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Give Us Your Children!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 21, 2021 4:36 pm

Give Us Your Children!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 21, 2021 4:36 pm

Give Us Your Children!

Today, Steve talks about our kids’ indoctrination and is joined by David Fisher in the final segment in a Money Monday.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble puts it up in anything at all about you do the work you pokey and you turn yourself around. That's what it's all about that one woke you pokey hello you pokey hello you pokey that the work you pokey now wait a minute that's different it's it's not the bogey bogey if the hokey bogey, but will get to the walkie pokey before the end of the show because I want you to be walkie.

Okay, I'm just here trying to help you. Hey everybody hello, welcome back it Steve Noble to Steve noble show. I hope you are. Dad had a great Father's Day. I certainly did.

I wish the weather is been nicer raining cats and dogs but it was great to for the first time in my life that was having one of our sons become a father and so me becoming a grandfather that was totally cool.

So for all you grandfathers out there I finally get it.

I finally understand so if you had a great weekend and a great Father's Day and so several of the stories I'm going to share today as occasionally I kind of one of the things that I want to make sure I do hear on the radio show on Facebook live and on YouTube life podcast earlier podcast on Facebook.

It's the Steve noble show something on YouTube or right here on the radio program is to unring the bell when I feel it's appropriate and to keep things in your on your radar screen, especially his parents and grandparents when it comes to our children that we need to be aware of and often times you kinda you know you live in yet a decent life going on you know you you decent school of decent teachers and you're just not really. Always aware of some of the darkness that exists out there. So when I run into it and I'm always looking for and unfortunately it's part of my job.

Then, share some to get to several stories today that for you as a mom or dad or grandfather or grandmother.

You should be well aware of and in your sensitivity on your radar screen should be turned up as a follower of Jesus Christ to somebody that supposed to love your neighbor as yourself and show deference to your neighbor, and to care about people around you and especially those who are weaker than us then I'm in a keep ringing these belts on to get some of the stories out of things to talk about here and for you ladies out there. What whatever happened to defending women women's rights and women's liberation. All I can to stop because it is just getting in the world of sports getting decimated. As you know, so this one just came out Laurel Hubbard first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics that's coming up this year. The sum of the Summer Olympics Olympics and what Tokyo or something, which was supposed to be scheduled before Tokyo 2020 S. Tokyo 2021.*I guess so.

New Zealand's just check this out and this should ring is inherently unfair to all of us men or women.

New Zealand's Laura Hubbard was become the first ever transgender athlete picked to compete at Olympics in a controversial decision.

Officials have selected going to quote her for the women's weightlifting team Tokyo 2020 after qualifying requirements were recently modified will. Well, you would have to modified correct because Laurel Hubbard is a trans woman, meaning that's a man who, via his mental illness.

Thinks he's a woman that being gender dysphoria. Okay so Laurel Hubbard is a man who thinks through his gender dysphoria's mental illness that he's a woman and now what particular sport. Could you family, sports friend, could you think of where a man would have a particular advantage over a woman. I don't know if any is more obvious than weightlifting perhaps wrestling football but there's not really women football but certainly in weightlifting right. She had competed in men's events before coming out as transgender 2013. This is a biological male, Laurel Hubbard, despite whatever he's chosen to do with his name is a man right genetically a man nothing you can do about that. That's a done deal.

Critics say Hubbard has an unfair advantage you think, but others have argued for more inclusion at the game. So what is we do the woke he pokey you will pokey what one of the one of the Olympics supposed to be about well for of rather long history, few thousand years. The Olympics are about competition, athleticism, drive, dedication, and men compete against you can fill in the blank. The right man and women compete against women because in a rational world, we would call that fair but we don't live in a rational world anymore. So now the Olympics is all about gender inclusion rather than fair competition. She will compete in the women's 87 kg weightlifting category.

The 40 thrill became eligible to compete at the Olympics on the international of the committee 20,000 and 2015 changes rules allowing transgender athletes compete as women if their testosterone levels are below a certain threshold. Testosterone is a hormone that increases muscle mass right so even though your man if you're not juking up on testosterone. If you're not jabbing right then you're going to be within those limits. But it still doesn't change the fact that this is a man competing against women in weightlifting while they athletes testosterone levels are below the threshold. Critics say her participation in the Olympics is unfair. No kidding.

They appointed to the biological advantages of those who have gone through puberty is male, such as increased bone and muscle density all that's just downright hateful right last month Belgian weightlifter in a bed. Then Bell again, who is competing in the same category said that if Hubbard were compete Tokyo. It would be unfair for women in like a bad joke degree. She said that while she fully supported the transgender community. The principles of inclusion should not be at the expense of others. Well okay so here we go Belgian well weightlifter, an actual woman born that way, and not Van Bell again can actually chew gum and walk at the same time, she can actually say this this she's before she supports the transgender community. If you want to go down that road yourself, that's fine. But then she also turns on and says, but you cannot allow a biological man to compete against biological women because they have an unfair advantage. Obviously so are you on the one hand, Belgian weightlifter Anna says I support that the community in general. But that doesn't mean you get to trounce over everybody else's rights. So this Belgian weightlifter Anna Boyd. She's just making too much since I got to get rid of her. Anyone that is trying weightlifting at high levels knows this to be true in their bones. This particular situation is unfair to the sport into the athletes. Anna said in many life-changing opportunities are missed. For some athletes, metals, Olympic qualifications and we are powerless, there lies the problem. Ladies, powerlessness, welcome back. So were taking away your ability to compete fairly. We should just go ahead and remove your ability to vote and what's thinking what other things we can do to reverse women's rights. Obviously that's what we do today to be a part of transgender deal will vary back there is a man going around in the Yale who do not really true me that he took a magnet for the noblest show great to be with you again. Hope you had a great Mother's Day related Father's Day to their granddad's appraisal or two that's going through since the stories and really want to focus on that are affecting them going after our children and grandchildren and so to get to several stories there, but I wanted to get through these other two I like this one. This is this is I like this right. This is have you been paying attention in the Catholic Church here in America you got a growing number of Catholic bishops that are going yeah not really thrilled about offering communion to people like well Pres. Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi otherwise. That's her up because they're openly advocating for the murder of the unborn and we have a little bit of a theological problem with that. So somebody's in open rebellion to the word of God and to the clear teaching in this case of the Catholic Church should really be slap in the way for undertone and like there's no problem here. Don't say anything, especially the people of that magnitude. That kind of leadership that can reach and so there's a debate going on. So this was the stories came out a couple days ago from Reuters US bishops vote to draft communion statement that may rebuke Biden and the Vatican's been warning these folks these guys hey, we don't think you should do this but there there some movement here divided conference of US Roman Catholic bishops announced on Friday just a few days ago that they had voted to draft a statement on holy communion that may admonish Catholic public politicians, including Pres. Biden who support abortion rights debate this week, laid bare. Some of the cultural and political riffs that rocked the church in the last several years. US Catholic Church membership has dropped nearly 20% in the past two decades, according to a Gallup poll in March as sexual abuse scandals involving predatory priests have come to light members have become increasingly divided on social issues, the bishops and by the way I looked this up before and then the last election with Obama's second term I think is 58 or 62%. Around 60% of Catholics voted for Obama and Obama obviously unabashedly unashamedly pro choice pro-abortion, the bishops in favor of drafting the document insisted that it would not call out any individual politician by name, but the topic of Biden social views came up repeatedly in the discussion. Biden the second Catholic to serve as US president is alarmingly bishops by supporting same-sex marriage and abortion rights. Use, they say are antithetical to church doctrine.

While the Bible says there antithetical to church doctrine, such as the Catholic view.

Some bishops want to block politicians with views like vines from receiving communion, but any statement would serve as guidance in individual Bush bishops would be able to make an independent choice asked on Friday if he was concerned by the bishops decision. Biden said that's private matter and I don't think that's going to happen while we shall see Sally not Mr. Pres., some bishops advocating for drafting the document argued they had an obligation to clarify the church's teachings for all Catholics.

In light of inconsistencies in the faith and actions of public officials like bite. That's where the rubber hits the road here, in this case, if you're a public official in a public out Catholic in your openly in defiance of the church's teachings. I think that's a matter of conscience for the bishop or any priest that's presiding over that communion service with that particular public officials separately. Somebody at the level of Nancy Pelosi or Pres. Biden Tbilisi yeah you know what you need to repent. You're not right with the Lord your openly advocating for the murder of the unborn and the destruction of God's institution of marriage by disgracing it being in favor of same-sex marriage so no I'm not can give you communion you need to repent. Should we be doing that anyway. Now the challenge there is no be the logical air per minute can you give can you withhold communion from any Christian because there sent no, that would mean no Christians ever get have to meet because Christian sin still and so but what if you're a major leader, then I think okay you're very public Catholic and you're not just have a position that's against Scripture in your private life. You're doing this professionally publicly unabashedly quote almost daily. I speak with people Were confused by the fact that we have a president who professes about Catholicism and yet advances most radical pro-abortion agenda in our history that Bishop Donna hiding of Madison, Wisconsin is supported drafting the document yeah I'm with you there guys teachers people that are public should be held to a higher standard in especially their advocating against the clear teaching of the church.

That's a problem.

I think that sounds like a excommunication excommunicate auto you're out because that's that's part of the deal in the Catholic Church on problem that so they were talking module by Nancy Pelosi or the mayor of Fort Lauderdale. Did you hear the story you try to walk back.

Terrorism claims over pride parade accident. Okay so you have Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Tran Tallis trying to walk back shocking claims made shortly following a horrific accident. Cities pride parade now saying he was terrorized by the incident rather than the incident was a terror attack, slow, subtle difference as the daily wire reported over the weekend. One man was killed while another was injured when the driver of a pickup truck accelerated and ran them over. Within moments of the tragedy before any information was known Democrats and the media began treating it as a deliberate attack on the LGBT community, the daily wire noted, citing the mayor's immediate remarks.

Now, check this out. So the pickup truck accelerates and rams into people at the pride parade.

Okay, horrific look to be criminal right the potential to be criminal.

Although there are other operant other other times when people driving cars lose control of the car for one reason or another and excellently hit people. Yes, there are those that ever happened yes it does but the mayor wasn't written willing to wait for actual facts or information, he just went with what was easy, especially from the left perspective quote is what he said this is declarative statement.

This is a terrorist attack against the LGBT community Tran Tallis told WP LG. This is exactly what it hardly an accident. It was deliberate. It was premeditated and it was targeted against a specific person. Luckily, they miss that person, but unfortunately they had two other people that person was later identified as Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not clear how close Wasserman Schultz was to the incident and reports very and some the truck nearly missed the Democrat legislator and others.

She was getting into a different vehicle nearby, but not immediately adjacent to the incident left is quickly followed Tran Tallis is leading a blaming Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Of course now when he remarks now are one of the reasons I'm sharing this is is yes to what's going on here by the mayor, but the other reason I'm sharing this is to potentially bash you and me. How often do we retweet share post a story that that we assume it's true where we jump to a conclusion or our own confirmation bias takes us down a rower like I share it and then you find out later.

I've done this before.

It's like 12 years old, but you like the title of the story it revved you up. And so you posted or shared. Then you find out later what actually wasn't entirely true. On that I have and so there's a warning here for all of us, not just this mayor at the time of Tran Telus's remarks. There was no evidence that don't let that get in the way no evidence to suggest the incident was intentional for the reports indicated that the incident was an accident and that the driver remained on the sea. He also appears to have been part of the parade assigned to drive the vehicle because he could not walk the length of the parade route.

Wow so this is actually a pro-LGBT person was actually a part of the parade. The lost control of their car, which hit people and unfortunately killed one. I think so. It wasn't well I guess somebody like me.

So what are the mayor said. After that, we'll find out when we come back and show the second the doctor for David Fisher and the four segments. A little money Monday update with the mayor down there.

Tran Tallis Fort Lauderdale when the pickup truck driver drove lost control the car from the South. Later his pickup truck and hit a couple people unfortunately killed somebody in this is a terrorist attack against the LGBT community. The mayor said Fort Lauderdale.

This is exactly what it is hardly an accident was deliberate. It was premeditated. It was targeted against specific person. He was guessing. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but too bad. The facts in support all that it was actually a man that was a part of the gay pride parade who, for whatever reason, lost control of the truck so it's just so horrific unfortunate accident. A terrorist attack so they went after right people can the conservative media and people that just care about like the truth and so he came out with this. The statement last evening at the start of what was to be a celebration of pride for the LGBT community and commemoration of our hard-won victories for equality. Our community face the worst of tragedies, the grief of our LGBT community and greater Fort Lauderdale as a whole is palpable. Told the network I was an eyewitness to the horrifying events. It terrorized me and all around me. I reported what I saw to law enforcement and had strong concerns about what transpired concerned for the safety of my community. I feared it would be intentional based on what I saw from your feet away. While enforcement took what appeared to obvious to me and others nearby and investigated further. As is their job as the facts continue to be pieced together a picture is emerging of an accident in which a truck careened out of control. I'm sorry I decided to come right out and acted like I was God. And I'm not omniscient, and I know everything and I knew for a fact that was a terrorist attack in anti-LGBT attack and was probably propagated by a white male Christian so he's not apologizing. Why Woody I mean unfortunately is little sick dream didn't come true because I'm sure in the back of his mind he probably never sits publicly, that would be better for the narrative of what he alleged to be true actually was true because then they could paint people like well, perhaps you definitely me with an even broader brush that were terrorists which would fold into the bite administration's increased focus on domestic terrorism, especially white supremacists because they're everywhere these days.

So that's interesting. I did some things about our kids mental health experts. This was in the Boston Herald last week by several doctors wrote this a profoundly troubling consequence of the pandemic is emerging with increasing clarity are used are experiencing a mental health crisis.

The CDC and prevention found that from April to October last year, hospitals across the US saw 24% increase in the prep portion of mental health emergency visits for children's age 5 to 11 and a 31% increase for children ages 12 to 17 fair health comparing data from August 2019 to 2020 in the Northeast on a 334% increase in the number of pediatric intentional self-harm claims as a percentage of all medical claims is not all providers at Newton Wellesley Hospital. We have had an up close view of this crisis as it unfolds in our own community and 2021 refers to our child, child and adolescent psychiatry outpatient clinic have double compared our pre-pandemic baseline. We have experienced an 80% increase in mental health related pediatric visits to our emergency department.

We are seeing three times as many patients ages 8 to 18 following suicide attempts, with 13 and 14, representing the highest proportion of such ER visits thus far in 2021 wire young teen, seemingly facing the highest risk right now.

Well they go on to explains the shutdowns and is anybody can help be held responsible for this. Ultimately China and the will hand lab that's starting to get some traction and then you gotta go back to the people that shut down in school boards and mayors and governors and slouchy into a certain extent, down trumps in their as part of that mess.

But that's what's happening to our kids so please, again, I'm reading this bell.

If you have children and grandchildren than of experience stuff from COBIT.

The shutdowns there's been so much harm done there and you you can't always tell. So we have to be very aware and ask questions and get involved. Don't assume anything when it comes our children's mental health as this is horrific and it's all over the place. There's all kinds of stuff going on out there going after our children, whether it's that or other things like the Wilkie Pokey mentality right. This is the story when his PBS station feature Little Miss hot mess reading from the performers new book the hips on the drag queen go swish, swish, swish last month on a program aimed at children ages 3 to 8. The Nickelodeon, the backlash was immediate with a video of the reading going viral on conservative social media American tax dollars can be used to pay for 3 to 8-year-olds to watch this PBS drag queen story hour. Then I demand equal tax dollars go also reading the Bible stories one and there's all kinds of stuff. Here's what's out there just to give you taste the newest iteration of Blue's Clues, courtesy of the show's YouTube channel featuring RuPaul's drag race star Nina West singing about diversity for diverse family structures, Netflix's animated series, she Rhonda power Princess featuring a gay, transgender, and non-bank binary characters cartoon network animated Stephen universe whose heroes superpowers come from his bellybutton touching on gay and trans issues along with a subplot involving a same-sex wedding YouTube series 2 loud part of NBC Universal's Peacock kids channel featuring a main character coming out as trans, a trans girl during the show's second season DreamWorks animation's Madagascar are a little wild a series on both Peacock and Hulu featuring LGBT Q pride themed episode along with the new nonparent binary character Odie Ellet Elliott voice by nondairy actor Ezra Minas not binary just means I don't know what I am not a man and a woman.

I'm whatever and that's all over the place. I mean this is a four page 5 page article. That's just the tip of the iceberg when there's something here. I shared earlier today on my Facebook page that got yanked because I shared it.

Somebody found us on a Facebook page from the early learning framework which is an organization that deals with helping preschools in like daycare centers with their curriculum and how to teach the kids so there's this early childhood development Association, a PE so this is up in Prince Edward okay this is up in Canada, but for pride month. They had pictures up so I shared it from their Facebook page and Facebook dumped it because they've obviously found out people were sharing it in a negative way.

So I said all that, the originators of this content don't don't allow it to be shared so they pulled it but then I was able find it somewhere else and to got the pictures and copied it and then reposted his gotta keep fighting to get the truth out there, but this is from their Facebook posts dealing with this organization up there. They have three locations called tiny tot tiny tot okay so it's literally for tiny little kids for five euros daycare centers for pride month. Tiny tot on Pope that's a location recently celebrated pride month and had this to say about their celebration quote are toddlers and infants you read that right. Toddlers and infants how to dance party with educational pride videos from Nickelodeon after mentioned in our preschool and pre-k friends had the opportunity to meet and have a dance party with a member of our community meeting LGBT Q lady for FA's. The drag queen using the art of Dragon as an artistic expression relates the joy experience back to the spirit of play in endless creativity. Right after Satan representation and authentic connections are important part of celebrating different cultural experiences. We read stories about different family styles and gender diverse characters pronoun check-in. Gotta have one of those about his little kids three, four, five-year-olds right. This is spiritual, mental, emotional, child abuse, sexual child abuse on the loan on the line here at pronoun check-in dressed up in our favorite colorful clothing, wink, wink, colored progress, flags, and learn what each color represents talk about how to stand up for injustices and connected with peers alliance to borrow an array of two, S LGBT QI A+ flax we ended our celebration with pride cookies from buns and things quote pride means fun and you're happy.

It means loving who you are and loving who you want. Pride doesn't mean boys or girls. It means everyone that's a direct quote and who they attribute the quote to four and five-year-olds in general our program quote plays a key role in building a foundation of respect for diversity by capitalizing on children's receptivity. These ideas about diversity in the earlier you mean your ability to brainwash them.

That's what that means diverse program celebrate similarities as well as differences and therefore help to build a sense of connection with the child's community that's from the early learning framework at team tiny tots earlier center.

They have a class picture here of all these tiny little kids in the big crazy looking, I'm sorry. I'm trying to be sensitive here, but just demonic twisted sick man drag queen with only little kids and so that stuff is real. This is some hyperbole from some crazy Christian right wing website right this is out there friends and there going right at your children and grandchildren, and you don't know it is you drop them off and think think things are fine everybody so nice there wonderful.

It seems safe but there's always the powers of darkness lurking in all these things just because there three, four, five and six.

You think they're safe from this you think Satan cares, he doesn't care when they're in the womb. It certainly doesn't care when they're at the daycare center so as a parent or grandparent.

We all have.

I'm sorry but we have to be more paranoid you get to be more involved, the more cynical be more skeptical just assume that stuff is out there in their little classes a little daycare's whatever their summer camps and you gotta get your nose in the ghetto investigator got a look for yourself. Don't assume anything is there. After our kids.

He's aftermarket for being Satan, we have to be aware be back on Monday. Monday update your fissure here in just a moment.

I just wanted to say so that I wrote earlier we're talking about the stories that affect children, whether stuff or in the case of story before that the Boston Herald mental health experts are either experiencing a crisis from COBIT with all the mental health challenges. The jiggly 8 to 14-year-olds and just crazy insane heartbreaking increases in suicide attempts and self-harm. All concepts are terrific. So when I shared that earlier today on Facebook. I wrote the following them will talk to David as we move closer to the day when God's wrath will be poured out on the world. This averted the severity of that wrath makes more more sense to me. We have no problem killing our unborn children for our own convenience, we have no problem isolating those we choose to keep for our own perceived safety and acquisition of political power talk about older people right with COBIT. We have no problem shipping them off to facilities once they're old, and then leaving them vulnerable there.

Once again, because, well, we can Jesus truly is the only force that can compete with such systemic wickedness.

Forget systemic racism, systemic wickedness is the real problem. God help us, and that's just he's gonna wrestle with this stuff folks gotta talk about it and you gotta look out, especially for those that are young.

Gotta care for those get a look out. We gotta work on their behalf to love your neighbor as yourself, and then in the just trust the Lord but you can't just sit on the sidelines and pray. Gotta engage that's the point behind the story of the good Samaritan the self-righteous religious people walk by the don't want to deal with the guy in the Samaritan who is outside of the Jewish culture was the one to stop. That's us. We need to be willing to stop and look out for other people just ourselves. Just wanted to say that our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital is always helping us to work our way through a lot of these difficult subjects we are talking about the Federal Reserve and their meeting this week a lot of things going on there David how are you my friend me on your program on Monday.

As always you're welcome. Happy belated Father's Day. Did you have a good day yesterday. He started on a Saturday, a little bit when gulping with one of my sons and enjoyed that Carmen had a good day appreciate happy belated Father's Day to you my friend very much I appreciate that. So working to start in Scripture, which is always a great place to start and will dive into a few main points I will talk about here briefly but second Corinthians 618 such and such a great verse on the heels of Father's Day. That's take it from there I will be a father to you and you will be my sons and daughters who the Lord Almighty so we could take this from a perspective Stephen our fathers and were yearning for a relationship with their children or mothers would even put them in a reading of talk about this on Mother's Day. Maybe your children have passed on. Maybe there strange and or maybe you do have the ability to have the blessing of children but God understands all those emotions will feelings in review feelings of joy or feelings of challenges God and places that he says he's going to be the father to you from the other side in and work your goals are, hear my voice or children of parents and your dad or your mom's morning with a sobers of order, maybe you didn't grow up having either a healthy relationship with your dad or mom or there was a lack of that may be passed on early on in life, like myself, so terminology of father is can be conclusive of how the relationship would be to have one or not a war that was like. But either way I think the point we want to make today is God is going to father us no matter who we are male-female individual webpage.

What nationality we all want to be fathered and he wants to follow Rose in the future.

So the relationship we can choose not to allow him to father us a map like choose to let them let them father you. Amen. What a great word. Let him father you would look to him as your father even if you don't have one earthly one or the one that you had has fallen well short. The Lord will never do that. So that's always encouraging a great reminder for all of us. Thank you for that. David, the Federal Reserve meeting this week and always going to be interesting as it can be really important any major changes we should look for to remove spelling virtually they met last week that is limited to that's my fault. And so their historic in the didn't raise rates they chose to keep things status quo as normal.

You know, not raising rates Cordova .3 chose to continue to buy mortgage-backed securities hundred $20 billion a month why this was historic use because the number came in as the consumer price index. As we all know came in red-hot last week of 5% of his argument, 4.7, so the numbers by the Fed yours fixes the Fed should be raising rates.

I predicted they didn't, they wouldn't. They didn't and those are the two topics that are really important. Interest rates and bond purchases because if you understand the whole money system is that since 2008, the Federal Reserve and stepped in and arbitrarily expands the money supply. How much of it expanded from $800 billion-$8 trillion sometimes bigger so obviously this is a big thing for them not to reverse courses when we do have inflation when asked about the essence of the question, right-click because I saw an article earlier today that the that the average house for sale is only for sale for six days.

The real estate market is red-hot is just crazy.

We dealt with that ourselves selling and buying last year.

Why are they still messing around with mortgage-backed securities. What why must you fill in that business you $40 billion or more in monthly shouldn't be doing that. In fact, on Friday James Bullard St. Louis said sure not a voting member of the Federal Reserve came out and he said you know they shouldn't be doing this all are doing is creating a bubble like they didn't in the real estate market in 2008 where the bubble popped and obviously is a question the Fed is why the market went down too much on Friday with the Dow and down 500.1 and 1/2% and because you haven't a person who's not being politically correct because you not a voting member saying there's some things that we shouldn't be doing and he mentioned that they should be by mortgage-backed securities. And he also mentioned that they should be raising rates indirectly use came about that and he also said that they should be thinking about tapering so it's good to get a different perspective from a for board members is not politically all strips are politically motivated to see things like the Drupal did yeah so so obviously they're reluctant to raise interest rates. But why is so they raise rates.

Then it adds more challenges to service the national debt. If the it also says you know the cost of living soon go up so because nation so raising rates is not a good thing but it's always good to you that the Fed is not really want to raise rates and we can normally put the Fed should be there by middle mittens is 3 1/2% of the average rate for 50 years is 5.3% sure the Cordova points were artificially low. They should be raising rates but we don't want to because it will become challenging once they start raising rates. It will become an economic challenge doing that we have inflation and there's never been a time zero times in history when this started a rate hike campaign that would not lead to negative outcomes or playing a political game at all times Like little kids with their fingers and ears going in their ears gone then they just refused to deal with reality and and again more more stuff piling on is really remarkable to look at this. We talked about and did a whole show on in those really helpful. Recently, modern monetary theory. Sometimes people just go MMT, but if you don't know what were talking about. That was a show that I did with David like two weeks ago, so make sure you check that out the podcast or Facebook life. But we talk about modern monetary theory. We talked about the great reset. Why is this why are we talking about. Why is that so challenging to consider what that's gonna be like in the future when we talk about the modern monetary theory principal.

We came to a conclusion within about three minutes but this is just insane to think this way you can rate matter when interest rates are doesn't matter how much you wanted that you don't have to worry about paying back this debt that's just insane. So the idea now is the Fed is going to be forced to raise rates, which means at some point we have to pay the debt back at a higher rate. So today, Marcus Sandy Hughes and economist. She came out he should beware of inflationary headwinds. We this could cause the market to correct 10 to 20% and he says once you see this correction could take a year to break even. I find that Ron striking those comments, but we still are going to have the Fed take two more trillion dollars if they stay the course.

In their balance sheet which we 10 trillion.

This is why central banks are aggressively buying gold since they see this train wreck happening why the Fed when they are forced to react raising rates and tapering in the paper town from the market going and how revolting I just of that and this is why gold investors.

Some were speculating last week and sold on Friday in a panic today. People today are bargain-hunting fine gold, even though it's up over 1% today. It's still a bargain in reference to all the debt and all the money that the Fed is printing yet again, given the economic conditions out there that that where were going that Kennedy determines what should be looking at so you know the marketing okay. Look at the markets going down by 55 on Monday.

It's up like 586 today and over the course of the year, but we know athletically talking about David that that train is going to stop and when it stops. It's good to be a mess and that's where you gotta talk about diversification and that's when you get a start looking at things like precious metals and for people to get educated to really understand that how can they do that, David. How can I get help. Simply picking up the phone calling our company 844604257544255 is always great job David, thank you for all the information the passage of Scripture as always we appreciate your brother. Have a great afternoon talk to you soon appreciate you and love you my friend. Talk you later, this is Michelle God willing I'll talk you can always never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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