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I’m Back!

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May 12, 2021 3:14 pm

I’m Back!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 12, 2021 3:14 pm

I’m Back!

Steve is back and there is a lot to talk about from gasoline to vaccines.  


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your host Noble Situation out there. We had enough to get back back in the saddle again thing that the if you're old enough, raise your hand back in the saddle again. Okay, so they're going up that good to be back thanks to my good buddy Stu Epperson Junior, founder of the truth radio network for filling in for me Monday. Yesterday he tried to do a guess something that didn't work out simply the best and then on Friday, Pastor Chris Connell was supposed to be in error and then that didn't work so I'll deal with Pastor Chris mono, a mono face-to-face. Perhaps this Sunday church. Speaking of church. Speaking of pastors tomorrow and theology Thursday, our good friend Pastor Chad Harvey Chris Connell's boss from a a human perspective, obviously, but tomorrow I Pastor Chad Harvey back on theology Thursday, although today it's a season of disappointment. Is it not the although today he informed me he would I want to know if he could call in instead of driving him because he wanted to make sure he had enough gas left in his tank to get to church on Sunday because he got is on the middle of the sticks and I said okay fine you want to blow us off on Facebook live in YouTube live don't have your mug in here in the studio because you want to get to church on Sunday, that's fine. Pastor Chad God bless you. So he'll be on the air tomorrow via phone.

I don't know yet what were going to talk about on theology Thursday but could be some Israel and time stuff may be just dealing with fear and frustration will sit will stay with the Lord put on my heart. Between now and then I will get there, but which other stories got back from New York via Charlottesville via Williamsburg and New York. The dirtiest I've ever seen it. And of course violent crime in New York is skyrocketing.

So you saw the other day on Saturday where there were two brothers involved and they started shooting and in end at three like three people innocent bystanders got hit, that's the Times Square shooting in that guy.

The shooting suspect Farrakhan, Mohammed was just arrested in Jacksonville Florida so he hightailed it out of there and there were that you know of a four-year-old girl got shot, she's fine. There were three innocent bystanders really got shot in the leg. She is fine, but there it is there. Times Square right so my daughter and I because we are staying.

My younger daughter is 16. We are staying on not that far from there and she wanted to take some pictures. Times Square, which is what it used to be only that whole place. Rudy Giuliani did a great job with New York and now de Blasio encoded in Cuomo just absolutely destroyed the place. Like I said I mean it's the dirtiest I've ever seen it and we still felt safe walking around there plenty of people around but you get the Times Square and you see Times Square cordoned off with yellow police like crime scene tape that's charming is it all the Times Square sheet up to walk a block over, and a block back just to go to another angle to see it and then we were there Saturday night 1130 and that shooting took place earlier in the day. It was really sad, just sad what's happened in New York City, the Big Apple is, like a big dump now in dirt. And you know this just nasty. It was just really dirty people are fine and the fun parts of town and we moved our daughter in our older daughter and she's in a pretty safe area but but she's aware of what's happened, violent crime, wise. There and so you know we pray and we trust the Lord and she makes good decisions and often running so you know now we have our oldest haven is 25 is all way out in San Francisco now are our second oldest is 23 is in Manhattan so my wife and I are like.

Was it something we said the deal is that apparently we raised kids that are unafraid and not in our willing to chase big dreams and make big moves and were fine with that and in the smart and their wives and so I we just trust the Lord with that but but believe me will be a praying clinic.

So where do we start silly stories of anything that occurred.

How about this. Did your pastor interested this past week anybody anybody Pastor get will in America. Sad to say I we don't have a lot of pastors that I think are willing to get arrested for stuff, but that's not true of Canadian pastor Archer Powell Lasky Pawlowski, did you hear about him. He's got his video. This video went viral back around Easter because the cops and health officials there in Canada. I showed up at his church and he basically yelled them out. You screamed at another sky is from originally from a communist area so he's been down this road. He knows what this looks like when governments become more overpowering and communistic start going down that road. He's been there done that got the T-shirt okay so this just happened.

Canadian pastor who escaped communist tyranny arrested for holding church service ardor Pawlowski, who quickly set up his church that they tried to shutdown the worship service during holy week and his brother David have been arrested for holding a legal in person gathering as per Cova 19 limits set by new court order, charming, referring to the Pawlowski's of street church in Canada Calgary Alberta Calgary police service said in a statement that it offers officers lawfully enforce the corridor by resting the two men after church and if you haven't seen it all posted. There's a video of this I'm just gonna post a link to the Christian Post story on Facebook live and go look at yourself.

I mean, it is not fun, and these guys just they they cooperated to the point where they are out in the middle of the highway. They waited till after the church service and they stop these guys that the pastor and his brother on the highway and then arrested him, cuffed him hands behind the back cup them and these guys refused to just walk to the police car so they had to pick him up and basically drag him over there and they they were willing to do that.

That's called passive resistance. That's called civil disobedience because these pastors and I've listened to the guy before believe that the state has no right to impede on your right to practice your religion or knowing that your deal and so they show this video the Calvert Calgary police Senate lease by police vehicles to arrest the two men on the street voice can be heard telling the officer. Shame on you guys is not communist China doing a family and kids. Whatever happened to Canada. God keeps our land, glorious and free, which probably part of the Canadian theme or anthem or whatever. So they arrested him because they dared to meet and that's the direction were moving also going to put a link up if you want to sign a petition, they got a position with about 30,000 signatures on it that they're trying to continue to push back of the government. They are trying to raise money to help her legal defense and is that what's coming to us. Are we going to go down this road here in America will certainly were on a slippery slope but are you ready to be addressed to Steve Noble, Lyrica McAfee Noble to Steve Noble should be back in the saddle again were to go from the Canadian pastor who was arrested, you know, for having church because past that because COBIT a couple of things. Okay, let's do let's do this one. CDC panel recommends Pfizer Cova 19 vaccine for kids 1215 fax checkers fact checkers anybody yet. Might my step hello my still in fact checkers. The recommendation will now go before CDC Dir. Dr. Michelle Wolinsky for final approval ON the problem that we can trust everybody a panel of experts advising the CDC voted Wednesday to recommend use of the Pfizer Cova 19 vaccine among kids age 12 to 15. The vote was 14 to 01 committee member abstained from the vote, while that was bold, the recommendation will now go before the CDC Dir. Dr. Michelle Wolinsky for final approval. While what we have an unelected person making that decision in the CDC as if it's like the good book what it's isn't it amazing how we just ceded authority over to it on on an enormous part of our lives just a massive impact on our lives to a bunch unelected people in DC and most of us just comply. There's a lot of people that are like, you know that you can argue Romans 13 and submitting to the governing authorities. Not stuff that at least some people try to make a biblical case for just a, going along with it that your deal and you feel convicted by that I don't read Romans 13 that way. But if you do, and that's your conviction okay.

God bless you I'm not your judge, just like you to get the vaccine. God bless you I'm not your judge, I'm not getting it. You want to get it get it.

I really I know a lot of people that have gotten it in when they tell me I'm not like that all men are just not doing that. Cannot get a divide inside the body of Christ over that issue. We divide over everything else, let's just stop as much as we can.

The division okay so there's there's this issue giving it to 12-15. Well if your cynical person like I am you go well just how dangerous is coded for 12 to 15-year-olds like seriously deep because you know that I can stop at 12 again.

Keep pushing the vaccine age down until they get it, you know, welcome to the world were so glad you're here. Here's your birth certificate where we make sure you don't designate their gender because they might not. I don't know yet.

I know there's an Audi or any but but that's not enough.

That's sex okay is not gender, and listen. I'm really snarky today. The only happens when I'm away from the radio for a few days so can all pent up so but again not in the face of all the stuff.

Listen if you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You're in big trouble because the stuff just gonna throw you to an fro all over the place and and if you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Remember he is your foundation, not America, not Cova did not vouching not vaccine nothing else which is why I can work my way through this garbage every day and still managed to muster a smile, but the joy of the Lord which the stuff can't touch. Remember that I hope you have that.

So how many kids in America are there between the ages of 12 and 15 1215 there's a balance, 16, 17 million between the Avett eight sub 17 million, but let's widen it to give CDC the benefit of the doubt. Let's go 0 to 70 okay from newborn all way up to 17 years of age. Okay, do you know how many kids are in America. In that age group newborn to 17 years of age through 70, 73 million now this is CDC data hello fact checkers is Steve Noble, or family research Council or the Southern Baptist convention are similes God data.

This is CDC data. There have been and that aims range newborn to 17, 287 to use CBCs language deaths involving COBIT 90. Whatever that means 287 deaths involving COBIT 19 out 73 million children newborn to 17 years of age, which means they have a mortality rate of .00000550393 mortality rate .00000393 and so now organ it now.

We are suggesting, and many people will do this.

Give them an external vaccination that's got no more at this point, no more than about 10 months with the data they were usually at seven. The tenure process before we start mass vaccinations. This was a 7 to 10 months okay and that's all the data we have in their comfortable doing this which is just remarkable to me. So what is that all about. Is that because we have to protect our little children newborn to 17 years of age because there queuing over right left from COBIT no RL 287 deaths involving COBIT in that age group. According to the CDC, tragic, absolutely heartbreakingly so devastatingly so. But is that enough then to turn around and let's try to fax. I don't know 35 million 40 million of them between the ages of newborn and 17 now that's actually preposterous, especially given that it's still an experiment, vaccine, and we only have about 10 months with the date on to me that is irresponsible is unloving but it's all about power and control. She don't really care about what's loving, or even what's cautious.

Use care about power and control that's going on, which is very disturbing and so I'm trying to use CDC numbers so that you know the fact checkers won't lose their minds on it. Speaking of the CDC, there's this again.

I bring this stuff up because they can't really fact check me in real time. They can yank the Facebook live video later they can yank the YouTube live video later like they did last week. Bianca show the call and show when I just asked you guys how you feel about mandatory vaccines and vaccine passports and you came in and shared your opinion will, you're not allowed to do that. I'm not even allowed to bring that up at least on YouTube so the ink the video. But while it's going on why I'm here I am right here hello same on the radio. Thank you Lord that we still have this opportunity to try to speak truth now this. What shocked me about this article from yesterday was its source. Here's the title a misleading CDC number okay that's pretty aggressive a misleading CDC number who put that Fox News, Sean Hannity's website Glenn Beck Steve Day severance debase the blaze. Note it was the New York Times. The New York Times owned by Jeff basals himself when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines last month for mass wearing it announce that quote less than 10% unquote of Cova 19 transmission was occurring outdoors media organizations repeated the statistic and it quickly became a standard description of the frequency of outdoor transmission. Okay, less than 10% of all Cova 19 transmissions occur outdoor was that tele coping 9.9% of all Cova transmission occurs outdoors right so outdoors is it a huge risk know is in a risk. Yes, but the New York Times says the number is almost certainly misleading.

Can't believe it commute. It appears to be based partly on a misclassification of some Cova transmission that actually took place in enclosed spaces and even bigger issue is the extreme caution of CDC officials who picked the benchmark 10% so high that nobody could reasonably disputed that benchmark quote unquote seems to be a huge exaggeration is Dr. Nguyen's epic virologist at the University of St. Andrews set in truth, the sheriff transmission that is occurred.

Outdoor seems to be below 1% and may be below 1/10 of 1%.

Multiple epidemiologists told me is the author of the New York Times article, the rare outdoor transmission that is happened almost all seems to have involve crowded places or closed conversation, is a message okay these are just numbers and facts fact checkers. Let me just spouting something off here I'm reading from your buddies that the mere time while working under Steve Noble be right back and to hear this out of your time while talking about Centers for Disease Control, claiming that less than 10% of Cova 19 transmission doors back checkers. This is not Steve Noble saying this or some homeschool mom the summer reading from the time here sort of going through this, but that benchmark seems to be huge exaggeration is Dr. mute civic virologist at the University of St. Andrews set in truth, the share transmission that is occurred. Outdoor seems to be below 1% and may be below 1/10 of 1%.

Multiple epidemiologists told me this is the author of the New York Times article saying that this is really important for some of this, saying that less than 10% of Cova transmission occurs outdoors is a Ken to saying that shark attacks fuel shark attacks sharks attack fewer than 20,000 swimmers ear.

The actual worldwide number is about 150 it's both true and deceiving. So when they say sharks attack fewer than 20,000 swimmers a year write what are you thinking when you hear that I'm thinking is probably 18 something 19 something thousand right.

Fewer than 20,000 some not quite 20,000 but close right when the actual worldwide number is about 150 sharks attack about 150 people worldwide but you could say kind of attack. Fewer than 20,000 swimmers ear. Is that true, it is. Is it accurate know is it misleading accurate means precise know is it misleading, yes. Okay.

So that's what this author. This is what the New York Times is comparing it to okay this isn't just a gotcha math issue. They write.

It's an example of how the CDC is struggling to communicate effectively and leaving many people confused about what's truly risky. CDC officials have placed such a high priority on caution that many Americans are bewildered by the agency's long list of recommendations designed up to her faculty of the University of North Carolina right here in good old triangle area north: writing in the Atlantic called those recommendations simultaneously too timid and too complicated. They continue to treat outdoor transmission is a major risk.

The CDC says that unvaccinated. People should wear mass in most outdoor settings and vaccinated people should wear them at large public venues, summer camps should require children or mass. Virtually all the time.

These recommendations would be more grounded in science if anywhere close to 10% of Cova transmission were actually occurring outdoors, but it's not again. I am not reading from a Christian publication or an email I got from homeschool mom I'm reading from the New York Times, there is not a single document covert infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions such as walking past someone on the street reading at a nearby table. What let me let me read that again let me go and get about the floor picture drop off the floor.

Whatever you just threw a pick that up. There is not a single documented covert infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions such as walking past someone in the street reading at a nearby table really today's newsletter psychoses just talk about.

You must explain the Singapore mystery.

If you read the academic research that the CDC is cited in defense of the 10% benchmark again 10% of Cova transmission is outside you will notice something strange very large share suppose in cases of outdoor transmissions have occurred in a single setting hot construction sites in Singapore, you really can't make this up in one study, 95, of 10,926 worldwide instances of transmission are classified as outdoors, all 95 are from Singapore construction sites. In another study, for of 103 instances are classified outdoors. Again, all four from a Singapore construction site. The sums he doesn't make much sense and instead appears to be a misunderstanding that resembles a childhood game of telephone, in which a message gets garbled as it passed from one person to the next great were setting national policy based on a game of telephone. Essentially, the Singapore data originally comes from a government database there that database does not categorize the construction site cases as outdoor transmission Yep week weighing a spokesman for the Ministry of health told my colleague over that we didn't classified according to outdoors or indoors.

Yep, that it could have been workplace transmission where it happens outdoors at the site or can also happen indoors within the construction site gets indoors is another inch construction site, but if you're within the construction site they call it indoors as Shawshank. Did further reporting you discovered reasons to think that many of the infections may have occurred indoors at some of the individual construction sites were covert spread like a complex of financial firm UBS of the skyscraper project to project glory concrete shells for the buildings were largely completed before the pandemic began because Singapore's hot year-round. The workers would've sought out the shade of enclosed spaces to hold meetings and eat lunch together told Shawshank electricians and plumbers would've worked optically close contact about this are schools outdoors. How then did the Singapore cases get classified as they did. This is like this crazy rabbit trail is when academic researchers began collecting Cova data from around the world.

Many chose to define outdoor spaces very broadly, leaving almost any setting. That was a mix of outdoors and indoors to be outdoors quote, we had to settle on one classification for building sites, French researcher and co-author said and ultimately decided on a conservative outdoor definition. Wow, how convenient. Another paper published in the Journal of infection and public health counted only two settings is indoors mass accommodation and residential facilities and to find all of these settings as outdoors, workplace, healthcare, education, social events, travel, catering, leisure and shopping. They consider all that outdoors so the next time you're walking around outside, you know this evening. Any CT people outside walking around so outdoors with covert mass on think of this article from the New York Times. I understand why the research is preferred. A broad definition. They wanted to avoid missing instances about her transmission and mistakenly suggesting that the outdoors was far safer than it really was, but the approach had a big downside.

It meant that the researchers counted many instances of indoor transmission as outdoors hoops and that's the problem right written scientific approach. I asked the CDC how I could just buy the 10% benchmark in an official there sent the statement okay this is officials fact checker official CDC statement. There are limited data on outdoor transmission, the data we do have supports the hypothesis that the risk of outdoor transmission is low 10% is a conservative estimate from a recent systemic review of peer-reviewed papers bubbled up a lot CDC cannot provide the specific risk level for every activity in every community and errs on the side of protection when it comes to recommending steps to protect health. It's important for people and communities consider their own situation and ricin to take appropriate steps to protect their health. What a bunch of gobbledygook back to the times erring on the side of protection by exaggerating the risk of outdoor transmission may seem to have few downsides, but it has contributed to widespread public confusion about what really matters some Americans are ignoring the CDC's elaborate guidelines in ditching their mass, even indoors, while others continue to harass people walk around outdoors without a mask, all the while scientific evidence points to a conclusion that is much simpler than the CDC's message mass make a huge difference indoors and rarely matter outdoors while.

How about that is certainly doesn't seem to be causing problems since January daily Cova debts in Britain have declined more than 99%. So again, the CDC says less than 10% of Cova transmissions occur outdoors, but that's the same thing as saying sharks attacked fewer than 20,000 swimmers year when the real numbers are hundred 50 and they're saying it could be less than 1/10 of 1%. This one virologist said of Cova transmission outside. So why the mass outside why they do this, why did they hype up the risk and the fear I've said this for about 14 months now that essentially I think with the Cova deal that government. This is under trumps watch found Chee Burks, the CDC, the NIH, all these folks basically wrote the end of the book which is this complete restructuring of society and control of healthcare in your health vaccines. Yada yada yada. And now we got back fill the rest of the book to make the case for where we want to end up you write the conclusion then you come back and you put in the rest so they have to justify everything all the time, which is why did you see this ramp all one after found Chee again touching as a learner not were not paying any money to will have labs for for that kind of research I came in the name.

It's Monday. It's when they forcibly on purpose try to jack up some viruses that occur naturally to start a seat at what point you get them to jump to human beings.

I can't there's a phrase for somebody will tell me on Facebook life but these as weed and printing money, then he is justifying the money that they did give the Wuhan virology lab and so it's just, and people wonder why so many of us gain of function thank you Celia Gina function so they're trying to get it to gain function submitted to drill to jump from animals to human beings. Nothing can go wrong with that, of course, that sounds perfectly fine and justifiable. So at this point. That's why the last 14 months I think than my number one prayer request for me personally with respect to doing the show is for discernment because it's really hard to find the truth and you get you get hyped up people on both sides get emotional people on both sides. You get scientific people on both sides and there's no consensus.

This is like global global warming argument on steroids, except in this case they've gone ahead and restructured society only around the world and and and then at least praise the Lord for this. At least the New York Times yesterday comes out and said yes. The CDC is giving a misleading number when it comes outdoor transmission why we were in a mask outside is always about power and control. This is Steve Noble. The seasonal show will be right back and Steve Noble to show that the saddle future gas yet here North Carolina I think 65% of the stations across Northglenn are now out of gas.

It'll come back. This is like a permanent thing.

So let's all be relaxed just a little bit and you know don't show up with some of these folks out there showing up with you 20 different 2 gallon jugs bill and I don't know why places are allowing them to do that. It's like going back to our craziness with the toilet paper thing Yuriko. I mean it's just amazing how fragile civil society is these days week we are.

It's just remarkably fear-based.

We see met with Cove Ed now with gasoline. Whatever and then trump losing and then buying being in there and people just pulling their hair out with just such a fear-based society now. It's really sad and I think that's because probably about 90% of Americans are Christians don't know the Lord don't have the Holy Spirit in southern to be tossed to and fro, and spiritual forces of darkness are in their more so now than I've ever seen in my life at the acceleration of just crazy things going on in the world and that's why just want to continue to encourage you, hopefully your house is built on a firm foundation napping faith in Jesus Christ your born-again Christian, you know, if you were to die today where you're going. Based on your faith in Christ and what is done for you. He did it all.

You had nothing to the table you just exercise your faith and so if you want to get shored up on.

That's what the Bible actually say about it. Please go to my webpage, please go to the Steve Noble Steve Noble and write the top you'll see the word heaven. Just click on that and there's a great little five minute video that explains here's what the Bible says about who doesn't does not go to heaven. There is the main passages of Scripture that you need to understand and if you have never really acted on that doesn't require you making a decision for some people think, Anna, that decision takes place over a certain period of time could be days, weeks or even months. I have a really dear friend can't tell you when you got saved because well at this point and that's a 2005 I wasn't walking with the Lord and and in 2007. I certainly what I what point did you become a Christian and I don't know I just know that I am one now. Praise Jesus that's cool but you need understand what the Bible says and if you're trying to count on anything your own effort in any way to get to heaven you don't understand what the Bible says so please go to the Steve Noble and click on heaven top before I get to this. Anthony found Chee partners with Planned Parenthood abortion biz for healthcare webinar tongue in my cheek.

Okay, the situation in the Middle East, which is terrific. This is an article from Ben Shapiro he doesn't write as often because it is all platforms gotten so big is running his business and is not positive on radio and podcast stuff still, but is not writing is often bright and sets everything on fire. He wrote Ben Shapiro, Joe Biden as lucky as me and never assume the presidency. He succeeded an unpopular figure. He was inaugurated just two weeks after the dramatic storming of the US capital was also beginning of the year after widespread race riots inherited COBIT 19 vaccines in a vexing rollout plan could rightly expect to ride the tsunami of natural economic recovery.

Recovery that was predicted for the aftermath of the culminating pandemic. He inherited a series of historic Middle Eastern peace deal. In other words, Pres. Biden had it easy.

All he had to do was nothing he could expect a new era of good feelings emerging from a tumultuous time. He could expect a booming economy more peaceful Middle East. A solution to the pandemic. All you do is calm the waters.

This, after all, was what Americans voted for, not a transformational figure or figure of radical change, but a stodgy supposedly empathetic grandfather figure who could barely be bothered to leave his basement for the entirety of the presidential campaign normalcy could be restored by installing a nearly inanimate object as president's Ben Shapiro writing instead Biden has served as a faade for the most radical administration in more modern American history in America is Artie paying the price in his first two months in office okay is what spirits talk about in his first few months in office, Biden ran through $1.9 trillion spending package that completely rewrote the bargain between individuals in the state, shifting the incentive structure for people to go back to work. You simultaneously propose another 4 trillion in spending to go along with funeral for trillion dollar budget. The result skyrocketing inflation in commodities along with the dramatic labor shortages, resulting in an April shortfall three quarters a million new jobs, on and on and on and on it goes in the near the Middle East. When Trump was there. We had these incredible peace Accords coming up because trump is stuff Joe Biden's is what MIA they haven't really done anything. And there's been over a thousand rockets fired by Thomas into Israel since Monday and you know him. Israel can hit back, but the invite demonstration. The only thing I heard you earlier today was like urging both sides to stop and by the way, do you remember one of the results of the selection is that the Biden administration decided to send COBIT relief money to the Palestinians. Hundreds of millions. And now I'll send their launching over thousand rockets into Israel. You think there's any kind of connection there. Are we enabling them lower.

Certainly showing them that were knocking to do much right and just brutal.

So not a big time Christian sinus person I love Israel. I appreciate Israel I support a lot of what urgent Israel does not 100%, but that is the holy land in this type of activity anywhere is a problem and so we should all be praying for that piece of Israel peace Accords peace in general were to be peacemakers people of peace. Secant pursuant Psalm 32 or 34 if it's possible as far as it depends on you, live in peace with everyone. Write Romans 1218, so peace a big deal for believers to pay attention and pray can't go you can't do. But we can certainly pray that's a lot to make sure we do that okay. Let's finish with this one again tomorrow.

Theology Thursday. Our friend Pastor Chad Harvey from cross assembly will be on the show with me tomorrow. Anthony found Chee Pres. Joe Biden Street medical advisor participated in a healthcare event Wednesday with the nation's largest abortion chain Planned Parenthood excellent. The hill hosted a webinar future of healthcare bold bets in health with counting the number of prominent medical figures and politicians.

Interestingly, it appears the only sponsor. The event was Planned Parenthood. The billion-dollar abortion chain describes the killing of unborn babies in elective abortions as healthcare does about 40% of all the abortions in the US which is about 350,000 year okay other listed speakers include US Surgeon General Dr. Vivica Murthy, acting Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and US Sen. Debbie Stambaugh on a pro-abortion Democrat from Michigan. Great excellent just bright back in bed with Planned Parenthood, the nation's number one killer of children, the nation's number one killer. And this is Dr. found Chee is all about saving Americans in all about vaccinating.

I'm sure kids down to infants, but once you're in the womb baby sorry we no longer pay attention your Planned Parenthood's business. They discuss how we can push the frontiers of science and leaned forward, and innovation all while keeping rising costs in check. According to the hill live-action commented on a troubling link to the abortion chain, and America's top medical leaders quote the fact that Planned Parenthood appears to be the sole sponsor this event featuring policymakers and doctors who work for the government appears to present a serious conflict of interest over the last decade, Planned Parenthood is committed 3.3 million abortions and has received nearly 6 billion but but but with a P 6 billion from US taxpayers organizations political arm donates millions to the campaigns of politicians Sen. Stijn Bow has been called unwavering champ and champion for Planned Parenthood.

Wow felt. She also has connections to abortion taxpayer funding earlier this week.

Life news wrote about how his federal agency gave more than 40,000 to sport a grisly experiment that involves scalping second trimester aborted babies and implanting their skins on the rodents but the real story.

By the way, Facebook check pet fact checkers. That's real. Go check it Planned Parenthood is primarily an abortion advocacy group abortion provider not a healthcare group in its own annual reports provide proof, no kidding. Last year, making it the number one killer of human beings in America. Planned Parenthood reported 354,871 abortions, a 3.5% increase from the year before and contrast its prenatal services decreased from 9789 to 8626 x 12% drop in adoption referrals drop 40% as cancer screenings and contraceptive services Planned Parenthood most widely touted service also dropped steadily over the past decade. Want to know why it doesn't make them any money over the money. It's if it's Coca-Cola and fries. Make sure your given Coca-Cola and fries with every order. That's abortion.

Make sure you're doing as many abortions as possible and it is the number one killer of human beings and America's not cancer. It's not Cove is not heart disease it's abortion and Harry have America's top health cop anointed about a year ago.

Dr. Anthony found Chee partnering with Planned Parenthood. So he says he cares about human life, but that stops somewhere around I don't know the womb and that's where as a nation, and I appreciate what Steve Dey said when he was on the show recently. You gotta remember eat we need to think of ourselves more as pilgrims and not as much as patriots if you think you can: quote save America. I think America's clinical beyond saving. I think we live in a pagan nation where 85, 90% of everybody in America is not a Christian, and we operate mostly as a pagan nation and so we need to embrace that reality and were not the way on the right for most of us were certainly not the way on the left were the way differently for the way of Christ followers. And as these days get darker and more frustrating and more. Remember this is an incredible opportunity for us to get perhaps our eyes off of Washington. See focus more on soul building up of the church discipleship being the church. Something like, but also in sharing the gospel to Steve Noble to Steve Noble shows God willing I'll see you again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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