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March 22, 2021 4:23 pm


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March 22, 2021 4:23 pm


Today Steve talks with Sloan Rachmuth about a potential big win in one of the nation's largest school districts against critical race theory.  Steve also covers several stories about "whiteness" and the overall Cancel Culture.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your host noble okay what you may not know that that cancel culture work both ways.

There are certainly things you want to cancel abortion.

For example like that right. So cancel culture can work both ways. Obviously for the last couple years.

It's really only worked in one direction and that's the liberal progressive direction but on an issue that's critically important what you have school-age children or not you should care about what's going on schools. Again, whether you have kids in private school homeschool like we do or no kids or older kids or just grandkids. We shall be caring about what's going on in the public schools I shared with you last week. Interestingly enough, right here in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill Abbott, the Raleigh particular area, wake County, one of the largest school systems in the country and going of fulltilt on critical race theory to the point of saying you know just ignore the parents as well. Especially white parents because her neck to get in there all white fragility, white guilt and all the other stuff in their privileged and upper-middle-class so that I can understand why swords can ignore them and reprogram their children to critical race theory thinking which is diabolical right. It just is. Whether it's you want to talk about critical race theory American history. You want to talk about sex education to completely ignore parental rights to understood to really be the first and foremost teacher of their children and to have an opt in and opt out mentality towards whatever's going on in public school system so this made national news. It was all over the place and in our good friends long rack, but has been helping us understand what's going on what all of this education first alliance in.

See, I saw little thing on Facebook earlier today and I quite frankly because I'm so stinking cynical I was like I don't know that I can believe this or not Sloan how are you okay so this looks like a potential wind. This is a big deal so Phyllis and now are ready to write an outline. Wiring right in wake County had been caught equity may have been getting radical critical race theory training are local journalistic and wonderful everything I know, getting document behind in getting that what we first alliance we found that wake County problem campaign that light currently rewriting in real time Western Canon are all coming from duction stairway nine we can get started on March 1 for all people. Carolina Whidbey imprimatur on EPP.

I taught teacher you rate in every single thing that they caught an evening thinking that math went great. Language was great and ordered every teacher that with you and I. You cool cool and make your head explode to look at everything go every single thing and make sure that Christianity would not be playing in a favorable light heterosexuality would not play favorable light. Father or able the word someone what is stable in any way that could be elevated and more importantly anything American on the website with real-time altar that typically are completely from any source that was the good news here because that's all garbage and that's all evil and that's all problematic. Obviously, yet that you are many wonderful people Relate to a friend can get on duction number one on Thursday at the website without having grown up already filed had the training on their any you that raises more questions right. Luckily we had on all that we had after 500. We are in writing what public training all of the well. I very publicly advertised training. They are fighting for you. You really at a high level in North Carolina government that speaking out against this is Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson is actually book to be on the show this Friday. So between you Sloan and Mark in more and more parents and just North Carolina. Let's just North Carolina citizens because if you're here North Carolina in your taxpayer you have something to say about this.

If you're Christian.

If you have a biblical mindset at all old and New Testament. You should care about your neighbor should care about the children and being correctly taught how to think instead of what they think we need to keep the heat on so so what can we do somewhere working at the breaker to Minna, but what can we do to help in the try to police our own school systems across the state. Everyone I knew our website or TV network sign for blog that made you angry so you get here. Why and where you can keep yourself. We want everyone here to make their own decision about what they think about material. 2500 people.

Everyone problem. That's right.

Another like Ronald Reagan used to see you either make them see the lighter you become. Make him feel that he did in this case we have to do both. I just put that link on the Facebook life. So if you guys caught that Ed e.g. first is the website, said first get signed up for the updates and get to the blog and check out the first couple entries.

The most recent ones because you will see the video and the proof here Sloan will keep paying attention. Keep us in the loop and will keep like this goodbye. Thanks for all you're doing walkable talk again real soon I will be back. I want to follow up on that very courageous, PhD Prof. was unplugged back today. We talked about him last week and other things will be right back. Go with you if you're from Sloan Rachman so people paying attention getting involved raising the temperature make feel the heat. Thank you Ronald Reagan enough of going on the public school system.

Again, for those of you that are maybe older Christians are your kids are out of school or you homeschool or maybe just talking about grandchildren now. Maybe not even here in wake County is what what were talking away County North Carolina in the Raleigh area that doesn't matter because this type of stuff is happening all over the country is not just where I met it's cross state around the country and we have to be engaged whether it weathers your kids are not love your neighbor as yourself okay in like I've been saying since January 20 let's really focus on shrinking the country shrink the nation. Look to your own backyard your own sphere of influence local local local focus more on that terms of of what you can do to make a difference with a biblical worldview for the kingdom for the glory of God for the gospel look local hey don't spend as much time beans quite as obsessed with what's going on in DC. It matters, but you really can't have a whole big impact. Up there, but local you can't and that's why Sloan's engage noise of the people, which is great and and listen. There are things to talk real critical research would surely study of race and its implications in history here in America. Yes, as a matter fact for all you homeschooling families here in the Raleigh area people been asking me for a few years.

Steve would you ever consider teaching US history because of that's largely become largely almost 100% politicized so this fall for the first time was to be my 10th year teaching high school age homeschoolers to teach US history. I probably just got blocked on Facebook and the government Apple iPhones probably blow up or something on the way home so if you just history this fall I'm have multiple classes here in the Raleigh area and not at all or no summary that you might be this high school level.

Okay, honest, open, honest, will talk about the good the bad and the ugly. America has a resume like yours and like mine does good things, and there's bad things and you need to discuss it all taken honest look, the truth at the history of the nation. Okay which doesn't happen much anymore but it will in my class.

So if you're interested in that, for this fall. That's a two semester class US history. Just send me an email here in the Raleigh area and I'll send you the information. Okay, so one of the things that I talked about the story last week Prof. Aaron tends better who's at the University of Vermont brilliant guy PhD in involved in the lead can't cannot cannot can't counseling from that perspective sociology comes from a family of educators and he came out made this video, it's about nine minutes long, criticizing what he dubbed the secular religion of race at the school and this discriminations against whiteness it is today. He said he continued to whiteness falls under the umbrella and the derogatory meaning of the word falls under the umbrella of critical social justice are critical race theory. The thinking that informs it is so crude and so lacking in falsifiability I hear I first heard of whiteness when a faculty member offered to help me with it like I was some kind of disease, which is why I know this this is hard to hear but in this movement right now. That's why you keep saying, like a hashtag white is the new black black being a group of people that have historically been marginalized and abused.

That's beginning to happen to the white class here in America through critical race theory where it was supercharged by BLM and the things that happen again.

You have to be discerning. There are things to deal with that are reality and true, and we have those hard conversations. Okay I'm down with that 100% but this, this is going way beyond that in and its impact so unsubstantial okay which is why I'm paying so much attention to it with the school system so this story from last week. Prof. Aaron kinds better. He was on Glenn Beck show earlier today which is why you emailed him this afternoon and the thing that he was talking about which I haven't heard enough talk on is the fact that the impact on our children black children white children Asian children Latino children kids from a 22 parent home kids from one parent home, all that come to stop when we are re-segregating the country were re-segregating the country. I thought we were fighting and shut our own blood. Overall, these issues but now were going right back down that road were re-segregating the country so your teaching. What are you teaching the white kids that they're all guilty that there less than that there are inherently evil because of the color of their skin. If you're white then this that this that this that the other thing that raises hand to tell you a little black boy. Her little black girl or little Latino boy or girl that the cards are stacked against you in this country. Another some realities to deal with their but you're also telling them you can't make it both system so just wipe out hope increase jealousy, and covetousness of resentment, bitterness, forgiveness, forget that we don't do forgiveness. That's over with. We cancel. Forgiveness is not available to you. If you're not woke and if you're not progressive enough and if you're not in the critical race theory and all the other stuff there's there is no forgiveness.

You only damnation from their perspective, which is why you get the cancel culture and it's just getting out of hand, but that's the answer that the anti-religious answer to this unrighteous known at one for all sin and fall short of the glory got in the wages of sin is death. Well, what's the wages of sin.

If you're not woken up, not progressive enough and your wife especially well it's cancellation were to deal with you your scourge, your cancer, you need to be remote really scary stuff so that I heard about this when I read this article them to share this with you. Just so you know, just help how far off base. You are I don't even know if I'm allowed to say off base: okay this is from an article, a sickness critical race theory training.

Don't say brownbag lunch should be mindful of religious privilege employees at one of the nation's largest health insurance providers. This all comes right of their right of their training information. Okay this is just some whack job will be here in the corner eating Wheaties in the morning and coming up with a blog post based on things they heard on Twitter and other sex information somehow to Cigna employees at one of the nation's largest health insurance providers are routinely subjected to a critical race theory lessons and asked not to consider white men and hiring decisions. According to league documents and chat logs obtained by the Washington Examiner. Those who work at Cigna told Washington Examiner. They are expected to undergo sensitivity training. They consider racist and discriminatory lessons include a review of concepts such as white privilege gender privilege and something called religious privilege, which is described as a set of advantages that benefits believers of a certain religion but not people who practice other religions are no religions at all. That's why keep saying white is new black, but especially white hetero Christian if you're white heterosexual Christian male will. You are the scourge of society, where you know it or not, but we need to educate you so you can know just how much the scourge of our employees say their pressure to comply with inclusive inclusive language outlines that suggest replacing terms. Well let me just take you through some of] have break here in a minute. So let me just take you through this.

Here are some things that you normally might say that you think are probably you probably think you're fine. But you're wrong. It's not woken up yet sensitive enough, you're blinded by your own biases and hatred. Okay, so here's one you were grandfathered in. No, no, you can't do that a continuation of or legacy got correct that subunit I was grandfathered in that you can't say that to paternal brownbag lunch brownbag at today. You can't say that that are you are you old enough for me even saying asking the questions of my progress and are you old enough to remember brownbag lunch. What is that mean boys and girls memories.

Put your little baloney sandwich and stuff in a brown bag.

Over and tear that school at the brownbag lunch you can't say that anymore. Are we having fun yet, but I say to my wife is really frustrated back at Steve Noble to see Noble show. I was just talking to my friends on Facebook live, you want to join us here in the studio. Just go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook or on YouTube we started a YouTube channel. You know, because you're not a decent human unless you have a YouTube channel apparently single there as well. The Steve Noble show YouTube channel or here on Facebook live and join us in the studio and then we can continue conversations on the commercial break and hit the pause button so I was just starting this Cigna sickness critical race theory training just to come to make you aware this widespread it's all over the place so I hit the pause button on. Then we come to change directions talk about something else during the during the break in. Sometimes on on Facebook. When I would post a story about any of this critical race theory stop for racism in general and in and it was kind of an attack on whiteness or whatever. Some people say I'm proud to be white and I've always been like. I don't really think like that I am proud to be on probably read my proud to be a Christian.

I don't think I'm glad that I'm a Christian praise the Lord my proud of that unreal pride goes before the fall.

So every time I hear pride or prideful or proud. I struggle at that. I think any of us should appear especially pure in crisis and struggle with that so that's kind of what happens during the commercial breaks. Anyway, I don't really see why people say that it's helpful but anyway this is a list from Cigna on the scheme. This is from people whistleblowers by the way are everywhere. You can do that anonymously could dump stuff on Facebook and twitter whatever and so this this is screen grabs from the actual training at Cigna talking about inclusive language and I'm just trying to help you, especially if you're Caucasian because your you're saying all kinds of stuff on this list and doing all kinds a Harmon don't know that song is trying to help you try to better society here. This is all part of sensitivity training. Critical race theory training so grandfathered, grandfathered in. Can't say that brownbag lunch no, you can say lunch and learn or grab and go but a brownbag lunch.

No, why not much noise.

Hey guys, yeah, I can't do that.

My progressive, you're assuming too much. So instead at Cigna you should say hey team hey friends, hey you hey you all hey y'all people whatnot some micro-aggression against others. You're so articulate. You can't say that what Cigna hey Cigna why can I tell somebody there articulate what I tell a white person there articulate if I tell a black person there articulate member when Joe Binder that about Barack Obama. Don't go back. If you remember, he's a clean articulate young black men, as if that was something to be achieved are a shock to him.

I don't know what that was all about the gifts. I think that's probably the comes from. You can't that deafly don't do this wives husband's boyfriends, girlfriends, you can't.

You cannot do that. Hey you to bring your wife hey, can I bring my wife to bring my husband not you can't do that you may be offending somebody a woman perhaps a lesbian who's married to another woman so she doesn't have a husband you said your husband. Can I bring my husband, which would be offensive to her because she doesn't have one. So you're judging her right got mothering and fathering you can't you can't do that because because what if you have a lesbian couple and they have a kid and you say fathering what they can't do that.

The whole problem with same-sex marriage and same-sex parenting by the way, going into this blind him going into a blind was that me but that means you don't have any idea what you're walking into. I I've known. I'm no advanced knowledge of going into blind you can't say that anymore.

You could say going and unaware not knowing what to expect going in the ongoing end of this blind can't say that's offensive man. I had a crazy day, nope, can't do that that offense crazy people man-hours note honeymooners that take how you can come out as mankind mankind is my progress to change that now that whether you go next on the list mankind figures is a humankind or humanity can see mankind quiet the peanut gallery out there quiet quiet the peanut gallery can't do that their hecklers off the reservation.

I come to get that one month reservation here. I'm really I'm outside the bound abounds. The boundaries write the reservation get that I this one. This is got a go master bedroom hey can you come give me a quote on a paint my master bedroom and master bath can't say that it's a primary bedroom a primary bathroom a long time no see. Can't see her doing it again.

No see.

So insensitive, no can do a steep to come home today and I paint the kitchen. No can do honey. Oh, sorry, but the problem hip hip hooray hip hip.

That's gotta be cultural appropriation is hip hip hooray sounds too much like hip-hop that's my guess. Black list white list. That's obvious get to that. You're too young to remember this but can't do that either.

Micro-aggression is listed inclusive at Cigna Cigna is an enormous company enormous. Okay, really, really big companies. Cigna is enormous.

Micro-aggressions didn't even know what Facebook is cancer that are you a nurse can say that our inclusive culture at Cigna means that were working hard to ensure everyone feels respected welcome and like they belong. Wrote Susan's death. Cigna foundation VP for diversity equity inclusion corporate responsibility where this is going to give Google going back as props, as is were moving in a direction trend is already doing this we are going to get as an individual and as a company private or public, you're going to get kind of a score on how you look at the environment, how you look at to inclusion, gender, things LGBT Q societal care and concern, activism, and you're going to get a great Internet. Grades going to then impact how you buy or sell how you to take into business will eat maybe even how you get alone, which is all part of the great reset. By the way, which again I say things. Everyone saw no one there like adjusted in two years God and I would've never said out of it like that's great, great stuff. Sorry Glenn, two great great for me.

Now, not so much. As the societal norms checklist tell me which one you are you check these off.

Check your privilege is what it says right here on the screen grab from the Cigna training. Check your privilege. Are you able body are age 25, 55, are you a Christian are you assists male CIS male six mill that means you still identify with the sex of your birth you haven't changed your gender, your gender in your sex match what you were born that like God sent heterosexual upper-class and white checked those off that's that's me able-bodied I'm I'm 55, heredity, and that's scale, I'm a Christian I'm assists male heterosexual upper-class upper-middle-class in white wow so I got a lot on me. Apparently 73,000 employees and offices worldwide.

13 largest business in the country, as measured by revenue in the Fortune 500 rankings and of course they want you to read books like white fragility by Robin D'Angelo and how to be an antiracist by Abram X candy. The lessons learned from the sensitivity training seminar. Some employees allege that even extended to the hiring process catalogs between an employee and a hiring minute. Please Lord help us.

We again this is were dividing dividing dividing creating hatred, covetousness, jelly, Jell-O, jealousy, no forgiveness, and bitterness and resentment. That's what this is doing that's what grieves my heart as a Christian. Okay what this is doing what were doing to ourselves or allowing to be done, especially our children catalogs between an employee and a hiring manager viewed by the Washington Examiner detail an incident where my Nordic candidate with strong credentials performed exceptionally well in an interview when that employee suggested to the hiring manager that the company waive the candidate through the next step in the process. The hiring manager dismissed the candidate under the assumption he was white subsidy is seen after learning that the candidate belong to a minority group. The manager said she was excited a higher despite learning. Virtually nothing else about his background.

Quote given the hiring practices they have in place where white male candidates are blocked because the qualifications I have to say yes is an obvious discrimination at this company. One employee told the examiner another time an employee suggested the candidate with years of industry experience that employee was informed by the hiring manager that the candidate a white man could not be interviewed because he didn't meet the diversity criteria so you see where this is going right and when this is being taught to our children again. We are ceding the ground with resentment and hatred and judge mentalism in unforgiveness and saddling people with guilt that they don't deserve to have in hatred and it's just where we segregate so just like Columbia University is what six different graduations now based on what critical are what intersection out a group you belong to. Where is this going. It's good, it's not going were good. You take this kind of thinking, devoid of a biblical worldview that values all people equally. Everybody made in the image of God, the Mongo day and should be given the opportunity to blossom as some of them in the image of God, knowing that when I can have equal outcomes, but we should have equal opportunity, and that we should be quick to forget, and slow to speak and quick to listen, slow to anger this is reversing this is reverse engineering the whole thing. You see that you who would possibly want to do that from a spiritual darkness perspective who loves division lies hatred and covetousness all that's right. Can you hear the hiss of snake see you think it's just political or cultural, educational, no. Like most things, it's a deeply spiritual which is why we you're a follower of Christ should care as it reverses out in reverse engineer the truth of God's word very, very dangerous for this Noblesville my buddy Alanis just that working Monday. Now you writing now apparently I'm snarky on Monday as well. Sometimes I can't help it just being snarky and laughing and mocking because it just gets so frustrating and anger intensifying that I just I just that's gets gets it's a coping mechanism. Can I get an amen from anybody so we can talk about cancer cultural is crazy stuff and talking on the break with my friends on Facebook live in YouTube live which by the way, so cancel culture is that new new phenomenon of got a couple more stories only get to hear is that a new phenomenon. It isn't, and I was reminding my friends, my Christian friends on on the video side during the commercial break on radio to cancel. Culture is a normal part of the Christian life goes all the way back through the Old Testament right to the right to the card who was trying to cancel Paradise. Oh that's right. Satan trying to cancel paradise. Did God really say right okay started right there let's cancel paradise in the what we do with all the prophets we kill them and what we do with the Messiah. Cancel that guy got got that didn't work out so well.

By the way, sorry Satan can't cancel the uncountable praise the Lord.

Praise Jesus wreck it can't cancel him. That's awesome. Which by the way of your house life is built on the foundation you can't ultimately be canceled by anybody on this planet is not awesome so where's the smile on your face and that in the little hop skip and a jump in your step, but remember that if you're in Christ, if you're born again. That's a reality. So I look at cancel and I care about the culture because of what it what it's doing to people but ultimately for myself and like can't cancel what you do to me, kill me. Okay, I have an eternal reward eternal bliss eternity with my father new heavens and new earth that that's Marty in it and then on just that much closer to it. Just like Paul said to live is Christ and the die is gain rather be with God and but God wasn't Jell-O them here on earth yet okay cool so you can't really cancel me in any way, so we may try to kill cancel Jesus. They tried to cancel Paul tried as Saul tried to cancel of the early church Rome try to cancel the early church. Nero tried to cancel the early church about every Emperor for about three years. Try to cancel the early church.

Nice try user failure user then all the all the apostles except for John all martyred all cancel quote unquote yet right nice try, and then all through church history last 2000 years all you want to translate the Bible at Aladdin and English New London unit push back against kind of all the problems that were in the Catholic Church in the 1500s known and we got cancel cancel cancel cancel gaskets cancel next right bring maybe in this world, this broken world.

The prince of the power the air that still has whatever power God is a lot ultimately no note.

Okay, listen to this. Now this is a good example because this is effective arts satire look at this malicious unsubstantiated shop. The New York Times took the Babylon be.

How is this not defamation. So this is from not the be which is not a non-satirical website talking about the Babylon be which is a satirical website and and they they rip both sides.

Okay, not the Babylon be if you never wash up with Larry's. I here's the article from Mike Isaac tech reported to New York Times the premise of the piece is basically defending liberal cartoonists to satirical comics were being pulled from Facebook but Mr. Isaac through this malevolent little paragraph in their quote, but satire kept popping up as a blind spot. See shutter got a root out whatever's against the progressive ideology got rooted out got killed. So now they're saying satire in 2019 and 2020 Facebook often dealt with far right misinformation sites that use quote unquote satire claims to protect their presence on the platform.

Mr. Brooking said. For example, the Babylon be a right-leaning site sometimes trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire yet is, New York Times called to be a right wing misinformation sites to be was the only example he gave to substantiate the claim that in the 2019 and 2020 Facebook often dealt with far right misinformation that you satire claims to protect their presence. You'll notice that his words trafficked in misinformation contain a hyperlink you would assume Mr. Isaac being the consummate professional that he is working for the prestigious great lady that the link would take you to a story substantiating his claims that the BU no traffic to misinformation does not lead you this story about how the be is a successful and legitimate satire site that takes shots at both sides of the aisle read the whole thing. No mention misinformation at all. This is the only paragraph that even comes." The be found itself walking the thin line between satire.

In fact, in 2018. What a joke that CNN purchase an industrial size washing machine for spinning the notes is pretty funny, however obvious it should have been that the comet resided on the satirical side of the ledger.

It still led to an awkward vetting by the fact checking websites, notes, and Facebook is the author of that article clearly admits that the backcheck was stupid and awkward because the article Snopes went after was absurd and nonsensical and clearly satirical all yes I wonder where I wonder were seen in part that giant industrial size washing machine to spin the news could be passed by Mr. Isaac feels provably comfortable implying to be is a far right misinformation sites straight up saying that the beat traffics in misinformation under the guise of satire. What that causes even remotely okay the author. This particular article rights.

Don't miss the irony that the shot was lobbed at the be in the article defending liberal satire so it all depends on whose ox is getting gored. If it's a liberal satire that's okay if there's ever a hint of it being sold so the Babylon be which goes both slams right and left me there sometimes in the battle and be a slamming somebody on the conservative side or Christian whatever and I'm like oh home.

Maybe that crossed the line words of almost offended me. Another easily offended, but in almost and I'm like it cuts both sides. That's the beauty of it, so to say all satires. So when they cut to the left.

Oh we get a deal with these guys got cancel now. This one's really steer okay is on the daily wire. This is from several weeks ago. Fairbury 27th. Did you know this. Did you catch this maybe heard a little bit about it but this is really scary. Solicit is where this is going to something I don't like Nazi Germany, fascist comparisons, but this one's got the potential to just be really dangerous. As noted in the daily wire.

Amazon has ramped up its censorship on conservative views in recent weeks. This is from February 27. For example, popular documentary on the US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was bond from the band from the streaming services past week before that moved the company D platform conservative right. Anderson's book critical of gender theory and Harry became Sally. Responding to the transgender movement because he talked about gender dysphoria, which is the mental condition the emotional, mental, psychological condition behind transgender is okay when just the news reached out to Amazon over the ban on Anderson's book, the all it said the company directed into a page outlining their content guidelines for books under section labeled offensive content.

Amazon states that they quote don't sell certain content, including content that we determine is hate speech promotes the abuse or sexual exploitation of children contains pornography, glorifies rape or pedophilia advocates terrorism or other material we deem inappropriate or offensive.

Unquote I review these pile of those policy changes suggested sometimes in the last few months. Amazon made a major change the ways in which it moderates book content on its servers imposing much stricter standard on books that it had previously not done the reports that it appears the company recently added so-called hate speech to their guidelines on book platforming camping up there censorship of the cortical offensive daily wire podcast hosting conservative author Matt Walsh warned that the designation from Amazon broadened to include conservative views as it seems to be leaning could lead to the potential end of conservative books in general and I would add Christian books in their lesson. How come on Steve, that's a little over the top really listen.

Publishers won't bother publishing books that can't be sold on Amazon.

Why would you do you know that 83% of book sales pastor Amazon software publisher you got some conservative wacko white Christian wants to write a book about the culture, whatever in in in Amazon is knocking to put it out there because I think it's hate speech that cuts off 83% of your potential sales. Why publish the book that makes perfect sense to me. Publishers won't bother publishing books can be sold on Amazon that said, this is a hugely important issue.

I think it's getting all the attention it deserves. It definitely isn't author and critic of progressive gender theory, Abigail Shah Schreier posted a lengthy thread on twitter offering a similar warning were not really that were really not making a big enough deal. The fact that Amazon has begun deleting book. She said shortly after this article in February.

Amazon now claims the right to bar all books that are cortical, inappropriate or offensive course nearly every book worth reading could be characterized as inappropriate or offensive to someone but also she wrote she tweeted Amazon is manifestly dishonest about centering books that are offensive or inappropriate.

They continue to sell books like this which discusses very young children performing fellatio Schreier highlighted and I don't believe they should stop selling it for free speech to some people does have its limits. Write another argument. Books that surprise and inform and challenge us to see things differently are usually offensive to someone in the short term sounding the alarm increase sales of a particular book, but this is a dangerous move were all too complacent about it. She said when a company controls over 83% of the market for books. It begins the process of deleting ideas from society. The author argued this is a powerful point bring us a bookseller can sell whatever it wants, marches, books want only sell books that conform to ideology. Okay, that is, integrity.

This the world's largest bookseller Amazon can basically make books disappear. For all readers does so in a blatantly dishonest basis under the guise of removing inappropriate content. They will really be removing ideas disfavor yet understand the power scale so they just start you as gold makes the rules a controlling market your book will get published. Amazon says that people are offensive. If they say it based on their own criteria. Yes, thank you Hayden on Facebook breakup Amazon as a whole another story. Barack Obama went after Google Google Amazon for sex that progressive ideology yourself, and thank God I'm not here one day new heavens and new earth. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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