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"Faucian Bargain" w/ Steve Deace

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April 6, 2021 4:45 pm

"Faucian Bargain" w/ Steve Deace

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 6, 2021 4:45 pm

"Faucian Bargain" w/ Steve Deace

Pope Fauci is the most powerful and maybe the most dangerous bureaucrat in American history and Steve Deace joins me on today's show to dive into his #1 Amazon bestseller on the subject.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host recommendation. I will warn you walk. Get pretty upset, especially been paying attention the last year and all in the name Anthony Powell G.I. makes the skin on the back of your neck crawl, but listen to this, the love of power is natural. It is insatiable. It is wetted, not employed by possession power renders man wanton insulin of others and fond of themselves enter Anthony pouching. That's at the beginning that's near the beginning of bounty and bargain watching the dog about since it came out recently by my friend Steve Dave's the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history are talking about Anthony pouching then you go towards the end of the book and it says this strategy isn't your friend. He's a fiend. Franklin was one of our beloved founding fathers but pouching as a non-founding deadbeat dad nearly every primacy is asserted from the beginning is either been a well-intentioned or purposeful undermining of truth, the Constitution, the rule of law, common decency and individual liberty a year under pouching stomachs King George's King George III's madness look like the JV team and that's not even talking about the mental health cataclysm that awaits his time is the want worm tongue ask shadow casting a pall over nation must come to an end, but for that freedom to return our own fear, that is become our idol has to go time to throw out that idle into the fire, beautifully written powerful commentary and investigative journalism. If you remember what that is, by Steve Jason is a co-author Steve how are you man, thanks for your time today except me, Steve, I'll talk to you and your audience brother so this is the this this is infuriating to read. It must've been somewhat infuriating to prepare and write what was it like a demon I'm done such a great job on this on your show on the blaze. I really since it broke last February, but to actually sit down and have to put this much time in discovery in here and like 150 footnotes. I mean, it had been trying it was night has more footnotes than pages hundred and 87 pages over 200 footnotes. The and the challenge was what was too much. You know I think it's Dennis Prager's is any books for more that that's were more than 200 pages probably isn't worth reading.

I don't know if I need to go quite that far. When you're dealing with this much information and its information that's outside of a lot of people's expertise or skill set to become white white noise.

It cannot be accessible in people feel as if they're not even qualified to consider the skepticism so we needed to make it attainable and accessible at the exact same time and and that was the challenge.

That's one reason reasons why we go throughout the book.

There's a couple of things that get repeated over and over again because we think those are the most important things that we need to follow up on when this is over and it's ending now you can see that the grip on their narrative is sliding there was a pullout yesterday.

Americans are the least panicked by COBIT as they ever have been.

You saw the sellout crowd at the Texas Rangers game yesterday. Hospitalizations are plummeted to below 3% of all ER visits in America, so give the vaccination effort that's ongoing you can see that the fight now is really about compulsive masks and forced vaccination. The lockdown argument pretty much as been lost yeah and it's it's been remarkable to see a kind of wine down part of that obviously is the media narrative changed immediately upon know Joe Biden's ascension in the White House or we just call it the Biden White House because that's convenient but from the hole from the from the get go with bounty himself a new dimension something and you talk about a lot in the pouching bargain about critical thinking is one of the seven things that you did a beautiful job. Towards the end of the book of showing kind of the stranger lead allegiance and fascination with all things Pope Ouchi is being literally cultlike based on seven of principles that you would apply to call something a culture not and on the opposite side as you wrap up the book going okay let's let's look at seven things that we can do the kind of turn this around. Critical thinking is a big deal in you know when it first happened. We had 14 days and then 30 days. I think the good nature of the American people was in full play. Then it was it had a little bit of a 9/11 feeling to it.

Let's all come together, but that ended pretty quick and then all of a sudden Pope Ouchi comes on the scene in the middle of all that what what was your original thinking about pouching you know I you know it. Sometimes this works against me. But sadly, it often turns out to be accurate. I just grew up in a home as you well know where on a given day.

I did know if my dad was taking me to Cedar Point Disney World or was good to try to beat this not out of us and so I just have an instant anathema Steve to anybody that you tell me is unassailable.

Okay, I just I just don't believe I just don't believe anybody is beyond reproach that no one is worthy of any scrutiny or skepticism. So from the very first day I like art already. I don't trust this now were giving this much power to somebody that none of us voted for me think about this. Everybody in your audience. Every single person every family, every church every house of worship every school, every, every business has had their entire lives controlled or impacted by one man that zero people have ever voted for male or any other method right that that that's just goes you know if you understand human nature through through the orthodoxy of the biblical lens. No person should be given that kind of power, even if they're great at something that that's just begging for trouble. Not to mention someone who has been anywhere from erratic to ineffective to duplicitous this entire time and so from the very beginning. It just didn't pass the smell test. But you know you want to buy into some of the esprit de corps you don't want to immediately be a nihilist so you give it a little bit of time, but right away is is is as recent as late March or early as late March of last year already. The data was showing that we were on the wrong track, and not in one of the themes we bring up repeatedly in the book are we keeping told trust the experts what what fascinated me about this from the beginning as I really thought this would be like a proxy fight for global warming.

Yeah. Okay. And the same size would square off with each other. What really blew me away is the same nation that gave us Greta Sundberg became the nations that once controlled. I guess this is limit it with yeah will blew me away is is Oxford the number one university in the world it's Sen. it's it's center for evidence-based medicine called for Sparky on this from the very beginning here and home stamp people at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Carnegie Mellon. These are universities that a lot of our audiences, including the host kit could never get into state and and right away there like this is not science.

The data doesn't justify this record seen healthy people. What are we doing here yet. They were all ignored. There were plenty of places that also believe in 57 genders in life begins when or when you decide you wanted to be born.

That also thought this was bad yet. They were all ignored. Why yeah why that's the big question will we ever get an answer.

Will we ever get a 9/11 commission. A big part of the Faustian bargain great subtitle the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history. Without a doubt, hands down.

Certainly true. Pope out you talking to Steve Jason Blake life while the two Eastern time every day on the places to Steve Noble will be right back back at Steve Noble to show here today with days from the blade done live well at 2 PM Eastern time. Right at the Glenn Beck show that we're talking about is a new book. Amazon number one bestseller if you can find it. This has been an interesting game on Amazon and actually I was shocked Steve when you texted me and you like it's number 100 okay the only logical but it was really amazing.

I'm just gonna read this little part right back toward the end of the book we is to encourage critical thinking. We now breed she pull bounty exists in the minds of many such people as the indispensable non-gender specific. Being in a year of madness because he but he was primarily believed to be a calming and reasonable voice man. He had that down.

Thus, he became the idol to be worshiped, particularly as he stood next to Donald Trump the idol to be hated and were working our way to the pouching bargain. You gotta go get yourself. I was that Steve was kind enough to send me a PDF copy of it so I was able to read through it and highlight the tar out of it now, but it's available on Amazon number one bestseller in Amazon which is incredible in this which which gives me great hope Steve that there's a growing number of people that have become more critical in their thinking than they were a year ago.

Yesterday we had number one forget Dr. Carlson showing that he put us back there and maybe we have received hundreds of emails. The book only came out last week so many people bought five copies, 10 copies to send them out to their pastors and church friends yeah schools are business people family members are caught in this panic, almost like you know how you were. The term fundamentalist came from. The business leader sending out the leaflets of the fundamentals right to kinda recover the lost traditions of the church here in America.

This is kind of our 95 theses and thankfully we got something called the, the Internet and and and platforms where we can get this directly to you the same way that Luther could with with Gutenberg's printing press out there trying to chat with us and in the search engine which naturally wrote about today but what what fascinated me. Steve is is yesterday morning I spent an hour on C-SPAN. I was great. I was highly entertaining and it was like Karen's dear. There's an old saying that where you live in the South when you throw a rock and attack dogs, one that yelps the one yet right. It was almost like Karen's Stan knew that I was talking about them so they had to show up en masse.

The amount of people you know it's it's what Loki says in the first Avengers film you were made to be ruled. The amount of people who want to be ruled. Cannot wait to be subjugated who cannot wait to be fed, hand over fist, ham-fisted from one central authoritarian figure. The amount of people who were given a constitution and a declaration unique in human history, and now say I what we want to king so we can be like everybody else. If you get the analogy I'm drawing. That's all Eilers yes I need to get the amount of people just dying for serfdom that I heard calling to C-SPAN yesterday. Just goes to show you this is the fruit you know of a former pastor before Presidents pastor once warned about chickens coming home to stop what we've now had to sit this is that this is the bitter harvest of a generation of indoctrination you're watching it play out right now.

Yeah that's been an amazing thing.

Probably maybe as recently as three or four or five years ago and contemplating the rise of the Antichrist and the one world government, whatever you want to do with end times theology and eschatology back back then bed. Not that long ago Steve I be like you know I don't. You see Obama in 2008 goes to Germany and draws a crowd of 200,000 people. He's a Savior is not even the president yet. Maybe this will not be as difficult as I think, and then you get to the last year and to watch the American populace who has come out of the soil of independence and liberty just found down I mean literally falling all over each other and then watch the church inside of itself divine over mass in the end in the gas lighting and the virtue signaling.

It was really surreal. Most of the year just to watch it happen. Here's how you know the mass is at night and a talisman. It would be very, the division should be hey I don't want to be inconvenienced there a hassle I don't care if I'm saving lives. Instead what has happened is, the more the data has shown that mass don't work. The mass don't work that you repeat mass don't work will be repeated. Mass don't work merely one more time. Mass don't work there is no data anywhere on God's creation in planet Earth mass work mass don't work.

And yet, the more it became obvious they do not work, the more divisive it became.

It wasn't like well you know I can take this thing off. It's a real new sentence. It was like how dare you take it off yet how dare you be different than everybody else. It was literally like how dare you say you're not going to have this this guy name Paul shows up starts building tense and you not get a buy anymore of my idols in the Temple of Artemis. How dare you not do that here in Ephesus.

How dare you not do such a thing. You're not going to practice circumcision anymore in Galatia. How dare you not do this.

That's what it has been like and the fact that many of our churches bought into this sets the stage for what you're watching happening date that the world isn't going to know these things on its own. How will they hear the word if there is no one to teach it to them. So if were not going to be any different than them.

The world is not going to be any different than it was really surprised by most of the church in America capitulating playing along shrinking back, and I'm not even talking about their use of their constitutional rights. I'm just talking about is Christians in general know I was surprised that the remnant was not quicker to define that surprised I was I surprised at the multitudes were willing to assume the position for Caesar and get and and and couldn't wait to say Kaiser curious. No, I was not surprised. I was surprised how few how few of the Polycarp's we have that are saying I'm I'm not doing that not now in the need of that and and and it still you're sitting here in post-Easter and it's big news when a Polish immigrant pastor in Canada doesn't it's big news here in the United States.

That to me is is problematic. Where are the 7000 men in Israel haven't taken the need a bail yet where is your remnant were those 56 signers of the declaration were those hundred and 10 people hold up in the upper room post-crucifixion. What many wearers that remnant at that to me is what you know Samuel Adams. Great observation of histories always changed by the small committed minority through our world was where was Gideons 300 at that to me is far more disconcerting executor. I'm talking to Steve Dave's bounty and bargain. The most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history by Steve Davis and his co-author, titers and so so what you think. We talked a little bit during the break. For those of you on the radio on Facebook live in YouTube live. We take advantage of the radio brakes and have a sidebar conversation sees him share a little bit of his testimony. When we have these next two breaks, but in looking about you are talking okay this is the guy that that I don't care what person it is Jesus Christ himself. He's got bless his guts, and he's gonna predispose nature to bend to power and control and so fancy, but then he starts to change his story.

He did it on mass and then then how do you explain in the flesh. We understand the spiritual, but in the flesh. What you think was going on with algae. The whole time because he just walked into it took over nobody stop them, but he was willing to just change things openly. If you look at our book. We follow his train of thoughts or Trail of tears if you will, and in January and February and early March. He had a far more modest assessment of the situation which year later, has turned out to be prescient. Anthony found she's not dumb, is not that at this.

All of his original observations. Mass don't work, you're probably looking at and it's our fatality ratio around of a pandemic level of a flu everything that he originally said has all turned out to be true. But then, a switch was flipped when he went to Congress on March 11 he totally did an about-face basically said this is Capt. trips it's you went full Dennis or run for your lives ministry is on fire right this is it, and that set the country into a year-long lockdown why we need to know what changed on March 11 that he gave such a more dire assessment thread turned out to be true and will we get a 9/11 style commission to investigate all is I don't know that's possible and revise administration, but that's why were talking about it so that we can be informed that we can apply pressure wherever we can. Talking to Steve Dave's Faustian bargain number one on Amazon will be right that no one will show all of the albums because well I'm old enough I don't know if the base is old enough, of all the albums and debases album collection. I'm wondering if the Bee Gees ever get near the top of the list. Oh no no no I love that era music but I did more AC/DC journey younger yes then the child of the stuff you your your little younger than me so will will extensive grace were talking to Steve Dave's today the author of Faustian bargain. The most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history. Of course were talking about the Anthony bounty pathology. Whatever you want to call him and tells a little a little bit about your your co-author titers in Todd is a great guy I used to be the religion reporter at the Des Moines register and when he actually started reporting on it earnestly here in our community as opposed to gas lighting and controlling it. Getting rid of and I figured I needed somebody who knew me well enough that they would call you know well yes make.

Frankly, if I got a line right but somebody at the same time that would initially compete with me on my own show, you know, but be confident enough to have their own opinion either was different than mine. Basically an accountability partner. So I hired him to essentially remind me that my waste products don't stink and and he tell you did a fantastic job helping to go through what he did really is take a years worth of material that we had done on our show here even compile it and catalogue it into the categories we were looking to highlight so I mean I could help compile the narratives of all of our work really and in only a couple weeks We kind of modeled this out to the Eagles greatest hits right and so you could buy for five different albums to get already gone or desperado or tequila sunrise.

We thought was to put them all on one album. Instead, they go and that's exactly what happened, bouncing bargain, the most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history available on Amazon number one Amazon and it's a great read. It's an easy read, and in one of the things that that I would challenge all of you if you just kinda bought the mainstream narrative if you just got a look at the headlines if you just look at the click basically never really taken the time to dive into some of those that don't let it intimidate you. Yes, there's a lot of facts and figures and some research and that but the way Steve talks is the way that he writes. And so it's very easy to read through this and plus there's that always the entertaining I, I am pretty good at catching all your references to move to movies and music. Steve so that that always would come at the right time and lighten it up which I always enjoyed even down the Han Solo, a reference towards in the book, which was of course touching my heart. Are you so you are mentioning algae date was March 20 when he went before Congress. All of a sudden he does a flip Marshall at March 11. So what you think was going on there, politically, and let's talk a little about biology and trumps relationship why been asked a lot of people that I've interviewed with for the book your last week, it asked me so what do you think happened those 11 days in my in my time as a talkshow host.

I've done my absolute best and absolute worst psychoanalyzing people's motivations. It's been it's when I'm the most right in the most wrong and I hate being wrong so I'm I'm really trying not to do it very often.

But if you if you put a gun to my head to the wonder woman lasso truth on me what I think occurred here is during those to note during that time. They're heading into mid-March without you came to the realization that his former cronies and compadres and simpatico's at the World Health Organization and over at the Wuhan Institute were not trustworthy that China could was lying to us, could not be trusted. But now he is in the corner because he has a way to cozy relationship with them yet funnel taxpayer money to the Wuhan Institute of virology he had actually going to get the Obama administration stopped him from doing gain of function research because of the dangers of it back in the latter part of the Obama era. They search for people to understand because that phrase is actually been around and showing up a lot in the last year, but explained that right quick as this is really metal actually gain of function research is enacting a contagion in order to study it.

Basically detonating a nuclear weapon in order to see what would what fallout does the human being that's essentially what were talking about okay except they weren't doing this.

It became the island they were doing this and allowed in one of the most populous populated areas in China and so I think that he was closely aligned with them.

He the Obama ministration stopped him doing this research. His institution had began it. Rita had restarted after Obama left when you present came over. I'm guessing probably thinking that with the transition. This was so far down the bureaucratic rabbit hole it would go unnoticed and so they went down this road again and I think that is why he realized he was trapped that we have that we have a virus that it the very least was being experimented on in the lab is not originated or altered. What have you and and maybe therefore it operates outside of what we know the natural laws of virology, immunology and biology. If he comes forward and he says this is the former CDC director Robert Redfield actually said this last week but if he says this then it will will dredge up all of his old connections with that with with that is to trade with China, with WHO as we try to balance these beach balls that are competing with each other and then all the sudden the media comes in the ego kicks in and you start believing your own narrative enough that you almost sociopathic lake and just repeat it like a mantra over and over again that would be my guess of what happened here you go right back to W the movie reference go right back to that great scene in Scarface when he is given some advice to Anthony but not Tony Montana don't get high in your own supply that's exact exactly right exactly what found she did let out front because you and I were talking off the off the air.

During a break that truck out his early on I was like why doesn't he get another set of opinions that disagree with Bergson bouncing all these folks and get them into a room and let it be a cage match and try to actually come to some kind of an agreement that's just not one-sided because I didn't trust any of them from the start as well so talk about Trump versus Balaji Weldon here's the thing that the warm on this turned almost instantly.

UK was actually to do a swing approach and then the Imperial College model came out hoarse Johnson panicked and now he's been one of the worst lockdown leaders in the world ever since. XO this model comes out since 2 million people die unless you do all these things and you have to ask right now because this thing is get a spread right now as I think everybody trumps all of Merkel all panicked and then there's a thing in politics, you know, reduce your cost shift the blame around work you all make the same mistake.

None of you can be held accountable because there's no alternative to vote in her elected and is a ball. They're all guilty of the same weakness, and so there's there's your mutual culpability here so I think that was all plotted out as well. I actually don't fault anybody for that, given the gravity of the money that we got sure I agree it's what happened after those 15 days that that that that I think Trump with his connections to New York, and starchy stature. New York I am sure they had known each other for a long long time Burks comes in.

You know she is became a member I think of the George Bush presidential library so she's well attached to the traditional Republican machine.

She's hot, comes in highly recommended by your VP Mike pence and so you know and then you have a guy that comes from corporate America and you know Google and Microsoft and all that Bill Gates always people come forward and said yeah will help you in the private sector will come to your aid that speak in Donald Trump's love language and I think all those things kind of just conspired to get this momentum going and then by the time it was obvious they were on the wrong path. I think what you know I think both you and I believe Donald Trump turned out to be. Thankfully, a better president than we assumed he was going to be going it is that fair hands down and hands down. But no matter how high your view is a Donald Trump.

You have to admit admitting defeat error showing some form of remorse, not one of the strengths shows I think very difficult. You look at would look at the announcement they made last year.

They do this fantastic press conference at the White House really announce how you can reopen it and they spend the next two days. Trump is criticizing the governor of Georgia for reopening too fast. Okay Debbie I think that he wanted both sides of the issue I saved your life by locking down lockdowns are bad and we can never do them again.

That's really hard to message up against. We have to do this or people will die right and I think that's where they got confused at the White House felt trapped from people I talked to like they couldn't get rid of starchy, but they knew that he was killing them at the exact same time.

It really wasn't until the president. I think a lot of us thought we got COBIT. Oh boy. The selections over that that's actually when he recovered, and he faced it head on and saw what treatments and and and advancements we had made and what was available to confront this but he actually got on the messaging that he needed to be on probably a few months prior that they hired Scott out was too late. Should've hired him in June or July about reopening the schools. They waited until well into August and so they just kept getting behind the curve. Steve they could never get ahead of the story right. Yeah just the snowball got way too big and it was over at that point. So what about moving our last thing I should add I know you got it set to stage the mail-in voting that was his ultimate what do you think the thing was hijacked or stolen, or they were just able to reach parts of their base that they never could before.

Whatever your rationale is for the abnormal turnout numbers that we saw an NDA normal inequalities we saw in those turnout numbers. There's a reason we fought mail-in voting spent on our side for 25, 30 years with these sorts of things to never happen and this gave them the crisis that they needed to justify it so it impacted the outcome of the election, even beyond your opinion of his guidance. During this issue again handed the Democrats the very mechanism they have been dying to have for 2530 years. Yeah, that's where you ultimately take Trump out of the picture to even take bounty out of the picture, and as soon as the thing got its head above water the progressives the liberals, Democrats, the reset great reset pokes all of a sudden this was the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's factory of the Golden slipper whatever you want to call it. To unlock The world was like. It's almost like if depending on what you're asking. Eschatological views are like the enemy is waiting for a rapture to occur because that's what he knows that's his moment to seize right right right.

The church is not. It was almost like the globalists that though the spirit of the age leftist. They were ready prepared for this kind of moment to pounce on it. Very much like that yeah exactly wherever talking to Steve, Dave, bounty and bargain.

The most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat American history talking about Anthony Soucy between team hears only come back right after the back of the noble and noble so the Faustian bargain. The most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat American bill. But Amazon just ripped it up over there which great.

That should give you some some pause in terms of what you think about the country was still way too many people that are not critical thinkers that it is willing to be led astray, but that's nothing new that's been talked about and written about for a few thousand years we've known this was coming and whether it's in the next 10 years hundred years. That's not for us to know, but I would encourage you to to be a critical thinker to spend the time. Do not be a law old. By the way this world operates.

Don't just be a consumer of click Bay and the headline make sure you're aware of your own biases and that you're going to ignore things that maybe challenge you don't do that. I think the one thing that we need to be. As Christians, especially in this world today's people of wisdom and discernment in a different way.

Don't just fall into the trap of the left or the right, we should be a peculiar in the way that we approach these things that we call balls and strikes based on the word of God. It should not matter who standing at the plate. So if you only pulled out the microscope when it comes to Barack Obama but you only pull out a pedestal comes to Donald Trump as unequal weights and measures. That's not a good witness for a Christian we need to be brutal when it comes to the truth and that's exactly what you experience when you read Faustian bargain by Steve days and and and tatters and Melanie limit switch gears here where you want to go we could talk about the border crisis. We can talk about what's going on in Georgia you with the sports talk a background that you have in the MLB down there we could talk about HR one or HR five when he went wheat when we got 10 minutes so let's burn it up. Let's let's talk about the border and in the Georgia saying okay talk about both outside and when you look at what's going on down at the border and you we have been told this syngas lighted with this from both major parties establishments the Democrats have been looking for a new potential class of victims to manipulate Republicans in their donor class looking for more indentured servitude human chattel cheap labor to exploit and so there's this notion that we have just kinda looked the other way watching as people desperate to get out of second or third world nations in central and and and South America come across our border, in order for a better life and we look the other way because there's at least some form of economic benefit to this for us and I think what you're learning now is that this attack that the only reason you want border security is your Xena so the only reason you want border security is your racist is is is now that we have a president that is essentially said comehither the gates are open. You're welcome.

No one gets deported. What were seeing now is is all these years we can protect our southern border, Steve.

There was that there is there's there's a variable down there and is called drug mules human traffickers drug cartels when my best friends is Congressman Chip Roy of Texas.

He's going down to the border twice in the last month. Both times going down there. He is videotaped migrants trying to escape human traffickers in real time like he's watching it happen. Human trafficking is with his own eyes.

While this is going on what's going on down there now beyond just even transcends the immigration debate we've been having, to the last, not your couple of decades. This is a human tragedy is a crime against humanity, and these are mostly brown kids that this is being done to the and when they make it across the border safely. They put them in essentially aluminum soil. You mean like pigs in a blanket that you would think this going on, particularly the nonwhite children that this would be the fix event for our media to exploit and get the memory hole. It fast enough. Which tells you they don't care about these immigrants. They don't care about these migrants they don't care about these kids. They care only about their agenda and yet again, just like has been the case with the spirit of the age. Since the dawn of the welfare state, the very disadvantaged groups that they claim to help the most. Always end up hurting the most in the end that's right. Ultimately, they don't really care about anybody but themselves. They care about power and whether his little brown kids being thrown over the border wall are kids being at 35% of all abortions being African-Americans being ripped to shreds by white doctors, paid for by black moms and dads, I mean that they so literally. I don't throw the word evil around that easily. But that's exactly what it is you is exactly what it is and I'm not going to change and in like you said the bite administration throws the doors open were the ones that the bite administration. The one baiting the trap. The ones that put the cheese out and anybody comes out and then when the next of these people are getting squashed. We look at the Republicans of the border guard or look at heights and say that's their fault know it isn't. It's whoever's putting the bait on the trap and that would work, but I think they should.

I think their plan was to Cloward and to say if you know the reference are making theirs or to Columbia associate professors word Barack Obama went to school when they work hard leftist and and they and they correctly divided that Americans will never hand over freedom and liberty because it's just too prosperous. And so the only us except authoritarian statism. If we create a series of crises that overrun the various infrastructure systems so that the only answer is that authoritarian government to solve the problem right and the problem I think they meant to do that here at the border and that's and that was the whole patent weaknesses on this why we didn't open border is unenforceable. See. But the problem is the drug cartels and human traffickers came out in full force and on camera to show what's truly going on in the border that for every family that is just trying to escape Honduras for a job some migrant job somewhere in the United States. There's at least one drug mule or drug or human traffickers down there waiting to kidnap their daughter to seller into porn waiting to make turn their son into a drug mule and now that this is all out in the open.

They now are running from the story as fast as they can because this exploitation has blown up in their faces. Yeah, and let's let's make sure were all praying about that, whether you agree with the bite administration. It is people we are called to be people of prayer specially for those in authority over us and what's going on down the southern border should grab your gospel heart firmly and should keep you invested and that's let's make sure were doing all right, so Georgia Charlie Kirk I tweeted this earlier.

Let me get this straight.

The MLB movie All-Star game from a city with a 51% black population to a city with a 9.1% black population and removed a $100 million economic investment in largely black-owned businesses all in the name of fighting systemic racism a great sound there in the endeavors with the voting law, how you read that one. I love Atlanta been there several times. Marriott is one of my favorite suburbs in America if it weren't for the fact they have Byzantine levels of traffic in Atlanta.

I can see myself living there there several years ago, but in what is Angel what about it to appear there is is the amount of diversity that's there. There's a strong, robust black middle class there black business owner class there and they're the ones ironically, Stacy Abrams, this is her most successful race but yet it worked too well blew up in her face and and there and all the businesses in that black middle class is good to suffer greatly. Now because of this decision and and what it means over audiences with the biblical worldview is you need to understand that the model of the 80s and 90s were these corporations funded our causes that they maybe didn't agree with, but they hoped by voting for our candidates. We keep the Democrats away from taxing and regulating about a business that arrangement is gone it doesn't exist anymore. These corporations aren't even just doing this because they're afraid of being shut down their true believers and many with these boardrooms.

They are the funders all right.

Of this there there that Ms. Havisham's if you get that literary reference here of of of woke us up there. The one subsidizing this. There against us now and I think we have to have to make a choice here.

It's bad economic policy to putatively tax and regulate those who are most likely to provide jobs, but it's cultural death to let unelected corporate oligarchs ruin your way of life that you are accountable to you at the ballot box and I think we need to start getting our red state governors to say you know what, if you want California real estate or put all your events there. Go there with all their high taxes and all their high rags will come up with something new to replace. You are the one not.

You don't get to come here and enjoy the freedoms of the Texas is a world and in order to then export here this rotgut were not accepting that Faustian bargain any longer and I think that is that is something you have to change the way we have thought about these sorts of issues. In past eras well were so used to being in our heels as opposed to being the aggressor and when you look at them like let's get federalism trending again. Let's get let's get state governments that look the federal government in the face and say thanks but no thanks. Really what we want and I were on the Rhonda Santos is doing a full exactly that's in Beckley what he is doing what he's practicing like a militant form of federalism worry he's not just saying working to be uniquely Florida. Please take it to another level, saying I'm going to protect my people from the Fed of Florida from the federal government itself is like taking it to another level. Exactly right. So as we finish up the just yeah we I mean this is the this is a largely born-again conservative Christian audience what your encouragement, your words and challenge us as we move into this new era with buying and everything going on in our country that there is the hardest is plenty, but the workers are few other the fact you don't we have a successful show on a massive platform but were one of the more modest shows on that platform. The fact that it's hard to get the number one book in America. Amazon's were 83% of all books are sold is 48.7 million books for sale on Amazon right now and we have spent most of the last week number one out of all of those books that shows you there's more people like you than you think. There are there's more people. It's not a majority but it's not nothing either. And so my hope is when they read this book.

This is not something you read in your like a knew I was right cool story bro you take this to your boards of health.

You take this to your legislators, your mayors, you take it to your County supervisors to your pastors and say enough of this. Show me the data because I have the data that shows your wrong.

We should go to your pastors wire any of our churches anywhere in America. Close enough is enough. We wrote the ultimate concordance here if you will to get help you get your lives back like Luther's 95 theses. It's a galvanizing you gotta do something with it now.

That's right, shrink your America and plague to play the game locally. That's what we all need to do and subscribe to the blaze.

By the way, I've subscribed to the blade so that I can get this these days and help support that platform I do the same thing with daily wire. We all need to support alternative conservative media because it is one way that we can fight back against the juggernaut and obviously Steve very gifted in the Lord's done continues to do a lot with them.

God bless you brother.

Always great to have you on think he suffered so much for your time and busy arm will do it again the same year I talked okay there you go guys, make sure you share this today. Make sure you go get the pouching bargain basement matters and get the thing you knowledge and power that would knowledge the possibility of noble defeat Noblesville God will always another program powered by the Truth Network

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