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Hold The Line!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 4, 2021 9:25 am

Hold The Line!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 4, 2021 9:25 am

Hold The Line!

Today Chris Connell guest hosts for Steve who is out of town.  Chris talks about the state of American Christianity and how we need to hold the line.  And as our faith is constantly put to the test and the world opposes us on every issue this is a hill we need to die on.  


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble hello all you noble show list, felt Anaheim's doctor's brain of a local pastor here in the Raleigh area and I just filled in for Steve today believe he is out of town and today were going to talk about my nose is normally theology Thursdays.

This is the Audi theology to talk about a hill to Diane and I were to start the story and as much a live listen to me because were living in a time in a culture when we are faced with a culture and with national and local leadership that are clearly moving away from Judeo-Christian ethics now to know if your Civil War buff or not, but one of my favorite books on the Civil War was Michael sure's novel the killer Angels. It was turned into a movie adaptation called Gettysburg and one of the icons of the movie is Civil War legend Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and I actually worked in preservation can be a Pennsylvanian actually took care of 400 actual Civil War flags and be happy to come and look at them and they were some of them were pristine Summit bullet holes in him.

Some had the stabs had been shot through and they dwindled sticks are branches to replace them. Some of them. They knew that multiple flag bearers had died carrying them really sacred stuff when you look at these silk flags and courses on Pennsylvania's result mostly pets Pennsylvania regiments and I know that I Civil War fan stick with me here is a pointer to make. But again, Chris confident for Steve Noble hello Dayan, good thing because later the third segment, 866-34-TRUTH 7884 asking people about hey what is a hill worth dying when it comes to Christianity and what's happening in our culture. So Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain is he is known for his his accident in the battle of Gettysburg.

He was from Maine, Annie, the eldest of five children, and he was a professor. Actually language and rhetoric when he signed up and offered himself to the governor of Maine to serve as leisure there in the Civil War and he was appointed Lieut. Carpenter, partly colonel of the newly raised 20th Maine Regiment, and he served well.

In fact, he ended up becoming. I believe like a four termer five terminus four term governor of Maine eventually but one of his most famous moments happen on July 2, 1863, and Seth, we have time to put that clip still you want to listen. This clip is from the mood of the movie Gettysburg and is Col. Chamberlain giving a speech to some men whose ass in a come fight with him with his regiment going into Gettysburg. Go ahead doing to fight alongside us is a few things I want you to know regiment was on last summer in Maine.

There are thousands of us that there are less than 300 of us know all of us volunteered to fight for the thumb came mainly because we were born at home office looked like it might be fun.

Thumb came because we were ashamed not many of us came right thing to do all of us is a different kind. You look back through history see men fighting women. Some of the kind of hyper land power.

The king leads them more like killing.

We are here for something new. This is not happen much in the history of the world. We are an army out set other men free America free ground. All of not divided by a line between slaves all the way here specifically. No man has to file no man on the royalty here we judge what you do not hear you can please place always more. The idea we all have what were fighting for gentlemen. I think if we lose this fight to join us personally very grateful Dayan that was from the movie Gettysburg based on Microstar's book the killer Angels.

We hear that statement a lot in our culture.

I use it that's on a hill worth dying on folks as far as a Christ, there are some hills with Diane on, you know, why did Michael Chandler pardon me Joshua Chandler become so well-known when he was placed in the Union line. He was told to Mrs. fictional, but there is verifiable truth about his stance is committing officer said this to him in reading the killer Angels again is a novel but I love the statement Vincent said to him, his overseer, you are the extreme left of the Union line. Do you understand that yes Chamberlain said the line runs from here all the way back to Gettysburg, but it stops here. You know what that means, of course, you cannot withdraw under any conditions. If you go the line is flanked.

If you go the go right up the hilltop and take us in the rear, you must defend this place to the last folks we have to hold the line because the gospel is a hill to die for, will be right back with the Steve Noble show Steve Noble has something nice is Steve and so where did Steve find his music said it's just cool your home obsessed with we the kingdom. Oh my word, Larry Norman sing a song years ago, why does a devil have all the good music well we the kingdom. It just reminded me recently that the devil is not have all the good music.

Listen folks, if you're on Facebook or your on the line. I love you to call in and the third segment. 866-34-TRUTH 784 one of the issues that you believe as followers of Christ weather were leaders in the pulpit are leaders in the peak user leaders on the streets in business marketplace. One of the issues that are worth dying for. Standing holding a line I hill worth I hill the die. I cannot talk straight today until the time I just finished the first segment with a movie clip from the movie Gettysburg based on Microstar's book killer Angels and at the end of the second day Gettysburg the troops underneath Chamberlain, who is on the extreme left of the federal line at Little round top at been there.

Sometimes I grew up really close to Gettysburg were there just in time to face Confederate Gen. John B would attack on the new flank exhausted after repulsing repeated attacks. The 20th Maine out of ammunition executed a bayonet charge dislodging their attackers in securing general means in battle left why they do that because they were told that they were the extreme left of the Union line and they could not withdraw under any conditions. Folks, let's get real. Our culture is moving very rapidly to a place where open persecution upon the church is probably going to happen outside of a sovereign move of God.

What's a hill. The Dayan were the issues that were fighting for. Chamberlain said that in the movie Gettysburg. I know that was a novel based upon me. The killer Angels was a Civil War novel, so we don't have the exact words but in the movie he says were an army to set men free. Good description of the church.

I hear people all the time. Extremely frustrated by tapping a culture and I'm right with them. Sometimes though, I wonder if her fighting on the wrong hills is a toy that would eventually become Mr. potato head. It was originally conceived in the early 1940s by Brooklyn born inventor Greg Lerner. Again, this is Chris call for Steve Noble today. Talk about a hill. The Dayan the church hold the line, according what the word of God says in drug runner who initially only been a market the pushpin style face pieces and body parts they would literally get actual vegetables.

They did not have the body of the potato head. He first so the idea to a serial company which plan to use the pieces as prizes before the house and fellow brothers learned of learners idea and purchased it back.

Per the National Toy Hall of Fame. Assuming the production and debuted in 1952 under its official new name. Mr. potato head news article here recently from the Fox news flash, Hasbro is now Mr. potato head said it's Mr. potato head brand which includes all kinds of toy tubers. They say is being changed simply to potato head in order to better reflect the full line the brand stresses. However, neither of the individual Mr. or Mrs. potato head toys will be renamed okay so let's remember that just Mr. Bishop that had still bear the name but the overall line is just potato set up Mr. potato." While were renaming the Mr. potato head brand to potato head to better reflect the full line the iconic Mr. and Mrs. potato head characters aren't going anywhere.

They said it will remain Mr. Mrs. potato head brand wrote in a statement. Share with Fox news from Hasbro while renaming the potato head. Mr. Pitt had brand to potato head to better reflect the full line] remain the same. Kimberly Boyd, the senior vice president of global brands and general manager. Hasbro told FastCompany. It's a magazine that the rebranding reflects a more modern era culture has evolved, and boy has it Emily Boyd.

She told the outlet kids want to be able to represent their own experiences the way the brand currently exist with the Mr. and Mrs. is limiting when it comes to both gender identity and family structure. Boyd added that Hasbro hopes the rebranding will allow for kids to make little potato families. However, they see fit. To that end up at their head toy line is also debuting a new product the create your potato head family that includes enough potatoes and accessories for kids to create all types of families so Mr. potato head Mrs. potato head still there but the whole brand is now called potato right last week, the House Democrats introduced the equality act, which would make gender identity and sexual orientation protected classes in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 may take a sip of what my about a controversial call the nectar of the gods, which was coffee I know is one God felt silly forcing compliance in areas of public accommodation and education. To be clear, this is from

You should only care about the equality act. If you are a Christian or a person of faith or a woman or own a business, nonprofit or go to school or teach at a school or have kids in school or are a medical and mental health professional folks speaking a mental professor.

Do you know are mental health professional medical professional.

Did I have friends that are medical professionals really do surgeons that review them. You know I don't have the exact number. Maybe septa look this up for me. There are multiple states now that have written into law, physician-assisted suicide, you know, there are groups like CMD, a Christian medical dental Association that are fighting this because there are medical professionals that could potentially lose her medical licenses or getting significant trouble if they refused to assist someone in committing suicide.

Based on their request to have the life ended because of her suffering.

Not here to make light of the situations, but folks, we are in a season in which Judeo-Christian ethics are out the door and are begin to hold the line.

This is a hill to Dayan and that inequality act has no religious exemptions and that means if your church organization that goes along doesn't want to accept somebody who doesn't do what you believe alternate lifestyle. Whatever might be. As a member you could be in. Folks, it's going to be okay.

It's a little Dayan. This is a battle we know is when the war as well for the gutter septa room has a painting of William Tyndale being burned the stake for his printing of the Bible and why messing because that's the reality is that that's where culture was you could never today build a new courtroom and put a painting of Moses and the 10 Commandments are behind upsetting.

I'm not sure that that's a hill to Dayan but we do have to take a stand at the stand, whether it's popular with word of God says if we don't attorneys at stake right. This put aside the future of our nation to stake back on. Welcome back. Sorry is waiting for the music and music.

This is Chris confident for Steve Noble were talking today about a hero to Dayan and I talked to you about Joshua Chamberlain and about how he took a historic and courageous stand at the battle of Gettysburg with the union troops in the 20th Maine Regiment doing that for memory write regiment number. It is sorry not a huge support geek and they had all the line because of the in the line for the union troops and if they fell the whole alignment with them folks. I was still in the Facebook post listening over the break that many of us remember a country that we were raised in in which the way our government made decisions laws and rights were often if not primarily in line with the Bible.

I don't mean that America was a Christian, Shangri-La don't mean that. But I was telling I was telling the Facebook crowd. The reality is our culture has changed. I worked for several years in the state capital in Pennsylvania grew up in an area and because of the work I did there. I was often the real is going on digital economy new value creation, artificial intelligence and robotics block chain that's like involved with digital currency drones digital identity. Internet governance the ocean banking and capital markets aviation travel and tourism future of health and healthcare international trade and investment, global governance over 19 financial and monetary systems, public finance and social protection cities and urbanization, climate change, geo-economics future of economic progress to go to the other side international security geopolitics future of food, air pollution, environment, natural resource security 3D printing plastics in the environment, batteries, corporate governance circular economy, whatever that is for us justice and law, human rights, gender parity course that was going to be in their LGBT Q inclusion taxation future of media, entertainment and culture digital economic economy and the new value creation, artificial intelligence, robotics are okay so they're talking about this, Davo's manifesto, which is what the great resets all about. And again I am at.

I opened up all the floodgates Arabs pouring all of this information out on top of you so you know how holistic and worldwide. This is in some of the most powerful corporations and people on the planet are involved is not about voting is not about power and the people this power to corporations corporatism case of this is from their own document why we need the devil's manifesto for a better kind of capitalism. Capitalism do we want that may be the defining question of our era, we want to sustain our economic system for future generations. We must answer closely so they talk about shareholder capitalism embraced by will most Western corporations were told that a corporation's primary goal should be to maximize the profit the second model is state capitalism, which in trust the government was setting the direction of the economy and is risen to prominence in many emerging markets, not the least of which is China, but compared to these two options.

They write the third at the most recommended stakeholder capitalism model. I first call Schwab the model I first proposed half-century go positions private corporations as trustees of society and is clearly the best response today social environment of challenges well then goes on to talk about the Greta Thunberg effect your little girl from Germany or images from big climate person writes like 16, she went out just goes ballistic on everybody at all these meetings of the elite one likely reason that we need to get here is the Greta Thunberg effect. He calls it young Swedish climate activists has reminded us that adherence to the current economic system represents a betrayal of future generations owing to its environmental and sustainability so she's yelling at the rest of us that were killing the planet that she and the rest of the kids lips that I think we stand another related REIT so I want to encourage you wheel case it's the voice popping there for a second. I encourage you call if you like, listen in acts chapter 1 there is a passage and it's after the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Right and in acts one Luke rights and in verse four and while staying with them to give Jesus. He ordered them not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait for the promise of the father, which he said you heard from me for John baptized with water, you be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now in a verse six so when they can't come together, they asked him, Lord, will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel and he said to them is not for you to know times or seasons that the father is fixed by his own authority. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth why what I quit that passion talk on a hill to Dayan, the followers of Christ, the time were under persecution just for being Israelites because they were ruled by Rome and Rome was a cruel ruler. They weren't asking Jesus a spiritual superscript questionnaire asking him a political question.

Lord, you died risen from the dead will you at this time restore the kingdom to Israel. When you get Rome off of our backs will you step into these government affairs folks Jesus pardon me well Jesus yes. But God. God may not rescue us from this current situation were in a culture because his priority in his kingdom is not of this world do I pray for a change in America. Of course I do.

Do I try to vote a billable biblical principles. You know I do pot Jesus told his followers that's not the priority. The priority is not restoring political and military power to Israel. It's for you to be witnesses. I don't know what's gonna happen in our culture folks. I don't know for going to get laws and rules that will help us hurt us, but here's what I want to say we have a calling for followers of Christ to stand unashamedly for the gospel. The gospel is a hill to Dayan because the gospel is the kill that Christ died on for us. The gospel is what changes hypes MI against political activism, absolutely not. We've got the Lieut. Gov. mistake coming to our church in mid-March adjusted have a prayer time with this. I absolutely not. I am for that all like as much as possible, but we may or may not see our country change its viewpoints on what is right and wrong because they're not basing it on the word of God, and there are issues. I don't think Mr. potato head is a hill to Dayan.

Do I think is ridiculous or changed obtained head yes. I do. I've even remember having a conversation with a public school principal years ago, unnamed location, unnamed city, unnamed state and I sat down with them and I said I want to know if there are going to be any little girls are to be allowed to use little boys room a little boys early lodges little girls room and she said no traceable good because if that happens is when you know I want to know and implement school.

I'm not saying we can't stand to protect her children, but folks, the gospel is a hill to Dayan. God may not save America, but he wants to say so. We stand for the truth souls on the line will I love Steve Nobles music that was that man Maroon 5 or Northumbria. But what is that that's call Coldplay's yes what is wrong Steve Noble playing the devil's music on his Christian talks sat where you let them do this 11. This is Chris, Philip or Steve Noble today a hill to Dayan's were talking about because we live in a culture is moved away from the values of the word of God and were scared and I don't think we should be because whether or not Jesus restores the kingdom to America as the disciples asked Jesus at his ascension. We used for the kingdom to Israel.

The gospel is still were about an folks, no matter what the truth nor what people say about the truth. The truth doesn't change when my favorite stories is about Nicholas Copernicus or in is is that was his Latin eyes is meek or large Cooper. Nikki was Polish right and in his lifetime. Most believe the earth held its place at the center of the universe the sun the stars and all the planets revolved around it right but one of the glaring mathematical problems with this model to the planet. On occasion would travel backward across the sky over several nights of observation. Astronomers call this retrograde motion to account for it.

The current model based on the Greek astronomer and repetition telling these views incorporate a number of circles within circles episode goes inside of a planets path right right so I may send this in 1514, Copernicus distributed a handwritten book to his friends. This set out his view of the universe in it. He proposed the center of the universe was not earth but that the sun lay near it. He also suggested that the Earth's rotation accounted for the rise in setting of the sun will.right. The move when the stars and the cycle seasons by year's rotation. Finally he correctly propose that the Earth's motion through space because the retrograde motion of the planets across the night sky planet sometimes move the same direction as stars slake our sky from right tonight, but sometimes a move in the opposite retrograde direction. Why, because of the Earth's rotation. Copernicus finished his manuscript of his book that revolution though. Why don't know Latin day revolution in the boss. I'm sorry my kids know Latin and I'm so but a listing Orpheum quiz SDM got that right on the revelations revolution of the heavenly spheres, and he established the planets orbit the sun rather than the earth. In 1453 1543, just two months before he died he diplomatic dedicated the book to the Pope but the church eventually banned the book because it was antithetical to what people believe the time.

In fact, some thought Copernicus was crazy, but you know what folks wasn't. He was right. Yes, the gospel is a hill to Dayan and yes, our culture is moving further and further away from the gospel. But does that change the truth of the gospel.

No, it didn't matter what people believed in the time of Copernicus and earlier throughout all of human history up to that point. It didn't matter that they believed that the earth was a sound universe, and it was fixed.

Why the church persecuted him other Bibles of the earth is fixed right. I know get on the flat earth as man right now but you know it's fixed while they were incorrectly interpreting Scripture after the metaphor for its set in place its permit secure but the church persecuted because he said the earth was not the center of the solar system. And everybody said that's not true but you know what it was. Folks, people in our culture can say whatever they want to say about gender, or quality or Dr. Seuss books are Mr. potato head just being potato head. They can say what they want to say about the sanctity of marriage. One man one woman about the sensitive life, which I believe life is from the womb to the tomb right it's all precious.

The whole way there doesn't change the truth. The truth is the truth doesn't change, and if it did change, it wouldn't be the truth. Its absolute and the gospel is absolute God so loved the world that he gave should we give up on our culture know should we be silent and stand for what we believe is true and right no, but folks cultural issues sometimes are not hills worth dying on the gospel.

Is this the hill the Christ icons died on for us and we do have to take a stand.

No matter how unpopular it is and I will encourage my brothers and sisters out there, especially those that are in the pulpit stick to what the Bible says and teach it and be unashamed because you and I who teach are accountable before the Lord for that. And just like I started the show, talking about Joshua Chamberlain and army that was at the freemen in the Civil War and now his unit. The 20th Maine Regiment was at the end of the line on day two of the Gettysburg battle and how they had a hold the line, no matter what.

In fact, had a charge of bayonets around the animal because if that line when the whole union Army line failed folks we must hold the line to what the word of God says we don't have to be mean about it are cool about it. People are not the enemy but we must hold to the truth and despite the unpopularity of it despite the fact our culture doesn't agree we must still speak the truth in love. Let's be unashamed of the gospel this week unashamed of what the Bible says about the sanctity of life in the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of gender. Let's be unashamed of that, joyfully, so because Jesus came to set people free, and he still is saving people today by his spirit by God's spirit and we still have a job to do. So let's stop crying about things like the equality act in my praying against that, yes, am I speaking my voice gets yes let's stop crying about who was in the White House or who's not in the White House. Let's stop crying about what schools are allowing in the classrooms. Yes, I agree. I don't like it, let's stop crying and let's look up and let stand on the hill the gospel and that's hold the line and let people know the light of the world is Jesus and he is still saving people and there is still hope. And let's be unashamed because eternity is in the mix, and if we as a church. Don't hold to the truth of God's word will if we as a church. Don't proclaim the grace the overwhelming and so hard to understand grace of God for people and how he wants to forgive sin call people to repentance and give them a new life. If we don't communicate that will we have to hold the line. This is a hill to Dayan and if that means that we have to take a stance.

I know people in our church of lost jobs because of being in situations where they were asked to do things are antithetical to the word of God. I know physicians that have been persecuted because it wouldn't perform abortions or assist someone in a suicide.

I know individual businesses that are been persecuted. As you probably due to because of their stance. I don't know if God's gonna change that. I don't know if you can restore the kingly Israel is the people asked Jesus at his ascension meeting restore political political and and military might. I don't know if God's gonna put righteous men and women in leadership in see the laws of our land. Come back to. Or at least move towards being aligned with God.

But I do know this. We must hold the line and no eternity is where I need to be fixed and you know what maybe maybe one of the things the Lord is going to do at least for me in the season. Show me that he's enough that even if my government and my schools of my laws are in alignment with what I believe the word of God says to be true even if that that God is still on the throne and I can rely on him.

He's all I need is all you need to listen whether your stay at home mom or a present of a company or your electrician or a banker or an IT person or your preacher a pastor. What ever your life is. There are people around there are people around that need to see the light of the gospel. Jesus compared his followers right to a city on a hill right can't be this is the hill were called to die wherever we are, our neighbors, our friends or coworkers.

Let's live like Jesus. Let's share Jesus. Let's love them like Jesus would. And let's be unashamed of the truth of the word of God, the next generation, the future right is depending on and souls are in the balance. Be of good cheer, be courageous people be strong. God is with you. You can stand on that hill you can share the light of Christ in life will be safe

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