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Covid, Jesus, and UFOs?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 17, 2021 4:27 pm

Covid, Jesus, and UFOs?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 17, 2021 4:27 pm

Covid, Jesus, and UFOs?

Today Steve gives a COVID update after a weekend of headlines. And Steve covers the recurring stories of UFOs being seen by military personnel and caught on video. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone ties with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host comes in handy these days. Look back, how are you hope you had a great weekend.

This is the noblest, the nobles of the Steve Noble go there to podcast where you get by. Got there we have other things there. You can look at through all the previous shows you can search the results of your search by subject. You can do that over every podcast can do that you can watch us right here in the studio on Facebook live.

You can join us on YouTube live both of them are under the Steve Noble chose to just search that I missed various platforms while we exist there until we get canceled. So how about this Jesus wearing a vaccine saves T-shirt so I'll talk about that and then the UFO thing we did a show, not that long ago when I just open up the phones asking you how do you explain, the UFO thing going on. Another of you APs unidentified aerial phenomenon. So big report coming out to the U.S. Senate that Marco Rubio asked for last fall because they started to declassify everything surrounding unidentified flying objects at the fascinating topic to me anyway, that's can hear from two F-18 pilots one of them had been to the top gun training program out west and so these these people are no joke is a guy and a man and woman both pilots and F-18's had a rather interesting experience off the southwest coast of the US San Diego about 100 miles out. That's fascinating is about three minutes. I want you to hear that they were looking for. Trying to find a credible theologian that's done some work on the implications of UFOs is it just a tannic activity well I mean we don't know.

I don't have anything in the Bible of the Satanic activity where they've actually made things right so it's an interesting topic and deftly a curveball, but it will be fascinating to see what happens next month that comes out of the Senate so we'll talk about that and then comes a bunch of different covert things in because things are changing rapidly as places start to open up so I want to talk about that.

It's been an interesting did you experience that over the weekend going in different places. If you been trying to be compliant and try not to rock the boat. If you have you ventured in anywhere without your mask on and was that a little freaky.

Were you little nervous were you little concerned so that's I didn't experience at the post office just a little while ago before I came the studio it out to you about to start this because this is potentially massive story. So, the Supreme Court in Greers agrees to hear a major abortion case, this just broke this morning, the same Supreme Court set to hear major abortion case that would give the justices an opportunity to reconsider the president set by the landmark Roe versus Wade case back in 73 the court on Monday announced in an order that it would take the case involving a Mississippi law passed in 2018. That bans abortions after 15 weeks, with limited exceptions.

The law was black blocked by the fifth US circuit Court of Appeals is under existing precedent states mine may not ban abortions before fetal viability, which is typically around 22 weeks or later, the case Dobbs versus Jackson women's health organization was anything other than health not asked whether all pre-viability restrictions on abortion are unconstitutional. Mississippi is asking the justices to review the viability standard, arguing that the rule prevents states from defending maternal health and its interest in protecting life quote. It's well past time for the court to revisit the wisdom of the viability bright line rule Mississippi Atty. Gen. Lynn Fitch wrote in a brief filed with the supreme court justices Jackson women's health organization abortion clinics.

The like, how they do that with the language. Sounds like a good place does not Jackson women's health organization J LCA women's health. Yay killing babies abortion clinic in Mississippi asked the court not to take the case of course quote in an unbroken line of decisions over the last 50 years. That's assuming they were right. By the way this court has held that the Constitution guarantees each person the right to decide whether to continue pre-viability pregnancy really. I thought the Constitution guarantee the right to life LIF enough women's health.

In this case, life that being the life of the child Hilary Snell are in the attorney for the clinic wrote in a filing cellar claimed that the state argument was based on a misunderstanding of the core principle of earlier spring court decisions quote while the state has interest throughout pregnancy, before viability, the state's interests are not strong enough to support a prohibition on abortion right versus pursue happiness right right right to life, it will be the first abortion case to be argued before the Supreme Court. Since Justice Amy Connie Barrett was confirmed creating a 63 conservative majority in the court.

I would put a big asterisk next to that because John Roberts is no conservative and is proven that in a statement on Monday March like Pres. Jean Mancini noted that the US is only one of seven countries including China and North Korea were in good company that allows abortions through all nine months of pregnancy, quote an overwhelming majority of Americans agree that this goes way too far. In fact, 70% think abortion should be limited to, at most, the first three months of pregnancy. She said states should be allowed to craft laws that are in line with both public opinion on this issue as well as basic human compassion instead of the extreme policy that Roe imposed uncle. How about just the reality of it.

How about just the scientific fact that that's a human life starting at conception about that or are you are you guys, but science deniers right, the court will hear the case in its term, beginning in October is likely to reach a decision by June of next year so when that happens will be paying attention and I just be praying ahead of that's all remind you as we get closer because that's a big deal shot across the bow of Roe versus Wade where to go next. Okay so I go to the PO Box almost every day. That's where I get the mail for the ministry and so for months like a year. The post office locked down right you can't come in without a master's lot of pressure there.

Everybody's mast up to 6 feet distance they got the little extras on the floor.

Whatever and so I went in there today without a mass now I've been somebody that has has chosen to wear one when I going to a store and establishment that requires it.

I didn't for a while and I got Scott tired of that battle and just decided I wasn't gonna for me, as well as for my wife and in one of our kids.

It was like you know what I just want to walk around upset every day, so we decided to throw it on. We have to walk in the store that requires okay to send me your hate email later. Okay, that's our problem is not divide over that, but I walked in there with a mask in my back pocket, wondering what was going to happen at the US Post Office here in Raleigh North Carolina and I was surprised to see 50% about half the people in their didn't have a mask on so obviously we could tell the Republicans from the Democrats apparently soaring to talk about that some other freaking Tobin use the UFO thing. When we come back. This is Steve Noble back in the noble happy happy song. I feel happy. I'm pretty happy today when I walked in the post office loveseat double by waiting to show whatever podcasts are you alive you can join us, right here in this video be high-tech video in our Star Wars theme studio. Just go to the Facebook live page or the YouTube life page under the Steve Noble shows. I walked in the post office early today 50% of visitors in their didn't have a mask on. It was shocking to me. It's all it's basically hundred percent I and I going there almost every day that I get the mail for the ministry which including donations with all talk to you on another day to grab enough a big very important fundraiser on June 17 here in town in the area at our favorite restaurant. Prime barbecues all give you more information about that later.

So I'm in the post office lot. I see my business mail in their end and for the last 14 months, really since I started mast made a thing you people been very compliant big signs on the door and I would almost never see somebody without a mask.

But today is 50%. So as I will look at that. How interesting.

And this is all setting up a nice ethical dilemma for some of us and I'll get to that story in a second because this one says the story from daily wire Starbucks.

Other retailers lift mask requirement for vaccinated customers. So how do they know if you got the facts. Interesting question okay there is this Trafalgar group put out a whole about thousand people nationwide. They split it correctly Republican, Democrat, men, women, and by ethnicity because it's interesting after Americans are much more hesitant on the vaccine because this country's history in abusing them in that regard, Tuskegee airmen back in the day. That nightmare so that you have to look at the ethnicities because that differs on the vaccine thing. But the question that they asked us it's really interesting when will you personally consider the coping 19 pandemic over and go about life as usual. What's will it take for you to deem ask yourself and go about life as usual. When will you personally consider the coping 19 pandemic over go about life as usual.

Here's the different answers is five options number one whenever the CDC i.e. federal government says it's over. That's number one. Number two I believe it was serious but it's already over like because we have backs herd immunity. Whatever number three when everyone has the opportunity to take the vaccine which I would argue were there ready year, but he has the opportunity and like your North Carolina. We have a surplus and they the amount people getting vaccinated every day slow down still pretty high over million a day. But it's slow down, but we have surpluses your North Carolina answer number four I never took coping seriously or number five.

The always popular I'm not sure right so let's go back to number one when we personally consider the coping 19 pandemic over go about life as usual whenever the CDC federal government says it's over 26.4% of respondents think that's pretty accurate 26.4% of the people in the country say. I believe it's over when the government tells me it's over. That's disturbing court or tripping.

I believe it was serious but it's already over 25.7%, almost a dead heat. Okay 26.4 says when the government tells me this 25.7 it's already over. They were passed, for whatever reason vaccine herd immunity. Whatever way more people got up and that we know really know the reported cases asymptomatic spread yada yada yada when everyone has the opportunity take the vaccine 19.6%. I never took coping seriously. 11.1% is about right to me and then 17%.

I'm not sure so when everyone has the opportunity to take the vaccine 19.6%. Plus, when the federal government says it's over 26.4% 26 3645%. Basically, almost half the country essentially says whenever the government says it's over and or everyone has an opportunity take the vaccine, but it's that first number that we have 26% of our fellow Americans that reality for them is determined by what the federal government says that obviously is a problem I'd like to think okay what about those. What about those Neanderthals. As Biden called him. That was back in March, Pres. Biden called it Neanderthal thinking when Texas lifted all the restrictions lifted their math mandates in there like that's Neanderthal thinking in your and everybody's assuming everybody in that camp anyway that Texas is going to turn into a bloodbath. Well now we have this Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted this out earlier today 00 coping related deaths. The only time that's happened since data was tracked in March 2020.

So more than a year and they had zero diffuse coping cases in over 13 months meaning in a day. The lowest seven-day covert positivity rate ever in Texas and the lowest covert hospitalizations and 11 months in Texas thanks Texans said Gov. Abbott there in the great state of Texas in Neanderthal thinking. Apparently, Mr. Pres., worked they opened they allowed people to get back is in the funny that we say that they allowed people to get back to their lives. And then you you get this our people get in Texas getting vaccinated. Sure there but what happened to the conventional thinking profile G they open up. They take their mass off. People are going to die will not doubt that Texas leads the country right now looks like pretty amazing zero kit covert related deaths, and by the way all the stuff like this always. I would call the really good news, and praise the Lord for I'm not denigrating that. I think it's awesome. Praise the Lord for that, but it is counterintuitive to the mass crop right. Speaking of Pres. Biden. There's this Biden's cold warning he just talked about this earlier today unvaccinated will end up paying the price you unvaccinated people. Pres. Biden highlighted him by the way, all samples were assayed again just in case is the first I may be to dinner and watched on Facebook or YouTube. Whatever that I'm not judging anybody whether you get it or don't get it because I think that's your choice.

Your body, your choice to make up good thing that weren't already used by people that want to kill babies but whatever you do, it you all do me okay that's the deal. I'm not getting it anytime soon. My wife is in getting it anytime soon were not allowing our 16-year-old daughter to get it because that's our decision, but for us is just too early because we have what 10 months of data. Usually these things phase 3 trials for vaccinations which by the way most vaccinations take 7 to 10 years before they hit the streets. This took us 7 to 10 months right at most. But the most data we have is 10 months. We don't know long-term impacts of covert vaccination Pfizer Moderne on Johnson & Johnson. Whatever else is coming up. We can't have more than 10 months of data and for me that's not enough. So you do what you want to do will do what we want to do whatever.

So he's Biden highlighted on Monday that for the first time since coronavirus pandemic swept the nation, cases of coping 19 or down in all 50 states, but in a pitch to encourage unvaccinated Americans get their shots. The president warned that those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.

Well, it's kind of our choices and it's her and Biden remarks in the White House also announced that the US will share millions more doses. The coronavirus vaccines with other countries around the world. My greatest fear. By the way, is that there's actually going to be a lot of negative long-term effects, and so bite saying it was a bunch people run around, say, love your neighbor try to get your neighbor to get vaccinated, there could be. We don't know this yet. You don't know yet you can't refute this, there could be long-term negative effects on these vaccines that we just aren't aware of yet because it's only been 10 months since we been using starting with the trials and stuff right that make sense present highlighted the debts or down from covert by 81%, which he said was their lowest level since April 2020 and I praise the Lord for that.

I hope you do so will finish up what Biden will go to Starbucks and Walmart in Trader Joe's and Costco and the ethical dilemma for some of us that they say you can come in and don't have to wear a mask if you been vaccinated, but you haven't been vaccinated to you why Steve Noble will be right back back. Happy Monday. Is that possible, the day the Lord is made let's rejoice glad in it.

Talk about a couple of covert things little UFO action and then we'll talk your good buddy David Fisher and the four segment talk about with going on the market and stuff and inflation, which is an increasing concern which will in effect all of us eventually sets when we need to continue to pay attention to monitor these things, but Biden speaking earlier today but but by the way, I think I sent the picture I saw was accurate which it has to be Biden, Harrison, the background has been in charge of border security. Whatever, for the last 55 days or so. Still has yet to do a press conference and show up down there.

On another subject. Goodness gracious. I mean if you're upset about the border and everything going on there. My question for you and for me is to ever pray about it ever pray about this stuff, just yell and post it to make sure were praying about the sex but by an earlier PN, both mask lists all my goodness, he cautioned that I can't promise that it will continue this way meeting coping cases are down 81%.

We know there will be advances and setbacks, and we know that many flareups could occur, but if you unvaccinated. Get vaccinated seed had subtle but if the unvaccinated get vaccinated.

The protect themselves and other unvaccinated people around really got the back seat, even one shot of the vaccines will to be like 80% effective right were you talking about Sir and the president warned that if they do not states with low vaccination rates may see those rates may see this progress reversed and now we know who to blame.

Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price. Vaccinated will continue to be protected against severe illness, but others may not. If you're not vaccinated so that pressure is going to continue enter to ramp it up.

By the way, because of progress on vaccines slowing down. I think the numbers recently 47% of American adults are fully vaccinated 60% of got at least one dose and now the Pfizer one. I think their FDA's approving it for 12 to 15-year-old 12-17 got a 12-year-old unless they have major comorbidities.

Why are you doing that you know the numbers .000006% chance of death 1 to 17 say that again and I'm counting. If you're on Facebook live or YouTube live you can see me putting my fingers up .00000. That's five zeros 6.000006% chance of dying for youngsters so why are we injecting them with an experiment of vaccine that will only have 10 months with the date on and hardly any date on kids at I will get that okay Starbucks.

Other retailers lift mass requirements for vaccinated customers how to get to know your facts right. So this brings up a little ethical dilemma, perhaps for some of us on the Jewish on this later this week, Starbucks, Walmart and several other Walmart and several other retailers announced over the weekend that they will no longer require facemasks for vaccinated vaccinated customers copy giant wrote that facial coverings will be optional for vaccinated customers beginning Monday, May 17. That's today unless local regulations require them by law.

Other major retailers including Walmart, Trader Joe's and Costco announced similarly updated guidance over the weekend beginning today vaccinated customers and members are welcome to shop without a mask and we will continue to request that nonvaccinated customers and members wear face coverings in our stores and clubs. Walmart said the letter. However, facemasks will continue to be required by some city and state ordinances and we will follow those requirements will set most states and cities are lifting those Trader Joe's announced last Friday that vaccinated customers may shop without a mask, but employees are still required to wear masks quote. We encourage customers to follow the guidance of health officials including, as appropriate. CDC guidelines that advise customers who are fully vaccinated are not required where mass while shopping you see the problem here.

Costco, one of the first doors to require shoppers to where mass announced that vaccinated shoppers may go mask lists and Costco locations where there is no state or local government mass mandate quote. We will not require proof of vaccination, but we asked for members responsible and respectful cooperation with this revised policy.

Costco wrote face coverings will still be required in healthcare settings, including pharmacy optical hearing aid Cosco continue to recommend that all members and guests, especially those who are at higher risk where a master she'll so if you've been wearing your mask when you going to stores and also you show up in the sign says a Cosco, Starbucks, whatever that if you've been vaccinated.

You no longer have to wear a mask, do you take your mask off and walk in.

Even if you haven't been vaccinated or does it come down to well if they don't ask me. I'm not really lying. See the problem there. Maybe it's not a problem for you.

I'm an open up the fund will do all shown this to them relation CL people you wrestle with this ethically for me personally if I that's the case I will wrestle with that a little bit.

I'm going to my misrepresenting the truth by walking in here without my mascot because I been complying with that for a while now all of a sudden I'm gonna take advantage of the fact that they can't not enforcing a rule that they can enforce no vaccine passports are not checking people at the door. At least not yet.

So but falls under spike will see what happens. But does that cause you any kind of consternation right okay so the UFO thing we do show on this last year sometime and open the phone's upper and started a look for a credible theologian that would be a good guess to come on to talk about the implications theological implications and otherwise of the whole UFO thing.

But the US government is starting to put a lot more information out there, and so on 60 minutes, not as a logistic 60 minutes. Steve I mean okay I'm in a play clip for your video you'll see it on YouTube live or Facebook live to former Navy F-18 pilots one of him. The guy had been to part through the top gun training. These are not you know these are not just simpleminded wacky people.

These are F-18 pilots. Some of our nation's best and there's reports out now. That game should deftly get your attention.

So forget the fact that it 60 minutes okay is going to read and listen to what's actually being presented so this is fascinating and out. What once we get the right guest on were to do a show but Leslie ready for the set can we play this video ready to rock 'n' roll on this, you'll you'll hear the you hear the audio which is really what you need here but let's go.

Let's play it when you're ready.

The government has ignored, at least publicly, this is a 60 minute book investigation in 19 she's talking to, but that two former findings after an incident, also from California in 2004, which was documented by radar by camera and for naval EV. We spoke to truth. David free for a graduate of the top gun naval flight school and commander of the F-18 squadron on the USS Nimitz flying. It is wing Lieut. Alex Dietrich, who has never spoken publicly about the encounter. I never wanted to be on national TV. So are you doing because I was in a government aircraft because I was on the clock and so I feel a responsibility to to share what I candidate is unclassified was November 2000 USS Nimitz carrier strike was training about 100 miles southwest of San Diego for a week. The advanced radar on a nearby ship USS Princeton had detected wood operators called anomalous aerial view over the horizon is sending thousands in less than a second flow November free room and Dietrich each with a weapon system officer in the backseat were diverted to investigate they found an area of roiling Whitewater. The size of a 737 in an otherwise calm sea so as were looking at this her back cedars say skipper do you and about that got out. I said duties. You see that thing down there we saw this little boy TicTac looking object that is just kinda moving above the Whitewater area. As Dietrich circled above freezer went in for a closer look for spiraling down the tic-tac-toe point north-south.

He goes and just turns abruptly and starts merely shows I'm coming down it starts, so it's it's mimicking your move say it was where we were there. He said it was about the size of his F-18 with no markings, no wings, no exhaust plume to also closing it.

So I go like this and it's climbing still gets right in front of me just disappears disappears disappears like gone head off were you thinking your mind tries to make sense of it. To categorize this as maybe helicopter maybe a drone and when it disappeared and it was just did your back.

Cedars see this to the reformists and airplanes literally watching this thing for roughly about five minutes. Seconds later, the Princeton reacquired the target 60 miles away another crew managed to briefly lock onto it with the targeting camera before it zipped off again and I think that over the years we've sort of said hey man, if I saw this so low I don't know that I would've come back and said anything because it sounds so crazy when I say it. You understand that reaction. I do have some people tell me know. You say that you can some crazy and how we are not a UFO guy but from what I hear you guys sitting there something others there's definitely something that I was building who's got the technologies got the brains withers for some out there that was better in our airplane pretty fascinating stuff. Rubio Sen. Rubio called for an investigation that reports can be presented in the Senate next month and fascinating. John Ratcliff used to be former director of national director of national intelligence. Frankly there a lot more sightings in the been made public. He said recently while stuff will be right back to back.

It seems a reasonable show great to be with you. Lots of things happening on the financial front that we need to continue to be aware of what's going on what to try to understand what's happening, what's coming our way so that we can be good stewards if you look back six months ago, up, up, up, by looks good and then some interesting things happening last week inflation on the rise.

Stocks are down a little bit today, but we need help to understand these things. It can be very complicated. Most of us are not buying Angel expert. Some of us are and one of us brother in Christ is been very helpful for several years now, and the show we just praise God for that as our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital landmark As always, David, how are you I'm doing great Steve room younger program is always my brother is always great to hear your voice every single week and I when we do our money Monday updates wolflike for example everybody were to be doing the beginning the first Monday of the month we do a full money Monday show all four segments were knocking it Memorial day will push it a week so that'll be like what is at June 7 or something like that so will do a full money Monday then. But when we do our updates, which is Monday's subsequent to that really started the passage of Scripture. This is another great one acts chapter 1 verse eight will start there and then we'll talk about some of the big headlines out but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you, and you shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria, and even the remotest part of your so you know I don't think it's just an event, but rather in addition to that lifestyle and that we you know the Scripture should work out your salvation with fear and trembling. That's a lifestyle.

So I believe being empowered by the Holy Spirit is a lifestyle event that is ongoing. Just like if you have electric car but if I have one thing I would just plug it in one time only for five minutes is powerful. All the rest the day long it takes to charge her car, but I think will probably be longer than five minutes. If you can make 100 mile journey so the longer we have to spend hours and hours in the presence of the Lord.

But it's it's important that we focus.

We had over time so that we get plugged in so we can go the distance today on encourager but to get plugged in the Lord so that we can have wisdom, knowledge, creative juices.

In fact for me. Some of the best creative ideas come to me shortly after my time with the Lord is usually in the morning and within about an hour. Shows like this idea comes with this thought comes to show how does that happen we can be his witnesses in our immediate circle of influence and even to the end.

This move four corners of the world just need to get plugged in yet which is the most important thing we can offer the world which is the good news of the gospel and that and you need to plug-in you need to get full of the spirit each day and you will receive power through the Holy Spirit.

That's just part of the deal and yeah got a start today. That way when you starting your day on what kind of foundation other than coffee. Are you actually placing your debt on it in for me, David. I mean that's I write a devotional five days a week. Most of the time and one of the reasons I do it as it keeps me in the word. I know there's a few thousand people that are expecting it and that's been a good accountability thing for me, but to get me into the word first thing in the day which really helps get your cousin your compass set on true North, which then affects everything else that you do today especially share the gospel.

Such a great point.

Thank you for leading us that way as you do each week only do an update if the markets are down a little bit today. Anything major going on there. What's what's happening in the markets. Recently, the European stocks the start of wall were sleeping and show the age of stocks. The Japanese stocks on four or five days. Why fears of inflation. What this is all about again and gold coach. The three-month high so this week is going to be relatively quiet week.

Although, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Federal Reserve presidents.

Three of them from a lamp to St. Louis, and Dallas are all going to be speaking and I'm premier expect their narrative to be saying we don't have any inflation so that's good by the fish but with the NASDAQ is lost three out of four less weeks. It's all because of inflation and Deutsche Bank came out and said the there's likely to be an equity correction from the current peak that were experiencing all because inflation yes so the feds are basically politicians. It's important to remember that political and so you should always put an asterisk next to what they're saying. So they're saying it's not inflation that's what you're expecting them to say this Thursday so that's that's pretty amazing that all three of them are to come out going to take the same lines but what's Wall Street saying about inflation like like like last week.

What's Wall Street saying about this little I word that keeps coming up well obviously better embracing the idea because Wall Street is down today. Goldman Sachs came out warned of substantial surge in home prices because of inflationary pressure. In fact, they said that the ball could be bigger now than 2007. Dr. thinks that Bank of America three months really talk about inflation and hyperinflation, another using the word transitory hyperinflation who knows about the markets is looking as we could help hot inflation, Mike Wilson, chief investment officer Morgan Stanley says he only sees 1.2% rise to the upside for the S&P 500 between now and the year and why inflation inflation well so so what is in place and you like credit cards. Most people have credit cards and in they tend to tie their rates of what's going on with the bank rates but also inflation is also what will happen. The credit cards and then of course there's the government credit card there money printing operation, and all the debt that the government's acquiring unbelievable breakneck pace will reduce the inflation coming and there's been a good thing that happened you know where you live talked about this before paying down your credit card debt, making sure it really does that who hear our voice for the last 5/4, Americans have paid down hundred and $57 billion of credit card balance Wall Street is responding now to that because is not good for Wall Street banks cash flow received inflation coming and they want to capture more people to use their credit cards overcome implement new program You can say this, but this will go to Wall Street Journal, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp and a few others are extending credit to people who've never had a credit card before and what they're using is not your pico score. What they're supposed to use just looking into your checking and savings account to shield money and those of the people that more than likely going to qualify for this credit card that's coming out those big banks of the banks is certain for revenue looks like the government hurting for revenue they just reported the spending report for seven months. We spent 4.1 trillion really took in 2.9 2.1 trillion.

That means were spending 9090% more than we collected number just a little. Jan does does banks of this credit card I think we can safely all that predatory lending and they look at your bank account is up and down that road before. And all they really care is can they get you to keep paying the minimum payment for the rest of your life because they get you hooked on it and then you're done. That's just unbelievable doing that and obviously not thinking about the effect on anybody else but looks like the Bible says the borrowers slaved to the lender and that's exactly what happens with that. That's are you surprised David that these last several months, 157 billion was paid down credit card debt because obviously last year people couldn't go out and spend as easily what I think some it came from writer and you know it's good to people to go on spend big block on their dead maps just a really good sign that maybe a portion of Americans are actually waking up. Another thing that that is the slavery shots exactly right.

And then you deftly know that when you're in it. What about just like debt in general and gold and silver. In general, given the conditions that were in and what looks like a laxity's go market perhaps for the rest of the year.

The inflation concerns how we kind a look at that from a 30,000 foot view debt and gold and silver obviously good is unmanageable and now really seeing the light so that were really exasperated that J.P. Morgan came out in the space of commodities. They wrote a research paper last week and they said that if inflation continues to surprise us to the upside. Commodities will be a very useful tool for investors to head towards women interpreted there, looking at the 70s again. Inflation happened gold average 31% per year for nine years silver one from a dollar $50-$50. See if we have some movement upward and inflation which we are going to completely going to. There's open reports will in time to go over inflation will calm and you hit your suffering is that in J.P. Morgan reporter saying gold is a great investment to hedge against what is coming. Yes, so just little one-to-one here when you when you say heads.

We use that word a lot went for the average person that might not fully understand what that is. What is a heads gold as a hedge.

What does that mean your tutor Carter's example he got paper money on one side you gold or silver. On the other side and the Peter Trotter goes down in paper because it buys less for your money because they inflated or they devalue the dollar gold and silver goes up. She got have something on the other side of the Peter Carter really good example $20 bill. $20 gold coin in the 20s when our currency was backed by gold bought a brand-new man shoots today a $20 bill will not buy a try but a $20 gold coin in its liquid values. With around $2000 put the money in your bank will buy a suit and you can take your wife out to dinner and she didn't have money left over. The multistory paper money will be valuable what head wow what a great way of describing the people you want to get more information, David.

What you suggested packing your questions answered 8464257584642575 website land of this topic.

Any other topic always a big proponent of education which were always sure she'll get educated. This topic or any other topic, David got bless you my brother thinks is always will talk you can listen don't buy this is he's no longer see Noblesville, God willing, I'll talk to you real soon.

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