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A Moral Freakshow

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 22, 2021 10:31 am

A Moral Freakshow

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 22, 2021 10:31 am

A Moral Freakshow

In a world of hypocrisy and brokenness, it turners out that by society’s standard Steve is the moral freakshow. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay so let me just ask the question you asked the question, are you playing your part.

Well, in the moral freak show known as evangelical Christianity biblical Christianity. Convictional Christianity actual Christianity. What ever you want to call it. Are you playing your parts well in what Joe Scarborough affectionately calls a moral freak show so that's hilarious. MSNBC says evangelical movement is anti-intellectual anti-science and the moral freak show. I'm like, that's like my description on Facebook and my people say hasty before you, be a part of our event.

Can we get a little bio demo bio recurrent bio and I'm like I said yeah yeah yeah I have I have a I will bio it says moral freak show, anti-intellectual, antiscience, Steve Noble, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

That's what it says and apparently that's me.

So if it's me, the odds are pretty good. It's also you so will work our way through that tongue firmly implanted in cheek will do that and then this is an interesting story and then I'm in a backup for a second and remind you oftentimes what were actually doing here on the show on the Steve Noble show okay because there is a method to my madness charging white people in additional rep or an additional reparations fee in order to get into this events talk about that and then some really eye-opening information about Twitter. Now if you look at the way we operate today in America. And even if you got what you look at Fox news or CNN or wherever, even on nightly news. If anybody watches that anymore, but on Fox news channel and in all these places and print media.

What's one of the things that shows up. Oftentimes within the confines of the story.

It's Twitter comments like hashtag angry white male on twitter said, and then Jill whatever her name on Twitter said at frustrated mommy said they just include a Twitter comments as if Twitter's representative of the United States of America. But the question is, is it so this is really an eye-opening story.

Steve days share this earlier today night and I spent more time on and I'm like okay I would need to look at this because it's amazing how much of an effect. Twitter is hat on. Well, pretty much everything but shut it and then when we get towards the second half late in the second half of the shelving to go through a study. This was a PhD student in economics at the University Massachusetts did a study on the effects of black lives matter protests from 2014 to 2019, not including last year, but what we see in this report from 2014 to 2019. Even though he didn't study, 20, 21 obviously black lives matter protests went to a whole new level nationwide last year. You can see what's happened as a result of what happened last year and this year in terms of violent crime and things like that that think the trend continues. So what affect is the black lives matter protest movement having pretty much on black lives so talk about that as well and it'll take some time to work through the but out great for you. Thanks for being here. Great to be with you and just a reminder.

One of the things that were actually doing here on the show that I'm doing all the time as I prep for the show and I'm constantly, reading and looking at stories and my radars always on is an exercise of your biblical worldview. Okay, that's that's what this is were exercising a biblical worldview and the way you do. That is what you actually same way you exercise a muscle right you have to go engage what's going on yet to go engage information and stories and take your Christian worldview and then ram it up against what you're encountering in life in your daily life.

Family life business life. Whatever entertainment and the news and that's exactly what I do. So when I do shows like today just working our way through a bunch of different stories. That's what I'm doing.

I'm just exercising a biblical worldview and hopefully your tagging along for the ride and exercising yours as well and were all getting stronger all the while That's the hope that were doing here pretty much Monday to Thursday even overdue theology. Thursday I have a guest like tomorrow.

George Barna Barna research. He left the organization.

He started several years ago.

Now he's on his own amazing study recently of local worldview nationwide. What's going on with millennial center they have quoted that several times recently, but will have George Barna on for the whole show tomorrow which will be great and then theology Thursday with pastor Grant Castleberry, who's been here before us is excellent, so will talk to him on Thursday but were working through some new stories today, so just hang in there and let's not go through this stuff and see how we can exercise our biblical muscles. Okay here we go. It is a moral freak freak show. MSNBC says evangelical movement anti-intellectual antiscience and moral freak show motivated by irrational fear and anger Christians you Christians out there have embraced an all out and antipathy toward education and science. Turn your churches into a moral freak show and taught that Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus Christ, according to a seven-member panel on MSNBC's morning Joe, so we could do that and just chalk it out there, right in the garbage. It's about 60 to my right to do that were to stay with it okay because even though I know emotionally and intellectually. You might be throw that garbage out Seattle who cares not MSNBC who cares about Joe Scarborough other than himself and all of his family members. Perhaps that still watch the show but I'm telling you this is not just relegated to the MSNBC world. There are plenty of people in this country. Many or a good chunk of the percentage of the people that actually are on twitter think like this. See you like this. So what you do with it how you interact with during an extended discussion on Monday regarding the cultural currents rippling through American churches, former Bush family speechwriter Peter where Woerner blamed the Christians, rejection of secular progressive zeitgeist under anger or resentment and collective inferiority complex. I definitely have one of those a lot of people quote a lot of people of the Christian faith of them put enough to be concerning they been roiled by grievances in anger.

Feelings of dishonor by the elite culture.

Some of that is been warranted much of it is not. He said that's been around and brewing and growing for decades.

There's an almost existential fear among many people on the Christian right about progressivism in the left, Woerner told MSNBC the problem stems from a quote fusion between fundamentalism and evangelicalism, which he called quote two very distinct and different things for completing them with each other and virtually all of Christianity is the story in the daily wire and were to work our way through this and see what lessons we might be alert about ourselves and what things we can throw out Steve Noble will be right back to back is noble moral freak show the intellectual antiscience guy that I am Elyse according to a recent panel and see so you just suck it, throw it out here.

You try to learn some from well I am always trying to learn and I hope you are as well will combat this is noble by the way, if you want to grab the podcast you can do that anywhere you get a podcast. You can find Steve Noble show and then you can join us here in the studio, which is the Steve Noble show on Facebook or on YouTube live so there's a number of ways for us to interact in a course on the radio where most of you are right now. So were just going through this. This was on the daily wire Ben Shapiro's website talking about all of us Christians just idiots and by the way, I didn't realize that Donald Trump was the second coming of Jesus Christ. I need to talk to Chet Hartley about that because he hasn't preached on so if my if the pastor misses it and I missed it while I mean what's going on so there just laying into Christians right fundamentalist and stop so that goes on.

This is the be panel the other day on MSNBC's morning show Joe Scarborough show fundamental fundamentalism for all you fundamentalist out there is characterized by a kind of legalistic spirit by the anti-intellectual approach and antiscience approach in a minute Che in view of you that the world is divided between children of light and children of darkness.

Well, it is your current child of God through Jesus Christ or you're still a child of the devil here in one camp or the other. There's not a neutral ground here again it's one or the other.

You either are in Christ or you are not. If you're in Christ you're in God's family. You are a child of God. But if you're not in Christ. You're still in the devil's camp. These guys just don't like to hear the country that altogether has created a dangerous mix or cocktail in the evangelical world and they have sold wandered away from the core message of Christ and the gospel he said without evidence.

I would say many ways and we can wandered away from the gospel.

I mean, there's that old adage you Christians are known for what you're against. Not what you're for. Okay like I can take some critique on that one and go yeah I need to I need to have a positive side to my message as a believer and not just be screaming about the things in the culture which are many that are contrary to biblical worldview. Okay, but what you for right I can deal with that we should do more that but what about the gospel well people I know a lot of Christians. I used to be a Christian that talked a lot about saving America, but not about seeing Americans saved by the way the church we used to go to the pastor JD Greer to be a great teacher and I will never forget that. She said he said one day, if God answered every single prayer that you've prayed every single request you've made in the last week or two. How many people would be added to the kingdom. That's a great question you're praying for Trump.

Maybe for Trump to come back your praying for Republicans. You're paying for. Against abortion, your praying for this your praying for that your praying for your health, your praying for your finances, your praying for your marriage or praying for your kit.

Whatever your praying for God answered all of our prayers over week or two. How many people will be added to the kingdom. How much of the gospel focus do you really have. Do I really have no it's easy to talk a big deal about here in the air, but how many times how often do I have gospel conversations with people how often you actually discipling people other than yourself right. Those are valuable questions that we all need to face citing Jesus's words, condemning one of the churches in the book of Revelation Woerner, one of his guests Christians unjustified anger caused them to wonder away from what the Bible calls their first love from Christ and use their faith as a cudgel. He also asserted that the influential Southern Baptist after Pastor Robert Jefferson of Dallas disregarded the sermon on the mount when he supported Donald Trump in 2016. How is that exactly that since the sermon on the mount means you can't vote for an obnoxious person. Woerner concluded that because of evangelical awful witness. Young people are wandering away from the fate because they see this moral freak show and they don't want anything to do with it right. There's two sides of that coin as well. One side as if you're legalistic and judgmental and all you talk about is the rules. Yes, now you sound a little bit more like a Pharisee, but the other side of that is darkness, doesn't like the light. Jesus talked about this. Did you not that people don't want to come to the gospel.

They want to come to the light because their deeds are dark and they don't want them exposed that's the problem with you Christians you bring with you a moral standard and that moral standard is sorry perfection. That's why the Bible says to those who are perishing, you many of us Christians. You are the aroma of death. You remind me of what I know in my consciences that I'm condemned already as the Bible says it's a freak show repeated Joe host Joe Scarborough before grousing that Christians read stories like Chuck from Chinese cults that run conspiracy websites is probably talk about the epic times. Let's not fall to the stereotypes that there that that these are people who live in shacks like off at the end of some wrote the list includes people with advanced degrees that I've known my entire life. He said who have fallen in and they believe that Donald Trump is the second coming of Christ show me one Christian by the way Joe that actually says I believe Donald Trump is the second coming of Christ. Now they may have to like it. Some of them do, but I don't know a single one that's actually set it he wanted went on to say that evangelicals become deeply embedded in legalism get get this watch this follow along. The bouncing ball concerning abortion.

The legalism is around came marriage.

Legalism is around critical race theory that is not the definition of the Gospels, he failed to mention that each of these issues constitutes an ancient Christian biblical teaching in an inseparable component of the Christian moral code right, that's a good point right here in this article from the daily wire wow you're a legalist. If you believe that abortion is wrong because it's murder legalist you if you you moral freak show people if you believe that marriage was ordained by God as a man and a woman you're a legalist.

Apparently if you believe that we should be judging one another and that God judges us based on our own moral accountability that I should look at you as an individual made in the image of God. Based on your choices and how you choose to interact with the people around you, rather than just merely judging you by the color of your skin, especially inside of the body of Christ where there is no Greek or Jew or slave or free. No rich or poor man or woman, black or white crosses the foot of the ground is level at the cross right we don't see each other that way anymore.

If were in Christ, but we acknowledge our differences and in cultural differences in skin color differences.

Those are all beautiful aspects of a large tapestry which is made up of a lot of different parts but they call that legalism and on and on and on and on and on they go so when this happens you get really upset and feel disregarded or just attacked or maligned finches counted all joy right coming all joy when you suffer trials and tribulations of various kinds, especially when you do it because you spoken up for Christ. I wrote a devotional about that this morning, especially that okay that's a good thing.

The question is that we all need to ask ourselves is, do I ever get flack for standing up for Jesus. If you don't I would say you're not doing it right now we don't run around and say well I got up I got a verify my Christianity today so I got to go take somebody off in the name of Jesus. That's not right. You act out of love and concern.

And if your motivation is a right. Keep your mouth shut, but if you never get any flack for sharing the gospel or speaking truth from God's word. Or maybe saying no to something. And yes to something else, then because of price, then you're simply not doing it right because nobody knows this is the noble bureaucrat back and Steve Noble.

Check it out when I have this really awesome party really awesome Street party just to be dancing and performances get great to be wonderful and it's free. Last year, white, and a pure white then working to charge somewhere between 10 and $50 as a reparations fee and then and then you can come in right. That's the deal that's wavered in a role so I hope you are willing to do that and accept your guilt of the at least the guilt of previous generations and do something to take care of it. Okay Seattle pride organizers apologize after raising issue with event charging white people a reparations fee. Well yeah to pride month organizers in Seattle are now apologizing to local community. After writing a letter to the city taking issue with a separate upcoming events, plans to charge attend a $50 reparations fee for white people calling it reverse discrimination. I where we go. Here the uproar surrounding Charlotte LeFevre and Philip Lipson. The directors of Capitol Hill pride begin late last week after the Seattle human rights commission posted on twitter the letter they that they had sent.

So I'm in a get to twitter here minute quote.

It is come to our attention that an event take back in the in parentheses as in Elsa, take black or takeback pride at the Jimi Hendrix public park June 26 is charging whites only admission is reparations. The pair wrote asking the city to review the admissions policy.

We consider this reverse discrimination in its worst form and we feel we are being attacked for not supporting due to disparaging and hostile emails. We will never charge admission over the color of a person, skin, and we resent being attacked for standing on those values. They add so these guys step up to the plate their part of the organizing department pride group out there and they say this is wrong right so there's this is when when you get down into this world.

Whether it's now you got this between transgendered lesbians when you when you cast aside a metanarrative of truth. Eventually all the various parties within the shall we call it a godless environment will turn on each other okay because there is no standard, so eventually it's just might makes right and they turn each other the taking back our black pride event which will feature live performances dancing other activity says in its Facebook page. Everyone IS free to attend. However, THIS is a black and brown queer transgendered prioritized valued event, white allies and accomplices are welcome to attend but will be charged a $10-$50 reparations fee that will be used to keep this event free of cost for black and brown trends in queer community. It adds Seth my production assistant said what happens of no white people show up.

Good question who's going to pay for little reality there. In response to LeFevre Lipson, the Seattle human rights commission which describes itself as 22 representative residents in Seattle appointed to serve in an advisory capacity to the mayor blob blob said, quote the unique nature of your situation does not in fact violate any of your human rights. As stated in the UN declaration of human rights, which is the charter by which our commission operates.

We don't care out here in Seattle and Portland out here and watched. We don't care what the Constitution says or what US law says were to go by the UN declaration of human rights and the UN being a leader in human rights worldwide what people in the human rights commission. You know like Libby in China and Russia there definitely the arbiter of all things human rights black strands in queer peoples are among the most marginal so these guys are turning on each other but get used to that because the critical race theory if if in fact it gets traction and becomes the norm in America.

Get ready white folks because it's really going to get nasty for you to meet me as well. Okay twitter everybody's on twitter everybody's talking about twitter all the smartest people are in twitter and then all of our new store stories and stuff include twitter quote summing this is what they said on twitter. Here's a tweet from so-and-so in a tweet from so-and-so.

But what's the deal with twitter actually like what are the facts.

What's the reality is it really that pervasive, so this was an out Twitter is America's target audience and is misled.

The most powerful in the last four years, from Bobby Barak great article in the last four years, Twitter has become America's target audience and subsequently one of the most powerful groups in the country.

Applicants are hired. If there twitter accounts are presentable. Employees are fired at their past Wheatstone needs. Well my mercy that when they found a tweet from 2012 and also in your careers over politicians build laws with social media reactions in mind major media companies promote to moat and protect personalities based on retweets and likes corporate America's decisions attempt to anticipate social media results when Americans called racist by too many blue checks curriculum is changed.

In other words, Americans most influential individuals and industries are at the mercy of the most frequently seen and shared twitter account. As a result, these accounts dictate state policy, education, entertainment, and industry. That's who has the power but who exactly are these people mayor the most easily offended board pampered and hateful sociopath in a population.

The author writes they'll think alike. Yet the all is still quite small in raw numbers, here's the point. So when you see him.

I've seen this on Fox News and conservative places in a story and though just throw some random tweets in there from people that nobody knows these are not well-known people thought leaders. Leaders of industry captains of industry leaders of cultural conversations. They're just people. So who's on twitter and how many of them are there pew data. They did a big study finds that 3% of the population creates 90% of all tweets sent so 90% of all the tweet. You can sit on there and scroll all day every day and it's only representing 3% of the population creates 90% of the tweet you to see 3%. Only 8% of the US population is actually active on twitter meaning 92% of you are relatively healthy, mentally and emotionally. Only 8% of the US population is active on Twitter only 8% okay other some smart people there consider people there Christians are sure, but what are the what are they mostly like late-night TV award shows and comedy of adjusted content correspond with twitter reaction appealing to just 8% of viewers is bad business. Now all three hemorrhage viewers for a nominal group of actual viewers, while in addition to a misleading sample size. Twitter has convinced the media corporations and politicians to adopt a narrow worldview re-go near worldviews are everywhere.

Everybody's got one. The same pew study lessons this finds that twitter users are Democrat +15 were twitter in and of itself estate. It would tie Hawaii and Vermont is America's most liberal.

What's more, the 10% of Twitter users who post 90%, 92% of all tweets are Democrat +4343+ +4343% more Democrat wow that's that's uber liberal that's off the charts blows California way by like 392% of all tweets are D+ 43 Democrat +40 here in lies the disconnect. Twitter is told decision-makers and Americans agree that the country is systemically racist. That white supremacy is the country's greatest threat.

Thank you Joe Biden that Americans by and large are okay. Being viewed merely on the color of their skin. In reality though Americans really agree on any topic. We are divided country. Yet twitter is let us to believe that the divide is based not on substance but hate on site is right.

The others, hateful, racist and ignorant so people feel justified in ignoring those with different opinions and we all struggle with that right.

I know I do politicians before were incentivized answer voters pressing questions and concerns. Twitter now convinces politicians that Americans lack curiosity questions are welcome on social media big tech sensors. The few who dare to question authority before their concerns are answered. Remember those who question the COBIT 19 origination or fax, or any of that twitter's value as a platform for ideas has substantially diminished since it is embraced partisan censorship. Buck Sexton told out kick. If you can't question lockdowns or election results or school of a hand on the scale for the left at all times point in public of this. The friends reunion right the old TV show was a friendly conversation on twitter users couldn't get over that six straight white people were allowed together in 2021. It's easier to measure online complaints and Conversations over dinner. Thus, blue-chip media outlets right pandering headlines commentary.

They should've called the friends reunion. The one where the ignored diversity. The Los Angeles times writes Twitter's misrepresentation of America's influence those in power which makes it truly powerful right there impacting decisions, agendas, corporate, governmental, individual across the country who's doing that about 8% of the population and 92% of all tweets you see are Democrat +43 right off the scales with by factors of three or four more Democrat than even California companies and organizations adopt the personality to whom the answer. Ever wonder why DC Hollywood New York Silicon Valley newsrooms are so offended right now why they come across as so miserable why each has had a profound disdain for traditional American values, look no further than their target audience and who is their target heart target audience. It's twitter users. The pandering to twitter users, which finds that three per twitter pew data again as a reminder for me at the break 3% of the population creates 90% of all tweets and only 8% of the US population is active on twitter so somehow 8% of the US population has found itself in the drivers seat. Now anybody that seems the driver's seat of an entire culture over the 80% of that culture is stupid, ignorant or just a big echo chamber, which is ultimately what it is, however, we every seized up, twitter, twitter this twitter that tweet this week that just gonna know what you do here is what you do, throw it out will be right back. Back at the noble children to be with you think they will ribbon our way through a bunch of different new stories and things out there in the good thing that you should do. I mean it's easy to go through the news. Check your twitter feed which we are just blowing up what twitter actually isn't, which is representative of the US population is rumor only about 8% of people in America are even active on twitter so we act like it's as big megaphone.

It isn't. It's just been very effectively used in it's the people that are active on twitter, the overwhelming majority of them are very Democrat very liberal so it wouldn't unity twitter so that the tweet said this and on twitter it said that just just been pretty much you can almost throw it out because is not representative of the vast majority of Americans. Some of them but not even half of them okay so remember that. So just go through the news walk-through Fox News go to CNN whatever and then challenge yourself is this what we try to do here in the show on the Steve Noble show every day is to implore employee a biblical worldview and then to lay it on top of whatever store you want. Pick any story good bad in different positive negative political cultural entertainment movie reviews anything you should be able to overlay your Christian worldview on anything and work your way through it and apply biblical worldview and set of standards and go okay, here's some good some bad. This true, this is a lie. I conceived God's truth reflected here and this is bogus and all the while you're building your muscles as a Christian thinker. Okay, that's super important. So that's overdoing today is a go to the stores. Here's one that this is really fascinating.

I heard some the guys on Glenn Beck show talk about earlier today. I'm actually using a story from Fox box that came out in April of this year. The effects of black lives matter protests.

Research shows places mobile in protest from 2014 to 2019. So this doesn't include last year saw a reduction in police homicides, but an uptick in murders. So think about that math there. Think about the trade-off we saw a reduction in police homicides and what is what a police homicides, that's his officer involved shooting.

That doesn't mean like a 2019, the New York Times, Washington Post acumen, which newspaper does has really detailed information crime information and there were actually in 2019. There were nine cases of unarmed black men that were killed by police officers and those in those nine cases of the go. Okay that looks like everyone of those cases looks like a significant problem right to say the least. But when they say please homicides that that you most people here that think police killing people unwarranted know this is when people died as a result of interaction with police, but please have to shoot and kill bad guys all the time that happens. Okay, but even then if it's like three or 400 a year relative to how many stops the police have been relative to the fact that we have three and 40 million people in this country that's really and actually very very small number and praise the Lord for but what about the BLM protests what's that math like if we reduce please homicides, but we increase murders. Why do it.

Where's the benefit okay. There's been a long fierce debate about the effects of black lives matter protests on the lethal use of force by police under study. One of the first to make a rigorous academic attempt to answer the question found that the protests have a notable impact on police killings for every 4000 people who participated in a black lives matter protests between 2014 at 2019. Police killed one less person right so there's a number reasons why that could be will get an place of their go okay. The police killed one less people. When this person okay is that good. Of course, assuming that the person is not some violently dangerous criminal suffers. You okay maybe. Maybe that's good so Travis Campbell, a PhD student is the one that's been bussed in the Saudi University of Massachusetts, while Campbell's research in the article does not encompass the events of 20 Summer 2020 George Floyd Skilling and the subsequent wave of protests became potentially the largest movement in American history. The sudden growth of which relied on a wave of anger and grief at the police homicides and listen to this and I conceived Fox here showing them their world. Americans are continually greeted with on the news please homicides. Americans are continually greeted with on the news. Does that mean please homicides are continually happening not of that none of the to the tune of about three or 400 year. That's not repeatedly happening continually greeted while upon twitter and it fits the narrative.

This is what you gotta remember when you see step this like were all freaked out. Now when your 10-year-old wants to walk across the street to visit a friend overthinking know there's predators out there that are all over the place. Actually, that type of crime is lower now than it was in the 70s but because of social media and digital media. One story, the pick it up and then everybody puts it out there and now it's just everywhere. You would think there's kids being kidnapped outside their houses all over America all the time or like this article says continually greeted with police homicides on the news is not true. So you put one pickup truck into a into a roaring F5 tornado and you get in the middle that tornado you Billy boy, there's a lot of pickup trucks went around up there even though there's only one you throw 10 in there you're thinking.

You're surrounded by red pickup trucks actors 500 pickup trucks in the stormy, that's what happens at the power media, it multiplies everything good or bad a member opinion colonist activist lawmakers even the present United States have weighed in on these protests and what the appropriate policy changes should be.

But first, it's important to grapple with how the protests of Artie change policing from 2014 to 2019. Campbell tracked more than 1600 BLM protests across the country, largely in bigger cities with nearly 350,000 protesters is main finding is a 15 to 20% reduction in lethal use of force by police officers roughly 300 fewer police homicides and census places that sought BLM protests so you look at that goal. That's probably most likely a good thing right roughly 300 fewer police homicides, people dying as a result, the police activity and again even like one year 2019. It was nine, nine or 10 African American males were killed by police that were unarmed at which and that looks horrible and probably they got you got embrace where you find truth okay.

Campbell's research also indicates that these protests correlate.

Listen to this with a 10% increase in murders in the areas that saw those same protests. That means.

Listen at your map mind going here. That means from 2014 to 2019. There were somewhere between the thousand and 6000 more homicides that would've been expected if places with protests run the same trend is places that did not have protests.

Campbell's research does not include the effects of last summer's historic waiver protest because research is not you have all that relevant data. Although we do know right is from some information out there. After the George Floyd protest started in New York City, the New York Police Department log 45,000 fewer rats from June to December of last year at 38% decline while the Big Apple added more than 100 additional homicides, which was a 50% increase from June through the end of this February, Chicago's police made 31,000 fewer arrests of 53% decline as murders rose 65% and Louisville were massive unrest included the shooting of two police officers during a protests homicides jumped 87% as the police made 35% fewer stops since June while the rest plummeted 42% during summer months, compared with 2090.

What you see what's happening, don't you should be pretty obvious. So what's going on what's happening. Omar was a put pressure up at Princeton University was done similar seminal research on the effect of protest old box that the results are entirely plausible, not surprising considering existing protest research. What's up the reasons for the rise in murders are not fully known, but one possible explanation is the police morale drops falling scrutiny, leaving officers to reduce their efforts and thereby emboldening criminals boom, there you go. Good job guys always PhD's me the former housecleaner with a Masters degree figure this one out pretty quick and I know most of you could as well. So where you have big BLM protests which in many ways. I don't have a problem with fundamentally to black lives matter of course. I'm a Christian, how dear you asked me that question. Do I believe in BLM Inc. of course not anti-biblical anti-family anti-black in many ways socialist Marxist evil BLM E but BLM in general. Of course we have an issue in policing course how big we can talk about that but when you have these big BLM protests and then all of a sudden cops are feeling the pressure and that the vast majority police I believe are good but still if you're getting it now. They video everybody yet your video thing on your chest. Okay that's warranted.

Now everybody else at a crime scene or potential crime scene really kind interaction. They've all got their iPhones going in now or just to hang police up out to dry and a lot of cities there saying okay you no longer have just protection from civil lawsuits that's gone and the crowd is just on the doors there like Frankenstein and the pitchforks in the in the flamethrowers and there's ready where these terrible cops what you think opportunity there to start fearing not only for the job for their lives and their to pull back and what's the result you can have less police homicides, most of which are not problematic in terms of the police killed some unarmed guy, but just the research shows a 10% increase in murders. So when you do anything to degrade the police there morale you make him feel threatened. I'm not get make by the way, I'm not giving it a blanket excused any police officer for misconduct and abuse. There's 510% of police nationwide.

That should be employed today. I firmly believe that that's true of every business. By the way, there's all kinds of incompetent people out there, and especially policing. We have a weapon and you have authority, I'd say 5 to 10% of police nationwide should be gone tomorrow.

Well it's 10% at 75,000 police officers because is about 750,000 of amount. So I I know there's a problem there. But when we all of a sudden defund the police and they're the enemy and working to hang them out to dry as often as we can pull back and when they pull back what you get is a result of the big BLM protests sure you get a decrease in police homicides massive increase in other homicides. Murder, mostly black on black is that a good deal that a good investment. It isn't what you expect society that largely jettison not just God in the Bible and moral truth with critical thinking at any level just emotional next interest to Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing opium with you again tomorrow with George Barna like my dad always used to say number four. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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