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Fauci Exposed?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 2, 2021 4:12 pm

Fauci Exposed?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 2, 2021 4:12 pm

Fauci Exposed?

Today there was a massive email explosion!  Over 4,000 pages of Fauci's emails were obtained by the Washington Post & Buzzfeed. Today Steve Goes through some of what the emails contain. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble repeat after me. I repeat after me. We know they are lying. They know they are lying. They know that we know they are lying. We know that they know that we know they are lying and still they continue to lie said that Alexander Solzhenitsyn that's two so let's do it again. Reply welcome to the show let's do it again. Lumberton we know they are lying. They know they are lying.

They know that we know they are lying and we know that they know that we know they are lying and still they continue to lie Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Good job Alex hit the nail right on the head once again. So if you've got holy cows, are you paying any attention to this. Welcome back to the show this is Steve Noble that's the noble you can watch us live right here in the studio or you can watch on YouTube live and grab the podcast go to the Steve Noble where he gets podcast yada yada blah blah blah.

You know the deal. So Anthony pouching. First of all thank you Lord for the freedom of information act okay. If you have not heard the Washington Post got 866 inches of Dr. pouching pope algae as I like to call him Pope Ouchi's emails between March and April of last year.

Okay 866 pages, then buns feed. Normally you would go to the to find out what air are Arianna Grande sent for dinner and with her and girls are doing with their $3 billion or whatever they got 3200+ pages of Pope Ouchi's emails between January and June of last year. Now that it's redacted in places where they felt like some kind of national security risk makes no sense to me but it is just a treasure trove. So that's only been going on for a couple days now and so people are starting.

The stories are starting to come to come out a little thing here a little thing there.

I will get Steve days back on the show, the co-author of pouching bargain who we been talking to for a while now, and he's all over it and all kinds of people so they always little articles are leaking out.

So I got a bunch of them not leaking out the coming out, so I'll take it through some things here and again. Do I think Pope Ouchi is the child of the antichrist know I don't do. I think he's a fallen human being. Yes, I know that for a fact do I think he got caught up in all of this stuff and made some.

I did he make some honest mistakes. Yes. Did he maybe get himself in over his head yes. Could his age be an issue at 8080 years of age. Maybe pretty sharp for an 80-year-old way sharper than our president. I think, and so like with everything there's and it's a mixed bag here, but I think in many ways, he was a deer caught in headlights this thing blew up fast.

It was very political. He was not used to operating a Mac in the world and he got swept into it and then he just started playing the game and he and I think he became a pull a politician more than a scientist and then and then with all the accolades and again I've said this before, if you had the ability and if you knew if you know Christ you're full of the Holy Spirit you would struggle with this if you had the ability to play Simon says with 340 million people and other people around the world do you think that might get your head a little bit in one way or another. Maybe in ways that you can't even understand but I I say Simon says a Pope Ouchi says move the left and a good chunk of Americans they go to the left and then I think right now, go to the right and they go to the right and then take up your mask and they dig up the mess put on your mast may put on your best put on two masks and they do that to. Do you think that might get to your head and you might just get, I don't know affected you get high on your own supply. To quote Scarface or member of the Scarface staff so anyway this was up from our friend Steve days. This was on his Facebook page. Earlier today, and then he put a bunch stuff out on twitter as well. Last night a nuclear bomb was dropped on COBIT stand that's what eclipse the whole industrial complex around the covert issue and once again I'll say it just because I feel like I should covert. I believe COBIT is real hope. It is deadly. COBIT has destroyed lives and besides that there's a whole myriad of other dominoes that have lined up behind the virus itself isn't as bad as they said it was but would it be would be no is it as dangerous across the spectrum of age. No, is it highly dangerous for certain people of certain ages with certain comorbidities in obese people of any age.

Yes. Is it a big problem for people under the age of 24.

Not at all almost statistically zero deaths and so you have to have discernment and Steve days is just been one of the best all over this for over a year now. So last night a nuclear bomb was dropped on COBIT stand are some highlights that Stevens found so far. Ouchi had sensitive discussions about the gain of function research he had before denying under oath that the U.S. Senate right so you can play both sides that Ouchi admitted that retail master work it all out share that with you much ignored warnings about the suspicious nature and origin.

The virus talking about the Wuhan virology lab anthology was indeed aware that the virus may have come from a lap. Okay, in essence, Steve wrote Steve days all things that Ouchi is contradicted over months of congressional testimony and public media appearances pouching needs to be locked in a hole and then we throw away the whole he really is the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history. These FOI aid email stream of information act emails confirm some measure of a scam genic was occurring all along his final paragraph. Don't ever let them do this to us again because I assure you the spirit of the age will try remember Steve days as a believer. Okay, so he's gonna he's gonna salt-and-pepper what he says with biblical context. Okay, don't let them treat your children as their lab rats because they're trying to do that right now he's referencing Howard Knauer vaccinating kids below the age of 15 down to 12 there to push that all the way down to your little baby like my grandson who was born last Friday. They're getting it to the point where the mama Steventon yeah you probably should get your grandson vaccinated. I know nothing. Don't believe anything they say again and just assume it's the spirit of the age attempt to control you. These people are either useful idiots or malevolent themes. Whichever affliction is there's a is is used to serve the spirit of the age and not our liberty.

Either way, so that's our friend Steve days and that's a good little lead and the several things that I'm gonna talk about here emails from pouching scientists worn found cheap Ouchi expected the unexpected. That's a book he's got coming out so get that on your Christmas list friends. But don't worry I know American adults don't like to read books. It's only 80 pages 50 years serving seven different administrations and always got an 80 pages for a book well then I will move on to spot because it actually other things happening in the world, plus an incredible video of an African-American father and his young daughter who totally get the CRT thing critical race theory and destroy 62nd will be right back. If you had for ages of Anthony pouching last anyway doing what you read on that piece of interesting reading you that be fun doing this certainly would be interesting. And that's exactly what happened. So Washington Post got a hold through the freedom of information act.

Thank you Lord for that Washington Post got a hold of 866 pages about Jesus.

Emails between March and April of last year and Bud's feed normally would talk to you about.

You know, to feast off Hollywood stop the Kardashians whatever they got a hold treatment via the freedom of information act. Pretty cool. 3200 pages of pouches emails from January to June so now you've got stories coming out as people are digging into them and going through them and reading them. What did he know when did he know it. What did he say what what did we hear. What did he tell us to do.

Where did he flip-flop all this, stop is all over the place and so this is just this snowball just landed on the top of the mountain and is just rolling over and just starting to grow. Okay, this will continue to grow in the mainstream media want touches with a 10 foot pole circuit I have to listen to alternative media, conservative media and and get your radar on and go look at other place. Don't expect the mainstream media to show this because are not going to not yet okay but maybe, maybe, just maybe, we are talking to Steve days about this last week we talked about like what's going on with all the stuff is changing so rapidly and all of a sudden they're like, well maybe maybe something happened in the Wuhan lab.

Maybe that's because they knew the freedom of information act had nabbed 4000 pages of pouching emails and so they were getting ahead of it.

Let's let's throw all the plebeians out there that would be you. Let's draw the plebeians out there couple little bones good ticker mass and the funeral go enjoy Memorial day you don't get crazy out there and will give you an extra lottery ticket if you get backs and you go to the bar and get a free drink to get backs and go to Krispy Kreme and will give you free donut. They've given over like 2 million free donuts now because they were giving free doughnuts. If you got a backs card Connecticut right people basically. So this stuff this snowball is going to get bigger and bigger every day. So let's just look at a few jelly will just take a trip down memory lane email shall pouching new mass were very effective before pushing universal masking really this is in the Federalist. Just in the last day. Dr. Anthony pouching pushed Americans to mask up even when a new mass work very effective in a batch of emails recovered and published by Bud's feed news in the Washington Post of the freedom of information act Ouchi company responded to inquiries that wearing a mask wasn't necessarily effective quote is from Ouchi responding to a woman that had emailed quote mask are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring an infection, he replied to Sylvia Burwell, possibly the same woman who served as former Barack Obama's Health and Human Services Sec. This was on February 5 of last year down the docket. Ouchi has been by the way, just think about this guy is 80 years old. He's been serving in the his positions in the federal government for 50 years. Third seven different administrations is the highest-paid federal employee and in the government. Okay, do you think that he acquired all kinds of new knowledge about masks between February and June of last year.

No, that makes no sense. Okay, so he's replying to the slave quote the typical mask you buy in the drugstore is not really effective in keeping out the virus now which mass would that be Steve. I'm so glad you asked. That's the little blue here, hold on a second walk. I'm grabbing one I'm coming back now I'm in front of the Mike okay I return. Don't panic.

Here it is. This is the type of mass Dr. pouches referring to the number one mass the little blue mass that we've seen all over the United States and over the world right this is by far the most normal one.

Okay that's my far, that's we talking kind that you can buy at a drugstore.

The typical mask you bind the drugstore is not really effective in keeping up virus which is small enough to pass through the material. It might however provide some slight benefit in keeping keep out gross droplets.

If someone coughs or sneezes on you. Okay so if I'm close enough to you at Harris Teeter and were both down the pasta aisle in your wine and up for a big old sneeze right in your like 2 feet, 3 feet away from me, aiming at me face-to-face and I see it common then I'm like oh I got up at the sun because you're about the blessed me with your cough and your blue right speech talking about wow so nice to know that pouches final recommendation for Burwell was not aware mass quote, particularly since you are going to a very low risk location unquote because it was probably outside so he continued to warn the public against wearing a mask and then on March 8, 2020, but developing in the month he changed his tune right member that, unlike the way he portrayed the non-efficacy of masking an email to Burwell felt she later push for widespread masking under the guise of accidental asymptomatic transmission, a phenomenon that studies and even the World Health Organization technical lead have said is very rare now. Pouches finally come out and said yes. If you're a symptomatically, you're not really can spread the virus loops because if in fact a person who may or may not be infected wants to prevent infecting someone else. One of the best ways to do that is with the mask, so perhaps perhaps perhaps he said that's the way to go that was spent. Ouchi on CNN. Wow, talk about doublespeak budget.

This masking narrative for more than year, even encouraging people to begin wearing layers of mass just because it's common sense. Remember that OSHA were two of one's helpful than to and certainly twice, maybe twice as affect what is more helpful right that's just logical unless month masterwork first. Ouchi knows and is even admitted that science doesn't drive.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention decisions, but that doesn't stop them from repeatedly engaging a political theater. This is from the Federalist by masking beyond what the health agency recommends and even after he received both doses until the 19 backs.

While that's interesting to see all these inconsistencies. The question here.

The $64,000 question here is why wine didst Ouchi play this game. What what's going on or what was driving.

That's because I think the scientist became a politician and then the scientist turned politician. This just me guessing. Okay, the scientist turned politician also got hyenas on supply and also he's the Simon says and everybody else in the United States. Most of them are following him and that's gotta get to you power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely right. I'm not saying he's a maniacal lunatic. Although I would grease the base. He's probably the most dangerous bureaucrat in history, the country just because the amount of power. He wheeled even over the present case toughest trump what an earlier some pushback here and there, but mostly Ouchi had a wide open late. Okay so we come back and hit the break scientist warns Ouchi China was likely lying about covert death, but she said emails too long for me to read. That's not so I just set this up for hit the break in mid March 2020 vision from the emails that that they got a physicist sent an email to Dr. Anthony pouching that China was lying about the number of deaths in China do the coronavirus writing that he had been modeling this outbreak since January. Adding quote the data posted by China is not only garbage. It has misled the world into a false sense of security vis--vis death rate age versus death."

I truly believe the outbreak tsunami in the US that day is either already happened or is about to happen. As you know as soon as a surgeon since this anomaly will immediately follow.

I believe we missed the containment though quite a while ago Ouchi's response will get that and then found she's got a book coming out in November to make sure you get that ready and then will turn the corner of another story to talk about an awesome video. 62nd and after American dead dog off America and still they continue to live Alexander's will to one of the greatest thinkers in the last couple hundred years and hit the nail on the head. Whether were talking about COBIT Pope Ouchi has emails anything else going on in the government and the culture a big tack all that kind of stuff. This is just the deal and who is the father of lies.

That's why you got it. We gotta think biblically friends welcome back.

This is Steve Noble Dusty Noble you can join us, right here in the studio on Facebook live for you to live and go to my channel at either place the father of lies right that's his natural language. The Lord taught us that the Bible teaches us that the power the prince of the year so Satan had a good deal of power here on the earth. And so lying is a big part of that white lines big whoppers whatever. So that's the natural language of the enemy and those that are under the enemies care, custody and control, which is anybody that's outside of a relationship with Jesus. So, lying is a big deal and that's why Solzhenitsyn is likely why so many people just go along with it because truth is no big deal. I put something up the other day about truth from Thomas soul nice if I can find that right quick and put it on my both my Facebook pages. When I say both Facebook pages. That's my personal page and the radio show page, but there was a Thomas soul quote okay this was good to one of the common feelings among honorable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonorable. Some other people can be and how dangerous it is to trust them. Now that sounds really cynical, doesn't it, however, fold in a biblical worldview. That's our base. So you come back from that. You okay what is the Bible teach me about the nature of mankind.

Well were not the nice great little people. We like to consider ourselves to be, are we better than Adolf Hitler largely yes when you get a grade on a curve that we look pretty good but relative to the Lord himself. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. There is none righteous, no not one. Okay. And then, like in the days of Noah.

That's where were going back to where I thought to evil continuously all the time so you can understand that you have that is your base. So when we look at the lies and we lack discernment in this world. Romans one.

You want to understand what's going on here. You suppress the truth. Replace with a lie at the gay gospel that's of the roads to heaven.

Whatever suppress the truth.

Replace it with a so do I think a doctor if Ouchi is an emissary of the devil himself will appease outside of a relationship with Christ. He would be. I don't know that about Dr. Fauci but if you're to be the lead dog then you gotta be able to put up with the heat right so that's the that's what's going on because the Washington Post got 866 pages and Busby got over 3200 pages of the good doctors emails starting in last June or January 2020 through June okay so is a lot out there is no I started this one at that in the last segment mid March 2020, a physicist, sent an email to Dr. Anthony pouching that China was lying about the number of deaths in China due to the coronavirus writing that he had been modeling this outbreak since January. Adding the data posted by China is not only garbage, it is misled the world and will false security to talk about the death rate in every thing else if Ouchi forwarded the email to a member of the NIH National Institute of health writing too long for me to read Eric a Nelson, who has a PhD in applied physics started the email by acknowledging your real busy but I hope you read this message, he continued, I need to clear my conscience because as possible, albeit unlikely that some of what I tell you is new and possibly useful in at least saving lives in the USA who look out that's America first on and come to talk to her after noting that he was a physicist and a been modeling this outbreak since January, Nelson stated quote my panic started minutes after I learned 5 million people left Wuhan around June or 22nd. A few days before the CCP started locking the country down the 5 million people scattered to 13,000 cities in China to visit family and friends for the lunar Festival.

That's the Chinese new year. I'm confident that China stop counting dead COBIT 19 infected body since around January 7, 2020 on Nielsen asserted they been adding fabricated data daily to show to save face the world and their own people in impressive flattening of China outbreak or right, which is what they showed us. But remember there's everybody remember there's what China says.

And then there's what's actually true over there and those are two different things. The number of body bags.

My contact told me about even after a short 15 minute walk to and from the grocery stores in one city during the CCP authorized timeslots suggest the number of deaths in several orders of magnitude larger than what China's posted data indicates I'm 99% sure that stars COBIT Toobin has been spreading in the USA since late November early December last year. He stated so there's all this stuff. All this information that's out okay so this will continue to break every day. Mainstream media is in to talk about it, but a lot of other media sources are Steve Dace is working on it other people do daily wire blazers all kinds of people that are pouring through every single one of these 4000+ pages of emails. Okay.

And that's great. And as that information comes out I will grab it. I'm always filtering and trying to discern and then I'll share it here okay and then we'll get Steve on the show back in the show because is just one of the great Creek voices on pouching here in America, which is why they that they wrote pouching bargain which is done remarkably well will number one on Amazon and several other sources and I think they got an answer busting loose on a Tucker Carlson show on Fox news one night this week. So that's great.

So on the heels of that, once you read Steve's book is co-author the pouching bargain will then you can get in line for this one. There's a story from the Federalist fallacies expect the unexpected book is exactly what you'd expect from a self-serving bureaucrat highest-paid federal employee, best known for flip-flopping a COBIT messaging and fudging numbers is now going to pontificate about truth and service in an auto bucket biography where he gets to be the hero. What a joke from Kylie Semple at the Federalist. We learned on Tuesday that even after America fully returns to normal. We will be left with yet another unpleasant side effect of the pandemic. More Anthony pouching space on our screens and pages this time back by the communist sympathizers at Disney little opinionated here, the director of the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases is set to release a book in November.

Specifically focused on quote truth service in the way Ford according to the book subtitle the book will reportedly be about the Wuhan virus pandemic and will also include interviews from throughout his tenure at the NIAID Disney own National Geographic is not only publishing his book, but also producing a documentary titled simply, if Ouchi starting starting him as its subject and so they they had a little link in this article to Federalist to little one minute trailer it just Ouchi in a limo or whatever government vehicle reading some things in there talking about 50 years in service and seven administrations on a 34 year marriage or whatever. How many kids and now he's there studying there is, behold, the man rate of gun outcomes across so that's coming out, but it's only 80 pages right 8050 years in service and 80 pages and so strange. By the way I did try to find what kind of a book deal.

This is for him financially. That is not made public. Not yet. Later on in this article found sheet. The failure you don't have to be an elected representative to know what a cataclysmic failure if Ouchi is average Americans and business owners know most acutely how this Pro lockdown scientific, technical, elite, steer the country at their expense. When the sign said reopened bouncy frightened businesses in the state close by the way, I'll say it again, I am when I share the stop and talk about this. I am not for one second. In one way downgrading the horrific impact that the cup the virus has had on real people that have really died in a really been locked away in a been struggling people at take your parents people scared to death in people that have died and health complications.

All because those are the it's real okay I don't believe the overall death numbers because if you died with cold. They counted it as a COBIT death, even though COBIT didn't kill you, but still every if you're to be consistent in your pro-life position sanctity of life.

Every one of those is tragic.

Okay, I believe that to the core of who I am as a Christian. So please don't think I'm undervaluing the real cataclysmic effects on individuals and families from the coronavirus okay. He also but I can walk and chew gum at the same time he also repeatedly flip-flopped as messaging.

At best, an outright lie at worst, instead of telling people the truth about mass from the get go. If Ouchi discourage using them when he wanted to ration them for healthcare workers and encourage nationwide mass mandate when they seem politically expedient. He flip back and forth and on in person learning and ignored.

CPC did data unload transmission school's Department of the National Institutes of Health funded the will and lab that was studying back coronavirus is but Ouchi avoided answering questions about it and even adamantly denied funding gain of function research before admitting last week that there's no quota quote no way of guaranteeing what exactly US taxpayer dollars fund within the Wuhan lab according to emails obtained by Busby news in the Washington Post of freedom of information act back in April 2020 at the start of the pandemic. Dr. Peter Danzig one of the top WHO investigators in the coven 19 origin emails Ouchi to thank him for dismissing the lab leak theory. Why would they do that because it doesn't look good you're thinking politically instead of just being brutally honest. For the sake of saving lives. You think politically and when you think politically it only has to do with one person that would be you as the politician when you think politically it's all about maintaining your office which maintains power which maintains influence. That's all point is to build a power bill.

If not in office can empower no power yet nothing political to determine okay nine pouching stories only come back to this noble show great to be with you. Okay were not to talk about Anthony pouching the site really going to take a break will do theology Thursday. Tomorrow and hopefully we'll get Steve dates from the blaze and on Friday and he'll be pulling apart these 4000+ emails of you know who I somebody I would love to talk about.

I got a major man crush on Gov. DeSantis from Florida is just he just hit one home run after another. So this is in the daily wireless came out just the other night.

Yesterday DeSantis on NCAA threat to pull events from states that protect girl sports looking to get to the punchline.

A second nominal quote something in there and many use the HZ double hockey stick work okay so prepare yourselves Florida Republican Gov. Rhonda Santos slammed the NCAA during a Fox News interview on Tuesday night that highlighted a bill that DeSantis signed earlier in the day to protect girl sports in the state okay quote.

I think as these bills were going through various legislatures. I remember the NCAA put out a statement saying any state that enacts this were not going to hold events there. DeSantis said and so I called the speaker of the house in Florida and I said did you hear what they said and he's like yeah I said, we deftly gotta get this done so rarely talk about. They passed a law in Florida saying that biological males cannot compete in women's sports as transgender's okay they cannot. If you're biological male.

Sorry to throw fact that you but if you're biological male you cannot compete in women's sports and that's protecting the integrity women's sports and quite wrinkly.

The equality of it. Okay you bring it to a 6 foot, 5 inch 230 pound guy in the woman sport. There's some advantages in their okay so that's what he's talking about right and so you eat you hat now people is that less discriminatory against the transgendered. So he's comes out and he did it yesterday okay. June 1. What's significant about June 1 will June 1 starts Gay pride month.

Now gay pride month is now are folding in transgender and everything else okay so it so you think that was strategic on DeSantis's part there in Florida in pretty good quote. You can't be cowed by these organizations are particularly by woke corporations from doing the right thing. So my view was throughout this whole time we have to protect our girls. It is discriminatory to force them to compete against biological males. DeSantis continued and so he said if the price of having a tournament is that I have to deny equal opportunity to hundreds of thousands of young girls and women athletes throughout Florida. I'm much more willing to stand with the girls and to hell with these events.

He said all right. Good job. Gov. DeSantis by the way I set up for Allstate again.

I would much rather see Gov. DeSantis run for president in 2024. The Donald Trump there, I said okay Steve at the Steve noble show duck will pretty email me and hated me a little bit Ben Shapiro that I get to get to this awesome 60 seconds to destroy critical race theory by a young African-American dad and his young daughter awesome, but I do that after his Ben Shapiro's piece. The model thinking of antiracism they Ben Shapiro this week a clip of America's most prominent racial grifter E from X candy begin making the rounds on twitter can be the author of how to be an antiracist has undoubtedly made a fortune by indicating by indicting those who disagree with him is complicit in American racism and by providing partial absolution to those who repeat his culture's ideas in one particular clip from a recent interview.

However, candy was asked to do one very simple thing to divine to find racism itself. Candy failed signally in that test quote I'm a defined as a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequality that are substantiated by racist ideas.

Candy stated the audience laughed out loud. Candy then reiterated his definition and added in antiracism is pretty simple. Using the same terms. Antiracism is a collection of antiracist policies leading to racial equity that are substantiated by antiracist ideas, and I know your thinking is undergoing Shapiro goes on.

This of course is utterly nonsensical. No term can be defined by simple reference to the term itself. Someone asked you to define an elephant and you quickly explained that an elephant is in fact an animal known as an elephant, you'd be adding no new information. Somebody asked to describe anger and then you define anger is the feeling of being angry would lead the listener in serious doubt as to your sanity yet the left not only nods along to it.

It champions it for deep thoughts like candies. CEOs pay millions listeners Jack Dorsey of Twitter gave candy Center for antiracist research at Boston University, $10 million last year. The vertex foundation of Vertex pharmaceuticals is giving candy Center, 1 1/2 million over three years, Bank of America has brought in candy deliver his insipid message. The Boston Globe is teem with candy Center to create a new media platform. To date, the center for antiracist research is generated precisely 0 research its website reads quote. We are now accepting proposals for our research and policy teams. Unquote centers also accepting applicants for its anti-bigotry company. What that means. And of course the center has merchandise including antiracist book Festival facemask for just $25. The goal of many on the left these days is not clarification but obfuscation, particularly on racial issues. Data is not only unnecessary, it's reviled at the left wishes to promote the argument that racial inequalities are the result of historic injustices. One would hope that someone would bother quantifying to what extent those inequalities are the result of individual decisions versus the result of other factors. If, for example, Ben Shapiro rights differential poverty rates by community are highly related to single motherhood and of single motherhood can only be avoided through personal decision-making and focusing on historic racism to the exclusion of personal decision-making. Not only does little good it does. Active harm yet that is precisely what candy proposes any calls you racist. If you suggest otherwise candy solutions of the sorts of solutions. The left like he has proposed a federal Department of antiracism with the power to preclear all local, state and federal public policies to ensure they won't yield racial inequality monitor. Those policies investigate private racist policies when racial inequality services and monitor public officials for expressions of racist ideas that something a bunch people run run brownshirts. The left embraces Ben Shapiro finishes this loose thinking because it promotes a broader agenda blaming institutions broadly for all problems and then remodeling those institutions in this task. Obfuscation becomes profoundly important lest Americans recognize that in a free America. The best path forward toward alleviating inequality is individual rights rather than a top-down rewriting of American society that's been Shapiro.

The model thinking of antiracism or you can just ask this young African American father is really young daughter.

She's like six I think we have it set. Let's play daddy teaches you anything in this world that you want to be right all day today and as a matter if you're black and why Brown yeah right, meaning how we treat people was based on who they are and not what this is happening.

This is how choosing thing right here.

Critical race theory once.

Now we much you is not going to happen. My babies didn't know that no matter what she wants to be alive. All she has to do is work hard. She can become gay mainframes, no matter what color they are.

So we need to stop CRT. Point blaming children do not see skin color. They love everybody.

The people at a level but there you go. Thank you very much.

This young African-American father and his daughter is just cute as a button so that talking about little kids because yes, little kids have a sin nature right, but generally when you're little, you haven't been polluted yet by all kinds of worldly thinking okay your thinking at a five or six or seven-year-old level and then week the world pours into them the garbage that that's why social media and the devices and all the other stuff that were just inundating our kids and is messing them up earlier okay but generally four or five or six-year-old there like is looking around.

They just want a friend they just want to play this one life is simple and II play with the kids that are nice and I don't play with the kids that are me and so that simple. And then I can I can. If you work hard now, this is candy would say this is a Western civilization oppressive ethic called meritocracy if you work hard you can succeed, does that mean you'll become a billionaire. It does not, but generally it's like Proverbs generally, the harder you work the more successful you will be now that success is going to be contained within the context of that of that industry or that place where you're applying yourself okay so in a school will be contained to the highest grade you can get N/A if you're a plumber. Maybe it'll be contained to the highest level of income you can make yourself. Which of the hunt may be 100 grand hundred 20 grand, or if you will. You go on from there and have a plumbing company you could be a millionaire if you work hard. Generally, good things will happen and so that's what he's teaching his daughter and she sees it plain and simple as well but critical race theory teaches you to hate your note neighbor based on their skin color and if your skin color is anything other than white you are born in a tremendous, almost insurmountable deficit. You are a victim.

That's the oppressor. So right there were teaching them how to hate or how to covet or how to have guilt over what, that's the nightmare critical race theory. It makes you see nothing but color and then you divide the culture into two camps, the oppressors white male and everybody else you re-segregate the country and this is going to flip the Jim Crow laws all the stuff flips upside down and still be impacted minority at that point becomes a white male.

Not that I'm complaining, but that's the danger, there in this young African-American fathers like you not to teach my daughter that she's a victim I'm in. The teacher that she's made in the image of God and capable of as much as she is willing to work hard at work to judge people thank you MLK based on their character, skin color, that's why we have them write critical race theory wherever it shows up that's your job. That's my job that all of our jobs assisting no one to see double show, God willing, I'll talk again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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