people's trust and I believe when they look at a record there to see the contrast of being both the warrior and the bridge builder reality. Great point Congress Mark Walker.

Always great to see you. Thanks for stopping by. Walker for is the website walker for that's number four ACC your ministry are you are you endorsing Mark Walker now undo that sure in a letter that yes I am. Thanks for asking. I will talk to you guys later will be right back to back and Steve Noble to see helpless children to be with you here Monday just to lay out what's happening this week I've gotten a crazy week in the noble family life. So I'm here today and Morrow Wednesday I'm off my great aunt who is one of the only born-again Christians. My wife and I knew both sides of the family when we became believers in 1994. She just went to be with the Lord a couple days goes on a drive four hours out the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, Lake lure, which is where my parents retired to further 10 1112 years out there for that.

Her outgoing home service and then driving back then. I'll be in here on Thursday that I'm off on Friday because were having kind of a family reunion on my wife's side of the family and 18 people in our house for 4 July weekend, so it's good to be a crazy week but my buddy Pastor Chris, will be in here on Wednesday and Friday.

You know Chrissy's he's got so sad for me many many times loves the Lord knows the Lord knows this word is very funny. We've a lot of fun together. He's pretty good at radio and because each is hilarious. In the first place.

But he'll be in here on Wednesday and Friday so little bit crazy this week but that's what's going on but this week one thing were doing normally is doing a little money Monday update with our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark As always, David, how are you, a great program. I'm not that funny though, but I'm my topic Lovin I know some Scripture. Yes yes yes in and I know you actually are kind of funny so don't worry about that you do just fine.

It's great to have a great job that's probably good idea. I it's great to have you on and I know I got several things talk about what's going on out there at the numbers that stimulus and spending and inflation in the soul word I want to make sure everybody understands because were hearing transitory inflation which makes it sound like it's no big deal, and then some shocking news in the gold market but will start out where our foundation should always be with the word of God, you're in the first Timothy 617. Let's go through that and will dive into these other things command those who are rich in the world not to be arrogant or to put their hope in well which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, which richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Assuming we take segment of the Scripture into several long conversation with Holland about it obviously muscles the putter trust in our wealth or ability to make wealth because it's wisdom from the Lord and to me that we should be good stewards of the difference in sometime people titles together, but those who put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. That's were sources from our retirement era 401(k)s from the market, gold, silver stocks, those are just things that help those that were required to be good stewards of those are things that will help us live longer later on in life. That's the purpose of that but it's not something they were gonna be arrogant about them live event because were from program time but keep on going nuts. That's a rich topic for all this a pun intended, and something that we should really check our hearts on the cousins as you as money fluctuates as the economy fluctuates. If you really losing your mind listening.

I understand we all have to provide the Bible says Amanda doesn't provide for his family is worse than an unbeliever. I understand that but if your ebb and flow and your joy is tied to what's going on your net worth and that's probably a heart issue. Maybe a priorities issue, but that's something we should all deftly consider because the Bible talks a lot about the subject. So we should give a great consideration. So I appreciate that. So we talk previously have a see but the stimulus and spending being beyond over the top. So give us a quick summary of how aggressive this is Dan so we can understand what kind of a nightmare that our federal government is creating for us through the world never ever ever seen something of similar size even remotely close to this enormous demo's package, which is come from three distinct areas.

Huge amounts of money has been dumped into the economy in a very short amount of time 16 months. Here's the three areas government stimulus 14.4 trillion from play wall is present. Abide in the present from the both this and present presence for a present from his last six month office 5.5 trillion president buying his first six months 8.9 trillion spent 62% more than present from his last six months or on the spending spree section 1 of her second one took her to the realm the Fed balance sheet still is one of $4 trillion and 16 months in the Fed printing called the M1 money supply.

When a $4 trillion you told 16 months 2.4 trillion left, not even the rest of the spending switches another $4 trillion in the family government is just mind-boggling and then again that would be like in our little world's going to get another credit card and I took out another credit card and then I borrowed against my house and the and you know that okay okay sooner or later you can run a rope and then the chickens will come home to roost in and that's what were were looking here and none of us know when that sexy can happen, but this is an unavoidable problem that they're creating for us so we got that going on. Of course, that then brings us to inflation. And so we keep hearing this.

Hey, don't worry. Just transitory, our mutual friend TJ said this on Facebook about transitory and chipotle you know that Mexican restaurant supposedly raises prices because costs are increasing do thinker to lower the price is one inflation subsides, so the golf course. There so transitory help us understand what that what that's about.

Will you will remember three weeks ago that the CPI number of yardstick for the Fed came in reaching rearing on a 5% last Friday. Another yardstick, the more one they use called the core inflation.

The course EP Corp. PCE which is personal consumption expenditure that index came in at 6.4% towards waging war. Transitory is just for the birds know me and I think the Fed has it all wrong.

Others are now saying that humans portion of the Fed is saying that they came out for the transitory part is over and sees hyperinflation coming up for four years and come along, going along with TJ, one of the guys at Bank of America chief investment strategist Michael Harnett said was so fascinating.

So many team inflation is transitory wind. When stimulus is deemed as permanent cease permanent inflation is not opinion. Inflation is here. I don't have time to go on but Bank of America warned that there's hyperinflation coming in the long as four years, Larry Summers, former treasury secretary under Clinton said work really pull close to 5% and Goldman Sachs says hyperinflation is also coming and there's others like Kyle but now she's a billionaire. He was on CNBC uses this US is already grappling with real inflation rate above 10%. Every aspect of life. So what is by definition what's hyperinflation Weimar Germany in the early 1915 to 1921 Werther currency devalued 99 9999% you lost all your purchasing power in the mother paper they heated their homes with it because it was worth was clearly worthless, they use the money it shows a massive inflation on steroids. Is there some number like an inflation rate that people will say okay now it's hyperinflation doesn't have to hit some benchmark number. I mean, 10% for us is I have to go back to what Jimmy Carter defines it was that inflation was 14% back under Carter leaned in it and if you're old enough to remember what kind of a train wreck. The economy was pretty much everything was back then is just devastating. So, on the other end of that is, of course, what's been going on with a gold and silver which we talked about is a better great acetone on the other end is as we talk about diversification, but is there anything new going on there anything kind of crazy happening. Top five news announcements in my 27 career years are crucial to going to be a big news will talk more about it next week. We have a whole hour and we'll talk more about inflation next week and define hyperinflation. But here's the news in a nutshell, European banks art. They change the rules according to what he called basil basil is the a group that oversees the banking committee and supervises the banks in Europe when I'm not talking about is not changing the guidelines for center banks. They don't oversee that per se, but they influence it, but this is you know your local bank that you put money in in Europe paying so that's what this is normally that bank the local bank is going to buy gold on paper and that would be a likely 20 to 1 ratio. One being the physical gold so that highly leveraged in paper gold compared to physical gold on their deposits in the day. That ruling changed. Now they have to have 121 well is stork so ending January the UK is going to be comfortable.

I follow these guidelines. So this means a couple things. One, it means that really you have to stop forward selling paper contracts which will implement gold to go up to start buying more physical gold to balance up full in reference to paper which will cause gold. I'm not shingled shoot up like a rocket on that type of person I don't say those things, but it will probably be influenced to go higher over time.

This also tells us another big thing.

Actions speak louder than their changing the banking system in Europe see a train wreck coming there telling the banks to get ready. By having enough physical gold back leveraged money and that's what brings systems and banks down when you're overleveraged, so something is up. They will be doing this they been working on this for a long time now they way comes in let's do this. Something is up yelling there's a historical news story like that. That means there's history somewhere, either just been made or it's going to be made so obviously all of the people and institutions that are dealing with literally trillions of dollars in effecting things all around the globe and see what they're doing. They're not doing it because they played spin the bottle.

They have a very good reason to do so. So for people to get more educated about the stuff David what should they do mainstream media market watch. By the way, for 6425758446042575. Start today over the landmark Have a great Fourth of July. My brother will talk to you next Wednesday were to do for Monday Monday show next Wednesday so we appreciate you, David, thanks. Enjoy your family here and you think help you to bless everybody hopefully we'll talk again real soon.

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