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Special Needs People = Special Abilities!

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April 7, 2021 2:18 pm

Special Needs People = Special Abilities!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 7, 2021 2:18 pm

Special Needs People = Special Abilities!

Gabi Angelini was born with Down Syndrome but it's not stopping her from pursuing her dreams with Gabi's Grounds Coffee!!!


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Wake up everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble second but it reminds me of the story of the good Samaritan. So the good Samaritan is a problem on the side of the road, and religious people and powerful people and people of means and people ability.

They know that there's something going on but they choose to do nothing. So in my family.

I don't know about your family. We really don't have any issues in terms of vessel needs community people with special needs where you turn around and and when you go to Gabby's you'll see it. Special abilities community say we look at that and other special needs.

But now in God's economy. A lot of veterans in the special abilities and interestingly enough to come to Down syndrome at the subject that comes up every semester in my Christian ethics class and we talk to students about it tonight and because a lot of people aboard Down syndrome children and all asked my students do you guys know many families with down syndrome child and invariably, 30, 40% of the kids in the class will raise their hand and I'll say how would you describe generally describe those family and most of the time. The number one word that they come back with is happy. Okay, so there is happiness there is joy there but there's also meaning there's opportunities to go from something that we would say okay that's a disability who actually an opportunity or special abilities, community, and you'll find all about Gabby and Mary and Gabby's grounds Gabby's supercool story and Mary and Gabby are in the studio today hi Mary, Mary and I know each other for a while. Hi Steve, God bless you. Thank you. And then Gabby I don't know that we've ever talked Gabby but I've seen you many many times. Time and time again how are you Gabby. Nice to see you getting awesome so stay close to the might pull your chair close and get right up there. Get comfortable and behold are you client I Gabby's 23. Mary and I refuse to acknowledge Christ next time were a little north of 23 but not much.

So before we talk about Gabby's grounds and all things going on. There is a lot of ways today you guys that that you can get involved with God is been doing in this families life and I just a really great way to can exercise your faith of a follower of Jesus. Let's get the way back machine and and kinda go back as you guys have six children, five children, six children, six children, Gabby's number five number five only girl the only good God bless you. We should probably stop and pray right now so when did you find out that she was good to be a little different at birth. The doctor said well we are concerned that she has down syndrome so I said okay well the next day we found that she needed surgery. So I went from Leno poor me. Poor baby sums wrong with your first girl to okay I'm a mama and you can operate on my baby.

So now I'm back in mother my yeah yeah yeah and then then how what was the reaction from your family from your husband from the other kids what was because you know he did not tell his family. So, on the other kids you know they didn't. Now, any different than they never did with her growing up and cheated her just like one of the other brothers she's a tomboy). Ellie oh yeah I so reality and so what was the reaction of people around you clean out. They wanted to give me sympathy and I was like I don't need sympathy and God sent her to me and she's gonna be awesome so I don't need your sympathy and then what was it like raising a down syndrome child because I've never seen. I think this is just got special blessing, absolutely.

I've never seen it. Anybody that has down syndrome that looks less than enthusiastic. That's true know that she's awesome. I'm talking a machine Inc. invited to the birthday parties and the school of thinking about it. The play dates and sleepovers. Where as you know I had experience with this from my five other kids. They were always going playing in. She wasn't so was it was time for a challenging Gabby. What was it like growing up in mom and dad's house with all these brothers and being a little different than the other kids. What was that like for you it was fun. You learn how to what they teach you how to do my younger brother. Client can somehow escape port and climate change.

Wow, that's pretty cool. So now know, what about the girls.

Did you did you like would you rather hang out, play with your brothers or or other girls.

I can't live rather than most because it was more fun this way find his way fun.

That's really I like that answer and that and that but did you ever did you ever think of yourself Gabby as being different to me.

Did you know that you are little different demeanor your fine your exciting you got great streak in you because your activist now doing all kinds of stuff but did you feel different. What was that like growing up being a little different field dear Frank by Ellen's fine yeah fat isn't that now swampy indifference fun being different like that I might want to write that down. That is so, so, at what point Mary did you guys all of a sudden it's one thing to be a family and you're moving forward and you have some Gabby was your only daughter and little different because the down syndrome okay whatever you're going to live life as a family, but at what point did you start looking outward. I think in a high school. I think it was and she was working as a bagger at Harris Teeter and she always saved all her money she saved all her Christmas money on her birthday, Monica, for her restaurant so she was just practicing to cooking and so you know once she got out of high school and went to many interviews and nobody wanted to hire her and started thinking right, we need to start thinking of what we can create a business for her IPO so Gabby did you went did so you want to have your own restaurant.

Oh yeah, when you start thinking about that. Remember, because I love kayaking you love cooking would you like cooking the most brand is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve okay what is a little bit of a book recommendation, but I will warn you walk. Get pretty upset, especially if you've been paying attention last all in the name Anthony found she makes the skin on the back of your neck crawl, but listen to this, the love of power is natural. It is insatiable. It is wedded not employed by possession power renders man wanton insolent of others and fond of themselves enter Anthony Crouch events at the beginning that's near the beginning of algae and bargain what you talking about since it came out recently by my friend Steve Dave's most powerful and dangerous bureaucrat in American history talking about Anthony. Doubt you can you go towards the end of the book it says that she is your friend being Frank Facebook were not there. But on the radio.

We were but were back so if you want to check Pinch me. I'm really rely here in the studio. Welcome back to Steve Noble show Mary and Gabby Angelini are with me here in the studio and they have a wonderful story and got been doing some really cool things in their lives for long time.

Gabby is 23. She was born with Down syndrome with phot count them not one, not two, not three.

Not for five brothers. That's right, 545 brothers, so add Gabby to your prayer. Last list simply because she has five brother and marries her mom, which is mostly a blessing, do what you think about your mom.

My mom why do you love them because she's beautiful and I always love you. Now what pretty good. That's a very good answer and so were just gonna learning the story and then growing up being down syndrome and these challenges but Gabby had a desire when she was young to have her own restaurant very often are all trying to get jobs and stuff. So then you get to the point we can take matters into your own hands that would happen. Mary that's happened. We went down and checked out the other coffee shop that employed people with disabilities and Gabby said let's do it. So we came back and we met with Larry from Larry Scott, please send. He loved Gabby story that Sean have her own coffee shop I receive.

Always good to talk to you and your audience brother so this is this this is infuriating to read. It must've been somewhat infuriating to prepare and rights will look like a demon I'm done such a great job on this on your show on the blaze.

I really since it broke last February, but to actually sit down and have to put this much time in discovery in here and like 150 footnotes. I mean, it had to been trying it was night has more footnotes than pages are hundred and 87 pages over 200 footnotes. The and the challenge was what was too much. You know I think it's Dennis Prager's is any books for more that that's what more than 200 pages probably isn't worth reading.

I don't know if I need to go quite that far. When you're dealing with this much information and its information that's outside of a lot of people's expertise or skill set to become white white noise that it cannot be accessible in people feel as if they're not even qualified to consider the skepticism so we needed to make it attainable and accessible at the exact same time and and that was the challenge. That's one reason reasons why we go throughout the book.

There's a couple of things that get repeated over and over again because we think those are the most important things that we need to follow up on this interesting day at the very top up because I so you guys on NC state that one time member Within the state are going to say that this whole big giant event for all the new students and have literally have a pop up in your selling ice coffee and other products in T-shirts and then back to copying everything so that what do you like doing a Gabby like with all these people coming around and you're talking to people is that fun for you. You like coffee sometimes when you like it just in the morning's what your favorite winter favorites so with your favorite one you like my favorite, the dark lust humbly takes a copy of you guys offered. We have dark and medium media, but your first round, yet serious serious coffee Gabby that's not likely around serious. So what's the reaction like what you guys running into out there just in general public when you're out of an event and in you guys at the ground, set up in the pop up there and people like, what's Gabby's grounds when they find out there's a lot more to 11 1111 meeting Gabby there. I'm doing selfies with her come out just to see her follow her around people that just follow her. They just want to be seen her and hang out with Aaron because now because you've done a lot of media yeah right that's happened like the Clarkson show when was that last February and that was kind of interesting story. Yeah, that was that as a parent with two daughters.

So Mike, that's an interesting story because Gabby you met somebody right you met a guy she met a guy like the beginning of a few stories for the last few thousand years.

Yeah, she met a guy and he lived in another city and so it has mom and mom and me. We decided to surprise them at the airport.

So we flew them up and we flew up to Ohio and he didn't now and she didn't now and so when he sees her coming on the escalator very kind of loses, he lost his junk.

I watch the videos been seen by the way when the last time you looked 12.3 million, 12.3 million like Gabby Gabby's grounds, sounds familiar to me, you, there's a good chance you guys probably seen that. And then so Kelly Clarkson show how that come together as they already saw the video they saw the video and they called us and said we want to surprise Gabby on the show with Nick because they thought only Gabby surprised they set Gabby surprise Nick but she didn't. She didn't know either. Neither one of you. Neither one of them them so this will want to surprise on the show with Nick, so what was that like Gabby yeah was a fun so Nick, what is Nicholas is in Ohio and you guys met conference in Detroit two years ago yesterday, Detroit, Michigan. While so what was that like being on the merry Clarkson Mary Clark Kelly Clark is a whole Kelly Clarkson. What was that like fun. It was fun.

Wolfgang Puck was on their and invited us to dinner right. I like bongo really dinner at spot nights I was fond of her blouse. Did you think his cooking was pretty good guy was really good so he passed muster shift so that was okay. And then what you guys think about the media is something I don't get a lot of exposure. People donating is awesome there. Everybody want to help us get the coffee shop so you are on Nightline. What was the night lying to you.

I think they just show the video if you have the airport just went over the place In the rates of radio, television what's been getting for you what what do you enjoy about this the most to me you have is growing business and then God willing, you have an actual copy shop. One day, but what you like about all this, the most for you personally.

I everything you I think I think when you have all your workers all your coworkers that the warehouse and you guys are having your dance parties in music and I think that's what you like the most. I am very social and then what what have you found Mary just in terms of people coming to an understanding of what it's like as it was, I start reading about conventions in this because it's obviously a community that supports one another, which is a great biblical model that we show attention to. But in terms of engaging people have a conversation getting those of us that are near slight. How's that going much easier than it used to be a amine 20 years ago. It was a totally different conversation but more more people are more accepting these days and there's a lot of entrepreneurs.

A special needs out there now that we partner with like John's crazy socks and there's a couple stores popping up. There's one in Long Island and one in Colorado that that we ship our products to and they have them in the store there whole stores just all people with special needs entrepreneurs so it's more accepting these days definitely what we things change. Along those lines down now. I mean maybe because people have been mainstreamed into when they were in school with kids with special needs or other families were more accepting of having them that you know people are more aware and have seen in the marches hidden away in institutions like they were back in the day. Yeah, I think that the digital age because most of what I've seen with you guys I've seen online.

Okay, so whether it's Facebook or you you see something in the media and then you start connecting the dots and then familiarity to like, oh, look at this now, you're assuming 20 years ago.

We can assume Down syndrome there to be with her parents arrest their life.

Talk about but then also you feel this activity at all okay maybe I have lowered the bar right to love myself and then he could get behind that sort of talk about what you can do as a been a part of the story super exciting things going I will be right back to sleep. No Michelle here today would Gabby Angelini and her mom Mary Angelini Gabby's grounds is the effort of the business. The ongoing concern Gabby's is the website Gabby's GABA.

I asked Gabby's playing around in here. This is like a really serious serious thing going on here and I love to have fun while so were talking today about that is a beautiful story. Gabby's was given. I look at this in terms of being a steward of your affliction. That's a phrase that I picked up several years ago with a friend died from stomach cancer and I once we once he found out he spent about a year and 1/2 battling but he really if you look at that his stomach answers a piece of fruit. He squeezed everything out of that.

So he became. And that's the phrase that guy just got dropped in the me a dispute that Mike was a great steward affliction. Yet these challenges but yet he used it to to be a kingdom builder and impact people's lives in and that's obviously what's been going on Gabby Mary and her whole family. Gabby's over to talk about ways that you guys can get involved Down syndrome in general. Help us to come to a better understanding of Mary because I think most of us probably don't really understand much. We see it. I've mentioned this earlier.

It seems like everybody with down syndrome has an extra beat of happiness and joy. And if you use it to go well, maybe this is an interesting start. Maybe will all be a little less burdened little more joyful in heaven. I because when when when you have down syndrome. What is it me my functionally mother's different degrees functionally okay and I mean there's a lot there's low functioning where they wouldn't be able to live on their own, they would need a caregiver in which they can still live in an apartment on their own, they would just have to have caregivers come in and help them so they still can have their own autonomy. But then there's high functioning like Gabby and she can live on her own with maybe minimal support, maybe help with financials you but so when we when you hear that phrase high functioning low functioning. We should mostly think it's pretty much a mental challenge right at exactly some people have some physical challenges. Yeah, and there's a lot of dual diagnosis with autism and down syndrome's allowed people to have both. So it really depends on a everybody's individual and you don't know what they have going on. You know so it's it's a wide variety was she pretty independent at an early age. Yeah, I mean, with five brothers. She had been working out for rifle and if it is there you go. Fall down. You get yourself to get up yourself so Gabby would you consider yourself kind of tough. Really, she's a skier she's a she won gold metal skiing gymnast is that like the Special Olympics has a special affection how they taught her how to ski on one day when Dacia from the baby bunny held to the slope to the slope and one day I will I watch them. How old are you, Gabby. When you learn how to ski number 12 member maybe 1213 but so cool yeah and so as you about that, the community, the community of families that have somebody that's got down syndrome. What's that like your best buddies right my friend friends write the cool kids they call them.

Yeah, cool kids club right that like cool but you guys like to do.

Now she's hanging out, going swimming, sometimes, and sometimes grumbling his bowl. If you like what you like bowling alley strikes you do what you bullies just kind of fun. I think you're an aggressive person like you are like I am. There's just something about throwing a big heavy object long piece of wood destroying other thing that somehow just a little bit pleasurably here just got up on doing so having a coffee shop and getting to that point where you what's is going to take what the going to take to get Gabby do you want to run the coffee shop like that years at your business. You want to manage it.

You want to run it all yeah that's the deal and you arty have some employees could you guys have employees with Gabby's grounds already, so then you guys can run it together so what's it gonna take what's this challenge… Wall look like this to watch a financial volume can use another hundred and $50,000. That's mostly what we need. With that, everything else and placed seed money to start the business seed money that set think we've it's been proven that he and Bose in Wilmington is on the six shop so it's record that it can be done. You know this couple in Raleigh that have open you know 32. Juan and special blend up in Greensboro that it's been done it's it's sustainable chest and as yeah because there's allure to it as a consumer. They say okay when I know all a lot of us now at this point have a preference encoded really!

After this to support local small business right so you have a local coffee shop local sandwich up whatever mom-and-pop store, and I think there's a natural desire for people to support that. I think that's grown in the last say grant 14 months and so you come in and then you go okay. It's like the anti-Starbucks. Does anybody at Starbucks corporately really need any help. No massively successful there all over the globe and Starbucks is just really turned into a part of our culture Just a normal getting me something for coffee was for significant gaps. Where's the nearest Starbucks, which is usually less than while the matter where you're at. So then there's the allure of of helping a local business, but then when you see that you're helping people in the special needs community value added another layer of meaningfulness to buy coffee. So what's what he thinks the biggest what are you running into in terms of financing and people that will support help get off the ground, letting go successful once it's going to think that we haven't found the big donors and we've got a lot of low level supported but not not any big donors have stepped forward yet that were praying for that. So what would you what would Gabby's grounds look like, what would you want the shop to be like Gabby dance parties get out of here Shall night.

That's a great idea open mic night a lot more going on than just coffee community fashion show fashion show speed dating Ari hold on her two daughters what what a nightmare you crack that open speed dating what's real and I we've seen that is a show on Netflix condo but it's pretty they get it they did it with him with evil with autism like an awesome night do that Josh Mears thinkers for New Year's right for you is just open as he opened Connecticut yet anyway.

He put on here. My question Gabby is did you find it hard when being interviewed by businesses tell you that you're not to work at the company to slow with that hard for you to hear stuff like that. It was high. How did you deal with.

I just deal with it because I don't care what other people and say this, that's it is a bummer, and move on in this failed to find us right now we define who yeah that's right it's one thing for Gabby.

How is it for you absolutely would. This is what God put us here for so that's art that's our mission. So I'm happy they found my mission so yeah so how do you look at it to the lens of Scripture being a follower of Christ. How you can filter everything that's happened what's going on now. I felt for sure that he put me here for a reason gave me Gabby for a reason. The reason is to help other people with special needs, find their place in the world and find fulfillment and be happy in meaningful work right just like you wanted so not terribly dissimilar from the rest of us really right.

Is that something that shouldn't be like some kind of revelation to people that don't have special needs that essentially Gabby wants the same thing the rest of me. I think they're just ignorant. Not a bad way. They just don't know that they're capable so I think to shine the light on them say they're capable of having work in a business and relationships and live on their own.

I think they just are unaware that they can be capable like that because they weren't taught that there was Sean put them in the special needs room right away from the population. So we fought really hard to high school and now she's gonna be included. She deserves to be included and they see her to you because she's gonna live in the community. So to me why blocker from them. Growing up, so what was that like educationally to deal with that, she was in the regular occupational course of study so she got her diploma and that she had to do work study out right where did you work at West Manheim Whispering Pines you worked in a nursing home and you work that was in its ears. She was out the community working in the rest of her kids in the class to so and how do you think without naming me how you think were doing in the church on the subject, not seven. Why is it I don't know why I mean we bred a new church now and she's not feeling included in a friend of hers goes to the church and he's not feeling included as well and he's been there for a lot longer than her time she tries to go down and join in with the group and you know if there at the front of the church will go down there but shall come back and say nobody's talking to me which I don't understand think this is church. This is this is where she should be welcome. The most does it usually take an intermediary summaries is it's like to have the talk does it so I guess that's gonna need to happen yeah how you handled we just go find out who's in charge and say let's have a conversation about this. What can we do to accommodate the situation. How can we make it more welcoming, especially in youth groups and I used have this conversation with our kids, especially our oldest is 25. He was still different very different, very intelligent and artsy kind and dirty with an outsider. We had a heart for outsiders so he could develop that on his own, but with our kids. I was always like the last place that we should see exclusionary behavior is church will pick it up there we come back to show with Mary and Gabby in faith.

Faith Craig is so shy you're so shy, so she walks on the camera look at me like a Gabby look at grandma. She looked directly at the camera break you what you want to say anything deli people out here listening and watching. Tell me something about Gabby the rear local circuit's are very cheap place to work well now you Gabby's own has problems that need to be worker you ever they say appreciate that even in line. Pretty cool call and Gabby do you have did you give her and she just call you Gabby. You want to macramé the matter pretty easy-going faith still going Valley got another person show today insulin. Let's I want to stay little bit on the church thing and so is this the challenge because we don't need. I wanted to talk about this in global terms this matter whether you go to the church Mary Gabby to church I go to whatever your church so what you say to the rest of us take take advantage of opportunity and talk to the rest of us about people down syndrome families are doing with down syndrome down syndrome people in general and the church community and how we look at people that are different or have struggles that perhaps we don't have what sure what your advice for us what you I would say come alongside of us treat us. You know like you would treat a friend and you know, welcome our children into your world, you know, don't exclude us. Don't just walk by and give a strange look just come in and talk to us understand what's going on in our world or how they can help her know how they can be a friend just how you would be to anybody else just don't turn us off you, like welcome by a homeless person you just turn them off like don't turn this off now. People come up and start asking questions is that is that awkward, do you want us to ask questions you can ask questions, you cannot that's fine. I don't mind I'm in it when we see somebody else with down syndrome. It's an immediate sisterhood immediate calling out here like that.

So there's no problem there, but with regular population that kinda shy away from us like some drone us. So is it a challenge to kinda know I would struggle with this were part of me would be like our come on everybody. It's obvious that our families a little bit different than your family somebody come deal with the elephant in the room so we can talk versus me having to go after.

This is a bigger challenge for young people, and I had people in Sunday school class about a topic for that saying the church. What we don't feel welcome. Like walking with me about who you actually contact what you done is waiting to come to you. Have you engaged so hot it is that it an area where there can be some tension people say okay so I noticed that he does Gabby have down syndrome.

What's that like or is it okay for Vince okay it's okay for me, I'm happy with that. I mean, because once they find out and meet her and then they're gonna love her right you know that everybody falls in love with you noble and humble.

Yes, you little humble fit right in here. Well, you're my waiver mobile probably right. So back to the business at hand. Tell us what we can do. How can we get involved.

Gabby we want to say people are listening or watching about Gabby's grounds about what you guys are trying to do about helping you guys about the coffee shop and wanted to start this business we say to everybody that's listening and watching. We want to say I'm a high. She's a hug. She is a hunger to stuff they want to get a hug map to come and see what a pop up. And what about you bring your wallet yeah yeah what if they want to order some coffee and stuff where they go on our website and ongoing funding which what your website Debbie Debbie.Gabby's so when you go there then there's right there. Your purchase empowers people with special abilities, one cup at a time. Hashtag brewing apartment shop now magic two words so what what can we bind the website everybody loves you guys watch or listen for a while, you norm about to go with knowledge comes responsibility. Once you know the question becomes what you do which the very wide ranging I can do ethics on that all day.

I can do governmental things all day at Gen. Christian. But once you know what you do with what you know. And so, tell us about the different things that that we can get because we should all be helping this beautiful story and a great effort in a worthy cause. The one of the things is a lot going on a lot of things you can buy some Telus about what we can buy the store link.

We have T-shirts and have Key and backup coffee and what I'm my time.

Buyers socks socks light my favorite shell friends friends socks. I see that one that's super cool and then brewing apartment campfire mug got like you got boxes of stuff like gift boxes yeah yeah gift boxes yeah daylight savings get box to me about that one is that is there an alarm clock. There's an alarm clock.

It's a cute little blue alarm clock help people get up Gabby what you think about alarm clocks use alarm clock is I don't like waking up like savings get box that's really cute, copies open candy gift box so there's all kinds of paper what the paper gift box was going on, but your brother, right your brother Brandon from Wilde so he makes are what he needs are that bombs and coffee show love is still sugar scrub lip balm that followed your coffee right like happy.

So, do you guys then in the community with people special needs such what what phrase should I use you say you guys are part of what should I say special abilities special abilities. Such a better term than special needs do you get offended when people say stuff to leave now you have to walk on egg shells. No we were not easily offended because we understand we were on the other side of the fence wants to. We didn't know you don't know until your have one. And so with a lot of these things will you bath bombs and stuff are you working with other people in the special abilities you will try to do that we are trying to do that like John's crazy socks. They have a down syndrome box on our coffee is in knots over trying to create her own box with some like Joe's popcorn and different things that we can have our own. We would like to have that in our store to have all entrepreneurs with Russia needs to have their products to sell in our store with our coffee shop is almost like a consignment shop to certain extent yet.

Are you bringing that whole community is right and then blessing them elsewhere same time so we do it, you're making money. It's okay to make money. I no problem with profit no problem with capitalism. Capitalism with a heart is great God productive trying to do some other things you trying to support other causes of your transport within the special abilities community here come the philanthropy side of it I were just trying to open up our first coffee shop and hopefully open up more in other cities so that they can have them as well in their cities as we are figuring out by most estimates, it looks like somewhere between 250 and 3000 people in America right now living with down syndrome means or families are part of the community as a part of this church is so if it's a it's a pretty active community is you princes know this conference is on the work opposite before covert, but there's other groups you like best buddies from NC stayed in Capernaum. There's a lot of different groups that were involved with what your advice to families that are just coming into this world. Whether it's down syndrome or something else special ability, special needs, which are placed listen to your heart.

Listen to your kids don't don't listen to, you know what people tell you you can or can't do, do what God puts on your heart. Is it kind of like like in the homeschool community.

When people are will get asked the question about homeschooling for like 17 years.

Well I think about it, and homeschooling what your advice and I stone for a per se community get into the right get to meet other people are out there. That's when they share your perspective.

I mean don't have somebody in our family with special abilities We we don't.

We can't have that perspective, we should care. We should try to understand but were not on your side of the table right now you right communities. Number one, you're right.

And so that something obviously combined online but so people can buy products that Gabby's they can do that can become volunteer, can they be a part of the process, they can they can go on a website and fill out shoot me an email that they want to come and help out and what about people working in the actual business they can fill out application on a website so that's there as well. All employment there is for higher that's pretty cool.

Gabby's grounds employees are available to your stuffing packing.

In order for right so you have anybody that needs any work done. We can do for you got a huge warehouse.

We can have lots of pallets were hitting on big job so well. It's really cool. So this is full-time for you to marry full-time: 24 seven. I only have one more question. Are you ready Gabby when can I come get a T-shirt yeah anytime you want anytime you want right so text me the address and I'll come over I will do that and then let's do give the Internet there. Yes, okay, let's do a show there okay to be fun. Yes I will get some of your fellow employees. Okay, everybody can be a part of the show it on site. I will be a Facebook live in YouTube is right is a cool guy having want one last time just invite people to check out Gabby's grounds where you want to say they're listening there watching what he said, breaking. I was more like you answer every this faith who is hello this is everything. So much for coming today. It's been awesome. I'm sorry it took so long but it's so great to have you here yet funded you enjoy can we do it again your place. Warehouse married. Thank you. Save Christianity so much.

I will be back tomorrow. Chad Harvey after chat on theology Thursday and talk about the difficult things tomorrow think a biblical perspective that Russian anxiety suicide even cremation tomorrow Noblesville got bless you and God willing

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