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All About Heaven!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 18, 2021 2:50 pm

All About Heaven!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 18, 2021 2:50 pm

All About Heaven!

Today Steve has a conversation with Pastor Chad Harvey of Cross Assembly Church in Raleigh that’s all about Heaven.


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Everyone is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble while giving out air enough is enough to get me out of here or just buying time here on this rock notice planet Earth and get me out of here and then come, Lord Jesus. Of course, when you say that I do not often wear this when I say come or Jesus else. Another this people in my life that I haven't shared the gospel with and I bear some responsibility for that because it Jesus came back tomorrow. Judgment day is here and that's it. Stories over the sheep and the goats, the wheat and the chapter separated, but in God's patience. It seemed like evils winning it's not God is waiting. And every minute God waits his mercy to bring the Lord for that. I welcome back. It is theology Thursday here in the Steve Noble show Pastor Chad Harvey back in house are Steve and great thankfully be on here man I love it love being with you. Your great encourager. I you are man. Why well because I think sometimes I'm doing limit things this way you know and so every now that is good to me. Another radicals so you realize maybe I'm not look or maybe just as the two of us losing our minor possibility you you came up with a name for me years ago what what trouble are of Israel. Yes it man, that's a compliment. Yeah, your encouraging enough of the mutual admiration talk about heaven today. I really appreciated the series cross assembly if you're in the triangle area you want to church is open and free and preaching the full counsel of God without apology or holdback that would be cross assembly were Pastor Chad is the senior pastor, I want to do a message on heaven in the midst of all this craziness in the world, will you on as I was praying about. Obviously, the Ruth of the Lord speak my spirit when I see speaks to John McCall showing was an audible thing was louder than that. The Lord really kinda convicted me that Christiansen got so wrapped up apology intersection reality. All this division is going on. I really felt were to look you guys again so focused on the here and now that you've lost sight of eternity and I really want to take about I guess about three weeks to get us back into an eternal vision. Yeah, you know if he was instantly Jesus himself as her so much stress going on everybody stressed*I read there's a guy his name is Richard Lahey he's an anxiety specialist. He said the average what is average teenager today has the same level of anxiety as a psychiatric patient back in the 19 she is amazing and your Jesus is a Jesus sisters disciples in John 14. He says all right about the die they hate me.

They don't hate you to come after you, everybody's going to be coming against you, and then he says in John 41. Don't let your heart and what he does.

The big, good cheer and when I when I read that I might like him jumping up there kicking his heels together generally you just told his robe and braces.

In my father's ego's writing the heaven yet. Don't lease is don't be anxious I want to prepare a place for yes I think what Jesus is trying to say is if you find yourself anxious, worried, stressed out, remember I go to prepare a place for you heaven I think crushes anxiety crushes anxiety and especially right now, given everything going on in the news and politics. Biden trump whatever wherever you want to go to China virus, CTP, whatever you want to talk about. We act as if us in the evangelical church oftentimes active scene for the last year of struggle with it myself.

As if this is it.

Yeah the whole deal is that right now. So our ship is going down to get a million holes in it. Everybody's crazy this place is losing its mind, this is all terrible. I'm just can hide in the corner. Take my Xanax and go to sleep as if there's no such thing as Yes, how we live. We do as you do this will exercise periodically church of October, but on the count of three.

Blink your eyes 123 invited blank if you live to be age 76.

That blink is 1/6000000000 of your life. And yet in the scope of eternity are 76 years is quicker than that blink. So why we so focused on a blink right when we really be focused on eternity exactly I used to do this in the Sunday adult Sunday school class I taught at a church and with the whole room and I had a little whiteboard up front and I just drew the Don up in the upper left-hand corner that I drew this long line with the infinity six sign at the end.

I said okay.

Selah.there that's your 76 years hereunder.

The whiteboard, the walls, the floor in the ceiling represents eternity in every scan every cubic inch here and we lose our minds as if the dot is everything absolutely yes. So where do we start we think about heaven because I have a pretty sanctified imagination when it comes to you but but how you can unpack it because it really is an enormous theme. The scriptures point us to it a lot.

Jesus talked about it a lot, but how we can handle a way that's healthy well should also be a few people people said before what so-and-so is so heavenly minded. He is no earthly good. I have met a lot of Christian I met a lot of Christians were so earthly minded to know heavenly good. I think the starting place for heaven for me this is what really made the light bulbs go off me a couple years ago and Randy Alcorn's book on heaven help with this business may not mean a lot to you but it meant a lot to me. Heaven is a real literal physical place so we get into Platonic dualism. Plato said the physical world is bad spirit word road is good that's actually not biblical. Heaven is a real literal physical place. A lot of Christians think of this, we speak. Kinda gives the cloudy aerial yeah I will say this, I think this world is, if anything, this is the false world. I think heaven is real world and where is heaven if it's a little place we don't know. It could be in another dimension. It's interesting now. If physicists are saying the problem 4 to 10 dimensions out there which, incidentally, not commodities. He was a religious shell is a Jewish scholar back in the 1300s. He said there were 10 dimensions supercollider's all right out of the mess. So heaven may be in another one of these dimensions. I got some great quotes.

It could be in a parallel universe and listen to this in scientific American magazine a while back had an article by Max take Mark and he says what parallel universes. He's name come from a Christian standpoint parallel universes almost certainly exist discover magazine had physicist Brian Greene, who's been studying black holes, he said. And again, he's not come from a Christian viewpoint, the more I study black holes more I realize that the world we live in is a shadow of a real dimension while in an amazing man is 1/3 one I John Barrow John Webb in scientific American. Quote scientists are now beginning to suspect that our universe is just a shadow of a larger reality. So heaven is a real literal physical place. It may be in a parallel development dimension.

It may be in a parallel universe, but it's real when it's really cool to think about eventually where it ends up yeah does not get to the people sit there and think like that you're talking about that heaven. This ethereal thing with the thing it's out there somewhere, but eventually it's good to be right here yeah and it's going to be enormous. It's mind-boggling to think about Selena talk about them as I'm aware, heaven is now what people experience in heaven.

And now he's die now but versus when Jesus comes back. Heaven comes down to keep unpacking that all about heaven today on theology Thursday with my good friend Pastor Chad Harvey cross assembly church here in Raleigh, North Carolina. This is another show will be right back. If I were in a hole in the money that you don't know Gaither vocally, Pastor Chad Army, the one and only, I'm not.

Yeah. Oh, I do like Oakland you go play clock send was it was on the Lodge now found a change. Chris Bruce Horton was married to how true you get like people magazine or some teen Vogue is your church were talking a passage at Harvey cross assembly recently did a series on heaven and in the midst of all this craziness and frustration and argument and hatred and division.

Oftentimes we keep our eye on this earth we forget. If you're in Christ, if you're born again Christian. If you got all your eggs in Jesus's basket abuse in the going if I asked you and you don't have anything you say I think so. I hope so, then you don't know so okay your outside of what the gospel says because the gospel says in first John, that you can know so so that I always do that.

Always remind people if you're counting on yourself at all for getting to this place were talking about today for getting to heaven if you think your resume has anything to do it and you don't understand the gospel. So for those of us that are born again, which is not some weird phrase out there. The biblical Jesus talking to Nicodemus if you're born again, this is your destiny.

This is your future. This is safe and secure and it's mind-boggling and it's really incredible to think about you and then it makes us because you were talking about. Hey, this is like 1/6000000000 or whatever you blink your eye. What was that what was that you blink your eye and that's what it's at 16 going to be. Live your life you in our time here on earth relative to eternity in heaven is less gray since you were so wrapped up over this blank man yeah and who's in the White House and all that we got a lot more to live for the so we live in the here and now, but men we should long for the lair and the absolute, and I got a great cook little bit later.

CS Lewis basis at paint look those Christians who been the most focus on heaven did the most for Jesus right here on or something.

Yeah that's awesome yet. So the challenge for us is trying to understand this living for it and have a proper understanding. I think some people get confused about it. I think even more so.

Chad people still think about. Should we think about it should be contemplate that you mention Randy Alcorn's book on heaven, which is like 400 pages.

It's huge Andy Davis at first Baptist terms, now with a book on how all how long I had a mind late last year and it's going to be awesome. I love thinking about you talking about it because it gets me excited about the future that was purchased and look I think my gift is not encouragement to get ready Christians were about to express persecution, listen to this 125 A.D. Emperor Hadrian asked the philosopher wristed beaches and these weirdos Christians were killing them and get this thing is still growing, explain to me why the men were killed in the more gross yeah listen to what wristed.

He wrote back in for Hadrian. He said what, if any, righteous person of their number dies and passes away from this world. They rejoice and give thanks to God as if he were leaving one place and going to another about that finishing Cincinnati's answer to that pagan wicked impression why Christianity was growing is when when they die they start clapping silver yet is actually the going somewhere better.

You know, pretty awesome thing you talk about an rhenium Facebook light asked a great question.

What are the treasures that we are storing up in heaven.

I love that question were to get to that one, but you said something about for some reason you are using a compass, you talk about North yeah it was really interesting what was yet to look I and this is this one of those conjectures on knocking out yet. I am is he a lackluster biblical perhaps on things we find our GA that's good way to phrase it so where is heaven.

You know, Revelation 21 said I saw all of the new heaven coming down now skeptic would say gotcha because if you're saying heaven is up up is one direction of your North Carolina is another direction.

If you're down in Australia but did you know there's one fixed point on planet Earth. It's always up and that's the north.

The Polaris Northstar is a physician right over our our our axis and so that's why mariners use the Northstar players to God because that is a fixed point is very interesting.

Scripture seems to indicate that God is in the North.

I want to look at this. Isaiah 1413 through 14. This is God's throne is in the north Leviticus 111 says offer a sacrifice northward toward God. Psalm 75, six through seven says promotion doesn't come from the East or the West or the South but from God implication east toward the north. So here's what I think. I think one day.

Heaven is when a breakthrough in our dimension from the North think that somehow, somewhere there some connection and what is true north coming down your pass Polaris up into our atmosphere and coming down the planet Earth, but there is something there. Some other passages that just have this this idea about North being significant is forced throne of God. Yes fastening and I think that's I think that's good Bible exercise to get in there and realize even at the beginning of printing out Alcorn's book on heaven. He said I and here I am going to exercise my sanctified imagination I can I can use Scripture as a launching point, but I'm gonna go down some roads and just imagine some gems that as long as they don't contradict any clear teaching of Scripture. You're fine right but I think this is something that it's okay to kinda star gaze when it comes to having you to almost be to have a little wanderlust about me Going to look like because I'm to spend all eternity there and really not that much time on this phone are exactly you so you know it again is in a parallel dimension is it in a another universe is it what we don't know is it toward the north will you know Polaris going to be the spot where God's throne room enters into our apps at we don't know but I do think that sometimes we don't have attainment of imagination and that's why like guys like CS Lewis token got you nerds rented till getting in the Lord originally got a stuffed but these were Christians that had a sanctified imagination. You know, is heaven right now is often as people get confused thinking about is it physical I might am I a disembodied self yeah my body stays here in the grave in the in the Kern whatever the crash site and then I've got my spirit, which is in heaven. So heaven like you said earlier, this is with the wistfully kind of nonmaterial tips that the accurate we have to get use our imagination, and I do like Randy Alcorn's as I pieces.

I think their transitional bodies would have inhibited Jesus went up and the heaven ascended into heaven left Earth physically yeah exactly his body then collapsed in his soul, spirit at the Mount of Transfiguration, all the disciples see Moses and Elijah to get the noise of Moses has been dead for what 1400. Nobody is lying in the Dragon Valley surveyor, so that whether seeing a person you know Saul with the witch of indoor the conjure up Samuel. He is there in bodily form that his body is still in the ground so that tells me that there's probably some type of transitional body until that day when our physical bodies. We can talk about this. Our physical bodies and could you been cremated. Why do you care what cremation but I if he been cremated if you decomposed somehow, someway, God brings that body back together, resurrection, and unites with our spirit. Until that day comes, I think we probably have some type of transitional body and yeah yeah and then eventually I want to talk about this because our mutual friend Dan for Sue was our great Lt. Gov. for years was an architect figured out yet considering the new heaven and the new earth and a lot and I used to think this which impacted my environmental ethic that the earth just got swept away. Goodbye, see you in God's creates a new one you like. So you tell me God can't redeem something you is nothing you can't read yeah and all creation is redeemed to the gospel. Eventually, someone to talk about. That is, the earth confirmed up with this new heaven with this new earth, but that like what talk about rewards I want to talk about the 76 billion known stars in the Internet because right now the only person that really gets to enjoy that. Personally God while he we will talk about that was that everyone name that to theology, Thursday, and that's all going their own seatbelt until he oversaw the grades on demand comes around and I love that song. Think about the go look it up yet another man that that should have an impact on your side to share the gospel because the operation we checked the man's coming back around and that's going to be intense. I feel like I said this earlier. I can't wait till Jesus comes back yet with this can be people there that are going separate yeah yeah and you know three times this week. Steve shared talk about the Lord and three times I'm good.

I'm not bashing these groups Is alien I'm good I'm Catholic yet today.

I'm good.

I'm Catholic. It's very action for active had for conversations like that this week.

People are still relying on their good works together. Have an amazing man alive yet is exactly what Satan wants you to think that's right. It's all about you. Yeah because I went for my dad.

My dad deftly to the Lord, but he was away from solid teaching for a long time and we would talk about things and he really struggled with the exclusivity of Christ because he had some friends that were not Christian that were really nice, moral, caring, loving people, any really struggle with that and so when we had a conversation about I think about it. Think about do you really think God and this is my street-level way to communicate. Do you really think God would whack his son Jeff for like 30% of the population yeah yeah 22% of the population. I'm asking to do something like yourself to be humiliated, tortured and murdered 422.6% of the pop just ago I put it is that there hundred ways to God.

I was sacrificing keel brutally.

My son submit their canal be 100 and 101 yeah the makings is really an offense to ultimately but it's great to have you think you are talking about heaven today with Patrick at Harvey Cross assembly church or in Raleigh, North Carolina. Let's talk about where heaven ends up you visit the new heavens and new earth yeah and so on. The new earth before heaven comes the new get a new earth is it just like God crushes the like can you crush it up like paper throwing the garbage to start a nuclear is a refining cleanup. Yeah, you know. And Peter makes a really clear this thing is can be odd that the elements will melt. He's going to take planet Earth and he is going to totally purify. I think through fire people asked me to believe in global warming absolutelyup one day he's going purify through fire and so heaven because fire is a purifying symbol of God's judgment to what you can see Steve is where heaven is now is literally not work can be for all eternity. It's actually come to planet Earth. We see that in Scripture.

Heaven will one day come down and be here on a renewed planet Earth, and I think Revelation 2216 very literally it says this new heaven when it comes down here on a on a planet Earth is been burned through fire renewed purified it to be 1500 miles. By 1500 miles. By 1500 miles high.

That is an incredible all city and be with you.

Take that literally, absolutely.

Here's why. Revelation 2117. It gives the measurements 1500 miles 1500 1500 cube and he says this and it will was 1500 miles. According to human measurement. It's almost like the book of Revelation sink. I know you won't try to do a search, lies the site for Tanner mouse assume box. I will tell you it's 1500 miles.

According to human measurement that's important you so. And of course it'll be in United States of America because were the center.

The exact yeah right what I I'll save this little song there for later. Don't want to offend people, but it's interesting for Tanner mouse look at this that that kind of links will be have this it would stretch from Canada to Mexico and from the Appalachian Mountains to California that she can give you an image of how big this is and that's just the ground that the ground floor fists 1500 miles high. Okay, that's 600,000 stories high. Okay.

Yet, 600,000 stories. I just try to wrap your mind around this. What's the tallest building on the planet. The Dubai birds right super cool supermassive meantime, crews went there and made a movie right so that I got even idea how to strike 163 floors.

The divide birch the new heaven will be 600,000 floors up out of the earth atmosphere.

Just consider that look at from the Appalachians to California that the Eastern boundary California and then elevated to school straight up. Yeah okay that's up out of their sentence for yeah yeah so what is your 1 mile away. You couldn't see it. If your 10 miles what you might go see the top the top yeah yeah you then forced it all the standards on the list when he's in Outlook.

He's he's the ark of God or North Carolina.

By the way, it was an architect so this is like his place.

He sent this over to Ms. kind of interesting. He said to the ground level between 2,000,000 mi. or 62,000,000,000,000 ft. at 600,000 stories stories tall that square foot is four quintillion square feet. Now we don't know the total population of human history. But let's say 24 billion people go to heaven which is really way to get any as Jesus. A very few find road leads to eternal life. But let's say the 24 billion people get to heaven at four quintillion square feet. After you take out space for Park streets greenall I can stuff you have 24 billion people with that much square feet. That means each person has a living space of 392,000,000 ft., 390 million square. The brick built house was hundred and 60,700 60,000 ft. and each person here is 392 million and that includes green space. That's part green in Rome or the artist of the river yeah ever lied tree of life. All of that's yeah that's crazy and amazing if you take this literally and I do I get more trouble sleeping. I think the Bible allegorically, but when I do literally when I when I think the Bible literally. About 95 as of the time I'm safe yeah really strong really amazing to think about that.

Okay so like in heaven.


So we got a big place right yeah it's like heavenly cribs, MTV baptizing trips and everybody's got millions million square feet but actually what we do is we meet outside.

You grab your portable cloud you grab your harp.

We all flowed up in the we sing praise and worship songs and Amasa you got were males, and I'm sorry we had to absorb what it would undermine the Ridley Revelation 23. Because here's our there is a song when as a kid. This politically incorrect I can get them ahead in Queens Junior saying it heaven and a lot like Dixie, I don't want to go, and when I was a kid this and all you do for all eternity is worship will my context was traditional worship of the piano.

Networking dryer is not about if we can that all eternity. I don't know that I want to go, you know, here's Revelation 23 says there are no longer be any curse in the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will serve him. So what if Adam and Eve do before the fall works in the garden that worked. That's not part of the curse.

No work was before it, you know, productivity is true for creativity.

Yeah, keep the garden so they worked they worshiped in the fellowship. Okay I think this will be reversal of the curse of what he will do your work, what that is. Good work.

We can worship and is not really like any kind works well here is to be like you to the million Man March the promise keepers new United mail to. It was absolutely incredible at the time of million men that's praising God you be in DC in DC. It's going to be like that times of million for all eternity is a little work with worship and fellowship exit because he had really have to expand your understanding of worship because I do this is my ethics class when I went through my Masters degree at the seminary I work through this and ethics as worship.

You're always worshiping you everything you do is worship and all that you do what you drink all of the glory of God. So that's all you're worshiping the way you treat your wife the way you treat your husband the way you build the deck.

The way whatever. So can I worship God by building things in his name for his glory with his people without because all the stuff in the boxes, his words using his creation to build stuff and can I build things and create culture and art and music in homes or reject whatever into all to the glory of God. I think absolutely absolute and incidentally I do think really eat because Jesus is our prototype. Jesus had risen from the grave he meets the disciples there freaked out and releases will have anything to eat. That's right, and I gave him a piece of broiled fish and some bread or just pretty cool Ensor honeycomb honey, blowfish. He ate in this glorified resurrected body you heaven is called often the marriage what subset of the land so we can I think were going to eat now how does that entail decomposition and I don't understand all the stuff but I do think we I don't think you want to understand it because you want to be a vegetarian. That really meets what is possible that this man he was not here you will see impossible burgers.

I think he I think of I'm on route if you want a porterhouse Pastor Chad, I think God will provide a porterhouse for you. Looks like it smelled like it taste like it might not be maybe man coming, he can do that you will talk is honest, it will be no more death means I don't know that your struggle. What about rewards and have had to break it pretty quick. Just about reward you is that there are it throughout the New Testament rewards offered to God's people your bosses and second before now there's in store for me the reward for all those who have longed for his appearing and so there are different rewards in Bible and are often pretrade his crowns okay the crown of life. The crown of this, the crown of that and in the book of Revelation. You see all these believers were so overwhelmed with the goodness of God are like. We can't even describe it so they take their crowns on his feet. You know something and so what I do thing that's really the ultimate act of worship get to heaven. We are so overwhelmed were like I can't sing loud enough to dictate how much I love you. Here's the crown five and the more you talk about the heaven is the more it sounds to me like just a socialist utopia which is all another Soto boiler all another day or talking Pastor Chad Harvey Croft assembly church here in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This is the shelf forever conversation about heaven. It's okay to be heavenly minded and I don't know the ability Thursday Chad Harvey Croft certainly not going to talk about heaven Get down to the nitty-gritty, ready okay so we had this awesome golden retriever that we got when I was Mandy was, I think we got her when I was ninth-grade maybe a freshman in high school and she died at 12 or 13 and his family golden retriever awesome dog and so will I see Mandy again. No, because Mandy doesn't have a soul one number two. I can't see God condemning a order that you can do it last night.

If you can be consistent. He's going to let that chicken in his gauntlet now in and now my wife has this thing and I think she and Billy Graham both said this heaven is a perfect place in of having that dog there makes a perfect and yes that Devon U defining the terms of the game. The exact look you can't do that God, like hey based on your definition you heaven as I'm to make sure your little kitty cat is there. They have no theological or medical reason for say that and look again to be consistent, will you, my grandmother, who was lost did meet Jesus for him to be perfect. She really needs to be there right well okay will violate the assets I'm sorry your animals, but if if cut Did go to heaven they would be dogs to be toxic to the presence of these weapons that the you know what happens that cats they go to heaven and some real face of the hell okay. I laid out influence people and okay so we were talking about. What were you doing that we are talking about reward. Yeah, I love this thought because we need your talk about crowns and when faced with the reality because I love this. When you look at the prescriptions 13 faith, hope and love the greatest of these is love and love is the only one that actually passes into you you you need faith anymore.

Your faith becomes your eyes. You usually think you need help you help us get there. You love so I think really silver well if we and I believe we get rewards and turn right around and throw them all back to the Jesus that has more worship Absalom's wealth, Mother Teresa going to have a much bigger house than I am in heaven and on like I don't think if Mother Teresa's and I think I care how big your house. Yeah that would be coveted yeah right right or jealousy. And that's not there so I who cares not that it's socialist but but there is a thing where you can flip all the skills because were just talking to care about that stuff Jesus be the center of everything, not to how the rewards are it's it's all about Jesus for all eternity. You still should show so so why be a more serious believer on earth if I'm not getting anything in return is again same same reason here on earth as in heaven because I love Jesus, just Jesus Jesus Jesus. We got to the last night which of the Trinity. It's interesting Jesus is.

Even the center. The center of the Trinity, the father adores the sun the spirit exalts the sun that's what would be doing for all eternity is typical enough. I won't let us leave you talk of the cremation thing from a satellite like so how can a body that's been cremated get to heaven. How can a body does go on the ground and decomposed.

Think about heaven. Yeah, because we do believe in this concept called the bodily resurrection of the dead. God is going to raise up our bodies one day and you know first law of thermodynamics of matter can neither be created nor destroyed. So that body. This decomposed, or that body. It's been cremated. It actually does to boiler level that is out is still out there somewhere, and we still have the ability to take a single strand of DNA cloning and reproduce in entire body. If we as stupid as we are can do that. Don't think I can get one shot Rand up, but listen to this. I did give me a minute because this is from John Dunn what 1500s.

He said up where all the atoms of the flesh have decomposed what all the ashes of the bodies burned the thousand years ago, but all the bodies drowned in the ocean that are now jelly at the bottom of the sea, whether on that was lost in Beard in Europe and that leg was lost in Africa or Asia. What about the fact that a warm or eat our dead body in that warm dies in molders of the dust and that dust is born into a river and that river tumbles into the sea.

Still, God knows what part of the world, every grain, every man's dust allies and as he calls forth the bodies of the saints in the twinkling of an eye.

That body that was scattered all around the world will come together and sit down with right hand of God and the glorious resurrection.CNET powerful amount of the head of his power. So go and ingest that again that's I think my imagination thing to school. Wow it's cool to contemplate. Yeah, and contemplating the racks and arriving right now is worship in and of its absolute because you just amaze it all these different aspects you used that kind of knowledge just blows my mind open you incredible so will we recognize each other yet what age we can to be, will you have here.

Great question. Great question and great question. I we will recognize people because Jesus was recognized maybe notice this, he was recognized in his post resurrected body, but it took people if you just took a second it was Jesus, but there's something different about all we will recognize individuals what age will we be that that's a great question as well because age deals with time.

Time is a human invention and eternity is a timeless play CS Lewis says God operates in the unbounded now yeah in a great here's my theory. I think whatever my biological peak was to be here on planet Earth is what I will be on time and you have yet to know that you help holding your B-17. I got a say like 25 points ago in your biological man so I that's important because parents who've lost babies yet were embryos or fetuses not to be embryos and fetuses floating around heaven there going to be. I think whatever that peak would've been for that child have been submitted to the job as early called thought of Al Mohler and Danny Aiken I mentioned earlier Dan Eakin's presence, Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. Read a great article. Whenever people want to talk about that subject of what happens to babies what happens to young children. What happens to aborted babies, you can make a really I believe a really solid theological case of the go right into the presence of the Lord. And so for us. The noble family we have four kids on earth. We have one in heaven that we lost a miscarriage in if you pin down the a.the abortion Road.

I mean that's is this so call me at one day in heaven. That child that we lost miscarriage one David this is the person can walk you. You say you don't know me but hey dad yeah and will know you guys dimly anymore.

And if you had an abortion that child. If you go to heaven through Christ, that child can walk up to you and say I'm yeah yeah I'm a yeah no condemnation, no guilt. Jean is reading a book what she gave it up as graybeard manner. Yeah, I was wondering some of the stores reportedly said one of the things about it that happens over and over again.

People have these near-death experiences they had experience and decide whether you agree with but is the powerful point that scriptural as they as they knew that they were fully exposed in terms of their whole life, thoughts, deeds they should've done that they didn't do yet fully love you and at something at the club days of wholly known and for lowly lockout yeah yeah and see this is interesting as well and we we could go. We show on two children go to heaven. God talks about these babies are killed by by his people in the Old Testament God Moloch. He calls them my children, my and he calls an innocent, so that tells me that that when they died they go to presence of God by this Jesus and very few find the road that leads to eternal life. Yet John when he's in heaven says I seem multitude up all the more so how can there be multitudes were very few people find your road leads to eternal life. Would you know what one third of all pregnancies end up all things can be tricky exactly. I think what John sees, or the multitudes of all these children will also be in heaven. Only a look at it this way right now worldwide there's 40 about 40 million abortions per year wow wow worldwide, you believe all them to be in heaven.

That's the multitude of monsters and try to member this summer. He asked me one day Steve you think there's any more people in heaven or hell in my well that something a trick question, so I use my lifeline and I texted the after mentioned Danny Aiken and Danny Aiken goes x-ray think is probably more in heaven simply because of infant mortality and abort Apsu. I think he's right about loggia God, do I believe it is pretty amazing. You know, there's this thing attributed to Calvin which I don't think L&I considered the footprints of pillar littered with the your that the floor pillows littered with the footprints of infants.

There is a an extreme version of Calvinism infant Dan and yet I know he's infants to have a simple, but when I don't believe that here's one more quick thing.

Steve Revelation 79 John says I look in heaven and I see every tribe, every tongue in every nation, which tells me cultural differences we have on earth don't stop we get Dragon you use it when as a kid I thought everybody dies and we get to heaven they'll turn white sugar black person you die when you have your weapon of urination. You die you get the cultural differences we have here on earth. They actually continue in heaven because God loves this diversity. He loves the gentle different ciliated yeah is a beautiful thing beautiful thing yet and it carries on in heaven. Yeah, I love that in in every tribe, nation, you would know that existed if we all look the same and by the way, if you're a Caucasian like Pastor Chad and I actually in terms of the worldwide actual church were spot in the buttermilk. Yeah most people in the worldwide church are not Caucasian know you. It has shifted to the global South jelly and Easter used to be that the West was the center of Christianity. You are now the minority man's right at something that is an amazing thing. So to wrap it up, got about a minute and 1/2 left just help us understand how how do we kind of marinate. How should we incorporate thoughts of heaven into our regular walk with the well I'll say this if if what we've just said is true that heaven is real and hills real and Jesus is the only difference you tell me what's the most important thing we can do in life. That's influence others for Jesus even really say that this is true and you know how I get there. To me that's the big question how do I get there. How do I lead others. There is interesting. Jesus is just talk about heaven just about heaven in my father's house are many mansions. That's the context of John's essay or point tolerances. How do we get right. And Jesus says that great verse. I am the way he's talking about heaven, so my thing is what I just said is true what you just said is true. Heaven is real and Jesus is the only way to get this we can do is influence of Jesus Christ thought about the gospel is all about Jesus that I share this with you when I'm one of those Sundays. It's kind of a tricky way and feeling Pastor Greg Laurie does a member all yeah like doing or like a there's only one road will actually all roads lead to God because everybody but only one road that goes right through love to have a yeah great have anything for me and held a man finally got her scheduled.

I think you're being once a month yeah yeah manager having a little Jesus stresses me out all manhood crazy. I think your behavior will do it again real soon will be back tomorrow get a lot talk about Leslie, the public flogging that would another program powered by the Truth Network

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