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Ravi Zacharias MESS!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 25, 2021 3:31 pm

Ravi Zacharias MESS!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 25, 2021 3:31 pm

Ravi Zacharias MESS!

Today Steve is joined by Pastor Lindsey Williams of Midtown Community Church in Raleigh to discuss the Ravi Zacharias mess.


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Wake up everyone it's time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble not this is one of the day when I'd rather not radio. I'd rather not talking about subject and it's very very difficult. Disappointing as a shock to a lot of people as the not even choosing my words carefully, and really I wanted to save the great apologist Ravi Zacharias but perhaps you can even say that anymore.

Ravi Zacharias 40 years in ministry. One of the most prolific apologetic people on the planet see him doing it again I got was a Christian, but maybe a Christian and think about that for second and how you deal it that somebody that's that's so prolific, so gifted, such a great expositor of God's word as well as an apologist that person for 40 years be a huckster. Could they be a charlatan could all be just an act.

And that's really hard to imagine.

You see me with some other people. You, Benny had okay yeah I can see that and some other folks right. We we kind of got on the road and in an anemic claimant not I can amass and end up Jim and Tammy Faye and all his types of things, but this one is different, except maybe it isn't quite as different as we think summer to talk about this for a Ravi Zacharias mass a new friend will eternal friend, you're stuck with me anyway pastor forever, so that's for you after Lindsay Williams is with Midtown community church here in Raleigh Presbyterian Church America. That's the evangelical wing of Presbyterianism in case you don't know that on my Facebook page. When I first put up some stories about Ravi Zacharias. It was really interesting pastor to see how people are reacting. So what will talk limit.

Let's just first find out where you are at with what you thought of Ravi Zacharias and then as the news broke and then will start talk about what we saw on Facebook.

That's how we come together day. But anyway, welcome to the show thinks Ramsey. Welcome, so what was your thinking about Robbie before all this stuff came out well.

See you became a Christian when I was back in high school mid 1990s as I start to grow my fate. I start having lots of intellectual doubts and at the time if I was to pinpoint who was the Christian theologian who did one of the best jobs of helping to bring intellectual credibility to Christianity. It was Ravi Zacharias home man if I put down one of my 10 favorite books of all time probably up there would've been in his book can men live without God, yeah, I'm just amazing. So you've got this remarkable intellect and ability to explain the scriptures and make all kinds of rational cases. He could deal with atheistic scientists. He could deal with secular humanists, all that kind of stuff and then and then when did any of this first get on your radar screen.

Because a couple years ago there were some some allegations sexing texting thing and Ravi Zacharias, and that in the whole ministry, Dell at that but wonder this you have any inkling or anything at all, before all the news broke after his death, yet honestly no I mean I was aware of an allegation that took place back in 2017. The nose of Florian Thompson, but I'd not been following Ravi Zacharias past 10 years or so. So it really was my radar is sorta got taking care of knowing or realizing is by taking care of what happened was it was swept under the rug. You, so it was not really on my radar probably until I would say this past summer, merely following is in you started seeing a few more major news outlets speak about allegations that extended beyond this one situation which was promoted by our CIM has a case of someone trying to get money you thought run a very innocence godly Christian mean you extortion and I dealt with that but then of course whenever you see a nondisclosure agreement thing okay if you're all in the right and there's nothing to be afraid of your why would you need a nondisclosure agreement we are making everybody keep your mouth shut, but then after the fact, it may mean on that stuff started to come out. First it was allegations of people starting to feel free to speak about it because now Robbie's dad and then the internal investigation and then over the last 60 days is that information is come out to me were not talking about a every man's battle kind of situation here with Boston and that controlling your thoughts and actions and stuff like that.

Were talking about decades of really abusive, manipulative actions on his part. He was a part owner in a couple massage parlor that I'm in a how you get away with that at somebody with a massive ministry and then hunt literally hundreds of contacts for women in his phone to keep three phones always dip out that mean it's crazy. The pathology of all that, but is that all started to come to come out. Lindsay, what, what were you thinking it was probably more.

What was I feeling. I think for me I was feeling a deep sense of loss that I mean that I have respected from a distance never met him but a man who had respect from a distance.

His work and been very beneficial museum Christian.

It felt like that was stripped from me and I meekly start realizing I may have to get revolves books you I think I felt anger and so is a man who's been in professional Christian ministry for 18 years. I know what this sort of thing does for people. Yes skeptics yeah so that Robbie's very audience was deeply hurt that compromise the credibility of the very fate he was trying to espouse some anger now. I think what I started to see some of the ways that people responded right to this sin leveling that would be one word you whoever is without's sin, you pick up the first stone. We saw that it was all over my Facebook page and it is problematic.

It's it's burst out of I would say an incredibly superficial understanding of sin as it's portrayed in the Scriptures and the reality of Ravi's sin been so egregious and I think probably promise people were aware that a lot of the people I think were responding initially were responding to the reality of living in the cancel culture. We we can talk about that but I think one of the dangers when we as Christians try to respond to the cancel. Culture is when we minimize soon we end up creating more of a cancel culture yeah oh yeah and and I think was shocking to me is the fact that it was an 80 right into the alley runs across the atheist with a bone to pick for obvious reasons, is the one that actually was willing to deal with it.

Wanted to deal with it.

What should we want to deal with it as well. Should in our desire to see the truth be as strong as an atheist desire to tear it all down. That's a great question. Were talking to pastor the William will be right back with you today ability Thursday unpacking this terrible, tragic and really disturbing and angering, but should be totally shocking to be, but it doesn't.

The situation with Ravi Zacharias Ravi Zacharias prolific apologist 40 years in the ministry and then the thought of me. Could you abusive just crazy sexual stuff all around the world and in own part owners. The massage parlors and keeping multiple phones and then threatening people to the point about praying with some of these women he's praying on and praying with them and thanking God and then threatening them that if they read reveal his stop.

Do you really want to be responsible for people not coming to know the Lord and that's just crazy cycle manipulation and and my wife got blessed was like you know how can somebody be that depraved and have the Holy Spirit, so could we be looking at a guy and I'm here with pastor Lindsay Williams of Midtown Community Church in Raleigh and Ed could we be looking at something like that who we hold them up is just one of the most incredible Christians in the last 50 years and maybe is it even possible that he is or he wasn't a Christian sorta talk about that but you mentioned before the break pastor Steve vomit is an atheist and and you brought him up and tell everybody about that because I think it's it's real. It's very sobering to know that this happened yeah so I mean me to backup the twins, but more mean Matthew seven says if you want to pick out the speck in your brother's eye first look at the log in your own right and what Ravi Zacharias is is a reminder that we've got a repeat situation where we as evangelical Christians are not looking at the log in or not. And this is one of the biggest logs I have seen you in sort of, among celebrity Christians in quite a while, but it's not the first right and what's interesting is in RI being the body of Christ in general, yet is a localism, whatever. Not absolutely, but our body right and so you look at look at other hope of high-profile moral failures.

Mark Driscoll, James McDonald, Bill Hibel's yet now Ravi Zacharias one of the things that's happened in most of these situations is that it wasn't the Christian community that held them accountable. It was the atheists.

Yeah, it was the non-Christians. It was up about our failure to look at the log into what tends to happen is if we want to make a difference out the world. It hinges on whether or not we have the capacity to look at the logs are not yet. And when we don't have that capacity all important that we lose our credibility and that shocking to me that in Ravi Zacharias's case regarding Steve Bohlman, who he actually started studying Ravi Zacharias but because he was a skeptic.

You heard about them and he was interested in exploring the fate well but what is happening as he started seeing some red flags red flags that I think our CIM and others who are close to the situation should look upon you dealt with but did it and so he went from a guy who's exploring Christianity to now a guy.

He was actually doing what Christian should have done all along, which is to hold teachers accountable right like James three. One of those who want to be teachers should be held more strictly than others and we have a non-Christian atheist. He was doing yeah you doing to church was supposed to do.

Yeah. And so, let's deal with this on the will move on because I want to get to the more the prescriptive side of it and what should we learn how can we and and I don't like to use this language but I will anyway. How can we take advantage of this situation not only for a witness to a watching world, but to our own health is the body of Christ. But is it possible theologically from your perspective pastor that Ravi Zacharias exit wasn't a Christian. Yeah, absolutely. There are numerous examples about me if you go back to the Old Testament you look at King Saul, who was called to be the first king of Israel, and as best we can tell, proved to be reprobate, not a believer. You've got Judas Iscariot write three volunteers right was called to be one of the 12, and by all indicators in Scripture was not a believer and you got various other teachings in the New Testament that speak of, like at first John a people who were with us, but they went out from us in the fact that they did not return was evidence the fact that they were not ultimately I guess they were of us in the first place right in some people discuss the possibility of but maybe Ravi Zacharias repented maybe had a deathbed conversion but that's the best we can hope right because if he repented the people who would know about that would be the women he sinned against you as best as we can tell, not a single woman has spoken up to say that Ravi Zacharias repented Bryson to get his entire family was blindsided. Is this board are as I am completely blindsided so we can give a guy for whom there is no evidence of repentance yet again.

Can you have a deathbed conversion therapy for lacrosse source right you have a chance to make amends. So it's possible. But when we look at the preponderance of evidence.

The chronic nature of multiyear sin patterns.

Jackie right and this is in garden-variety civil rights right right.

This is really serious stuff like every man's battle were just about every Christian man struggles with lust at some level and bunch of my friends we have these conversations wrestle yeah and then we ended when we get in these conversations but will look at each other like what we doing. I would even say what that will then come up there once in a while in your chewing at that in your wrestling with that I was still people but somebody says I'm really struggling with my sin. Steve everything I say is praise the Lord. Praise the Lord your struggling and that you have no peace because nobody's outside of its type of life. If you're not walking. He struggling me. None of the stuff I struggled pretty much on a daily basis and that that just not settled, then I'm not comfortable and like David Hughes was my sin is always before me and you know there's that shocker that you need to deal with but with Robbie 20 or 30 or 40 years. Maybe it's amazing yeah I think my my concern is when I've seen a lot of the responses to the Ravi Zacharias issue that may end up trying to send level. This is just like King David soon.

Well, let's just be clear on that.

David very clearly repented writer sin before the will huge but and there is no example were evidence that that was the case for Rob Vega, plus all of Davidson's they were put in all of his publications. So if you want to be logically made if we were to read Ravi's grounds booklet books going forward. Let's make sure we have a process that includes report what sins he committed with these women, but I think my issue. One of my issues come within the Christian evangelical community is our reluctance to believe the sins that speaks in my regard to the fact that perhaps you got an idolatry problem that when we idolize leaders too much. We end up minimizing their soon and when were unwilling to listen to an independent report or listen to the voice of women who been victimized by him what it reveals is that we as Christians have an idolatry problem. I got a love love your tagline, no sacred cows yet but let's be honest, will not talk about the sacred cows out there in the world right we can't talk about the sacred cow. Saturn Christian community. You and this exposed him. This is the problem of partly the celebrity closure within Christendom but it's also part of the problem of the fact that we end up idolizing people and now my son is on Facebook live right now is very intelligent, very proud of. But when we talked about this recently said there's only room on the throne for one person and will throw other people out there know why we do that is that because the human heart is an idol factory. Yes, I think we look to other people's as to be like least of it is what Tiger Woods when all that stuff defensively got what he came to Christ, what an incredible example of adapting what turnaround, what a great PR moment you look at somebody like Robbie and go by. That's great for the faith he's out there doing what really what allows us to be doing so we held up a pencil, but we don't want to look at them, perhaps don't want to look at ourselves with talking to Pastor Lindsay will be right back. Back to normal Noblesville here on theology that William here and Raleigh Midtown community church.

I was the PCA church that is present danger to America, which is the evangelical wing so I grew up in the PC USA I was lost its way along time ago I did know that growing up in Napa, the PCA church evangelical scriptural authority, which is awesome so wordy. Where are you guys and Raleigh by way we are located on Ridge Road and Ridge Road exit off of the bowl off the belt line right there that's a fine exit to China Raleigh experience. If you guys live in Raleigh know are talking about Ridge Road reconnect with the Glenwood Avenue in the beltline and the what's the website for the church pastor it is Midtown church Midtown church.word right there in the heart of Raleigh close to Crabtree Valley Mall. If you're looking for a Bible teaching solid church that's that's when you should consider. So we both noticed on Facebook live in the bio everybody in the fourth segment of the show John Stonestreet from the Colson a breakpoint chuckles and centers can be calling in to talk about the equality act which is going to pass the house and has a decent chance of passing the Senate and if it does a religious liberty in this country, and religious freedom on just about every level. I can think of will be dead and will asked will explore that with John in the last segment but we looked online in the Facebook which is how you and I met and I really appreciate you being here today.

Lindsay and people I like, don't judge Rob Robbie Kim that he was without sin cast the first on the guys dad what are you doing this is a private thing in the church.

How do you respond to that and then I want to talk for the rest of segment about what should we do with this. What are some positive things that we can do with this for yet so I Judge not lest you be judged. Matthew seven that is in reference to somebody's eternal standing know what happens right after that very verse is what I mentioned earlier with his if you see us back in another brothers take a log in your own so immediately is followed by a verse that talks about how we need to be actively pointing it out the sins and other people's right and then you look at the Scriptures as a whole, and you see that whenever people are elevated to the level of teacher they are to be judged more strictly right. James 31 in verse 2520. It says that if there is a teacher who is unrepentant. He is to be rebuked in the presence of all of all, right public and this always public so we need to deal with it publicly and just because the man is dead. The kingdom of God is much bigger. The witness of the church is much bigger than the back of Robbie's dad and also say that Robbie's dad, but his victims are a lot payment that's right, and his victims. The church is supposed to be a community of people who are speaking out for the oppressed and if there's ever a time when we should be doing it. It is when one of our own has been part of that oppression and so for the sake of the victims who are alive. The women who were made in the image of God, who we would want to be sisters in Christ.

You we need to speak on their back yet on their behalf and that I think about Jesus that what you did to the least of these women that rabbit Robbie abused you did for me or you didn't do for me. Only we can apply that the teaching of Jesus to the situation such an important point and I appreciate you making it so.

So when we do going forward. How do we handle this in a way that glorifies God and might be to somebody like Steve Bauman that the APS that was ahead of the Christian church on exploring this and being concerned about an atheist is willing to deal with the plank in RI, but we were in ourselves, but so what will he do that positive moving forward, accountability, personal the church for leadership. When we do, yeah, I mean obviously think one of the dangers in this is that we can go on the other extreme, and so vilify Robbie yeah that we forget that there is an entire system that created this opportunity for Robbie soon to get the best of them, whether or not he was a huckster or not.

And let's look at the patterns we see patterns with other highest high profile celebrity Christians and so we need to start asking ourselves what is it about our culture. What is it we idolize so much that enables to be a fertile ground for guys like this to have a really huge failing to do Damien's to other people so you know organizations of your Christian organization, you need to have transparency if you're in a church and you can't get access to the transparency of leadership, how they function in their bylaws, finances, right if you have patterns of nepotism, but was a huge problem problem while with RCI and so we would be really wary of that and we make sure that our leaders people in my position. You that we are held accountable and so if we don't have any right or accountable to that. Those are systematic failures but we can certainly start to learn from because upon all of this yet on the people underneath that big powerful leader and Robbie was our bodies re-one of things in the reports that a woman I went to work there within the first week somebody told her haven to get a piece of advice. Don't cross the Zacharias family.

Are you here that a Christian context the Kennedys. Okay, that's one thing but in in in a church ministries of the Okies, something's wrong here when I hear that my first week, and that the people they don't speak out.

This is, the whistleblower thing it's fear, and fear is really pride in how you think about is yourself. So we have to be willing to speak out, but you do it. Lovely. We no longer commanded to engage when we try to deal with somebody else's sin, but we gotta have a backbone, especially if you think about the items that's Christ telling us to go stand up for the oppressed, absolutely.

And let's let's be clear it's it's not a good idea for people in professional ministry to own massage parlors and got me and I know that's not right and believable. How that happened right wasn't your name is Billy Graham do not blame a ministry yourself.

You are setting up the very celebrity profile that will end up becoming you and I think Billy Graham by God's grace is a tremendous example will somebody's two with three ministry fatefully over the years, but we understand that he was exceptional battle things to be modeled nothing that was a mistake set up their failure as he named a ministry after himself. Yeah a very difficult and in so institutionally and if you're in an institution where you feel like there's not a lot of accountability you need to speak up and if they're not willing to deal with it. You need to leave in front. I think that was a big problem with RCI am is is you kill the golden goose that laid the golden egg and everybody lose their job and all this money goes away while yeah but is that what were living for, and you don't trust the Lord's can take care of you for being faithful. It means crazy. But on a personal level. This is also deeply convicting because instead of just putting Robbie underneath the microscope and he think we need to do with her and talk to Dolly yeah I agree I think there is a real problem when we end up idolizing leaders so I will say this, like it does say something about the celebrity Christian culture that I think is worth pressing in on you I got an article number years ago. The talked about pastor porn and the concept was that we end up letting these celebrity pastors become essentially pornography yet.

Worse yet, right there airbrush images.

They don't know us never prayed for site they've never held our babies. They also never heard us and they never disappointed us or not real flesh and blood.

Yeah, they're all great guys like what John Piper Tim Keller JD Greer hello great guys, right typically centered, what ends up happening as we end up elevating these celebrity preachers that we don't know the experience at the expense of being invested in local bodies of believers with real flesh and blood pastors who are imperfect. Yeah, who will make mistakes. He will have to apologize if I do hope this will end up being a course correction to say you know what we have got to the pits of this idolatry be celebrity Christians and we need to invest relationally in the local church like what seems to have been the case of Robbie Sue's drinkers uncle waited right and he was impervious to accountability you and so if you want to talk about repentance we need to talk about what is what keeps us from maybe on a much lesser level. Becoming Robbie yeah exactly right right. The other is a pastor that sold in the me when I first started doing some stuff publicly and he said this and summoning Facebook life that is that he's a listener you're all one decision away from stupid Dragon somebody be so stupid. All it takes is one decision that's why without one post on Facebook. I quoted a Puritan writer who said that the seed of every sin exists in every human heart. It's not like a Robbie some special breed of humanity you know we all have that same were made of the same stuff and in the repentance part and then to your point on the local church a big church isn't necessarily a church that's being blessed.

We assume there's 10,000 people.

That means God's just really work well. You can have a situation i.e. rock Robbie were somebody just that good of a performer and he just wows everybody in my holy cow is like the next Taylor Swift coming out of your teen years of age know this is incredible and that the church gets bigger the pastor, the leader tends to get more isolated and then you got a lot of money flowing in and there's a lot yes people nobody wants the golden goose to get killed and sold and everybody turns you mean it's just classic sin nature of mankind above rest. Personally, I mean repentance is a big deal. We need to take it seriously so it that's that's usually where I go with this stuff is okay we can talk about Ravi Zacharias all day but I'm not can be said of the judgment seat.

Robbie, I'm to be standing there having a conversation with my Lord about what I did with what I was given an important point grade any any final takeaways in about 30 seconds final takeaways to leap yeah no I would just say Robbie's best book in my opinion was can they live without God, and I think the question that some people asked is, can God live without Robbie and I think my hope is that the answer is yes. But the reality is Robbie's case. Abandoning Christianity is abandoning the very Christian ethic that enables us to expose and send you Christianity was the problem, but it's also also is wearing jeans by bringing repentance and plug back in the noble show.

Having after lengthy and their talk about the heartbreaking and Gary and sobering Ravi Zacharias situation at something I'm continue to talk about something else that I wish we didn't have to talk about but we are this train is on the tracks and it's rolling at breakneck speed to go through the house representative as it had before, and in the Senate, which we really were worried about before worried about it now, things of obviously change this is a new season with him coming by the ministration and then the 50-50 tie in the Senate and the new guy, Harris right there in the wings waiting to break a tie vote.

So the equality act is something that if you're not familiar with it, you need to get familiar with it, you need to study up I just put a link on the Facebook live site right now today to the breakpoint article that John Stonestreet wrote that has great information and that's why were thrilled to have John joining us by phone today and just something that we need to talk about John's the president of the Chuck Colson Center and breakpoint radio cohost John thanks much for Colin and how are you good well good will talk about the very welcoming and my guess is looking to start John's just give us kind of an equality act 101. What is this thing what's in there and then we'll talk about it out how it can be sold damaging to religious freedom throughout the country you are, you would be equality act we got back Dr. orientation and gender identity, and rewrite them and do the 90 or so right back and including all the title, title VII title IX to do with education and employment at public accommodations and things like that, you know, title IX, the category of deck and it and we've already had that with Dr. orientation and gender identity.

Because of the postdoc record last year being read back into the work back, which is what the court case effectively did, and employment law 17, but now what actually applied across the board elevate Dr. orientation and gender identity to the thing think that it is gray in the right wall that govern you know how America does thing so basically to equate you know, if you click the treatment of bickering taken gender identity category determination that that was part of market rate they need in terms of accommodation would then be applied. It would be a fundamental transformation and it would include anyone to get government funding as well as any sort of you to place the book of public accommodation in on those categories that we take weeping sweeping enforcement new sexual ideology when it comes to gender at the and take yet is essentially just quite simply, they take the word sex which does appear in the laws it should, that you can't discriminate based on sex, that being I know I sound old-fashioned here male or female and then expand that definitions announce gender identity. Would you have all kinds of choices there obviously in an sexual orientation. And when people have a hard time John. Understanding this I say okay put it this way. Let's say you silted my business and I say I'm not can hire you because you're black or because you're a woman, or because you're Asian and and you should be rightfully disgusted by that and you should turn me in and I should get in trouble. Yes, do we all agree.

Yes, of course, that's terrific. Okay, now you can add to that gender identity and sexual orientation, and for a lot of people listen. I we should be marginalizing a treating anybody made in the image of God less than what they deserve because they the sanctity of their life, regardless whether you agree with their lifestyle.

So let's talk about that John about approaching this as we should care for everybody. As Christians, in the course as Americans but as Christians, predominantly in the where does this go south because it goes well beyond what we think of in terms of loving our neighbor wealth out there like you have children. In particular, your children school then report the integration of risk were going progress room to grow. They could not be prevented from doing so, it would effectively be the end of the email or if you have a daughter you know who's looking to using a unit to gain any sort of athletic scholarships or opportunity championships. All of that would be wide open to a male that identified female even things like even something like battered women shelter the homeless shelter for battered women shelter language typically included in the equality act that a man that identified as a woman would be wrong to battered women's shelter will be forced to allow that person and with women and felt a bit of you. I mean really you know a stunning thing you have, you know, basically a large many of the abilities large monitory like with hot things like that.

You have women who guarded and victimized and and now appear to be for it to be cared for in this way be held with you know a man who identified limit basically upon that request and applied at colleges and universities in the other thing that it doesn't really work goes out well. It is that it may completely circumvent any religious freedom production though the religious Freedom restoration act was signed to reprioritize the First Amendment and court through the whole history record. I had a long conversation with Brian. I understand all day and have videos on our Facebook page where he and I walked through this, but but but eventually though Supreme Court to basically allow a level of of gravity for you know those laws that that have come to mind.

This would put the equality act in that it doesn't matter if you have religious objection as a private business owner.

If you were a place of public accommodation to take any sort of taxpayer money in any sort of appeal to my religious right for my religious conviction would be circumvented by the equality act literally without even trying to balance out the LGBT Q preferences with religious freedom lately stacked the deck against religious freedom right up front and what what you think. Spine is obviously we know just because this is getting in the definitions I got a set forth on the way back in the book of Genesis right from the beginning so we know that there's the spiritual forces of darkness involved with this, obviously, but why do you think the Dems are still all wrapped up there pushing this thing through. They've got a good shot to center what I want to talk about before you run out of time, but what you think of what what they say. Why are they doing this wise it's important to the Democrat party a great question because I don't think the rest of America on on board with everyone out there was a remarkable experience.yet between Rand Paul and the nominee for a ritual of being the nominee for deputy health secretary asking her about the mutilation of genital particular your children in the name of gender affirmation.


And I mean the question to grafting with basically like look, this is what the surgery but what we know Brian look what procedure is called input uncle primitive religious countries where they do you know you genital mutilation why different and it was just like I don't even have to answer that. If I can empower you go forth this forward. But this is where most Americans are worked at the daughters are where most educators are weak, weak. We know what happened when we you know allow both sides on these issues to come out just come up with strange and you you you mentioned, the spiritual warfare part of it is our thing and you know throughout Scripture devastating way for the enemy to go after God is to go after God's image and that happens over and over and over again.

You get God's people to either worship an idol or to dehumanize each other and this would be officially establishing the humanization and law everyone to comply and if you don't hear a bigot like the racist and the KKK exactly talking to John Stonestreet is president of the Colson Center. By the way, the video that John just mention his interview with Ryan Anderson is brilliant. I just shared that link in the Facebook live Lincoln as well as the regular Steve Noble show page on Facebook so you can watch that and get yourself educated. I we see this is going to pass the house we things can happen, the Senate, John, and what can we do about it. Just us little citizens as little plebeians out here.

What should we be doing about about talk about the Senate first. Well I thought at first like you know look back in December. Really, what a rip in one of the years that we have here is that we have you talked about the equality act, each and every year that it comes up crying book but were not like were standing on the door, watching us.

Do not become anything closer, closer," not been much further away very often. Liner that went unit went the other way back during George's threat in Georgia to get away. That really put it back in play. If the you know if the Allstate thing and if the filibuster stand in it unlikely that the equality act go see the things sort of impact of the equality export through with things like HHS policy, we know, for example, there are and what your credit religious groups. We know what was being believes what he's going to try to do and I believe that will work you dare try to do. You know, and for think this through and other need. I don't think the equality act will go through if the filibuster stand you know basically get removed. Now we got down and got a real I can't go through the filibuster is the mechanism in the Senate whereby you have to push it up to 60 votes to get past the filibuster is right vote and so they do that the nuclear option to get rid of that and only needs 51 it's 50-50, hair steps and boom you got your 51 votes and Allison equality act becomes law, because by signing John such an important thing we need to be praying about this, we need to be calling our senators and urging them and don't that I sincerely don't just complain to him explain to you about what's so dangerous about this bill John Stonestreet so great to have you on hope we can do it again.

Thanks much for your time I'm in will talk you later. Thanks, John Stonestreet linked over and all that stuff. Equality act article that he wrote in the video today that they did with Ryan Anderson super super important day in the plate and at some point. I love to see federalism come back around when they start passing junk like this out here in the states we to say thanks but no thanks and we just ignore actually part of the founding fathers envisioned Mrs. Steve Noble Michelle God willing will talk again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for

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