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Economic Collapse 101!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 8, 2021 9:47 am

Economic Collapse 101!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 8, 2021 9:47 am

Economic Collapse 101!

Today Steve goes live with David Fisher in a full money Monday to talk about economic collapse. 


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back back with your patient.

I was out yesterday back live today.

Thank God and the reason I was gone yesterday in Oregon get into our conversation today economic collapse on a one which you could really go back to here in the United States. The introduction of modern monetary theory, it's organ to be a little bit historical today in a little on the nerdy side as we get into that, but you really have to look back and you can use Joe Biden as a benchmark. Interestingly enough, we can start with Joe Biden. We first became a senator back in 1972, 1972 wow versus Joe Biden today in a $6 trillion budgets organ on those road yesterday though just one. As a reminder, yesterday I wasn't here because I was with our friends at the graduation ceremony for iron Academy are great partners here in Allen Heinen and iron Academy just an incredible outstanding school for young men into be a graduation ceremony where trillion anointing and a commissioning and these guys walk out of there. They get their own sword, like a serious real sword and their anointed with oil. It's so powerful. I was so honored to be will to give the commencement address yesterday which was entitled Babylon State University and it was just to get the video from that and I'll put it on line. You guys can check that out for yourself or shirt with young people in your life that are graduating. Whether that's college or high school. What have you. We graduations all what we did kindergarten graduation first grade graduation third grade graduation halfway through fourth grade graduation me which everybody's got to get a participation trophy right so anyway that was a great honor and thanks to Alan Hahn and all the folks that the iron Academy. I was really blessed to be able to do that and then our good friend David Fisher has been enjoying a little time off and so were going to do some catching up today and the last time I spoke to you. David was pre-vacation and pre-me joining the grandfather club and here you are you back from vacation in me now a member of a proud member of the grandfather club is great to hear from you. How you don't, your your grandfathers much more important than the time, like you know the yardstick and being a grandparent for the first time I remember about this was phenomenal about the show today congratulations to you and Jean on the butt for the show today. It's almost like a dovetailing what your graduation ceremony which you call it Babylon financial 101.sure something like is a lot in there, and I'm excited about this. We haven't really done a show like this in the past. I really appreciate your throwing this the Skirball in your business a curveball because were headed out a particle you do most of the hitting, but I've been reading through two different textbooks of US history because I want to teach for the first time high school homeschoolers this fall me to teach a two semester US history course and so I'm in a history mode right now and a lot of people are have been affect all of us a been affected by modern monetary theory or MMT, but most people don't understand it, so there's a lot going on here and we are in an inflationary environment for to talk about Janet yelling today all kinds of crazy stuff going on but how do we kinda start down this conversation start down this road. Historically David because this is something that is I've been reading history books.

Present-day America makes a lot more sense to me as I study our past.

Going back for 500 years, but on this one.

It's a big deal as well. As we look at MMT will make you been talking on your program for six years so monetary system for centuries has been based upon hard assets, gold and silver of the money. Then we went and had our paper money backed by gold and silver and then we went into this new thing that's not been ever been tested in history called modern monetary theory or entrance essence we print paper out of thin air and there's nothing backing it anymore and it's an experiment I'm portraying the laboratory experiments and failure complete failure. And that's what were going to come up here against in the world of social that right now.

This will make sense once we dive into this yeah and I appreciate that terminology laboratory experiment experiment so you can look at is called fiat money and it's worth whatever we decide it's worth what the government says it's worth in those two. Those two worlds collide and looking experimentally at that something that came out of the lab. For example, reminiscent of Wuhan.

This one didn't start and will it started here in the good old USA, but it's so amazing to consider it and look at it and so where did it start. How to start like a crack this thing open modern monetary theory first called the framework that says sovereign countries like the United States, you UK, Japan and Canada which normally gathers revenue from taxation baking get money at different way by creating money out of thin air.

To put it simply, governments now don't need to rely on taxes they create money, great borrowing to create overspending they create this money out of thin air will have to worry about having a budget anymore like a regular household right and so modern monetary theory idea of the challenges conventional centuries of belief way. Governments and countries in the economy in the world has interacted in the terms of money, defying those principles of core beliefs and saying let's just print money out of thin air. There's no ramifications for that. There's no budgets needed. We call it a budget.

We always overspend the budget, there's no checks and balances anymore and when inflation happens is not a big deal either, so it's just that sounds ludicrous but that's the basis of modern hundred. Theory in a nutshell, you will mean we mourned up that it was developed by American economist Warren Mosler. He called it Mosler's law they put into place United States in the early 70s when Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971 and the belief of monsters laws. Let's ignore some basic principles would happen in other countries like ancient Rome when they devalued their coins. Venezuela Weimar Germany assume that the dollars will last forever is most desired.

And we have this big country called United States that will never fall. There will this have any financial problems. Never any financial crisis and inflation as a nonfactor sounds just idiotic receipt.

That's the factual matter of yeah and that's exactly what it is again just think everybody is working up a break. David just think everybody that we get off of hard assets we no longer back our money with gold.

We just print money and then decide it's worth the market gets involved in. So now you've created a fictional story with a fictional character, and you just change the rules that you go along. So what we did is we created a bunch of drug addicts and then we gave them unlimited access to more and more credit cards to find more more drugs and now here we are all these years later 50 years later and were totally hooked over time were overdosing on modern monetary theory talking to David Fisher landmark hold will be right back. What will read as 100,000.

There's 100,000.

There's 100,000 in there's 100,000 and there is an another hundred thousand and then there is an another hundred thousand and there is a another hundred if you want to play that game with me, because this is what you do in your plate. Modern monetary theory monopoly.

You just print more money you print or credit cards you just go get more.

You just create more out of thin air and then you just blow yourself and oblivion debt wise and I'm just looking at the US debt clock US debt go there and enjoy it. You have a good day. Let me run it for you and go there and just plug in and is going to be a Sarah put a link up right now on Facebook lives go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook like the US debt US debt and all I'm doing is telling you other than hundred thousand in there's 100,000 and there's 100,000 that's up after debts going up. So right now were 28,382,390,000,000 up.

Sorry 391 million and climbing hundred thousand.

About every four seconds and that's been largely a result of modern monetary theory. So were talking about history were talking about the components inside of this massive debt machine known as the United States of America with our good friend David Fisher landmark capital landmark. is the website is always landmark. David, as always, thanks so much for your time today to go to the future of the Time Machine 2025 yeah, yeah. Oh look at that $50.1 trillion. Yes, check on your program year ago, but that's going to come close to doubling in the next four years, which sounded David ludicrous.

I yet here yards going from 28.3 to 51.2 .1 trillion. It's been four years and and that's largely the child.

The birth child modern monetary theory, so almost all the theorists say there's going to be. I talked I've done multiple shows on the great reset because when you look at the US debt clock.

David and when you look at the that the debt situation not only here in the United States but around the world you you see a sea of red from sea to shining sea from the Pacific to the Atlantic from the north of the South you see debt everywhere and so the great reset and they loved the cold 19th fiasco because that just centralizes more power.

This is really corporatism.

So there's this kid that looks like it's almost inevitable that there will have to be some kind agreed rate reset because you cannot month to maintain modern monetary theory forever and were seeing that in the numbers.

So what are what are that one of the theorists, the real brains of people, brainy people line this one or they predict well when you show something your rhetoric something and so will be ensuring that you pay for that that that's the reaping of it, you manage that that when you can't pay for it. Back or manage it you to restructure the debtor defaulted or steal from another area.

Rob Peter to pay Paul.

That's what. Now that's what were coming to when were finally at the place and most theorists are saying within the next four years.

This is going to have a great reset. What is that mean that means that this whole structure called credit and all the treasuries will in fact in all this recent spec is going to more be more than 50 trillion a place that is going to double in four years. Dispute numbers are conservative now on the future impact of those things and you presume spent the money to improve the bill, but it's going to get approved of some level so this is going to be the bubble that will burst all bubbles that become overly bigger than normal.

That is a bubble. Just you can manage it grows the bubble bursts.

So this can be worse than 2008 another doomsday or people that have nothing to do with gold are saying these things saying this event is going to come. It's not. It's when and how severe it will be most theorists saying this going to be called the great reset will there will be some sort of you there massive default, massive inflation, or the like Savior could also seize your money. Call the Palin but it's going to be a new change of the financial system that will go through a big metamorphosis because of the sow the seeds that we were so hope so and so that is coming in so that's why we talk about this to be good stewards and prepare well. Those guys are falling. It's not gonna happen overnight. All this these theories out there that not modern monetary theorists say it's going to happen overnight but it's going to be a very, almost a abrupt but is going to be a wild beeline into volatile season that will not be controlled, and tell they revamp the system revamping it means they will back the currency by gold once again and come back to biblical fundamental financial principles right out of the book of Leviticus which is our country is founded on is on the comeback to the strong financially on how this should've always been more, they don't do it that way and they just a fault on all the debt which you beat other financial chaos and for the first time the largest bond trader in the world, said a month ago, Jeffrey John Locke. He says with $163 trillion of liability plus the national debt to default on it. I was blown away. I'm reassessing the idea.

This is were we might be going so well that would happen.

I got two friends on Facebook like right now asking about what happens if we just choose not to pay back China Japan. Japan is a massive holder of our debt as well. What we just default what happens is they'll get what you did with semirigid. Sorry we can't pay it were done on server crash, but the dollar by indexes like 90 probably go down to the 40s or 50s which is Schwartz never been before the Lowe's is ever been a 78 so that would be a crash should become a Third World second world currency, gold and silver would shoot through the roof.

The stock market would be negatively affected yeshiva Dow lost thousands of point I'm speculating this sounds so crazy right now any point of reference, except you know panic like 1929. This would be a bigger panic than that there would be food lines or anything like that just be a big financial change that would happen yeah course China would love to take over the world's reserve currency and let it be that you whine and of course on eschatological perspective of a factor in end times. Part of me whenever we talk about the stuff David is part of me met Mike my Bible side my theology cited is always thinking in the background yet set up nicely. It's all setting up nicely for a one world government type of one world ruler to come in and say actually, I've got the solution and everybody at that point can be like, well, okay, awesome. And of course we know as biblical Christians at that would be the antichrist and so that's where it's really challenging. So one of the things that we look at one of the points that we wanted to go verse, where the rubber hits the road and had a break in a second, but just set this up real quick that I think what you want to do is compare household costs back in 72 when Joe Biden first became a Sen. versus household costs to household costs today. Now that present that now that the president's action Joe Biden all these years later actually annual salary was $10,000 and 95,000 average home was 25,000 410,000 new car costs under 4000. Now it's over 40,000 gallon the gas was $0.36 balance over three dollars a gallon of milk was $0.50 no Street dollars and $0.50 so we went to one house hold income to to work now even with who you know what you're getting at Stratford talking to David Fisher today pull money Monday modern monetary theory and what are we reaping from what we have. So it ain't pretty. What you do about it. If anything will be right well all money Monday is Monday the month.

You know, things happen.

So I got our good friend David Fisher here from landmark capital. Landmark is the website is always Lynn and I just trying to work our way through modern monetary theory, which is basically it's just printing money creating it. Exner Hilo like we think were God something out of nothing.

And that's only been doing which is wired $20 trillion in debt right now and you can go forward four years and we go to $51 trillion and then you flip over and and you can play around with that timeframe.

There any flip over to the it did the debt clock around the world and it's nothing but red red red red red red red red down all these big at the biggest economies on the planet and everybody's just swimming in their debt and but we lead the pack course we don't know the reality in China. We don't know it, whether it's a virus or whether is the actual status of their economy and how much money they have, but that man it's sure is messy and it can be very scary. So were trying to take these thoughts captive. We have not been given a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind.

Which means we need to listen.

We need to think we need to pray for wisdom and discernment and we need to seek help and that's why our good friend David Fisher is with us today as always out each week trying help us understand these things again David, thanks so much for your time absolutely check this outline felt Russia last week sold all their dollars. Hundreds $86 billion from their sovereign wealth fund for dumping the dollar I said was really happening. The they announced it in Russia and a public form. They sold all the US dollars that they were holding hundred 86 billion, why, why didn't I hear about why is that not all over the news. It's not a good doesn't catch the news because the news doesn't is not concerned about the bill monetary system late this. We been brainwashed in an incredibly some good aspects of it because that's how wealth is created. But you gotta manage the debt so we been brainwashed good looking at what's going on with the world are foreigners not usually been buying our dollars supporting the densest of them selling the enormous it's not a big deal.

You would be a good thing.

We will alarm you when we can have inflation. I have inflation we been saying that for 40 years worry that Ellen have inflation, real inflationary numbers until right now so I can hear that you keep perpetuating the slide and that's why we have to be in form we have to be aware so that we can be stewards of good stewards of whatever the Lord has given us financially speaking. So you were talking about some numbers, going from cost-of-living and in 1972 to today.

So we see these massive increases by factors of 10 and so on and so forth.

So why the drastic increase.

Why does it cost so much more money to live today than it did in 1972. We know there's inflation but that should be reasonable cost-of-living over time beyond, so I said gas was $0.36 a gallon that we go back to 19 in the late 60s or in the 1960 was $0.31 milk was only up anymore from one decade to another. While big change until the 70s up and the reason why is we took gold off our currency and we created a solo series MMT modern monetary theory and were paying for that and will continue to pay for it until the great recession happens the root reset is not something they don't want to do this can be forced into doing just like the Fed does not want to raise rates. We forced reason.

Rachel said that before and now they're on the cusp of subduing that show when you look at the government spending. We didn't have a really national debt, it was $211 billion in 1971, 72, while an 87 billion so we could pay for our debt.

Basically, we are close when we were in the ballpark will only yell 12%, almost 13% off work 200 and some percent off no and then 6 trillion were only taking in less than 2 trillion of revenue. Yes, so you look at that go okay. I'm running a business and I've got to less than $2 trillion coming in sales but my costs are $6 trillion is that there anybody looks at that whether you're 1/4 grader learning puts supply and demand or PhD or just a normal person out here in the street. We all know we look at that go one that's not sustainable that's stupid that's not even a good business yet our government is doing that a $6 trillion budget proposal that me, which is just beyond imagination. But that goes back tomorrow for wrong word. You don't have to pay attention out a government doesn't have to function like a corporation or like a household income and have you know budget that they had to live by MMT does not have to live Bible switching fundamentals and there'll be no ramifications. That's all good and. That's what MMT is for Marie realities different and that's where reality now is coming to fruition. What are some of the realities speaking of that, what are some of the realities of the details about Biden $6 trillion budget proposal and how they handle even paying for that. I mean they know they're in the red. But how are they communicating this and what in the world in that $6 trillion beast with 4 trillion inch is part of the previous layout plan with American jobs plan American families plan that's for Karen, which is the infrastructure jobs and economic proposal, the president previously laid out and is negotiating with lawmakers so another true trillion is a whole bunch of things that I really have time to get into which I have a whole list. It's a really long, about two more trillion dollars, besides the 2 trillion that they should've put in their that Biden campaigned upon and said he's going to put it in the budget, but he never got in there because it made trillion, and nobody would ever even look at any trillion dollar budget furniture is like member. The public auction healthcare plan, you know that you can get your own healthcare like that's 1.5 trillion, just out alone and then you want to revamp Social Security and Social Security income. That's another half a trillion damn close to getting address the education of worry wife shows the teacher K-12 spending a higher education level, to promise that those missing you know there's a lot of other things that are done on time. 200. They're predicting that is going to pay for itself say it's insane when his budget hasn't paid for itself in 30 years.

2010 is not community different different and you've got the vast majority of the American people until it actually starts to ruin your daily life. We just because that's what a modern monetary theory allows you to do. They just keep right. You just keep the dream alive. You just keep fudging the numbers and you keep printing more money and so you but sooner or later, that shoe drops and when it drops everybody's getting it affected.

I'm sure that's the number one question people listening to this right now. David thinking is like when is this going to happen.

How how bad is it, do we know that doing nowhere that the bottom up falls out of this whole system is there any way to predict that, or we just kind of sit there, go okay it's getting worse all the time. At some level. This is can be unsustainable how we can how to become a dealer that because sooner or later, our debt, our national debt were not immune to be able to pay for the interest so I don't know the date of the hour and were in the beginning of the season and here's why we've been about Heather's national debt. Yeah, exactly.

We've always been able to get by with it exactly, but we've never been in an inflationary environment with 28 trillion and 6 trillion, and all these big numbers that they're going to spend in oblivion and we never have budget deficits like this all works just fine when we had lower numbers and we did not have inflation. We are now moving into an inflationary environment. I should on your program like use like we talk that they wereplanes and releases fix trillion dollar budget.

I know people thought it was crazy/a lot of things that were on the program. It is not to do my own horn just sounds and crazy and insane I cities guests. Please go spend $10 trillion ultimately sure we are. I'm going to say something.

I said something else. Six months or so, maybe year ago when we get to the place will be forced to say we have to have inflation to raise rates, tell us it's a good thing.

Remember me saying that something yell and on Sunday/Sunday over the weekend. Speaking at a G7 conference which is seven largest countries in the world, she said Tiger interest rates would be good for the country. Now explain how there's any saying this cold is moving faster than wages when numbers moving faster than wages when food is moving faster than wages in the retail effect of those things is because they wanted to admit that the Emperor has no clothes that we already have inflation but their selling. We haven't had inflation. We really have. But now permitting we have inflation and we have to do something about it and that's raising rates in Irish secretary-treasurer is telling us that is a good thing. I thought I fell off my chair when I read it like Sir saying this conditioning us saying get ready for this inflationary environment. It will be good. It will not be good to be the biggest event that will change our lives financially because all of a sudden everything that you can afford right now will recently become unaffordable and then what you do.

I want to sell and sell this on the cell that I my stocks Mimecast my whatever is all okay that's not work.

And that's why we have to pay attention to why we have to get educated will be right back. Back in the show the very funnest conversation yeah okay but it doesn't need to be fun and easy accurate need to be sober and sober minded if you're a follower of Jesus Christ truth over mindedness, a weather that ends up affecting your own home. Your own operations, your country, whatever I were to be people of the truth.

I'm the way the truth and the life. Jesus said) Pontius Pilate. For this reason I was born and for this reason, I came into the world to testify to the truth he was talking about the truth of the kingdom, but every other truth falls behind that as well as well as our nation were were not were not talking about truth were just talking about Matt Montaigne maintaining power because the fallen human nature and depravity and were talking to David Fisher today, Lynn, Mark M it is the website is always telling us what we talk about a bring back on.

Here's a second, David thanks to Rene on Facebook for sharing this. Despite skyrocketing inflation. Janet Yellen will keep pushing for buying spending agenda. This is on the daily wire which I subscribe to them and help support alternative media sources, especially conservative and truthful ones. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen believes that the Vita ministration spending agenda is worthwhile.

Despite potential spikes in inflation and interview with Bloomberg news on Sunday, Yellen affirmed that quote if we ended up with a slightly higher interest rate environment can hear the snake as a result, the president binds proposed outlays, it would quote actually be a plus for society's point of view in the Fed's point of view.

What was that even me a plus. So that's just political doublespeak, trying to continue to pull the wool over our eyes. The question is will we willingly go along with it like we did with everything coated. The big question for all of us.

And now again David, thanks for being here.

And so we are talking about kind of this massive increase of budgeting spending and debt, so they just tack it onto the national debt 28 point whatever trillion, and what happens when interest rates go up. What will is is this kind of like a little bond that's exploding in a bunch of people on Facebook like keep asking the same question what's the time predict what the time production once it's going to hit.

But let's talk about that. We just tack it on the debt and interest rates go up, then what starting, but there's no time to get started today. Last week ordered starting next month you pay attention to headlines Janet Yellen is a headline she's telling us what started so let's look at how this actually works. Yes, they just tack it on the data.

But here's the key over the last 35 years close to 40 years 10 year US treasury, which is the number one thing or how we create our debt great this thing called the 10 year treasury credit always instruments a seven year 20 year but the treasury 10 years. The key it's been in the downturn for 35 years. The usual one timeout only all technical, but this is if you saw chart the picture is worth a thousand words. It tells the story something is getting ready to happen right now. A big change over the last 35 years is been going one way to go the other way.

So this is allowed us to make an issue debt at cheap rates. That's why went from a $1.9 trillion. Decades ago to $28 trillion today not factoring in. You know the fix trillion dollars here and the $4 trillion that all these other trillions. That's why feeling at the 50 truth in the next four years. The treasury yield was to spike up and reverse this downturn trend which is going to do broke out one time in 2018 December in stocks took a 20% no.nosedived in a matter of days, and gold rallied aggressively goes much cheaper back then in 2018 is now so this gives us a picture of what's getting ready to happen when you look at the 70s.

What was the number one asset should over silver was the best pitch during the inflation dollars $51-$50 in the 70s gold average 31% a year annually for nine years. The Dell had a 50% correction in 1973, because of going into MMT and causing massive inflation and it only had a 2% uptick in nine years. The Dell also we move forward and you cannot deny we are going to have inflation. Yellen's thing inflation.

The markets are screaming over and have inflation and this is why it's so even although stores even if you don't want to do this through my company learn about why it makes sense to have a portion of the Porsche date. The Scripture said if you do not know treasury may befall you have a portion of your money in gold and silver because one will find inflation in the Bank of England, the chief economist for the weekend said, quote bullied inflation like the plague." I'm never the central banker say such a thing.

So this is in the news. Inflation is coming. It's going to be like we've never experienced before.

Because our monetary system is never been like before and this is how they're going to deal with the debt. One of three ways. Yes, I was saying earlier Dave and I think I sing it on the brakes. He didn't hear me that this is like trying to understand exactly what would happen here. Once all this does in fact pardon my French hit the fan. But it is kinda like in in 10 years before 9/11, trying to imagine hijacking jet airliners and flying them into North Tower South Tower, the Pentagon and one crashes in a field in Pennsylvania. You just didn't have any way to imagine that the average person just couldn't.

And I think this is what were dealing with here is you can talk predictions and you can run wargames kinda scenarios but I really don't think we can accurately predict what the world happens when all this starts to collapse, but the precious metals.

Peace is something because we do have history to look at that and when economic system is collapsing in and really struggling and correcting gold and precious metal does the opposite thing. So what will happen to our stocks because most people's investment portfolios are almost exclusively and in stocks and mutual funds. Well, look at 2008 and 2000 and most Google realized that the Fed called a private meeting amongst 10 of the biggest banks in the world in United States and forced them to buy massive amount of US debt and is hardly fix the system trickle .4 years.

But if they wouldn't have done that 2008 the collapse that we had been 10 times bigger if they would've done was a good winter came within literally two days of a major major worst collapse in 1929 in 2008 if they wouldn't of done that back good and fine and dandy then because the world was buying our debt. The world is selling our debts as they can do this this time. That's why we created the Dodd Frank act the bail and that's why we have either that or the massive inflation it's going to be a different picture image knocking to be a pretty one.

I'm not a doomsday or but is coming in is going to happen at unprecedented levels. That's why it's imperative to do SO much in any one asset class to put 100%. If you want to put on the percent or 90% of your money and the goal to be wrong to have a 90 or hundred percent your money in stocks right now. It's great when the markets moving up, but I said it's going to slow down the market.

Look what's going on. We had three months of the market is not been performing and it's not going to perform for the next few years until we have this adjustment is nothing driving at the Fed is going to pull back on the petal yet. It's really crazy. So for people to get information begin to educate themselves. David, what you suggest. In terms of here some resources and visa something something like okay I'm unwilling to get educated at what would be your encouragement and advice for them. You can go for my company and get investment back and learn about there's no pressure there you go to our YouTube series you learn about these things on the Internet is pretty obvious, is going to happen but you look to build a relationship with.

And there's a reason I'm on your program for last six years because you checked me out and I'm sure proven to be a worthy of your time so I should call my company get a packet and get those questions answered through an interactive conversation. There will never be any pressure never coercion or any of that we can document everything we say and get the facts and learn and then you determine what tree of knowledge, not lack of knowledge now but have knowledge what is best for you and I will be there decision because the Scripture just screaming at us, people perish for lack of knowledge so you can't claim ignorance on this one because we all have opportunities whether it's talking to David or some other group or just spending time investigating online there's more than enough resources out there but if you just going to get if you just well and not to worry about it because I'll be in heaven one day okay that's fine and yes I praise the Lord to the blood of Jesus Christ and I'll be in heaven one day to but I don't know when that date is coming, and I have a wife and kids and responsibilities that I have to pay attention to. That's why this is a great opportunity to get educated and in yes David has proven himself time and time again and press and also a brother in Christ, but that's that the onus is on us. David to get educated and to make wise, discerning decisions because this problem. This this this perfect storm is coming and I know you can't tell us when but we know that it's not a matter if it's just a matter of when. And since we don't know when we need to be taking steps today to really get educated and probably make some tough decisions and get our financial house in order to build my financial orchestra years before the Gallatin two days later because two days too late and that's all this is about how do you build it you will learn about it first and then you go see what makes sense for you. So we believe all you know being good stewards. This is nothing to salvation. This is stewardship. If you knew 2008 was coming and is going to be severe than 2008 and you lost money before and gold and silver was her asset to hold that protected you and would make sense to just check into it exactly.

So people want to get more information, David. What's sedated. Give us a call 844-879-8880 244-879-8882 or the website land and gaining information is cost you anything. All this other stuff will the Mason does a pretty easy and David's right there offering some assistance to you.

So let's make sure we are taking care of what the Lord is given a good stewards. David, always great to hear from you.

Thank you for all your work in helping us understand these things so importantly God praise the Lord. Everybody thinks much. Thank you my brother, I found will talk again real soon that was David Fisher landmark website is always Steve Noble, Steve Noblesville, God willing, God will all be back in the marlin like my dad always used to say ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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