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Peace, Love, and Impeachment

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February 8, 2021 10:26 am

Peace, Love, and Impeachment

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 8, 2021 10:26 am

Peace, Love, and Impeachment

Today Steve talks about the Jeep Super Bowl commercial featuring Bruce Springsteen.  He also talks about the democrat’ new call for peace, love, and impeachment.  


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host. According to my friend Phil and I Monday.

Can you feel are you feeling. I feel the unity after last night's Super Bowl thing that Super Bowl the game. Tom Brady Heller renal play two years in Tampa go to some other place.

There they get a mediocre team and when a super blinding what's up with this guy. Unbelievable.

So that was the big game is kind of boring. I want to talk about some of the commercials, but particularly the Bruce Springsteen Jeep commercial because there's some interesting things going on here and on unity, the United States, the re-United States of America as they said at the end of that ad in and it sounds wonderful. There's many things about it, but you gotta consider the source. All clue you into a little bit of a Bruce Springsteen's five year history of looking for unity in this country now course, once the tide turns and the liberal left have their guy in the White House and appear to have got pretty decent control of the House and the Senate. Now all game changes orange man bad old man good orange man gone old man in and so everything's fine Kumbaya now are going to be all about unity. So you talk about that. If you are wondering and unfairly based on social media. Many of you are wondering what was up with the weekend course that's not the name of an artist from Canada. He did them.

The Super Bowl halftime extravaganza musical extravaganza, and people yet.

At one point all these dancers on on the field and they are aware, red and black and stop at the bandages on right so I'm course. It's a tannic in this that the other thing going nutso on social media ever since. But then I found this and this is from the weekend himself does have a name Canadian a Bell test phase is his real name so he said the significance of the entire had bandages. I actually think it's kind of funny is reflecting on the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrity and people manipulating themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated. It's all a progression and we watch the character storyline Hittite levels of danger and absurdity as his tail goes on. So literally making fun of the whole Hollywood maneuver to go pay a plastic surgeon to turn you into a caricature of yourself, but I know sounds harsh and ugly and and perhaps some parts of recesses of my heart. That is what I'm thinking but but the other part of me. I mean, don't you see that one when old stars and sender getting appears to be younger. Bruce Springsteen's done this to the get plastic surgery there trying to hold onto their glory days of the Springsteen reference and to me it just looks kinda pathetic and obvious. In and out you know there's your eyes, can only be so tight skin can only be so tight for so long and then they become caricatures of themselves being addicted to public opinion and how they look in yada yada yada which we all struggle with that at some level, but now that I know he was kind of mocking that whole thing that halftime show discolor better for me and my cynicism right so there's the Bruce Springsteen thing. This is the Jeep commercial, play this for you because I want you to hear it. I try to set aside all your cynicism and everything else and just try to take it in as somebody that desires to see some peace like kind of a post 9/11 environment and the Isaac America we ready set the go roll this thing, let's roll that you'll hear the sound and in that's enough on the radio but you will see it lot you'll see the video on Facebook like let's roll very American show Kansas standing on the exact center of the lower 48 never closes all are more than here in it's no secret. The middle has been a hard place to get between red, blue, between sure since between our freedom and their fear has never been the best freedom. It's not the property. Just a fortunate few belongs to us all. Whoever you are, where is what connects us. We need we just have to remember is a very soil we stand this common ground so we can get can make and we will cross this line always found ways of darkness in this on the road right in American scenery and I do know that that there's this tiny little chapel on the lower continuous contiguous 48 states and the Bruce Springsteen cut it. See Bruce Springsteen in the chapel which is interesting. I buy bread some things about his faith in the past I would say he's comfortable in his agnosticism. But even there he lights a candle at one point you see in this little chapel which I'm sure trigger a lot of people in the lab.there was a picture of the American you know if a picture of America can artistically done behind the behind.

Like the lectern, the pulpit or whatever tiny little is like a mini building right and then right smack dab in the middle of the United States map thing is artistic thing is a cross and a little bit later in this one minute ad you see three crosses out the field.

Of course, that's Jesus, surrounded by the two thieves and so this beautiful thing about coming back to the center and end up what we have in common is this ground on which we walk in kind of a post 9/11 appeal to America as brethren underneath the flag right which, of course, none of that stuff lies anymore, especially on the left, and especially coming from somebody like Bruce Springsteen, always an interesting choice. Bruce Springsteen called Donald Trump a moron.

The Republic is under siege by a moron.

He says an excerpt from an upcoming Rolling Stone feature. This is a couple years ago. It's a tragedy for our democracy. So where, what, what's the deal that he has a podcast or somebody does offer my home beers, volume 14, farewell to the thief capturing the national Sica's election episode was also a horror episode. It is time for an exorcism in our nation's capital.

This is last spring right before Thanksgiving. Springsteen said to be tabbed at beginning the program.

Welcome to our Halloween election day monster mash.

He added just a few days will be throwing the bums out. I thought it was a blinking nightmare. But it was so true. That's the guy that you are just listening to appealing to his fellow Americans to come together and meet in the middle what's changed while only read this to you when we come back from the break.

A letter of apology from Bruce Springsteen for letting Trump when I've been a fan of the phosphor all a long time. Musically, never been a fan of his politically and I just got a whole lot worse with this letter he wrote it's unbelievable the level of the. Since this guy had what he thinks we think of him that he should feel that same of the bandits will be right back there having a bad day or that we can or just to get the weekend out of your head. That being IMAX Maybe a Little Bee Gees Will Help You This Is Steve Noble. Welcome Back to Steve Noble Show the State Wherever You Get Your Podcast.

You Can Find Steve Noble Show Working on a Brand-New Episode of Who Is This SOP Talk to You but Later about the Title of That Set That Aside for Now, but to Be Recording That This Week. Such Be out by Next Monday but That Is Set Aside from the Radio Show.

In the End It Was to Screw the Things I Do for Love. It Was Excruciating Because I Sat down and Listen to the Hillary Clinton Has Podcast Right Everybody That Podcast If You Don't Have a Podcast You like the Only Person in America That Doesn't Happen. By This Point, but Hillary Clinton Has a Podcast and She Had Her Buddy Nancy Pelosi on and They Were Talking about the Impeachment and What Happened on January 6 and That's a Slight I'm Subjecting Myself to Listen to That over and over Again and That All Offer Some Commentary, Some Rebuttal and about to Be about 3040 Minute Podcast, but That'll Be Coming out Sometime Next Week. Also, Where You Get Your Podcast Going to Join Us, Right Here in Studio. You Can Do That on Facebook Live. You Can Also Do It Now. I Know You to until They Cancel Us Eventually Which I Hope They Do. That Would Mean I Was Doing Something Right. I Would Delete You to Let Justin of the Steve Noble Show Channel or Facebook Live. The Student Was Okay Back to Bruce Springsteen, Who Was Did the Jeep Thing Which Sounded Nice and There Was a Little Church Which Is at the Epicenter of America Which I Do Know This Tiny Little Chapel Which Chemical but I'm Sure Trigger A Lot Of People Because at One Point He Shows the inside of the Chapel and This Cheap Commercial and There's an American Map When in Smack Dab in the Middle of the American Map Is Cross No Man.

And Then Another Point They Show the Three Crosses You Know, like Jesus, with the Feet on Either Side. And so There Is Talking about Coming Back Together and That I Was Really Really Really Kinda Kumbaya and Hay That and at the End That the Re-United States Of America Get and so He's on the Call and Saying We Need an Exorcism the White Houses to Just A Few Months Ago and Trumps a Moron.

So on and so Forth. And Then When Trump Got in This Got Always Consider the Source Okay until P. I'm Center Going.

I Was Sentimental When I Watched It Last Night and My Men When It Be Nice like Kind of a Post 9/11 America Experience, Which Lasted for about Two or Three Months, but I Got Happen Again. The Stage Is over, but so I Was Sentimental and Then I'm Going to Wait a Second, Bruce Springsteen, on Her Own with Bruce's Political past Is Lucky She Could Imagine.

And I Wonder What He Thinks of Donald Trump.

As You Can Imagine, Now What's Changed. Why Is Bruce All Kumbaya Churches in Red White and Blue American Flags. Well, That's Because Orange Man Bad Old Man Good. So As Soon As You Help Is on Whose Ox Is Getting Gored Right so He Wrote This Letter A Few Years Back When He Was Bruce Springsteen. One Day Soon on the Windows of Your Mosques Are Smashed in the Synagogues Line Ashes When the Skies Are Gray with Dust in the Sea Has Risen to Wash Away the Roads When the Stars & Stripes of Our Flag Stand for Discrimination and Fear I Will Wonder, Could I Made a Difference While Little Bruce, the Boss Could I Made a Difference. He References Meryl Streep and Sup but She Did at Wendy's Award Shows and I Thought That Was Awesome Initiate a Facebook so He Asked Himself Again Cut I Made a Difference in This Last Election. Some People Think I'm One of the Few People Actually Could Have Woe, Bruce Doesn't Need the Participation Trophies Not Lacking in Self-Esteem Facilities Talk about How It's Been Suggested That in the Weeks and Months Leading up to the Election Is Talked about .61 Trump One I Should Follow Trump around from Rally to Rally, Especially in September and October When He Was Hitting the Rust Belt States Hard. After All, There's Supposed to Be My People to Know. Imagine This, Just As He Was Getting up to Speak.

I Pop Out Of a Band Right outside the Venue. Step up to the Back of a Pickup or Something and Play A Few Songs by Plane across the Street from Rally at the Same Time You're Telling Me They Wouldn't Turn Their Back on the Grand Orange. That's What Gary Talent Calls and He's an Old Mets Fan from Way Back and Rushed out to Wherever I Was. While Bruce Imagine If I Done That for Two or Three Weeks If I Just Jog Man I Could Have Stolen His Audience Stolen All the TV Crews You Don't Think They Would've Rushed over to Me and Wanted to Hear My Opinion on the Big Man Not Only What I Won over Some of His Supporters, but Trump Almost Definitely at Some Point Would've Come after Me and How Bad What That a Pin for Him. You Think the New Boss Could've Attacked the Original and Gotten Away with It.

He Doesn't like Being Upstaged. You Know He Wouldn't Would've Had Come after Me. Can You Imagine If He Attacked Bruce Springsteen Nerve Even without Doing the Math on Just That Alone He Might've Lost Enough Votes to Lose Him. The Election Is Bruised by Lawyers Preaching Unity to You Last Night so I Look at Myself in the Mirror and I Ask It I Made a Difference and I Answer Yes I Got Could Have.

He Goes on Waxy Was on. So Maybe, Just Maybe, I Blanked up. So Here's What I'm Thinking the 2018 Midterm Elections Gonna Be Here No Time.

The Only Chance for Real Change That We Vote for Democrats and Inflict Control Valves or Representatives Goes on and on and He Put This Public This Letter out There a Letter of Apology from Bruce Springsteen for Him, Single-Handedly Letting Donald Trump Win Which Is Let Us to Need an Exorcism in the White House, Which He Said Just like Four Months Ago and Trumps a Moron and so on and so Forth.

The Only Hope for America Is to Have Democrats Run Everything so His His Dream, At Least for Now Is Come True. So Now There's Hope for Unity and Goodness and Beautiful Is That Awesome Because Orange Man Bad and God Old Man Good in Their so Now Allison, It's a Different Tune. But Let Me Tell You What the New Definition of Unity Is Because Were Redefining Everything These Days.

Right Male-Female Any Audi Gender. Whatever Truth Itself, All Redefine What Is It Wasn't Mean to Be Unified in America Will Bruce Didn't Say This Last Night but I'll Say It Forum and Every Other Leftist out There, but This Might Away from a Christian Perspective. This Is Nothing New. The World Is Wanted Us to Renounce God and Eventually Jesus Christ since the Beginning and the Card Was Satan Shirley God Didn't Say Nothing New. Now, in This Case You May Think He's Talking about Your Americanism, Your Patriotism, Your Conservatism, Your Republicanism, but beneath That around That over That and through That Is All Spiritual Stuff and One Thing That Donald Trump Represented Represented Whether He Meant It. At the Core of His Being or Not Was the Church and Him Mentioning Jesus and Holding up a Bible and All That Kind of Stuff, and When Your Lost Man, That Stuff Is Disgusting. That's Why the Bible Says to Those Who Are Perishing. We Are the Aroma of Death. So Here's What Bruce and All His Friends Were Really Getting at. We Would Love to Have Unity. Here's What It Requires You Listening Christians. You Can't Think like You Want to Think You Can't Speak like You Want to Speak. You Can't Hold onto Those Tired Old, Hateful, Homophobic, Islamic Phobic Phobic Phobic Things That You Held onto the past by Reading and Believing a 2000 4000 Book in Your Narrowmindedness. So Here's the Deal Will Have Unity and Peace in America Will Be the Re-United States Of America If You'll Change Your Mind. If You'll Let Go of Your Old Allegiances. Let Go of the past.

Kyla Wren Said Kill You If You Have To Let Go All That Stuff Home on Your America Blab Blah Your Red, White, Blue, and You Follow Us and Will Have All Kinds of Unity. Everything Will Be Great. It Will Be Happy Go Lucky 7 Million Won't, of Course, Because What Fellowship Does Darkness Have with White so I Watch As an American I Consume and I Filter As a Christian and I Think Primarily Not of Myself As a Conservative, but Myself As a Christian and I Know If I'm Gonna Let My Christianity and the Bible Drive My Public Opinion and Try My Political Opinion and Drive My Activities in the Things That I Do or Don't Do That. I Know That's Going.

I'm in a Represent a Standard and That Standard Makes Unbelievers Uncomfortable and Met and so You Gotta Kill God.

It's the Same Mission We Been on the Human Race for 5000+ Years Gonna Kill God and Any Semblance of That. That's What Unity Means. So the Question for You Is What You Do with All This. I Got One More Thing Working to Look at Only Come Back in Tomorrow I'll Talk about the Impeachment Sandwich Starts Tomorrow at 2 PM Eastern Time Can Be Amazing How Many People Don't Watch That Because Impeachment Just As Much Anymore, but When We Come Back Looking to Do about the Trump Ice Next Door, Especially When They're Nice to Us from the Los Angeles Times.

This Is the Noble Direct That You Stop and Run and Have a Good Old Time. Even Though the Radio Show Started Already and to Sit Here in My Little Cockpit Here in the Studio but Anyway Wanted to Continue to Have This Conversation with You Unity in America. According to Bruce Springsteen Sounded Great Look Great Chapel, the Whole 9 Yards. But Really What Unity Is from Bruce Springsteen's Perspective Because It Was Just A Few Months Ago When He Said, the White House Needed an Exorcism Trumps a Moron. He Wrote an Apology Letter to the World That He Should Dunmore That Brad See Bruce Springsteen, the Boss to Single-Handedly Stop Trump for Being Elected in the First Place Because He Didn't Really Get Engaged. It's Real Pretty Much His Fault in the Trunk Destroying the World and Every Things in Ashes, Including Your Mosque and Bubba Bubba Bob so the Safest Cry for Unity's Beautiful One Minute Super Bowl Thing. But Remember Unity Now from the Left Standpoint Is Uniformity, Meaning You Believe What We Believe Set on All Your Garbage and Everything Will Be Fine. Now the Need to Bail Entering Will Be Fine. Don't Worry about It Okay You Get This Jennifer Who I Heard Some of Somebody a Talk Radio Today Was Talk about This. What Can You Do about the Trump Bites Next-Door This World That We Live in. This Is Nothing New.

By the Way Is As Christians in the Here's a Here's a Point of Application That I Want to Get What Turned the Roman Empire Upside down 300 Years. Steve, It Was Easy. The Christian Started to Take over Political Institutions Got Very Involved at the People Elected I Got up All the Way into the Emperor's Inner Chambers and Were Able to Bend Him in the Right Direction.

Ian Changed Laws, and It No Know That Not at They Had No Impact There Whatsoever. They Had No Access to Power, They Had No Power. So What Are They Do. They Lived a Radically Different Life in the Face of Death. Persecution Plagues All the Stuff They Were Generous. They Were Carrying.

They Stayed When Other People Left.

They Were There Bearing Others in Their Own As the Plague White People out the Roman Soldiers, like I've No Idea What Drives These People, but They Provided an Alternate Reality to the Brutal Reality That Was the Collapsing Roman Empire. Over the Course of 300 Years and My Point Now Is Maybe That's Our Role in America You Want to Play the Right Left Game, I Understand. I Engaged a Certain Extent. But Hey, Come on over to Our Side Where We Read Where We Waive the Flag of the Red States and the Republican Party in Trump or Whatever. It's Just a Mirror Image of the Left Side.

Is There Another Side.

Is There a Different Site.

Is There Another Way through Life in America, There Is the Life of Christ Followers. That's a Different Way. That's 1/3 Option That's Not a Party on the Right of the Left. It's the Truth Parties the Love and Generosity and Compassion and yet Salt and Light Party. So to This Los Angeles Times Op-Ed. What Can You Do about the Trump Bites Next-Door. Oh, Heck No.

It Starts the Trump Bites Next-Door to Our Pandemic Getaway to Seam Is Devoted to the Ex-President As You Can Get without Being Cute Fans Just Plowed Our Driveway without Being Asked, Did a Great Job Am I Going to Resist Demands for Unity in the Face of This Act of Aggressive Niceness.

You Listen up for What I Was Just Talking about the Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen Thing with Unity and Stuff. Okay, Listen, of Course, on Some Level I Realize I Owe Them. Thanks.

Minute Really Looks like the Guy Back Dragged All Driveway like a Pro but How Much Things. These Neighbors Are Starch, Pop, Staunch Staunch Partisans of Blue Lives Please and Earn A Lot Of Anything Other Than White Lives in the Neighborhood Become in the Face and Say What You Lived There so Bugged by All.

This Is Also Kinda Weird Back in the City People and Sweep Others Peoples Walkways for Nothing. Like What Eddie Murphy Discovered in That Old Saturday Night Live Sketch White like Me Goes Undercover and White Makeup and Finds That When White People Are among Their Own. They Pop Free Champagne and Live the High Life Is Mercy Puts As Murphy Put It, Quote Slowly I Began to Realize That When White People Are Lonely Good Things to Each Other for Free. Hezbollah, This Writer Goes on Virginia Heffernan at the Los Angeles Times Has Allowed the Shiite Islamic Political Party in Lebanon Also Give Things Away for Free to Choose Compares Accident That the Favors Hezbollah Does for People in the City's Tyrants Side and Probably Don't Involve Snowplows but like Other Mafias. Hezbollah Tends to Its Own Shiite Sick Elderly and Hungry, They Offer Protection, Hospitality, and When Loyalty That Way and They Also Demand Devotion to Their Brutal Us Versus Them. Auntie Sue Because Some of Us Are Family. The Papers Say, the Rest Are Infidels.

The Same Is True with Louis Farrakhan, Who Currently Homes the Nation Of Islam While the Southern Poverty Law Center Classifies Him As a Dangerous Anti-Semite. Much of His Flock Says He's Just a Little Screwy and Unfailingly Magnanimous to Them. So Now Now We Trump Supporters Got Compared to Hezbollah Shiite Islamists in Lewisburg on the Nation Of Islam and All Crazy, but You Just Don't Know Any Better When Someone Helps You When You're down or Snowed in and It's Almost Impossible to Regard Them As a Blight on the World. In Fact, You're More Likely to Be Overwhelmed with Gratitude and Convinced of the Person's Inherent Goodness, You Might End up like the Upper-Middle-Class Family I Stayed with in France As a Teenager.

They Did Not Attempt That's an Elitist Stuff like That Today. They Did Not Attend a Citywide Celebration for the Hundredth Birthday of Charles De Gaulle, the War Hero Who Orchestrated the Liberation of His Country from Nazi Germany in 1944. They Did Have Several Portraits of Philippe Kane Nazi Collaborator on Their Wall. However, When I Screwed up the Courage to Ask How It Was for Them during the Occupation the Lady of the House Replied Quote We Were Happy Because the Nazis Were Very Polis PO LIS. I Didn't Know the Words.

I Excuse Myself to Consult a French English Dictionary.

I Was in Tears When I Found the Entry Polite. The Nazis Were Polite. So When I Accept Generosity from My Pandemic Neighbors. Obviously, Trump Supporters Acknowledging the Legitimate Kindness with a Wave or Plate of Cookies and My Also Sealing Us in a Fellow Travelers Who Are Very Polis to Each Other but Not so Much to Them. Loving Your Neighbor Is Evidently Much Easier When Your Neighbor Is Full of People Just When Your Neighborhood Is Full of People Just like You. What We Do about the Trump Bites around Us. If You Voted for Trumpet Trump -like Representative Alexandra Casio Cortez, Who Spoke Eloquently This Week about Her Terrifying Experience during the Insurrection of Capital across the Street Just to Be Accurate. Americans Are Expected to Forgive and Forget.

Before We've Even Stitched up Our Will or Gotten Our Vaccines against the Pandemic That Former Pres. Trump Utterly Failed to Mitigate Trump by Himself Just like Bruce Springsteen by Himself. My Neighbor Supported a Man Who Showed Mere Murderers Contempt for the Majority of Americans. They Kept Him in Business with Their Support, but the Plowing. This Is an Article Again from LA Los Angeles Times and Op-Ed by Virginia Heffernan.

What Can You Do about the Trump Bites Next-Door Because These Trump Supporters in Her Way.

Neighborhood Plowed Her Driveway. There's Been Nice. So What Will She Do with That These Trump Bites Basically like Hezbollah Nation Of Islam Psychopaths. What You Do When They Plow Your Driveway on January 6. After the Insurrection Sen. Ben Sasse Should in Awe Shucks Plea for All Americans to Love Their Neighbors United States. He Said Quote Isn't Hatfield's and McCoy's This Blood Feud Forever Any Added, You Can't Hate Someone Who Shoveled Your Driveway at the Time. I See She Writes the Capital Adjustment Desecrated, but Maybe My Neighbor Heard Sasse and Was Determined to Make a Bid for Reconciliation.

So Here's My Response to My Plowed Driveway for Now, Politely but Not Profusely All Acknowledge the Sassy and Move Because These Trump People Next-Door Plowed Her Driveway with a Wave and a Thanks a Minimal Start on Building Back Trust. I'm Not Ready to Knock on the Door with a Covered Dish yet so Needs to Move Here.

It's Not This Liberal It's the Trump Bites You Need to Come around You People. She Goes on. I Also Can't Get My Neighbor's Absolution Is Not Mine to Give, They Ask for It. By the Way Free Driveway Work As Nice As This Is Just Not the Same Currency Is Justice.

And True Pretend to Pretend It Is Would Be a Lie and They Probably Are Looking for Absolution Anyway. Again, Who's Guilty Here. Who Needs to Come around. It's Different People at This Liberal but I Can Offer a Standing Invitation to Make Amends but You Can Now the Snowplow but by Recognizing the Truth about the Trump Administration, and More Important by Working for Justice for All Those Whom the Administration Harmed yet. Just Ask All Those after Americans and Asians and Hispanics That Were Doing Better. Only When We Work Shoulder to Shoulder to Repair the Damage of the Last Four Years Will We Even Begin to Dig Out Of This Store, They Owe Me. Essentially What She Saying They All Do All of You Trump People Who Basically Destroyed America and Harmed Every Body Tried to Usher in This Trump Aristocracy, All You People You Want You Want Me to Recognize That You Did Something Nice for Me Than You Know What You're Going to Have To Do, You're Going to Have To Change You Know What You Really Need to Do.

You Need to Repent. If You Repent Then Maybe I'll Bring You a Covered Dish Can You Hear the Hiss of the Snake and Again You Think This Is about Trump. It Isn't. If I Were a Betting Man I Be Willing to Bet A Lot Of Money That This Particular Woman Is Agnostic at Best She Might Call Yourself a Christian, but Does She Know Christ.

I Doubt It. If You Know Christ by the Way, How Can You Struggle with Forgiveness. That's the Essence of What It Is to Be a Christian. So If You Happen to Be an African-American and You Don't Want to Forgive Anybody for What Happened for the Few Hundred Years in the History of This Nation Is Horrific As It Is, We've Got No Place for Forgiveness in Your Heart Even When the Blood of 750,000 Americans Would Shed to an the Horrific Satanic Evil Practice of Human Slavery and You Still Don't Want Forgiveness You All Forgive You When You Give Me Money or Something. That's Not Forgiveness That's Not the Gospel. So for People That Don't Know Jesus and Don't Understand Forgiveness There Can Use It like a Sledgehammer. They're Going to Use It to Make You Change Your Mind Early State That You Will Begin to Use It Because They Don't Want to Hear Anything about Your Truth. Just like Always. This Is Spiritual and the Answer to Spiritual Blindness and Hatred Is Not Control of the White House, the Propagation of the Gospel and for Us to Live a Life That Just Somewhat Different Than Most of Our Neighbors to Take Us to Learn That Lesson.

Like Our Forefathers Did His Very Best and the Land. Please Remember That Crack Your Compass and North, the Lord Jesus Christ and Every Week We Talked Our Good Friend David Fisher from Landmark Capital, Just a Great Authority on These Complicated Financial Issues and Investments in Banking What's Going on with the Economy.

But When We Do Our Money Monday Updates the First Monday of the Month Which Was Last Week I We Go Full Show and Cover A Lot Of Different Ground Are so Many Different Things Were Trying to Understand from a Financial and Investment Standpoint, but the Monies after That. We Just Do a Little Money Monday Update. We Always Started the Passage of Scripture David of Being an Expert, but More Importantly Is My Brother in Christ, and so We Start Where We Should Start Which Is the Word of God. David, How Are You Buddy. Thanks for Calling It a Great Look Work Children Now and When I Get to Be on Scripture When I Got Your Guy Got Gentle.

He Was Okay Great Book the Great Prophet Isaiah, of Course, Will Start Their Isaiah 5410 and Then We'll Move on after We Get Done with God's Word Mountain Be Shaken and Removed My and Feeling Love for You Will Not Be Shaken nor My Covenant of Peace Be Removed, so the Lord Who Has Compassion on You so You As We See That the World and or or World Could Be Just Our World Good.

Shaken Spiritually and Morally Financially Does Not Shake Shaken by the Seasonal Surprise and As We Rest in His Unfailing Love and Were at Peace with His Purpose for Life and His Commitment to Us That He Will Love Us and Hold Harmless, and We Can Have That Piece You Little Things That Might Shake around Us No Matter What That Shaking Is and That's the Beauty of Resting in the Loving Arms of Christ.

So True. Whether Were Talking about the Situation in America Today with Politics and BLM in the Strife in the Right and the Left and the Red States in the Blue States in the Super Bowl Ads or Whatever We Have Been I Was Talking about This during the Show David That That We Look Back at the Early Church Where They Had Zero Political Power and after 300 Years, with the Eventual Collapse of the Roman Empire Than the Embracing of Christianity. It's Because Christians Back Then for 300 Years Didn't Live on the Right Didn't Live on the Left. They Lived a What the Way, It Is a Totally Different Lifestyle and after A While People Are like Yeah You Know What This Whole Worldly Thing. This Is the Same Work in and so What's Going on with Those People over There and to Isaiah's Point, Which Are Bringing up When They Look at Us.

This Is What They See Were Not Shaken, and They See This Piece of Surpass Understanding Because We Know Have a Cut We We Know We Have a Covenant with Our Creator through Christ That Cannot Be Removed and so All Of A Sudden the News of the Day Isn't Rocking That Particular Group of People over There, They May Be Disappointed but They Still Have a Smile on Their Face While Look at the Way They Serve One Another Look at the Way They Serve Other People Even outside of Their Little Club and Maybe That's a Better Way to Go in That That Is the Way That It Was, Then It's the Way It Needs to Be Now and That's the Call of Us in Our Lives Here in the Mess That Wherein in This Country and so I Just Will Just Continue to Point People David to Christ and to the Scriptures and Said That Truth Rather Than Politics or Even What We Do with Our Money, but a Great Word and a Great Way to Start. Thanks so Much for That. As Usual, You Can Hear Good Were Talking about Couple Weeks Ago, Philip Approved the Bill on Friday, Good Health through Prudent Hours Later They Passed to 19 to 209 but No Report about the Defendant Okay Will Vice President Kamala Harris Have To Catch the Breaking of Tae Bo.

You Know She Did, 51 to $51.9 Trillion from the School to Some People Say This Is a Shaking, This Is the New This Is Just the Start of Many More Bills the More You Sending Become like Yeah You Know the Implosion of the 13 Trillion Whatever All Normal Spending.

That's What Happened Here Recently and the Odds Are That This Is Going to Keep Going and Keep Going Higher Is Reading Several Articles over the Weekend and Today Getting Ready for Our Conversation Today and There's No Breaks in Sight. There's No Stopping inside There to Talk about Spending More More More.

And It's a Moral Obligation and Will Deal with the Debt Later Which of Course They Been Saying for Decades Now and It Just Keeps Getting Worse so Not What the What about the Stimulus Because the Stimulus Talking Them in the Markets Are Not Stupid Their Emotional but They're Not Stupid. So When They Know the Government Even As Far Debt As It Is and Wonder Sending out $1400 Checks to People They Know That 40 to 50%, 40 to 50% of That Is Borrowed Money. But They Know That Money Can Go Back into the Market so Is That Why the Market Responds Favorably to the Stimulus Steps Help the Market Go Higher.

Your Global Start School. Dr. Record Breaking Start Hitting All-Time High.

Old Domestic Good down to 500 Janet Yellen Push for Mass System Issues on the Campaign Trail Choose on CNN and Few Other Television Stations Bringing the Stimulus Drum and She Mentioned That Working to Recover Electrical Brittleness and We Still Went on a Recovery till 2025. She Said, but We Really Go Big Because She's Afraid of the Job Market. Stalling Is What You Said so Choose Will Also Claim a Predicted 2017 of the Renal Financial Crisis Are like Coming Here from the Possible Downturn Setting up Jobs and Shows 11 Million People or Thereabouts Drops Notes of the Bonuses Were in the Double Dip into Recession Environment Right Now Little Disappointing.

So Yeah It Was. It Is Affecting the Market Stimulus in a Positive Way and the Book.

Just Be Careful There's A Lot Of People Saying Stanley Proctor Mercury Grantham Chief Investment Officer Computers Are All Saying the Wildest Marketers Seen It Epic Bubble of Folk Foreclosure Brick Global Evaluations Are Crazy. You Know Extending This Market beyond the Norm. Yeah. Be Careful and Market Today up 237 Points. I Saw This and That's Just As Read a Story about This Morning and Then Boom It's It's on Your List of What Were Talking about Today Tesla but Bitcoin They Bought A Lot Of Bitcoin and in Then You've Got Elon Musk Calling All the Guy Has To Do Is Tweet Something about Bitcoin and They Buy in the Bitcoin Surges up to What beyond like beyond 40,000 and Just Why Also Give Us the News on That and Then of Course Is Bitcoin Going to Replace the Dollar in India Because There's Obviously a Trend That Is like If You Don't Start Getting into Bitcoin. Somehow, You're an Idiot but Help Us Understand What's Going on Here You Go You on Most Hashtag Bitcoin on His Twitter Bio Prior to Bitcoin As Much As 20% over Crypto Currencies Were Selected. He Also Said That the Point to Think Critically Is a Good Thing.

I Support Bitcoin so like Jim Just Doing That Because the Book but Monday Today Came out in the SEC Filing That They Thought Already Bought $1.5 Billion Worth of Bitcoin and I Drove Bitcoin up Even Higher. About 16 1/2% to This Is Still 44,000 Which You Went to 44,000 before the Went down to like 30 HR Minutes of Very Volatile Investment Company Saying That There to Eventually Show Cars and Take Payment in Bitcoin so They Have Cash Reserves in Bitcoin 7% Which Is A Lot Of Money in Bitcoin $1.5 Billion Which Is A Lot Of Money in Bitcoin but All but Still Somehow Presented a Big Chunk of Money in One Asset Class When You're Talking My Cash Will Replace the Dollar. No, Because the Fed Is Coming out with the Crypto Currencies Is Coming up This Year.

There's a Big Movement Away from the Dollars Remember Saying This in November 15 Asian Countries Comprising 30% of the Global BP Announced a Comprehensive Agreement That You'll United States This Fortress Trade Agreement the World and in so Europe Came out the Other Day 27 European Bloc Countries Release the Communication Report Explicitly Stating the Program Strengthen the Euro Document Outlines Actions to Help You and Move Away from the Current Dollar Systems Filters of Movement Away from the Dollar.

There's a Big Effect of Swift Money, Which Is the Society Worldwide Inertial Banquet Hall Dollars Are Spent Globally down Significantly Dollar Transactions so the Pendulum Is Swinging This Article from a Guy Who Works with Jeffrey Garlock from Doubling Capital.

The Second Largest Heard from in the World.

His Name Is Bill Campbell. He Came on Talk about Virgo on CNBC, You Should This Change Is Coming.

We Should Be Ready for the Change Has Become so Bitcoin Will Replace the Dollar Dollars Going to Go through Change. If Your Personal Whole Scripture and Abuse Your Passerby Didn't.

I Wasn't the Specialist Will Use That Word in 10 Times Prophetic Prophecies, but There's A Lot Of Scriptures That Elude the United States Is No Longer Powerhouse Times in the Dollar to Get There Probably Go by the Wayside Shoulders the Changes in the Wind Is Why You Get Some Gold and Silver Get All the System Turkish Bill for Yourself Is Not Enough Anymore. It Is Happening.

That's What Were Going to Yeah Just Remarkable and That's One of the Things That Everybody Struggling with What You Talk about Eschatology, We End up with 10 Kingdoms Is a One World Currency at the Rise of the Antichrist and the Man of Lawlessness and We Read about It You Want to Sell at a Conference Start Talking about Revelation in Bible Prophecy and Stuff. We Just Never Really Thought We Have To Deal That Much Personally and Then Things of Change so Rapidly in the Last 12 or 14 Months and I We Have To Be Careful Not to Turn Bible Prophecy and the Title Itself, but Things Are Happening and Change Is Coming, That the Train Is on the Tracks and Heading for Us so We Have To Be Good Stewards of What We Do in the Meantime If People Want to Get More Information, David. What They Do for 479-8882: 444-4879 80 and Cover Conversation Will Send You or Your Website. Landmark Awesome David, Thanks so Much Again. We Always Appreciate Your Expertise and Your Time with Us on the Air.

We'll Talk Again Next Monday. Thanks, Pal. Likewise, My Brother, My Brother Talk to You Soon but I and out Tomorrow. Course 1 PM Eastern Time. The Impeachment Starts to Rise Very Few People Watch It, but It Is Important.

I'll Be Watching It and Will Talk about That Other Things Got Willing Tomorrow. This Is My Dad Always Used To Say Ever Forward

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