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Impeachment 2.0

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 10, 2021 4:39 pm

Impeachment 2.0

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 10, 2021 4:39 pm

Impeachment 2.0

The second impeachment of Former President Donald Trump has begun.  Today Steve accepts callers to talk about the current state of the country and their concerns. 


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Wake up everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sicker down because the 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online noble and now here's your host Steve Noble well, how are you a pretty good day fell about new that I started watching the impeachment 2.0 Senate U.S. Senate apparently now is the most hollow ground on the face of the earth which is one of our problems. By the way in and to be all over the place will be here today but anyone hear from you today. I know what you think of this impeachment. 2.0 going on started yesterday started going on today will go on for the next several days, but I'm curious how some of you I'm sure some of you yet. I think this needs to happen and that's fine that that's what you think.

I don't want you to be afraid to call and ensure that I will ask you why because I think we need that dialogue and have a conversation about this lamina keep the funds open today's of you want to call and just share with us what you think about this impeachment is a total sham at the Democrats are yeah you know, maybe it's good not terribly divisive Sterba for the country. You have no faith in the government anymore. Whatever the case may be. I would love to hear from you today. I during the confines of the show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number is always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH your answer might be the same as my buddy Alan on Facebook lives that I don't care I don't care and I started watching yesterday.

I could do it on my gun.

I can get on my time, but then today. Okay I'm coming to give the Democrats their props here because they are they are just masterful at creating a narrative in using all the and this is a lesson for all of us. Okay, there's a great lesson here for all of us that we can learn from former Pres. Trump and the lesson is the more stuff you put out there and you and you and you lack a certain amount of self-control. The more that stuff will come back potentially to haunt you in the future okay because believe me I when I became an activist in 2004.

I did a lot of media. No were not a huge market and I was a big fish in a little pond. I guess we were messing with everything I was willing to go on camera, TV, print, radio, whatever. Which is how I can ended up here in the first place. But, so I was never afraid to do that but I did learn that the more I talk to you do a long interview. The more you talk the less comes out the other end of the Play-Doh machine in the media, the more the more you talk the less you recognize the finished product once it comes out because they just pull quote they take things out of context and they can pretty much anybody in the media can pretty much make you sound whatever they want to make you sound like her look like or whatever worldview they want to have a whatever thing they want to emphasize they can do that are easy to do so. Trump with his bombastic hyperbolic language over the last year, but especially during the campaign during the general election. And then after the election and all the unfolding stop after November 3.

He put there's so much content out there video tweets all that stuff that if it were your desire.

And certainly this is the desire the Democrats to absolutely tar and feather the guy he's put a lot of stuff out there that they can turn around and use against him because I get to do now is take some some creative brilliance really does take some creative brilliance to build a take all the stuff and pull it all together and then turn around and presented in a way because remember, this is not a criminal trial.

This is not a judicial experience here. This is a political maneuver. This is a political experiences political theater. It's not judicial, and especially since that Supreme Court Justice Chief Justice John Roberts was like yeah no thanks I did not to be a part of that. So rumor this is you get all crazy about it and in want lawyers to interrupt an object, but the St. the sink that political theater politics 101 to the nth degree to a whole new level and so you cannot hold it. I wish we could but you can't you can't hold it up to the same standard you would a court of law because this is in a court of law. If anything is kinda more like a kangaroo court with Democrat Sen. Leahy in charge who Artie said that he's going to vote to convict and that's the guy this cortical kind of the judge proceeding over over the proceedings in charge of the proceedings. The whole thing is just nutty. But I am curious as to what you think of it I got got a lot of things I want to share some of which are probably not you like to hear, but I'm not here to please you.

I'm here to challenge you and try to inform you and to share my read on stuff. The best I can hopefully filtered as much as possible through a biblical worldview without falling prey to political idolatry, which I've been guilty of a lot in the past. So that's what you get to gate today but I would love to hear from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

What you think about the impeachment 2.0 proceedings that started yesterday 866-34-TRUTH let's go to up eat first conifer Molly P think so much for: go ahead like a warning from what I am teaching them from her for fall right now but will be soon was a funny thing that's going on there. Pete and that's a great question and a simple question in a straightforward question, but there's a lot more to that and I appreciate you calling and asking what are they impeaching him, for we constitutionally notice is where you have a problem yesterday you had six units, six Republicans voted yesterday that there fine with the impeachment process.

Even though Donald Trump is obscene that a sitting president okay is sitting president.

He's out whether you would think he's officially out or not is is not relevant for this conversation. If you're waiting for March 4 or six or whatever is not relevant right now but he's out is another guy in the White House so what's the point of a political proceeding: impeachment is to remove a sitting president or a sitting federal judge or somebody at that level to remove them somewhat based on their interpretation as they thousand representatives interpretation of whether they think they violated quote unquote high crimes and misdemeanors. Okay so at the house under the control the Democrats in this in this particular instance decides yet. We think this is high crimes and misdemeanors. However they choose to define that they can bring the charges and then force it over because this is the constitutional process in the Senate, which conducts the trial court." But this is not a judicial proceeding.

This is a political proceeding. So what's the point of impeaching a former president never happened before. They did impeach a former leader, former military leader.

They did that for that. But this never happened with presidency. We've only had four impeachment by the way, half of which have occurred now in the last 13 months, but setting that aside, because whether constitutional or not doesn't really matter which is a problem here in the United States of America, the Constitution, like the old hymn said becoming strangely dim, but for an altogether different reason than that played him.

This is the noble and going around and listen to the free to lay another great white throne judgment stuck much easier to be treated hopelessly in hope that they will be going to remember that. Welcome back in. Remember, if you're in Christ for dealing with now consternation personal stuff political stuff, United States of America stuff in your family stuff in my family. Your help. My help somebody else and sell your your your finances, your relationships, your marriage or wayward kid you're disrespectful Whatever what I and all of its meaningful and all of its serious but all of that is temporary, limited thought temporary so when I'm losing my mind like I am today after watching about two and half hours of the impeachment proceedings I have to hold a second, what else, what was true to get back to my foundation. What's my house that is is feeling tempted to shake right now what's it built on 00 that's right. Thank you Lord, thank you father the rock of Jesus Christ. I know the big picture. I know the overarching narrative.

I know the dissent of civilization. Then Jesus comes back in settles every account every injustice will be dealt with in the end, and every sinner, every sin will be paid for it only be paid by you personally if you refuse to acknowledge God and reach out for forgiveness and accept it through his son. You'll pay for every one of your sins or Jesus Artie did.

That's it. But every accounts can be settled sweeter. Jesus paid it because those individuals placed their faith in him and the substitutionary atonement takes place takes care of them and all other garbage all their sin. All my sin.

I hope all of your sent or is it no thanks, work my way in, or know things that just a bunch of bunk. I blow it off your get a paper every single injustice. Every single sin you ever committed. Starting at whatever age 5 or six or seven okay that's a deal. So I go back to the rock which gives me great peace at times like this.


And that's why we as we talked late yesterday and my buddy Bill man is on Facebook live today sent me saying I cannot talk about another way.

1/3 way and he actually wrote a blog post with some of the talk, but hopefully on Friday.

Bill the third way in the 3rd Way, Christ way has never been a more obvious need for it, then I think right now in the history nation. Okay let me jump over here to the foundry quick talking about impeachment 2.0 clay start have you on on hold for so long bunch caller stacked up so try to get). Thank you. To be sure you hold on though everybody got the report but were all sure and what I'm going to listen to, you know Jay Sekulow sure brother. Her brother Jordan Alder brought out the interesting thing when you go back and you listen to what the truck had to share nowhere in his in his sharing of the words that he was sure with the people they were trying to get his work wrote to did he say anything to do it peacefully. Okay that's been so many people are saying that you think the good character R: Donica or Dr. several over the videos that they have tried to bring forth. Okay. And the interesting thing about it: hello what is what I'm gonna say about that okay doctoring is changing pulling things out of context is using something that exists but only pulling out the section that helps make your point. I haven't seen anything for a few days that I would call his doctor pulled out of context absolutely.

But I don't think they've actually given it to some video guy somewhere and have them change will are couple of people pointed out that they should be brought in a professional recording payment babe but anyway, here's the thing that really got my attention. It's interesting that you have a man who was trying to do when it no I'm sorry we wanted to do the right thing for this country and when he was talking on two different occasions.

One was when he was down in Georgia trying to get the true people. All the Republicans got into it, but we see what happened there, and when he gave his speech on the on that day that things happen that the capital works like many times before him. They said it was brought out.

This is, no one can we not just go ahead and get other people like yours and Obama and everybody else because they probably have used that word if you're going to use the word that that person called out right hold. These are present and you need to impeach Obama you need to pick Clayton's work, you need to pick every single person that you were because what they're doing, what work they're doing is you that were against him sure what what you're thinking it might play your thinking logically and judicially, and this is neither allotted or judicial proceeding. This is a political proceeding that started in brother. I believe I have shared with you before that I'm not a political person. I feel that it has brought a lot of harm more harm than good to what people like you and me and other people that are listening on the radio and I know it's just a really pediatric thing. Why do you need to bring the church into something that is probably likely like brother Jerry and them said earlier, that is going to divide this country just a little bit more and will see the end result not going to get you or anybody else but brother I know the Lord working on this and I know you don't expose the whole thing anyway I just really said that you have the dummy Using one word specifically Sir and his lawyers do. Especially they don't have a really concrete case or to gin up a lot of emotion which is exactly what the doing Clay thanks for calling. I appreciate that. I said get to the phones 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to chime in on this impeachment. 2.0 866-34-TRUTH.

Let's go to Monique's call in and from Greensboro money.

Thanks for calling going to have what They stop being so carnal like kind like light. You know I think it really though now I owe don't do anything with called out got you got what God can't think that one can't wait did you get it out very telling whether the people that are behind it realizes are not very spelling assisting you no matter what route waypoint money. Thanks for your call is always God bless you think so much for calling and I like Phil said on Facebook live. Maybe they just want to intimidate those in my following transfer steps you come in here and try to flee from and working to take you out hope that I just say that they trying to process through and do not lose her mind impeachment 2.0 eyes watching it earlier today about two hours worth and thank goodness I did take out one of our kids to dance and pick her up in a class to take her to dance think you rescued me.

I don't think she was aware of it but anyway watching that today and only watch about 13 minutes of the yesterday as I could take but I would say this that the Democrats are masterful at creating a narrative telling a story, pulling in tweets and video in things that Trump said things that Trump tweeted because he puts so much stuff out there. This is how it works is why mention of beginning the show if you're ever interviewed. The more you talk the less you can end up recognizing the interview because you give them all kinds of stuff you put a ton of stuff on the table and they can just pick through it at the really good at it and they are in pick through it and just pick the parts that are just going to make you look absolutely the worst and they do that.

So they got well because the last week and half or so at the news that showing more and more across mainstream media.

Even as well. This shirt looks like a there's a lot of stuff about her now.

Looks like this was totally preplanned all kinds of people involved proud boys and teapot to some extent, and listen.

I've been having this back-and-forth argument with people mostly on Facebook for four weeks, if not a couple months now. That's that's that would normal Trump rallies were never like this except there were a couple tying up with them to get punched in the face little things here and there, but largely 99% of the people at Trump rallies. I'm sure are just really regular nice people that love the country and and and hopefully a decent chunk of them love the Lord, but now people like to say there is a million people there.

Okay let me.

I don't think there were many people there. I think there half a million people but doesn't matter, let's go with a million just to satisfy those of you that want to really plant that million man flag in DC on January 6. Do you think is there any chance that out of that million people 1% could have been just nasty racist white supremacist proud boy type wackos that that vote for Trump in love, Trump doesn't mean Trump endorses them. Obviously, I guarantee you there are people that watch the show or listen to the show that I would never associate with because they're just out there man, but does that mean I'm them. Of course not. But let's say just 1%. Do you think there's any Trump boat 70 and 74 million people. Do you think any of them were racists are racist.

Yes, of course, you think any of them are white supremacist. Yes, of course, you think any of them look at child pornography. Yes, of course, you think soon I'm doing because I'm a believer in human depravity sought so we got you debris people in every group hey go to church this Sunday. Good gets people in their watch report you do you think yes people and their struggling with this that the only thing you do.

Does that mean that's what the pastors know so it's it is a million people 1% of them are whacked out terrible nasty people racist white supremacist people. That's 10,001% 99% great have come over dinner. I love you to be my neighbor you cut my grass will bring trash. It's all good, but 1% out of a million. That's 10,000 black jobs nasty people who are Trump supporters. By the way, and then other agitators, yes, how many I don't know.

Neither do you company and teapot people are in their I think there were some was it the majority. I don't think so, but I can't prevent can you most the people that they've actually rested that we know of. Look to be kind of nasty proud boy whites. Premise type wackos right and some of them saying hey we believe our president called us there in our president wanted us to charge Congress and what he didn't tell you to do that. That's where that so convoluted, but for somebody to make. This is what I'm not comfortable doing anymore. I am very careful about making declarative statements about things where I don't have absolute knowledge and how much absolute knowledge do I have, given that I'm a human being, absolute sure, my fingers touching my nose right now. Good. I'm actually sure that at least I'm speaking into a microphone in my on the radio intracranial number capital network before broadcast.

I don't know. I assume so but I don't know that for sure, son. I'm kinda hesitant to make blanket statements assuming they know the truth. None of those people were Trump supporters come on yes they were setting all that aside, what's going on in the impeachment right.

This is not in a courtroom, so those rules don't apply especially when the judge is somebody that's also on the jury that's Artie said he's gonna vote to convict that would be Sen. lady write jokes like kangaroo court is not a judicial proceeding is a political proceeding based on political well which the Democrats of the vast majority of Democrats had more political will and the Republicans for decades now. It's part of our problem. That's part of explaining why Trump one in the first place.

People were sick of namby-pamby rhinos and they wanted a fighter in there and that's what they got. That's what we got we got. We want to fight or we got a fighter.

So what's going on now. Yesterday on like listen, this is all its colossal waste of time. It's a big joke is a political maneuver.

They're just trying to pound some extra nails and the guys Coppin because I absolutely hate about what I saw today into a nap hours of watching this troubled me because we've got you need 67 senators to convict the president on these impeachment charges okay 67, which would require 17 Republicans into the go. No way.

17 Republican vote to convict while six of them already tilted their hand yesterday and voted with the Democrats of this is completely constitutional. No problem. So Mitt Romney Murkowski people like that.

Then sass they tilted their hit and one other guy to get from Louisiana switch and so he voted that it wasn't constitutional before when a public Paul Ryan called for the boat and then yesterday voted that it is so he switch so now they got six that are perfectly comfortable voting to convict. They they showed us that yesterday Snyder down to only needing 11 Republicans. Can you get them will be the Democrats are doing a masterful job of making this really emotional appeal, and even though we know that a lot of the stuff that took place in the capital. In January, six, and this is coming out mainstream media even as that preplanned stuff. So how can you incite a crowd to do something. They were some of them were already planning to do while the Democrats know how to play this game.

Manipulation of information there really good at it.

So they're using that as part of their narrative. Of course Donald Trump knew all these people were to be doing this, of course he knew the bomb was being built. He knew that it was being put in place that day, he called them, knowing that some of them are violent, knowing that some of them were would be armed and then he pointed them to the capital and then they haven't set this ship will and then we release an organ down there peacefully be patriotic. That's like with a wink and a not right. Hey all, we can match and see my wink go down there and be peaceful when he knew the whole time that these radical elements were there. He wanted to be there and then then sass came out recently and said hey I heard from inside the White House, but Donald Trump couldn't understand why the rest of his staff wasn't elated when the people were breaking into the capital AA, then sass can stand the president is saying he heard air quotes from somebody inside the White House air quotes, ants and what you do with that. While I don't know the true rent and in if you're a hardcore Pro Trump you say no open sass is a liar. If your hardcore Democrat you say. Of course it's true, but do you know do I know I don't do. I think 11 Republicans could be swung by the emotional appeal of what's going on with the kabuki theater going on in the Senate as they piece together things and make paint their narrative and create the story. It all depends on how the political winds are blowing back in their own state because this is for most of these people up on the hill. It's CYP cover your butt and so what are they worried about worried about the next election, especially if you got one in two years as a US Sen. so there licking their finger put it up in the air and see which way the political winds are blowing and if they think that it might actually hurt them to not vote to convict them there to be tempted to vote in this emotional play that's going on in the U.S. Senate today, which is turned impeachment into nothing more than a two opposing drama teams trying to present the narrative in a story to tug at your heartstrings. That's what it is not a judicial proceeding has nothing to do with logic or the law is purely political which means there and there and and my concern is Trump's lawyers got act and treat it like it's like you're in a courtroom, but they're not there in a political theater and I don't know that I don't know that there up to that and so do I think there's a 11 more Republicans that could be swung. No, probably not yesterday have like this is a waste of time is no way they would actually convict today. Enlighten I don't know people are awfully easily manipulated people are afraid. And there's plenty of Republicans in the Senate that are just playing the game. I think though probably hold the line, but man is it sobering to watch all this and and to see what's happening to our nation and of course I've seen this in comments to Facebook where I've been sharing a few thoughts on like I'm sharing with you now the country is unity. First, get it out the door to find his deeper and wider every day. Hold civil war continues and this is just pouring more gas on the fire. So what we do as Christians, we better be in prayer and get a couple of things say about that you want to react when to love to hear from a 663-487-8466 34 three Friday will going to next week. I don't. I'm sure that I think they probably will.

And just to kinda keep playing the narrative. It's like this unfolding drama.

This narrative cutting and pasting pulling things out of context, but there really good at it. I got a given that, I mean I was watching about two nap hours today.

Mike wow this is if you if you get caught up in your emotions and and only what you're being presented.

You can easily be swayed in a certain direction and unfortunately in this digitally soaked entertainment, soaps, Netflix, stilt world of ours. That's kind of what we do and people there's a way that seems right to man, and in the end it leads to destruction right and so receipt so you we all if you're in Christ, cling to a biblical worldview clean to the truth.

The only solid truth on the earth is the truth of God that is reality and everything else is as it strays away from that is just madness and craziness which is illegal our nation's bad man is going crazy. You're right it is because that's the definition of crazies being out of touch with reality.

What's reality. Reality is that which is true or what is true is only Pontius Pilate get that's all works.

Let's go over to a Taylor Condon from Winston-Salem, Taylor, thanks for calling. Go right ahead going okay for the express get Bob all you will been watching the boat last summer and I think political theater.

Definitely the correct term to use for all it didn't even seem reasonable that your body will be running it didn't seem like a reasonable candidate that you know as as we the further earlier, Gloria oh how much how much work you know it it's really mind-boggling to me and things like the world is almost an unrecognizable boy looking around at all, but from unit going down a logical unit I witnessed watching it on TV. Of course everything is unfolding on January the it doesn't make anything to me. Why would you want to create a in the capital when you're purpose was to bring to light the electoral book does make it that I just things like the whole thing is all direct there but will be felt. Influences came in and you disrupted the whole thing though unit that obviously was drunk The way that I yeah because what good did it bring me what's been the result.

Now you can paint again like I like I said earlier, and I don't know if you were listening to the show at the time. Last time Steve days was on Taylor. He's without the blaze Glenn Beck's network and he said listen, were no longer a nation of law our nation.

A political will, and so the Democrats had the political will and the wherewithal in the shrewdness. Quite frankly, to then take what happened on January 6 and there like wow that's a really big brush and we can paint all 74 million Trump voters with that brush in your all cycle pads and you're all set insurrectionist in your dangers to the country and we need to stop you. Thus, TicTac and everybody else gets involved to shut everybody down because you guys are insurrectionist trying to destroy the country and that they have the political will to play that game. I don't know what kind of political will, that the Republicans have agree and try not be someone that looked that thing. Typically, you know it. I don't want to be a beer person but it seems that everything that happened in the last month of the year.

Think about where we were.

You're going to calculated timing everything and you know and understand that's what people. But then, I'm ready for Jesus become a member of what a great way to integrate call Taylor thanks much for calling and for Sharon. That's a Taras I meant thanks for everything. You're welcome. God bless you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 34 to my my brain was exploding as Taylor is saying that since all to perfect the timing Cove in the election. Yada yada. All this stuff and that's when I sit there and go man well the timing is all too perfect, which makes it sound like perhaps there's forces outside of what were seeing that are involved here and that's it again. Some people are especially younger people.

I mean, our youngest child. She 16 not so much a child anymore, but although I'm a hold onto that but she's like you know I'm I'm getting a little freaked out. With all the end times talk and preaching in and this is it, man. Jesus come back soon, but we know there's a tribulation in the great tribulation is that this stuff just freaking me out because it's really uncomfortable to think about that and again it's not for us to know the exact time, but we are to pay attention to the seasons and to your point.

In one year.

Look one year ago today Cove.

It wasn't always wearing a mask less religion. Japan the coven in the election and brightened by all people. The non-candidate candidate.

The nonelection the non-campaign campaign and that's all it would take because it was never about Joe Biden. I can remember where I read this, but somebody in the fall. After the election, said hate you know what everybody was a Trump voter hundred 5050 560 million voters. They were all Trump voters almost none of them are Biden voters there all Trump voters either for or against, but by not bite Biden get in the White House and the lease they knew they had a problem. Is he an old white establishment guy. How do you balance that ticket out. You need a young person of color, female, otherwise it's just so obvious by look at all the stuff you know me.

I've never seen things change as rapidly and is expansively as I have in the last 12 months, which gives me an indication that there some spiritual forces at play here and that they and that were moving much closer like our last caller said come on back Jesus, I'm ready, come on back that's that's good. But also remember and here's a big point.

Let's say Jesus is going to come back this year 2021's the year not saying that he is so relax. It's not one of those guys I know the Scriptures is not our place.

Let's just go with me every second. Let's say that he is trying to help us when we do, how now show The question were wrestling with now on the show.

This probably the theme for 2021 now shall we. Jesus comes back this year.

How many people do you know or are aware of or around that are most likely going to go to hell when Jesus comes back.

How many is because the reality is here in America and around the world. It's most here in America. Did you know that convictional Christians that regularly attend church, has been the last hundred years has never really been much more than about 22 to 23% of the population the full church as I call it mainline denominations, liberal denominations, liberal churches, all that stuff is falling away at spot going the way the world's great falling away. Finally, but the actual church. Convictional Christians that believe God's word full of the Holy Spirit. Convictional Christians go regularly and fellowship regularly and try to apply a rigorous biblical worldview to their daily lives, 22, 23% of the population in terms of biblical worldview Barna research would show in the last 15 years, only about 13% of the populations actually born again so let's go with that number 13%, which means 80%, 87% of the people in the country right now.

Let's say above the age of six are destined for hell right unless what I'm knocking to get into free will and an election here but the best for Jesus.

If you thereof ago that way. What's few.

It's two or three at a 10 day pewter are the go that way so so what business should we be about what we gotta get Trump back in 2024. What if Jesus comes back this year. Think politics matters anymore. Nope, it doesn't do think Joe Biden matters anymore.

Nope, it doesn't me think about that for second, how would our lives change if in fact you know, don't know the day of the hour. Let's say it's this year sometime, how would that change. Who would you talk to who would you text what would you post. Who would you converse with what that change the interaction you have with your neighbors because the deal is friends that were supposed to live as if today is that day. That's the trick to the Walcott's on Facebook live share the gospel body now is that mean that's all we should do well if you look at the guard. The grand scheme of things and and how we use our time.

Yes, our our time should be more gospel driven than anything else. Not that doesn't mean we abandon the here and the now because people are suffering.

There's real things.

As a result of bad thinking and people supper made in the image of God, not the least of which of the pre-born but there better be a lot of activity in our lives. Discipleship to build up the church in the body and evangelism to share the gospel to make sure that our personal witness is going to be somewhat close to our proclamation so we try to live above reproach, which is not giving people an easy reason to doubt you and and think you teach me to number my days okay so what's our job to build point on Facebook like our job in this day and time is not to bring Trump back is to change lives of those around us and bring them to the gospel. That's right. And by the way, think about this as we finish up.

If God told you hey you know what all I want you to do for the rest here is live in accordance with your faith live in accordance with my word best your ability in the fall but be a good ambassador and as often as you can share the good news of what I've done for everybody to my son. That's all I want to do this or all of hold you accountable for, so don't worry about politics.

Don't worry about Biden's only about Trump well that's up in a different way. But I want you to be a great investment.

Share the gospel love people. Well, which will then reinforce when you share the gospel why they should but that's what I want free.

With that being nice was that God directly told well guess what is noble and double show, God willing talk again real soon. Tomorrow theology Thursday will talk about the here and see if Scripture has to rent Casselberry like my dad always

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