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I'm About Done!

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February 5, 2021 1:20 pm

I'm About Done!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 5, 2021 1:20 pm

I'm About Done!

Today Steve talks about the right and left and their idolatry of the political world. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred calls 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble, here's your house now. Welcome back, whatever you like right now my copy whatever whatever Lord, whatever you want to do with this show this country and I can bring a backup. Now it sounds a little soft in my ears. Again, good all where we start. Hey everybody doing I am so happy that I'm saved and that that God rules the universe with his feet up because we are not doing a very good job of running much of anything these days, especially here in America but around the world so I got a lot of make it into here and I just barely hanging on it and we been doing this kind we see a trend here lately. I welcome back to the Steve Noble show that Steve Noble, where you get the podcast you can find us there.

How you can join us, right here in the studio via live video because that's where we live these days. Welcome to the digital age which is just increasing the rapidity at which this nation in the world just going into the toilet but live on Facebook like scene go to the Steve Miller showcase there or we live on YouTube for like live on YouTube. We have been the Steve know how to get to hear my name enough today the Steve Noble show page on YouTube summer live there if you're off of Facebook.

I don't Facebook Mark Zuckerberg straight from ET double hockey sticks. Okay fine then we'll go to YouTube is so you can check it out that way.

All right, so very snarky on Fridays because when you do what I do by the end of the week. We've immersed yourself in all of this garbage lot plus a husband and father teaching up for the class is a homeschool of high schoolers, ascetics, and ethics, Constitution stopping all the other things going on and then you just going to get worn out and I'm so glad that there's more to life than just politics. What's going on in the news you really think you're crazy. So let me read you a story just start with storytime today here in the Steve Noble show and this is from something that came out yesterday so you gotta check this out right storytime a weird thing happen right after the November 3 election. Nothing the nation was braced for chaos, liberal groups and vowed to take to the streets planning hundreds of protests across the country right wing militias were girding for battle. In a poll before election day, 70% of Americans voiced concern about violence instead an eerie quiet descended as president, Trump refused to concede the response was not mass action, but crickets when media organizations called the race for Joe Biden on November 7.

Jubilation broke out instead really that as people throng the cities across the US to celebrate the Democratic process that resulted in Trump's ouster.

The second thing happen amid Trump's attempts to reverse a result corporate America turned on hundreds of major business leaders, many of whom at Bactrim's candidacy and supported his policies called on him to concede to the president. Something felt the misquote.

It was all very very strange."

Trump said on December 2. Within days after the election, he said we witness an orchestrated effort to anoint the winter even while many key states were still being counted in a way, Trump was right, there was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business type. The pact was formally in a terse was formalized in a terse little notice joint statement of US Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on election day, both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain inspired by the summer's massive sometimes destructive racial justice protests in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital insert right there insert the great reset gave good the motives of their to keep the peace and oppose Trump's assault on democracy, the handshake between business and labor was just one component of a vast cross partisan campaign to protect the election an extraordinary shadow effort dedicated not to winning the vote, but to ensuring it would be free and their credible and uncorrupted for more than a year, a loosely organized coalition of operatives scribbled to shore up America's institutions as they came under simultaneous attack from a remorseless pandemic and autocratic leader inclined president, though much of this activity took place on the left. It was separate from the Biden campaign and cross ideological mines with crucial contributions by nonpartisan and conservative actors.

The scenario, the shadow campaigners were desperate to stop was not a Trump victory. It was an election so calamitous that no result could be discerned at all. A failure of the central active democratic self-governance that is been a hallmark of America. Since its founding their work touched every aspect of the election. They got states to change voting systems and laws and help secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding. They fended off voter suppression lawsuits recruited armies of poll workers and got millions of people to vote by mail. For the first time they successfully pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and user data driven strategies to fight viral smears. They executed national public awareness campaigns that help Americans understand how the vote count one full over days or weeks preventing trumps conspiracy theories, and false claims of victory from getting more traction after election day. They monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result. Quote the untold story of the election as the thousands of people of both parties will accomplish the triumph of American democracy at its very foundation unquote says Norman Eisen, a prominent lawyer and former Obama administration official who recruited Republicans and Democrats to the board of the voter protection program is a really long article of only reading in first part that will talk about it when we come back from break. This is the inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election based on access to the groups inner workings never before seen documents and interviews with dozens of those involved from across the political spectrum is the story of an unprecedented creative and determine campaign success also reveals how close the nation came to disaster what every attempt to interfere with the proper outcome of the election was defeated, says Ian Bass in the cofounder, protect democracy, a clinical nonpartisan rule of law advocacy group quote but it's massively important for the country to understand that it didn't happen accidentally. The system didn't work.

Magically, democracy is not self executing. Unquote that's why the participants want the secret history of the 2020 election told even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream, a well-funded cup all the powerful people ranging across industries and ideologies working together behind-the-scenes influence perceptions change rules and laws here. Media coverage, and control the flow of information. They believe the public needs to understand the system fragility in order to ensure the democracy in America to work. Finally the ball conspiracy uncovered or is this all of you radical doubt. This form of music that your estate Scott Flick and about cross between some grunge rock punk rock rig Scott like I know the odds are good that you won't anyway is what I was reading to you from this is a time magazine article huge 14 pages printed out.

I read the whole thing. 6700 words on is their website to put the link up for you and rather ominous and then in then it's just a feeding frenzy as everything is right now. Okay summon to put this up on Facebook live feeds you can see that Steve Noble shall Facebook page and you'll see it. So here's the title of it. The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election so you know the art. The article author Molly ball PLL time magazine's yield slanted from the left. I don't know anything about Molly ball, but I think if I spent five minutes or 10 minutes looking into her activity should pay very left-leaning as well and so now you get the other narrative.

Which I think they been wanting to tell for a while and one of the things that you learn when you read through this article, assuming you believe it is that there was a massive effort starting early last year and the summer led by a guy named Mike put those adult PO DHL RCR I don't micros her sometime in the fall of 2019 micro dozer became convinced the election was headed for disaster and determined to protect it. What would that disaster be a drunk. It's reluctant. Then he pulled off something that even if everybody wants to roam out of office. He still stays renal because he's not a cretin. He was in Italy yada yada. This is not his usual purview for nearly a quarter-century per doors are Senior advisor to the imprint to the president of the AFL-CIO should tell you something, the nation's largest union federation is marshaled the latest tactics and data yada yada yada. So then they just because I think they were dying to expose themselves on all the stuff just wanted all us idiots and everybody else and running right or right to left to know just how smart they are in.

When I read this thing is what happens.

Okay now this is by I feel like this is what the Lord is called me to do my job is the kind of rack everybody.

My job is to question everything and seek discernment and an end and not allow myself to be completely overridden by my political leanings and that's called a confirmation bias is how this works. You share the stories you retweet stop you repost up that you like and that you agree with and that backs up your your positions write your opinion and then you ignore delete attack things that don't so we all live in an echo chamber on the left on the right inside the church outside the church.

Anybody chooses to live in an echo chamber in the digital world are in and so were were losing the battle of discernment and were all a bunch of idolaters campus. I'm just all all that stuff, and I am no pretense here today skipping you exactly what I think any go back to the book of Genesis and Moses is up on Mount Sinai. He's getting the law from the Lord. He comes back down and what if you run into a drunken orgy which would make January 6 at the capital look like a romper room okay a drunk and crazy orgy. They melted down a bunch of the stuff that the Egyptians had given them when they left town and turn it into a big golden Because gosh Moses been gone a while and we just got a worship and so how convenient in their flesh. They make a golden calf, which is harkening back to their days in Egypt and then hey let's all get it on and have a big crazy drunken orgy and and just human depravity all over the place so Moses comes down and got like okay what will do with this and so here is what I want you to do. I'm paraphrasing obviously go read yourself melt down their golden calf there idolatrous golden calf melted down.

Then pounded into ash and then mix it with water, Cooley and the make them all drink if you guys I lead you out of captivity. I give you. I give you. I'm giving you my word, I'm giving you the truth I'm giving you guidelines here. I've selected you.

I've chosen you out of all the people and their five children, you I'm risking you out a 400 years of slavery, bringing here saved my give you that this land of flowing with milk and honey. But I got a deal.

Moses, verse don't come up here. I got a deal. Moses don't you touch the mound, you're a die will see in a little bit new so so melted down pounded in the ash mix with water. Make him drink so here in America is what I think okay here in America we we are either political idolaters, most of us under.

Certainly in the left and a lot of us on the right and there while I appreciated Donald Trump and his administration and prayed for and hope the best for them still do. I think that we turn him into an idol.

Now I get another golden calf politics is the golden Washington DC the cold and Political powers. The golden And I'm not saying the politics doesn't matter if you listen to the show for any amount of time you arty know how I deal with this right. It does matter, but the gospel's preeminent gout. Politics is important because it affects people. People made in the image of God yada yada to keep repeating myself to God like okay so you turn the government into any governmental control you tricks you want to Saul because I'm not good enough for you.

She want to Saul and of course, the prophet told her. But here's what's good to get by the way, with John King got to give you came here which can against this particular stuff and all the best of your guys all the stuff okay and then we idolaters we we turn it into an idol. We look to government in control of the White House as opposed to rely on God were not praying for those in authority over us. Certainly really don't have a really big interest in quiet peaceful lives. We want control so that we can do good things and please the Lord right but we want control and we get our guy in the White House and will is awesome I love it I got but I got I got Batman up there, which means I don't have to police the streets on pretty much have to do anything.

We got we got up a bullet got bully guy up there. Great guy speaks his mind, but will bubble a dustup for the life issue religious freedom always things moved up in Israel moved the embassy into Jerusalem. This is great. We take care of all four swing just go back and take care of ourselves right so now you get this put in and did.

Donald is down drunk guilty of it as well. Probably prideful idolatrous of himself, of the position got to look at fine because you go with your golden Again so your boys gonna lose I'm in a elevator guy into the office that you can't stand who can't really campaign. He's like 1/3 not there and you can run a non-campaign in your guys gonna lose that you can talk about argue over how he lost but he lost and God lifts up and he puts down Joe Biden's in that building right now because God said it's going to happen. Either God makes it happen, or allows it to happen okay. Intermingled perfectly with human free will and are depravity K so then we just as is your golden calf goes down, you lose it queuing on right. We said it was going to be what one of the dates I'll make you friends out there. What are the dates that we've gone through November 7 November 10 and it was going be November 22 that it was December 4 to wait till December 14 to wait till December, 20 oh wait till January 3. Wait till generally successful and it's really good happen and now is not generally 20th and then generate 20 does matter to God. God doesn't care about the U.S. Constitution and generally 20th. Now get this. It's March 4-6 sums can happen in Washington DC so I entered, I engaged a couple guys on Facebook and they were like oh yeah, look it's happening all the hotel prices that we can in Washington DC like $1500 a night there trying to keep us from going because Donald trumps running the government from our log on with the with the military and so there are pricing the rooms astronomically so and literally 60 seconds. I went to my Marriott.

After I pulled up 19 hotel that we can write 90 day. Glad we can and I get to leave the studio here soon and him and divest myself and push away from the table and not be a glutton when it comes in the news today so I was telling you of course what you know we have all the thing. My pillows out there now, Mike Lindell, God bless him absolute proof.

Please share with everyone you know to save our country and then he makes his case on and on and on and on and on. Same basic stuff we been hearing for couple months about how the election was stolen in foreign countries and all his stuff and then today or yesterday. You've got the time magazine article that that lot of people in the right lot of conservatives, plenty Q people queuing on people. I guess he looked, there is another Robin in her face. The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 elections of both sides claiming the left claiming in this article, superlong 6700 words secret history of the shadow campaign that say the 2020 election basically saying we know Donald Trump was going to try to steal the election he would do anything to do it is going to marshal the troops is going to stay in office can refuse to leave and we have to defend the constant we have needed and say Constitution with the defendant.

The Democratic democracy got to defend.

So this is their explanation of what they did, patting themselves on the back and we save the country from a second term from this whack job. Okay, basically the taller orange or version of the little rocket man from North Korea. So now this is their version and everybody in the right go see there is another just running in our nose. There is a vast conspiracy on the left including big tack and big corporations to steal the election. Although they don't talk in here, of course, about how they might've done that. If that's what they do, but what they're saying is nowhere. Actually, we took defensive measures to make sure with the COBIT pandemic and everything trumps going to do because not to leave office that were to protect the country and ensure that this dictator doesn't get back in by stealing the election know he still know they still know he still and know they still it that's called chaos and distraction while people are dying and going to hell.

So were all focused on Washington DC and Biden and Trump and queuing on and Mike Lindell the my pillow guy in this that the other thing. And what about the gospel. Hell yeah will get back to that discipleship yeah yeah what you will do that when what we know when our churches reopen in a Satan just loves it Love it so I thought I do. I look at both sides and I realize were all in the flesh. I've got plenty of sin on my own and so I psalmody told me years ago. Steve always be suspicious of your cell phone that's pretty good advice to be suspicious of everybody else at the same time because the one thing we all have in common. You, me, the Pope, your pastor, Biden, Tromp, Losey, Ted Cruz, far right far left and Tepe Mother Teresa you want to know we all have in common flesh human flesh and depravity so I don't trust in the body more than I can throw myself included. Okay, so maybe God just melting down this big cow we made in making us drink and are some examples. Looks like you, I mean if you want to continue to worship at that altar. Glad I'm not your judge, here's where the Senate Republicans, Democrats to the country of Kerch controversial issue. So this happen overnight last night right 15 hours from Thursday and Friday is called photo Rama is not a Boy Scout thing photo Rama, there's what they do and that when they get it. So the Democrats use this reconciliation is a way to get around the filibuster, which is the way to get around having to have 60 votes in the Senate to get something passed but it opens up the door to something a photo Rama and they can do like all these different amendments so the Republicans this was smart they okay were to put all these amendments in here always individual issues that are basically going to turn into campaign commercials over the next 24 months and were everybody's enough to vote on it. So here's some examples in this would to show you how wrecked it is and how bad the cold and Is and why it takes so bad as we eat it to look that up in Genesis put senators on the record, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer meanwhile hit Republicans for pushing messaging amendments to score clinical points, exactly clear some things that that happened with the Senate split evenly.

16 of the votes were 50-50 along party lines of the past received tie-breaking votes from, harass those that failed did not sons going to take you through some examples here and you can see what's happening in Washington DC, which will show you. I think at this point, the folly of worshiping that altar which again I believe God is melted down with this election and everything else in all the chaos and all the division even in the church and our eating senator Roy Blunt Republican for Missouri introduce an amendment opposing coronavirus relief funding for schools that don't reopen after teachers had a chance to get coronavirus vaccine.

It did pass Sen. Pat Toomey from Republic of Republican from Pennsylvania introduced an amendment opposing sanctuary cities that didn't pass your great campaign ads the next two years. Sen. Ron Johnson Republican from Wisconsin introduce an amendment supporting the continued construction of the border wall that didn't pass Mike Lee Republican from Utah introducing a member in opposing the violation of free speech of religion. I think that correct that didn't pass Tom cotton from Arkansas introduce MM in opposing court packing pass Sen. Rick Scott from Florida introducing a memo supporting border security and immigration enforcement course that Sen. Chuck Schumer, however, watch this.

This is this politically political and around so hilarious and fascinating music. Sen. Chuck Schumer introduced an amendment to strip away three GOP sponsored events that had passed earlier in the night with bipartisan majorities, meaning at some Democrats that voted for what the Republicans look at you when I call it that way. Those moments oppose stimulus checks for illegal aliens oppose Biden's decision to cancel Keystone pipeline and supported fracking Harris cast tie-breaking vote in support of Schumer's amendment in the past, which means Schumer then came back around strong-armed his people who voted with Republicans on common sense legislation amendments and force them to vote then reverse themselves. A few hours later with his own amendment. This is the folly in the chaos and the brokenness of the Senate McConnell introduce an amendment to undo Schumer like budget kids in a playground. It didn't pass the course, but there were some GOP wins check these out Sen. Roger Wicker from Mrs. Mississippi introduce an amendment supporting funding for restaurants and bars heard by the pandemic because now that binds the press can change or direction or to pass 90 to 10 while Rubio introduce an amendment opposing tax increases and small businesses during a pandemic that passed the hundreds and nothing wonder what would happen if Trump were still in office senators. I just have to laugh because it's so disgusting Sen. Todd Young from Indiana introduce an amendment opposing stimulus checks for illegal immigrants that passed 58 to 42 senators that Democrat Senators Hassan Hicken Looper Kelly mansion peters and cinema stent state now and tester all voted for it, but they had to reverse their positions. Later, when Schumer came back around his own amendment they went out Sen. Ben sass introduce a memo supporting proper care for babies who survive abortions check this out. It passed 52 to 48 all Democrats but Sen. Casey and mansion opposed 48 Democrat said oh you ask do you say you want to help babies that survive an abortion yeah Nadia, we can't cancel that what we expect God to do the country like this blessed earns introduce an amendment supporting the imprisonment of illegal immigrants charged with violent crimes. All Democrats but mansion an independent Sen. Angus King of Maine who caucuses with the Democrats opposed it. Lord help us Sen. Mike Braun from Indiana introduce MM in opposing fracking bands it passed 57 to 43 but it all reversed later with the Schumer's little move Sen. James Inhofe from Oklahoma Republican introduce an amendment supporting leaving the US Embassy and enjoy Israel and Jerusalem. It passed 97 to 3 who voted against it warned Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Jew and Carper Nazi. Oh here we go. Sen. James Langford from Oklahoma Republican introduce a minute supporting equal treatment of religious entities as compared to secular entities that sounds very American, actually, and cutting federal funds from local governments that do not treat houses of worship equally to secular businesses. It passed under 100 and 90 course and 90 to 10. The whole come on wake up the past 51 to 49 Joe mansion voted with Republicans.

God bless you Joe I implements introduced by Democrats past as well.

Joe mansion Biafra mentioned introduce an amendment supporting targets to miss payments in opposing stimulus payments for upper income taxpayers that pass 99, one Rand Paul opposed. I'm all for means testing.

By the way, I hate you know what I don't need it stimulus check were doing okay we have enough for content given to somebody actually needs even though her borrowing $0.40 on the dollar.

Paul introduce the memo supporting the penny plan aimed at balancing the federal budget. It failed. 27, 29 to 71. All Democrats oppose the moment it's like asking a 14-year-old or your college student if they want to live under a balanced budget course. The casino Sen. John Kennedy Republican from Louisiana introduce an amendment to deny small business administration, stimulus funds, anyone convicted of right related crimes it failed. 49 to 51.

While Casey my point. This is the cow that were worshiping. We expect this.

It's so broken up there. Hey Steve, are you telling us not pay any attention to Washington DC. I'm not telling you not to pay any attention.

I'm telling you to pay a lot less attention. Pray more gains close I got Bensalem to keep saying this by way I can hardly hear them shrink your America shrink it. It involves closer to home will be right back to normal.seizure so it's not pleasing exactly why am on the radio way. It's been that way for a while and I have good friends that sometimes get upset with me and I appreciate that I really do and I understand, much as I can, but it doesn't drive me you accepting me or not wanting to hear what what I have to say, or hearing a contrary opinion or or being presented with the fact that maybe were just a bunch of political idolaters in the White House and Donald Trump were a golden calf and so God is melted it down basket into ashes mixed it with water nor drink or to drink it. We drank it since November 3 to drink it for the next two years.

Maybe the next four years. Maybe the next 40 years in America and America will never come back and will never be the same and that what that will teach all of us to follow up with some 38 special theology to hold on loosely the things of this world will grow state strangely dim the hymns, the things of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace. Doesn't that sound wonderful you know you can you can have that now. Did you know that. Did you know that the things of this world can grow strangely dim and I think God that's kind of is as frustrated as I am today and as snarky and as angry as I am today.

I also in a second.

I can turn the corner like right now and go you know what whatever is nothing new under the sun.

Solomons right new news just old news happening to new people. Human nature is been the same since we got kicked out of the garden in the same judgment going on ever since we want a leader we get kingly Idella tried to return into idolaters. What is a golden calf or Saul or whoever. And then they disappoint as we get all racked and were bent out of shape because all I can't believe that happened really are you really that shocked you ever read the Bible.

Do you have a biblical worldview should be shocked by any of the stuff soul and all that stuff is sinking sand, and that's what you build your house so that your foundation the shifting sand and if that is your double minded man unstable in all your ways and your gonna get racked by the news of the day you lose sleep you hit your knees groaning and moaning and growing over the country.

How much do we ever pray for lost people that we know like we do for the country to the problem. There's a couple more things that visits to kind of let me go put some lipstick on that golden calf Mrs. funny kind of squad member and then I get to the devotional. I wrote today were to finish on a godly gospel centered Bible centered note getaway for most of the garbage squad member Presley says she shocks shocked that lowering the voting age to 16 as a polar facing issue is so funny. Our young people deserve to have a stakeholder in our democracy.

She said representative Anna Presley used about your big head here. Now she shape it all Democrat for Massachusetts on Thursday said she was shocked that lowering the voting age to 16 as polarizing subject Presley a cosponsor of resolute resolution HR one that aims to lower the voting age to 16 made the comment on Thursday. Facebook live conversation with somebody Republican opponents of a policy that would lower the voting age to 16 argue that the move would guarantee more votes for Democrats because younger people. He left right.

The age of 16 young people to contribute into both the labor force, and their local economies by paying income taxes and yet the deprived of the opportunity exercise their vote.

Presley said to the right says we have a problem with this because 16-year-olds are to vote left. The left says we need to get 16-year-olds to vote because they're paying income taxes. Here's what I think you don't let a 16-year-old vote because they're stupid. God bless you. Your ignorant, you have no wisdom you're not on your own you're not paying your own bills you don't really know up from down, you probably just got over thinking that you're the opposite gender, and now we want you to be a part of the political process as messed up as it is already know you're a child you don't get the vote. Now I believe in 18 because if we can draft you and send you off to war to die, you should build the boat okay. That's the only reason I deal and that no you know it.

16-year-old vote because her down, not intent, lack intelligence, lack wisdom there ignorant their immature end of the prefrontal cortex for a boy doesn't fully develop their 2591 voting by the millions aim is Presley, I think you're probably 60 okay to move on being very Christlike. I love this one. This is this is just funny to me Parkland shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg member plans to launch his own pillow company with the goal of competing against embattled bedding company. My pillow the ideals posed a Hogg 20 and a tweet from watchmen or William legate on Thursday the question whether the dual should start a pillow company to put my pillow at a business. I got a couple of liberals on twitter and next thing you know this. The big story make the my pillow guy. This pillow fight just got very real. Hogg tweeted on Thursday. But, though it might've initially seem like a joke. Hogg later said that he was serious about the business venture. He tweeted a list of goals for the future company bubble bath website. While Bill will be up in a couple weeks are very much in the early stages right now, Hogg said, but we really are doing this. If you have cool name idea DME direct message for those be there older, we think we have one door still open, so what are they well you know he's you know is a budding young socialist onset of my pillow I could suppose it should be everybody's pillow are pillow maybe make it read. Maybe you CCP yellow and red. But the funny thing about this is this young guy will ensure is all about socialist policies definitely believes in capitalism because he wants to go find a bunch of things could he takes money to do that. David, and I'm sure you wouldn't mind like John Kerry, our new environment was our cleanable fly around all your little meetings in a private jet. I think that's funny.

Personally and so me at soon to be 55 years of age as an adult looks at what our children are doing and just, got a laugh right.

David Hogg should be vote either. I let me finish on a high note here working my way to the gospel of John have been for several months were in the John chapter 19's only couple chapters left John 1918, very short. And until I started studying up on this and look around.

I hadn't seen this before, so I I entitled this Jesus between okay. John 1918 short, there they crucified him, and with two others, one on either side and Jesus between them. The scene was pregnant with meaning, the son of God nailed to a cross with all of humanity, represented by the two men beside one man mocked and hurled insults while the other spoke of the obvious of the of the obvious. Unlike them, Jesus.

One is an innocent man one man died bitter and angry while the other died with hope and peace. Both men slipped away from the natural world, but only one of them opened his eyes in paradise. The other man. Sadly, open his eyes to torment and judgment. The brutal crucifixion being just the beginning of his agony and Jesus between them English theologian Alfred Plummer observed that quote the whole of humanity was represented there. The sinless Savior. The saved penitents, the condemned, impenitent, unquote the same condition exist today. Jesus stands between the two destinies of every single human being and offers them a choice and every single person makes one for some they choose to look away from the truth that God is made plain to them. That's Romans 119 and instead choose to believe that he simply doesn't exist like they stick their fingers in their years ago.

Another little Linda for many others they're aware of the man in the middle air quotes but they simply choose not to get acquainted with them, and paid little attention to what he has to say.

But first select few.

I hope that you Matthew 714 they see the man and choose to listen and believe in his message Jesus was also centered between God and man.

The only bridge available to cross the cosmic divide between the two, but neither man could do for himself. Jesus did on their behalf. Jesus took upon himself the guilt and shame of all their sin and paid their debts in full one mocked him for his ridiculous claims while the other worshiped them for them.

One man refused to budge. Mother gave up his independence.

Jesus is the only true mediator between God and man. First Timothy 25 and stands ready to take up your defense at the cross. He was both the high priest and the offering and he alone is what separates you from either God's wrath are God's mercy which the are you which one represents your loved one, a friend and neighbor or coworker their eternal death is imminent as they hang on the cross of decision, we urge them to look into Jesus's eyes and consider his message and offer of salvation you abandon them to a cruel fate and fade into the crowd like Jesus's disciples did say one of his job.

Jesus is between both outcomes and stands ready to bring them or you with him in the paradise. So that was just gospel John chapter 19 verse 18, there they crucified him with him to others, one on either side and Jesus between okay so there's that.

And then there's Senate Republicans and Democrats in the time magazine article in the in them. My pillow Mike Lindell video exposing how the election was stolen and all that stuff which is important, but it's not eternal, and it will fade in its light will go out on the other side. There are there's another light that won't go out and that's the light of every man and woman soul not to go out to be lit forever, but it will only burn in one of two places right heaven or hell. So I always come back to that struggle with this myself for years and I hope you struggle with. Do we care about about more about America or Americans. Do we care more about praying that God would save America or that God would save Americans. I care about America because America is made up of 340 million people made in the image of God and every one of them in estimable word and every one of them is on that cross next to Jesus and everyone's going to end up with the guy in the right of the guy on the left that decision last forever. What the mostly close to Washington DC will be careful your worshiping a golden Right now I think were being forced behalf that your judge you, no one, God willing, I'll talk to you at all ever

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