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America Without God

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March 11, 2021 10:37 am

America Without God

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 11, 2021 10:37 am

America Without God

Today Steve dives into a powerful article from an unlikely source.  America Without God: "This is what a religious world without religion looks like."


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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical unity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble will generally ever reference the Atlantic or use it as a guide, especially not a theology Thursday, but I'm going to do today.

I will walk you through this entire article just really thought-provoking. It can be very convicting. As we look at the American landscape with respect to not just Christianity, but religion in general, but mostly Christianity and where were going as a nation. The title of the article is America without God by shoddy Hameed's brilliant great writer is about 37 I think is kind of a secular a Muslim as religious faith has declined ideology.

Ideological intensity has risen right. Think about that were to talk about the decline of religious faith in America and an ideological intensity as is the religious faith going down ideological intensity right versus left progressive versus conservative. You know that has risen, will the quest for secular redemption through politics, doom, the American idea just a great thought-provoking article and a lot there for us to wrestle with as as I think a lot of us can wrestle with the balance between our allegiance to our Christianity into Christ into the word into living out the Christian life. But in an American context where most of you are patriots would call yourself a patriot that you love the country I love the country and with the confluence of those two things because often times I think we kinda blend them together and we wrapped Jesus in the flag or vice versa. And I think we have to be really careful with that and as the country changes and becomes more secular. We have to wrestle with the reality of that solicitor great articles on a take you through that today on the show if you want to join us, right here in the studio via video. You can do that on Facebook LIBOR YouTube live disc of the Steve Noble show which exists in both places, and you can be right here with us in these really cool studio that were blessed with, not an expense of one mind you, but it is critical we did the best with what we could before you do that you listen to light.

Kayla ever listen to Caleb. I'm Luis Palau Luis Palau famed international evangelist.

He went to be with the Lord earlier today. He was 86.

He was born in Argentina. He went to work as Billy Graham Spanish interpreter. I didn't even know that about him, but just a huge impact around the world of this was the announcement earlier today he announced to generate 2018 that he had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer than this is what came today it is with the make mixture of sadness and joy right stop right there because if you're Christian. In Christ we don't mourn as those who have no hope right.

That's why we can say that mean it's with a mixture of sadness and joy that we share with you the dad passed away early this morning. He died suddenly very peacefully. Just as he had hoped his family said in a statement Thursday. This is hard news, but Luis is experiencing the beauty of the Lord face to face one awesome thought he was born an affluent family and affluent family in Buenos Aires. Palau rose from obscurity to become one of the best known international Christian evangelists of all time and again I didn't know that that he was a Spanish interpreter for Billy Graham for several years before he started doing its own Crusades, which he called festivals and actually here in the nickname the Billy Graham of Latin America. Pretty cool.

Reaching American audience, however this is from an article presented more of a challenge in 1999. Palau shifted his emphasis on home from traditional Crusades, the longtime staple of evangelists to edgier, more modern feeling Christian outdoor call. He called festivals to dry and nonbelievers. They know they had skateboarders professional skateboarders. They brought it BMX guys is really cool really geared towards younger people. The events had corporate sponsors and featured Christian rock band skate parks in family activities quote revolutionized everything we do. Palau told the Associated Press in 2003 never go back to the old model less God held a gun to my head and and he was committed to that. Just a tremendous evangelist in all those years of preaching the gospel to over 30 million people in 70 countries at its festivals and just praise the Lord.

A life well lived, and he's out here man set family said Associates I'm sure people involve the Luis Palau evangelistic Association or sad, but he is out here is in the presence of the Lord to be absent the bodies to be present with the Lord and he's celebrating in heavens celebrating having him there so it's really cool, really really pretty neat that that that that happened. Okay, so America without God by shoddy Hameed will walk you through this whole thing were to take the whole show. To do this because there's just a lot of great thought-provoking meat on these bones here in this article the United States had long been a holdout among Western democracies uniquely and perhaps even suspiciously about 1937 to 1998. Church membership remained relatively constant hovering at about 70%. Then something happened over the past two decades. That number has dropped to less than 50%, the sharpest recorded decline in American history.

Meanwhile, the nines people that are between atheist agnostics and those claiming no official religious affiliation have grown rapidly and today represent 1/4 of the population. So we've gone from 70% hovering church membership, hovering about 70% down to 25% of the country to say yeah for me, atheist agnostics, or I'm spiritual but I'm not religious.

I'm not a member of any particulars, religion, denomination, what happened, but they wouldn't call themselves atheists. The lives of the knots okay 25%, but if secularists hoped.

This is a great point if secularists hoped that declining religiosity would make for more rational politics, drained of faith, inflaming passions, they are likely disappointed as Christianity's hold in particular has weekend ideological intensity and fragmentation have risen American faith. It turns out, is as fervent as ever. It's just that what was once what was once religious belief has now been channeled into political belief political date debates over what America is supposed to mean it taken on the character of theological disputations. This is what religion without religion looks like. Yet this should ring very true to you if you're paying attention of the culture. This is what religion without religion looks like secularists hoping to get these Christians out of the way could be spun among us out of the way and they were to have a calm and peace versus more peaceful society. But we don't. As the number of people that are cleaning no religious affiliation has risen. The vitriol has risen right along with it and that's what he's talking about here. Maybe America you can't take the religion out of this country. You can take the religion out of the religion but the religious fervor that we have now towards politics. You see this, don't you, on the left.

Certainly, but on the right as well so fascinate shoddy Hameed America without God in the Atlantic, not so long ago I could comfort American audiences with the contrast whereas in the Middle East politics is war by other means, and sometimes a little warped little war politics in America was less existentially brought 90 more shoddy Hameed with the Atlantic. Great article. A lot of me on the phone with walk-through together for the rest will be right back left wing Atlantic. Actually, Neil is my buddies wrote about the article were going through together. Today America without God. I link to it on Facebook website as Christianity's hold his weekend ideological intensity and fragmentation have risen, but American faith is as fervent as ever. It's just that what we once saw's religious belief is now been channeled into political elite, dusty days been on the show many times goes on to write. This is the correct REIT of history, though likely unintentional, given the source is another way of saying that all cultures worship the one true God or idols.

One of the other as America's turns back on God, it is turned towards idolatry and idolatry always leads to sectarian and civil unrest as warring sides debate whose idol is more worthy of the idolatry or whose side is more worthy of worship picture idol. You've got one now for us as Christians appear in Christ. Hopefully you worship the one true living God.

But you struggle with that right so just remember that there's no such thing as an is an APS. Then everybody's worshiping. I was looking this up and I can member's name and several people help me on Facebook like Bob Dylan, right, you may be an ambassador to England or France, you may like to gamble, you may like to dance you.

Maybe the heavyweight champion of the world you may be a socialite with a long string of pearls, but you have to serve somebody.

Yes indeed you're going to have to serve somebody. Well, you could just hear him sing it and maybe the title may be the Lord right but you're gonna have to serve somebody. And that's so true and so as we look at this article America without God were working through it, realizing you can take Christianity out of America, but you can't take religion out of the human heart were in a worship. So what's happening in America as we go more secular okay and I'm reading this through this article sheesh by shoddy Hameed in the Atlantic, which is in unlikely sources. See days of saying this is what religion without religion looks like he's pointing to American politics in the Obama years had its moments of ferment, the tea party in 10 suits, but was still relatively boring right look back in the Obama times that it was way more calm than it is now. We didn't realize how lucky we were. He writes since the end of the Obama era debates over what it means to be an American, have become suffused with a fervor that would be unimaginable in debates over say Belgian nests or the meaning of Sweden, it's rare to hear someone accused of being un-Swedish run British but un-American is a common slur, now slung by both the left and the right against the other would say it's almost exclusively in right to see your un-American left doesn't do that much because I don't think much of America K. He missed that part being called un-American is like being called unchristian or un-Islamic charge akin to heresy. This is because America itself is almost a religion as the Catholic philosopher Michael Novak once put it, particularly for immigrants who come to their new identity with the seal of the converted. This the way used to be. To a large extent still is, by the way, is it the people that wait and eventually come here and love this country is like a religious zeal to it right the American civic religion. He writes has its own founding methods, profits and processions as well as at Scripture, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Federalist papers in his famous I have a dream speech. Martin Luther King Jr. wished that one day quote one day this nation will rise up and live up to the true meaning of its creed. The very idea that a nation might have agreed a word associated primarily with religion illustrates the uniqueness of American identity as well as its predicament. I'm telling you as we go through this.

This should ring very truly, the notion that all deeply felt conviction is sublimated. Religion is not new. Abraham Kuyper, a theologian who served as the Prime Minister of the Netherlands.

At the dawn of the 20th century, when the nation was in the early throes of secularization argued that all strongly held ideologies were effectively faith-based and that no human being could survive long without some ultimate loyalty.

That loyalty didn't derive from traditional religion.

It will find expression through secular commitments such as naturalism, socialism or liberalism. I would add anarchy. You don't think Antiqua has a religious zealot zeal to it. Of course it does. Does BLM have a religious zeal. Of course it does. Because like Bob Dylan said everybody's gonna serve somebody. Everybody's worshiping, so we take Christianity out of religion, but religion is still in America, which is why you see the fervent level that we see the political theorist Samuel Goldman calls this the law of the conservation of religion in any given society there is a relatively constant and finite supply religious conviction.

What berries is how and where it is expressed. So true this is. This is a screaming reality to me.

As we look at the state, the nation and again I'm reading from this article America without God by shoddy Hameed in the Atlantic while please. Excellent no longer explicitly rooted in white Protestant dominance understanding of the American creed have become richer and more diverse but also more fractious as the creed fragments. Each side seeks to exert exclusivist claims of the other conservatives believe that they are faithful to the American idea that liberals are betraying liberals believe was certain with equal certitude that they are faithful to the American idea and that conservatives are betraying at sea. I would disagree with them.

Here the same reason I disagreed with him earlier. I don't think he seeing liberalism and progressivism in the right light in terms of America.

That's why liberals and progressives wants they don't want America to point out they want no America.

They see no value in America whatsoever.

America founded by patriarchal white racist pigs who made all their wealth out the back of black slaves in a been abusing in and forcing submission out of lesser people they been oppressing them ever since it started in 1619. This is the way of Europe.

This is the way the white man. This is the way that leads you to critical race theory and intersection alley white patriarchal society is been doing it to everybody else since the dawn of time and white patriarchal society to these people is exemplified by America so I don't think they're fighting for America think they're fighting for the destruction America setting that aside, without common ground produced by shared external enemy is America had during the Cold War and briefly after the September 11 attacks mutual antipathy gross and each side becomes less intelligible to the other boys that how do you think that how can you believe that what you mean you're for socialism. I can stop right. Too often the most bitter divides of those within families. You experience that yourself.

You and your son. You and your daughter.

You and your spouse and no under the newly ascendant American ideologies having to fill the vacuum where religion once was are so divisive they are meant to be divisive on the left awoke take religious notion such as Original Sin, atonement ritual, next communication and repurpose them for secular in this is, that's what cancel culture is by the way no forgiveness, just damnation.

That's what that it adherence awoke is him. He writes see themselves as challenging the long dominant narratives that emphasize the exceptionalism of the nation's founding, whereas religion sees the promised land as being above in God's kingdom. The utopian left sees it as being a head in the realization of a just society here on earth after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in September droves of mourners gathered outside the Supreme Court, some kneeling, some holding candles as though they were at the western wall is do you remember that when RGB route RPG repeater, Ginsburg died the progressive left.

The left feminism pro-abortion folks were like that was like kneeling and holding candles in basically worshiping Ruth Bader Ginsburg with religious zeal because everybody's religious everybody's worshiping.

The only question is who or what are you worshiping and as you take Christianity out of America. The religious zeal that's a part of our history and also a part of your nature as a human remains so it's really important to something else we don't boarding the Christ reported in the something else in this case, politics and culture must agree to fairly come back normal. So God doesn't mean America without religion.

Okay America without God does not mean America without religion because were religious human beings are religious people made to worship the image of God created worship as I was talking about Bob Dylan song earlier today that you know Juergen Juergen answer to somebody you work for somebody about how the devil or the Lord somebody.

And so as we remove again the country gets further away from Christianity.

It doesn't lose its religious zeal are religious field. It's just put in other categories in the poor purpose of this article America without God as religious faith has declined ideological intensity has risen with the quest for secular redemption through politics doom the American idea by shoddy Hameed in the Atlantic, an unlikely source for theology Thursday, but I just find this article really fascinating, very thought-provoking, which line taken the time to go through today with use were working our way through this and the point being is we remove Christianity and become more more secular America still a deeply religious place people are religious and so we've replaced our religious fervor to the things of God where 4050 60 years ago, 70% of Americans were church attenders and at church members. Now it's well below 50 in the rise of the nuns people that say they're atheist or agnostic or have no religious affiliation is that 25% of the population right now so were going more secular but our religious fervor remains just getting placed more and more into the political realm limits and get back to where I was left off in this architecture really really good. Okay. On the on the right. Now if you're a big time transporting this parts can a buggy okay but stay with me on the right adherence of the Trump centric F no nationalism still drape themselves in some of the trappings of organized religion but the result is a movement that often looks like a tent revival stripped of Christian witness doesn't mean a Trump rally.

Talk about fervor while Donald Trump's boisterous rallies were more focused on blood and soil than on the son of God, Trump, and so played both Savior and martyr in his and is easy to marvel at the hold that a man so imperfect can have on his soldiers. Many of the right find solace in conspiracy call, such as cueing on that teller religious story of earthly corruption redeemed by God -like force saw that didn't you. Let's be honest, some people definitely were at least I can't judge their hearts but you eat your always worshiping. Remember that your always worshiping his mentor, who or what so what with the with the seal on the right for Donald Trump that always made me a little nervous that that's sealed up the zealousness.

The passion, the defense, the coming alongside the exaltation of Donald Trump as a fallen human being always made me uncomfortable and that's what counties get their bill united states wasn't founded as a Christian nation Christianity. Christianity was always intertwined with America self-definition bayonets. True wasn't founded as a Christian nation, the Constitution doesn't mention God of the Bible. Not one time.

Are there biblical concepts in the Constitution. Absolute declaration dependent slightly different story. I did my research project on that for my Masters degree. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much was Christianity intertwined with the founding of this nation and give it a six or seven strong, undeniable, okay, but we were founded as a" Christian nation were heavily influenced by Christianity, but it was founded as a secular nation to allow for religious freedom which is flowing out of Christianity will allow free will for individuals. Christianity was always intertwined with America self-definition. He writes without it.

Americans conservatives and liberals alike no longer have a common culture upon which to fall back. We've lost that common language will, in the common language, this is me now. Wheel of the common language of American founding principles and we certainly don't have the common founding language of Christianity.

Culture gone which is why it's kind like the Tower of Babel and you talk to people on the left you like. I'm thirsty and you talk to some people and your dog. How can you vote for buying pro-abortion in Europe you're a Christian, I know you know the gospel, what's the deal with that. How can you vote for Donald Trump is such a scumbag and hate this people. Does that and it's like were talking to different languages right.

Unfortunately, the various strains of woke is on the left and Trump is on the right cannot truly feel the spiritual void. Amen.

What the journalist Murtaza Hussein calls America's God shaped hole that interesting religion in part is about distancing yourself from the temporal world with all its imperfection at its best. Religion confers relief by withholding final judgments until another time perhaps until eternity, the new secular religions unleashed dissatisfaction, not towards the possibilities of divine grace or justice. But towards one's fellow citizens who become he but embodiments of sin deplorable's are enemies of the state.

That's why we cancel you. That's like religious damnation, but in a cultural political sense, so we cancel you your damned to oblivion and that I'm talking biblical amateurs and went out on me about me using network.

Please visit the danger in transforming mundane political debates in the metaphysical question. Political questions are not metaphysical. They are of this world and this world alone ticket issuance of that Sundays are for dealing with your insurance documents are fighting in the mud with your political opponents. Political philosopher Samuel Kimbrough recently said to the author here this article, but there are also days for solemnity or fasting or worshiper feasting things that remind us that this world is bigger than itself. Absent some new religious awakening, when we left with this is key to this whole thing right. One alternative to American intensity would be a world-weary European resignation in Europe. The terrors of the second world war are not really all that far away. But Americans must go back to the Civil War for violence of comparable scale for most Americans the violence of the Civil War bolsters rather than undermines the national myth of perpetual progress. The war was redemptive right.

Why did we see 600 to 750,000 of our fellow citizens die. What was the primary purpose there. The abolition of slavery is that a worthy cause that a noble cause. Absolutely.

By the way, were the only country on the planet that's done that sacrifice, that much of our own blood to deal with chattel slavery you can say you hate America but you get any credit to America for that were the only country in history the world it's done.

The war was redemptive for better and worse United States really is nearly one-of-a-kind. Again, this is an Islamic gentleman writing in the Atlantic gate article just came out earlier I shared on Facebook Facebook life France may be the only country other than the odd states that believes itself to be based on the unifying ideology that is both unique and universal and avowedly secular, and Francis case the French concept of less seats requires religious conservatives to privilege being friends over there religious commitments. When the two are at odds. It's not how we do it here right, but most French people still hold firm to their countries founding ideology. More than 80% favor banning religious displays in public, according to one recent poll in democracies without a pronounced ideological bent, which is most of them. Nationhood must instead rely on a shared sense of being a distinct people forged over centuries can be hard for outsiders immigrants to embrace the national identity steeped in ethnicity and history when it's never there. Take postwar Germany.


This is considered a mere fact and accident of birth rather than an aspiration and because shame over the Holocaust is considered a national virtue, the country has at once a strong national identity in a week. One there is pride and not being proud.

So what would it mean for safe Muslim immigrants to love German language and culture tied to history that is not theirs and, indeed, a history that many Germans themselves.

Hopefully by see the problem there to grade point in American new moves to Germany is there for years and learns the language remains in American and ex-pat. If America is a civil religion.

It would make sense that it stays with you, unless you renounce it as Jeff Gutman, the former head of the Aspen Institute of Berlin described it to me quote you can eat strudel speak fluent German adapt to local culture, but many will still say, have you had signed in bleach and pass it is a German passport right. What do you do know and starts calling you a German many native born Americans may live abroad for stretches, but if you emigrate permanently.

Immigrants to America tend to become American immigrants, other countries from America tend to stay America right the last time I came back to the United States after being abroad.

This is the author is a Muslim right Atlantic. The customs officer at Dulles Airport. Virginia glanced at my passport looked at me and said welcome home for my customs officer went without saying that the United States was my home fascinating article embedded in his remark, there was a longing for being part of something the force of the statement came from the juxtaposition of two apparent extremes.

This talk about another guy who went to Britain and he was like I give my life to be able to belong to some country studies document scanning, Zafar was a virus prepared to sacrifice on one hand and on the other what he would have sacrificed for at the casual remark of an immigration official welcome home, when Americans express disgust with her country.

They tended to frame it as fulfillment of a patriotic duty rather than its negation is James Baldwin the rare American who did leave for good put it.

I love America more than any other country in the world and exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually. Americans are just like America seem to dislike leaving and even more when it's all the liberals he writes not leaving the country every time a Republican wins the presidency. Despite their promises to do so. And Americans who do leave still find a way like Baldwin to love it. This is the good news of America's creedal nature and may provide at least some hope for the future but is love enough. Again, this is from an article called America without God.

Conflicting narratives are more likely to coexist uneasily than to resolve themselves. The threat of disintegration will always lurk nearby our talking about the rubber hits the road here with the future of the country right January 6. The threat became all too real and insurrectionary violence came to the capital. What once was in the realm of dreams politics now had physical force. What community possibly means after that, where do we go in a country that is deeply religious, but it's cast aside largely and increasingly Christianity because the people remain religious and that religious fervor is placed in the political realm in the cultural realm of life gotten so difficult. Your little Johnny Cash, their managers, a man going around the crates and the erase that one day Scott and Steve noble to sleep noble shows greatly with nearly working my way were to finish up, down, the less likely to show through this article Erica without God.

A link to it on the Facebook you'll find it and written by shoddy Hameed excellent writer.

This is in the Atlantic, of all places America without God is religious faith has declined ideological intensity has risen with the quest for secular redemption through politics doom the American idea and he's in his appointment as large point is listed people or religious. So as we remove Christianity from America. America still remains religion religious. That's what he says is in the second paragraph. This is what religion without religion looks like. What is it turn into what is that zeal go what goes in the cultural things goes into movements and goes into BLM goes into progressivism goes in the Marxism or socialism goes in the Democrat party persona goes into the Republican Party is still religious you're still worshiping still of that zeal going somewhere so you take Christianity hours ago. His point is goes in the politics of what second to do the country America without God America without religion is people are religious by their nature, but America without God. Almost at the end here. Can religiosity be effectively channeled in the political belief without the structures of actual religion to temper and postpone judgment. There's little sign so far that can if matters of good and evil are not to be resolved by an omniscient God in the future, then Americans will judge or judge and render punishment.

Now that's what the cancel cultures all about where God now you're a sinner and now organ cancel Juergen to be.

This is your death appointed for one minute minute diapason judgment. We judge you and then you die D platform that's what's happening here.

We are a nation of believers of only Americans could begin believing in politics. Less fervently, realizing instead that life is elsewhere. He's pointing to the supernatural right, but this would come at a cost because to believe in politics also means believing we can and probably should be better known as one of the biggest challenges about Christianity for any culture is instead of giving you a microscope or periscope or a magnifying glass by which to study everybody else in their faults and their sin. God drags out a big fat mirror and sticks it in front of you. You look at the man of the woman in the mirror, you don't deal with your brothers spec until you deal with your own plank right and that's the challenge.

Why so many people reject Christianity because instead of giving you license to judge everybody else. You're the one that's being judged.

We don't like that right in history has begun.

The author Bruno McKay is Portugal's former Europe minister marvels that quote perhaps alone among all contemporary civilizations. America regards reality as an enemy to be defeated unquote.

This can obviously be a bad thing. Consider our ineffectual fight against the coronavirus, but can also be an engine of rejuvenation and creativity may not always be a good idea to accept the world as it is fantasy like belief in something that humans desire and need a distinctive American innovation is to insist on believing even as our fantasies and dreams drift further out of reach.

We continue to have hope for the nation the future the country right. I mentioned that her last thing I love really appreciate about Rush Limbaugh. I didn't have his enthusiasm.

I didn't have his hope is that seemingly undying hope for the future of this country and I don't share that with because he knew that most people are decent. Then we see what we see in the media on social media. That stuff gets blown out of proportion. But most Americans still just go to want to work hard to provide for their families pretty much be left alone and pretty much live conservative lives but that's not what the elite wants. That's not what they want you to believe that's to empowering got a crush hope back to this article last paragraph.

This may mean that the United States will remain unique, torn between this world and the alternative worlds that secular and religious Americans alike to long for America is a creed.

But as long as enough citizens say they believe the civic faith can survive, like all other faiths, Americans will continue to fragment and divide still the American creed remains worth believing in and that may be enough if it isn't the only hope might be to get down on our knees and pray really a fascinating article America without God.

So that's why you see religious fervor in the secular realm over skin color over gender identity over sexual orientation over progressive politics conservative politics again were a deeply religious people and even though you take God in the Bible in Scripture and Christianity out of the out of the country and increasing amounts.

You don't remove religion. Religion remains in so that fervor just gets transferred other things and then it gets increasingly more divided because we've lost a common language, irreverent reference that earlier, like the Tower of Babel God purposely disrupts everything by introducing always different languages. We've done that to ourselves. And here in America we don't have a common language that's partially what does shoddy Hameed is talking about this article America without God we have a common language anymore. Christianity used to be kind of a common language. Most important, take limits, yet that's good Bible could some some good stuff in there only Christian nation sure we argued about that than me were theocracy which is means that were nation heavily influenced by Christian worldview, Judeo-Christian world, yet that was a common language.

Our founding fathers.

Our founding documents Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, liberty, freedom, self-determination, limited government, decent education, empowering people to that be the best person they can't. You want equal opportunities not equal equality of outcome for equal opportunities.

You want everybody to have an opportunity to succeed. Why, because everybody's made in the image of God has inestimable worth, that's the American creed we hold these truths to be self-evident, right, that all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, the chief among them are life, liberty, and The Pursuit of Happyness. Most people can get on board with that. But then as we cast Christianity and truth. Aside then that you no longer look at that document like Martin Luther King Jr. did reference the Declaration of Independence all the time saying hey, this is our creed. Let's just live up to what we say or creed as if we live up to her creed.

The sky go well.

We will judge each other by the color, there's our skin will jump judge each other by the content of our character. The critical race theory does the exact opposite.

It judge you by the color of your skin and your character no longer matters. So if you're white. Especially if your white male your guilty your races. Your part of the problem. You don't even know me. That doesn't matter. I know what your skin color is. I can see her clearly a male, which is kind of offensive anymore and there you go, judge, jury, executioner, Martin Luther King would be horrified by critical race theory because all it sees is color but solid sees, so were re-segregating the country, you realize that don't you were re-segregating the country were creating a bunch of silos in America was never about haters you're an American, which means your this specific kind of person know America was always a patchwork quilt which is beautiful in its diversity is its beauty for all Americans.

We live under this ideal.

The creed of America but yet you live, how you want self-determination, liberty, freedom you want to really emphasize your time here. Go ahead, you really want to talk about your Hispanic heritage or Mexican that's fine European heritage. That's fine, knock yourself out. You have Seder dinners every week. Glad that's fine. You don't have anything to do with religion, that's fine too. Welcome to America.

Look out for your neighbor contribute care about the country and otherwise, to which one that that's who we were.

That's gone for a lot of people. Rush Limbaugh would say it isn't you believe that most people still believe that. I hope he's right. I don't know that. So we lost that language creedal America what it means to be American in our segregating thing about that critical race theory, which is all throughout our schools now talk about this more tomorrow and intersex analogy does nothing but divide. Satan loves the author of it division don't matter what your character is the matter how hard you work. It doesn't matter what you care about doing a matters. Your pigmentation white, black, Hispanic, Asian, and then intersex analogy well sexual preference, gender male female. Now we segregating them where we are re-segregating.

These progressives are re-segregating the country allegedly the party of inclusion and tolerance and for black America is actually segregating the entire country is that healthy you notice moments hatred and division. If moments hatred and division covetousness, bitterness and unforgiveness and all of those are decidedly anti-American their anti-Christian, that's why I said every once in a while I'll float this out there and I know for some people just dries him not letting you that's a gala goal but intersection I may not intersection on critical race theory you know what it wants whites, the new black. We need somebody organ will press somebody else now. So do we oppress we oppress white European males specially we oppress you where and at what so just reverse the whole thing because that's where critical race theory goes, the only thing that matters is your skin color white fragility, white guilt, I mean this is incredibly destructive and on the other side of that coin really foments unforgiveness reparations unforgiveness all white people are guilty because of colors can unforgiveness do we forgive anybody for anything anymore while you take Christianity of America American really remains religious and like shoddy Hameed was saying in this America without God, then there judge, jury and executioner. Don't worry about a future judgment. You do it now kill you now. Theoretically, for the most part cancel you. You've been shut. Now you must be Dan cancel this make sense. I hope this makes sense. It's really really obvious anyway. America without God. That is what religion without religion looks like really powerful we got tomorrow here on the seasonable show, God willing, I'll be with you again like my dad always used to say all the time when you're having trouble look at ever form. He was right. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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