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Culture War Tactics

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 25, 2021 10:11 am

Culture War Tactics

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 25, 2021 10:11 am

Culture War Tactics

The Book of Daniel shows us exactly how the Babylonian Empire sought to destroy the Jewish culture...and the same tactics are being deployed against Christians in America today. Pastor Austin Gentry joins me to discuss his recent blog post, Tactics of Cultural Warfare.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job everyone to sign as the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble you are in the midst of a culture war when you want to believe that or not is happening is been happening for a while is nothing new.

It's not just contained in United States of America but a culture war between God's people in the rest of Earth's people ever since there was God's people, and so we can go into the Scriptures and see examples of this and try to learn from it. So last week I believe it was Austin gentry's been on the show before it's been a few years had a great book that came out to about three years ago came in 2018. Called 10 things every Christian should note for college a student's guide on doubt community and identity. A great resource, especially if you have children or grandchildren that are junior seniors in high school moving towards college or just started college again in college already. It's really a great resource. So I would encourage you get that on Amazon. I put some links up on Facebook live today, but Austin sent me.

I recently through Facebook.

A link to his blog site just Austin gentry GEN and the title of the entry was tactics of cultural warfare, which he assumed rightly that I would be interested in that, in a really fascinating luck here on theology Thursday at a Daniel chapter 1 showing us that this is from Austin's article shows us is that Babylon's tactics of cultural warfare, were talking nearly 3000 years ago against Judah are eerily similar to the tactics being used in the culture wars happening today right here in our backyard. So there's a lot to learn from this particular passage of Scripture. And it's great to have Austin back on the show at us today to guide us through that Austin how you doing my friend. Good to have you back going to write it on. I really appreciate you send me a link for this before we dive in there because I want to unpack this. How are you doing I mean that I was.

I sent this note to you because I was leaving the rest of them think I figured out who texted me, but somebody texted me because you had and everybody just you know Austin's a young millennial help the individual in you had a really nasty bout with COBIT's are you feeling hurtful thing really predated a lot better… Bring with their hospital provide me in on what little bit but. No, we all know that the buyer affect different people in different ways of my 87-year-old grandfather got it and you would start off well about and yet got a workout on… We millennial and generally healthy and you know… What you back health is that we cannot take for granted now. I'm thankful for the Lord bring it back to full strength almost didn't get better each day the Lord that's great you're welcome, and not just enough room for most of you, and enter North Carolina Austin's North Carolina-based essentially went to UNC Chapel Hill also went to Southeastern Baptist theological seminary, where he got his Masters of Divinity and now he's down. Get your ex back in the state of my birth down there Austin.

He's that that the young adults pastor for Second Baptist Church and in Houston Texas so fantastic article.

Great job really well researched and well written out but what what can I got this going for you Austin what why did you decide to look into the book of Daniel in the first place and then will dive into how this applies to us yet. Great question. What you're personal white blood doing it being one book of the Bible among the Old Testament, the every other month a new and the old reading and studying a new book the last year noted the book of Daniel into first year of the book of Daniel. All you know the line and burn it and no other stuff to think out cool and started really digging into the contact culture. The story and and in doing that. I also like to follow my personal white with the thermic. Well, like you in the car and I actually was. You a pastor named childbirth, or certainly think they'll fold yesterday church and yet the fantastic hearing on the book of Daniel. I really know him Austin. I know how cool he was the pastor at my son's church when my son was going to school down in Orlando which is where he came from. No way yeah really small world world yet we connected a little bit. One of the young adults grown back and it didn't connected in any way I is a really great job diving into opening you want the book of Daniel, and parent. Actually fired me to write and wondered a flyby packet of cultural warfare and when he first while that will take a big ball drop in. I want to like big Bertha eat, you would truly declaration behind why boat and a couple to pose point from the code were not derived from.

I keep in on the well. Thank you for writing behind that's great yeah because we get into it in the way we approach is and will unpack this with Austin throughout the rest of the show is you look at this as this was the cultural warfare that Babylon, the Babylonian empire was imploring an employee against Judah against the people of God so you look at reverse engineering. We tend to think of what are we doing to when the culture where well, what's the other side doing Sun Tzu all of said once that you know you can keep your enemies prints close and your enemies closer. Nearly gotta study your enemies. That's what this was so eye-opening when you sent it to me. I was hooked immediately and read right through it working. Unpack this. Basically those those four points kind of four main tactics of cultural warfare.

We can see in Daniel one and again as I read these two guys and then and then Austin will lead us through them to understand them as we unpack the show. These are what's being employed, employer employee against us as people of God. People of the book and these should kind of sound familiar, some let me just read through these right quick Austin and then will unpack them as we get into the shelter number one assimilate the best and ostracize the rest will get through that number two. This should definitely ring true, emasculate men, we see that all over the place, number three, about this when we been talking about education. A lot of the show lately. Austin and indoctrinate through the government school system they were doing it then. And that's also happening down the number for this is also fascinating. One of the reasons Austin that I've decided this falling I've been teaching homes isolates homeschoolers for years. Adding this all a two semester class on US history.

Point number four. Rename people places and things of the old culture in the language of the new culture so that the old cultures history and values are lost. Those all are exactly what we see going on very pressing and great job Austin were talking Austin gentry about this article. Tactics of cultural warfare that you can find on his blog post Austin big affair and theology Thursday off, put on hold will be right back is a man going round and then back at Steve know that he tactics of the total warfare is in jail and theology. Thursday, Austin gentry, who is North Carolina-based millennial really nice down Texas at at the Second Baptist Church in Houston Texas is the young adults pastor wrote an incredible article they share with me recently on his on his blog page and you cannot get his book there and other resources that Austin GE NTR wide tactics cultural warfare looking at Daniel one and it really is amazing Austin again, thanks for being with us and how I so much of this just jumps right off the pages of Scripture.

Right into the current context was that your experiences you kinda started.

Unpack this week.

We believe that God worktime look bright but timely. The thing that were written early not alert things that we be today.

Yeah, it's really a story I'd love them to go to this point by point I just going to set up each point and then you can walk us through it there… I highlighted the tar out of this. I got more yellow than I do, what on this printed out version of the of your blog is really excellent. But let's start with this first one. Assimilate the best ostracize the rest. So here we are looking in the book of Daniel by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and besieged it. Then the king commanded happen as his church unit is chief eunuch to bring some of the people of Israel. Both of the royal family and of nobility youths without blemish of good appearance and skillful in all wisdom and dealt with knowledge, so the best of the best assimilate the best option ostracize the rest. Let let how do we how we see that happening here in America today.

Whatever dominant culture want to replace the subculture to work tactics, but happening in our day-to-day lives not been happening for doubt. It Babylon is that dominant culture where it has a harder time getting it subculture what they will do often can't find gatekeeper stakeholders and people who like Daniel and Frank are intelligent start and after next and resources and will find a date for that in a way leave the subculture to try to pretty much wanted dined to try to recruit them in a way you can't power can't welcome other power one will do it and responsible. Try to cater to it because of fine explicated value stakeholders.

The gatekeeper wanted, dined, and it is there a list recruit that you will because if they can convert them just didn't make anything in the dominant culture is not all… Maybe, maybe you brought certainly for subculture or a win for us to write well you often can't promise that that they don't keep her cat are checked they don't cash exactly another story, but try to convert the gatekeeper stakeholders because in a way they represent the future of that local and away they are the leadership that will move that subculture forward to what it wants to do in a way that the dominant culture want to stimulate the best beat gatekeeper stakeholders and really ostracize the rest the people because after all, they don't really need. They don't bow, don't really offer anything to the dominant culture think that with you that happening, you know, in our own political link. Some people are of value to four strategic than others and think about your example, certain presidential candidate joining forces with pop-culture icon right one that you might not otherwise have real influence then split, combine the report will now we have asked that the folder that we work in a fine or, for example, when a social movement might find additional momentum on the coattails of the professional athlete or started really no clue what this social movement is all about. Or another example like find a particular outlier. You have the platform do not represent the subculture at all, but they have their own convictions that might align dominant culture will you know to try to avoid that and then paint a picture broadly as a result, in ways that fit but the culture war work you look for the best quote gatekeeper stakeholders. Those who have influence really awesome that there's no value but we certainly saw this happen when you know you could look at from the right perspective.

You can look at Donald Trump and who wasn't who ran down the lane and then there's someone who else ended up running for president is divorcing Kim Kardashian oh US Oak is only that the BLM and everybody associated with BLM but then you also see it. Austin you've been around young people obviously where you see a lot of kids that grew up in an church rep in evangelical churches, and then there like insiders are part of that subculture.

But then they kinda get co-opted and and and wooed away by people that are also their agent. Don't believe the same thing social media influencers coming to a certain extent look like Brett and link grew up in Carrillo, meaning they were in the middle of evangelicalism and then what a year or so ago they did their deconstructing their faith and that really messed a lot of people up and it's gonna pull some young people over and so you assimilate them or you ostracize and that really I think is the whole cancel culture right now. Easier to play by our gamma words can ostracize you at yeah I mean think you you are… But they were fanned out like especially with the younger generation look at their phone. You know, 18 hours a day and into the people that most of their life were likely is media start that they have no relationship with the media starts that the inner big building frames and other talk about and you must file my roommate and I like what you be a good bit and one thing that was frustrating brought you know, especially during a lot of political turmoil was that after after the game. The interviewers on the anarchy. Indeed, they would ask them what are your thoughts on the on the lights. That's the last person that we know how much like how credible they are a great example of inner you will wire we are we getting them up like that door on Facebook like brought them to come, Somebody would normally look to for social commentary or political commentary, and he creates his whole movement and people go along with it there, co-opted then and if you don't go along with it. Well, you're a racist or whatever and so were just can ostracize you were to cancel it cancel you the next point Morgan had a break in about a minute, emasculating me see this going on all over the place. I'm just gonna set this one up and just reading from Austin's blog here. it was that it was ancient tradition that servants in the Kings court would be made into UNIX what anyone does not especially indicate the Daniel and his friends were made into UNIX. The book of Isaiah suggests so emasculating male leadership meant more than just sexual restraint and meant that to their culture. We see this going on all over the place where where it now. Like you mentioned this in the article, what's up, what's the word that we associate with masculinity now toxic. So it's pretty amazing when you look at this and I want to unpack this because you.this is really powerful culture.

The culture wars aiming to functionally emasculate them, meaning men by three powerful methods listen and see if this doesn't ring true to all you guys porn abortion and the deconstruction of gender as a whole so so let's start the porn thing just a couple open comments on that when we come back full unpack that. How is this culture war against us against believers against people of the book using porn abortion and gender to emasculate men.

If you do that you're one step closer to controlling the culture obliterating the subculture in the subculture in case you're wondering, by the way, in this case is us Christ followers Austin gentry put on hold and be right back unpack is very very important today in theology. Thursday will be right back is noble to know much of Thursday. Today was diving into the book of Daniel sitting tactics of cultural warfare. These are the tactics are being used against and Daniel's case is being used against you will of God. Today is largely being used against us in the American context is against the church in general, the author of the article Austin gentry Austin is the website GEN TRY tactics of cultural warfare. We can't, I can't really do it justice on the radio for an hour or 40 minutes and radio time, so make sure you get it.

I would to come and encourage you to read it, share it printed off, grab a highlighter. This is old school. Okay, grab a highlighter and just work your way through it and highlight things because Scripture does this in proper application of Scripture just jumps out and makes itself applicable, as is often said earlier, is timeless. Which means it's always timely in your to find all kinds of fruit on the tree.

As you work through it, which is why were doing this today again.

Austin, thanks for taking the time to be with this man.

I really appreciate it. Yeah out and honor to be on grab your welcome.

So were talking to the second point, which is about emasculating men.

We see this. This should be pretty obvious to everybody, but you mentioned three things that in our ultimate end to me is not the culture is not a political party that it manifests itself in a lot of different ways. Our ultimate enemy of course is Satan himself, but porn abortion and the deconstruction of gender as a whole to help us understand those in the context of this culture war against us. Back when Daniel reprint run the court to Babylon very common working in that time you make all the men in the court unit and out-of-court like get not happening in our in our day and eight in America. Thank goodness, what the many reasons for what it made me UNIX and the court and the court, but most of it is that in the Kings court. There were men who were strategic and they were leaders and they were people of power so emasculating. Then the king was able to maintain as much control as he could know what you know in the same way you see in the culture war three main tactics. I believe that are not making in unit literally of course.

But right are functionally functionally doing that making men unit actually is freethinker porn abortion.

The deconstruction of gender really as a whole and how to work with porn in general. We live in a culture where expectable. Now more than really ever before and what it does it give you the high act of porn and coupled with the low cost of abortion in our culture is doubly especially when it does it encourages men cannot be man as God designed them to be, but it encourages men to be takers differs encourages us to live on pleasure instead of little-known nonresponsibility and in a way it did make the candidate weakens the things that make us strong as God designed it delayed gratification, relational investment and societal responsibility porn. I accepted that in a low cost of abortion really means that we don't need to do a thing yet, only to have Blake will need to have relational investment will need to model responsibility and and as bad as the men know you are in a way leading culture in many respects.

These are things that are going inhibit him actually doing and what what will replace the man being a leader in the culture. Well of course the government and those who are in power. Normally they don't want to make the men strong in their society because you've been in power and happening. It doing that now you be how can you be an effective watchmen on the wall looking up for the people of your busy watching porn indulging yourself and then hiding the results of that kind of a promiscuous lifestyle by having pain for an abortion and I was saying over the break on Facebook live Austin that every Saturday when I'm down in abortion clinic out there praying I see these men come out come up and half the women it's it's another girlfriend that brings him or whatever, but half the time it's a guy that brings him.

He pulls in she goes inside and he leads him out here five in a box. Go get rid of the evidence whatever. And I leave talk of emasculation and there just gone and now we have the whole issue of gender.

You mention this, which was kinda sad in our culture.

This culture were declares masculinity is toxic and reading from the blog while simultaneously saying gender is fluid and non-binary. So this one's really obvious to me what so help us understand this emasculating men by just getting rid of gender yeah you will be an advantage that is not strong enough argument, working to deconstruct the very concept of gender as the reality were anyways there's not not male and female, really good your big picture on the grant movement has gained much momentum that the greatly is because we can't get someone to manage them once a woman because that could be offensive to someone we can't really tell the truth and if you think about it. You say that masculinity and of itself is toxic and you all Thursday, while vendors also included non-binary that that is conceptual chaos right like the beginning. There is no logical framework. Basically, you know it doesn't want you to really create mail with anything. If you get it mailed directly believe in it and it was the wrong help power-hungry culture for more dominant culture trying to get rid of the subculture to do a make the men nonexistent in a way and functionally through deconstruction, philosophy, and through creation label cultures doing right now with equipment we don't want that. We don't really want them to think that in a way that the section we just read this far wiser misleading in a tactic of the culture will cultural warfare against us again everybody because when a culture fears the most, at strong men who love their families and raise their children up in a way that is contrary to the spirit of Babylon so that so if you're a strong, godly man. If you're married, have kids, you are a you know a major enemy, and we can't let you reproduce have other young jet wrongly godly men porn abortion in the deconstruction of gender is is a tool that they're using to get rid of that because were very, very dangerous.

That's why our role is so important and we have to step up to the plate but let's jump to this one I talk about this a lot on the air because we had critical race theory, and a lot of things going on in public education but but indoctrinate to government school system and they were actually doing that in Daniel's contact. Everything you you work after one another. Try to teach them anything you wanted to teach his Jewish a great degree of drinking a bottle.

In the literature in the language of the Chaldea they were to be educated for three years and ended up on the stand before the king. They were being educated in what kind of cloth people in the literature and language of the Celtic. They were taught a particular worldview education in general that they were right and they were very particular type of education what they wanted them to delete and the same kind of thing happening really a public school the wrong unit work taking her to the rock. I went the one I don't want to group the much going to want but the state of education will always reflect the ideology of those were both in power over can happen and not happening right now worked well across the board. And that's why when we look at DC all the time and can focus energy in our efforts and even our prayers.

If you pray for people in elected office. We focus on DC but when it comes to education that's happening locally and most Christians that say they care about the culture and care about education don't know anything about the local school system in so you have this problem out there that's happening all over the place, because to your point, and in what when the Bible says the literature in the language of the Chaldeans are in our public school system. They are not being taught how to think they're being taught what to think. Which is exactly what was going on in Daniel's time yeah great point yeah and the reason why the government in power want you leverage the educational because they see that educational engine really preparing down on you ought framework that we have progressed from and really raising up me like logical framework for the new study that they want to usher in that they believe it better. And so I know for future kids that support the all the rest the body will follow the power and education go hand-in-hand are not mutually exclusive. There's not a lot of give-and-take there.

I think with her knots is a great point. So the last point here then and then also the last thing this over to talk about okay what did Daniel do and what what can we do but this is also a huge one that I talk about pretty regularly on the show and this fall woman to start teaching US history, but this is so important.

Rename people, places, things of the old culture and the language of the new culture so that the old cultures history and values are lost, so we look at our context here in America and why. Why would the culture war against us want to rename change destroy our past because our past was came out of the soil of the Judeo-Christian worldview so that that's exactly what's going on. Is it yeah yeah Willie in the book of Daniel. What happened became another he rename each of the Jewish a look if Bill had names that reflected the godly work one another what you did was he gave them all new name reflective of the Chaldean pagan worship and to God that I know. I think that worldview, renaming the three identify ways that he wants something now identify right guy. It's not good to see a Israelites it's much better to be a Babylonian in this case today. It's not great to be an American patriot. You need to be somebody that see-through that you need to be a progressive or talking Austin gentry about this great blog post will be right back. Faith is a working away tactics of cultural warfare.

Looking at the book of Daniel and looking at the massive cultural war that was being against the people of God against Judah, Daniel, and shows us in reading from the article by Austin gentry is that babblings tactics cultural where for nearly 3000 years ago against Judah are eerily similar to the tactics being used in the culture were happening today. I was just referencing for those of you on Facebook live in YouTube life an article at USA today about Oral Roberts okay Oral Roberts University is kind of the Cinderella story of March madness making it to the Sweet 16.

In this author USA today have Belgian very anything about her, but you talk about okay there's all this effort should people excited great should be excited, but here's what it says. And yet at the spotlight grows on Oral Roberts and it reaps the goodwill publicity and revenue of a national title run universities deeply bigoted anti-LGBT Q plus policies can't and shouldn't be ignored. Essentially, the point of her article is we should celebrate a school like this. A school like this with these types of viewpoints shouldn't even be allowed to compete in something as prestigious as the Sweet 16. A perfect example of what were talking about today often. I know you're a sports fan.

Did you know about that one with the Oral Roberts versus USA today reading up on it. Click the link but in a way brought. Through the wake of always other capital culture think we would the Christian worldview with the affidavit. Another example now and the day tournament. Yeah yeah perfect example in the talking point number for them to talk about what Daniel did, because it's the same thing that we need to be doing. But this last point, so, so powerful and, and, again, this should be obvious to everybody, rename people, places and things of the old culture think US history. In our case, our culture in the language of the new culture progressivism so that the old cultures history and values are lost.

This I think a perfect example of this is the 1619 project so let's look at what was going on in Jamestown, which is populated by a bunch of scumbags versus what was going on in Plymouth there really took two different things going on. Early in the days of of this nation's history and now we gotta repaint it that this nation was born out of nothing but hatred for black people. Slavery patriarchal system white supremacy and greed and so you just gonna redefine the past right so that way you can control the future.

You get rid of anything good from the past is that does that essentially was going on here. Yeah what what going on here in the book of Daniel being about one rename. They were named the name of their names that reflected the worship of their God, Yahweh, and now renaming them after the names of his own pagan God of Babylon because he wants to simply make them into a new identity old Judaism you infect the newness that you want to make them into yeah so when you look at if we can look at this is this is a matter renaming win-win for years in this country they love. Do we believe in the Judeo-Christian ethic. Yes, do we think that the 10 Commandments are beneficial to society.

Yes, do we think prayer in school is helpful. Yes. Now all of a sudden you look at that go know it's a peasant oppressive. It's patriarchal. It's white supremacy and since then the other thing is that kind am I am I seeing that correctly. Austin is we cannot compare Daniel to what we see today just literally kind of change definitions change names that like your say yeah yeah you thinking name a good bit in our culture in many ways and really dying because when you change the name think is not just an arbitrary change the name to better reflect, think what what what they're doing, but the psychology of it all is if the words are powerful and words are essentially the architect of how the world is the architect of meaning they are engaged in that we built between ideas and thing that we change the word of something change the name to something power-play because what you're doing if you're here get your missing meeting and are reinforcing other meeting and when you can change word and rename think your changing meaning what you're doing if you're changing the way that people think and exactly without it back I read a book last year old 1984 by George Orwell gently predicted that like when it wouldn't open a new culture will take over an old culture well out. You can upload earned three book and will rename things and if you even care to think about it or bring it up in a certain perspective on and if you enforce or celebrate what we do tell you, you the right language not wrong language. Then we will will you know and have the tapping in our culture now is called hate and can't say certain things because if you do then you're not believing what we want you to believe that there is no there's no tolerance not met. Yeah, and that's exactly what we see today right that that the tolerance is anything but. I use this is from your blog as well. This is that Austin By the way, and I put links up on Facebook live today.

Gentry is spelled GEN TRY Austin power-hungry culture that is seeking to win the war. The culture were on another subculture will not tolerate other diversity of viewpoints, diversity of thought or diversity of language that's gone so the party or the group that says are all about tolerance or anything but a select. Let's come up switch to the positive side in terms of what we do because you talk about what Daniel did and he said that he drew a line what you mean by that Daniel 81 Daniel Rick Dalton he would not file the drink quantity drink. Therefore, the active cheap unit will allow him to not defile what you did gently with with the true vine at the King. What was really interesting if there like why draw the line there and what why did you quote the file because most commentary readers believe that there was nothing really wrong with the food in terms of die under the Jewish custom dietary restriction. They don't really have any evidence believed that there was weird like wheat okay. I think that Daniel has already been to file right to me.

She just made unit given another education was given another name: like you'd already been defiled right but what Daniel did with you drew a line in an area that at least had an opportunity to be that you had at least free will in the area of his life in the culture war where you know what I can control how they identify me, I can't control. Bernie and I can control the name to their now call me by what you note this is an opportunity where I don't have to be. If there's a way for me to not defile myself in a way from getting what the king and not what I believe is going on here is not the food at the dietary reflection of their religious principle, but rather that the food was in a way representative of the king trying to get himself with these new recruit is trying to be the provider is going to be the pain or trying to be there God in a way to what you try to wine and dine Daniel Dana thankfully by drawing the line, but they know not you have your drink if they gate myself with you in an intimate way to draw the line somewhere, at least where I can. So what is it did give us some examples to be some kind. Austin really from your from your own life as I know where I do this in my own life and in for me. I have a platform you have a platform down there at the church in Houston. Give me some examples of where you've kinda drawn that Daniel type line to say okay I'm drawn a line in the sand here and I'm knocking I could capitulate to what this dominant cultures trying to do. Yeah what you want to wait personally drawn a line. I don't react. I know none what what I mean by draw the line Daniel drawing the line about personal convictions, not about biblical one important because many of us love personal conviction and we make the biblical standard other people to abide by the letter we don't do for you on Google.

We need a bit with personal conviction where we believe okay this might be for example, I have many friends on my twitter equality for college.

You are, they believe very differently than me. There more left wing. They are more agnostic therefore atheistic and they have certain of evangelical certain media obviously. But there is been there, like the one I've drawn a line and myself did on the day with all the things that are going wrong in our culture it needed on Twitter you know the speak in ways that are like for example the debris on Taylor for example to be eight to leak out on that and give a I've personally to draw the line that I'm not big on because I'm not a jury. I'm not. And even if I do I don't want to be a stumbling block to my brain as I bring up a different perspective to start using me what I thought helpful, though, the whole idea behind that will finally file you.modern winter coat for me and if I don't get me well you note the lineup to draw at least on Twitter informed Naga is not getting date to not work. Nothing for my friend group yet one way, I've drawn a line will now we can do it.

We can look at in terms of political ramifications and in voting. The things that you talk about it again and that I think it's a great, great point in terms of personal convictions in its contextual so my main audience on this show in on Facebook our fellow conservative Christians above the age of 40 and so I I can engage my people group knowing that we've got some blind spots.

We got to replace some of our political focus with the gospel focus and so II really focus on the crowd, but if my crowd were a bunch of younger people your age that believers were agnostic or atheistic that would completely change what I talk about and how I talk about have you think that's a great point for you to read this article for yourself. Everybody Austin I put the links up on Facebook live. I wish we had some more time but will do it again. Austin, it's great to hear you and it's great to have you down the show.

I mandate what talk nonresident.

You're welcome. I will do again. You're welcome. I'm so much that I Austin I put the links up there so much to work where you can draw the line in your life for the cause of Christ. Great question. This is noble self. God willing, I'll talk to you soon.

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