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Rush Limbaugh and YOU?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 24, 2021 3:23 pm

Rush Limbaugh and YOU?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 24, 2021 3:23 pm

Rush Limbaugh and YOU?

After the passing of Rush Limbaugh Steve opens the phones to ask how Rush’s life has impacted you?


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble when we can meet his Lord and Savior face-to-face honey know that Steve well. He talked about it a couple times in the last few months before he passed that he came into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in personal relays and and near.

We talked about this before I talk about this often that countercultural Christians don't use that terminology shows God in heaven and in the Bible and Jesus is just alright with me like the old Doobie Brothers song, but Say you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ means somebody properly explain the gospel to you and you came into that relationship with Jesus Christ by placing all your faith in him. By confessing your sin repenting of that sin and placing 100% of your faith in the print finish work of Jesus Christ on the cross. You take all the eggs out of your basket and put them all in Jesus's basket and you got nothing.

You bring nothing to the table. Jesus does it all for you and that's what it means to be born again and into be born spiritually rather than just the first time, born physically and that's what happened to Rush Limbaugh what point I don't know or can have a Joel Jones Joel, why did I just forget that I hate getting old Joel Rosenberg goodness gracious actually work for Rush Limbaugh one point run a touching article, I shared on Facebook recently about Russia's faith journey and so I wanted to do that today is one open up the phones to you in three my friends on Facebook live, how to Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh impact your life and I may be out maybe love to maybe hate a mediator.

The McPherson unit up loving and I want my friends on Facebook. Like Lisa said if it wasn't for Rush Limbaugh. I would be a conservative think you rush and I was listening to the Limbaugh show earlier today with one of the guest house and a guy called and near the end he said listen when I first discovered Rush Limbaugh I was an atheist and a Marxist and now I'm a Christian and following the Lord, and I am a free-market capitalist constitutionalist will that's a big change. I started listening to Rush Limbaugh myself. Probably back around 1993, 94 somewhere around there. I didn't know I was being trained for radio at the time, but eventually God made that pretty obvious. For me, but I keep my question for you is what impacted Rush Limbaugh have on you and it's almost impossible to get through to his show rake that so massive up you get through here and I just am just curious to see that's missing from my my Christian friends and what can impacted Rush Limbaugh have on you out.

Why did you like it, was there anything about them that you really struggled with and I just would have wanted to do this since he passed away last week. Literally a week ago today on 17 February. He was 70 years of age coming up on 33 years they would have had a 33 or 33, 30, 30 year anniversary of him being on the air.

His show started in 1988 and then three years later when national and the just changed everything from a radio perspective conservative perspective talk radio perspective gave birth to Fox news could have existed. That rush didn't come to prominence first so just that's my question. What that can impact they have on you were to spend the whole show. I wanted to give you the the opportunity to do that here on the air like Rush Limbaugh would've liked to have but have it happen so just give us a call or you can comment on Facebook live the Steve Noble Sean Facebook like were in YouTube live if you want to join us. That way would be great, but just give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number same as always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or you might find it easier to remember. 866-34-TRUTH so one way or the other. Please give me a call. I just curious to see what can impact he had on you because I know most of you are walking with the Lord and are Christians. And so I'm just curious to see what can impact Rush Limbaugh had on you because although we acknowledge God very pro-life.

He certainly was not approaching it as a Christian communicator, so to speak, but but still had a massive impact certainly did on me and I'm curious how he impacted you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 organist take that today the time today to do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Our 866-34-TRUTH again just simply what can impacted Rush Limbaugh have on you and perhaps you're one of those people that you hated them. At first, but listen, you remember, he kinda caught fire and people to start hearing about them.

This was a complete abnormal thing some guy on in the middle of the day with a three hour gig, not with guests and he would take some calls but mostly he was just talking in that that was just unheard-of when it started, 1988 when he was local and then in 1991 when he went national and it didn't take long for people to just flock. I think within a couple years he was on my 300 stations within five or six years.

He was on 600 stations and close to 700 today.

Just amazing. But it was completely out of the ordinary. And so my question simply for you is how did Rush Limbaugh impact you. What did you learn a maybe. How did you change as a result of listening to his show what it was that it was up it was a regular part of my life the last 25 years I caught him literally each day that I could for as long as I could and that you just made a part of your day. If you're stuck in the office, maybe not so much but I've been out and about with a lot of different business opportunities and stuff spent a lot of time in my car and listen to him literally every day, not three hours a day, but sometimes pretty close to 866-348-7884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH or if you're on Facebook live kind right here in the studio.

Would love to have you do it that way to share your comments there and hope I'll read those of the year James on Facebook life that I know you went overboard with the fewest positions. Several times he had to apologize that anyone pushing conservative extremes would have done the same. I had my radio in my car said to him every day. Yeah. And that's the thing with with with light radioman you're out there is no safety net 7 to 10 second delay and that's it. And guess what we need to three hours a day for 30+ years. You can goof up every once I'll say something that you wish you hadn't. So when they start making the charges against Rush Limbaugh.

The work of a lot of material but there's actually not a whole lot to use to hang them out to dry. Let's go to Chuck is gone and from Burlington, North Carolina Chuck, thanks for call. Go ahead Eva started looking around, maybe back at night like you did around that time and I thought he was the most light pole hurtling like on culture or politics in America. Whatever you want to call it that I ever heard it like Greek people start all it was unbelievable. Unbelievable. Never know like the amazing thing, I'm right there with you Chuck and appreciate your calling and ensuring that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number is insight, and again we had not listen to a long format individual. This free podcast three commentary stuff.

We almost never have that and also this guy is gone for three hours and makes incredible sense, and of course for a lot of us he was saying the things that we thought the things that we believe, at least most of us that were listening and that was the first time you actually had that kind of encouragement and that echo coming back at you in the mainstream media was amazing what about Russian we come back to back is noble to show had a wanted to take this time day presented itself to talk about Rush Limbaugh.

He died a week ago today. Last last week on February 17. He was 70 years of age and was 33 years on the air had a profound impact on a lot of people had some enormous changes in people's lives in terms of their their political persuasion Democrat to Republican uninterested interested.

One guy I heard on a show earlier today when he first listen was an atheist and a Marxist ended up being a Christian and constitutionalist so he had a huge impact and I just curious how that showed up in your life did you listen to them and to the impact you and how how did he impact you personally would love to hear from you today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH by the way, if you drove you nuts when she did a lot of people and a lot of people that listen they would keep coming back even though he drove her nuts in the event you I would love to hear from you. I'm not asking you to call in to get into a debate with you. I generally don't like doing that.

I don't think it's very productive on the air outlets better with were sitting at a table together can actually have something we used to call a conversation but maybe maybe you just couldn't stand and I would appreciate hearing from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 truth. Let's go to Michelle Connor from North Ghana. Michelle, thanks for holding go right ahead out. Call walk applicant we could recognize. I would like to work on, but he really back to my view when the whole, And Iraq and he started know being on pocket friends in the morning a lot more and think that he was about being a patriot and lavender country and learning more about history really battled with me and it made me appreciate the country more down rash email that under that was only about 18 months ago that occur, but watching him go through hell can't. The situation is just if you showed me how much he loved his country and how we need to remember what is done for eight that only hurt me last week when I heard that he had passed, but like daddy going on could be with our Lord and that is like knowing that he's not hurting anymore, but I have patiently gone for radio.

Could I get. Thank you. Yeah I mean I mean the reality is in every big time talk radio person or people are infinitely bigger than the show all say the same thing with none of us would be here.

None of us would have these jobs in of us would have these opportunities. If it weren't for him.

He's the one that he saved AM radio. He gave birth to this type of commentary and conservative commentary wrote Fox news Road off the back of them is just amazing. You felt great points.

Thanks so much for calling in today. I appreciate it. Thank you and welcome God bless you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number. Please call and I love to hear from you.

How how Rush Limbaugh impacted you.

What kind of change. Maybe he had in your life, what kind of change agent. He was, and I would love to hear from you today again because to call in the Rush Limbaugh show is very very difficult to get through some of you might have been trying that over the years I tried it several times and I will maybe today I never got through, but it's a lot easier through the show, so I'd love for you to be able to call in and share would appreciate hearing. I've been wondering what kind of a Christian-based audience would be saying Rush Limbaugh's a lot of Christians in his audience, but predominantly just generally conservative audience. But for you as a Christian as well and send most of your patriots and love the country I would love to hear your perspective on Rush Limbaugh. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and one thing that was said there was that he love the country right he was.

He was so optimism optimistic. Sometimes he would be, you know, you'd be like, he'd get under it can attack principally people hated on mainstream media hated on the left hated him and it's it's it's a little easier to be unaffected by people like that when you live the lifestyle he lives right so is making 60 $70 million year. He is a huge compound on Florida.

He flies around in EIB one is get is on jet so you can thumb your nose at everybody that way but that still gets to you. That's gotta get to you. And even as recent as a couple weeks ago with Trump losing and buying come in and all that stuff. He was still optimistic and it seems not optimistic because of capitalism or free-market capitalism.

He was optimistic because he believed in the good nature and the general conservativism in their in their personal lives of Americans. He believed in the founding fathers believed in the founding documents in the Declaration of Independence, but mostly he just believe that most Americans are just goodhearted, hard-working people, and that sooner or later will even when we make mistakes politically will come back from the edge was really helpful to me because I'm not nearly that optimistic so that was always helpful to me to hear that from Rush Limbaugh.

866-34-TRUTH is our phone number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Scott Austin: and also from North Carolyn Austen thanks for: go ahead, thank you for showing. Hearing me out.

I enjoyed his content and constantly I would like a major fan but I like to take on Bennington agree he didn't build the platform and from now and I think that it's important what we do next.

I just want to say this is not a is not anything negative, but I noted for the platform that he's built. We spend a lot of time focusing on the negative that happened, but I don't see don't hear a lot of preemptive plans and I think a lot of Americans concerns right now is that our individual rights should be being threatened and I hear a lot of critique, and I agree with that.

I agree with the discussion that I don't hear preemptive plan and I don't hear creative, constructive thought on how were going to go forward. Ahead on the platform, it met him and we can talk all day and I cannot cut it short, I got a sugar and I like the show from one of heard so far, but I think that with the platform that is built to move forward. I think we need a lot.

I still don't know but I know that I want to protect my right that I know I want to protect you and I think it's good that we should discuss with them right. But I think a lot of America is concerned, inrush, paved the way for that. You know that might not be a reality in the future and that of, talk about what had been done. You know it, like a Robin at the crime scene and discussed exactly what we can do to you know and place you yeah and I'm still learning. There's a lot about legislator that I don't know that I would like to know but it might not make the best radio content, but I think that that should be a place moving forward in conservative channels instead of just and what happened like let's say what we can move forward so you know we can even out. Maybe the plan filter measures for the future for individual rights for discussion for free and of for freedom of speech and you want to call in because I like heard the show a few times and I like it and I appreciate you have my own and let me speak and you know from what I've heard before you know you take a fair and levelheaded and I and appreciate that in the five messages in an instant if you can listen on the other side of the break. I want to talk about that little because that's a great point. We shot the scene of the crime we analyze why it happened. We complain about which to throw things at the TV folk blues.

What we need to be proactive. How do we change things heavily impact things that were not always talking about what's gone wrong.

Maybe we can start talking about something that we've done that if gun rights is a great point. Austen thanks for calling it. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show talking about Rush Limbaugh, 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 will be right back this and I know there's a man going around in the free to let everybody be treated also suing Pritchett Johnny Cash little golden letter.

Okay, back and see no one to see Noble show that Johnny Cash talk about when the man comes around, and what man would that be Johnny talking about. The Lord already stuck in health. The final great terrible joyous day of the Lord and in in. I was wondering for years and welcome back. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show.

I love free to call and share your thoughts on Rush Limbaugh how he impacted you to do likened it to Hatem. Why do you like and what you get out of that. How did Rush Limbaugh impact your life. Maybe not as much as a Christian, but you maybe you are a Christian that just kinda rode off the country Christian in politics is a two different things and maybe got you more involved in politics.

He certainly helped me because I realize that a pretty young age and I've stayed that way that I was a conservative right and then went after Ebola realizes conservative politically. Then I became born-again and then for me as I learn more about the Scriptures.

Special life issues and individual liberty and things like that and governance in the role of government and then understanding idolatry and looking to other things to solve problems instead of ourselves that kinda stuff. Then it just cemented more for me as a Christian conservative theologically Christian to be conservative politically and so Rush Limbaugh who was entertaining.

He understood that but also of rates oppressing thinker, a great an analyst and he could break things down and it was amazing. What is looking to culture the NFL, popular culture, politics, the right and the left liberalism, conservatism, free-market conservativism and then date that the history of the nation almost 6 and he spoke at a street-level language. She was not tell you.

Listen to Ben Shapiro and hold on your have a much harder time understanding Ben Shapiro because he speaks in a much more intellectual level at a high intellectual level than Rush Limbaugh spoke more what what I call street-level language and so I eyed it was just like osmosis over literally 20+ years of me listening regularly, almost any day Monday through Friday if at all possible, and I learned a lot in it and all somethings I agree with some things I did and as my Christianity grew and deepened and matured. There are some things that will some ways he would communicate this like a trumpet, I would really and I didn't agree with everything he said but I agreed with the majority of it and I learned a lot and it was a regular part of my life.

How did that impact you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Alan on Facebook live. I didn't finish my thoughts on Johnny Cash.

I will though because I want to talk about the fact that Rush Limbaugh made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ him to come back around the Johnny Cash before we finish up today, but I love to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Love them or leave him your thoughts on Rush Limbaugh.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Jim Cullinan from Tennessee, Jim, thanks for calling. Go ahead while I wanted direct impact on my life returned from her Republican crew true conservative and I listen to them when I lived outside of Charlotte for almost 30 years and it broke my heart when I moved up here.

I don't live in a town big enough to carry show surely but he made a big impact on my life. So how would you how would you unpack that gym to explain kinda from going from just being a Republican to being a conservative I understand.

I think I understand what you mean because I would look at myself much the same way. But what one of the how did that kinda play itself out in your life. Listening to Rush well written Rush. I realize that not all Republic Turks year order spelled it out common man to understand and there are some conservative Republicans and then the rhino he sorta explained the difference between the two.

Yeah, that was something that I experienced as well because you know, while one of the big things of Rush Limbaugh, Jim, I really appreciate you calling it today. God bless you think so much. Have a great afternoon and one of the things that you think you are one of the things about Rush Limbaugh. As you Thought through. This is okay there's there's a lot of people in Washington DC. By the way, I love to hear from you on the Rush Limbaugh question today. How to be impact you like to do likened did not like him and by the way, if you can stand Rush and he drove you up one side of the building and down the other. You can call it that's fine I'm I'm contrary up to some folks in organizations on this planet right now. I'm not much into censorship To try to censor myself sometimes but not get a sense of use. If you want to call and say let's guy drove me nuts because a B and C is why he conservatives his way to Republican part that's fine.

I'll give the time of day to do that if you want, and I won't interrupt you may ask you a question. But if that's what you want to do that's fine with me. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. How did Rush Limbaugh positive or negative. Most abuse can be positive impact your life.

Maybe it had a huge change maybe you were Democrat you're a liberal, and after a while you started to change and you ended up becoming a conservative five love to hear from you if that happened to you. It mostly as a result of listening to Rush Limbaugh to give me a call ensure that story that would be great. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 8663 foray 7884 866-34-TRUTH and going back to conservatives versus Republicans listen. There is I've another broadcaster a friend that's up in New York joy and and she's a great on the radio a mom, a wife, conservative, and she calls it the get this unibrow party unibrow right. Some people we know, we say that it's not the nicest thing the world unibrow because they have a big, bushy eyebrows, and a kinda goes across the bridge of her nose looks like they have one eyebrows opposed to. That's the unibrow so she calls it the unibrow party because there's a whole bunch of people in Washington DC that are all about big government and I mentioned the word idolatry earlier. Where do we look to solve problems. Now liberal, generally liberal ideology is going to look to government intervention to solve big societal problems. A conservative, generally conservative, not necessary, Republican, conservative is going to be like okay we need to figure out a way to enable people to solve as many problems as they can on their own. We want to keep government out of the way. Get government off their back and give them an opportunity to solve their problems themselves. We want to enable that support that is much as we can but we don't want to run people's lives. So generally when there's a challenge in the country.

Conservatives will look to the marketplace and individuals. Liberals generally are going to look to a government solution so you got a lot of rhinos. Republicans in name only, who I would say there there. Actually, there are not very many rhinos anymore. There's there's Republicans in the next true conservatives and there is a different circus. True conservatives are still going to hold the line when it comes to the size of government to the spending of government me working to push three to $4 trillion in a budget deficit this year. This year it'll be the biggest budget deficit singly or budget deficit in history, the country okay 3 to 4 trillion are our friend David Fisher from landmark capital actually thinks it'll be closer to 5 to 6 trillion. Okay Dell at that at that point were more than doubling what the actual budget number is the expenditures budget so I thought Rush did a great job of distinguishing between conservatism and just Republicans conservative being small government push as much across the table to the individual individual liberty, which is really what the founding fathers and founding documents were all about is empowering individuals. The government needs to be big enough to do the things the Constitution is called it to do basically protect us from all enemies foreign and domestic provides in interstate commerce properties there to deal with one state to another in terms of trade interstate commerce of light called that and in our relationship with other countries around the world, but obviously it's gotten way, way bigger so that was something that Rush was always pushing was conservatism versus just being a Republican and one of the challenging things. We know this now is that if you're conservative you really only have one choice.

It's the Republican Party will we get the three parties. One day I don't know we'll see mansion see what trumped us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number and I know that you have some thoughts on Rush Limbaugh.

I would love to hear about that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and the interesting thing about Rush. I mean this was you go back to like 1991 and eight somebody comes up with the idea's just radio talk here for minute. Okay, somebody comes up with the idea and says let's do a three hour show while it's a lot of time at three.

At what time like drivetime, 77, the 10, 6 to 9.

Or maybe it's afternoon drivetime emits 4 to 7 or 3 to 6, at least SOME of the drivetime there in rush hour from 5 to 65 to 7 summer and there know I've got another idea I have about 12 to 3 Eastern time. What and on the West Coast in LA that would be 9 AM to 12 PM.

Write 9 AM to noon will wear out our most people where most adults between 9 AM and noon in California. Okay that you could probably run around, make a joke you know I'm I mean they're at work in the central part of the country flyover country where they there at work in the where are they on the East Coast between 12 and 3 PM Eastern time there at work. So how could you possibly expect something to work like that. Well three hours. Boy that's a lot of your time housing a book all those guests will is not hardly ever going to have a guest what you guys not doesn't really want to guess okay what about callers well to do callers put no lot has something to work three hours a day. Mostly, the host who wants to listen to that well 2030 4050 60 million people. That's one of those who do it well. You why did you listen to Rush Limbaugh. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will be right back. So you can never get through the Rush Limbaugh show right. Maybe if you did maybe one of you guys look here. Through the Rush Limbaugh show you actually get on the air with Rush Limbaugh. I tried many times over the years and I never did.

So that's kinda interesting if you ever got through to Rush Limbaugh. I'd love to hear that story on the air 866-34-TRUTH 878844 866-34-TRUTH maybe Rush Limbaugh turned you from a liberal to conservative. Maybe that's the deal for you and listening to Rush Limbaugh over the years, 866-348-7884 like my friend on Facebook. Why was talking about Peyton's African-American and he was saying. I listen to Rush Limbaugh agreed with a lot but he said many my friends and coworkers black and white couldn't believe that a black person listen to and agrees with because now that that's wrong on so many different levels. So if you're black you can't listen to a white conservative. Why would you listen to why conservative because it's the same thing is is giving your time to the grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, otherwise known as former Sen. Byrd right. Why would you do that so it assumes that you're not allowed to be a freethinker as a black man or woman in it assumes that every conservative especially want an outspoken one is a racist. That's helpful want to go study the history of racism in the history of the Republican Party with respect to Blacks in the history of the Democrat party in or to find that just about every terrible thing that happened in this country with respect to race prior to 1970 was done in and endorsed and pushed by the Democrat party. What yeah it's true. Can you believe it.

And so maybe your African-American man or woman and you listen to Rush Limbaugh. I'd love to hear from you.

We won a woman was kind enough to call an earlier I'd love to hear from you to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH that's go to Debbie's going from South Carolina. Debbie, thanks for calling. Go ahead hello that I got rated. Why while and turn you off. There's a delay yet that's dangerous. Why will Aycock ever got on the air that young man in answer defend against great great to get you mind if we don't run out of time. I called again and can't do it. Well let you talk about that.

Did you give us nearly some grief for that, you know an effort to try to get home at 430 year work and people would make out brainwashing understand why I've been thinking all these years.3 every Monday through Friday. I would like that if I could and went out with it were not can I work for a law firm in Atlanta. Whatever client thanking you the really bad called me right where dead years are Lightly the people like the yeah yeah yeah I think that I think that there's a radio guy to work with me several years ago to Marie and Bill is been on the radio business for like 40 years and needs to ask me hasty. Why do people listen to your show. I'm using this as a way to answer question Debbie said just stay with me for second why do people listen to your show well your current mostly Christians a nominal challenge on certain things and I were knocking to slide by and assume the Republican Party spine and so Bubba Bubba is okay once you really figure out why people listen to your show. You need to make sure you pay that bill every day because they tune in, because they're getting something and if you don't give it to him. They're going to go away. So with rush. There is the foundational principles that he talked about that ran through every topic everything he talked about for the last almost 33 years. So that's there as we listen to Rush Limbaugh from the past and listen to different beds and different things. But the thing that can't be there now from Russia anyway. His current what's happening now. What's going on in February what's going on in March what's going on in June, and sooner or later you're not able to pay the bill that we all were expected, but we were all expecting when retuning to rush every day. Okay colleague Joe Biden is now the president what's rush to say about that. So you lose that I think they can go on our posterity for a while. Debbie but sooner or later that'll fall off when that would occur. I don't know they've got a real trick on their hands can't replace them like that.

There is no other Rush Limbaugh yet there's that three hour slot that three our opportunity and how long will people go with multiple got so someone else can be interesting to watch and we can divide and there oh hear any thing like that you worldly by younger people ran credit throwing people out of their job, people, or it would day. That's right that I was appreciated that you he understood because rent Rush Limbaugh again. I didn't realize I was being trained for radio but I wasn't. Rush Limbaugh understood that the value of entertainment your Christian reading or not for me on being a Christian, really. If you can't laugh and have some fun and poke fun at yourself and others, and in just laugh every once in a while that's not entertaining.

Forget it is not can work and he understood that, so there was the entertainment in the parities and all that kind of fun stuff talent on loan from God knows things that drove a lot of people on the left crazy, but there was a ton of substance and like you said Debbie and the same thing for me that was the place I could go where I know is going to hear somebody that I agreed with and as the media went more left. He became this like an oasis. The only place you could go for a long time exactly yeah great point Debbie, thanks so much for calling and I appreciate it if you think you your very kind that's very humble and God blessed.

Everything I but I and some great points. There was not great that you could that you could go somewhere and not only did he agree it wasn't just like he was glad handing you but you would have in this this happened to me you would go okay yeah that's what I think. But then Rush Limbaugh had the ability to unpack. This is a this is a big deal for all of us. Okay, he would unpack and help us understand why what's what's behind you say you believe in limited government, you say you believe in free market, conservatism, and you say you're against socialism. But why can you actually make a cohesive case. Can you make a good case or to go from a biblical perspective. Are you prepared to give an answer for the hope that you have with gentleness and respect. Can you get why do you believe the Bible I don't I just do well that that might help.

For some people, but most the time that's not enough and it why do you really believe Jesus Came from the great you really believe Jesus is the only way are you telling me that everybody that doesn't believe a Christianity says is is wrong are you that arrogant are you capable those conversations, and so that was the thing that was super helpful with rush if you agree with them but that he helped you understand and and and require a syntax and an explanation so that you can turn around and talk to other people's like W suck me while you're being brainwashed will if you can actually get somebody on the other side of the table have a conversation with you and you're armed with some facts and some logic and they're usually just armed with emotions which is why we love social media because you don't really at the back anything up.

We just lob, stopping at each other across the aisle and that's what Rush Limbaugh did he give you a working vocabulary so that you could turn around and then do a better job of explaining why you believe the things that you believe that you agree with Rush Limbaugh it was, it was a remarkable blessing from that perspective right back to Johnny Cash a couple minutes left so Johnny Cash talking about Thursday.

The man's come to town right is appointed for men to die once and then face judgment and so our pastor at Harvey with cross assembly was talking up the other day and then I I heard Doug Rush Limbaugh not rush about. Sorry Greg Laurie talk about the sea off.

All roads lead to God and even good evangelicals and say Millie don't. There's only Jesus that I'm the way the truth and life no man comes the father but by me. Okay he's talking about heaven, but all roads, and fact to lead to God. Every single one of the Buddhists wrote the Muslim wrote the Hindu wrote the Baha'i wrote all because it's appointed for men to die once and then face judgment. Every single person that's ever lived is living or ever will live will face God of judgment. Every single person so all those roads, atheism, agnosticism, different faiths, Mormonism water, everybody's going face judgment, so everybody faces God, then the question is who gets past that and goes to heaven and that's where Jesus is the way the truth of life. So what Rush Limbaugh is obvious to me for years and I knew his brother on a couple of occasions that his brother has brother on the show.

David is a very strong believer but I would listen intently as I usually do the people on the radio and try to other some tells their talk about God. He was very pro-life, which I really appreciated, but he never talked about Jesus and if you talk about God in heaven but you don't talk about Jesus.

Maybe I'm talking to you then. Odds are really good. You actually don't know the gospel, you don't know what the Bible teaches about going to heaven versus going to hell are you talking about is God in heaven and doing good stuff so that was my concern for Rush Limbaugh over all those years. He obviously was a God-fearing man betting and not even the demons believe shutter this last October November on the air in the box and friends for him to turn around and then say first time I ever that he a personal relationship with Jesus was like who there you go. You could tell it what to say what some of you that was the deal for Rush Limbaugh. He went from a God-fearing child of God adopted what Jesus Christ Johnny Cash talking on every single person, but only those that are in Christ.

Got it.

I actually have a page on our page to explain this go look for heaven.

This is God willing I talked to my dad always use ever for

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