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What Worries You?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 13, 2021 3:21 pm

What Worries You?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 13, 2021 3:21 pm

What Worries You?

Today Steve askes the question “What worries you?” he accepts callers to discuss the direction of our society and our worries. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble that time every week.

I reading routing information paying attention to flying all over the Internet and so I like to channel them in the things that ring my bothering my button and that concern me but my question today on the show and I just want to open up the door for you to chime in is what concerns you. So if your watching today on Facebook. Liber YouTube live and you can throw some comments in there ASAP. We monitor YouTube live let me know if anybody's got a comment there are Facebook live what there so many things to choose from right people, my friends on Facebook live right now chiming in already but I want you to chime in out there if you if you want to call and what's concerning you the most and it doesn't have to be like your number one thing you can be a couple of things. Maybe for you it's the situation with police, or lack thereof, and racial unrest and covert and vaccinations. Okay vaccine passport. What is it because I want to make sure that I'm not just listen. I'm not Rush Limbaugh, so Rush Limbaugh can go 30 years.

God bless him home with the Lord now thrilling for him a bummer for the rest of us but thrilling for him and just talk about what he wanted to talk about. I mean he's Rush Limbaugh right and I spend most my time on the radio because I learned a lot from Rush Limbaugh I want to make sure I'm talk about things I'm passionate about that I'm knowledgeable about and interested in but I also want to make sure I'm being considerate of the things that concern you. As if I'm not serving you well that's is here to to talk about what I care about. Again, I'm not Rush Limbaugh and I respect and learned a lot from him but I want to make sure I'm kind of tuned into what's bugging you as well so so what is it what's what's topping your list of things that concern you and any good it could just be American. It could be cultural it could be the church. It could be international issues. I mean Israel. Just the other day hammered. I ran with a cyber attack and now Iran's us spiking up there enriching of uranium, I make all kinds of stories here, but I want to hear from you today on the on the on the show. I'll leave the phones open the whole hour 866-34-TRUTH 87884 same numbers always 866-34-TRUTH is an easier way to remember it. 866-34-TRUTH or 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

What's scaring you what's concerning what are you most upset about most sober minded about in terms the direction of our nation or could be just the church itself compromising the church whatever that's that's up to you to call in and tell me and I'm keep a list of gag a list right here, right here little yellow pad and taken taken notes. Keep a list going to make sure I'm addressing these things over the course of time on the show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. I just saw this picture on Facebook. A guy wearing one of those military masses in some kind of a retail store got a hat on his got a little placard on his on his chest. It's pretty big, covers the upper half of his body. It says today, no mask, no entry. Tomorrow, no vaccine, no job someday soon.

No microchip, no rights, and two years ago I would probably be like yeah that's I mean, dude. Take a Xanax or something. Now I'm like yeah yeah and come see that I don't I don't knock in a laugh at that thing is there's very few things now that I scoff at in terms of things going on out there.

Okay so 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH as want to tea this up a little bit and then on to get your calls and we come back okay so wanted to use up a little bit so Orlando and High Point. Thanks for calling and him to get to you as soon as I come out of the net out of the break. Okay, so please be patient. Risa got Minneapolis right door today. The young man, a 20-year-old who are not the greatest person on the planet but who is and a stop because his registration was expired and they find out he's got a warrant for his arrest. He missed a court date.

He had a weapons charge before. Not the greatest guy and then the cop the police a white woman, Kim Potter. Now, if the report is that thinking because he keep went back in the car after trying to arrest him to try to comfort him and then he dies back in the car that the report now is that she thought she was grabbing her taser she gets her gun, she shoots him the check she said it's on the body camp only blank I think I shot I just shot them. He takes off in the car and eventually they catch him and then he dies.

So a tragedy anyway you cut it will see what where this goes, but she means she's already resigned and the police achieve their about 20+ year veterans design that resign. Just today or yesterday and then Minneapolis two nights in a row, reps and violence and that's happened all over the country so we got that we got racial unrest there.

We have the CDC, what about the Johnsons get the Johnson & Johnson backs Johnson & Johnson backs that you put a hold on that because they had like six or seven people that had a terrible kind of blood clotting reaction and so out of an abundance of caution court." They shut that down so that the whole vaccination thing and I assured that story of Facebook is that this is why am not judging you. You get it or don't get it, that's up to you. I like this why I'm not getting it because this is the and experiment of vaccination.

All three of them that the most we have now about what nine months of data for people that have been given this vaccination usually is 2 to 3 years of data before they release one for mass use and it's out there. So what's one of the concerns for the folks at this at the CDC and stop the question whether the pods would contribute to vaccine hesitancy. Where's that can end we had to get to zero Pope Ouchi before you say don't wear a mask as I get vaccinated, but I still get where mask inside and outside of talk about that yesterday so is that the whole mask COBIT situation I can get the zero were knocking to get there so will you do just use that as a ^ at the end of the stick and the steeping government control. Maybe that's it. 866-34-TRUTH 8784, gamma had the commercial break in about a minute and then a month. Take your calls for the rest of the show. So go and call in and it's want to see what's concerning you the most going on in the united states of America or could be around the world speaking of the CDC encoded CDC director.

The new lady under Biden mission should close things down because that's worked really well there other closed other shutdowns other closed right in the past have worked really well. So you little spike and I'll shut it all down as you keep greasing those skits now if you look at the actual numbers Michigan which is been one of the strictest in the country is still there are number 12/50 in terms of number of cases and stop their number 12 lockdowns have not worked California number one New York, number four Illinois restricted number five Pennsylvania restricted number six New Jersey restricted number nine North Carolina been pretty restrictive where I live.

Number 10. But you go look at the death rate you look at the case rate and it's all dropping precipitously daily just to go back to January 4.

Like 4000 yesterday it was born in 59 shut it down. It will be right back only unfunny in the face the world burns in the country will be going 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

The phone number what's concerning you the most.

Were you most worried about what's going on in this country and it certainly is a lot and I was just kinda priming the pump a little bit talking about all these various things in the news that are all concerned about what is it for you. I got a yellow pad out here get my pen ready to go 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Orlando.

Sorry to keep on hold for so long. Thanks for: go ahead and get thank you yeah will be dumping like confirming a worry actually gives me joy to see good script and beautiful feel Israel is the clock in. Seems we have a this administration.

Now the goals against Israel, and I look at like the last administration was delay chain you into yet very real obviously and just did that that the debt the various peace accords that occur in the last two years were really. I mean, I don't think the word miraculous is is to all off the table there but now all of a sudden that's all shut down and and Biden wants to help Iran. It looks like yeah I mean that is the clock you low what's going on the Middle East go okay so I appreciate that perspective really look at that goal. Yeah, that just means where were you know this much closer to Jesus coming back.

Went to date radio.

Actually, Iran announced that they are so different they are capable of making a bond about the Iran response to religion sabotaged by Israel. That was a cyber attractant reading from the story to begin enriching uranium and highest level of 60% moving closer to weapons grade capabilities up there off and running. And of course their number one enemy would be Israel.

Number two would be split yeah and that's important that we keep an eye not so that doesn't concern you. We can, look at that and go. Okay, that's from an eschatological to select if we don't run into correct that's for sure. What about what's going on here in America.

Orlando what what can a concern to the most. But what you see happening in our own country.

Will you and America was going on. It is divided of me. We wean you when I first came to this country 1970 I came here all Hispanic. I came to eight Afro-American school because I was in DC I grew up in DC back in the fight we single date like because I became blood you see a deafening back being able to get the same as now is go the way around.

The problem is that people do not look of the people being in making the image of God and that the problem yet and that will that's kind of the base of everything that goes back to everything Orlando. Thanks so much for calling in today.

I really appreciate it. Is is the fear of God, or lack thereof believe in God, lack thereof. Although there is no such thing as an atheist. Okay, so my I would say that because I believe Romans chapter 1 God made a plane minute without excuse. Godsey hundred pound gorilla in the room.

Anybody knows is there is your only question is, what he can do it okay, but when you look at the world when you look at the news what's concerning you the most. It could just be the lostness of mankind.

The salvation question eschatological things to be the president if we whoever's the present. This right now. Functionally racial unrest division was going on in Minneapolis, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and we were not even done with the scop and tribal blood. So that's coming to make sure your praying and this stuff okay. We would rather see peace and not seek peace and pursue it gave the possibles bars depends on you.

I live at peace with everyone Christmas we people of peace.

Okay, we search for that we strive for.

That's not always possible and sometimes very impossible. Let but that should be something that matters to us and that we hold in high esteem. 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 or 866-34-TRUTH. What worries you the most right now.

Clay Cullinan from Raleigh hey buddy, thanks for calling. Something about the menu in Minneapolis Minnesota he wanted to talk about that brother. You know I get I could never go and bring word in the book of Philippians could be anxious for nothing, and in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6. Do not worry. You know me, I will figure confirm but also there's an extreme part of disappointment because all looked up her call you no good thing that happened yesterday.

You know where the action don't bring you know you're trying to look that way to pinpoint people trying to blame this all prefer if you look at the details. The lady that did what she did 26 years on the force is an accident. Okay, so is the coming of the Godhead award for his risk.

Look at the plague appointment by a warrant for his work to be returned to their job.

Okay, so here we go. I guess maybe I don't want to preach about but in the Bible and the old more in the mood to the old world all comes out. If not, most were all folks would like for Jo to understand something all lives matter is not one specific corner trick tree that's growing, it's all love matter.

What matters to God the father because he created differently were offered to give all you know there's talk about this.

You know I'm appointed because you brother lender said, the coattails of that commitment to doing that because you know younger brother is all about what needs to be done in the right direction only were followed all the way Scott moved the book of Hebrews said that people have drifted away falling away or turned away from God the father and when you have that just like it. We sure don't cyber recruitment card are your brother who wore brother Robbie talk about perception but I'll have you know that our government air left 43 seconds of the time that was well told him I could.

There's deception, which is no longer wanted to see but it's what you believe in your heart and what how you receive that believing everything is about what God the father creates roofing, the creator of everything, all things so you know I'm I'm concerned because you know I guess you would go to the party could get worried or whatever brother I just look at it and give thanks because you know we should give thanks. Give thanks for what we have different give praise to the Lord for what he did for a meeting there so much grace and mercy that we are shown but we don't take the time to give thanks for not sending you and that's that that's the challenge.

I want to give thanks to the Lord for you brother. Thank you.

Every time I try I hear you only need that when you open up the phone always going to say great thanks to you I know you're very kind and that's always a great encouragement to me. As always Clay, thank you so much and you always bless me appreciate Cullinan well armed Michael Broder because, you know, we are people will take the time to read the Scripture, especially in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation and other writers but it's fair that we are following in the area of what's good ready to happen soon and were getting closer and closer.

All I know I will not go work that brother will get them up against Brinkley but that's the deal. Read the book, you'll know what's going on and then make sure your house is built on that rock another rock of our culture, our civilization or our government is a great point, Clay thinks that on buddy love you man tomorrow.

See you 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

What's concerning you. 866-34-TRUTH will be right back what's concerning you. What top your list all clinical back patient covert southern border northern border what's going on in Canada so he mentioned that life so I'm to get the back. As I mentioned yesterday the church up in Canada where Canada is a good example.

I think what's coming our way. Grace life church in Edmonton something to share that story with you here in a second, and what what is it what you what you most concerned about Ellison as a Christian I'm not gonna sink all my investment into what's going on in this world. Nothing should be a shock to you. If you have a solid biblical worldview as mankind's sins and as our nation descends born to secularism descends into an antichrist spirit and that and what you see and look around and that's what you get. Squeeze lemon outcomes lemon juice. Okay, that's just the deal lost people act like lots people to face people act like to base people.

Romans one. When you're given over to a debased depraved mind everything's on the table.

Everything so as we look to the news of the day. None of it should shock you alarm you concern you. Yes even cause little to fear as long as that's can make that productive fear to love your neighbor and love yourself care for your family and direct your prayers. Okay, but don't don't freak out about its appointed for men to die once in the face the judgment and I were all going to go there.

Should the Lord Terry's so, but my question feel it's because I want to make sure I'm talking about things on the air that are concerning you, and in most the time we were kind of simpatico here. Okay you and I are most of your conservative Christians and we tend to see things the same lens but things can fall through the cracks right are sometimes.

I mean I can't talk about everything all the time. I live in our day, which really is 40 minutes on the radio.

Some little bit like a caged animal. But I want to be sensitive to what you're experiencing as a Christian here in the United States.

What's concerning you.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I've got my yellow pad in my pen ready to rock 'n' roll right in front of me so I'm taking notes and I want to make sure I'm being sensitive so what is it what's concerning you the most about life here in America it could be from a Christian perspective and persecution and were were quickly becoming a mean if you're born again Christian, you're Artie smaller minorities and African-Americans.

Oregon Christians now in America about eight or 9% came in that stats about 10 years old in a 9% born-again Christians, meeting actual Christians you don't know born-again is is a good chance you're not, so go to John chapter 3 look that up or go to my website go to the Steve Noble show the Steve Noble and find the little button that says heaven and we have one page on there that will tell you exactly what the Bible says about who does and who does not go to heaven okay right now the Bible good little five minute video makes it super easy to understand walks you through it so you can understand what it means to be born-again because decent people will pay the taxes don't kill their neighbor aren't the ones that go to heaven forgiven people should also be good people, but forgiven people go to have not clinical, decent people, so make sure you got that right right that's out there. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

What most concerns you going on right now in the news these days 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH Hawaii is introducing a vaccine password program that that get that phrase in your mind. Vaccine passports is picking up some speed that's out there. And in this Sunday.

Boy, this is let's let's do some virtue, signaling a cultural manipulation, Michelle Obama, Matthew McConaughey found she and others are teaming up for NIMBY seatbacks and inspect vaccination specials like a Christmas special. I guess MEC will be hosting an hour-long vaccination special on Sunday titled roll up your sleeves in a bid to raise awareness and encourage Americans i.e. manipulate via fear or shame. Same with masking right to get vaccinated against cobra 19 nearly hundred million people across the US is from NBC today, nearly hundred 8 million people across the US have already received at least one dose of the cobra 19 vaccine and now Michelle Obama and a few famous friends will do their part to encourage the rest of the country you to get their shots. They were presented by Walgreens, no. No profit motive. There so that's out there. Then there were the hundred corporate executives on of zoom call the other day. Discuss halting donations and investments to fight country controversial voting bills because corporate autism is progressive and left-leaning, to say the least. And so now they're out there say you know what they want to clean up the voting process.

Now we can allow that summer to start boycotting pulling our business not doing donations not supporting those types of Wasco leave with publicans that want to clean up the voting rolls. We do want to do that. Sonata corporations are all in their get the word corporatism in your vocabulary because that's the bigger threat than socialism and communism and Marxism is corporatism, big corporations, multinational corporations, big government elitists where the money is. That's where the action it okay that verses like China, Russia everything else bit players evasive get right with Alan and understand a good look at their great reset. Okay that'll help. That's what Richards called in from Pennsylvania. Richard, thanks for calling in the day.

Go ahead. I want to ready all thought I was by Scripture and I go to church all my life to 20 years in Britain.5-year-old daughter and what's really going on here in the world is I really can't get an apartment 120 years working at FedEx doing the right thing working three different shifts want to complain about everything that's happened in the world why people dying in prisons and why the cops are killing people and everything else like that.

While, type of guy where I did 20 years in prison and that wasn't happening like that 20 years ago.

But today I got like me is that 20 years in prison and haven't been in trouble in 20 years. Alternate job and try to do everything I can for my daughter and a laser jet paid my debt now I can't even get a driver's license is that 20 years after payment of restitution $20,000 of what I did 20 years.

My wife and fighting for last six months trying to find apartment got real orders got the world going against him a wife. They hope you guys don't have karate or you guys will have a banking account. We can help you.

So I just want to see what type of advice you have something like that. I mean that's what really bothering me today. I changed the life around. I could be out there progestin. I called Lance that I knew what God tried to tell me to do to do the perfect way and I still can't get help.

I'm so glad you called. This topic keeps showing up on my radar screen and it shows up on social media people asked me a question about it. I'll see stories about it. They know they talk about is down in Florida with voting can begin somebody that's been a week to talk about something like you paying your debt to society. Okay what when you pay your debt you're done you know anything anymore and I don't understand why we have this problem either in a nation that goes back to Judeo-Christian roots. We would like to think forgiveness would actually be something that we would embrace so somebody is convicted of a crime if you're guilty and you do your time according to whatever the court says and you do your time you're done you should be brought back into society and you have a fresh start with me I don't understand that either colleague.

I wish I had an answer for you what, what have you found out like why do we have so many laws that are so against people that have paid their debt. I don't understand that myself.

Although I don't follow what the article today all hearing were In your activating it with the Dalton County prison, Harrisburg, got the one inmates are going to jail today and walking in the day dying tomorrow protesting black lives matter, but the white lines really don't matter. We are and what Dr. do with that. I will follow the politics all that were just talking about prisoners yet understand all human beings on the day we are born to the day we die without there was not a fight for families got low got no is pretty strange. I talked about Florida because I was down in Florida and I'm trying to meet a guy like you. Somebody zero TV program I was on TV for the last 10 times I put my trust into a Christian.

He lived in Orange Park, Florida.

I live down in Jacksonville when all way to St. Petersburg.

Augustine nine years of being home with what my wife and daughter, but I trust into a Christian you put me on the wall on the radio talk show is called I'm speaking plainly W GBL down in Florida raise $1 million for the next day because of Donna's ministry so that you got people like me debate what type of person you really want to get familiar with it could be a good be an undercover Christian basically try to get everything that you know from that person you that against me because like right now I have a portfolio of everything me and my wife did not been on radio talk shows. The guy was trying to help me out all what can we do with this value for low income by State Farm takes care of the child why man goes out and works well man goes out and works he worked at McDonald's like I did for 20 years 19 2580 can't take notice. I live in Pennsylvania where minimum wage been 725 for the last 12 years, and even trying to raise it to $15 an hour and you keep denying it to keep given all the stimulus checks out space if you just don't make sense to me. Do you know your racist I don't. Don't get me wrong I'm not racist black people out there crying help about being black lives. If you really go to Florida and you really live almost like you really realize she's really being taken care of. If not, the white people is basically the black people of single mothers for children will put a multimillion dollar houses whether driving back please and Mercedes. These and child services and all those organization government programs are taking care of those type of people you cared about me and my wife can ask a favor if I hold will you talk to my producer and givens. Do you have an email address or some way I can contact you about I hold onto put you on hold. Hey Keith, can you talk to him get his email address because I'll follow up with him. There's a lot to talk about their but I want to do that.

So get his email address and see nobody right really bugging so that's why I'm asking. Usually I don't ask that question. I just go where I feel the Lord is leading me on the show every day but want to make sure you're part of the conversation process as well. So if you want to call and ensure that like you've been hearing some other folks in them got the email for the gentleman just called and Saul try to get a hold him. You never know what's gonna happen is live radio so we just trust God with all that stuff 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What's heavy on your heart about what's going on in our country what's going on around the world, but put predominantly here in the nation so want to talk to you and give you the chance to talk about that today, 866-348-7884 my thing would Come in people and hold for long time. Mark Mark still there marks gone to. Sorry Kim and Mark because I call back and I had on hold for a while could do anything about that, but would love to hear from you if you want to call back and share what's bugging you what's heavy on your heart. Are you guys anybody else, 866-348-7884 is a number 866-34-TRUTH 7884 or 866-34-TRUTH 270 stories is another one.

This one now. This one's a symptom okay NCAA unequivocally supports transgender student activate act athlete, so eventually as we move down this road to perdition. Just kiss female athletics.

Goodbye because you've already got all kinds of people guys that are need help that are athletes that are transferring in the women's sports and sorry ladies, the guys are going to crush you in those cases. Okay, that's just the deal really wants to hear that say that but in most instances, especially when it's agility and speed. In most cases guys are to have an upper edge. So here's the NCAA. Another symptom is female athletes around the country fight to keep biological men from competing with them. The NCAA has announced its unequivocal support for transgender student athletes in a statement released Monday yesterday. The NCAA said it unequivocally supports the transgender community and expressed no misgivings about the real prospect of biological men out competing women in their given sport quote the NCAA board of governors firmly and unequivocally to such virtues supports the opportunity for transgender student athletes to Pete in college sports. This commitment is grounded in our values of inclusion and fair competition.

Well, fair competition. Have you seen some of the pictures of some of these trends female athletes at the guy that thinks he should be a girl transferring basketball player. I saw this one is at a junior college. He's an older guy at a junior college base thinks is should be girl like 65 and 250 pounds or something is played about against a bunch of girls who are, you know, 58 and weigh hundred 40 there's there's they're not worried about their competition there is the NCAA.

Are you kidding me athletics track feel all that stuff.

It's absolute insanity, but that's the norm out there that's what's happening.

But what is that that is a symptom is a result of the secularization of the country. As America becomes more secular.

You've heard part of you probably heard of the rise of the nun.

Does that sound familiar, the nuns in ill in the ES people that have no political affiliation. Now that doesn't mean a lot of them would call themselves agnostic or spiritual. They just don't identify.

This is typical for millennial engine seekers are so antiestablishment they don't identify with established religion. But most of them will call themselves spiritual okay not bowing to me to Christ are not claiming Christianity, but their spiritual why because they're made in the image of God the spirit as well as flesh right so everybody on the planet all bear the mark of the modern day so the nuns are up to 20, 25% of the country came recent poll I think was Gallup first time and in like 80 years were regular church attendance, which now I think your calling is like once a month. Regular church attendance drop below 50% in the first time since they started to do and that pulling about 80 years ago more secularization okay.

A lot of Americans will tell you their Christian just gone start asking people hey what what religiously would you consider yourself well II guess Christian. That that that you stand in the garage that make your car no so and then you got the civil unrest of the Carlisle. Thank you, Carl. Ensuring that the sun percent going to the national guards really hard for me to seal the civil and racial rest of the National Guard getting thrown into cops are being attacked and maligned National Guard right behind right that's with the division of this country. It's worse now Joe Biden is talk about Jim Crow laws like actual good voting laws are like Jim Crow laws, really Joe really Jim Crow laws separate but equal. Hey black person. There's your bathroom. There's your water fountain. There's your part of the bus. There's your restaurant. All this other stuff on the nice stuff for us whites only. That's Jim Crow law, Mr. Pres., are you telling me good election reform on a state level, which is based on the U.S. Constitution is like Jim Crow laws that the hyperbole of that and the manipulation of that is just disgusting.

Give me a break. It's just Apsley remarkable. Please look around you see on the Sunday story after story after story told about this one limited to about this police block and barricade Canadian church overcoming 19 violations now again: 19 for me is just all like a linchpin to the great reset. I put the link up go to the great reset look at it. Look at it for yourself.

Okay, just Google the great reset assignee to do with the world economic forum and there's the plan right there. There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequence of the culminating crisis to improve the state of the world, the world economic forum is starting to great reset initiative. Go read it spent 15 minutes there and you be like oh it'll freak you out or in your your like me, you'll actually go all this is kind and encouraging really from an intense perspective because it just right there always heighten anything.

It's right there, and these are a bunch of great great people. These are leaders of governments and corporations. All the world.

This is the elite corporatism the great reset. Forget Marxism, socialism and communism, corporatism, man that's worth that, man, right health officials in Alberta, Canada made the decision to physically close a local church building until his leaders agree to finally comply with coronavirus regulations while police vehicles blocked entrances to the parking lot of grace like church in Edmonton Wednesday morning and temporary fencing was erected around the building. This is like the ghettos in Germany and Poland. The congregation is met, not that far but you know what I mean.

The congregation is met. Normally since summer 2020. Despite requirements that church gatherings limit capacity require massive practice social distancing over the last nine months. The providences health department filed more than 100 complaints about grace life and conducted 18 inspections resulting in multiple finds and orders to comply its pastor was arrested and spent a month in jail, refusing the conditions of bail that he agree to follow health regulations. The Justice Center for Constitutional freedoms up in Canada, which represents grace life and its pastor James Coates said the moves barricade private church property prevent citizens from expressing their charter freedoms. A peaceable assembly Association worship that similar to our First Amendment rights as officials around the church, dozens of grace like members gathered outside and sing hymns according to report by the Globe and Mail then this then it wasn't so peaceful. This is just a couple days ago.

Around a thousand people gathered as protesters pulled down fences before clashing with police and indigenous neighbors at a Canadian church that's the church were talking about grace life in reaction to the fence is being erected the church around a thousand people gathered outside the area on Sunday as one person shouted only tyrants fear the Lord and another said, listen Gestapo we are free country, a small group the protesters and successfully pull down some of the fencing as offers of the Royal Canadian mounted police rush to put it back up from the other side then it then then here's some more counter protesters help the officers restore the damage fences as other members of their group shouted Jesus would not take down the fence. Jesus would where mass Jesus would wear a mask.

Jesus will get the vaccination. Jesus would get the vaccination by life you that question. It's ridiculous because Jesus needs no vaccination. But then there's that's division. I think the vision is one of the biggest problems in our country. Why do we have division I've ever talk about this before referencing back to like Tower of Babel.

We'll have a common link anymore. I think Kim call back and see if I can jump over there not be lost. So eight 866-34-TRUTH 780 4 PM time, but we lost a common language. We don't have Judeo-Christian values in common anymore that languages God and we don't even have founding principles in common anymore that languages gone. That's why it's so frustrating when you or I have a conversation with someone and the other side of political aisle somebody on the other side of the world you and you just can't get anywhere. It's like you're speaking two different languages right will. That's because you are there is no common language. It's just like the Tower of Babel throws society into a tailspin, because we can't communicate effectively. Exactly what's going on here in America and the division will get deeper and wider who comes to kill, steal and destroy.

That would be Satan. Of course, and so there you go, and he's in the midst of all of this. It's human depravity.

The overall providence of God in the plans of the devil for all that stuff together get a perfect little storm turn on Fox news CNN wherever you want to go, twitter, Facebook doesn't matter and you just see all that stuff playing out. That's what you and so the question then is how you react to that. Not sure who's on hold was in a name or anything.

Some sorry can't get to you, but whatever it is late before the Lord, make sure you're applying the world.

You do not freak out. You have been given a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind and don't be anxious for anything but in everything in prayer and supplication make a request made known to God. What could happen within the peace of God that surpasses all understanding to be yours in Christ Jesus. Okay the Bible has a prescription for all this man engaged Ray educated love your neighbor enough to talk to them and keep your eye on the board and on his word and don't forget the gospel is all this other stuff, all the way the human soul last forever. The ultimate prize. We talk back tomorrow with some former Secret Service guys out of church security guy willing outside to get another program powered by the Truth Network

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