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The Boulder Shooting

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 24, 2021 3:02 pm

The Boulder Shooting

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 24, 2021 3:02 pm

The Boulder Shooting

Today Steve talks with Tim Miller, Founder of Lionheart International, and 30-year law enforcement and military professional as well as a former Secret Service Special Agent about the Boulder shooting and how we can be more prepared. 


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your host noble, whatever you involve the mass in active mod Al O'Leary Alyssa 21-year-old from Denver suburb of our bot is the one that did the killing 10 people, all white. By the way, and so all these things.

Unfortunately, factor into the news stories and the way things are covered because we politicize absolutely everything.

But that thanks to my buddy Fred Voncannon was been on the show many times he was running to be an elected official here. North Carolina didn't die. When this past November, but that game is deftly not over, and so he told me about some folks that were in town today and people that had been Secret Service agents and a chance to get to know some of these brothers over lunch and just by God's timing, improvidence, and thanks to my buddy Fred for introducing me to Miller's a 30 year law enforcement, military, professional, Secret Service, Special Agent assigned to the washing Guild office. He coordinated all aspects of security for the president, vice president, foreign heads of state. That was kind of his normal gag extensive background in homeland security, law enforcement, the Marine Corps he's the president, founder of Lionheart international services groups are working to have a rather serious conversation, one that I don't think we've ever had in the show before the 10 thanks for taking some time with us today. How are you my friend. Good brother cracked rapidly. You're very welcome.

Praise the Lord this I just kinda worked out in God's providence today and certainly appreciate that. Well let me ask you this just generally it you know where were both Christians. But you obviously have an extensive 30 year background law enforcement, military, professional, Secret Service agent, so when something like this happens like we've seen in Boulder. Just the other day 10 dad an active shooter what what's come to your first reaction is somebody that's kinda brings a lot to the table a different perspective than the vast majority of us all and tragedy people going through normal white going to the grocery store just not even thinking of. Unfortunately, the rising levels of mental illness and violence in our nation and you know I you and I talked over lunch.

The bottom line is you know that this sin in our nation is increasing and all the pain and penalty that comes with increasing but my heart breaks for the family you know and unfortunately you think were in a season and our nation where we were raised in a country that we really didn't have to deal with a lot of the stuff at the levels we are now and so with the increasing number of incidents. It's time for us as believers to be wise and prepare for stuff like that. You know I'm doing a training right now for a large corporation in Raleigh and just talking with their employees about the value of preparation and thinking we never had to deal with that got stuff before we do, yes, very sad and I were also going to do another show was Steve Ecker here in a couple weeks because you're also focusing on training for security at church services again. Growing up when we were wee little lad stem we can think about this stuff like this didn't happen hardly ever really in the American context, but now we seem church shootings and now you have to be on the lookout and be aware and that's something that you know it's kind of a shocker to the system that was in there going okay. I actually need to start thinking about awareness and my mindset in where my hat in and how you get into this place and how to get out of this place. It's really a shocking and scary reality, but I guess that's where were at so and by the way, when we come upon a break to my do you have any time to do a second segment I just don't know how much time yet. Today I brother we get the word actually awesome so so now I guess Tim without you. We haven't been given a spirit of fear but of love, power and sound mind right where people help control over people of the book, but we live in a very broken world where evil is is running rampant and seems to be getting worse.

So I guess now are to the point where we should actually prepare ourselves to be a more active in our own personal security and understanding where were at. Those are just the signs of the times I guess really the point and I want to reimport that we are Your and one of things with our training and I'm really thankful that we provide information and training that prepares people wisely capitalize on fear of the sky stop falling under certain skills that you need to think about in today's world you know it's interesting we train our children pay.

Be careful, be careful and yet really in our society. In times past. We really think about it.

We didn't have to.

Now I've been in parts of the world where you expect your security you didn't survive and I never thought we'd see that in our country but you know for you and I believe the right side of Scripture tells us that the stuff getting it worse in the days ahead. No. With that we have the hope of knowing that one day King Jesus will set everything right, but between now and then shouldn't we as believers to be the wisest and the most prepared folks out here. Shouldn't we be the ones that are equipped to not just save ourselves. Click save others.

Shouldn't we be the people that protect our churches wisely to make sure that the power and the message of the gospel goes forward, you know, uninterrupted because they disrupt everything he loved the college fear and I'm a big anti-fear. I think it's all about wisdom and preparation and that believers should lead the way. We really should be the ones that are willing to risk our own safety to help Canseco. Obviously greater love has no great better example than one that would lay down his life for his brother and into think about they go personal security again when were were commanded to love your neighbor as yourself are also looking out for neighbor's business and our neighbors are can be ready.

Most of our neighbors and thinking like this. And so it's really upon stunned not only for our our own sake because that begin with that the two greatest commands of the Lord your God with their heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbor as yourself. God never tells you not to love yourself not to care for yourself, but to care for others as well.

In in emergency preparedness as crazy as that sounds. On a personal level from an active shooter perspective is just the unfortunately the route the reality that we live in. So, consider that Tim were talking to Tim Miller, the president and founder of minor international services group where it where do we start just in terms of a personal awareness will continue this conversation in the second segment I want to talk about weaponry as well for both sides of that conversation, but where we start just in terms of our own preparedness well it really was a mine picture the great people. You can imagine, it broke yet it where where do I start, will start with a microchip in the microchip. I am off for my own. As much as you not been a police officer not about respect black guy. Love, they're not mine.

Not because I'm train it's because I have a mind that the law having servers two, three, four, five minutes of her time to my mother gets a break in which I will talk to Tim Miller from Lionheart international services group 30 year law enforcement, military, professional will be right back. So in again. Everything, something like this happens.

Unfortunately in our culture. It gets sized immediately sexualized.

It's all over the news you find out the person's name. One of the color. The people that died. They were all white. In this case in the man that did the killing looks like he is going to have some kind of a tie to Islam. Where is a practicing Muslim or not. I haven't seen that yet Ahmad Al Lee we Alyssa 21 years old. Looks like the FBI. At least he was on the radar screen a little bit because of his association with somebody else. He had prior incidences more people coming out where he was just a hothead kind of strange crazy guy that would go off and so is this a sin problem is that an AR 15 problem is in an assault rifle problem is that the guns gun law problem because if you look at the situation in Colorado, for example, I just saw this earlier today. Colorado has universal background checks. A red flag and gun control law large capacity magazine bans domestic violence, gun laws and extended background check. State database background checks gun free zones and so how did this happen will will killers and psychotic killers like this guy don't pay attention to the law.

So what you do with all that and then I look this other part up.

I what the odds that any American will end up in an active shooter situation. It's as of 20 April 27, 2019. It's one in 110,003 have about same chance of dying from a dog attack so let's not give in to a media hype fear.

But then we can't be ignorant either, which is why I'm glad and just praise the Lord for a new friendship with Tim Miller who is the president and founder of Lionheart international services group is a 30 year law enforcement, military, professional also served our nation's Secret Service, Special Agent assigned a Washington field office, so he dealt with all kinds of security for the president, vice president, foreign heads of state obvious he knows what he's talking about and full of the Holy Spirit. Tim again, thanks for being with us today be here so you are talking about the kind of mindset shift first were talking about our own personal security and how we look out for ourselves, but also our neighbors. So I unpacked a little bit and will keep moving through this or mindset shift. Yet here we are.

We have to provide financially for family financially.

We careful planning measures to make sure that you are character clothed and fed. It's now time that we have that mindset with security in times past, we call the police. They show up. We really don't have to do anything other than have someone else delegate our responsibility. What you think perk for folks in our country.

Now it's time to assume that we know it's time for us to have a mindset shift. What do I do it. How would I what would I do if someone you know came into my home. How would I prepare myself. How would I protect our family together all kinds of ways to do it. There are technical measures priestly cameras that cannot stop shortly their physical measures, locks and windows, but the most important thing is that we must decide that this is a high priority for us and we must begin to take soap makers to learn how to protect your family you know when were training our daughters. We were sons we train them. Hey, if you're out late at night. Be careful where you go, no convenience stores. Those kinds of things I want to reiterate, this is God has not given us the spirit of freedom. We cannot let you overtake but we must be wise and prepared in preparation means we take specific action. Maybe it's the home self-assessment or home security assessment where we look at how safe is my home. Do we need a security alarm do we need a kind thing. Some have chosen you not talk firearms. Some have chosen that they want to harm them so they want to protect himself, and I'm all for that. As long as you embrace the commitment of having an outing for and it is not a one-time deal with my God, how something.

It's kind of the opposite that it's a lifetime commitment to trying to operate safely to impress upon your kids security of weapons so it's not just a one time decision at the white clunk but when were out in the public coming dealing with your own home your castle, so to speak is one thing when you're on the public and you just you're just going to the grocery store one day. God help all these families and everybody has been devastated by this, it's just the wreckage is just ongoing and horrific but but so you mindset was obviously like okay I could be a victim here. The odds are slim. That's why I said that because I don't what we should be running around assuming that the odds are actually pretty good that I'm to be in one of these situations, the odds are actually very low in and we should be thankful for that. But still you don't know and so that mindset that carries out so when you're out just in public. I'm going to the grocery store what it what kind of thing should I be thinking about cool you have to guarantee your own security or skill of observation that something we trained out when I was at the federal law enforcement training we were watching police officers dial and they get a whole kind of research on how the mind and body respond to what it all start with your ability to see stuff your ability to observe and here's what we know that God came into the store fully tacked up with a rifle. Where did he come from the parking lot did somebody see him.

Did anybody know and notify 91.

I don't know I haven't like to see a report from Homeland security earlier on the on the basic stuff, but the greatest tool we have is being proactive in our observation skills and unfortunately we live in a world where everybody has their head down on the shelf you want to become safer. You want to become completely safer overnight. Put your cell phone away. Pay attention. I was in a real bad neighborhood not too long ago and I watched a young mother Tyler and her hand cell phone in her other hand never once looked up from the grocery store to and I sat and watched in amazement. Because this is a place reduction to robberies.

So I did what I think we all should do I care for my neighbor that my car sure she got an okay and at the end of the day she drove home safe, her responsibility to protect her child rests with her now God put me there. And I'm happy to do it. I love you, my purpose, but at the end of the day, Steve.

It's important that we begin to hone our own security and it starts you want to be 100% safer pay attention to what's going on around watched people look for unusual clinics and here's a fact.

If you call the police for suspicious circumstance. It turns out to be nothing there. Good brother get the call yeah which is really important in coming out a 911 we all kind of thought that way am I watching airplanes. I was concerned about out wow that airplane flying to loan me there was that there was a certain level of assessment threat assessment.

If you want to call it that, that I think was normal but then we can slip back into our everyday lives.

But when were in a certain area. This observation I guess areas in how do you get in how you get out and keeping your eye on people in any other main things that we can do what I mean.

Once something starts to happen. Is it better to hunkering down. Tim should we try to run. Should we try to go after the shooter me. What makes sense that great question inadequately trained because there is no writing for cancer security situation that you're in, you know, you may come around the corner in the fight what you're not prepared to fight if you don't know what to do then you're likely get caught up in the police function or the run function and that doesn't tend to go well which which means that we have to be committed to learning the skills what what I tell people all the time. If you're observe and you're constantly asking yourself what would I do if what would I do it again. Steve is not paranoia. Can you stick around for one more day I'll figure out bribery say that I felt things about but somehow talking to Tim Miller from the president found a liner international services talk a little about firearms only come back in the obviously the argument that's ongoing about assault rifles That Were Similar Miller Day Pres. That Corporate Security As Well As Churches There to Be Doing an Event Here in Raleigh. The Raleigh Area on April 30 I Believe That's Gonna Be Training for Churches for Pastors and Churches on Security. Unfortunately That's on the Table. I Don't Think That Will Get Better. I Think That Will Get Worse. Unfortunately, If You Have a Biblical Worldview. You Understand That the Overall Trajectory of Mankind Is Downward until Jesus Comes Back There Can Be Blips of Going up and in Societal Things and There's Some Things in the World That Are Way Better Than They Were 500 Years Ago Hundred Years Ago, but There's Other Things That Are Worse Because Sin Nature of Mankind's Depraved Family and so We Know That Our Overall Trajectory Is Downward's and Now Are Trying to Understand the Context of This How to Be Aware How to Be Prepared Not Only to Preserve.

Hopefully Our Own Lives, but to Help Other People As Well.

That's Why Were Grateful That the Tim Could Spend Some Time with Us Today. So What Once Things Start to Happen to Him Than Them.

What's the Best at. How Do We Handle If You If You're in That Situation. There's an Active Shooter.

What Should We Do Well and You Know It so Hard to Stay Put for Fix Every Case Because Every Situation to Give You Poor Thing.

I Challenge Think about Everywhere They Go First. What Are People Doing Their Observer. Be Observant. It Is There Anything Going on That Causes You Can Start the Second Is Where Are the Exit Important Thing That Needs to Occur, Especially If You're with Your Family and Something Happened to Get to the Exit, but You If Your Frozen Looking for Them at the Time That the Problem the Third Thing Is Unfortunately with Active Shooter Incident Single Raleigh You Want to Think about Where Its Cover and Concealment and Covers Protection from Both of Those Are Things like Concrete and Steel, but Concealment Is Where I Hide for Short. How Unable to Evacuate and and Then You Really Go through the Plan.

The Most Important Question That I Ask Is How Do I Get Myself and Family Out Of One of the Interim Steps. And Here's the Good News Researcher Shown a Bit of Wind That Planning Cycle Constantly. Again, It's Not Paranoia When It Happens Where 1/4 to Half a Second Bonding and Those Are Important for Few Seconds and Incident Because Many Are Paralyzed but You Will Be the Person. If You Prepared the Kid Not Only Get Your Own Family Output Help Others to Report yet so It's Not a Matter of Easier Something Going on in the Story. Your First Instinct, I Assume, Should Be to Get out but If You Actually Know That the Location in This Case of an Active Shooter, Then You Have To Be See Deal with Cover and Concealment Is There Is Is There a General Idea Tend That That It Your Your First English Inclination. Like I Said, Get Out Of There Somehow Somewhat Even If You Is If You Can See the Active Shooter. Then I Would Assume They Can See You and Probably That Might Not Be a Great Time to Run Because Obviously Your Target at That Point, Which Is Really Confusing Even in Can Ask Why You Choose to Carry Firearms. You Know I'm to Have a Response with Someone Else Because I Think More through a Law Enforcement Plan to Stop Whatever the Cost, and We Saw That Hero in Boulder, You Know, Put Himself Water Seven Selfless Kinds of Things That We As Believers Should Be Willing to Do but Again It Goes Back to Preparation You're Waiting until That It to Prepare You're Already behind the Cop. The Power Curve You're Playing Catch-Up Look Versus If You're in a Security Mindset You're Thinking True Because Once It Happened I've Been There. It Happened Quarter Second.

So If You Don't Have Training or Preparation to Fall Back. It Doesn't Tend to Go Well, What about the Whole Argument and Obviously This Comes up Every Time to Talk about Assault Rifles, AR 15 Actually Doesn't Stamp Assault Rifle but from a Law Law Enforcement Perspective a Military Perspective, and You Hear This Conversation Which We Knew Was Going to Come up and It Always Does.

Almost Immediately, and Then of Course That's Christiansburg and Have a Different Perspective on This As Well Because Were Well Aware of the Depravity of the Fallen Nature of Mankind, but How You Reacted That All Of A Sudden Occurs the President in in That People Predominantly on the Left.

Okay Now Okay Now Can We Talk about an Assault Weapons Ban. I May Not Have You Respond All That Well.

I Get for Me It Easy for My Entire Life I Sworn to Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. When You're Talking about a Fundamental Right That the American People Have Been Afforded by Founding Fathers That I Believe Will Much Wiser.

I'm I'm All in, to Defend That Right Now. Let Me Say This, I Think There's a Danger When People Begin to Purchase Firearms.

Absent Any Commitment or I Should Take Purchase and Carry Them. Absent Any Commitment to Trying Because I Think That Can Create a More Dangerous Situation under Stress. Then, Even If They Work on Him and I Think It's Very Important That People Intersect at Mindset Ship You Want to Own Your Own Security but Never to Commit to Train so That You Know How Your Spot Easy You Can Arrange and Shoot All Day Long. I Jokingly Tell Folks without Training in Firearms Training Unit 30+ Years I've Never Had a Paper Target You Back. I'm Waiting for the First Time.

It Is a Whole Different Scenario When You Have To Apply the Wind How to Shoot Not Support When Tissue You and Will Be Training Local Law Enforcement This Week on on Some of Those Thought Processes Because I Think the Dangers We Can Get Caught up in the Big Umbrella. While It's Going Right. It's Not.

I Am a Firm Believer, I Don't Want Anybody Making Decision for How to Protect My Family Other Than Me, but with That Should Come Responsibility. I Think You Know That We Know That Is Certainly a Step Towards Socialism Would Be to Disarm the Population. I Think That's a Scary Thought We As Believers in Christ and in Our Country Should Be All about Preserving the Incredible Right That We Been Given and Making Sure That a Person Has the Ability to Protect His Look around. Yeah, and That's and That's a Challenge and I Presume What You're Saying about Training and Making That Commitment Because Listener, a CPA Has To Do Ongoing Education.

It Would Seem to Me Something That's Going to Own a Firearm. There Should Be a Requirement That Yes Ongoing Training. Maybe That's in This People Get Nervous about This and I Know Him and Upset A Few People That Hate Listen You Got a Minimum Amount of Training You Need to Do per Year.

We Need to Track That We Need to Know You're Doing It and If You're Not Going to Train If You're Knocking to Prepare Yourself and Actually Be Seriously Committed. I like That You're Using That Word That Commitment Then Perhaps He You Perhaps Then You Are Not Worthy of Taking Advantage of Your Second Amendment Right to Own a Gun, I'd Love That Approach That That's about Preparedness. Yeah, I See That You Have the Ability to Own a Gun in the Ability to Carry Yeah You You Want to Have Help If You Want to Own a Gun Check on Them But If You Want to Carry It in a Public Setting with Other People. Why We Already Do This to Conceal a Weapon like I Just Think Those Need to Get Much More Serious. I Think You're Right. We Need to Have Accountability in the State of Florida for Our PowerPoint.

One Round in the Target You Make. Yeah, I Forget the Students What You Think It I Think We Have To Be Careful That We You Know We Guard Our Second Amendment Right Holy by Whatever but When You Cross the Line into Going in the Public Arena Churches Wherever and You're Carrying That Weapon or Should Be.

I Believe Morse More Standards in Terms of the Training That Will Upset Sure.

Yeah, Well, You Saw My Card Earlier Today Business a Good Cousin, the Show so I Don't Really Think Common Sense and Were Trying to Look out for Our Firm Fellow Mankind That's Important What Type of Weapon Itself to Wind Okay IAR's Look, I Mean III Know How to Shoot Another Conceal Carry Guy I CAR's and I Okay from up from a Boy Perspective like Okay That's Cool Because It Looks like a Military Weapon.

I've Obviously High Velocity Higher Caliber Weapon Semiautomatically, Which Means You Have To Pull the Trigger. Every Time to Fire but Still You Can Get off A Lot around You Can Have A Lot Of Rounds in the Magazine so so How Do You Can Have Approach That Because Again There's Tension There like Okay Got Second Amendment but and I Know It's Going to Call Me Ever Right on Something They Think Is Cool but Do You Know Because You Can't Own a Bazooka.

Obviously You Can't Have a Think Can Have a Military Grade Rapid Weapon in Homes.

You Can Look at That. Well I Think You Depend on Violent Foreign the Fort Reichel Skin and so Here We Go, or Are We Going to Say Oh What a Car Ran over to It. It Goes Back to the Whole Issue of What Is It That's Responsible Gun Ownership and Can Remember That I Think the Last Statistics I Saw Were 350 Million Got so in the World of Hocus-Pocus. If You Could Make All Those Disappear, Then Maybe Your Argument That There Are Guns out There Would Have, but There Is No Way Even If You Were out Long Tomorrow.

Your Take These Weapons off." The Street. The Issue Always You and I Talked about the It's Always about the Heart Is Always about What Is Going on in Our Sister Heidi Were the Value of Human Life Could Possibly Have Anything to Do Every Time You Turn on the TV Violence and Sex and Everything Is Highlighted in Doors and Realize Again. You Note That This Is the Spiritual Yeah That's Right Is Gone My Heart. My Heart Breaks That We Update We Speak, Sensitize Ourselves to the Mass Killings and yet When It Happens in Reality the Girls You Mentioned That You Go. I Really Appreciate You Being with Us Today Similar President and Founder Leinart International Services Group and Thank You for Your Service to Our Nation. Tim God Bless You Brother Will Talk to You and Thank You Again Soon. Thank You to Talk Later. Okay, A Few Closing Thoughts Only Come Back after That on Matters of the Heart. This Is Steve Noble so It Was Good to Me. I Just Talked to Miller and a Brother Literally Just Met Earlier Today so You God's Providence and That Which Am Appreciative of and It and so Wouldn't Have Been Back on Because They're Coming to Raleigh at the End of April to Do. Unfortunately, Unfortunately, to Do This Type of Training for Churches and As the Days Get Darker and Depravity Increases. Then We Can Expect to See More like Attacks on Churches. We Have Seen and Not Just Churches, Synagogues, Mosque, That Kind of Doesn't Have To Be a Christian Church, but It Really Is Amazing to Watch Is an Terribly Sad and so You Can Talk about Is This What's Going on Now You Talk about Gun Laws Right That's That's the Big Thing in the President Jumping in.

This Happens Every Single Time I Remember Back to Sandy Hook with All the Little Kids Member That Abby Just Absolutely Brutal and and I Remember Being Really Skeptical at First Because Pres. Obama Went up There and and Then He Did but When He Started to Speak This Is the Interesting Relationship That Exists between the Present United States and the People Even When It's the President of Not of Your Choosing. As an Individual When He First Heard Speaking That It Was Really Powerful and I Would I Was Touched by That and Appreciative of, but at Some Point the Spacing Goes to Gun Control in the Coursework Because I'm Just As Guilty As the Next Person Is over Politicizing Things and You Know Here We Go. And so Now It Just Gets It's It's Just Again. Unfortunately There There Is a Tension Here between a Politicizing Everything in the Fact That Not so Many Different Things Written Manifest Themselves in the Political Realm Which Affects Life in America. And so It Does Have Validity to Get It into a Political Context but Just like Rahm Emanuel. You Know Me You Never Let a Good Tragedy Go to Waste. From a Political Perspective, and so You Gotta Remember That and That's Where Us.

If You're a Follower of Christ Were 1/3 Way, There's the Right There Is the Left and Then There's the Way of the the Way of the Christ Follower in Ours. Just Go to the Fruits of the Spirit, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control Will A Lot Of That Doesn't Show up in This Political Maelstrom That We Live It.

So Then We Need to Be the Ones Ago. Okay, First of All Lament Our First Reaction. That's What Tim Said with Sadness When He First Heard about What Happened in Boulder and Any Other Place with Us Types of Things Happen the First Thing Should Be Lament. Those Are 10 People Including and Then You Add the Sugar in Their His Family, His Friends and All of That.

I Have No Idea What All Of A Sudden That That's That Your Neighbor That Your Grandson That Sure Sign That Your Brother Whatever the Case May Be, Did What. But the Families Is Going to the Grocery Store and Your Whole Life Gets Devastated. I Mean Think about Some of the Younger People That Were Killed When You Look at That and It's Just When When Parents Lose a Child, Even If the Child 1819 20. I Mean That the Divorce Rates Are about 75% and Higher. When That Happens, It Was Just a Normal Day and They Were Just Going to the Grocery Store and the Ripple Effect of Those 10 People Being Murdered in Cold Blood, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Grandmother, Grandfather, Whatever the Case May Be Friends, Neighbors, Coworkers Associates. I Mean Those Ripple Effects Gone and and Don't You Know That the Lord Grieves Is Watches Us Do This to Each Other, Whether It Be a Cold-Blooded Mass Murder like We Saw in Boulder or Just a Father Slapping His Wife or Parents Abusing a Child or Whatever and Then for Me As a Christian to Know When We Think There's No Justice. Yes, There Is. There Will Be Ultimate Justice Which Helps Me to Sleep at Night in the Face of Injustice, Oppression, People Groups. Whatever the Case May Be Listened in the End God Will Settle Every Account Every Injustice, Every Oppressive Move Every Murder Every Tragedy, Every Instance of Abuse Every Single Evil Thing That's Ever Happened in the History of the World Will Be Accounted for and There Will Be Judgment and That That and Then When There's Judgment. There's Only Two Options.

Either You or Me or Whomever Is Judged Forever or and You Pay That Price and What the Bible Calls Hell or Jesus Stepped in at the Cross. 2000 Years Ago and Absorbed That Judgment for You and Then Offers You Forgiveness If You Lay down Your Arms so to Speak and Confess Your Sin and Repent, Turn of It and Put All Your Faith in What He Did Because He Took It All. So Either Jesus Already Paid for It for You. For Me, for Everybody, or You're Gonna Pay for.

Rest Assured It'll Be Paid for Ultimate Justice Will Be Naturally Important, but When We Look at What Happened. This Is Where a Biblical Worldview Kicks in. I Was Doing This during the Commercial Break and I Was Talk That Uses Gross Example 5. If I Drop a Good Piece of Steak in a Bucket and Then Poured Three or 4 Cups of Urine in the Bucket and Let It Marinate I Know It's Gross but to Stick with Me, You Marinate Let It Marinate for 24 Hours. You Take It out Once Again the Smelly. You Know the Answer You Put It on the Grill. What Second Smelly You Know What It's What That Smell Is and Then When You Take It off the Grill and You Cut a Piece off to Take a Bite.

What's Going to Taste like the Taste like What You Marinated and so What Are We Marinating Ourselves in Our Culture These Days to Get Media Got Movies, Music, Games Mean How Many How Many Citizens How Many Strangers on a Street in a First-Person Shooter Game Have Have Have Americans Murdered in the Last 20 Years I Me with a Coke in One Hand and I Receives in Your Mouth While You Lay Waste to People in a Videogame for Hours on End. We Marinate in the We Marinate Mute and Movies.

I Mean That. Have I Seen Violet Yeah There's A Lot Of Violent Movies like What's up with That and so We Marinate and Then Music Means so Much Music's Just Degrading Violent Horrific and We Been Marinating in That Were Marinating in Secularism. Get Rid of the Judeo-Christian Ethic, Which Lifts up the Humidity the Dignity of Human Life None.

A Were Not Now or Secular Were Mostly Secular Country Evolutionary Thinking Human Beings Were Just up and Advantaged Offshoot over the Last 4 Billion Years. Nothing Particularly Special about Human Beings. The Lead Let That the Lead Ethicist at Princeton Again and Sang Her Said a Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy, Meaning His Worldview Does.

They're All the Same Value Wise Rat Pig Dog Boy Doesn't Matter It's All Basically Say Value Was Were Marinating in That Any Look at What We See from COBIT 19 What What What Happened with Many of Our Elderly People and How They Were Treated in Abortion. Of Course, Is a Natural Result of All This. Then There's Evil in the World. And Then There's Mental Health, and That's What Were Marinating and so Is the Ultimate Answer Gun Laws Personal Preparedness Know the Ultimate Answer Is Heart Change Mine Change Mental Health Change Emotional Help Change What Changes Somebody from Loss, Confused, Dazed, Easily Led Astray by Their Own Sin and Evil Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ That This Is a Spiritual Problem.

That's What Tim Was Talking up at Its Base Is a Spiritual Problem.

This Young Man This Monster Whatever You Want to Call Him That Killed 10 People in Cold Blood May Not. There's a Puritan Writer. That Said, the Seat of Her Recent Exists in Every Human Heart. And That's Really a Shocking Claim, but That's the Sin Nature of Mankind, and This Guy Was a Mess.

Obviously Mental Health Issues. Obviously Emotional Issues Obviously Spiritual Issues.

Obviously Evil Obviously Could That Have Been Changed Early on in His Life. John Newton Was a Slave Trader Get Saved. Writes the Number One Song in the History of Mankind. Amazing Grace. He Was a Slave Trader Routinely through Africans over the Side the Ship Because They Were Sick or Not Doing Well Murdered Rate Pillaged for Money. A Slave Trader. Then He Gets Saved and Then and They Wrestled with Years with the Reality of Who He Was, Versus What Christ Did for Him and That Christ Could Love Him and Forgive Him a Slave Trader Yeah, Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound That Saved a Wretch like Me I Once Was Lost but Now I'm Found Was Blind but Now I See Broken and Amazed by That for the Rest of His Life, and That's Ultimately Answer so for Us As Christians Constitution yet That's Important Patriot. Yep, I Get It. Sensible Gun Laws yet I Get It Training Preparedness. I Get It, but Ultimately None of That Stuff Affects the Human Heart and so If You're a Follower of Christ Me Were the Only Ones with the Ultimate Answer and That's Not Can Affect All Mankind. Unfortunately, We Know You.

There Are the Go That Way.

Jesus Said in Himself Is Talking about the Way to Heaven. The Way to Forgiveness. The Gate Is Small. The Path Is Narrow, and Few Find It Most Choose Destruction.

Few Find the Gate. The Gaping Jesus, but We Preach That We Don't Learn As Those Who Have No Hope. And I Can Only Pray and Hope That the 10 People Who Had Their Lives Cut down the Other Day Knew the Lord and and and We Can Pray and I Will with You on Facebook. Life after Done Second That Lives Will Be Changed for the Better Because of It That Somehow Someway Be Some Good That Will Come off This Unbelievably Twisted, Bitter, Broken, Sad, Heartbreaking, Maddening Tree Dear Lord Help Us Help These People Help Us to Help Ourselves and Help Our Neighbors.

Unfortunately Having to Be Aware There in a World That Start Marinating or Things of the World Is the Devil God Help Us with That. This Is Steve Noble on This Email, Michelle Austin Gentry Is a Pastor down at Baptist Churches and Big Baptist Church in Houston Wrote a Fantastic Article.

Recently We Known Each Other for Years and Have Him on Theology Thursday Morrow This Is Steve Noble on the Seasonal.

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