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Conceived In Rape

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 23, 2021 2:40 pm

Conceived In Rape

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 23, 2021 2:40 pm

Conceived In Rape

Today Steve goes live with Rebecca Kiessling who was conceived in rape. Today, she is a prolific pro-life champion and speaker, and God has used her in amazing ways.  You can support her efforts at


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Thank you and God Bless

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network's noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble. Very often you get to meet some people that are involved in the pro-life movement.

Pro-life and of its help in such a way that most of us are coming on the outside looking in normal circumstances of your birth. Most likely, most of us are not survivors of abortion and very few of us are actually people that were perhaps destined for abortion and conceived in rape. It's not a resume builder that you see very often and it's something that can obviously lead to lead to a lot of wreckage and a lot of difficulty, a difficult cross to bear, especially once you find out, but in the Lord's hands that can all be used for his glory and for the good of the movement and to reach other people particular the other women that are struggling a lot of different ways. Rebecca Keesling is in town not normally because BCs from Michigan up there in the great White North and I happens to be in town for a couple of days visiting friends and stuff. I've known Rebecca from afar just watching God user in the pro-life movement.

International pro-life speaker adoption speaker since 95. She spoken all over the place a lot of different events. A lot of different organizations. Different news locations Mike Huckabee all kinds of things like that. Piers Morgan, that must've been interesting being with Piers Morgan and Gloria Allred all gone. That's a nice casual evening on cable news that must've been a piece of cake.

Anyways great you nice to meet you.

Thanks for coming in. How you doing thank you you travel at a high rate of speed you're all over the place you're very busy mom lawyer and activist so that been good or bad, will not have much travel you sent online virtual what you think about that well very well yeah just know I can't wait until quarantines done okay from Michigan we have we have Gov. Witmer yeah call me call her, which Myrna video, but she's a benevolent dictator.

Yes, we have one of those down here to come. Read Cooper we call but I feel your pain is well known as no no she's been a little more aggressive. Believe it or not but but but to back up what we wanted to talk about the state of the pro-life movement, which is a difficult movement to work and we don't always treat each other very well and that we don't always do that. The body of Christ.

In general, but you have a challenging story and you real really weren't even aware of it until what you are 18 or 19. When he found out how you are actually conceived. Yes I was 18 when I learned that I was conceived in rape in 19 when I met my birth mother and learn the horrible detail how did you find out is not identifying information that was sent by the court and had all kinds of details about her except her name, of course, and all it said for him was that he was Caucasian and large build, and of course, that kinda sounds yeah police description. So I called my caseworker and asked her with my mom right and she said yeah he didn't want to tell you is that 18 they had to work with you right yet you have to wait on me. Were you looking, but prior to that, as of knowing that you were adopted. When did you find out your adopted in the first place.

I was young, but I was adopted instead of being born yeah you know the story that they would tell me I didn't think pregnancy link applied to my life because I was I was chosen so I thought it was like the stork like my parents called up God and place an order for me yeah and then at some point I had the understanding that I had a birth mother and I wanted to meet her saw Little orphan Annie got the album.

Listen to this song called me know. Yeah, you are all over yeah beautiful kind of picture of what all this was to be sore so I would imagine that was quite a body blow to find out. Yeah, I had no foundation for dealing with the truth.

My upbringing was a Jewish atheist raise me while that's amazing.

We'll get into that. Okay so hit the pause button on Jewish atheist upbringing, but that day I mean, how did you internalize that. I mean, obviously it would be hard to have the skills to handle that. But how did you handle it well. Of course I immediately thought about the issue of abortion because that's what you always hear about.

It was actually my pro-life Jewish atheist grandmother who taught me pro-life values my grandfather had wanted my aunt to be imported and my grandmother began sharing that story after his bath and face to the issue so I just figured while I would never have one, but I didn't think it applied to my life and then all of a sudden at 18, I learned how is conceived and understood that I was targeted for abortion that I'm in done sites right in the sculpture of so many others who would say, except in cases of rape or special in cases of rape and I realize that I would have to spend the last the rest of my life justifying my own existence and in fact like just a few years ago I had someone email me asking me to share what good I've done in my life to justifies what I did to my mother. She's like I'm just having difficulty understanding that dealing with the fact that rape babies like you exists so what good have you done in your life to justify what you did your mother and I had to tell her like. First of all, I was not raping my mother and I and I applied my innocence, but now it sounds so absurd to some, but I knew it. 18. This was in fact the position that I was and whether there any you to be audacious enough to actually email someone like me there's a lot of people who really have that position is remarkable, remarkably dark and and not I wish I could say it was shocking.

There's not a whole lot that shocks me anymore and then that doesn't unfortunately them in the depravity of the human heart and just how dark we can be in specially for lost people that would just react that way because your mere existence is a problem if you're going to be a pro-choice person because it flies in the face of their convictions today based upon surveys more than 80% of Americans would say that my birth mother should have been able to kill me.

Yeah yeah what was your birth mother's position on as I was. I had you that one. But she did not choose life for me. She chose a portion she went to to illegal abortions and I was almost killed and she backed out only because of fear for her safety. She told me it should have been her right and she changed her mind. Six years later by the did she tell you that when you first met her I sold to avoid the pause button there because we want to talk about that. What was that like to actually meet your birth mom and conceived in rape or talking to Rebecca Keesling, Rebecca is your website, K i.e. SSL for save the one number Mrs. Steve Noble will be right back after this. Think your mom is Christian radio show you that already know that by now looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show Rebecca a great amazing full story life story and pro-life story conceived in rape and God is been using her years ever since. What 1995 when you really start active dusters begin all over the place and this is been cool to watch from afar just a pleasure to have you in the studio that was a she was mostly on last week by way full disclosure and are doing what I do, which is having too many balls in the air and just being a space cadet. I can put like 461 Dave 4:16 PM Eastern time. You know like during the show and Rebecca sends me a text am I supposed to be on all well loser okay okay will make all will be committed itself to your website and I like to ride probably next week I might work out better and no mask for you see, that's what you anyway didn't work out. It didn't work out better. Praise the Lord.

So you're talking about so you're 18 you find out that your conceived in rape and then you went met with your birth mother. So what what was that like when you first. How did you contact you just call her like no I was told that the door was closed. If you were adopted before 1980. You didn't have open adoption and I wasn't entitled to that info and I being one of the first people to have the judge allow my caseworker to try to contact her and see if she wanted to meet me work actually was my first motion. I'm an attorney now set think is kind of hilarious that my very first motion to a court was written on Rose stationary pink stationary because I thought the judge would think that was right. Sure, you know my motions of the court.

I have no clue. It's so funny and and it worked. And so the judge granted the keys work to to try to contact her and she wanted to meet me and we had to fill out paperwork still and have a formal match, and I received a letter with my birth name which was Judy miracles. I was in your a miracle really aiming right here. Santa had her name, phone number and I called her and she said she was expecting a call. She told me she was sorry to hear that I already knew. Then she filled me in on all of the horrific details and it was truly one of those worst-case scenarios abducted at knifepoint by serial rapist. She'd been raped by her grandfather growing up associate no matter what she did she stay quiet and she said I've been through this before Omsk and get it over with and had to get home to her son and daughter. She did go to to illegal abortions.

I was almost aborted, and she told me that she would've aborted me. Even if she had to do it all over again.

That should have been her right and that I don't know what it was like.

And this is after she was so happy to meet you yet. We had a glorious reunion. She sent me this beautiful latter study saying that it wasn't reason enough of having to give up something as beautiful as you were knocking precious as a baby and but when it came to talking about abortion. She said it should have been right and then six years later, she changed her mind, but I was almost killed and I literally all my birth to the Michigan law, which protected me yeah and so when you when you hear about another's bitterness familiar with the pro-life movement. There's people that are one or percent complete abolitionist don't think we should ever sign any law don't don't get involved.

Any movement that allows for" the exceptions rape the life of the mother and incest and so that's okay will out will outlaw everything else except let's leave the exception and in and I gotta tell you, Rebecca. It's not very often that most people that love the Lord in our pro-life stop and think deeply and seriously about the exceptions until he made some really cute because you are the exception.

So where you stand on that in terms of legislation and movements all or nothing or not. As we know exceptions.

I'm from Michigan where we never had a rape exception a single law because white Michigan will not engage in child sacrifice. You want an endorsement in Republicans in Michigan know if they want to be elected. You better not be a rape exception candidate because you won't get elected because you need the endorsement right to life Michigan down the most powerful single issue pack year after year, and state of Michigan because you can rely on their endorsement means something.

It's not water down like you have in other states and on my organization save the one comes from the peril of the lost sheep where Jesus said see that you do not despise any of these little ones. For I tell you their angels in heaven always look upon the face of my father in heaven. He tells the parable of the lost sheep on the good Shepherd leaves the 99 ones yeah and beat with in the pro-life movement.

You have these compromisers saying that you you save the 99 in exchange for the one that Jesus he explains the parable and he says, for in the same way your father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish, and neither should we. And in context he was talking about the little ones who I despise who are at risk of being killed in today's world.

That is, the child conceived in rape the children with special needs.

And that's that's the specialty of my organization save the one and how does the pro-life movement deal with somebody like you know that I'm not a team player. You know that I should be taken one for the team. You know I I feel like it's the Harlem Globetrotters and one for the Washington Senators right and we get thrown to the ground and when we tried to say no call foul like the whistle gets blown on us and and were the ones who get the penalty because were were not being a good sport because the game is fixed, and on anybody needs at this is it is modern day child sacrifice to say that you you sacrifice when I tell people we are not cannon fodder were not bargaining chip elbow bridge treated as the skin eater's right not only eating the sins of our rapist biological fathers, but the sins of mediocre politicians.

And when you make when you allow for rape exceptions.

You open the door for all abortion I mean all you have to do is say rape secret Pascoe just say rate. These laws are pathetic, does never reporting requirement. You kind of throw one in it's just that you have to say you were right, like South Carolina recently. You know, just just as long as the abortion doctor calls it in even have to have a written report right no report no desire to call you substantiated me to movement how would you like it if a woman could just shake see she was raped and she can hire a pain and it's illegal for a painter fastened to kill you. No due process, nothing in the end that's what abortion doctors out there paid a hired hit and asked people in the need for rape exception.

So tell me, would you support a law which would authorize rape victims to pay someone to kill her right or just her innocent child powerful way to put in the US Supreme Court said rapist don't deserve the death penalty Coker V Georgia and get a lawyer on you and then the second case is Kenny V Luisi Louisiana when they said that even for child molesters its punishment. So how is it that I innocent child deserve the death penalty. That's why I said to Rick Perry when change is hard you to tell that story. I'm not jealous, and ask your tell it on the listen threatens or listen talking to Rebecca Kiesling.

I just put both her websites up on Facebook bye-bye the way those of you on YouTube live a radio it's Rebecca PIE SSL ING and save the one that's the number one save the about Rick Perry and what else is going on. The pro-life movement. Similar things with Rebecca to come back right Troy right there. You know that you know that his ex-wife while way to just turn that little intro here. No well there you go you see that she sued in my County, New Jersey. You know that the that reminds me of a case is a done in Alabama were the father sued because his wife had an abortion without his consent.

He forced his wife into an abortion, but figured will that connotation. One she one good for were talking to Rebecca Keesling today.

She happens to be here in Raleigh. She's from Michigan agree pro-life activists of a great leader. Great one of God somebody that we should all listen to pay attention to and support. I put up her websites on the Facebook live feed up just as a reminder, Rebecca Keesling PIE SSL for save the is the number one and we were talking of what's going on across the states and we were talking with the legal side of this on Roe versus Wade. I think people get very excited when Donald trumps three people on the court in assuming that roads going up. All roads going to fall in this course we know unfortunately what happens to a lot of justices on the Supreme Court. They tend to shape shift what what your feelings about Roe versus Wade at the federal level, do not sit Supreme Court versus the state issue because of row falls. I think most people would assume it's good to go back to the states so as a pro-life person and as a as a lawyer must understand kind of what's actually before 11 here what's good, what's bad, what's possible. I foresee a lot of pro-life leaders would say it should go back to the states.

As Khalil believed, that I think that's wrong. I think if you believe in the right to life. You believe in personhood and he should believe that no state under the 14th amendment can deny a person the right to life or equal protection of the supremacy clause of the Constitution the first place, or what your state Constitution says it's subordinate to the U.S. Constitution.

If you believe in the Bill of Rights you you should believe in you are doing and that that you can't leave this to the state think the same thing issue of slavery to be left to the state that you can't deny personhood and equal protection that's it see a path due to abortion being actually made illegal in the United States of America in our lifetime. Well I'm glad that were going to have challenges with day heartbeat tells of and pass the complete abortion bands the in past and so many states now most of them don't have rape exception.

Some of them do. Unfortunately, like the heartbeat a lot of Georgia and South Carolina have rape exceptions as I were going to see you will sue the state of South Carolina as a people group.

When you say we who suits save the one we sued. I want to because we have to defend ourselves now as it was going to defend us. We had to stand up and we have a voice and I'm an attorney, so I can't, that's right, you know, we just say we just lining up local counsel will be ready to sue pretty soon here but yeah I lets bring a challenge and I think a lot of pro-life leaders in the country don't want to challenge. They didn't support the heartbeat builds because he realized that we don't have the votes right now. I mean Roberts is terrible. So be willing to regulate abortion but he's not overturned abortion. If you look at Gonzalez he Carhart which is the partial-birth abortion case it's the grizzlies case in the history of the Supreme Court grizzlies opinion going to graphic detail all the different ways in killing babies in the process of being born partial-birth abortion is one of many and the court upheld the ban on 5 to 4 vote, saying that you know doctors will know with certainty whether there within the right or not to kill the baby. Based upon the clear anatomical landmarks of whether the nape of the neck is showing or the knee emotionally depending on which way the babies born in Dallas and Sydney evils are right. I mean, you don't want the naval shunt pulling people can't sleep at night. If the needle showing the mediocrity is not apathetic about it, that's as far as we've gotten in decades, is whether the nape of the neck is showing that just shows utter failure of the pro-life movement in the United States truly just complete failure on and there was a concurring opinion that was written by Scalia, joined by Thomas and all it said is while we agree with the majority, which was written by Kennedy but by the way, joined by Alito and Roberts on while we agree with the majority and upholding band.

We disagree that there's a right abortion pursuant to Roe V Wade and its progeny, and so the court upheld will be made in that case and that was she's opinion really straightforward the concurring opinion. Alito and Roberts did join to say that we don't believe is right to an abortion. So not only is it Roberts but also I think he's all merely willing to regulate and that could be true for almost all of them. I think we may only have one or two for sure. Tomas, you don't go back there at all, but but let's bring it. Let's see where they stand right.

We may still wash them out and make and we may still be a defendant to vote, which is what what movie Wade was we may only be in a seven to do vote with their they're going to uphold Roe V Wade you think is just a matter of my last phone gets what it is they just don't have the backbone to be the one to overturn the biggest golden calf in the history of America, which is the murder of the pro-life leaders have done a terrible job in being versus being on day Democrat president had never accidentally appointed someone who's even willing to write a brush and present person have appointed me pro-abortion Supreme Court justices who are willing to allow partial-birth and we've merely gotten Supreme Court justices appointed who will regulate only a couple I think.

Who will overturn the viewing but but let's flush about how we can have a change if we don't know exactly where they stand, and I think that the pro-life movement has wanted this this fact sheltered for years at the camper has no close by nature. What they don't want their grassroots will as long as everybody thinks that we can get row overturned in the United States Supreme Court, then that gives us a target. You gotta have a target gun of a bogeyman in order to raise money and slander. That's right you know what's better for the medical industry to actually solve cancer. No that's not what's best for them financially and organizations. This to fight an enemy and then they raise money in order to do that so it's actually if you solve the problem you eliminate yourself so cool, you're so well last at least five of everything out there. Yeah you go okay you to do what will be out of a job. Who cares good.

That's the finish line. That's the bride.

Yeah because your prizes inevitably way better than any prizes you can get on this rock so refreshing that you really got it because a lot of people down know well and I yeah know it's silly we we have to have accountability here.

Let's see where they stand in. We can have a chain people can realize that we have to be better at better guardians and we have to be better in our primaries and make sure that you were looking at presidents organa do better with the Supreme Court appointments on those who are doing the sort of judicial watchword making the recommendations on court on appointments to the court that there doing a better job and that it can't be business as usual for the last almost 50 jurors because it's just part of the swamp includes a lot more than just elected officials. The whole city is a swamp in all the organizations that deal with him and at the risk of sounding very judgmental once you get up there you you spend enough time up there and spend plenty of time up there.

It's intoxicating and you get in there and you think you're something in your part of your leads and that's an oligarchy, but ultimately appear to name the name of Christ you have one boss you have one agenda you have one kingdom that you're primarily responsible for the rest of it. You should be willing to chuck it all. Whatever I don't care what happened. What a minimum to worry about my 70.5 years of life on earth versus my attorney such as stupid the common core math won't even get you there such a stupid so your but a lot of us are just bad stewards of having a kingdom mindset set aside the legal and the political. What about the cultural aspect of the pro-life movement in the pro-life cause because we have seen the culture shifting younger people allegedly are more pro-life than older people. The abortion rates have been slowly sliding down, which I think is so Josh gives you science but what about the culture home with the surveys. If you ask people further. You don't personally start the most basic question we have surveys that demonstrate this. Do you think that abortion is wrong. Do you think abortion is immoral and depending on the state you have over 90% thank you the power that you when going into abortion clinics believe it's wrong you leaving it tomorrow. Immoral, not liking abortion and their having and then you have people who you have to next question which is are you pro-life and the numbers dropped again depending on state state like Michigan and are you Lila 60% but they don't think it should be illegal. Now were looking at 40% for think us to be illegal, falls pro-life. Yeah, I really don't like abortion and all those unknowable subtle not-so-subtle differences matter. As we look at the culture and let's not pull ourselves and pat ourselves on the back and say were winning back part. Realist nonlawyers will be right back with you. By the way, we don't live by five Friday show the billable where you get your podcast. Also, you can Facebook live if you want to jump your studio because there's on radio goblets radio and that's I got started this whole thing back in 2007 as an activist in 2004, but Christian radio's been wonderful in the Greek means, and a great mechanism in many different ways but on radio. You got commercials right like you don't. So when you're listening on the radio from 4 to 5 PM. You actually get about 40 minutes on Facebook live beautiful.

Our so you don't get taken a picture me, what are you doing Facebook as were all social media people. So if you want to join us here in the studio and in I don't rob Peter to pay Paul.

Just to make sure you understand this took a while to figure out how to do this, but we do it well now so when were having a conversation on the radio hit the pause button. We hit the commercial break and there were on Facebook live and we might go a little bit deeper that we don't time on the radio, or he might take a side bar and have a little bit of a different conversation depends on if I have a guest or not and and so it's it's a little bit of a different there's another layer to the show when you're here in the studio doing Facebook Liber YouTube live but on the radio. That's where the vast majority of the stake that we try to eat every day on the hear on the radio but there is little bit more little extra sauce when it comes to what happens in the studio so Facebook live as well as YouTube live podcast wherever you guys were all over those places today with the Rebecca Kiesling who happen to be in town which is a great blessing from a great state of Michigan underneath the rule that ironfisted rule of Gov. Witmer. So it's been an interesting season up there. Did you want to hear about my soda. Oh yeah, that's all good art. Rebecca is a website PIE SSL ING Rebecca or save the is the number one the digit okay you gotta yeah what did you go visitor little her little a lake house in Michigan. No mustard when she was in the Senate Minority Leader in Michigan. We had a statewide effort to basically overruled the governor at the time. Gov. Snyder had vetoed and no taxpayer funding of abortion act because he said he didn't have a rape exception so right to life Michigan set when I can stand for this. You know, no rape exception to Michigan and so we did a statewide petition drives and with a certain number of signatures. It goes back to the house and Senate with the simple majority becomes law. And so we got enough signatures more than enough signatures and eight they saw.

They looked at the child conceived in rape and they said were sent the investment worth the battle worth the fight and unprotected us and of course I was part of the petition drive and then they brought save the one in 11 of us to do a press conference at the capital because all week long.

Witmer was talking about her rate, saying I feel like I'm being raped all over again and she started calling this the rape writer because dad, you know, if you wanted abortion coverage you have to pay for abortion coverage in her point was like will who would plan on being rainy if you like I'm being raped all over again and so I am in my press conference. I start out that you know what I want to ask Sen. Witmer, is why do you hate me. Why do you hate me so much that you think our tax dollars should pay for children like need to be killed to be slaughtered. Why do you hate me and said she was fast after that.

By that, by the press Rebecca kissing. Why do you hate her and I mean she just know what to say.

You know the corner but she had been ill in charge of the airwaves. You know all week long, but the next day it was the phone with our group all conceived in rape and some others for me and posterboard for maybe it was our group that was on the cover of the Free Press of the New York Times, Huffington Post, and it completely change the dialogue is the Lord you have real people, but changes everything. Look somebody in the face, that's Jana Jessen was was in town not that long ago and when you talk that survived in abortion when all of a sudden it's it's one thing to talk about these things and you can just politicize it all day long to make an ad out of it but we have to sit across the table from somebody else conceived in rape or summary that survived in abortion that changes everything, which is why there is there is a certain amount of weight that comes along with a story like yours and that's what Gov. Perry said well you know you never told that story and release good so is the deal on United film the gift of life with Gov. Mike Huckabee. Mine is one of several stories featuring film and so I had backstage passes to premier in glamorous Jolene Ila everything between two presidential debates, and so for candidate spoke at this premier Bachmann Santorum Perry Gingrich and I introduced myself to each. I told the men and tonight found that I am national spokeswoman for personhood right away. Santorum and Bachmann said all I pray I find the personhood pledge. I said yes I know. Thank you so much.

It was a presidential pledge. No exceptions. No compromise, and came out two days early. They will find it immediately. Perry and Gingrich had not because they were rape exception candidates and I gave them my DVDs conceived in rape from worthless to priceless and our group TBD, except in cases of rape 12 stories of survival and my business card conceived in rape targeted for abortion. You know subtle subtle. Yeah and so governor.

Right away was stunned and he this is your story and I told him how I've conceived and almost aborted in and he said can you article and he thinks you're making out to my daughter so I wrote 100% pro-life Rebecca Kiesling and shared with him some of the work I do. He asked me questions and I told him about my organization today say that one has a network of over thousand with stories like mine and mother's right and he and other legal work that I've done. I've handled numerous high-profile cases and he said you know you're my heroin like well thank you so much, but it's user name and address because my question for you is would you be my hero and he said yes I would, but unique rape exception and he said wow that this is so powerful. This is so powerful and we end up taking tons of photos and he never sent them to include me in his and his and campaign on some film of me and then and change any sign of any study and I challenged him because I said you believe that I'm an innocent child deserve the death penalty. That's the question and she said no I don't like well and he said you know, tonight's event in this film are supposed to be all about changing hearts and minds right now you're changing my heart. I thought changing so I challenged him and I asked him no more rape exception and she looked me in the eyes and promise no more rape exception and she signs the personhood pledge. The next morning, and so digging rich and he went on national television for times talking about our conversation how my story Pierce's heart saying that he could not look me in the eyes right justify the rape exception any longer and she went back to Texas and may pass on the best laws and nation no longer any more rape exception. The last bill had last law had a rape exception. From then on. No more rape exception. He went back and changed the culture of his state what goes from personhood to personal when you me you know nothing against you personally just not right in front of you. Where should we direct our our timer town treasures, our prayers because we are talking often appeared during the break that I have little to no hope in Washington DC including the spring corporate way.

All my cards on the table within the state because I know it's been a lot happening in the states where should we really direct our efforts help us to be better stewards of our professional pro-life rate okay so any volunteer at your local pregnancy resource Center stepped foot in your local pregnancy resource Center visit take a photo of them attorney closet posted on social media. Whenever I do that all the things he center fundraisers I speak at all the country. Those photos people start sharing my crazy because they're like look, this is probably people care most people, even people who support the centers have never stepped foot in the center go there. Bring your teenagers make sure that they know they're the front lines on contact your local or state pro-life organization.

Find out if they endorsed rape exception candidates or if there like right to life of Michigan. You know the good gatekeepers know and find out your primaries. You know who the no exception.

Candidates are but you have to have someone who's willing to say oh it's like the burning building analogy when she saves money camel working the same all will they don't and what really happens is that you have on candidates who are the firefighters who go in for job interviews with the fire chief was the leader in the pro-life movement and they said across the fire chief and came to see you know I discriminating you know what I'm going to burning building to save the mall like you know the child and in the midst of the fire. The horrible reminder to the parents that have you like to stay here now I do that to them sonic and save them fire chief in the right line right firefighter so you find out you have a good fire chief you a bad fire chief he know who is going up on allowing the firefighters to discriminate. Are you hopeful that we've made a huge difference with me.

That's why nothing seems so much where an all volunteer army should be.

How can we help you voice know anybody mother made me spend my way and also anybody he's told by doctors for file share change their mind one of a superpower to save the that's the number one sleep in Rebecca Kiesling, thank you so much right everybody there you go, God willing, we'll talk again real soon. That always another program powered by the Truth Network

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