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MANDATORY Covid Vaccines???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 5, 2021 12:46 pm

MANDATORY Covid Vaccines???

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 5, 2021 12:46 pm

MANDATORY Covid Vaccines???

Today Steve opens the phones to talk about mandatory vaccine passports.  Listeners sound off on today's show and they are in 100% agreement on this issue.  


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host Steve Noble member of your neighbor if you love your neighbor than what choice do you have other than the get go with 19 vaccination running at the dirt night running Pfizer and J&J. You know whatever flavor you want go in order to up I'm just of course tweaking you a little bit welcome back at Steve Noble the Steve Noble shall but this, this, this concept is thought this momentum of the code 19 adds a mandatory thing at least, perhaps at the private level at your business at your school at your college at a movie theater at a restaurant at a whatever were starting to see sporting events go down this road. If you can't prove you got vaccinated.

You can't drink out of this water fountain that's unfamiliar and this is really happening.

Someone open up the phones today to see how do you feel about vaccine passports. The notion of mandatory coping 19 backs vaccinations on order for Christians to love your neighbor as yourself right so yesterday downtown Raleigh North Carolina citizens for constitutional rights had a rally in a legislative action day. Tara has been on the show recently and is a volunteer with Norco and citizens for constitutional rights and a Tara welcome back. How you doing pretty good. Thank you. And so, tell us how it how it went yesterday. I was glad I got to be down there for not quite two hours I can stay the whole time, but it was great to see people gathering a lot of people for the first time that was the first time that ever shown up, or something like that of the legislature so that was encouraging hundred people come now, and I think with a great paper medical North Carolina.

A lot of people about body autonomy there either.

In terms of the mandate for that and there are Darren right out of anything yet. So it's a it's been interesting to watch people, come alive to the subject, which for which for like you and Mindy was also on the show recently has been an issue for years. As you guys have delved into the world of of vaccines in general. But right now because of coping. 19. I think it's really been interesting to watch the number of people that really weren't paying attention, had no idea of what was going on but all of a sudden they're here and they're paying attention. That's great. And by the way, if you were there yesterday. You're not done. Don't pat yourself on the back and say okay I showed up. I took my stand that's good I get to go back now I get a gold star. That's not how these things work.

I been playing this game since 2004 and you have to keep it's like it's like anything you put me up, you'll put it in for five minutes and pull it out and it's done now. You have to keep the heat up for a while, and that's to be required to what's going on the legislative side another's a lot of moving and shaking and maneuvering in things and we have to kind of pray our way through that Tara because there's not always a lot we can do about about what here and right now and I know some of this is somewhat mysterious. Well, not too many on the air with some talk yesterday that they were on their work tomorrow. Thank we keep our eye on me right now, not on the that we are asking everybody in you calling all of the healthcare on Wellhead and more, and really everybody in the entire house of representatives and yet the method is calling my friend now you you not want mandate or Court in the state of North Carolina were not exactly sure how he felt. In terms of which 1 to 3 with one arm that the message is that thing you do not want the Work you do not want mandate you do not want to North Carolina with here for your liberty and stress on whether or not you taken any thought yet easy way to do that just of the website it's in cc for this number for NCC for look for the red banner up at the top. That's the action which will help you connect these legislators and I and correct me if I'm wrong. Tara and I know you will.

So are we just worried about the Democrats on this deal, or other real problem problems.

On the other side of the aisle with the Republicans really worried about day we really think I would really be easy on that Republican side aisle and Republican party liberty right allegedly allegedly and we really numbering report coming out yesterday after the rally, everybody pretty much from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock to get into the building and meet with either their legislator anybody that would talk. Afterward, the report began touring back out. We work some of the reports that were coming back on people who had spoken with Republican on their thoughts on medical freedom and whether or not they would support a bill and private sector mandate because of the big news stories that happen here North Carolina recently is the announcement from Apple that there to build kind of an East Coast headquarters here three enormous investment ideas like I don't know $3 billion and some begin about $1 billion back from the state government tax breaks 3000 jobs average at salaries in back 160 grand and that's a big part of the equation here is companies like Apple come in and there get certainly gonna tell Cooper what to do and Republicans who are normally hey I don't what we don't want to mess with private business that's good to be a big part of this that companies are forcing it because you get a great job but again I do not get the vaccine and then lose your job and that's that's the reality.

Were talking about here is in it or such as hyperbole, reality, everything will are taking phone calls from people all North Carolina and mostly in the private sector and work for companies that are already mandate down quite stocking that violate okay you okay 21 and that you can't mandate that a product that is in used only under emergency youth soccer is anything to be used on any one word you can't require it experimental and so we got the talking need for that. And speaking all FDA approval after only six months at trial and yesterday were hearing that either is doing the thing that 21 US that protect us from deep mandate could be flipping very quickly from her finger. Only been tested for six months with Tina normally profits of seven years you made beat that lightspeed get a whole were speed concept that the president probably was trying to do the right thing, but they created a monster. Another monster is starting to chow down on the rest of us.

Tara, thanks for calling and working to keep talking and keep us updated.

Thanks for all the work you're doing. Thank you. Welcome talk you later I'll tell you about trials out of that work.

Plus your calls 866-34-TRUTH: welcome back. If so, how do you feel about the notion of mandatory vaccines. As Sarah was talking about working on a citizen for constitutional rights, and you need to remain a part of this dealing with everybody in the North Carolina legislature. It's in the house right now. Republicans are most Republicans the ones on the health committee are not being helpful to more the speaker the house is not being helpful to me explain a little bit you about this on the political side you sitting on why in the world would Republicans in the North Carolina state house and in this case the health committee. Why would they not be like this is a no-brainer that the state Mr. Cooper and Ms. Cohen should not be able to mandate an experiment vaccine to anybody.

Is it still experimental at this point, nor should businesses be able to do that law.

What about kids going to school and NMR and all I can stuff that's a great question, but those are all fully approved vaccines okay. They went through the normal process or to explain to you in the second but Tara saying there's a move afoot and there to get this done better to move on from an experimental to the FDA, moving from experimental status to fully approve status and then at that point they can mandate all day long, and what you do now for some of you you like care at their safe twitch. I say how do you know that how do you know that night. The whole system of reporting adverse reactions to admit to vaccinations its mirrors, or whatever it's called but the big acronym that's voluntary and things that I read as that could be off by factors of 10 or 20 or 30 stuff they say there were 500 just there might be 5000 but they get reported not. You don't have to report adverse vaccinate vaccine reactions. That's not mandatory.

It's voluntary okay so even that we don't have good information. I that's a big strike against all this and let me explain to you clinical phases for vaccines. This is the norm. Okay 7 to 10 years is the norm to bring one out to get a fully approve fully vetted vaccine for manufacturing FDA perspective. 7 to 10 years. We did it in seven months. On one hand like Donald Trump said let's also look at operation works beaver to get this bad boy out there. But one thing you cannot do in seven months is get four years worth of data in terms of longevity you give you give your first the people you can do phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 trials, almost doing at the same time, but you're still only getting six or seven months worth of data in terms of aftereffects, and based on age and what about pregnant people are people that want to get pregnant.

What about all these different factors but we only have like six months were the data before they started role in this puppy out went to market with okay phase 1B striped trousers and rolled saw 20 to hundred healthy individuals right that's where you start small, then you have phase 2. Around 70% of potential new drugs interface to which continues to measure safety while also looking how effective treatment isn't carefully investigating its side effects.

Phase 2 trials recruit up to several hundred patients with the condition to take part. This phase typically last several months to two years. Then after several months to two years you would go to phase 3, just 33% of drugs make phase 3, which test the potential treatment and the largest number of people. This phase measures both safety and effectiveness with many volunteer, sometimes thousands, phase 3 trials last from 1 to 4 year okay so first Steve Noble, me, my wife were like okay we we only have about you get to get Johnson & Johnson to get maternity get Pfizer for covert vaccine and at most you have about will not know yet maybe nine months, 10 months worth of data, how they doing 10 months later, when usually it's 12 months to four years so I was undergoing sorry my choice my body, my choice is no, not yet, not for me in my licensing, but what you do if it becomes all of a sudden mandatory. So my question for you. 8663 foray 7884 is how do you feel about mandated: 19 vaccines. Whether that's by the state in schools regardless of age or at work, you want to go to this restaurant you gotta show us that you got backs you want to go to that you want to go see the Carolina hurricanes you want to go see the Panthers down Charlotte in order to get in the stadium we gotta show mirror vaccinate how you feel about that is that loving your neighbor all of us to get vaccinated. No Christian has any choice, because to love your neighbor means you don't want to put them in harms way you want to potentially kill them with coping and so you have to get vaccinated up your good Christian you have to get back how you feel about this pressure now is now taking the mask syndrome and multiplying it. How do you feel about vaccine passports, which would be a result of either public entities like the government or private entities where you work.

Having a vaccine requirement you want to come in.

You have covert backs you got approve of how you feel about that.

866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Today's program is not about the efficacy of vaccines and vaccine harm. Those are real things, but that's not the point of the days show our it's up you start going down that rabbit trail 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH start going on that rabbit trail.

I'll cut you off and if I have to all hang up on okay I don't I'm not. I don't enjoy doing that but I need your help to stay on topic because I know this can go down a lot of rabbit trails were not doing that. I just want to know how you feel and why you feel that way about mandatory covert 19 vaccines and vaccine passports, which should be a result of because you have to prove this. I have an ID like where to go to court if you want an ID to vote but you better have a you better have a covert 19 vaccination card ID. I'm not letting you in the movie theater or the grocery store or the nail salon or you pick that you pick the place right so you tell me how do you feel about vaccine passports, mandatory covert, 19 vaccines real quick real pithy yes no and why are you for why you against I'm not going to get in some argument with you, but please keep to the subject and don't go down the whole rabbitry okay. Would appreciate that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. All the lines are lighting up so be patient 866-34-TRUTH 784 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to my go to try to go to Tanisha. She is in Charlotte but my producer in Winston-Salem is working through all these calls look at the lines are all lit up so this should be patient and spend the rest of the show answering your calls. Okay, so don't worry about that 866-34-TRUTH go to Tanisha Cullinan from Charlotte.

Thanks for calling and so much they go ahead now. I pretty much like mandatory. It kind of a violation of human right because I'm in the medical field. One of the we have the right to say no, especially things going out of our body and so I feel like that would be crazy, but even if they like had a passport where you have to put it on their I still wouldn't do it. It doesn't make sense to me and I have to make me. Oh, I do feel like it would be a violation mandatory. What would you do it the case and like I don't know if you if you work part-time or full-time at all but if you did, if you do what they said well I Tanisha you really you have to get the vaccine. Or you can't come to work actually happened with the shot. I honestly will. I will not take the job if they are adamant about me doing that. There are, I believe wholeheartedly that it will still be other jobs that pay okay I will I will not take the job, or I will leave a job that I've been for a while. You got it to be something so much for calling in today. I really appreciate that this little 555 Raleigh sorry that that's how I don't know at what point we could hear you on the radio but anyway backup today will be talking this morning about the vaccine. Okay you hear me now you got to go okay great morning I would and I went back to one of my but with another one. There were talking about it and we got into the back pain. One fellow had taken it. I had taken it and scenario was mild spell hat had not uploaded him for not taking it because it is a personal choice that you should be able to take in my opinion. Now for me it of God, you know kill me for something to help me get guys getting but one forced on me birthday, right hand on you know the thing wanted was that I did it and it was in the family for me and it was easy enough that my family did we have an older relative that I love the father did not want to have length can't get it.

But here's the thing. If you'd like me a matter of choice. We should not be shamed into it and do it with a wild work at the that is not who we are is about liberty and freedom and not just my opinion. I do not believe that it should be fortunate.

One way or the other. I think that's just wrong up all those that do or don't get it because it is personal right. Well said Steve, thanks for calling anybody. I really appreciate that and you freedom and liberty that that's who we are.

Think were quickly going to the point, getting to the point where that's who we were and this is a perfect example is going on there was going to Nancy's call in and also North Carolina. Nancy, thanks for calling.

Go right ahead hello good I would probably guy I had shot years ago and I think screwed up with everything. Similarly, go to be told I have to get that would give me my whole family and I'll fill have not gotten a I think control, I don't think so.

You and I think is a very good point especially for you Nancy because he had personal experience was looked at issue like this and note the state nor should an employer have a right to harm you or force you or take your job away from you. For example, based on your situation, your body and what's going on. That should be your choice. But it's dangerous he may know whether to take that away from you Nancy. Great job. First time you're there right now GUBLER something to think things are gone and let's jump over to Richard calling from Lexington Northville and a Richard drama Steve about the vaccines.

A mandatory stuff what you think. Well, along with all these other people got your card spoken with you in regards but additionally there's the usual quality control peer on three different areas on three different areas. I find up but because of some other medical. I was rejected up, but you type II diabetic.

You can got a click will pick up when you don't already okay so what to see you but I have I had a horrible dream the other night where I was headed to do a short-term mission trip got pulled out of the line and was forced to get the exclamation didn't have a choice but felt that was injected but which one I don't know she'll be here something like that potentially happened sure.

I'd really like to have the opportunity to start. Okay, if you're going to give you vaccine. I want to get this girl want to get this one, and those options here affecting the rights exactly right. And I appreciate you calling.

Thanks so much for sharing that perspective.

Richard and the other that's I just imagine that we listen next year my wife and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage. Pray for and we want to go to Italy next year next summer will do European folks just came out recently the last 10 days and said you can't fly in here that the vaccine what to do you get in a change in 12 months. I don't know that it's going to change for them in 20 years and how are you willing to change your lifestyle. I can handle that. What about work. What about school 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number want to hear from you today what you think about vaccine passports which IE would mean mandatory vaccines or you can't go to certain places and do certain things now have a two-tiered system that's the dealer could have two Americans as if we don't already and that's over. Talk about 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How do you feel about vaccine passports are mandating the Cova 19 vaccine and were told as Christians if you love your neighbor as yourself, then you should get because that's how you show that you love people. What you think about that. There's a lot to this 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Jim in Winston-Salem. Go ahead of what you do in question will come.

Regarding your question totally give you sort of a mandatory but exclamation and a lot of time in prayer to you all know what to do should mock company like to get one would job your other question regarding if I could not go to a sporting event or restaurant.

I would just choose not to go and and no support both placement do not yet.

I think were quickly going to go to the gym.

There were that's got to be a marketing decision.

Different restaurants and stuff that he come here.

We don't require a vaccine that your vaccinate another restaurants as they come here were safe because were only vaccinated people I may divide and conquer that the devil, I guarantee that Satan's mixed up in this to because the version and that's that only what's going on.

I hope everybody get you more comfortable absolutely go for it. But for me personally and my wonderful wife were just totally blew up. Thank you so much. You're welcome.

Thanks for college and I appreciate that you want to chime in on this as well. Love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Skymark and Greensboro. Mark think calling you have the floor go ahead are covering this important topic will my wife and children are weak at this point we have no plans shot him jump point in outpatient treatment could really improved tremendously. So all about you, but we're feeling a lot of peer pressure from friends and extended family members. People asked me point blank about my vaccine to help out.

What will you you receive the vaccine because you think the protection of every rock right but but don't protect you and your okay what are you concerned about my being deemed to undermine the entire yes that's the $64,000?

If these vaccines are so great if they work you have it, then why are you worried about me. I and were older and I'm hoping the bridge call oh I will talk you yeah yeah I will have to choose going home watching television on the sorry about that. I am not going to again require three points. Mark, thanks much for calling and thanks for your encouragement to buy and what you do at that right loving your neighbor you love your neighbor you Christians don't love your neighbor you say you love your neighbor, why don't you get protected okay let me just drop this on you okay and I'll get back to the phones are prodding at the break, but it's want to drop this on you what it like I said earlier, and I took it through some lessons on what's the deal is with nickel trials in phase 3. Anywhere from 1 to 4 years. We did all of these phases. Phase 1 phase 2 phase 3, about five months, six months, so right now you know what the earliest people that got Pfizer Dern or Johnson & Johnson right now we don't even have a years with the date on those people and that's a small group doesn't represent the entire population entered the different comorbidities people that are pregnant yada yada yada in even kids. Now though, we just sit down, the 9 to 12-year-olds. The numbers are statistically 04 who get who dies from COBIT between one and 24 statistically zero. That doesn't mean there are neither habit and that's a tragedy.

Every single one of it's not it's not even 500, 500 by the way, out of 76 million 76 million people in this country between H1 and 24 that's basically kindergarten cover all of school kindergarten through college and even grad school for the most part 76 million of them less than 500 died from COBIT to some of them get seriously ill. Yes, what do you up in the entire culture and forced vaccinations on people that have a 99.95% chance of surviving it. 40% of them are asymptomatic. Don't even get sick if 80% don't have to go anywhere near a doctor those of the CDC number and yet you turn around what's behind all this loving your neighbor is actually convincing them not to get it merely find out there's actually some really bad side will be right back, talk about worry about that. And this is not going away anytime soon. Thanks Gina sent me a text we don't know for sure that is dangerous, but we do know, but we do know for sure that there been adverse effects.

We do know for sure that there been people that have died as a result of the virus are not the virus. The vaccines and we also know that the violent that the system for recording adverse effects from vaccines is totally voluntary and do you trust that government institutions and healthcare institutions on and so forth are really anxious to report any deleterious effects impact from these covert vaccines.

They are not. I do not trust them at all. Zero. I don't trust the system at all because it's politically motivated. That's part of the deal.

Their spiritual darkness and there is forces of spiritual darkness inherent division fear. Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy right and is happening in the church were shunning each other in the church. It was bad with mass.

It's going to get worse with vaccines whole because you have a chance to solve the problem of the new didn't get a Christian are you, what we find out and I think that's what I think just me former house painter big mouth Steve Noble just just me as well.

I think I think that this probably has more deleterious effects than we know. And it's going to grow and where only we went to market with this thing. After what, six, seven, eight months with the data when normally it has 12 months to 48 months of phase 3 trial information so we say you got it three years ago, how you doing now we don't know that we went to market saying you got it six months ago, how you doing now not up info for me.

Thank you very much, but we do know that there adverse effects to the point with Johnson & Johnson out of like 6 million shots and had six people died with the blood clot problem and they had paws on the whole thing to me.

I was like really six and a 6 million, that's not slick covert death rate for kids, which is statistically 010. It's up there and so none of us are most of us are very trusting of the soul system. I'm certainly not play real quick. I hate Clay thanks for calling and make a quick were trying to get through people but thanks for calling what you think. While Harry Broder I think you did. Sure, because I wasn't really sure where to go Monday, but I probably felt it. Thank you for being there.

Thank you for. You know the guy we may have fire truck can I would like to briefly cover the people look, I wasn't sure you know, but knew that I had to make her trust in the morgue to do so. What I did is thought about it the part about it till the Lord answered the entered it out Thursday night I was watching couple programs on TV. I was watching the new you also organize crime thing watch the moon toward the end of the news there was a screen that was worked on the TV screen with your VA all available covert direction truck so I went. I called Cooper did the 14 minutes because you have a couple glitches over computer lately. After that, she told me that I was always able to go with that morning with the morning I was told you don't get the first one on Turner card return envelope R got it the second one that are Verse shared with me was very important.

I slowly read the masking thing.

After three weeks which I have good although you know I never compliant.

Would you share understand that you know this is the thing that is very important.

People but it's up to George. I will tell you that you're not a big milk you will sharing God's word for what's important for us to hear about that, though I could go on and only I could preach about it, but all I would like to say thank you for sharing what you sure because I got to the wonderful job you're bringing forth what you know I had to warn her trust and airfreight.

What happened with me because I'll share this with Carol sure this would go will quick when they brought out the 181-313-2345 whatever. I'm a veteran veterans will not listed thing and that's the interesting thing to me because you know people who were in jail or in prison. Got it before other people and I'm a veteran but we were not listed in the note and vocal person. I'm not avowing personally I'm not like I don't get bent out of shape. I just learned to trust in what God the father, Jesus. Amen. Ole as always think I appreciate you calling Powell in and I think every encouragement is always an thank you for your service. Be remiss well brother I want to thank you God bless you. Love your perfect your man you're not sure of the stuff people are not going to have the house opened up there and there and it's important so I'll just say thanks, know the Lord blessed me with what's been happening. I've had no real effect, and no work, no dislike. I think spell appreciate you. Love you think so much work. I'll talk to you later. Let's go to see if I've spent couple of people on hold for so long and I'm so sorry. The phones adjustments land go right ahead. You know why I am so thankful that they are because I don't know what that majority of people are we again I am so thankful for the conversation you're having right now on the radio because people are afraid to talk about it though. You even paying your opinion and being not here dictate your opinion and you just talked about their reporting voluntary and involuntary and only one person betting out one person are only are our shared 1% of the people who have died or had average perspective, whatever from vaccine only 1% of them reported voluntary work and I had a lady tell me that it was after the first vaccine because it was unheard of a not death in one weekend and not reported. I think that there I think it's criminal. I think that there's going on right now in North Carolina and still trying to eat half later date back and I think that anybody who thinks that 99 point enter whatever number you want. That's greater you know you really ridiculous recovery rate is. Thank you for even having a conversation. I hope I'm not the minority on the part you learned that's been across the board.

Every single person is called in so far so good to hear Congressman get involved at we cannot link you tell them with your money. I've changed a lot of my behavior.

I don't stop it a lot yes to the max mandate and I knew for sure that Matt vaccine where you see matter right now I'm in a great call. Thanks so much for Sharon appreciate it but I didn't and that's great plan to mirror because you have to decide you know flight travel unit is not fly for some people know again I'm not dumb to keep challenging that assertion that to get it is to love your neighbor okay.

Not necessarily your assuming is 100% safe course, it isn't. We know that already, so you be really careful. That's good. Debbie: from South Carolina, Debbie, so sorry to keep you on hold, go right ahead quickly before we got airborne no track. I'm not the fearful type thing that I didn't want to be and I think should be able to like restrict whoever comes in their bank. One thing I can from the law enforcement background and I've got my fully vaccinated card worth UPS to copy thing you right then there's always that that's what I was thinking yesterday.

Debbie and like you know there's going to be a black market for VAX cards and vaccine passports to blown off and go around to give us 100 bucks you can have this one go. Everyone in the butt, but thank God because overall for unless you're over 70 for most people this is a 99.95% recovery rate and we should be thankful for. That is very serious. Obviously we lament over every death. It's been a result of coven, but we brought Nana Bob do a knife. I Debbie, thanks so much for calling. I really appreciate thank you to. By the way you let's go real quick.

I have time for one more call Kira go ahead, you're up. Don't know. A lot of them are don't want to come again, multiple time actually be quite so cool and yet are concerned with. We actually received letter on your current well I like their underlying learning and you and I email what a great point.

Thanks so much for: and God bless you serious stuff we can talk about it. We can rally about it rings all our members in the house and Senate here North Carolina in your state appear elsewhere and you should do all those things but we do those things we don't pray were not asking God to help us with wisdom and discernment in favor good luck with that picture will bring about these things and I will keep talking about it. I'm not really worried about what the culture says worried about the government I died already. Prices making about the need to know me. So whatever the world wants to do. This is a noble and noble shelf, God willing. I talked to my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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