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$timulus Money!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 16, 2021 1:32 pm

$timulus Money!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 16, 2021 1:32 pm

$timulus Money!

We’re getting stimulus money! Cha-Ching!!! What will you do with yours? Steve also talks with Sloan Rachmuth of Education First Alliance NC about the indoctrination taking place in our schools.


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble here on that up in the background check it out. Let's go. Let's spend some money, people, let's spend some stimulus monies shall be $1400 per individual per dependent so I can the Noble house at 1400 for me. 1400 Regina hundred part Caroline and then 1400 player. I think probably for Amelia so that seven large 7000 Dollars Coming Our Way from Joe Biden in the Democrat $450 billion coming your way okay enough of that trouble I will do it your stimulus money $450 billion that teen hundred per individual and per independent Opera depended. I mean, and if you make up your an individual makes 80 grand or more eunuch beautiful 1400 and if you're a married couple filing as a married couple you make over 160 K nope you're going to get a reduced amount as well, but for the rest of us hundred 59 million households will get stimulus money.

100 million checks. Joe Biden said will be out within the first 10 days starting March over the weekend because when I wean us to be able to got young people that got the money in their bank account direct deposit baby Saturday morning you had $27 in your pink count when you went to bed Friday night after spending $20 on on Amazon prime and then boom the next morning you got for teen hundred you got mail $1400 boom so I get into your business a little better today and just curious what to do with your stimulus money $1400 per individual plus $1400 per dependent.

So if you have two kids and home you and in your spouse and two kids at home. That's $1400 times four. Right. That's a lot of money right 5600 bucks 5600. So what you do with your stimulus money. That's the deal.

That's what that's what I want to know now there is that I do have an ulterior motive here behind asking the question, which I'll get to before the end of the shell working at to talk about this for three segments today and I want to take your call so please give me a call if you want to be anonymous. That's fine.

I can make fun of anybody. I'm just doing this is just a little just a little information gathering and all can wrap it up before we get to the fourth segment. The fourth thing to talk about something we need to continue to talk about which of the state of education in America specifically here in North Carolina with our reference loan rack letters with education first alliance North Carolina and they are fighting the good fight because there's so much garbage going into our schools and North Carolina Lieut. Gov. Mark Robinson today earlier had a press conference at about 2 o'clock that he starting a special pulling a group together.

Given what they call him special investigation, basically into the indoctrination in our schools and if you know anything about black lives matter and in critical race theory and intersection alley. All that's just been dumped into our school system right down the kindergarten level and so we need to keep an eye on that and especially now that Congress is controlled by leftists as well as the executive branch and so were to talk to Sloan in the fourth segment, but I'm curious what you do there stimulus money okay 866-348-7884 is the number you get if you want to call in and be anonymous. I will just ask you what city you live in will leave it at that and I cannot but I'm not to tease anybody you got a call and say I want to spend it on tattoos.

Okay fine, that's what I'm to spend it on a trip to buy some airfare down to All over to Cabo San Lucas. Okay fine you to spend it on a dental bill. Whatever.

I'm just curious how you're going to spend your stimulus money is that a big deal's going to be a blessing to you meet maybe you're in a really bad spot in this is like an answered prayer. I like to hear about that as well. 866-348-7884 is the phone number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH again no shame here on the show today.

I'm not calling you masking a call and so that I can tease you or shame you or do anything. I'm just curious how working to be using the stimulus money that were getting $1400 per individual plus $1400 per dependent, assuming in your household. You don't make more than hundred 60 K. The vast majority of us don't at there's 159 million households are getting stimulus money. 100 million checks present. Biden said will will go out the first 10 days and that's based on adjusted gross income.

By the way, so you didn't. You have your regular W-2 income 1099 income all that stuff that your gross income.

Then you have your adjusted gross income all after all that as many deductions as you can find then you get your adjusted gross income.

So like now the standardized deduction is what my 24 grand or something she make 100 standardized deduction 24.

Now you're down to 76 in and so you're clearly within the range of the stimulus money 1400 bucks per person. What are you gonna do with your stimulus money. Please give me a call and like to see how are all gonna be spending it in the Noble house. It could be should be more than 2800. It might be as much a 7000 $7000.07 large coming from the US government and the Noble house one of you to do it. To suggest some things before done. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and I would love to hear how that's can impact your life might think so much for calling in your own Steve, go right ahead out a bigger one.

Okay so when you heard about this mod really did do you kinda have an idea you were hoping if this goes through this vitamin expended on it and is this a big, does it have a big impact on your life might only tell you got move yet.

That's a big deal. My thanks so much for calling and sharing that today. I really appreciate that what you do with your stimulus money 1400 bucks per person 1400 bucks per dependent that could be several thousand dollars.

Like in my house me to change my wife cheating our youngest teaching our next next oldest up still at home for dependent cheating and then our third child and finish college last year so she was still a dependent when they're basing it on your 2019 and 2020 taxes another to change. That's 515, at 1400 bucks of peace we like seven grant what you gonna do with your 866-34-TRUTH unit 1400 years 1400 maybe if you really been productive in end up popular repopulated were part of the world. Maybe, maybe have six kids six kids at home. If you have six dependents at 1400 bucks a pop.

Okay, that's 8400 bucks right right there. Plus you and your spouse which another 2000 bucks coming 11 grant boat me nuts that makes a big difference for a lot of people. So how are you spending your stimulus money what it what you do in your stimulus money a lot of different answers on Facebook all share some of those and I thought 1400 bucks per person. There's four and $50 billion in stimulus checks going out. That's out of 1.9 trillion by the way, 82 and 80 grant per if you filed an individual adjusted gross income.

That means after deductions. If you're married filing jointly had helpful.

Whatever the case I think it's 160 granites adjusted gross income after deductions.

They say that hundred 59 million households will get the stimulus money hundred million checks.

That's what Joe Biden said will go out in 10 days. Within 10 days. I know we know some people the got money already. By the way, did you get money already.

If you got money already, please call and let us know. I'd like to know that and the like to know what you're spending it on house.

It can affect your life. Are you grateful are you upset is it not enough more than you need, just, and if you want to be anonymous. That's fine. I'm not to beat up anybody you call an 866-348-7884 is the number will be doing with our stimulus money that's coming our way.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. Maybe it's good to make a huge difference for you. Maybe you're unemployed, I would love to hear from you if all the COBIT impact economically has really affected you in a negative way some people make in money, hands over fit over fist based on it, but most people have been affected to some extent. Maybe this is a lifesaver for you. This 1400 for you, your spouse, dependent kids.

Whatever the case may be, and I want to hear from you and avoid gonna talk about this and I'll wrap it up by the end of the third segment of the show today and we can hear from Sloan rack monitors with education first alliance North Carolina because we need to continue to pay attention to what's going on in our schools.

It's only getting worse. And boy it's just so troubling.

Critical race theory intersection analogy black lives matter type stop Marxism socialism the the untruthful telling of American history. It really is a problem is a major problem and we need to think more bottom-up instead of top-down and what's happening in your school system in my school system you have kids in there or not to pure Christian those your neighbors so we shall be engaged in. That's what Dr. Sloan at a note for segment of the show, but in the meantime, what you doing with that big money coming from the government. The stimulus money okay 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Carolyn, thanks for calling in house it is to be a big impact on your life, what you don't. Your stimulus money really that I plan on starting to think that needed at that whit, when did you start your business Carolyn get the paperwork back, but I felt that he can't go downtown and hopefully at well and that's it.

That's exciting and that's a big deal to get a business going and appreciate a call in a chair and I got bless you Carolyn. I hope it goes well for you are welcome. Thank you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. That's a good use right that's economic stimulus to the country. Carolyn trying to start a business to go that that's awesome, I'm all for that. Start a business. I've been a business owner for a long time and I'm right there with you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 40 doing your stimulus money.

Maybe some of you it's a lifesaver might maybe some you like. I don't need it to give away to give it all away and you just have some cause or ministry or your church or something. Maybe there's another family you know it that's hurting in or to give them your money. 1400 2840, 200-5600 7000 whatever it is, be curious to see what you're doing and is it making a big difference for you, let's jump over to Austin is calling from South Carolina. Awesome. Thanks for calling the Red Hat already won a check out my cell phone and probably my credit line to my credit card and then use the rest going to think early to go to college. The ultimate so when you heard that this was passing and that there is some money coming your way.

What what was your reaction to the I would need extra money saving for college by I was obviously worried about Howard getting this money and power to be paying for it. I mean that's that's something I'd not like the other side of the coin right Austin because really he looked his money coming in, and oh yeah how we can a paper this because I was saying this in the studio here where I'm at because Seth is my production assistant in my intern and he's 17 so I was talking before I think for the show's start and I was like a paper this and Seth raised his hand and he goes I am and that's exactly yeah it's pretty sobering reality yeah I am fortunate. Yup yup it's a challenging thing that's for sure.

Awesome. Thanks for calling. Good luck to you.

That's pretty cool. Hope that goes well for you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH how are you using your stimulus money and if someone is out there near to give it all away to a company that we really do some good things of this money that would be awesome. I think that would be encouraging and challenging to the rest of us to hear that so that your story, I'd love to hear from you today on the show, 866-348-7884 is our number is always good herb is gone and from Kerry North got her thanks for calling. Go ahead, go to earth my account for normal water were 88 years old bowl of bacon, a forward sure expenditures for young adult trying to downsize really bowl all losing my wife over your goal and sorry oh of it, but I II really don't need it and pay for news, but it'll never be paid repaid you as a that is a stark reality that is we all need to kind of grapple with that because of the numbers just don't work in pushing 30 trillion in it's going to be two, three, 4 trillion extra by the time this fiscal year is over is just brutal and how they can help you to never get paid for. I don't know that it can at the zoning about stopping Congress likesomething you don't have to comment sure. I think the people on the left are trying to destroy this country of one of the ways they're doing it.

If the bankruptcy now that you have the upper hand and they're doing it so thank you for your program in which you will bless you think you herb sobering reminder and yeah you want to destroy the country just driving into the ground financially and that's exactly what were doing and is gonna pay for it we ever how you repay $30 trillion and they're going to add in. That's we jump to trillion now talking about another 2 trillion wait to see what they do with an infrastructure package.

I mean there's no end to this. It's just it's like a black hole in the just can continue to go because you're buying votes to exactly what you're doing the buying votes in favor with people because you throw it at a summer to spend it right.

That's just the reality of it. I got Caleb real quickly go to you right quick. Thanks for calling were coming up on a break pretty quick hi spending your money every dollar that money into the stock market will make a good return on it, but it was not just 20 years point Caleb. Great point.

Thanks so much for calling and were up against the break.

How you spend your money would you do it in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 I think I've got my new friend on the other line how Yogi is out there to hear from Yogi I would hear from you as well.

866-34-TRUTH will be right back brace right here. Welcome back, talking about $450 billion in checks going out that's going to hit hundred 59 million households will get some money hundred million of those checks. Biden said will go out within 10 days. It's based on your adjusted gross income 1400 bucks per individual. So if you're married and have two kids at home that that's pretty good money right 1400 for you.

1400 for your spouse. 1401, 1400 Prickett to 5600 box. I mean the noble house we could get a windfall, maybe 7000.$7000.07 large as they say what you do it. What should we do it.

Should we even take it that's the question 866-34-TRUTH 87884 judgment free zone here in the show I met you got by a bigger TV.

I'm not in a single word. I'm just curious how your spending what you do it is a life changer. The blessing maybe I met and still I'm still wondering is anybody out there to get the whole thing away.

That would be pretty cool probably don't tell us who you are is and you'll have your reward rights and onto just calling to say yeah are you just calling to don't even have to get on the air. You just tell Keith my producer truth radioed to say hey I'm actually gonna give it all away. Okay is funny we don't need to know your name. I think it would be better for you not to tell us you but maybe that's what you're doing 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH Yogi my brother, thanks for calling and man.

Thanks for listening to the show. How are you want a great show yesterday with the United that are Mark Walker that was the highlight of my day. We talked about being able to evangelize doubt I would just like you know. You know I'm kind of smart out. I would think you like, want to start building a bomb shelter. I'm old enough to remember. I grew up in Detroit.

Now remember, you know my parents.

The contemplating you shelter to back to work with. That's right yeah all yeah yeah there I live on a property up in the country after my divorce in Clarkston, Michigan where there was a bomb shelter on the property is so great, but I use my my money for every day is that Things that are probably spent money on like new pair running shoes. Maybe some car repairs.

Try to think of some things that I've been thinking about buying yet. You know, maybe, maybe like you know about all yeah so it's got a nice little windfall. Out of nowhere, says that, as it were, and I got some you would normally spend it on but you know the worst part is that I mean I don't know I'm dumb things are above my pay grade.

You know like I am hearing that working hundred dollars check off your five grant right on only only empty map work. So that's exactly right when that's what Mark Walker Mark Walker was talking about that yesterday. Just look at it. We they passed a $1.9 trillion cool quote unquote covert relief plan in and only foreign and 50 billion of its actually going out in checks other some social. There some unemployment extension stuff like that.

But the vast majority of it over $1 trillion of it is just a slush fund for the Democrats in Congress in both houses helping other constituents is just pork. It's the same thing that they've always done, and Republicans did it to.

I hold them all morally culpable up there.

There's very few of them that are willing to say no and even right now the Republicans voted for a lot of stimulus after COBIT hit last year and then none of them voted for it with the Democrats. It all depends on whose ox is getting gored.

So it's always political. It's always about powers and about money you're talking about last week about the you know of the Campbell so far out that you got our and I remember I don't know what I think it might've been Brenda Trump talking about. What about the neck thing that comes along that drank the next blue the neck. The neck that never get this power up you know to be working. After by this time next year will have to wear hazmat suit walked outside to look in that way you really, really scary Yogi thanks for calling and thanks for being so encouraging about show.

I appreciate you ain't no problem right now you do.

Talk you later 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to get on this part 866-34-TRUTH 87884 getting the stimulus money spending the stimulus money how you feel about the stimulus money because that that was kind of my ulterior motive here today.

In doing this and I'm not judging anybody. I don't know what exactly I'm not sure how much will end up getting it'll be more than 1400 it will be less than 8400 yet but it's significant money right and so I can tell you this. The vast majority of people myself. Especially complain about government spending, complain about that complained about the responsibility of it all, but one that check calms you to come in and mail it back to DC so on my culpable two in my talking out of both sides of my mouth. Yes, I am.

And so what we do it right. What should we do with that.

It's getting sent you send it back what you maybe a minute matter of conscience. Okay, maybe we should think about doing something along the lines of being generous.

That's a radical thought is it maybe we need to be generous with and for some people this is a game changer. Really. Yes, it can be a game changer help you start your business.

Maybe your ear you lost a job during COBIT your incomes way down. This could be a big deal for you and that's what it's supposed to be his. I wish it were more targeted like who's actually hurting here is if you're able to get by.

Do we need to borrow money from our kids and grandkids in order to make it just a little bit easier, or should it really be targeting people who are really really really struggling like seriously can't pay the bills. Can't pay for the car campaign for the apartment of the house or whatever. So we have to wrestle at this that they were all pretty quick to take it. But do we ever be too quick to take a dip. Are we taking responsibility for it on down the road and that's the problem that we've had for decades in this country and we still do my jump over to Carolyn Cullinan from Charlotte Carolyn. Thanks. Go ahead. Are you really hello yes ma'am go ahead and send it right back there that we owe them already four hours will go back to Leo. Yeah.

So that's helpful for not knowing the reason Carolyn to get some of that weight off your back because it's never fund owe people money, no IRA specialist. That's Carolyn God bless you.

Thanks for Cullinan and Sharon that I really appreciate it.

Let's go to Levi Condon from Raleigh writer my backyard.

Levi, thanks for calling.

Go ahead and good thanks how are you are probably going to spend it on all yeah and I think a lot of people are probably in the same boat. So when you look at it is, is there any reluctance there at all. Levi, are you because I don't know where you're at, politically know that things like that to get on a clean slate and leftover yell probably try and spend it on, which would be a bad idea. Levi thanks much for: I appreciate you sharing that with us today, and that's the thing.

So let me just leave it with this okay because we need to think this is where it's really that is where the rubber hits the road last week when I mentioned I was going to do a show on this. I was like yeah and I'm in a be right at the front of the line as a big hypocrite because I'm I complain about debt all the time don't have a whole lot of it in our lives personally anymore, but we still have some in wheat and wheat can be a responsible financially. So you get a look in the mirror first but then most of us, if you're conservative like I am.

We complain about the government overspending in this blind rush down the black hole of debt, well, well you know what there's people hurt. Yep, you're right, we just keep printing money and borrow it. We printed we just keep pushing it in there and the stimulus things, whether you want to talk about a guaranteed yearly wage a livable wage, whatever that is guaranteed basic income in the government's throne $10,000 that you year or whatever they know that it's going to pump money back in the economy do with the Democrat way you do it the Republican way. But it's pumping money back in the economy and you're good at what work I complain about it as conservatives but they were to take the check in order to spend it and it goes back into the economy and the economy gets a little shot in the arm which looks good for those that are in office and what they want to do. They want to get reelected, which is about power more than it's about money. Nancy Pelosi doesn't need me money. Chuck Schumer does need me money all kinds of people up in Congress, Republicans and Democrats that only me money doing it for money. They're doing it for power.

Talk about power and its manipulation about this part of that hey we need to help people. Yeah, I believe that part of its there, but the overall scheme. The overall metanarrative up there is maintaining power and trying to keep control in and Democrats him to talk is purely political. Right now, know that next year could be a bloodbath for them in terms of the midterm elections they could lose the house in the Senate and in the next two years of buying Harris or Harris buying whatever it is you got nothing.

You're going nowhere to get two years to pull it off. Got 24 months to pull it off from January 20 to 20, 21 to January 20, 2023. So there you go for everything they can and try to buy as many votes as they can sleep for less money, pull out about this I leave you with this.

I think we all need to think very seriously about taking if you can't be significant portion of your stimulus money and let's put it into the kingdom. Let's put it in the people that really need it.

Let's look for an opportunity. Bless other people why we feel the money at the very same time will be right back with long reckless you may be excited about your way. You have children in the public system in the government school system weather here in North morels that $1400 windfall that you're getting per person. Whatever the dealers is nothing compared to the damage that's being done to our kids across this country not not the least of which would be the shut down for a year and will and all the damage that's doing to our kids his nose with this generation's gonna look like as they grow up and having come through this and then what when they're actually in school. What are they being taught, what kind of information is being poured into their minds and 19 being taught how to think they're being taught what to think. So the question has to be asked what are they teaching our children and by the way your homeschooler like me homeschooler like the noble family you know how our kids are in the school system yeah but your neighbors kids are in. So if you're a Christian and in the Bible tells us to love your neighbor as yourself. Then you care should care what's going on in the school system, whether you have kids and there are not whether a taxpayer and whether I am come or not you should care because there's children and their and their being affected negatively, which is affecting the entire country. A good friend Sloan rack meth is with us and she is one of the founders of education first alliance North Carolina on the front lines of this ad first and is the Sloan how are you thanks for calling it hydrant great. You're welcome, as always. So give us an update. I know there's a lot going on in. That's one of the reasons everybody especially here in North Carolina go to Ed first and and get signed up for the updates but the more you post, the more frustrated I get, but I certainly appreciate what you guys are doing. So just kinda take us down.

Whatever road you want to operate guy will and waiting for XL 11 thinking that you had to carry that we all know that Gov. Mark Robin back really obviously making a priority indoctrination had on every form to rate indoctrination pack for quick and clean. When I favorite people carry on the lock and other here.

You are either teachers, or have great experience teaching and he correctly pointed out that matter what their political affiliation.

Is there expert with had not been to do with politics right now my time back got there we are on track at first alliance in a later LL and you can trust and believe that the critical race theory that is going on public top and bottom will will do just that kind of population and it will ensure an absolute dumbing down for a generation to come. Yeah, it's really shocking. I keep re-I keep using the phrase I keep telling people Sloan that were re-segregating the country all the years all the effort all the bloodshed all the blood sweat and tears of trying to desegregate the United States of America.

Critical race theory is building that edifice right back up. It's all about segregating the entire nation to Rowan's intersection malady and there and it's just it's just incredibly harmful and their kids don't understand what they're being taught. But it's in their resident house it showing up like where's that showing up in the school system while I got back about four years ago. We can pay back I error and direction at the top right would like on largely. I will get what they wanted to keep forward now what we were looking at her keeping number one with evening social study standard. They are so I detail and what will be back. Teachers will be compelled to critical race theory will no longer have the latitude to teach her not wanting me to my Department of instruction is doing professional development with teacher that will pretty much well maybe not great but we currently teach them to bring critical race theory and every single class. Music, PE or Mac your teacher can survey for class people of color for three she teach directly. Tara and throw away to be teaching and complete their work re-with chiropractic path. Why, why reconnect with because I've been there a great will become activated yet practical work.

We know today are there word. Why had around at their word. John on the family and children are not able to going on right away. Her doctor and we had to recapture the car education and no I thought we elected a conservative, and I did. And I did scaling very disappointing with capturing through Lake Hill. I had been critical of BK.

We elected some unforgiving way to stop indoctrination I don't feel like any other Dr. like she was all terrible critical race theory celebrated the fact she just crossed back to work in a great March 1, they began offering a a class we had a video score that is teaching every teacher that America is cynically right that public education is cynically right down to saying like mathematics is racist or down to saying the scientific method is racist. I mean, it's so out-of-control it's really remarkable. I sent you this link.

On the other day Sloan, which was in the chakra talking to Sloan rack met with education first alliance in see at first alliance and week PTS wake County PTA like where's the BDA out they were that diversity and equity inclusion conference building a bridge for family engagement. Whenever I see the stuff and like oh no, here we go because that's just codeword that's just part.

No part of this indoctrination and in critical race. There want everyone to understand their coming hot down and I'm not.

Don't want to know what's wrong calling to help children wrong for court care white wall and oppression charge there word rock for current school coming from the board member and our group are teachers and want everyone to know what teachers are shot.

And that's why does like the rest of us need to get engage is why I said at the beginning of the segment Sloan the whether you have kids in the school system or not you should care about all the kids there in the school system would mean for me as a Christian.

That's a no-brainer that's as loving your neighbor as yourself in and that's where we have to come alongside these teachers who need encouragement, which is just us kind of lending them yeah courage but but how do we engage because I put the links up on the Facebook live feed and in for those of you watching on YouTube life. Ed first in how can we help what you're doing. How can we help these teachers. What important part.

Remember, you can empower I term what we we educate the public airwaves. Everyone can grasp and understand and break it down and got away with you.

Now we've got the right education so we that we get your update but we have a very very important call tomorrow night at 7 PM to please you go to our website. We are going to be breaking down what's going on in the Carolina were going to let you know some people of color that they are being heard in the black community. So my really yet everyone suffer when they are not expectation play on everyone to perform color blindness content colorblindness is the worst thing you can do critical race theory, teaching our children that criminal something wrong with you and you will you yeah I mean it's it's remarkably dark and it's evil to its core, and even humming the NCA you get into the teachers union them in the people running that you did a big story on that now with the last couple of months and these are Marxist people that don't care about kids. It's all about power and assistance broken evil ideology that they're trying to enforce and like you said and I'm so glad to hear that that the majority of teachers are good men and women that want to help these children with little other choice do you play ball or you lose your out and they don't make a ton of money as it as it is, so we need to help them.

So that's tomorrow night what times the zoom call Sloan brain record here color awesome head first. headfirst and education first alliance here North Carolina Sloan. Thanks so much for calling him friend. I appreciate I will talk you later. Thanks so much Ed first and I put the links up on the Facebook live feed Ed 1st.or we have to be engaged bottom for one bottom bottom. That's how we fight to succeed noble and show God willing I'll talk you can always say another program powered by the Truth Network

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