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Who is this S.O.B. 11: Hillary & Nancy vs. The S.O.B.

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February 23, 2021 12:43 pm

Who is this S.O.B. 11: Hillary & Nancy vs. The S.O.B.

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 23, 2021 12:43 pm

Hillary & Nancy vs. The S.O.B. - Hillary Clinton has a podcast? Who knew? Well, apparently Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knew about it...and she was Hillary's special guest on a "Bonus" episode about the January 6th attack on the Capitol Building. Traitors, Insurrectionists, and Trumpsters Oh My...or is there a little more to the story? And...why are they bringing Putin/Russia into the conversation???

I disagreed with most of their points, but found myself agreeing with a few others. Either way, January 6th was a historic day in American history and we should all be discussing it to a certain extent.


So tell me yeah like what is he thinking is my thought exactly who is this FLV LV hey this is Steve Noble conservative Bible thumping evangelical syndicated talk radio show host and am I am assuming I certainly have been guilty of that in terms of how I've interacted with people I don't agree with, including my own good, and perhaps people like you. So whether you're liberal or conservative gay or straight, black or white, Christian and atheist or a follower of some other faith.

I hope it will be quite the SLB you might expect me to be.

Only time will tell on today's episode.

Hillary Clinton has a podcast called you and me both, and she recently sat down with Nancy Pelosi to talk about the January 6 attack on the capital trumps role, and of course Russia. Hey, if you like the podcast please subscribe and tell your friends and be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook under who is this SLB or check out the website and who is this now here we go with who is this SLB meets Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

I'm Hillary Clinton and this is you and me about some significant events have unfolded over these last few weeks were back with a special bonus episode. I think everyone listening knows what happened on January 6 when United States capital was attacked by a group sedition nest insurrectionist traders not try to get out if the weather permits to take a long walk every day and I was out walking and I don't look at my phone and I don't know what's going on in the world and I walked back into my house after the attack had started and my husband had the television on.

If you gotta see this. I couldn't believe what I was seeing I was just shaken and shocked and angry and sad presiding over the house at the time. Okay, let's just start by defining some terms living is important, as we discussed the subject. Even now, on the other side of Pres. trumps acquittal in the impeachment trial. I think it's important that we consider the use of some of these words sedition nest. Insurrectionist traders also to the definition of these words as sedition nest is conduct or language inciting rebellion against authority of a state okay I am okay with that with a little bit of an*because of sedition nest inciting rebellion against the authority of the state, but I wonder if it so that was a two hour rebellion right to our rebellion. Most the people, and there were just kind idiots that were sightseeing aggressively obviously should've never been in there in the first place.

Let me make that perfectly clear.

I think everything that happened that day.

With respect to their entrance into the capital was wrong from the people that and actually were engaged there on the premises breaking things, assaulting officers should all be in jail and a bunch other people who probably would be decent people. Any other day of the week got caught up in it.

No excuse but there was a lot of that is well we can see that happen with large crowds and things just going to get out-of-control we saw that all summer long. Do we not so we gotta be careful with these terms, because we all need to realize whether you're on the right of the left that were being pushed were being sold were being manipulated. Whether it's again from the writer from the left, I tell my students that I teach civics to as well as ethics that you're always being sold something and that you need to be really skeptical and really critical of what people are saying to you and how they say it, especially the media so I so I'm looking at these words. Okay, insurrection, insurrectionist, an act or instance of rising in revolt rebellion resistance against civil authority or an established government again I would say because the short-term nature of this.

This is more to me in terms of how it went down in the way they acted.

Many of them on the inside. It look like a like a 1950s fraternity doing a panty raid. Just a bunch of idiots acting like idiots, but there are definitely dangerous people there and people. I think if they had encountered some of our elected officials that could have gotten really ugly, really fast, but we didn't rise to the level of an insurrectionist stay with me here for second.

Now what about a trader, a person who betrays a friendly country, principal, etc. again. Were they a trader for two hours. I think most people there and we don't know exactly what percentage the crowd was what trump supporters and productively trump supporters there. I think a large number were there cueing on people obviously were there probably is yet definitely white supremacist most likely, and I were there and teach the people I think so, and at least one that we know of in one BLM person that we know of that's been arrested in an exposed but were they traders. Ultimately, I think most of them would say they were the exact opposite. I think most of them would call themselves patriots because they did that, many of them if you heard their comments and heard some interviews, especially once they been arrested, many of them have by the FBI were thinking they were doing something in light of an election that they believed had been stolen, and if you have no election integrity in this country don't have a representative republic anymore.

And if you're fighting for that. I think you would call yourself a patriot will get it all depends on whose ox is getting cordless look at something that we don't quite think of much anymore. The US legal code. This is the US law.

Okay it is actually a law about insurrection its US code 2383 rebellion or insurrection which says whoever incites sets on foot gets a gun, assist, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States of the laws thereof for his aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both, and shall be incapable of holding any office in the United States people that engage in an insurrection or rebellion. Insurrection is the authority United States, even though it's temporary.

Could you make that stick in a court of law. I don't think so, but perhaps my point being, always remember, if you're a Nancy Pelosi Hillary Clinton fan. If your Democrat you're sitting there most likely going yeah sedition is insurrectionist traders comebacks absolutely. If you're on the right. If you're Republican, you're probably center. No no no no not sedition is not insurrectionist, not traders.

They were just dust off and wanted to go in and make their positions clear they felt like this.

The election of been stolen from them. Blah blah blah on and on and on. Right. Let's just all of us need to work on some intellectual honesty. I hope I hope you're there already. I don't know and I know I struggle with this even doing radio five days a week that I often take the position that I really believe it. And so I I can circle the wagons and I share things and say things and leave things that I already agree with, as opposed to taking an alternate perspective or an alternate look at my existing position. So in this you can hear this a lot because we are, after all, listening to Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, but I would challenge all of us on the right and on the left to think more logically and less politically to be more skeptical and discerning and less emotional. Okay, let's get into the meat of this interview this podcast with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. The really invasion because that's what it was the invasion of the capital happened January 6 you are in the middle of certifying the November election doing the work of democracy following the Constitution, when did you realize the capital itself had been breached by the mob will be for as you say we counting the electoral college votes to ascertain that Joe Biden, Harris, with the president and vice president. 19th, it wasn't a coincidence that it happened that day.

It was purposeful that it happened that day to thank us from exercising their constitutional duty to get this done with two thirds of the House Republicans voting that the election was not legitimate and that's really heartbreaking. So anyway, we were having the debate when the security just pulled me off the podium. Okay, now I get to hear from Nancy Pelosi. The work of the democracy following the Constitution.

Well she acts like many people on the left of acted like what the Republicans did and she mentioned two thirds of the Republicans voted to say it was not legitimate. Two thirds of the Republicans voted to question the legitimacy and really what they wanted to do was take 10 days at the pause button for 10 days and do a more in-depth exploration investigation if you will, of the charges the allegations and there were many and lots affidavits coming out of these six states and people go well, what about all the court cases, you realize that the overwhelming majority those court cases out of about 60 only a couple of them do they actually hear the evidence they hear the allegations mostly the rest of them are all thrown out for a lack of cause lack of standing or something called latches, which means you should've filed this before the election, not after solos were thrown out on a technicality, not the merits of the system but anyway these Republicans voted because they were concerned and we should all be concerned about election integrity. Whether you're Republican or Democrat. If you can't trust that your vote or other people's votes are actually being accurately counted and who is deciding the outcome of an election. Now this case appeared Democrat you might not care because Joe Biden your guy one. But if the shoe were on the other foot and it was back in 2016. Even the guy that was the head of the prosecution in the Senate impeachment trial last week is right now it's February 15. Even he was back in 2016 he called out in the counting of the electoral college votes against the validating the boat saying that the election was stolen. In this case for Donald Trump and so this swings both ways and you remember this and what they were doing in contesting this was constitutional. Now back in the Civil War days, there were some problems because this out southern states after the Civil War sent up some bogus slate of electors and go study the electoral college.

Apart from this podcast today but they had sent up a bogus slate of competing slate and then they had to deal with it.

How do we deal with this. We have this, craziness coming in from states in the electoral College vote and so they pass a law that was unlike 1887, 1889 that dealt with okay here's the deal. If there's some concerns about the legitimacy of the electoral College vote from any state yet to have one person in the house and one person in the Senate object on January 6 when they count the electoral college votes in writing and then by law they dismiss for up to two hours debated in the house and the Senate to vote in both chambers and upper chambers can agree then you accept the electors that were sent in from the particular state, and you move on. That's also constitutional.

That's also part of the rule of law and so it's important understand what the facts are behind this. She's talking about working for democracy and were trying to they were trying to prevent us from from finishing the electoral College vote. I don't know that the crowd was we don't know some collective notion of what the crowd wanted to do or accomplish. So I think it's care we have to be careful not to speak in assumptive language, but they were certainly there to voice their opinion and they were passed off about the election they thought had been stolen and they wanted to make their voices clear. I think if they thought they were actually going to stop this constitutional process for happening their idiots and we should all be thankful that the Constitution in terms of the process one out it was just a few hours later that evening in the Senate and the House and the Senate. When they came back in and they instead of contesting six states only contested to they didn't have enough votes to win those arguments and so they ended up validating the electoral college votes from all 50 states and Joe Biden was then later inaugurated for president, but they were following a constitutional process. Nancy Pelosi will but makes it act like they were not.

But in fact they were okay. Let's go. The next the next clip only gotten a call telling to another room now going to an undisclosed location. How may present securely by members yeah they were traumatized by someone on the floor somewhere on the gallery watching because it coated. We had just okay. Just a quick comment on this one.

Nancy Pelosi talking about. She was worried for herself because she is security owner number three in line behind the president to be the president then now you can have security since you weren't wasn't worried about herself, but then she said she was worried about her members.

Now this is just a little note little side note, because I struggle with this myself is as I when I first heard that in the podcast. I thought you should probably just talk about or Democrat members that I thought man how cynical am I to give Nancy Pelosi the benefit of the doubt here lies if it matters that this is coming from some conservative talk radio show podcast guy, but I need to check myself because right now in this environment. I don't know about you but I certainly know about me. I jump to the conclusion I assume the worst about anybody that's on the opposite side of the aisle. Listen Nancy Pelosi's been there for a while. She knows all these people I know from people that are in Congress friends of mine that the the general environment is very acrimonious. There's not a lot of kind of back-and-forth friendly banter that they used to have just 2025 years ago that I still have to believe that Nancy Pelosi cares about everybody in the chamber as the speaker of the house. At least I hope she does. And Emma and I think probably she does at some level, but the fact that I thought that first cynically.

She's only thinking about the Democrat members when she said my members is only talk about Democrats, but we just need to I think we need to all give each other the benefit of the doubt a little bit more even summary Nancy Pelosi that's made lots of outlander statements about Republicans and conservatives so on and so forth. I still want to strive to give people the benefit of the doubt. We almost never do that anymore, which is said okay let's get to the next one to say that first about my memories. I asked all of them to write a journal to record how they saw. I tested this is history.

Your perspective, the individual perspectives are very important part of that and then another month and like you to write again your perspective because it's this is a pain that people will carry this big scar on our nation and again people felt it very up close and personal, then so that some wall. I said this will be the historical record and so I'm very excited about seeing what they put down there because the world should know. Okay, just for posterity.

State sake and historical sake. I think it's a great idea write a journal and then 30 days as you process and calm down and and have's and gain some contacts.

Then write a journal again and I think it's important, I think it's a great idea.

However, when she talks about, you know, a big scar in our nation. This continues to be the conversation at least on the left. That's only really talking about the event itself not really talking much at all about what led up to the event. What could be going on in this nation that would cause 500 people thousand people. The ones I got inside plus that was a huge crowd that surrounded the capital. What could cause them to get to that point where they would be willing to be violent to be dangerous to break the law to essentially break and enter again. I believe there were instigators there, but that wasn't the entire crowd. There were deftly a bunch of trump supporters there. Some were malicious and crazy, some just got caught up in the frenzy of it all and I think it's another important point and you don't know and I don't know what every single person in that crowd what their motivation was what their story is were finding out more.

But of all the people, hundreds and hundreds. I got in there. They've only arrested to this point a couple hundred of them so there's 200, 300, 400 that have been arrested yet so we do not know the narrative of every person that storm the capital that they would need to be careful not to speak in gross generalizations, but the question does need to be asked and we need to grapple with that. How can we get to the point in this country where people some more nefarious than others will get to the point where they would be willing to break into our nation's capital to talk about.

That's the note, our house, our house and that's true in people inside the capital building.

Many of them affected like it's their house it's belongs to all of us.

And so the willingness to go in there. What could get a country and countrymen to the point where they would be willing to do that and that's a question I hope will grapple with. I hope that's a question Congress grapples with a like a said earlier when it comes to election integrity. If we can trust the results of our elections, especially presidential elections at the national level than who's running this country and if you're on the left appeared Democrat you should be asking that question in lieu of Bernie Sanders who got hosed twice because the machine simply didn't want Bernie Sanders to be the candidate. So the machine dealt with Bernie Sanders that was not legitimate. These superdelegates and other means to push Bernie Sanders out of the way first for Hillary Clinton and then again for Joe Biden and again for all of us as Americans, we should all be deeply concerned about election integrity there. People put in jail for decades now that a been arrested and put in jail.

This is this election integrity election problems cheating. This is not new and it's happening and it's happening more and I think when you look at some of the evidence and the allegations that's out there. You sit there at least should go yeah this doesn't look great and we should be willing to put it up under a microscope and go okay.

We need to know because whether on the left of the right. Again, if our elections are not being decided, purely by the will of the people within the confines of the electoral college than who's deciding them and if it's not us, then it's an oligarchy, which is a government controlled by very small, very powerful group of people, which is where I think were out today, but for us as US citizens just little plebeians out here.

We should all be taking note that that's really the driving factor behind what happened on January 6 and that absolutely should be investigated to the fullest extent and we should all be worried about.

Okay, let's move on.

Now this one is an element that I had been talking about for a long time. That gives me great grace is a Catholic. I think it Donald Trump is president because of the issue of woman's right to choose when he signed that paper saying these are the judges that I will appoint. That was the dog whistle to the an angelical's to the Catholics and all the rest a woman will not have the right to choose and when you see the pulse of that impeachment now 80% think would happen was wrong. 77% said he's responsible 47% don't think he should be impeached well why one issue abortion right is that is enough. When you take the greed of those who want their tax cut. That's it.

Probably a small number, but nonetheless a number and then you take the abortion issue in any of these people are very good people. That's just point if you like they were willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue okay okay as a very conservative evangelical major pro-life person. This one really gets my goat. Okay, so here's Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be a devout Catholic. The Catholic Church very clear on its antiabortion stance and so it's interesting that she's bringing out Catholicism but talking about abortion and and frankly is a is a pro-life Christian remarkably condescending for her to say no Trump puts out is listed of certain judges, pro-life judges, most likely, and that's a quote dog whistle unquote to pro-lifers. I guess like me. A dog whistle. Hey everybody, you idiots bunch animals you bunch of jumbos I put some judges on a list here that I want to elevate to the federal bench as well as the Supreme Court bench.

If I get up if I get a chance, so come on over here, you dumb little dogs and come, follow me.

It's so condescending and a and so arrogant is just remarkable that she is comfortable talking about people that care about unborn lives more than she does in for her as a Catholic to take that position and she goes on in this podcast, and talks about most of her family disagrees with her and praise the Lord for it. If you're going to call yourself a Catholic or Christian, you really have no room here on the abortion issue you can talk about the legality and all that stuff. We get into that, but if you're Christian you should be pro life.

The Bible is pro-life and abundantly so. So you really can't support abortion at any level to be consistent with Christianity, but then she goes even further at that as you stand me up on that one.

But then she said in what's the one reason one issue that they think he should not be impeached. Abortion, but that's the one issue don't impeach the president for inciting a crowd in insurrection because of abortion because he put three most likely pro life judges on the Supreme Court in numerous hundreds on the federal court so don't impeach him ignore any evidence any impeachable charges ignore it because of abortion. No a lot of people. I don't believe he should've impeach because I don't believe legally it rises to the level of incitement which is there's also US code for that, nor insurrection.

I don't think it rises a legal level but remember 18 and impeachment clinical trial is not a trial sent a judicial hearing it's outside of the judicial branch into political proceeding but to boil that all down that people trump supporters that didn't think he should be impeach.

The only reason is because of abortion, that's so simpleminded and so inaccurate of Nancy Pelosi and so just, degrading and insulting, at least to somebody like me and a lot of pro life conservatives and Steve were review for the impeachment know I think that it's not even constitutional because now are talking about a former president and impeachment is there to deal with current officeholders.

I don't think it was constitutional. I don't think it rises to the level of incitement or insurrection by the US code, which should matter, but what about abortion, I was what what about it was that have to do with this is are two different issues. Hang speaker Pelosi. Believe it or not me as a Bible thumping, God-fearing, Jesus loving, pro life Christian. I can actually walk and chew gum at the same time man that was insulting.

I let's move on and you know one of the terrible ironies of their position is that starting in the 90s under Democratic presidents. The abortion rate went way down, and with proper contraception in education and stigma free conversation. The numbers can continue to go way down. So what's really incredibly sad is how those who, in my opinion and experience do not view this issue as a priority have used the legitimate questions, concerns, and yes, understanding of faith to obtain and use power when we said was if you reject terminating a pregnancy you should love contraception.

That's right again. There's a great deal of hypocrisy here this many of these people.

Of course, are not having 13 children. Somebody who had five children almost exactly to the day in six years I spoke to my colleagues when you have five children six to come and talk to Catholic. I know I come from a family that is would like to see me soften my message on this subject that they know this is something I and all the way with an SLA understand and I respect their point. If you put them right. But that doesn't mean it's a point of view for somebody right and your overall point is you know let's have a true economic safety net. Let's have a true jobs program, including an infrastructure program which I know is at the heart of your commitment to the future. Let's have a healthcare system that covers everyone with quality, affordable healthcare, and then let's talk first things first. Okay. All right. Here you'll get all right, let's let's talk about Hillary first on site with Hillary first in the Nancy's comments backed up by Hillary's cackling in the background. Anyway, Hillary. Talk about terrible wineries still on the abortion thing that not even a with Democrat presidents abortion rates have gone down, which is true. And there's a great article I talked about recently, my radio show that considers all the different factors is why have abortion rates peaked at that in about 1992, 1.6 million in ever since has been going down what you have Republican or Democrat presidents. They continue to trend down and as a pro-life Christian I say praise the Lord for that. That's great. The question is why. Now they talk about their and always talk about. This is generally what happens. Not always, but usually there to talk about contraceptive and contraception and contraceptives in coverings of sex education in those things which there's an argument to be made there but one of the big reasons abortion has been coming down since 1992 was the advent of technology. The technology of ultrasound so 1973 with Roe versus Wade. Ultrasound wasn't a thing they could maybe hear a heartbeat but you weren't seeing anything. It was like a blob that was convenient but as technology increased.

Now there's no question over the last 1520 years you get ultrasound get 3D ultrasound now everybody knows it's very obvious even at 10 weeks. One of those loser fingers where they attach to hands really attached to forearm. What's form attached. That's an elbow. What's it what's able to test you well of the upper arm and then the shoulder and then the neck and into lies in the nose and mouth and two ears and fingers, toes, knees, the whole line right so now nobody because the technology can deny that that's a human child right so that's one of the big reasons that abortion rates have come down plus some other things which I say praise the Lord and so I'm I'm I'm glad that she brought that up and recognize another thing that I would agree with your on on Hillary's comments when she talked about. It was said that people abuse this meeting abortion abortion policy to obtain and use power and that's my problem with a whole lot of Republicans over the last several decades up in Washington DC. There certainly going to raise money off the pro-life issue there in a trumpet at the time out in about an talk about other pro-life and that's the number one thing yada yada yada. But one of the do.

I mean, even when Trump first got in.

He had Republicans in charge and in the house first first two years, so the Republicans ran the house in the Senate plus trump in the White House and they could defund Planned Parenthood but they didn't. In this both sides do this.

They'd rather have the issue than the solution. Because the issue allows them to raise money and it gives him another bat to use against their competitors.

On the other side of the aisle.

And that's that's just kind of the swamp. That's like the status quo. That's the way politics works.

So I agree with Hillary Clinton, 100% that is said it's disgusting to me that people abuse the just given it lipservice in order to raise money, they ultimately really don't care about the issue and that's true on both sides of the aisle, not a Nancy's point and then she's like listen if you have 13 kids essentially need to set up your your guilty of hypocrisy. What it's all about 13 kids are 10 kids or five kids like she does.

I'm no longer allowed to talk about a clearly defined moral issue. What is that what kind of thinking is that other than pride and kind of elitism. If you don't, I had five kids in six years. So if you do that, then you can come talk to me about this issue, but otherwise, keep your mouth shut. I mean, that's so ridiculous I hope you see that, especially if you're not a conservative like me appear on the other side of the aisle. I hope you see that you shouldn't be able to talk about the horrific nature of rape unless you been raped.

No man should be speaking out about rape as well. We speak about these issues. Whether you're male or female experience it or haven't because these are clear moral issues that we as human beings should care about to arrive 13 kids five kids one kit or no kit my voice on an issue, especially as important as abortion matters and I have a right to it. Are you telling Mam's metal speaker that I don't have a First Amendment right of final at 13 kids are five like you and had five of kids in six years and a woman. I don't have a right and sees that on shut up. No, that's not America, that's not right that's not freedom that's not liberty. Let's move on to another clip we learned a lot about our system of government over the last four years with a president to disdains democracy and as you have said numerous times has other agendas. What they all are. I don't think we had now I hope.

Historically, we will find out who he's beholden to, who pulls his strings.

I would love to see his phone records to see whether he is talking to Pruden the day that the insurgents invaded our capital but we now know that not just him, but his enablers, his accomplices, his cult members have the same disregard for democracy while okay I want to try to be as respectful as I can hear but to hear Hillary Clinton talk about Russia almost 4 1/2 years after the presidential election competition. She was in with Pres. Trump is rather amusing, and that's just an amazing thought okay you know what they did do an investigation. Hillary do recall we spend millions of dollars and months and months and months of an investigation to find out about Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russia and then what we found out and what were going to continue to find out is that the problem wasn't Russia. The problem was the American Department of Justice as well as your campaign.

Mam who cooked up and paid for the fake steel dossier and all that other garbage.

So here is a woman who apparently cannot get over her loss to somebody like Donald Trump's of the fact that she's continuing to talk about Russia and who pulls the strings, and was he on the phone with Pruden the day of the capital invasion on January 6 is just remarkable. It just screams sore loser and and just kinda delusional to me and then it's it's interesting in the course of if you go on a listen to the podcast Nancy Pelosi was right there with her and it's kind of funny to me anyway that Hillary Clinton wants to listen and check out Donald Trump's phone records from that day is coming from the woman that destroyed her own server and bleach bit in a hammer and disappearing emails. It's just the hilarity of that just goes beyond description anyway and then the other thing president who disdains democracy, not me step back here for second and say one of the problems with the presidency in general as it is gotten far too powerful. But as our nation of the last 200 years passed more more laws at the legislative branch, the executive branch is responsible for implementing and overseeing those laws so the more the government is gotten involved in every nook and cranny of American life, but isn't both as individuals and as a culture as a society and the economy in the business world individual businesses and industries in the president the inlet, the executive branch is gotten bigger and more powerful in most presence. Look at where right now. I mean I'm recording this on February 15 and Joe Biden to date in less than a month has set an absolute record for executive action signing Executive Order after Executive Order 52, as of the end of last week, and that's somebody who apparently disdains democracy as well. This is a problem on both sides of the aisle. And just like I always just so you know full disclosure, my blood would boil and I would always get upset when either Donald Trump himself talked about running the country or Trump fans would be like you doing a great job of running the country like the president of the United States doesn't run the country. He runs one third of the federal government in terms of branches but a whole lot more than that. In terms of power, which is part of the problem but anyway to hear Hillary talking about. This was just unbelievable to me but at least she's consistent. Okay, let's go to the very last the very last clip from the Hilary Nancy conversation that will wrap it up. You think we need a 9/11 type commission to investigate and report everything that they can pull together and explain what happened. I do any and to your point is was he beholden to live as I've said over and over.

As I said in that picture with my decision right as I was leaving, but I was saying to him as I was pointing brutally at him with you, Mr. Pres. All roads lead to poor. I don't know what Putin has on him politically, financially and personally. But what happened last week was a gift because Spencer wants to undermine democracy in our country and throughout the world and these people, and unbeknownst to been made of potent puppets they were doing police business when they did that at the excitement of an insurrection by the president of the United States. Okay so here we are. Like I mentioned before, Nancy jumping on board all about Putin, who is he beholden to them. By the way, when Hillary mentioned the 9/11 commission and Nancy Pelosi agreed with that, to throw my vote in there as well. I think we should have a 9/11 style commission to look into it.

The problem is can we trust them as it is there any way on God's green earth that that could actually be a nonpartisan commission to actually look at it like for example Nancy Pelosi what did she know when did she know it.

She knew this stuff was coming in. This was gonna be a problem. On January 6.

Why did they not, for example, take a Pres. Trump up on his offer to send 10,000 National Guard troops there in advance of all this mess, so I'm totally with them on that when I think there needs to be a 9/11 commission and I wholeheartedly agree and give two thumbs up that idea. Okay, so back to Pruden in all roads lead to Pruden in the and generally six was a gift to Pruden yada yada yada. Blah blah blah other office Pruden puppets. Here's the big problem with that. They want to be obsessed about Putin. That's fine. But if you obsess about Pruden you're actually ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room in the underground ground 800 pound gorilla in the room is not Vladimir Putin. And it's not Russia it's Pres. G. And China that see hundred pound gorilla in the room. Now maybe they don't want to deal with China because China was in bed to a certain extent with the Clintons in the Clinton foundation and then the Bidens obviously have all kinds of entanglements with China and the fact that they're talking about Pruden versus China Pruden is nothing compared to a president G of China Russia is nothing compared to the power and authority and influence of China, all around the world. China is the threat not Pruden. China is the threat not Russia. So the fact that they are talking about this is really concerning to me is a US citizen, especially from a foreign policy perspective because they're missing the forest for the trees and they just need to hopefully they'll get over their obsession with Trump, Pruden, yada yada. And look at the real problem from an international diplomacy perspective economic perspective covert operations perspective and election integrity perspective because China has been messing with us for years and they want nothing more than to see America destabilized and brought down and and Trump was willing to go head-to-head with them sometimes in a strange way, but Alisa went to head-to-head with them in order to see Biden and these guys cozy up to China which should set off alarms and bells and whistles and all of our minds, but is just remarkable that these two rather experienced women diplomats elected officials are saying Pruden in Russia when it should be.

She and China is remarkably scary. Okay. Well, there you have it, that's the end of yet another episode of who is this SOP and will be back again to try to do one a month. This year 2021 and look at things from hopefully a not so predictable perspective all agree were I can all disagree where I must and I'll try to do that with someone sadness and some stability in occasional laugh and wash looking to do some interview style SOP podcasts as well like we did last year were some people that I don't agree with or don't see eye to eye with them some younger people. In particular, so looking to be working towards that as well. Please like the podcast where your podcasts were in all the major podcast platforms I share with friends. Some another perspective to consider as we try to grow as Americans and as individuals. Perhaps as a person of faith to the website who is this or certainly subscribe where you get your podcasts and this is Steve Noble and hopefully not quite the SOP expected me to be and hopefully we'll talk again real soon

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