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Teenage Knife Fighting

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 23, 2021 1:27 pm

Teenage Knife Fighting

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 23, 2021 1:27 pm

Teenage Knife Fighting

Today on a Snarky Friday Steve shares some crazy stories from this week. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out

Now here's your host Steve Noble warning trigger warning trigger warning is called sarcasm. Okay, just just to get out there.

It's called sarcasm. Before I take you through this first story, welcome back and see no one is the normal show here you go in the national review written. Remember, you know what's happening with me by Friday right right snarky print okay real in defense of teenage night fighting. Maybe I should laugh just when I thought that America can possibly get any softer.

People start suggesting that there's a role for the police in preventing nice murders. The snowflake generation strikes once again. Is there any tradition that the radicals won't ruin as the brilliant Bree Newsom pointed out on twitter, quote teenagers have been having fights, including fights, including knives for eons unquote and now people are calling the cops on them. I asked is this a self-governing country or not we Newsom says we do not need police to address these situations by showing up on the scene and using a weapon. She may be expressing a view that is unfashionable these days but she's right. Disappointingly, my colleague Phil Klein is felt compelled to join the critics in a post published yesterday. Phil asked in a sarcastic tone whether the police should somehow treat teenage night fights as they would harmless roughhousing and simply ignore it. My answer to this is yes, that's exactly what they should do.

Yes, even if they are explicitly called to the scene. I don't know where Phil grew up in. This is Charles Cook from the national review writing. I don't know where Phil grew up where I spent my childhood Fridays were idyllic we play some football. Try little super Mario brothers have a quick knife fight fire up some frozen pizza before bed and now law enforcement is getting involved. This is political correctness gone mad its hypocrisy to who among us hasn't come within a second or two of murdering someone else with a steak knife.

My best friend in school Bobby the blade Simpson used to throw shifts at the smaller kids in the music room. Do we need the authorities to step in when that happened. No we did not as an MSNBC's Joy Reed argued smartly on her show last night praying such as these were dealt with by our teachers, just as we all expected that they would be someone wrong. Well, that's why we had substitutes. In all honesty I worry that the sort helicopter policing is making us weak back in my day the people survived the good staffing came out stronger for it. I learned a lot of lessons from my time in the ring. Self-reliance had overcome fear the importance of agility the basics of military field dressing, and given the turnover.

I also learned how to make new friends today. The free range generation to which I belong is dying out and this time it's not from the wounds inflicted by everyday teenage night fights, but because our politicians and activists simply cannot leave us be. From the time of the Coliseum. Our civilization has had a tradition of lightly regulated, highly entertaining combat. Who are we exactly to think we know better right so obviously Charles Cook at the national review tongue-in-cheek sarcasm bashing away on the fact that some of our elected officials were like why are the police showing up on and something like this and why in the world would you pull a gun and of course, this is exactly what's been happening in Comus, Ohio, for example, in the since May of last year. The been five deaths of African Americans at the hands of police.

Now that's usually how it's reported. Just like CBS News play the clip from nine from 9911.

I where they left out the part that the young woman who unfortunately was shot and killed in this incident. I was wielding a knife and a rather large one if you seen the video are some of the pictures but they come out and save five police five African Americans have been killed by police and you got your first reaction normally would be. Oh my gosh that's terrible what what's going on there because it really more of this.

But once you start reading the stories and I should get into it.

This is our problem in a highly politicized highly racially charged environment.

The right does its thing.

The left does its thing. The race baiters do their thing. And no, and nobody's thinking critically anymore.

We just jumped to a conclusion and that's the end of it and your guilty of it on the right just like they're guilty of and on the left and I get guilty of it to, but anymore this is like if you if you have a chef that continually makes you meals three meals a day in each one of those meals ends up having something wrong with it. You would think at some point when the chef serves up the next meal. You'd be a little discerning like what kind of garbage is he slipping into this one will that's exactly what's going on with the stories in the mainstream media. So for you and I your follower of Jesus Christ and I sincerely hope you are to the power the Holy Spirit in the book of James were called to ask for wisdom. Boy do we need that, but I would also add to that discernment because we're all being sold a bill of goods all the time from the right and from the left, mostly from the left.

So from the right and so when you hear something. If you're an African-American. If you're at Caucasian. Whatever you are and you're particularly sensitive to this issue, what's going on with the police and African-Americans in the racial issue and should, in general, I would just ask you to go beyond the headline and remember that everybody's working you every body is pushing you in one direction or another. They're trying to get you jacked up hyped up already to go. If it bleeds it leads but divides it provides just made that up. So that's the deal. So all of us as Christians, slow to speak, while whereby read the summer before slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen, this is exact. This is the exact opposite of how the media plays plays it and plays you. The media comes under quick to anger, quick to speak and slow to us right and that's the deal. That's why just wanted to use the story because it's preposterous. And by the way, unfortunately, can you imagine the family as a foster family of this young woman and then the cop who it literally only been on the job for like 16 months and you show up and there's a girl in rage and she's got a good 6 inch blade and she hurt hand is cocked back she's ready to bury that thing in this other girl what are you going to do and just so you know, a police are trained to shoot center mass is not a shoot in the leg because that they miss you got a bullet flying around and you're not trying to hurt anybody else, and what you do all the just let's just let it happen. See how bad the night fighters or fire into the air at that point the girls hand cocked back that night is coming down.

It's a nightmare and and we don't how often do we stop and think how difficult this job is and that we should be praying for police and like I mentioned the other day, most people would would agree that, let's say that 10% of the police force nationwide. Probably should be employed on Monday for whatever reasons, but I think it's a reasonable number may be little lower maybe a little higher. Let's just go a 10% think about this for a second there 750,000 sworn, and police officers denied states of America. If 10% should be employed on Monday that 75,000 police officer.

That's a lot a lot of room for trouble, but for us as Christians, slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to listen, not so quick to take the bait being sent to us by both sides. Be careful. Steve Noble will be right back.

That was inappropriate so that I could see no show for our new Lieut. Gov. here in North Carolina and its first ever African-American governor. How did that happen. By the way who this black man ascend to the Lieut. Gov.'s office here in North Carolina. How did that happen in and in a nation that's just absolutely marinating in its racism. How in the world I could do I need to talk to how that happened. You guys have a black Lieut. Gov. there. North Carolina will that's kind of the South to then amazing anyway.

Mark loves the Lord. Just great. We been working on trying to get on the show.

His schedule is crazy. So I will get that figured out have mine, but he's gonna say whatever he wants to say which is a beautiful thing about Mark Robinson and he always gives credit to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That's like one of the first things that comes out of his mouth when he speaks publicly well they interestingly enough and this was smart on some Republicans parts they got him up to Congress to speak at a meeting about voting integrity. Okay so this is from red on North Kellan's first black Lieut. Gov. Margaret rep. Mark Robinson triggers Democrats during house hearing election laws North Carolina Timmy Gov. Mark Robinson who is the first Afro-American tour into Democrats during his opening statement, calling it preposterous and insulting to suggest black Americans weren't capable of understanding how to go about obtaining a valid form of voter ID in order to cast their votes. The sacrifices of our ancestors, this is Mark sitting there talking to some Republicans and then the Democrats who are in charge of that meeting, the sacrifices of our ancestors so I can have the opportunity to become the first black Lieut. Gov. my state to see a black man sit in the White House and for millions of us to be leaders in business, athletics, and culture is incredible right that now today we hear comparisons of Georgia law compared to Jim Crow that black voices are being silenced and that black voices are being kept out how he said by fear of a noose or chains to be fired from work to be ostracized by their communities.

No a free ID to vote me say that again a free ID to vote. How absolutely preposterous. He said my to believe that black Americans of overcome the atrocities of slavery who are victorious in the civil rights movement and who now sit in the highest levels of government cannot figure out how to get a free ID to vote that we need to be coddled by politicians because they don't think we can figure out how to make our voices heard. Are you kidding me.

The notion that black people must be protected from a free ID to vote is not just insane. It's insulting hello yes amen Mark just hit the nail on that here goes again just a few days ago, VP went visited the very place I mentioned earlier, the lunch counter and Woolworths to see the place where history was changed. You know, wasn't invited to be there with her. My good friend civil rights icon Clarence Henderson Clarence been on the show couple times before absolute hero, but they don't know what's Clarence Henderson's problem somebody's black is not these old, it's that he's a conservative Republican problem. Mark went on to say the person's picture is in the history books.

The person who actually sat in the chair and endured to make sure that black people, black voices were heard, they didn't invite him. You might ask Mark said why that is so, and I will tell you plainly the goal. Some individuals in government is not to hear the voices of all black Americans steer the voices of those that fit their narrative and ultimately that help keep one group in power, so let's listen a little bit of Mark Robinson not holding back a little back-and-forth of the Republican member there in the chambers represented Chip Roy from Texas who had a little quiz of sorts for Mark Robinson about well some of the big issues racial issues in the history of our country. Okay, so let's play a click ready set I hit let's go North Carolina if you can help me understand was the 13th, 14th and 15th members. The United States Constitution passed the mobile Republicans or Democrats. He said Republicans are criminals or Republicans was 64 Civil Rights Act and 65 voting rights act led heavily by Republicans or the boat that would be Republican as we sit here today, as were being accused by many more college elders Argyle wanting to somehow perpetuate Jim Crow cell when in fact for creditors, perpetuate laws you can believe in the use of locally discussed. Usually any merit in that one store absolutely non-moment just excellent. Oh, you know, when you talk about that history all that history is clear which at every turn of his is clear is not even a dispute is not in dispute that woman's integrity will be no we won't integrity what the right thing to be going. We wanted purchases to be responsible will have the best election system in the world in the world third world countries. Places like India where the poverty rate is staggering. They have to show that finger when they go vote is time we modernize all election system in this country stop playing all the silly games based on race, please stop using me as a black man is Paul yes I sit sure Chip sickle happened a long time ago in this country and on time and I would ask that okay to go south are bickering dinosaurs. Is there so offended you can turn it off. These white Democrats so offended that this black Republican would dare to speak the truth. While who fought to abolish slavery, Democrats or Republicans.

Republicans who was mostly behind the implementation of Jim Crow laws Democrats who started the Ku Klux Klan Democrats which former leader in the U.S. Senate was a grand had been a grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan that would be Sen. Byrd, Democrat who was mostly behind the civil rights legislation and push in the late 1950s and early 60s that would be dead. Republican and inconvenient truth. To quote Al Gore of history so Democrats don't really want to talk about anything prior to about 1968. Why because they were the party of slavery.

They were the party of Jim Crow laws. They were the party that wanted to keep black people on the plantation and I would argue, in many ways, politically speaking, still do now for me to say that is just highly offensive and triggers people and I have no right to say right, but when Mark Robinson and other black conservatives say it like Bishop Wooten has been on the show many many times and were working to get him back on, then it is carry some weight.

So if you're a a conservative African-American woman or man. I would just encourage you to mean pray for boldness, we should pray for you and and speak up because you carry a whole lot more weight for obvious reasons than I ever can. And we need you. We need your voice in the same issue as you know, to switch gears a little bit. One of the most challenging things to talk about in the African-American churches issue of abortion and a lot of times it's because a disproportionate number of of women and black women in the pews have had abortions and so nobody wants to bring it up because there's so much pain.

There and so we just ignore it.

We just don't talk about it and so people continue to suffer moms and dads that made that choice continue to suffer babies continued to die at three times the rate 35, 36% of all abortions are African-American babies and African-Americans make up about 13 1/2% of the population and so people just don't speak it. They don't talk the truth well if working to be people of the book we need to be people of truth. I'm the way the truth and the life. Jesus said, no man comes but by me. That's a harsh truth. That's a harsh truth to the Buddhist to the Muslim is a harsh truth to every religion on the planet other than Christianity. Yet it is the truth and it's the truth that will set you free. Spiritually, predominantly, but also politically funny comeback former Congressman Mark Walker's run for U.S. Senate here North Carolina will be right back to normal show and you know every two years like the one year and allegedly break a federal law because the federal law.

This is the Johnson amendment passed years ago by LBJ when he Sen. before he ascended to the presidency after Kennedy had been assassinated. This this Johnson amendment allegedly makes it illegal for pastors or anybody with a 501(c)(3) organization that's tax exempt status so you donate to a church and you can write that off right that comes after taxes and so the deal was if you run a 501(c)(3) 501(c)(3)'s i.e. churches can't endorse candidates get to camp to that electioneering stuff so that's shut down a lot of people who then became afraid to talk about candidates from the pulpit but actually that law needs to fall. It's only been utilized a couple times in all these years. About 50 or 60 years of history and actually our friends at EDF.

I have pastors that will every every couple years. Go pulpit freedom Sunday will take two candidates and will compare them based on the biblical standard and say based on the Bible.

This candidate lines up more with the biblical standard than this one and therefore you should. But with this one about this for pastors of churches 501(c)(3)'s and then they literally record it and mail them to the IRS.

Essentially daring them to sue because of that so-called law ever gets the Supreme Court does a really good chance will fall and that'll be an interesting day for pastors because then they would have the right to talk about actual candidates from the pulpit. But what day why do that's why I say every two years, you can tune in and listen to me break a federal law cannot tell you exactly to vote for as I can tell you right now I'm in a vote for who I think should win the primary and then be a US senator for the great state of North Carolina and it's my friend, former pastor Mark Walker Mark Walker how you doing buddy great for what you know yourself. That's great to have you. I know you're busy traveling like crazy.

It was great to see the last week and at the end for scattering on the mountains. That was wonderful course big news lately. We talked about this when you're in the studio what's going to happen. I can have primary opponents and think we knew, you probably would, but then former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory jumps and just recently. So what was your initial reaction to packet in the race. What I will overly provide about running again primary or am so I imagine something about twilight years so I wasn't overwhelmingly bright that exp pulled the trigger you get your establishment print across the state. So I think you wanted to do and so how does that factor into businesses.

This is challenging. I mean that. All right you know you served three terms in Congress i.e. you're a politician. We know that politicians generally sooner or later have to speak about their opponents.

But there's got to be some tension there. Mark, as a follower of Jesus Christ. So many that served in the ministry for me as well. I struggle sometimes when I when I feel like I have to say negative things about people in office or what have you, but there's some tension there. So how do you handle that because it's not like you're only a politician and a former member of Congress, and somebody wants to be one of our senators here North Carolina. But first and foremost, your follower of Jesus Christ.

So how do you kinda walk that line. I do not envy you at all. Although you can still speak truth without personally attacking one when it comes to government, but this would be having one only one time where an important rest very different Where he is going to have to overcome and I believe Frederick Trump will talk about this are appropriate with it or they refuse to hearken in the trumpet description. I don't think or personally attacking but it is something and would want to go. How would he respond are very proud of our record for conservative aspect of voting to get on the bleeding issues ago you support what we do battle for life and are values that we heard much hold dear. Yet, which is why I struggle in conversations with other believers that are willing to give their vote, which I view as a talent to somebody is actually pro-abortion.

I don't know how your conscience that deals with that on how you get past that, but I know you got Abby Johnson's been on the show. I was very involved with the promotion and was had a chance to visit the set of unplanned, which is the amazing story of Abby's venture out how God pulled her out of Planned Parenthood after having been personally involved in about 20,000 abortions herself as the leader and one of the darlings of the Planned Parenthood organization, but you've got an event coming up on May 10 with Abby actually here in the Raleigh area at beacon Baptist Church. Tell us about that because I really really appreciate hi so boldly stand up for the life issue will think it ought to begin you should when it comes to like this should not be something that you can wash you have to go out and acquire learn what the conservative position is about a biblical position and I'm happy to be a warrior for life for good warriors. Every doctrine is not the bashful card or for life will you were talking about. I guess your mama told you that you know about the friends that you keep and the people like Scott Gov. Huckabee people who've already endorsed this better and I'm proud that with every drop. Dr. Pincus and many others who even here locally in Raleigh or even on a national level are unashamed when it comes to standing up for people all people born and unborn created image of God, and I harking back to every opportunity directly addressed to Phil Richards mentioned this one-of-a-kind. When I asked her body.

One question is Richard does it bother you that there are more American babies aborted New York State actually born just today we find out there's been another record for your record last year when it comes to children better aborted baby something that I wanted to take on the cheap seats to those you don't know Cecil Richard used to be the CEO of Planned Parenthood and her mom and Richards was the former governor of Texas.

How did she react to that? I will never forget the YouTube clip she did have an answer for you. You know she thought about questioning the source of it, but she could do that but we were able to get the kind of doubt expose the fraud Planned Parenthood Ms. Richard flying in barrel or private jet thousand dollars a year on a lot of taxpayers dollars. I just the kind of people that you need to go to Washington to work just going to go along with the flow but I'm not talking about being Christlike. You can still speak truth, you contribute You to build bridges. There is a way to do it and then I was as people Mark I mean who did Jesus hammer. He hammered the bigmouth religious conspiracies of the day with everybody else though NS is teaching got more difficult.

The crowds got smaller.

There towards the end but yet just because you speak a top truth doesn't mean you're being un-Christlike coming Christ spoke tough troops all the time. We need to do the same.

As we as we look around the country.

Mark and again one of the things I appreciate about you is not just your conservatism of primarily where that flows from which is your faith with what we saw the deer children trial what we seen going on in Columbus Ohio this whole issue of black versus white people versus the police that mean this as I call it a cold Civil War. How do you view what's going on in our nation right now regarding that subject.

I know I truly believe race relations in my lifetime are starting to go backwards in the question why will I I've been in the bowels of the radical left is about power and control the motivation that they can create more control.

The baby been used for anything they could get their hands on it. Apart from structure mama bear Clyburn talked about what we don't write what were seeing right now, which is not only empathetic to the Scriptures antithetical to how we going to the country.

This is the land of opportunity we get all the right one. But what I am saying. The great thing about America is that we never quit trying to meld this around to a place where the race is used as a division for Lily people this very moment profiting off the vision I have no problem calling the prophet out much like we did the other day with the student or from Georgia who basically said the message of Easter trim since the resurrection of Christ, are you kidding me.

So we have an obligation back up on our week.

We not only should we have an obligation to call out the religious political leaders who are leading many communities describe the call to every boy and girl to hear this message of conservatism. Alternately, I wanted to hear about Jesus more than anything else. Exactly right. And that's why I got list some of us up into a public position where we have to be willing to speak the truth. Mark I appreciate the fact that you do that. Finally, first, for those of you that want to interested in the pro-life form with Abby Johnson that's on May 10. Just go to Mark's Facebook page Mark Walker for Senate. That information is right there under offense and you can sign up there Mark thanks as always for your time and look forward to talking again soon. I felt doctors and will be right back. He's on the fourth segment is a little ceiling tear. Maybe after five days watching Rome. Vern will need to fill out a little bit though chillout is great but make sure you're praying for those in authority over us.

By the way, remember that when Paul wrote that to Timothy first chapter to pray for those in authority over us so that we can live quiet peaceful lives who was Paul telling Timothy to pray for. He was asking him to pray for chiefly Mira Nero was Caesar at the time when Paul wrote to young Timothy and said, pray for those in authority over us. That would include Nero, Nero, who was an absolute psychotic butcher a sexual deviant.

He it's it said that he married one of his horses and he used to use Christians literally as tiki torches they would impale them cover them with pitch and light them on fire in order to light Nero's gardens in the evening and that's who Paul would say yeah. Pray for Nero and we all have a lesson from that whether you voted for him or not, whether there in your party or not, were called to pray for those in authority. One of those people that you can pray for we just talk to Mark Walker who served in Congress.

And now, run for the U.S. Senate, but also our good friend Matthew Winslow, who serves in the North Carolina State House District 7 which is just northeast of Raleigh and Matthew, a good friend of that program. A good friend of mine, a brother in Christ, how are you my friend. Busy busy guy running Winslow homes and then also serving in the house. What that schedule like these days life by the way, Matthew because building homes the way you guys do. It takes a lot.

Beautiful product you take great care of your customers, and at the same time, you gotta run a business.

You have a family and your you're trying to be effective down there and the rest on the statehouse. How you do all that I very, very good background so well with my life yet so good to hear. And that's certainly true because I know a lot of those folks and that you are indeed a blessed man okay give us an update because I crossovers coming up in the in the north, the legislature soon.

That's when the bills in the house have to get LSO. They're going to sit get sent over the Senate and vice versa.

So there is a bit of a time crunch. But what are I know you've got an initiative of your own. Let's start with that talk about voters rights at start there in the will talk about some of these other hot button things started about all we were not part of Google open that all during the long holy people are coming in to meet more people are really work and you have no idea going on, I'm not the only information wasn't really available. So after running list of information in the hands of the voters very quickly and so I will have primary generally all like you have about three year thing all and also have a QR code number and your will look like you have all questions directly to the wall so number two man afterwards in that way every question you can call and report or warbler, and that's not such an important aspect of it because I think I increasingly more of us are becoming more sensitive to what's going on out there in a polling place most people as you said that you do not know the laws they don't know the rules but if they see something most of the time they just go all that figures in the nothing ever gets reported. There is no accountability, no follow-up whatsoever. So I love that because were all even us older folks are getting used to the whole QR code thing that take a picture of it on your phone and it opens up a website for you, man. It's so important that we need to have voter integrity and voting integrity, which would include all of us. It reminds me of after 9/11, the sun were all paying a lot more attention to what's going on in public when it comes to the voting situation. Obviously we do the same.

So that was a bipartisan you got bipartisan support on that is that we said hello all, and as quickly as possible and they haven't really available. That will make you a lot of good people find that you know what I have information yet because when you're out there attention now because we know it's it's bad and getting worse and so I think one of the other things we need education on is a G Delancey is a friend of mine works voter integrity project coming here locally.

It's not the big national one, which is a whack job organization. Jay's great and in but most people don't even know what to look for. So I think that would be important to educate everybody okay what are some things that we should be a little thinking our little fishing when were out there but that's that's all part of the process. Like you said, light is the best disinfectant and we definitely need to be doing that more and more each election cycle. So there's that. Of course we talked last time you're on the show Matthew and people are continuing to talk about vaccine passports and in I know the governor answered that around.

So where we had on that when our week. Should we be worried about vaccine passports in North Carolina. I don't we all know where you have and so matter voter cards thing the government all worked out for one, one notice that all we have heard back, really, all make sure I'm interested in an amount of work or something that is unfair and not Bible or, or population will have on your phone off you will have smart phones no longer yeah because the challenge right now is you guys can pass legislation to park and veto it and you don't have a super majority.

See you can't override a veto. Is that a big issue coming into the elections for next year to try to get a super majority back in the North: a house in the Senate on one of our goals are greater and how how you focus on what you are and some of them the right, there yes such an important point. Anything going on down there because I know you been supportive and involved with the issue of life. We were talking to Mark Walker counseling Mark Walker about that any issues down the legislature that the conservatives are trying to work on with respect to the life issue through three or one of the Lord and we are working well. I really like the new line that we should have an abortion being a model law genomes 11 DNA there forever and here water and nutrition altogether will halt the strategy I strategy of moving yeah and that's that that's a challenge that we struggle with in the pro-life movement nationwide that some people are are no exceptions whatsoever. You don't never compromise on anything and I absolutely appreciate whether coming from and understand where they're coming from a but then you have to deal with the realities of what it takes to move things to legislature that her people, by the way for everybody to get a detectable heartbeat in a baby at 567 weeks of the latest, but it's as early as five in six weeks and get expectable heartbeat RP Bill just says as soon as you can detect a heartbeat.

You can't do an abortion. Now you know you Matthew studied this. I know it myself at the moment of conception, atheistic liberal biologists around the world will tell you that is a human being at the moment of conception. All the DNA will ever get Matthew all the DNA you have right now all the DNA I have right now. We got it conception that's not able DNA is not blob DNA, human. We need to fight those live sometimes we have to take criminal steps certainly appreciate Matthew that you're downhill and I got bless you brother. We can keep praying for you will have you on the show regulation keep us in the know and we'll get you back as much as we can type out a week and will talk to you soon. That was Matthew Winslow North Carolina district 7 in the house be praying for all of them. is a website where you can sign up for that play went this is Steve Noble on this email will show God willing I'll talk you like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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