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June 9, 2021 1:16 pm


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June 9, 2021 1:16 pm


Today Steve shares some infuriating stories from the past week. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble where to begin wowing talk about subversive here in the great state of North Carolina in my backyard actually wake County. We could start there. We could talk about the Virginia school board a bit just now coming off of that story subversive education here in North Carolina which is where most of you are. I'm going to go into an example of what you do about that that they're doing a great job in Virginia come into a teacher's aide. His name is Tanner crossing the suspended after a speech criticizing the school's proposed policies surrounding gender so you that Saul talk about that.

Maybe we can talk about the University of Rochester with pediatric coalbed vaccine trials. This is with maternal and Pfizer and using six month old babies for me is a brand-new grandfather on May 28 the thought of using a six month old baby to do a second or third phase trial for a coven for an experimental covert vaccine is just infuriating told mother level so there's that that talk about that today hey smile everybody. Jesus is still on the throne and rule the universe with his feet up and then the USA. USA Today printed an op-ed by some very smart doctors going after the CDC.

What in the world is happening and then I've got the George Barna's gonna be on in a couple weeks Barna research but now he runs a culture research center and is working with the FRC culture cultural research center is doing all kinds great study so couple of really alarming things are really sad. I what's going on with millennial's in our country with respect to their worldview and something that most of them are following called moralistic therapeutic deism.

Doesn't that sound nice that will fit on a bumper sticker will deftly fit your brain and mess you up in the future the country but once again gods on the throne so chill out. But instead of going all lepers spend some time with Connie Harris showing us she's not exactly have a great week should not have a great 10 days or little foreign trip down to meet with the president or whatever is called the Guatemala not going well because let's face it and and and we pray for people like her. By the way I'm reminding myself primarily but but how do you pick a vice president 101.

Apparently this is what we do now in in 12 2020 and 2021 how to pick a vice president 101, you make sure you have a really crowded primary field, 14, 15, 16 candidates and in the first one to drop out because there obviously the worst candidate the least likely to get any traction. The first one that drops out you put a little gold star next to their name and you save there is if I win my party's nomination. There is my vice president right so so she comes back from this train wreck trip in the more you center out the, the more it's going to be a train wreck which is going to happen right now because Pres. Biden just landed in Great Britain on Air Force One and in their gonna be talking to the G7 and this is I wanted to see the faces on the other leaders of the other six nations as Joe Biden attempts to communicate that can be sad when you pray for that guy, Harriston she sits down with Lester Holt and he wants to talk to her little bit about the border you know Biden put her in charge of figuring out the border problems.

I am about 65 days ago. She has yet to have a press conference and the other thing she has yet to do is make the 2000 mile track down south actually see for yourself what's going on. So how does she handle it when Lester Holt of all places of all people puts a little pressure on you play this. This is just the elitist 101 playbook right here right let's play and we are going so well. Well, that whole thing about the boy that we've been to the border LinkedIn for and I haven't been here and I don't understand the point. Oh please somebody just just end my day right there. Did first of all, politics 101 politician 10. I weep in the border we been to the border. We been to the border because we ma'am want to be some member of the federal government so member the by administrations been there so she can" accurately say we've been to the border, not once, not twice, but maybe three important the border even the border we been more know what about what about you you have been the border. Well what I've been to Europe, either never been to Mars. I've never been to Zimbabwe and then that laugh.

It's I mean what do you do with seriously. I'm trying to be calm, compassionate consider its patient, loving Christian at this moment but the elitism in the way she handled that first of all, just just flat out play in the politicians game we been the border with not not wanting to answer the question because she knows that she can't answer the question way this can be helpful, and then now were on pace to see about 2.4 million illegal immigrants cost our southern border this year to 2.4 million crossing the southern border into America and then dispersed by the Biden administration plus kids in cages and all that nightmare stuff sex trafficking drugs, all that stuff so there's no way, Harris wants to go anywhere near that border because then you can visually physically associate her with what's going on. You've been there, you've seen it and she would have to talk to border agents and people that are actually in the ground down there and there's no way on God's green earth that she's going to put herself in a position against others playing politics but then is it one urban era, which would be another question is why we would allow somebody to be the vice president of states who could take over and probably will take over as the president you've never been to Europe, I mean.

Where have you been in and that's the vice president, but never been to Europe, either. What what is that is what it is and I could I could play this game for the rest the show but I will want my head to stay in my body is elitist. So when you when you confront an elitist. Gaslight you try to make you think you're crazy or stupid. They're going to denigrate you or like in this case there's literally laugh it off because you're such an idiot.

The Sparta gaslight into your so stupid as to think that I would actually need to go down there and be on the southern border in order to make a difference so ridiculous. Never ever been to Europe, I was Europe what's going on Europe, ma'am, have to do with what's happening on our southern border top what while okay Lord select River pray one Tim go there if you're like me you probably need help praying for the people I know I know pray for this woman while over. I think I really am about to say except it's just what's going on out there friends. It's just what's happening and I what's happening is getting more bizarre, more disgusting and more infuriating all the time. That's why I'm to keep coming back to. I sure hope you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

I really really really really really do because, unlike, Harris will not go to the border you will go before the king. We all will and everybody every single human being that's ever live will face judgment appointed for men to die once and then face the judgment, every man, every woman, every child every person that ever lived or ever will will be at the great white throne judgment, everybody will be there in your names either in the book of life where the book of the of the behaviors.

What we did that book. The book of our work/2 books there's that one in this book of the Lamb's book of life. And if you're in the book of Lamb's the lymph book of life because of your faith in Jesus Christ and you been born again. Then you don't need to worry about the book that lists out all the works because all your works have been dealt with. But if your name is not in the Lamb's book of life, then your name is most assuredly in the book of those works and every single evil, sinful deed you've committed word, thought or deed, things you should've done but didn't do sins of omission and commission. They're all in their and those will all be brought before a holy and righteous judge on the Judgment Day and you will not survive that you will be ushered into eternal punishment and I just hope for your sake that you know Jesus as Lord and Savior. And if you do like. Like I say that I do, then even though we talk about the stories that are infuriating.

We should be able to stop and pray. We pray for, Harris during a commercial break on Facebook live in YouTube lives.

If you want to join us here in the studio. Just go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook and looking to our faith there. We prayed for.

I prayed for the best I could and and and the devil, you double minded type prayer. Sometimes I really struggle, pray for some of these people pray for them. We must as we do okay sorry go from that kind of disgusting disappointing thing to this this is this is far more troubling to me, University of Rochester Medical Center to participate in pediatric COBIT vaccine trials, pediatric University of Rochester Medical Center and its referring providers will participate in the SARS scope into phase 2 and three vaccine trial in collaboration with the dharna invite this University of Rochester, along with other select academic medical centers plans to test the vaccine on 200 to 300 volunteers hold that thought their calling them volunteers among healthy children aged six months to 11 years of age. How many stick 300 kids between six months and 11 years of age with the currently known as the experimental COBIT vaccine are they really volunteers. If you grab a lab rat out of the cage and walked to the other side of the lab and stick it full of whatever didn't volunteer hey I need I need some lab lab. I need some rat volunteers appear no you just pluck them up and used. So what you do with a six-month-old you pluck it up and you use it. This is like doing need to talk about the Aztec civilization you want to go all the way back to mold lack. We want to do here with this because all this is child sacrifice little numb now hopefully killing but there's certainly using them for their own ends, which is idolatry and and then of course when you read this, unlike what what kind of parent offers up their child hey you guys need some COBIT vaccine volunteers between six months and 11 years of age.

I got a couple of those who overhear all virtue signal by using my children as your lab rats and you can go and stick them. I will see what happens.

Trials for Pfizer will begin enrollment for ages 5 to 11 on June 7 right there volunteers right dharna trials expected start August the trials will be critical for demonstrating that the vaccine is safe and generates an immune response in young children. Why does it matter young children. By the way, if you follow the signs. Pope Ouchi these data are necessary because children's immune systems may respond differently to the virus than adults and adolescents. Yeah, hardly any of them get affected by preliminary data show the children have different disease manifestation COBIT so it's important to test the vaccine specifically in young children to make sure it's safe and work she said why why you do this and go down this road when the chances of death for kids 20 and under are statistically 04 COBIT and statistically insignificant. The ones statistically speaking, I'm not talking about individuals because there have been about 250 kids have died from COBIT and every one of those 250 case you want to jump down my throat right now.

Every one of them is a horrendous tragedy and pray for those families is just horrific and only a few thousand and gotten seriously ill and that's bad, but they didn't die and now are just going up turn other ones in the lab rats when there's actually no real scientific justification right which takes me in this follow-up story and this was in the USA today, which has something to do with the story I just told you about University Rochester and we need what we need to pray for this nation what it nightmare six-month-old kids babies but if we killed in the womb. Is this really a shock to anyone in the USA today.

Wow, really check this headline USA Today is that the strange stuff going on.

CDC miss interpreted our research on opening schools. It should loosen the rules now given schools closer impartially close based on what we know now is harming children. This was in USA today. The recent school reopening guidance released by the CDC and prevention CDC is an example of fears influencing and resulting in misinterpretation of science and harmful policy. Are you listening Dr. Prouty in the United States. About half of schools are either in person or a hybrid president Joe Biden ran a campaign indicating that science and data would guide his policy as we approach the anniversary of the first COBIT 19 shutdown. This approach is needed more than ever special when it comes to school like so many states. These are three different doctors will tell you they are little bit like and somebody states California, Illinois, schools are being hamstrung by the CDC guide. The guidance does not take in account the data we have regarding little disease transmission in schools nor although the guidance cites the work performed across Wisconsin district performed by our group and published in the morbidity and mortality weekly report doesn't take that data and new analysis from the data set it into account course it doesn't. That doesn't help the narrative and it doesn't help the control and it doesn't feed the fear right which is what they need to maintain control keeping schools closer impartially close these doctors say based on what we know now is unwarranted is harming children and has become a human rights issue.

This is an USA Today friend. Amazing first listen about the other article University Rochester sticking six-month-olds with covert vaccines as part of the trial. Six-month-old first. These doctors right.

Children are not at significant risk of poor outcomes from COBIT 19 oh like that matters, but I've never been to Europe. I should have as of Tuesday, 288 children have died from the disease in the United States, 288 that's under the age of 20, compared with more than 500,000 adults while the death of any child is devastating.

This is similar to the number who dies from influenza each year. All you can't go there. Can you and COBIT 19 just in children and adolescents are magnitude smaller than death from suicide some now driven by school closure coronavirus in children can cause potentially dangerous complications for this very rare nearly all cases treatable really the why are we experimenting on six-month-old babies. What is happened got there we come back. You wonder why what looked like the happy, upbeat music we talk about office these really heartbreaking infuriating terrible things going on in our nation around the world. So even even me your sometimes happy host. I just need that little Pompeii was as skinny or anything like cheerful because often times, and you spend as much time looking at the news of what's going on in the world, like me, you're like you just women's garbage all the time.

So that's why premium like oh yeah like this. Okay well it's a distraction. Yes, yes it is okay back to this article. This is an USA Today. I was just saying for my friends on Facebook live where we have a conversation during the commercial break, and we praise the Lord for our Christian radio partners, most of whom are across the great state of North Carolina and we praise the Lord for that.

But while you're listening to commercials there on Facebook live or YouTube live week and hit the pause button or talk about on the air and all go a little deeper during the commercial break or talk about something altogether different and in that's a little bit more personal connection. So if you want to join us. Just if your Facebook person reading the YouTube disk of the student will show page on either one, and you can join us here in the studio but I was just saying about USA Today like what's with all these and people and people pushing back in, Harris, like Lester Holt and all the sudden changes in the COBIT policy and Conrad Cooper here in North Carolina who said were not gonna get rid of the mass mandate until were at 66% or whatever vaccinated, and we are at 47% vaccinated, and he goes looking over mass mandate and of course we still get up kids in mass when they go to school but if you go to her Carolina hurricanes game with our governor. You not aware mass. There because you know kids are far more susceptible to covert problems in older people right out yes sorry that exact opposite. Sorry so that's what's going on out there right so that's what I'm going to this. This is an USA Today. So I think this whole a lot of this COBIT thing. Just like receiving now everybody's plane along with maybe something did happen and that will let lab in Wuhan before if it's orange man orange man bad yet to be against everything he says that strong. So but then now he's gone and now they know the pouch emails are coming out more stuff to start coming out and you get a start covering your rear in the little bit late mainstream media lame stream media people in the lab the machine swamp. Whatever. And by the way, this is new. Like Solomon said is nothing new under the sun really isn't.

You can see it when you go back in the Old Testament a watch with the various kings did you have at home and I'm in a phenomena trying to cover themselves as they are just completely disobey their Lord so not a lot different these days so I'm going to this USA Today article whether saying the CDC misinterpreted our research on opening schools or misleading people, by the way who's writing this article for the CDC. Who are these idiots these trump maniacs right well it's up for doctors.

Dr. Tara O.

Henderson, Prof. pediatrics and interim chief of pediatric hematology oncology and stem cell transplantation at the University of Chicago Coomer Children's Hospital. So and she got the 2018 presidential leadership scholars obvious issues and I Dr. Monica Gandhi is a professor of medicine and associate division chief of the division of HIV infectious diseases in global medicine, University California San Francisco. So with all those credentials why we listen to her Dr. Tracy Beth Hoag is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist and epidemiologist at University California Davis in sports medicine at North Carolina Northern California orthopedic Associates another idiot to just disregard that Dr. is to say, obviously, and then Dr. Daniel Johnson, Prof. pediatrics, chief of pediatric infectious diseases and academic pediatric at the University of Chicago Coomer Children's Hospital, a member of the Illinois Department of Public Health COBIT school workshop and coleader the Illinois chapter. American Academy of pediatrics task force on the return to school, so why would we listen to these idiots that would be because there good medical professionals that actually a Pope Ouchi follow the science so then they're talking about what I was why was referencing. Why are we sticking six-month-old babies with the COBIT experiment will vaccines which is what the other story was about University Rochester well here's some facts and another pesky first children are not at significant risk of poor outcomes from COBIT 19 really as of Tuesday, 288 children have died from the disease in United States is 18 and under which by the way, there's about 60 million total subs 280 children of 60 million compared with more than 5000 adults while the death of any child is devastating. I agree you should to ensure you do. This is similar to the number who dies from influenza each year.

All you can't make that comparison. You can never compare COBIT to influence right that's against the law.

Somewhere in COBIT 19 that's in children and adolescents are magnitude smaller than deaths from suicide somehow driven by school closure coronavirus in children can cause potentially dangerous applications. These doctors are arguing that, but this is very rare in nearly all cases treatable. Second viral spread is minimal and schools with appropriate safety precautions, even in communities with a high disease prevalence overwhelmed and more facts. Third, no sign supports mandating 6 feet of distance with children wearing masks. Fourth, despite their mongering regarding variance in America.

We've not seen evidence that variants are spreading through in-person school, France, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium have demonstrated the K-12 schools can remain fully open safely. Even as the United Kingdom variant becomes dominant. Moreover, masking over 3 feet distancing will protect against variance like it does against all forms. The virus I would disagree there. Ouchi himself said yeah those Matthew by the store. Those blue ones they don't do anything and so they go on the talk about lost wages for families translates in the poverty eviction and food insecurity, why would we care about that because I've never been to Europe, right, so, so we gotta keep the heat on keep talking about these things now Facebook social media's relaxing their policies little bit. You can actually question it is you been doing the whole time and you should continue. So keep banging all on this stuff keep banging the gong accountability Gov. McGinnis or represented Republic. If you can keep it. One of our founding fathers. Okay, talk about kids about this one.

We talked regularly and I will continue to talk regularly about how a critical race theory is that re-segregating the country is destroying our future. Okay so here we are back in the wake County, North Carolina, where I live north Carolina's largest school district wants the campaign against whiteness and educational spaces. Excellent this is by Christopher Rufo is a contributing editor of city Journal and director of the Discovery Institute center on wealth and poverty. Last year, the wake County Public school system held an equity theme teachers conference with sessions on whiteness micro-aggressions racial mapping and disrupting texts, encouraging educators to form equity teams and schools push the new party line anti-racism if every 2020 conference attended by more than 200 North Carolina public school teachers began with a land acknowledgment or ritual recognition, suggesting that white or Carolinians or colonizers on stolen Native American land next is to bring all of you. By the way next the superintendent a week ago. Schools Kathy Moore at the time.

Introduce today's program and shuffled teachers to breakout sessions across eight rooms freelance reporter AP Dylan obtain the documents from the session through public records request. Amen. At the first session whiteness and Ed spaces.

Many education school administrators provided to handouts on the norms of whiteness. These documents claim that quote white cultural values include denial, fear, blame, control, punishment, scarcity, and one-dimensional thinking according to notes from the session. The teachers argue that whiteness perpetuates the system of injustice and that the district whitewashed curriculum with doing real harm to our students and educators as opposed to critical race theory right.

The group encourage white teachers to challenge the dominant ideology of whiteness and disrupt white culture in the classroom through a series of transformational interventions now where the kids or you pesky parents come into this conversation, you pesky parents write what you know. Especially white ones parents. According to the teachers should be considered an impediment to social justice when one teacher asked how you deal with parent pushback. The answer was clear ignore parental concerns and the ideology of antiracism directly to the students quote you can't let parents deter you from the work. The teacher said, quote white parents, children are benefiting from the system and are not learning at home about diversity LGBT Q race, etc. therefore, teachers have an obligation to subvert parental wishes and beliefs. Any push back the teachers explained is merely because white parents fear that they are going to lose something and find it hard to let go of power and privilege are you listening white parents. This is an aberration.

Christopher Rufo writes. In fact, the districts of official equity and action plan encourages teachers to override parents and the pursuit of antiracism quote equity leaders should have the confidence to take risks and make difficult decisions that are rooted in their value document reads their value, even in the face of opposition. Equity leaders can draw on a heartfelt conviction for what is best for students and families. So in other words, the school should displace the family as the ultimate arbiter of political morality. Right.

That's what they're saying it's not. We can't let the parents mess.

These kids morality up or their worldview.

We have to do what we believe is right and teach critical race theory.

We have to teach that everything is about skin color and if you have the wrong skin color your essentially doomed because your person of color in a pure white you're the aggressor you're the oppressor. Your evil even if you don't feel you believe if you don't do anything evil you are evil based on the color of your skin. They are re-segregating the country. This place will burn as we teach more and more that you are most teachers, decent people yes are a lot of trouble. Obviously get all the very fact the days of the singer-songwriter, not a van for them to look good just really talented and I get an amen from all you that remember those days. Looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble. She also talked about the subversive education thing, and all the crazy critical race theory whiteness training all that mess I hear in wake County, which is where I met North Carolina the Raleigh area but it's all over the country. Okay II posted another story today about Charlotte but it's all over the country. Okay, so whether you live here somewhere else. Doesn't matter, it's probably happening in your backyard and you need to be aware of it because that effort.

Critical race theory, which by the way, we need to have difficult conversations about US history because US history is complicated, just like probably your history is complicated and my history is complicated in terms of the good the bad the ugly before Christ and after Christ. Okay so when you look at a country's history. It's the same thing as dealing with your history or my history there some great things and there's some really disturbing and disappointing and about you look at critical race theory and its re-segregating the country and then we just judge each other purely based on the color of our skin and we make all kinds of assumptions about everybody doing that. The little kids will teach them how to think. We teach them what to think.

That's called indoctrination. So I was subversive education, so make sure you're getting up especially be of kids or grandkids in the public school system. You gotta get in there. It's like if you if you had somebody take was that this one. Your house will he's known potentially tribalist okay no if you know there's potential for some serious trouble in a situation with children you should get in there. So if you're not involved in your child's public school education or grandchild's education niche you should be me to get involved. Love your neighbor as yourself. Okay good ball. So here's what you do. This is a great example.

This is on Fox news just earlier today Virginia school board meeting explodes as members face backlash for suspension obtain or cross will hit what he do wrong while he criticized some of the gender stop so Virginia teacher Byron Tanner crossed on outpouring of support Tuesday as public commentators blasted a school board's decision to suspend him after his now viral comments about gender so River Edinburg all that's necessary for evil to triumph is for good men do nothing. So do the opposite. Do something show up and speak up. Dramatic meeting at the Loudoun County Public schools board was full of might drop moments and testy confrontations over issues plaguing the school district.

Many public commenters a year back cross or criticize the school board over critical race theory. Quote where's your regard for freedom of speech as parent Rachel Pisani who said she was a mother of three Loudoun County when I saw teacher express an opinion and suspended for expressing his religious beliefs. I can no longer stay silent. She said when you become acceptable be tolerant only when someone expresses the view that we agree with what you become appropriate to silence those that hold Christian biblical views. Just because you don't when you to become appropriate to allow the school board. I don't know you think you are, but it's not appropriate is not allowable to silence bully or dismiss our views.

Amen due to time constraint her. Mike was cut off, but she kept speaking and received raucous applause flouting chairwoman Brenda Sheridan's request to use jazz hands that's funny. After that speech, Sheridan called for a recess and told the audience to find its Decorah hey you better you better quit being mad and in going over your time limit you guys are like mentally and emotionally abusing her children.

I don't think decorum really can't comes in the play right now when I'm trying to help secure the future of our children to be able to think straight normal healthy amplifying the tension audience members repeatedly flouting her request prompted multiple reminders from the chair.

Another female told the board quote even being threatened with termination for simply speaking one's opinion creates a culture of fear and silence and this is not help anyone on either side of the aisle, a point some educators also expressed concern as they held conservative views on gender and religion teacher Monica Gill told the board its suspension across another actions reasonable totalitarianism, not the Constitution.

Good point.

She added first and foremost I'm a Christian. What is most important. We live in truth, not wise. We look at character, not skin color. We love our Lord and we love others know this. We will not yield. She said we will not let you have our soul, our souls are the souls of our children cross margin uproar last month. The teacher when he told the school board he wouldn't affirm the biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it's against my religion is lying to a child, it's abuse to a child and it's sitting against our gods. We took a Christian perspective and stance, which by the way, is an illegal even if you work for the government. By the way, if you can find the word separation of church and state or wall of separation of church and state in the Constitution. I'll give you $5000 in cash just days after that speech cross was told in the letter not to come on the school's premises because he's dangerous letter vaguely stated the school district was investigating quote allegations that you engaged in conduct that has had a disruptive impact on the operations of the school how you mean he disagreed with your crazy worldview that's disruptive could then disrupt it disrupt it all day long and again when people say I we need to keep our kids in public schools so they can be salt and light. My first question is okay so you telling me your child like a little evangelist at school and is getting into heated debates with their teachers about Christian worldview and secular humanism the neck and stop no then this is in on the kids. This is understood third grader to fight you son me. I do what I can from here. I support organizations that I can like archive teachers alliance.

They were just on recently, conservatives giving voice to conservative and normal thinking teachers in North Carolina.

I saw I give them a voice that I give on the platform. I share whatever platform I have and I speak about it regularly. Show me your faith. Early sale show you my faith. But what I do, what you doing you have to disrupt the stuff for the sake of our children. Just like if you have a parent you know somebody that's in this University of Rochester Medical Center vaccine trials that's going to allow them to put up in its criminal code vaccine in their six month old. Their one-year-old their four-year-old their eight-year-old you should get in their grill lovingly given their grill for love of them love other child, and love of the Lord while so what is the future hold the finish with this well right cultural research Center at the Arizona Christian University was is run by George Barna Barna started Barna research great man, very humble, very smart is to be on in a couple weeks, but he just released his huge American worldview inventory. One of the things that sin here is the seismic generational shift in worldview, millennial seek an ace millennial's are right now. There between 18 and 36-year-old, so pretty much I'm I'm's will and 55 my my kids are pretty much millennial our youngest is that Jonesy she's 60 but the other three are millennial's 18 to 36 so basic a nation without God Bible and churches majority of Americans regardless of their generation consider themselves to be Christian, ranging from a low of 57% millennial's to a high of 83% among builders is the oldest generation. Okay, they consider themselves to be Christian. If you consider yourself to be Christian, are you Christian, of course not. The research revealed across all four generations. The category in which Americans are least likely to think and act biblically is the dimension of Bible truth and morals, particularly amongst millennial okay eating the 36 millennial spiritual revolution. George Barna's calling it.

There are more than two dozen examples of millennial's being substantially more likely than any other generation to reject biblical principles in favor more worldly spiritual perspectives and practices. So if you think the future of America looks good or wrong based on this millennial's people born between 85 and 2002 are far more likely than any other generation. Two. Here's the following are some things they're more likely to define success in terms of happiness, personal freedom or productivity without oppression that's on the they consider abortion performed to reduce personal economic or emotional discomfort to be morally acceptable. Most of them millennial's consider premarital sex with someone expected to be their future spouse to be morally acceptable they deem reincarnation a real possibility, while 50 some odd percent of them 57% millennial call themselves a Christian. Most of them believe in reincarnation.

Can you explain that be liberal regarding fiscal and social policies. They champion liberal theology they want to be among the don'ts people who either don't do not know if God exists, do not believe that he exists or do not care if he exists, millennial's were also much less likely than Americans from older generations to hold numerous positions such as being deeply committed to practicing the religious faith. Nope, not millennial's, believing that the universe was designed, created maintenance, maintained by God. Nope, not millennial, believing that human beings were created by God in his image, but are undetermined undermined by personal sin and therefore need to be redeemed to Jesus Christ. No much that accepting the idea of original sin, millennial's are doing that embracing the Bible is the primary source of moral guidance. Obviously not accepting the notion of God being the all-knowing, all-powerful and just creator the universal still rules University hope considering Satan to be real and influential being nope millennial snow. Thank you.

Identify as Christian half of them say flat out save no while 4/10 people 55 or older can be classified as born-again Christians based on their beliefs about personal salvation, just one out of every six millennial's are 16% meets the criteria.

So what do they believe it horoscopes giddy, even with those who offend or harm them. That's defensible allowing people to own property facilitates economic justice.

That's why a lot of just rent the Bible is ambiguous and what it teaches about abortion. How convenient.

On and on and on it goes, millennial's willing to try anything at least once 66% humans development over time from less advanced forms, 54% reincarnation very real possibility. 51% personally receive guidance from your horoscope. 35% individual ownership are prone.

So what you do well, you disciple share the gospel because of a truly become converted the Holy Spirit to do work in their hearts and their minds what you share the gospel disciple engage. That's why I teach isolates schoolers. That's why matting US history to my course load this fall to teach high schoolers US history honestly do whatever you can pray for them share the gospel. We ought to do friends.

Thankfully, our Lord and Savior Steve Noble casino Michelle cuddling up talk again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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