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Gay Covid Pride Month!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 4, 2021 1:51 pm

Gay Covid Pride Month!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 4, 2021 1:51 pm

Gay Covid Pride Month!

June 1st begins Gay Pride Month and unfortunately, covid has ruined everyone’s plans.


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job.

Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay so it I'm on right. The only one thing out there that we corporately talk about pride course at the gay pride month which is June which relates LGBT Q plus is getting it enlightened enough to know that it's gone.

What well beyond just kind of cortical gay pride month. Anyway, sorry Mr. yesterday played a great theology Thursday from last year with Pastor Randy Davis will who wrote just the best book on syncopation I've ever read via thought that was good show to replay just that, a bunch of things happen yesterday and just couldn't get here in and every once in a while that happened so sorry missed yesterday that back live today I'll be off on Monday again because I'm going to be doing the commencement address for our friends at iron Academy here in the Raleigh area of North Carolina so that's an honor. I don't want to miss that, to be doing that commencement address on Monday and so Monday showman to replay the show. I did several weeks ago with Steve days are favorite from the blaze is not actually to be on the third segment. Today's was to get Steve on the horn for the third segment today just want to get the kind of the top things from the file to emails that he's focusing on, and on Monday will replay the show I did the full show I did with them. Where wish to share more about the Faustian bargain.

The book, the number one bestseller that he co-authored so that will be on Monday just going to keep the truth alive, so will talk to Stephen, the third segment today. I'll be back live on Tuesday next week, but I did notice did you see further for you that are on Facebook on now. On Monday, Memorial Day, I did notice anything special going on Facebook but I'm not starting on June 1 and I put this up on Facebook today, of all places, when you log into your Facebook and for your Facebook page, you'll see him at the top or you get them reviewed the blue logo right recess Facebook.

They do this whole pride month thing. Raleigh's people, do you know you'd's cross-dressers yada yada yada and the rainbow and then Facebook the word flashes back in the rainbow colors all the different letters, change colors, yada yada yada and goes back to blue and and obviously Facebook pushing an agenda right there pushing a worldview. Everybody does it.

Nobody's got one corporations at one and corporations are becoming increasingly woke and got into a little bit on Facebook with our oldest Hayden who was a brilliant young man in that he was likely in others, but mostly profit motive like a listen I understand where you're coming from but also that it's these large corporations are to think that they don't want to influence culture and the overall societal makeup of the United States, let alone the entire world is to kind of ignore the obvious and then you know he came back as he does because he is my son and was a pushing back on that that he listen, you know that these guys are are pandering a lot. However, he does see on his twitter feed for talk about my son's twitter feed that a lot of young people in particular people in the LGBT Q group are kinda getting sick and tired of all these corporations and indifferent to individuals and corporate entities. Basically using them to virtue signal make themselves look good when they don't actually care about the issue at all. Say things happening with BLM. All these corporations and not white fragility and all that kind of master all virtue signaling. Why, what's the bottom line there. I think it's two things.

Yes, they want profit and so they're going to do what they can to try to increase their bottom line, but they also want to change society.

That's all part of corporatism go spend some time in the great reset website which then brings me to the fact that it's a gay pride month in this.

This is classic Babylon be so if you don't understand what the Babylon be website is all about. Perhaps this will help you headline first ever pride month ruined by 40 days of rain. June 1, 2021 Mesopotamia, the headline it was going to be the first ever pride month.

A celebration of everyone doing everything they feel like doing in their hearts all the time when it suddenly started raining and didn't stop for 40 days, as God tried to wash all the wickedness off your quote well. This ruins everything said one man who would look forward to the celebration, but was instead climbing to the top of the building to get away from the ever rising water. This is going to be the celebration unlike anything the world had ever seen. Everyone is looking forward to it except for Noah, a notorious stick in the mud quote were all getting ready for a fun party said no his neighbor, and there he is working on some boat or something you want even where is pride wrote about ended up being a boon for Noah as the flood covered the face of the entire earth and even led to some conspiracy theories that no one knew this was going to happen.

Thanks to all life being wiped out will probably be very long time before there is another pride month. Next time the people plan to use the rainbow symbol to constantly remind God during the festivities that no matter how wicked they get, he said he wouldn't flood them again from the Babylon be if you don't understand the Babylon be is a satirical website then that you might've been thinking that was just offensive and whether you know that the websites of satirical and not for some it still offensive. The Babylon be using satire in iron need to make a point in I think it's pretty obvious what the point. So what do you do it that there's a guy named Beckett Cook who had a very successful career out in LA was part of the movie industry at accused, set design, whatever stuff like that. Then look as a gay man for most of his life and then got saved. And so Beckett Cook is been shunned by many in Hollywood for obvious reasons, and then he wrote a great book for this is a great article he put out a year ago during pride month. Gay pride month. June this was last year in 2020, so wanted to work through parts of this article that Beckett wrote I'll get them on the show. One of these days, but just some great points that I think we need to remember because we can engage these things from a political perspective, a cultural perspective, and I understand that I do it myself, but obviously we always need to have a gospel perspective on these things as well. So here's what he wrote.

This is the false promise of gay pride all started, now finishing on the other side of the break and we got some other issues to deal with her to talk to Steve days in the third segment, then I'll finish up today talking about the death of the informed Christian a great little blog post that I was sent recently and I want to finish with that today. But this is a Beckett Cook me just get this started growing up gay in Dallas Texas in the 1980s was no walk in the park the world around me explicitly oppose that lifestyle. My Roman Catholic family my peers in my Jesuit high school and society at large were more or less in agreement that homosexual behavior was wrong. The majority of folks, especially those in my sphere were just plain disgusted by the idea.

Needless to say I kept the closet door locked and threw away the key, then organ to go on with this article because he talks about his first gay pride parade in winter when he was 16 and what that did to him and all the lies and all the darkness. There all the deception is sad but true and will bring it back around the gospel with loss so that when we come back and talk to Steve Jason about the proud, she emailed the end I see what he's been pulling out of that Steve Noble will be right back will so colors on the David dollars on June gay pride LGBT plus all the other things transgender is and what have you and and and and please don't get me wrong I been dealing with the subject ever since I became an activist going all the way back to 2004, and I realize that it's it's an emotionally charged thing so just as a disclaimer I did. I I do not hate homosexuals are transgendered people. I have a problem with some of the more ardent activists in that realm, especially when they're pushing into childhood years and in manipulating and misleading Ike I think that's child abuse). Frankly, but on an individual level.

It requires time and patience in prayer and love and compassion and intent love people, where there at end not to make excuses not to just blow it off.

You can't be all grace. No truth or your coward, but neither should you be all truth and no grace because then you're just a bully.

So we try to balance the right so that's why I particularly enjoy reading things from gay men and women that have left the lifestyle because of their newfound faith in Jesus Christ.

So this is one of them. Beckett Cook, who used to be be very successful Hollywood.

He wrote a book in these doing a lot of speaking stuff now so I don't know that he needs Hollywood's numbers anymore, but he was talk about growing up in Dallas in the 1980s.

Of course being a gay in the 1980s, but particularly in the South would not be easy. Conference comes from Roman Catholic family.

Then he goes on to say this, the false promise of gay pride is this article he wrote my first experience at a gay pride parade when I was 16 begin to unlock that closet door and listen.

This is very important friends because yet understand what happens here what's going on relationally and in with the communal aspect where if you're homosexual enough transgendered and I feel like an outcast in many parts of the culture. So you're gonna want to go to where your loved and accepted for who you are where you're at right so you find a tribe that will take you in thoughtfully talk about but I finally found a world where I felt fully accepted, right that's were at got an author coming on here in the near future.

Carl Truman wrote incredible book tracing back philosophically.

Had we end up to the point today where somebody says hey listen I'm a woman trapped in a man's body and a good chunk of the culture just goes all okay. How do we get there so will talk to Carl later this month. A world where my secret desires didn't seem abnormal. Overall, the promised unadulterated freedom at these events.

Homosexual behavior was only accepted, it was celebrated in fact concept of homosexual behavior was all but out of fashion as the more potent idea of gay identity emerged.

Gone are the days of homosexuality being some kind of illicit or deviant sexual behavior. A new day was dawning, where I could be proud of not only my behavior but also, and more importantly my identity and what better way to celebrate this new reality them with an extravagantly Baroque parade replete with rainbow flags all signified a kind of revolution, a revolution that would become more powerful and consequential than the sexual revolution of the 1960s. So again, applying a biblical understanding here we suppress the truth we replace it with a lie. We don't want to hear the gospel. We don't want to be exposed to the truth because our deeds are dark. We know our deeds are dark because everybody knows Romans one that God exists in with God become comes a moral law. You have a conscience any of the law written on your heart. Romans eight and so everybody knows everybody is in on right when he knows God exists. Everybody is conscience.

Everybody is a sense of right or wrong that's what our founding fathers would call the natural law so if you don't like that you got pushed back.

You gotta destroy you put your fingers in years and you will build out of about whatever it takes right okay that's what's going on we find a tribe where their credits suppress the truth and replace with a lie.

Beckett goes on when I first experiment experiment with my sexuality in high school I felt deep shame each time. Moral law is written on his heart okay. I remember these experiences distinctly. It would take days before the shame would subside. But as with any sin. The more you engage in it, the more callused your heart becomes, can I get an amen from anybody.

By the time I moved to Los Angeles. After college, my heart was almost fully hardened shame and guilt were fully were finally vanquished from my mind. Or so I thought my heart. No matter how hard we try to cover the shame. I believe vestiges of it remain deep inside our souls.

I think I always had a sense of shame about my identity and behaviors. A gay man, though you would never know it by the considerable number of boyfriends I cycled through the gay bars I frequented, and the pride parades.

I attended each year in LA, New York and San Francisco. Then 10 years ago I had a radical encounter with Jesus that changed everything up to that point I was a practical atheist strangers, a coffee shop invited me to their evangelical church in Hollywood and against my better judgment, I went that day I was radically transformed by the gospel. There's no other way to describe it but a supernatural love of God overwhelm might be.

I knew immediately that homosexual behavior was a sin that I have to give it up, but that didn't deter me because I had just met the King of the universe, Jesus felt tangibly and practically compelled to leave that life behind, take up my cross and follow him. My life is never been the same gay pride promises much liberation instead of constraint affirmation instead of condemnation, authentically living as Michael go true self instead of hiding acceptance instead of rejection strength instead of weakness. Gay pride paints the picture of a make-believe world where one can glory in their sin with no consequences.

That's why autonomy is such a big deal for human beings kill God, give me my autonomy will do whatever I want.

I want to feel guilt or shame about it, even though you're going to K this is this is the spiritual reality that's going on all around us the gospel. In contrast, he writes, delivers, delivers freedom from shame instead of an endless cycles of guilt, fear and regret adoption as a child of God created in his image God's grace and power made perfect in our weakness restoration as he makes all things new. The gospel shows us the reality of a God who not only forgives our sins, but rescues us from them and turns the tide in our favor. It offers us life now in eternally instead of death, gay pride and convinced me that Black was white bad was good sin was sacred. I thought I was sexually liberated for all those years but I was actually he writes in bondage as Beckett Beckett cooked I was actually in bondage. Gay pride demonstrates the great lengths we are willing to go in order to rationalize sin, even calling something the opposite of what it is Gay pride's final paragraph gay pride was an integral part of my life for 25 years. I'm beyond grateful that Jesus crashed into my life delivered me from my sin and transform my trajectory. Christ show me that my identity is in him that my sexuality in his spirit empowers me to live a life worthy of my calling. I no longer have to pretend that I'm a proud gay man I can rest in the unshakable joy of knowing that I am a child of God, chosen and loved by the key. So that's what happens and that's a supernatural act so if you have somebody in your life that is homosexual, gay, lesbian, even the transgendered aspect.

Okay, realize that we have to share the truth with grace and love and compassion and patience, but ultimately we have to remember that it's a supernatural thing that has to take place okay has to and so generally what you can now get two different groups year you people that claim to be Christians but are also gay and then try to rationalize it. That's called the gay gospel where they reinterpret obvious passages in Scripture to try to narrow the focus of what the Bible is talking about that's bogus and it has been for 2000 years that's easily dealt with. But if you're not really outside the faith. You don't care what the argument is the Bible also says that spiritual truths are spiritually discerned. Right. So somebody's lost their not willingly going to submit themselves to the truth of God's word, no matter how obvious it is, then you people that are outside the faith. Plain and simple. Outside the faith like Beckett cooked and once again that supernatural pray love to stay in the conversation, share the truth with grace and compassion and patience realize you can't close that deal you can't change that you can be an emissary of the one can write a memo that session this is Steve Noble will be back with the base right at this back. It's been over the noble show of the Washington Post got 800 and pages about you emails between March and April of last year, but need to if you want to know what's going on Arianna Grundy's life. You could go to Busby or in this case they cut 3200 pages about these emails between January and June of last year.

Some of them were heavily redacted. But there's a lot out there but maybe it's just were just overreacting because Pres. Biden did come out and say still is a very competent and pulp algae so I don't know, maybe were all crazy especially see days from the blaze, how you doing buddy. You're welcome. Thanks for your time is always right so I know you been plowing through you guys and your team been plowed through all these 4000 pages about you emails. What's that revelation done for you Steve because you been on the forefront of this trying to help us see the truth for over a year now and then.

What's issues that you've uncovered have been that you had the biggest revelations for you why I think the biggest take away there was anything in there that was good for the COBIT stand narrative that all you would've seen in the media. The fact that they're largely ignoring. This is indicative of the fact everything in there that, for example, last summer when the frontline doctors at the press conference the DC. One of them who the only black member who was literally from Africa had a couple of views on things that are considered unenlightened by today's secular media so they disregarded everything else that entire groups and just did all of their media coverage on her on those views, they found repugnant if they could have done the needle in a haystack hear anything in those 3000+ email anything specifically made the narrative surrounding Faustian COBIT stand looks good that all you would've seen it would've memory old everything else. The fact that you haven't seen that indicates everything in their that it confirmed it was against their narrative because every thing in there that it confirmed goes against their narrative right and and verifies the premise of everything we've written about in in our best-selling book about you and bargain and finally everybody because I'm not to be on their Monday I'm replaying the show that Steve and I did about a month ago that was exclusively about the Faustian bargain which the bill that Amazon and Barnes & Noble and you need to get that and read it and be informed and be enlightened, so that you can be effective so what what were the some the things that you found in these emails Steve that anything surprise you in all first of all, and then what you think the most important things that we need to pull out of the he was concerned about the gain of function research right away, which he claims he had no involvement in under oath, the Congress that math don't work and it's silly to be wearing them that he was alerted by other scientists right away of the dubious origin of the virus viruses. The initial behavior doesn't line up with what they understand the natural laws. These are all so if people were wondering.

It was actually one week ago last Friday that a massive Brett Kohn came when under way of trying to reach couple of Fridays ago trying to now get out ahead of the story and admit that the virus may have leaked from a lab to the point that then Facebook that you will get banned anymore, proclaiming the viruses mandate wondering what what the potato will now you know they knew that these FOIA emails were coming and they had to get out ahead of that narrative.

Otherwise it would've made it would've made an even bigger crater in there and in and in their coverage than it already did.

This was an attempt to Brett Kohn themselves ahead of that because all of the things that you would've been a can is accused of being a conspiracy theorist for asserting the last year have all proven to have at least some form of merit which is why the last year and 1/2 of this Steve has basically turned me into Alex Jones with Bible verses. Yeah right yeah that's the perspective you're not a you're crazy.

You do not understand. Romans 13 you to love your neighbor, yada yada yada. Yada yada.

I mean, it's amazing.

There was there was that thing that came out the other day. Steve that I put up on Facebook. You may have seen this, bargraph, and again people some options in terms of what they believe about the, the virus and when you go when you look at high school are less most of them just simply said, not sure, but the next biggest group.

It was created in the laboratory and released on purpose, and that greenline doesn't shift a whole lot when you go to some college college grad and even postgrad people did not dismiss that most people are likely. I'm not sure what happened but most people or at least suspect at some point. My question for you isn't in this is both of our cynical natures is going to matter at all. Is this is it mattering quite a bit.

Your your further indication that that their entire narrative is in retreat. They don't have a leg to stand on and it is why, for example, today. Today the head of the CDC came out in July. Flat out lied that there is a huge influx and RIC use of adolescents with COBIT which is not true in their own their own data indicate how quickly that while I was crushed and destroyed only one major media outlet. I saw ran with it. Originally no one surprised that was CNN but a bunch of writing media who, frankly, at this time last year, but I was not, but I was saying that clearly I don't I don't know something the trunk doesn't know and should listen the algae name appears were telling me that last year the amount of time that that CDC attempt to try to convince people to get your kids signed up to be lab rats for their experimental injection. That thing was written eradicated Steve in 10 minutes. That would not happen a few months ago. I don't know that what happened a few weeks ago. I think they've lost every every every amount of standing they had the ground that shrunk beneath their feet. Any emails to further accelerate that New York State now is poised to announce that they're not to have math schools are in good health for anybody any longer any summer programs Yet Another Free and All the Dirt Derivable. Now That Everything the Emperor Is without Close Now Yeah a Good Chunk of Americans Are Willing to Say Year by Golly He's Naked in and I'm Willing to Admit It. That Took Some Enough Going on. Steve, As You Know, Because People Generally Are Kinda Weak in Their Constitution. It Took Enough People Just like Now. Now You Can Go to Home Depot or Lowe's or Whatever and You're Gonna See More Than Half the People Not Wearing Mass. It Was Amazing How Easily People Are Led Astray, but They Have To Be Led Back to Courage As Well. Do You Think about You Last through the End of the Year. Note I Don't Think You at the End of the Year.

I Still Think I Don't Think I like Morecambe That We Don't Know Which Would Shock Me When Surprise Me If He Was Given a Soft Landing, Some Kind of Presidential Medal of Freedom Enjoy Your Retirement. But Frankly, You're Just Too Politically Toxic and You Also Have Some Embattled Blue State Governors That Are up for Reelection or Next Year or Thinking.

We Call This Year. They Need an Excuse to Give the Voters Their Terrible Decision. Why Not Just Blame It on Him Fair with the Following about Shiism and Now We Totally Discredited and Just Eat Your Sacrificial Lamb You Pass Your Sins onto Him and Got It out There outside the City Gate You Put Your Hand Paint a Gavin Put Your Hand about She Said and Send Them on out in the Pasture and Everything Everybody Gets Away with It. That's My Final Question, It Didn't Do They Get Away with. We Wrecked Our Economy. This Is Been a Worldwide Tsunami We Change the Lives of Millions Americans with Whom You Know That God Knows What We've Done to Our Youth with This Whole Mess for the Last 16 Months.

Did They Just Get Away with It Back up. Victim Is Not Going to Hold Itself Accountable. Beelzebub Is Going to Cast out the Old about You Were Not a Nation of Laws and We Never Have To Worry Nation of Political Will, and We Always Will Be. It Will Be up to You and Me and People. Listing Two Shows like Yours to Demand That the People They Elected That Claim to Speak for Them, Hold People Speak to the Fire.

Hold Them Accountable, Accountable, Not Just at the Ballot Box. That's Important, but Then Also after They Get Elected, What Are You Going to Do about This.

What He Could Do to the People Who Did This to Us, What Are You Going to Do to Make Sure They Can't Ever Do This Again like My State of Iowa. Last Week Our Gov. Signed a Bill That Was a Forever Math Mandate That You Can't Ever Do a Math Mandate like Ever Again. Those Sorts of Things We Need to Demand from Our Elected Representatives Because We're the Leader's Government by the Consent of the Governed. They Govern Directly by Our Consent so You Have Only the Power That You Will Find with Our Young Coming up Next Year. Obviously, We Have an Opportunity Nationwide in Both the House and the Senate to Take Back Control and If We Can Do That Either. Not Either One but Obviously Would Be Awesome That Both Then You Can Start What You Been Talking about.

I've Been Talking about Is a 9/11 Style Commission to Really Go after This Committee Going to Happen As Long As the Democrats Control Congress in the White House. But If We Get Congress Back Then You Have To Hold Their Feet to the Fire. Unfortunately, Because I'm Not so Sure They Would Do It Anyway, Unless We Hammer, but That's What We Have To Do, They Won't Do It Unless We Hammer We Have To Camera If You Have Not Been Caught. Over the Last Year and 1/2 That the System Is Not Going to Buy Default, Acknowledge Your God-Given Right That Night. I Think You Should Suggest You Should Come to Be Consider That You Have Been Given a Lobotomy without Your Consent.

Okay That You're Just at This Point, Willfully Ignorant. Or Maybe You Were an Anabaptist in a past Life of a Long and Amish Colony. I Just Don't Have Any Any Any Candidate You Know Any Rancor for Any Form of Cultural Confrontation Because It If Our Dander Is Not up and Were Not Ready to Go to War after What Has Happened the Last Year and after. At This Point We Need to Get Woke but in the Literal Term Earlier Definition of That Term Wake up Exactly Steve Davis. The Plays Monday through Friday 12 to 2. Appreciate Your Time Is Always Get Some Rest Buddy.

We Appreciate You. You Got It Figured out What Dr. YouTube Was CJ's Great As Always. And Boy He's Burning the Candle at Both Ends and Pray for That Guy. Pray for People That Are on the Front Lines That Have a Voice and Have a Platform Pray for Me. Yes, CJ's Got Much Bigger Platform Than I Do. As a Brother in Christ Speaking the Truth, so We Need to Pray for Them and Support Them Because I Say It Be a Part of the Place of Support That Will Be Right Back As Soon Going Round and the Reason for Living through That Tell Everybody Be Treated Also Suing Go Johnny Cash Will Be Goals of Letter Preaching to Remember Right, Days, and I'll Be Ready. Great Hearing from Steve Days on That Note, We Are Talking about How You Mainstream Media Would've Been All over the Spout to Emails That They Could Use Something to Support the Narrative, but They Can't Spell so They're Ignoring It Because It's Back a Bad for Grouchy Bad for the Calvin Movement Bad for Masking Bad Prelates up at the Shutdowns and so You Got Interesting Groups Finding out This Information. Washington Post Was No Surprise but Bud's Feed Going after. Through Freedom of Information Act Getting 3200 Pages of Pouching Emails from Last Year for Staff Last Year Is Awesome.

And Then There's This Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair, a Month-Long Vanity Fair Investigation Interviews with More Than 40 People and Revealed Hundreds of Pages of US Government Documents, Including Internal Memos, Meeting Minutes on and so Forth, Stemming in Part from Large Government Grants Supporting Controversial Virology Research Hampered the US Investigation and the Culminating's Words and Every Step Chair Wondering Because All Of A Sudden Nasser Coming off in States like North Carolina and Other Places and Then like an All Of A Sudden Couple Weeks Ago Maybe You Didn't Start the Lab or Something to This Virology like What's Going on to Steve Jason's Point Because They Knew the Freedom for Maxime Information Act Emails Are Coming to Got to Get Out Of This Is All a Big Game of Thrones Is What It Is Politics.

That's What It Is You're Just Playing with the Information Manipulating Trying to Manipulate People's Perceptions in Order to Maintain Your Power to Do Whatever You Gotta Do Right so Not.

That's Why Were Allowed to Talk about This Now Facebook Will Allow You to Talk about COBIT 19 Origins in One State Department, the US Investigation and One State Department Meeting Official Seeking to Demand Transparency from the Chinese Government Say They Were Explicitly Told by Colleagues, Not to Explore the Wuhan Institute of Virology's Gain of Function Research Because It Would Bring Unwelcome Attention to US Government Funding of It All.

Yeah, We Don't Want That in an Internal Memo Obtained by the Vent by Vanity Fair Thomaston Nano Former Acting Assistant Secretary of the State Department's Bureau of Arms Control Verification Compliance. I'll Put That on Your Business Card Wrote That the Staff from Two Bureaus His Own in the Borough of International Security and Nonproliferation Quote Warned Leaders within His Bureau Not to Pursue an Investigation and the Origin of COBIT 19 Because It Would Open a Can of Worms If It Continued. Are You Kidding Me. The Author Writes a National Review Whose Side Are They on As Officials at the Meeting Discuss What They Could Share with the Public. They Were Advised by Christopher Park, the Director of the State Department Biological Policy Staff Not to Say Anything That Would Point to the US Government's Own Role and Gain of Function Research. According to Documentation of the Meaning Obtained by Vanity Fair. Some of the Attendees Were Absolutely Floored Set an Official Familiar with the Proceedings That Someone in the US Government." Make an Argument That Is so Naked against Transparency in Light of the Unfolding Catastrophe Was Shocking and Disturbing. No Kidding.

The Story Gets Even More Shocking for Most of the past Year. The Lab Leak Scenario Was Treated Not Simply As Unlikely, or Even an Accurate but Is Morally Out Of Bounds from That Because He or That You're Obviously a Racist Slamming All Chinese People. Then When Asians Are Abused Her in This Country Which Happens That's Why Because We Started to Point to China As May Be an Insidious Orientation Points That Are Accidental with the Bat That End up in Somebody's Soup Right in Late March, Former Centers For Disease Control Director Robert Redfield Received Death Threats from Fellow Scientists.

After Telling CNN That He Believed COBIT 19 Had Originated in the Lab Quote I Was Threatened and Ostracized Because I Proposed Another Hypothesis. Redfield Told Vanity Fair. I Expected It from Politicians. I Didn't Expect It from Science Hypothesis. If Someone Is so Upset about a Fear You've Offered That They Threatened to Kill You over It.

Your Theory Is Probably Right.

Nobody Makes Death Threats over Contentions That the Moon Is Made of Green Cheese. Then There's This Simple, Clear, Illuminating Point from the Professors Been Ahead of the Curve on This from the Start. Dr. Read Richard E Bright Board of Governors Prof. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rutgers University. No Dummy Right Said That from the Very First Reports of a Novel Bat Related Coronavirus Outbreak in Wuhan. It Took Him Quote a Nano Second or Pico Second Unquote to Consider a Link to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Only Two Other Labs in the World. In Galveston, Texas and Writer near Me. Chapel Hill, North Carolina Were Doing Similar Research Is Not a Dozen Cities. He Said It's Three Places Three Places in the World Are Doing This Kind of Research I Coronavirus and Bats in a Novel Coronavirus Most Similar to Those Found in Bats Because the Global Pandemic That Started in One of Those Three Places. What Are the Odds yet. What Are You so Pray. Continue to Pray for Truth, Justice, Revelation of the Truth. Okay, Here's Some Good News, University of Georgia System Rejects COBIT Vaccine Mandates for Its 26 Campuses.

That's Awesome. I Love University of Georgia System, Representing 26 Public Universities Has Rejected a COBIT Vaccine Mandate for Students, Faculty and Staff Are Great Quote Institutions Are Not Responsible for Assessing Current COBIT 19 Vaccination Rates for Their Institution. The System Said System Officials Also Fully Vaccinated Said, Fully Vaccinated People Can Resume Campus Classes and Other Activities without Physically Distancing and Listen to This Unvaccinated Individuals Which They Can't Verify Because HEPA Are Strongly Encouraged to Continue Socially Distancing from Others When Possible.

No Mention of the Mass. None of That Mess. So There's That. That's Good News Right However Listen This University North Carolina System Has Rejected Any Coded Vaccine Mandate after Determined It Did Not Have the Legal Authority to Require One.

At Least Not yet. Why, Because Right Now It's Still Called an Experimental Vaccine, but at Some Point This Summer, You Can Bet on This or by the Fall at the Latest. The FDA Will Grant Full Full Pardon Full Endorsement of All 3+ COBIT Vaccine and at That Moment When They Do It When It Moves from Experimental to Fully FDA Approved, Then Any School, Any Employer Can Mandate It, Just like They Would MMR Whatever Else so That's Coming Day but to Steve Basis Point You Have To Fight Okay the Question Is Will You Come to Save the Death of the Informed Christian for Next Week to Get to That Great Little Blog Talk about Critical Thinking and Being Willing to Have Conversations Ongoing Conversations with People on the Other Side of the Aisle, but This One Kind of Funny. This Is a Great Example. Do I Think This Is Going to Make Some Big Difference in the World. No I Do Not This Particular Story, but It Is a Great Example of Acting on One's Conscience and Doing What One Can, and That's What You're Held Responsible for from a Biblical Perspective God Not Can Hold You Responsible for the Salvation of the World Is Get a Hold You Responsible for Being Salt and Light in Sharing the Gospel within Your Sphere of Influence. That's What You're Responsible for That's Your Circle of Accountability. Okay, That's Why I Think This Article This Story Is Pretty Cool.

This Just On the Other Day. Surrey County Commissioners Here in North Carolina Are Pushing Back against Major Corporations for What They Described As a Bigoted Left-Wing Divisive Political Agenda. Listen, This Sounds Kinda Trite but It Really Isn't. The First Step Removing All Coca-Cola Machines from Government Buildings, the Board of County Commissioners Voted to Remove Roughly 12 of Them from County Property Earlier This Month; 12 Coca-Cola Machines.

What's the Big Deal While Let's Keep Reading. I Don't Think This Is a Quote I Don't Think the Taxpayers and Citizens of This County Want to Suspend Their Money or Anything That Is a so on Anything That Is Associated with the Social Justice Woke Critical Race Theory, Intolerant, Bigoted Democrat Mob That Is so Prevalent in Our Country Today Said Commissioner Eddie Harris. It's 12 Drinking Machines. But You Know What It Will Send the Little Bitty Message That Were Not Gonna Take It Here in Surry County and You Could Take Your Coat Machines and Take Them Back to the House Right Good for You. Pushback, That's Great. The Board Also Plans to Consider a Measure That Would Prevent Surry County Tax Dollars from Going to Companies That Participate Participate in What They Call Cultural Reeducation Training Policies or Other Left-Wing Partisan Political Activity. Companies Would Need to Disclose Any Such Affiliations before Receiving Money Meeting the County Surry County's I Could Do Business with Any of These Companies That They Have Always Kind of Woke Agenda Diversity Training White Privilege Training Yada Yada the Vote to Remove the Coke Vending Machines from County Buildings past 3 to 2. A Second Step Will Probably Arise at a Future Meeting When the County Budgets Discussed. I'm Ready to Take a Stand Said Commissioner Van Tucker in Supporting the Letter Supporting the Latter Measure. I'm Tired of It I'm Sick of This Woke This Just about Makes Me Want to Throw up. He Said so There Is the Lesson You Do What You Can Okay Now If All You Do Is Spend Your Time, Talent and Treasure Fighting Cultural Rot. And You Don't Do Anything about. Well Your Own Sanctification or the Gospel or Just Being Salt and Light in the World.

From a Biblical Perspective God's Truth. But Man You're out There You're Just a Culture Warrior Extraordinaire, but You Leave the Gospel out You Leave the Things of God out. That's an Incomplete Use of Your Life. We Have To Be about All of Our Father's Business. And so That's Why I Love That Story Because They're Doing What They Feel like They Should Do Their Pushing Back. I'd Love to See Entire States Do That. Thank You Gov. Rhonda Santos Because His State under His Leadership Is Doing.

That's Federalism. That's What Our Founding Fathers Envisioned by the Way That the Federal Government Really Small and Contained in the State Governments Would Be More Expansive and Independent and If You like the Federal Government Coming down and Tell You What to Do in Your Education System You Just Say Thanks but No Thanks. While They Were Not to Give Your Money Find We Will Take It and You Could Take Your Coat Machines with You to Assist the Little Thing so You Do What Your Conscience Called You to Do with Engaging These Things and and I I Applaud North Carolina County Curry County for Taking a Stand. You Might Say It's Only 12 Coke Machines, but That's 12 Is Infinitely More Than Zero and They're Speaking up and It's Showing up in the New Site and Other People Hear the Story and They Can Maybe Borrow Some of the Courage from Curry County Themselves. The Definition of Encouragement. By the Way, I Think We All Need A Lot More. I Hope You Have a Great Weekend. I'll Be Back on Monday and Monday You Hear My Interview Recently with Steve Days on His Blog about She and Bart so That's a Little Replay That One on Monday I'm Doing a Commencement Address Reference in Iron Academy.

That's Great Honor but I'll Be Back by Tuesday Means MLB Have a Great Weekend. No One Will Show God Willing I'll Talk to You Soon. Like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever for Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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