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Israel, Jews, and Christians 101

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 13, 2021 5:45 pm

Israel, Jews, and Christians 101

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 13, 2021 5:45 pm

Israel, Jews, and Christians 101

Today Steve talks with Pastor Chad Harvey of Cross Assembly Church about Israel, Jews, and Christians. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical unity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay wire transfer.

We put it in turn it into cash plane and deliver in the middle of the night, but the bite ministration did send over $200 million over to Moscow PLO. Those type folks in the area and the long ball not that long. Later they're firing on on starting on Monday that they fired over a thousand rockets which are indiscriminate by the way when they're firing rockets when Hamas is firing rockets over the border literally of the hill into Jerusalem. It's kind of like saying that you can aim bottle rockets. Well, I can aim a bottle rocket. The general direction of my neighbors house but my going to the house next door make in the street.

Mike over the house whatever and in Israel replies and kind but their targeted Darren Jones amazing and so what you just kill them all and that God sort them out because no matter what Israel does because that's God's chosen people. That's the homeland were Christian Zionists and so Israel can do no wrong. So we support them unequivocally without a doubt Donald Trump did it right but Joe binds doing it wrong.

So what's the deal when it comes to Israel and Jews in general in us as Christians in evangelical Christianity of those of the topics were to tackle today with Pastor Chad Harvey cross assembles great to be back. Great to have you back. You should have Michael Brown in his life because he knows he's talking about talking about man, but he's cross assembly where the pastor doesn't think Michael Brown would be in your forgiveness. Steve look on your business. You live by the numbers right gets money in your words, when a jack of remembrance to back up your numbers as it is too late to find what you actually didn't say that it's n-gram lots are nothing right. If I get angry lots on when I was having some of the trim people on whatever action topics. Several of the shows when you listen people like you. Let with you. I don't get it, but people like you mean they appreciate your preaching style the preaching euro me that he just move on. I pretty much sucked up.

You know that about how seriously people love love it when you're on you.

I like being on your show. I'm sure something Brown better get but you do this five this week. It's stressful you get Facebook you people listening, whatever while I got a lot of opinions and a big mouth filling out the it's got how difficult is it for you.

Chad to go out load up, put on your camo's kill something got it and eat it as my relaxation right right you enjoyed all I'm doing on this. It's not difficult but alright so let's just start with what's kind of looking at Israel in general were Christians. We know the soil out of which our faith came spraying out of the very dirt that makes up the nation of Israel today so help us to understand how we look at Israel in general as New Testament Christians will just what what's going on right now in Israel is not that complicated. The Middle East response or strong.

Honestly, brutal leadership yeah they don't see that America Hamas doesn't care about your preferred personal pronoun know they they respond to strong leadership, yet they're not seeing that nature abhors a vacuum. There's a vacuum energy stepping in junkets and all exhibits supported. I love visual taken seven teams to Israel on tour groups. I love visual, but the church needs to understand several things about even Israel number one it's a secular state, yet they're not all over there blow the shofar wearing yarmulkes and worshiping God. Very few of them are never exactly. In fact, great.

But you love this book. It's called Israel a concise history of a nation reborn by Daniel Gore Gordis and he said this, he said, if you look in the Constitution of modern Israel. They intentionally try to keep they wanted a secular state, the kibbutz, the kid would seem that started there in Israel. They were all socialist experiments man so I want to make sure Christians understand it isn't like these are God's chosen people over there worshiping God.

I believe the Jews are God's chosen people, but modern Israel is a secular state that Javelin never to understand this is wealth below our beloved tourist dollars.

Let our support and love are Jesus, I was talking to a missionary recently, whose family is is living in Israel. This look little kids are getting stoned all the time throwing rocks at while going to school because their evangelicals they got suspended for two weeks from school because they mention the name of Jesus. So I get I'm not being anti-Semitic. I love Israel I support the Jews, but you need to understand this is the modern Jewish state is is a secular state, and I think sometimes as some Christians here in America look at Israel in an inconsiderate almost like it's still the promised land, exactly, and so were kind of stuck in the past. We look forward to the future we can bring those two things together and act like it's holy ground in and of itself. Well, in a way, but in a way it isn't. You saw this is it's kind like one of those issues you don't elevate you can elevated to the point of idolatry. And that's exactly that's a lot of evangelicals do now service. I would God raise up America for two reasons to want to protect Israel to propagate the gospel and we stop doing either one of those things God's hand is off of America and I am seeing a shift in number one protect Israel will receive a shift in fact did you know the Muslim brotherhood thanked the Democratic Party today for the support of the Palestinians and so that's not great that's not a good thing. So were starting to see I think are our support for Israel, diminish, and as a result God's hands and be lifted up from America but from a theological standpoint, there's a theology called replacement theology is made with the help of the church has replaced Israel.

I don't believe in that. I think God is using the church in a mighty way, but my eschatology must study the end times completely in times to visit one day God's will return to working through Jews through the nation of Israel. So we have not replace the nation yeah and that's that's where were going to work our way through this.

As we not just talk today about Israel but about Jewish people in general and what happens to the Jewish people because of there. There's deftly not a consensus in Christianity by what happens to the Jewish people do. They all get saved you get to go to heaven Sibley because you're born Jewish. Maybe it's just That 144,000 is that literal what we do at that and so you know people talk about. Let's get the temple built again the third Temple. There's actually an effort over there to see that happen there there crafting the things that go inside the temple and in and will you do with that. So I think it's important because even though it's it's not something that we worship. It is something that we should revere simply for the reason because that's the soil like I went over there almost 2 years ago and it and it was deeply meaningful to me took the Bible from black and white to D the full-color 3D but then I also felt the sadness all time pastor Chad because it was just like in Jesus's day as he looks out over Jerusalem and over the people in the week because there's still lots there's still the right and so in that regard that while they talk about Israel, Jews and us Christians today on theology Thursday will hear a fact that Israel and in Christian love in the New Testament go look in my way through Galatians. We both emotional theories right now finishing up tomorrow and finish up the part of the spirit and largely what Paul was doing there, dealing with the Galatian church who had some people there that were trying to drag them back into Judaism that you can be a Christian but you also have to observe the law. And then I think a lot of Christians either.

If we can do this with the devil. Either you don't pay enough attention you pay too much attention or like pastor Chad says he doesn't see edema behind every bush.

He sees two but when it comes to Israel. Some of us go little bit too far, but that's where you get in the Christian Zionism and everything is about Israel but Jews are God's chosen people.

What about the ones today, because largely you mentioned this pastor Chad that most people in Israel 80% of Jews in America are agnostic, very distracted just Jewish by birth and does that give you some kind of special favor so how does the New Testament look at the Jewish people, which we can argue that Jews are God's chosen people, but I also look at angle were are they today what will what will be in the end, and I know you. You spent a lot of time studying eschatology.

So help us understand that kind of past, present and future really lunges it is Tuesday because this kind of ties into the New Testament you people so we need to make the Bible relevant will need to make anything it's really what you're reading in Galatians is going on in my church today. I got to do with people. Here's the pattern number one. Christian says I want to become cortical Torah observant I would start reading the Torah and living by the fourth step one, step two I call pastor Chad and have a meeting and said we need a short meeting on Saturday and said Sunday because that's the Shabbat.

We've blew the shofar we make sure all the men cross assembly are circumcised, which I force you do that now okay and in number three. They start going down this path and it's interesting is an interesting phenomenon. Many of them end up doubting the divinity of Jesus. Did you know I'll plow snow down this back to the Jews. Now I think God for Jewish roots. I think I'm starting a study of Revelation. This Sunday on Sunday morning. It's amazing how much of the Old Testament is in the book of revelations.

I thank God for the Old Testament study are Jewish. Just but we start taking her family back under the law, got some problems and it's interesting how many times that ends up doubting the divinity of the unsubscribe. Seeing that happen.

And so Galatians is being played out. Right now my church people going back under the law and pulses, what were you doing right. And it's interesting what is the purpose of the law. The purpose of the wall very clearly is to point us to Jesus. Jesus said this in John 539 through 47.

Purpose of the law is to bring people to me pulses. The same thing in Galatians 3 the laws like a nanny strike teacher training is to Jesus Christ. But the law was never meant to provide another way for us to be safe. Yet a lot of the mirror interviewed on the law the stairway to heaven know it is and that the news it is there to show you your sins and you come to the end of yourself as I've tried to follow the law of the 613 yes Jewish laws, the 10 Commandments I can't do it in Jesus steps and so on, that that is the purpose of law is not to give us a parallel way to be saved is to bring us to Jesus Christ and so Jews today in the 21st century we should just look at them like we do. Anybody that needs to be evangelized yeah yeah you know that you would conduct, I don't want to bear false witness against my brother John Peggy.

So Mr. egg if I'm wrong correctly on this, but is my understanding that John Peggy basically says look Jesus is the way for Gentiles to get saved but Jews by virtue of being God's chosen people there save just by being Jew that is not scriptural now and in so yeah we need to understand that bit.

All people are lost. We have religious loss Jews. We have reprobate laws pagans, but they're all equally lost and the solution is Jesus Christ with your George right exactly right.

So let's jump in the future because I know and that's going to start the book of Revelation will be there on Sunday some part of that so how do we kind a look at that because it gets interesting when he people go okay. Heaven's gonna come back on earth where right where it started to be right back there.

Jerusalem, Jesus sets his foot on the Mount of olives splits in half comes walking okay reestablish is in heaven ends up right there up at this an interesting thing that happens towards the end with the Jewish people get a deal that hundred 44,000 number that we've all run into what happens to the Jews that the rules change when we get towards the end to help us understand the role of Israel. We get Armageddon all these things, yet amazing how much help help smaller geographic area size becomes a massively important so here's what I think is the next to take place on the prophetic Count I of the rapture the church or with your this the Magog invasion.

There's going to be an invasion of Israel by a confederation of anti-Israeli countries and is prophesied in Ezekiel 37 and some things have to happen for this this big invasion really again. It may take place right before the rapture take place after the rapture. This big invasion I think were seeing things now come together for this invasion of Israel.

Now people start to let me back up her second one of the biggest dates on the ask the modern eschatological calendar was 1948) reestablishment of Israel as a state yet because that had to happen yet. Nothing else happens, until you got it right right but since then. Now we going to Magog, and Gog and people start talking about Iran in Russia and the invasion from the north. How many of these details actually matter. They actually matter a lot. Ezekiel 37, 38, in a threesome saying this is Israel is the barometer prophecy in sourcing, several things happen number one in Ezekiel 37, 38 for that Magog invasion several things at that point, Israel has to be reestablished as a sovereign state that have done 1/14 1940s that had off which is unprecedented in history people wandering for 2000 per patient again. Resident never to Israel have to live in security, it's interesting. Listen to this. Ezekiel 3811. This this group is confederation will invade a land of unwalled villages.

They will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people living without walls, dates and bars is very interesting this thing of Israel. The cities in Israel not having walls that are very recent phenomenon also pictures of the 1800s of cities in Israel all have walls and so Ezekiel sing today's going to come when these cities will not have walls.

That's actually recent invention and the guy not have bars and often have gates which means you will be living in security.

Did you see that iron don't think yeah maybe by the trigonometry home I got a intercept slide that you leave that and I don't know how much of our technologies and their technology but yeah I share that video the other day and you see you see literally see the incoming missiles and then it looks like a fireworks display that iron Dome is all the smaller missiles that are controlled unbelievable yeah and go up and intercept and destroy all the income you like almost all of Israel. Gotta be a nation project. When they got to be living in peace and security check of that, the got. I have a wealth Ezekiel 3812 13 says right before this big invasion of Israel is will be living will. Did you know that this is in 2013, Israel was number 10 in the world for millionaires per capita. Wow their number 10 number 10 and its tiny and it's it's it's it's the size of New Jersey meant their GDP is $400 billion. So are now they living in will answer yes to every one of these things been checked off and then it says this is confederation of Magog which is Russia, Persia, Iran pushed Sudan put which is Libya number which Western Turkey, but the garment which is eastern Turkey and Armenia. They want to come against Israel. Interestingly, you know who's absent in this big confederation Egypt your Egypt is come against Israel and every major war 1948, 1967, 1973. Each of probably doing this in Saudi Arabia their cremation.

She bought Don out of that toleration, which I think is interesting.

Israel now had yet to put those two countries just seems like everything is falling moving forward. Yes, it's all setting up nicely, which should even when you can't buy gas. Should you pause and hope knowing that all of God's promises are yes and amen Lyrica is back and see you Thursday at Harvey here in Raleigh by the Waycross Emily church and you got your start a series on Revelation. This is 20,000 in debt.

First, I get bored after a while the the last 14 to 15 months for cross assemblies been pretty wild.

Just growth and everything is been crazy or certain you know this restrain the new runoff accountable barred so yeah it's we've we've enjoyed is been fun and your 2020 was the hardest you'd ever pastor could you have the right stuff going on the political stuff going on the covert stuff going on because been faithful yeah and it's just growing yet and more more people are coming in the last it was the key to church growth.

I want to take out my pad and write down the key is the key to church number one open a few doors number two looking make their own decision about Masco. I thought usually say Steve Noble start going and how those. Is that Steve Hill nothing cool to watch but it was amazing in and whether talk about your church and I mean any church pastor or even a Christian individual Christian if your faithful to the word of God and just proclaim it. Just be faithful. Let the chips fall where they may. God's in charge of the fruit that that that will bring with it blessing absolutely man that doesn't always mean numbers because often times, and you talked about this in the past that that church growth sometimes should be measured by subtraction rather than addition as you send people out.

But God is always going to bless the faithful reading and preaching of his work and she'd obviously this you can think I'm just making this up is even if it had gone the other direct yeah I still would've done the same brand because looking at the quickest way to drive yourself crazy is to take a poll with your finger put up near Solomon Hannibal and just do God's doing you to do this he would alter the cloning go with them in order to reach it's been a great season great growth.

I give got almost all the glory.

Yeah I'm joking I give all the glory. Honestly, it's okay for a pastor to Joe everybody okay just that is all the money reliable Lord own call Stu Epperson a truth radio is just joking. Everybody okay but were talking about the Jews in Israel and time so were going through some of these prophetic dates and in what's what's been happening in the timeline and so there's this third temple little talk with the third Temple you guys what's can happen. As we look at the end times and then so much happens in Jerusalem when you have the antichrist and you have the two profits and then you have 144,000, and all I can stuff help us to understand the Magog division is taking place. The rapture of the church is as happen were in heaven and so naturally seven years God's wrath is poured out on planet Earth in its interesting first four chapters of Revelation you hear church church church church after check for even hear church and when the tribulation begins.

It's now God is turned back to Israel and start to work through Israel answers meet seven years of Karin. This outpouring of God's wrath on planet Earth on those seven years are over, we believe Jesus Christ comes back to planet Earth, and he rules and reigns the entire over the entire earth from Israel from Jerusalem of the temple is reestablished. If you look at Ezekiel 40. There has to be 1/3 Temple because the temple is equal described in Ezekiel 40 Is Never Taken Pl. about 585 BC, not simply to that the temple he describes is a future temple.

Here's the question how can there be a future temple where we right now the Muslims radar are in control of the Temple Mount and for me the answer is very simple. There's more and more archaeological evidence that the site of the Temple may not of been there the Temple Mount.

When I think people Israel.

The modern-day temp yeah I iced I show people a heel where I think the Temple may have taken place. Scholars think that They Can Pl., Josephus describes that empty parking lot, basically. So I think that is what God is just conjecture were the Jews of an essay pain. Muslims don't have the Temple Mount. You want yet we know in our research. It was actually over here and that might be were the bill, but there temple. We don't know. And then what happens to that in the Revelation. When because now you got it at the tribulation of the great tribulation, then the other two witnesses that come back and then this all is taking place basically around the temple and and but in the end, we know that what I don't want people to misunderstand is that Ellison were going back to the temple for any kind of use whatsoever with salvation you exactly know it will be July. Here's the thing.

I think the temple will be commemorating Jesus and what Jesus did in Jesus being the true temple, and whatever but were not going to go back to the sacrificial system of having to kill animals to be saved that millennial reign of Jesus in John wall Wofford is read some really good stuff on that millennial reign of Jesus Christ but told you God is not through the Jews, yet he's using the church right now when it tribulation period begins at that point God starts working through Israel again after the seven years of tribulation when Jesus Christ comes back to planet Earth to rule and reign, then he's can be doing it through Israel and look, here's why I'm not a replacement theologian that this is why I don't believe the church has replaced Israel.

If you look at Genesis 12, 13, 15 God gives the geopolitical boundaries of Israel from the Nile River all the way over to the Euphrates. That's never happened before. Yep to either God is a liar. He promised Israel the land from the Nile to the Euphrates or investment take place in the future when God starts working through Israel again. So what Jews get saved because if you talk to a Jehovah's Witness laying claim that hundred right right right right but it will. Yet how can we understand what happened to the Jewish people there and the entire job treatment Chuck Mishler are usually Mishler's great in fact you like to dress on interview with Robert Downey Junior I really and he mentioned this tragedy that is not given. He mentioned Mishler he said you he believes the greatest salvation of Jews that will ever take place and take place during the seven years of tribulation and you have 144,000 basically Jewish evangelists who go out and win the war for Jesus Christ, the Jehovah's Witnesses is hundred 44,000 are the people who get saved but that's all well then, if our Jehovah's Witness Abbey's witnesses been born 100 right to right with this you cannot get at exactly said fees are to be Jewish witnesses who, during the tribulation are gonna basically say look, we missed. We thought Jesus was just a charlatan of fake. We missed it. He is the Messiah and they went up proclaim the gospel to be a lot of people saved during the tribulation and dumped use across the days going to come when the Jews overlook upon the one of the peers in the morning to the segment we missed it missed it but that's I think that's what the hundred 44,000 now is that 12,000 from each of the 12 writers. Interesting that Dan Dan is missing ugly from the list of crimes here and part of the reason is Dan was involved in gross immorality. You know Dan is the one that will live the entire Jewish people to to to idolatry and so what that's why it looks like Dan is not included in that, but within the very thing all the traffic back together but but you what you think modern-day Jews like over in Israel. They call Isaiah 53 the forbidden chapter.

You and I seen some really compelling video of evangelists that are over there that are Jews like yeah native born Jews and they're talking they'll still take people though, have a Jew on the street read from Isaiah 53 and then I'll ask them do you know anything about the Christian Jesus and his story was a sound like to you.

Yeah. And though be like what sounds like what happened to geez yes hello hello hello is not represented by Homeland. Yeah. And so what you think the deal is.

There is a just pride at this point, or is it the same thing as every other lost person because their deeds are dark. They don't want to be exposed. I think it's so clear. If you don't you hate this is in your scripture from 500 years before Jesus 700 years before Jesus that will be a humongous evangelistic tools. I think Rabbi should try to show that in fact you seen that video of John MacArthur and Ben Shapiro yes he got McCarthy goes back yet. Isaiah 53 inches look this is in your own Bible and you know Shapiro, looks like yeah and so that's a great idea. He caught Shapiro flap edited out. Jews will say Jewish scholars would say this is a this is about nation of Israel is not about the Messiah, but you read that there's no way that what's taught being talked about. There is dealing with Israel. It's obviously the Messiah and it's interesting as well. Isaiah is basically kind of being written.

Isaiah 53 in a past tense. So what this is doing is anticipating in the future on the Jews do come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ didn't look back and say look. We thought he was smitten by God, we thought God was angry.

He was despised and rejected all our sins are placed on him yelling really is a future event. Isaiah 53 is a future event where the Jews look back on on Jesus. Should we. I think a lot of Christians assume that it's it's almost like a waste of time to try to share the gospel with a Jew and most Christians are unaware that 80% of Jews in America are agnostic. Yeah, the other Jewish. So what you got there not functionally Jewish like they're basically just regular agnostic but but should we should we be trying to wait till Jesus comes a week. We got we got for Jews in our church who have gotten say that come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and I think it's interesting when the pure gospel is preached with a Jew or Gentile.

It draws people, and I wouldn't just say well you know I will try to reach the secular Jews. It's interesting, I talk to our missionaries to Muslim countries. As you know who the most open people or to Christianity. In most countries, it's the religious of Muslims because they already have a cursory knowledge of God are already over the spiritual things. I think the same thing is true in Judaism. I think they just forced the Orthodox Church very open to the guys you do things like yeah because they're already thinking religiously regarding someone in that ballpark well means you can have a common issue on the a lot easier than that.

They were hard for agnostic or atheist retitling of believe in atheism that the subject will be back with Ed Harvey ready for this.

This should be a worship song across civil rights on the ground going round and that was in the chat artist Johnny had their legs talk about the man coming back in later. Have a good hour at theology Thursday. Welcome back Steve Noble to see the LaSalle passed at Harvey Cross assembly here in Raleigh. Also, when is the new campus open the North Raleigh near capital and five were hoping to have a big celebration. The very last of this month, acceleration big tent never got there and have a good time in the next week will be our official start business for little bit like when you were trying to get the new facility up and running. Nothing like we had nowhere to go. We had a wonderful school.

It's a little time out that local folks said no you can't worship inside the church so I had at that time 1200 1500 have a CL certificate.

I was a myth outside had three weeks about service so was that the third Temple did not thought it was miserable. It was not fun.

By let's deal similar thin time stuff because some people enfolded in a nuclear Armageddon in the what's can happen there and will you the guy.

Gog and Magog think it's interesting you start going to Ezekiel 38 is talking about this and the aftermath sounds a lot like a nuclear war and businesses create massive earthquake. After this invasion, massive earthquake know of the average nuclear with has 4 Mt. We accept nuclear bombs are 25 and we have it, you didn't need couplers, we can literally shift the Earth's axis and somehow crazy and earthquake to Ezekiel 30 is is will be intense fire which sounds like a nuclear explosion says this number three that there will be a seven year supply of energy that Israel will go and take the weapons of Magog and will be energy for seven years. That's interesting it was a sound like that sounds like no clear without ever in the number for this to be a professional's room be hired. Ezekiel 39 to carry the bodies you have that professionals to do that number of 55. The burial site will be downwind east of both of the Dead Sea and then the bones are actually marked with these professional burial parties go out and they find bones and more flags sounds a lot like the aftermath of a yeah a nuclear holocaust is Scottish and should we and night, and I appreciate you saying that kind of interesting because I think that's the worth of it yeah you okay this is interesting. I want to study it. But if you're put in five hours a day and this stuff I think there's a point now again we mentioned this before. It's the only book in the Bible where God expressly sets. If you read i.e. study this book, you'll be blessed so there's something about it that's extraordinary. And so, at some I think it's can be profitable but I think it can also be unhealthy because I know some people that are just way down the road every single thing that happens you, they gotta plug it into the asked eschatological timeline and I appreciate the zeal for that. On one hand, but on the other hand I'm like there's other things going on like building the kingdom discipleship not just that yeah you as a citizen of the second is that there's a special crown for all those who long for the appearing gifts so this is a network of people who share the second coming of Jesus.

Here's one thing I'm not looking for to the study, though looking for to all the emails and notes and will be getting done an intense study of of relation to get out the identity of the set list to get to the beach coming out of the ocean. It's Biden Kemal Harris is the Jesus. I'm not looking forward to all that can affect your yeah so I would just say this as were lit all this mess going on in the Middle East. Israel's role in all that I was at two things.

Number one, Revelation 1. Now hit the Sunday it's interesting before Jesus tells John all this horrendous stuff. This will be happening in Revelation 1. Jesus gives John a picture of himself, of Jesus it in that's in essence he saying John some horrible steps. What happened but never forget.

I'm Jesus, I'm in charge. I'm in control and outside of the body of Christ was never forget that order our vision of Jesus comes first. Our focus on Jesus comes first. Then we can study all the jesting step you have to go back to Jesus. If you don't have a clear vision of who Jesus Christ is all this other stuff is going to freak you out and so I would say focus on Jesus. Our goal is to look for the Christ on the price right exoneration of antichrist right with your your focus on Christ.

Secondly, read this to you. Jesus is in Luke 2128 were all these things take place in time. Stuff starts that places straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near to do two things. Number one straighten up your what you do in your defeated bracelet down he's walking, the feet straight talking victory yeah no I am with you always, to more than half your straighten up and then he says, look up, lift up your heads, keep our focus on heavenly things. We see this in Scripture Colossians 3 to set your minds on things above flipping 320. Our citizenship is in heaven. Don't get so focus with with what's going on down here on the Monday level that you forget to look up and so I think Jesus is very clear. Straighten up lookup Luke 21 when I think that's one of the challenges for the church today specifically here in America with political things going on in COBIT and everything else you would think that Jesus got dethroned yeah somewhere between November 5. Yeah in January 7 you. Jesus was knocked off the throne and everything just kinda collapsing and oh woe is me and it's all going to hell in a hand basket.

Yada yada yada all that kind of stuff and I think is a terrible witness to the world. It's kind of like saying I can't vote for Trump because of some things about him as an individual, unlike Melia connection walk and chew gum at the same time I can decry things about his personality now handle things while at the same time supporting policies and what he does with his ministration, but I've seen this challenge with Christians, and again I bring this up because were talking about we just said straighten up lookup is your salvation draws nigh of all the people on the planet. We should be the ones with this eternal optimist. Yeah. And often times we act like that's completely controlled by what's going on with the new psychology would be to always be prepared to give and all he will ask you for the hope that Nolita had said this before where answering questions nobody's asking nobody's asking us what you have so much hope because were not displaying that I will were answering questions.

Nobody's asking Peterson of this whole hoop thing which is faith but is in the future tense this whole hoop thing draws people in, so that's my goal with this covert mask or the political mess. I want God's people live with such joy and passion and enthusiasm. People know what's wrong with you man right no Evans.

When I held her what grade I is what Jesus did in my life and that's it's great managers and I think that this is a great this is probably the greatest opportunity I've seen in my lifetime man yeah because there is there is that there's the conservative Republican way, there's the liberal Democrat way and then there's as we used to say in the alter the way you and that's a different way we incorporate things in the course of things from a conservative perspective for politically, that we agree with, and should support biblically okay cool so there's some alignment here and there, but generally yeah I I switched my party affiliation probably about eight years ago to to be independent because I wanted to tell myself I'm I'm ultimately not a Republican. I did the same thing I I'm simply not a Democrat but ultimately I'm not even an American with a follower of Jesus Christ. Little Amanda looked I'm not bashing of the pastors to keep the church Levinson but here's drawing her tongue to somebody about this today. This is no good thing happen everybody close but you guys stayed open, and must been an easy decision. Just as that's the hardest decision. My life does die young people will be responsible. We stayed open in a couple weeks later we actually have a baptism service rep preach the gospel's heart is a hard messages about Jesus and winnowing he's gonna burn the chaff of all blonde repent and we had about 67 people come forward come for get saved get baptized and some of them were Jews. Reaction had some juice while save you think about this in a conservative divided in buyer will dictums in a conservative church with a man preaching kind of a redneck old-fashioned gospel of heaven and Hill you have Jews get say don't tell me that you can't lead Jews to Jesus yeah you got the gospel is open to anybody. Try try to remind people when it comes to that I might listen just a little reminder. Even a dead guy wasn't too far gone that yeah good. Jesus wants to pluck Lazarus out of the grave he did it and and in all people cracked jokes about he had to say Lazarus because if you just said come out everybody there what you and so you governments don't give up on anybody whether it's you or not. I'm talking about the most hard-core atheists.

You know I mean I have a friend that used to be the most prolific APS activists in America, he got kinda sick and tired of the of the activist thing in the political divide and how ticked off everybody was still an atheist group, a Catholic, he's here in the area in and and I'm not given up hope on him ever and so I've known him for about 10 years now in I'm like I'm just going to be his friend in will convert surveillance around have lunch maybe once a year and but I'm not given up on anybody. They can be far afield. Even people that turn around and say yeah I know. Like we have this with some famous Christians are pseudo-famous Christians that yeah I no longer believe until they die. That story is an over absence of River Abraham Piper yeah Jesus Judge I'm not too far gone way out there a incidentally Jewish answers to G that Michael Brown book on all yeah best books I've seen resource Jewish apologetics yes and so that that's just a reminder whether there Jewish Muslim religious not religious, nobody's too far gone, and you don't have to trick out the gospel right just preach it yes you not to add a fan on the back of the car you want the chains out to the big Rams you want to go to low profile tires you want to change anything about the Garcia the power of the Gospels in the gospel.

I don't have a similar answer Ted's great preacher, but the power is is it's in the gospel I got I got a friend was portables and brotherhood in Egypt. He was a preacher in the most brotherhood piece it wheezed what she's Christians from America come to the Senate or to the youth of the young mosque and try to have dialogue and do this, you know, we call him Jesus, and they would compromise it would leave. We lack ones. We would not let Christians worship Jesus is on with salvation, trust in Jesus when the hill spent yesterday exactly right because that's the only one that's empowered by the power of God. That's really what anything else your students. The font is wasted time Patrick had great having you as always, and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Given adjacent to someplace. People come to church. I have a no go on Sunday morning with six or 88 30 and 11 sick 60 Youngest Rd. run cross assembly can take it out online passage at Harvey. I'll be there as well.

Thanks for being an athletic guy got willing up talking nothing like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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