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Cancel Public Education?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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February 3, 2021 1:14 pm

Cancel Public Education?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 3, 2021 1:14 pm

Cancel Public Education?

Today Steve talks about some of the new North Carolina schoolboard policies and the antics of its members. 


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your host Steve that I say I said I go down that I think I go now. Should I stay or should I go now. We made a decision. The noble family did years ago. So actually we never went in the first place.

That would be the public school system and so starting all the way back, way back when when our oldest is now 25 was, you know, I did the preschool at the church here and there and then kindergarten and first grade Pam writing a private private Christian school and then we yank them out there and I started homeschooling in our daughter and then our son and our daughter so all four kids except for about a semester and 1/2. Our youngest went to local high school for freshman year until he shut it down for COBIT because COBIT hashtag got scolded and I but she had been raised in our home and in the, the youngest of four kids, so it's not like she had not heard about all this crazy stuff in the world and in the school system and stuff so she went for as a freshman at a local high school here in Raleigh North Carolina and it was exactly what we expected it to be. Is it exactly what she expected it to be in terms of just, worldliness, and all that kind of mass and sexual issues and that sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, the kind of stuff you expect the quality of education, which was subpar and just how kind of chaotic.

The classrooms could be in the hallway and odds and it was exactly what we expected to be, but she wanted to go in there and give it a shot strong interface. We were worried about that and so she went in and they sent them all home and so it's it's not that attractive to be there when it's regular is not attractive at all to remain there. When you're online only, so she was let's forget it. What's the point, and so started homeschooling again last fall per semester this year and then she still homeschooling right now and like I said cards on the table were homes going family but hasn't got to the point I've done shows a lot of this in the past, but it's been years where where if you're conservative or particularly a Christian conservative.

Is it just forget it. Throw your hands up in I'm done. We should we keep don't stay in reform you say what we need to be salt and light. Well, maybe you not maybe you you should be salt and light you as an adult, but your eight-year-old your 10-year-old you think there to be salt and light in that school. They lean kids to Christ all over the place and they challenging the biblical worldview, or lack thereof of their teachers and they pushing back on the notions about American history and and what it means and what this country is and is not today do that no they don't know maybe silly, really. My kid does okay praise the Lord.

That's awesome, but that is such an anomaly. Most of them just go in one in and come out the other and it's subtle but it's like the frog in the pot, kindergarten, second grade, fourth grade middle school, high school, they go off to college and like what just happened because gosh we went to church on Sunday and they went to youth group on Sunday night and we even came back on Wednesday night, but let me remind you of the math and to use a good old Ben Shapiro quote facts don't care about your feelings. So let's say you're a gold star Christian family right. Praise the Lord and you go Sunday morning, Sunday school, then they go to the church service.

Then they come back Sunday night for another youth group thing and then they come back Wednesday night will star Christian man that's awesome four hours a week kindergarten through 12th grade. You just racked up 2400 hrs. $2400 of godly input theology Bible teaching being run of the Christian people in Christian leaders and pastors and youth pastors and all that stuff 2400 hrs. between kindergarten 12th grade 4 hours a week at church Goldstar Christian right okay well if you do the same thing in the public school system, kindergarten through 12th grade you get. Guess what, 16,000 hours rear end in the seat in kindergarten and 12th grade of not Christian teaching some warped teaching and a lot of anti-Christian teaching and that 16,000 hours. Let's throw in on top of that something that you and I really didn't have to deal with when we were that age, and social media digital digital input YouTube Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tick-tock a podcast video games, cable-television, Netflix, Amazon, whatever. On average kindergartens growth grade. Right now another $16,000.

So 32,000 hours of input between kindergarten 12th grade mostly godless godless worldview right versus your Goldstar Christian family effort which netted 2400 hrs. in church 24 out 2400 hrs. over here. The Goldstar Christian versus 32,000 hours of the public school system, kindergarten through 12th grade.

So me ask you a question just how good of a parent are you like it's math oh yeah Steve is the power the Holy Spirit. I get that. I understand that but the power the Holy Spirit doesn't remove human responsibility. Hey, that they they would've loved to stay in the upper room he can we just stay up here where it's safe and cozy and will just have it be full of the Holy Spirit will just pray the gospel out of the world know actually need to go do something okay so now here we are.

The public school system and I'm use North Carolina as an example because we been talking about in this. I mentioned it yesterday with the cartoon they came out with W RAL and and that's very liberal organization. Obviously, in the cartoon I had a elephant meeting over again in a Ku Klux Klan outfit and on the group on the Ku Klux Klan outer outfit it says GOP members state school board will that would be people like Mark Robinson, our new Lieut. Gov. who happens to be not white, he's black and then doesn't the bubble the content bubble says we prefer to start with clean sheet and they have a big red X through a little piece paper that this obviously member the KKK a Republican is holding that says new cortical conclusive North Carolina social studies standards and they been talking about the social studies standards for a while and I'm looking at an ad I'm looking at a story from the news and Observer from July 2020 2020 when they're talking about. Okay, we get a look at the new kit can regards to 12 social studies so that more can be done on them to address how to teach difficult topics such as slavery and racism and gender stuff right there to talk about and then they punted on it.

How would you deal with these things there. Talk about a year ago that it resurfaced recently. Here's another article from W RAL State Board of Education to vote on changes social studies classes and what happened was talk about systemic racism, systemic discrimination and gender identity. Hey, how many of you want your first, second or third or fourth grader being taught that by the public school system and a tile that fact into how they look at this particular cartoon Joe because it was late for basically saying if you're Republican your member of the KKK.

Well, gender inclusion your IPA. They go about here now little family never is. But as we look at these different things. What's going on here North Carolina to board racism, stomach discrimination, gender identity, all that stuff that they want to load in the social studies curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade kindergarten you your kindergarten kindergarten think everything through the lens of skin color and race everything we have any shot at unity. When we make that everything we no longer sorry, Dr. King.

It really is about color your skin is not about the content of your character. Nothing without conversations come sit on them on the classes I teach on the civics Constitution course IT production actually deals with American history and I am brutally honest because the current the history of this country is just like your history just like my history you have bright points and you have a bad point. I some really beautiful things in my letter and I have some horrific things on my ledger and I need to own it all and so you teach kids how to think, to be critical thinkers, not necessarily what to think.

But that's not what's happening in our public schools anymore there teaching them what to think about how to think in there too young to be discerning.

They don't have the ability to be critical thinkers will even teach them how to be critical thinkers, which is why you see things like this is Dalton school. This is a New York and a lot of people there to our our blood parents are really ticked off and so they're going out on. They wrote a letter from the cortical Dalton community that says this every class this year has had an obsessive focus on race and identity. Recent scop reenactments in science decentering whiteness in our class, learning about white supremacy and sexuality in health class wildly inappropriate. Many of these classes feel more can zoom corporate sensitivity training than adults, intellectually engaging curriculum.

I mean, whatever happened to teaching, especially our young kids how to read and write and do arithmetic Iowa Iowa school district plans black lives matter week of action for preschoolers to grade 12. That's right out of their curriculum that they are trying to use here in Lake County. By the way our friend Sloan Rachman talked about this and brought this information out in his radical Marxist up and talk about black lives matter, Inc., not the notion of black lives matter go to different things. Gotta be willing to deal with that separate those thick black lives matter Inc. organization is Marxist anti-biblical I'm just crazy. Okay so guarding the public school district website business in Iowa students from preschool through high school will engage in a five-day guide to expand student understanding of the black lives matter school principals including queer firming transgender from globalism and disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics that part of the BLM about us page, which they scrubbed. Once everybody started paying attention to it, got Iowa you think I was part of the country right and I use. I talked about the story recently.

Sloan Rachman again education first alliance Tar Heel state's largest teachers Association is led by high school history teacher named Brian profit sounds normal, except profit is a revolutionary communist working for the Chinese affiliated group liberation wrote well what and he and one other gal whose part of supporter black is matter Inc. the organization are the president and vice president of the North Carolina Association of educators. So when our school of our state school board, and thank goodness. Thank you Lord that Mark Robinson is in there and a couple other conservatives honest people and Mark Robinson is not set. He said another statement. Hey listen, I get it.

I know we've had problems in this country. I know we've had some system systems in this country that were racist, but that who we are today. Is it better how we gotten anywhere.

That's the kind of stuff that he talks about yeah he's image that you own it is good only as part of our past and to a certain extent part of our present and so you own it, but to teach kids how to be critical thinkers you don't teach them what to think. Which is why many go back to this article in that the article but the cartoon right a an elephant. That's Republicans in a Ku Klux Klan outfit and on the outfit it says GOP member state school board so it's showing here's what we believe this ought this guy drawn Dennis Ron, who teaches social studies being meaning being at a Johnston County elementary school grades that awesome middle school. I guess, and that's the guy that's the cartoonist. So what he saying is the GOP members of the state school board are akin, the Klansman and then the little a text bubble is we prefer to start with clean sheet. I'll get it sheet ha and what they crossed out his little piece paper new cortical inclusive and see social studies standards. Okay so you got some Republicans honor that have a problem with this clear agenda. This is an about how to think.

It's about what to think. And then that that this is how it runs so deep and why I think at this point I personally, I think it's wrong of us to continue to throw our kids into this meatgrinder and I and and and and I see meatgrinder I'm talking about. Even an honest worldview and honest assessment of history. They're not doing that. But here's the guy at Seth Ephron the opinion editor for capital broadcasting Debbie, are you all right he said the point of the cartoon is not to literally call Republicans, KKK members, what do you think were stupid. Yes he does. Editorial cartoons are creative and provocative using hyperbole and satire. He said no. I believe Republicans on the State Board of Education are members of the Ku Klux Klan.

The editorial cartoon by Dennis drawn is meant to point out that these members of the state border trying to wipe out from the social studies curriculum.

The record of racism, which includes the clan in the segregationist practices that were imposed in our state and nation's history know it doesn't that's that's boldfaced lie manipulation. Are you kidding me to think were stupid answer that question. He does actually he doesn't care what you think is the care what I think because when you control the media in the educational process. You let the care what anybody thinks like a monopoly you don't care what anybody else thinks you run the route you run the roost, cares. It's ridiculous when you look at it, but this is what's happening and so for the rest of the show. I was going to call it. We didn't not until our youngest was old enough to make the decision. We believe she can handle it if we allow any of our kids to go to the public school system. I was going to turn them over because I don't trust it. I know what's going on there. I'm not throwing everybody every public school teacher in America under the bus by the way, I know there are some wonderful teachers out there who are honest, intellectually honest, who are anti-Christian and they do a good job of teaching, but I think they're in the minority. It's obviously ruled by governed by, and largely infested by very liberal people who want to indoctrinate your kids to a certain worldview was an IPO deal of pushback from our own children because we taught him how to be critical thinkers. So I get in debates with Mike, especially my 25 and almost 23-year-old and they're pretty good at it. It's really frustrating. I like Scott Lee but then we taught up to be critical thinkers and to question things. So when they question my positions. I take it personally. But that's the way we raised him and God bless him for they will just take it in and but that's over teaching. Most of our kids so we said nope not to do it. Our kids are going to the government school system, so let me ask you the question and then I would open up the phones for the rest of the show, 86634878848663487884.

Is it finally time that we as Christians and mostly conservative Christians just say forget about God. We should be sending our kids to public school or do we stay and I know some of you are like. We have to be salt and light in all look you right in the face. I am right now. If you're on Facebook live up to your right. You need to be salt and light you get a throw it off on your eight or 10 or 12-year-old. Let them be salt and light.

Pretty sure they won't be. That's not their job that's our job like he thinks shrink the country are American a lot smaller, starting with your school to six 634 truth: 866-34-TRUTH and go. And that's why we never center could smoke school the only one that we did was our youngest at 15, she wanted to go. Give it a shot. As a freshman at a local high school, which lasted a semester and half until Colby shut it down and the quality of exit education was. Not impressive, the environment, not impressive, but you meaning on people and there were some other things there that she wanted to get involved in, but with COBIT that's gone and so we just never mean when young when we're young my wife and I both really nope not cinnamon me was a what about salt and light. Okay fine. That's our job. I don't think that your 10-year-old job, not the public school system and like we had one of our friends on Facebook live is been an education like either, since there are some excellent teachers and they're doing a great job. Regardless of what the comes down from on high. I agree with that but there probably older. Most of the time and the younger ones well they been through the same system is. Some people don't like the word indoctrination but I think it's kind like the frog in the pot kind of indoctrination in its death by a thousand cuts and now with new social studies standards in North Carolina that the trying to do to make.

I'm not saying don't talk about the top issues, but that thoroughly trying that they don't even teach that much history and in social studies out it's all going to depend on the teacher man to that friend on Facebook live point some really good teachers and to teach really good stuff and be fair, but there's other teachers that aren't in there to teach purely from personal perspective. They're going to try to teach your kid what to think, not how to think. That's why we have the situation a couple years ago and in local elementary school like a second-grade thing where the teacher had a coming out thing for this second-grader who believe that they were transgendered, so she had the rest of the this is real for the rest of the kids in class, clapping.

Let's bless Brian the gender dysphoria. Let let's just so into this a mental and emotional problem here by clapping and making it look like it's something as was a heartbreaking, dangerous thing. That's what's going on. We stay or do we go 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth Amanda from Asheville. Thanks for calling. Go right ahead. Have not had good art art art art art old all art all night like it hot or I never thought you're getting your home.

Clark get bookwork in a hung like we cannot get back my year had blown are not in good content and dark blue done even in Randolph County. A very heard. It is implicated in red gifts were terrified like that Clay, we cannot think you need to conduct out into theater for their education at and found that there that govern building up elders right now. Yeah, that's a great way of looking at it in again. You just have to be realistic and I know it's hard a lot of people like we can homeschool we can could do this. I just put up a link here in North Carolina we have the North going to state education assistance Authority which has opportunity scholarships. That's up to like $4200 year.

If you pull your kid out of public school and get him to a private school, even a Christian private school that becomes an option that often times I remind people hate listen, you're not doing this alone should have a church family around you, other educators, other homeschoolers at that's the case, and that the Lord God Almighty himself will be helping you.

I think those are great points and a you're welcome. Thanks much for Colin and Sharon that such a great point. Let's go to Guenther: in all way out there in Monterey, California Guenther. I've no idea how you're hearing us to go right ahead. Yet on the radio awesome. I want the air you as a Christian, what you know what I am talking to you know kids going to school. My grandkids are going to school and I noted that the news is my baby side when our kids learn in school and you gender identity thing you really causing a lot of confusion and you is a blatant lie. The mating that's going on. You know I just don't like him.

You know what can I do it I call the Gov.'s office on board January and to get the message and the dog watching all going to tell the truth tell the truth, you know, I will die for and make the unknown you're coming to doorstep you know and making it down like I would like a terrorist. You know and what I had a concern that something going on in this country. I noticed your prophecies out through not God is at work. The innocent people get growth to the dirt. The way they have been getting well and wasn't walking you get your question Guenther Connecticut super importantly a lot of people on Christian radio are our our grandparents and so the thing that you have to do in this environment is to is to gauge and gauge. You have to be very aware of what's going on in. You have to have conversation so what we really need to be doing as if our kids are going to be stuck in public school, and your grandchildren are coming up. Then have a lot of conversation with you have to be very deliberate.

What you learning about like what you learning about American history. What you think about America. What you think about racism you gotta engage these conversations we have to be very specific and we have to we have to cut a prod that conversation because depending on their age.

They may not be necessarily aware of what they're being told, but they will be able to kind of tell you a little bit about what they're experiencing.

I think we have to assume coming up hope for the best prepare for the worst assume that they're being taught.

A lot of things are just patently false.

We know they're being taught a lot of things that are ungodly but patently false, and people are trying to get them to buy into a narrative that probably is in the fair assessment and so you have to stay involved and have those conversation assume that they're getting indoctrinated and have a lot of conversations with them and engage them and as a grandparent, maybe ghosts asking go sit in on the class and get involved to get involved.

The school board get involved with the PTA.

Gotta have a presence. Often times anyhow we have a lot of nice teachers openings going to be fine, but that's a bad assumption of the other some good teachers and there but a lot of teachers are in their teaching your kids what to think. It's a how to think we have to be involved in some of us if you have the wherewithal get out you know is a grandparent. Somebody has the financial wherewithal. Maybe they can help their grandkids get to a private school or home school and get involved.

We can sit around and complain about it or we can do something about it. I think that's the real check right and I'm ready are you I am so ready to go to school.

I am willing to die for Mike drink.

Did you know yeah the country take journal. I just yeah I think that's one of the things you can do like this is an excellent document so Guenther if you if you find me on Facebook or whatever get a copy of the 1776 report which the Trump administration put out in the Biden pulled it down the first day, but that's got a pretty fair assessment of the history of the country and the principles behind the country where you gotta own it is just like your sin record in mice and record. I've done some great things I've done some horrific things and you need to be honest enough to own all you need to talk about all of it was really excellent in a good way to look at the history the country through a fair lens and an objective lens again teaching our kids how to think, not necessarily what we teach them how to think they're going to figure out the right things to think and that's what we got paid but I really appreciate you calling and Sharon that that's awesome. So do something about that. Thank you. You're welcome. God bless you.

Let's jump over to Tanisha Conant from Charlotte North Carolina Alaska New Salem Eagle appear to Clay click on it, from Raleigh, Clay thinks, recalling a redhead word you know I would like to commend you. Would you know doing what you're doing you know you're taking a leap of great your big end of this category are not a parent or grandparent. But you know been around children comfortable my mama life.

You know being around churches, stuff like that and it it's really fair that when you have teachers that are being asked to educate a child no matter what it is and boring for that. Don't need to be caught because you know you're supposed to go to do like it could truly predict your critique. Something about why close letter you need to learn the oversaw the home you know a true believer in the teaching about what history is really about.

You know remembering what Martin Luther King said I have a dream, remembering what Abraham Lincoln was about people, but when you institute when you have cooled and I don't blame the older people that are doing what you're doing your homeschooling because it it's really scary broker because the book of Hebrews talk about it is that people were drifting away falling away or turning away from God the father and when that happens.

That means they didn't know what path to take. Because of this sad man because you know your children are not a proper education than they needed to transact the race, I think so much for telling his brother as always, I appreciate you.

You want to call in and chime in on all this.

I love to hear from you.

866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Should we say in the system. This will work it out right grandkids. There were just don't like Pres. Biden is the head of education department is all down with the transgender movement which is gender dysphoria which is a mental problem, mental, emotional problem requires deep counseling in helping patients, not a scalpel, not hormones okay but now they come right out. Say nowhere all about this if your eight you think you're born with an Audi and you think you should be in any well then you go right ahead were behind you be whoever you want to be Billy or Cindy or whatever autonomy which is really just idolatry the same story for the last 5000 years but it totally amped up now and I get the bite administration's like hey you if you're a 12-year-old boy. You think your 12-year-old girl you want to go compete with the girls going to the girls bathroom are going to the girls locker room, you go right ahead. Who are we to tell anybody that the wrong lesson course are conservative or Christian that we have a moral obligation to tell you how warped you are, but for the 12 boy or the 15-year-old boy. There's not a 15-year-old boy in America that would take advantage of that system. Hey llama and identifies a girl so I can go compete on the girls volleyball team in the girls track team girls best ball team or whatever and that's it tell you so that is Maxis of the girls locker. Oh, okay, okay, really okay that that's cool.

I'll do that really how long you stay on that ship or do you let it go down I think we should be in there as adults as Christian adults. If you have a if you have a college student that wants to be an educator wants to teach God bless them.

That's awesome if you walk in there and be intellectually honest and a good teacher and love those kids well in teaching history and teach them how to think, so they can come to intellectually honest conclusions and deal with the good the bad and the ugly of when it comes to the history of this nation and you hold a biblical worldview. Kinnaman there.

We should abandon that bill because even if your kids are in their other people's kids are in their dorsal to love our neighbors as ourselves.

So hot, so we do here we stay or do we go the public school system 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH Norm thanks for being on hold. Sorry to keep you there. Go ahead from McCall. You will have a slightly different perspective.

So, so I am mama mama black male with biracial but you look at them slowly look look like little black boy but but but been a good in a Christian school kindergarten, but we're going to next year and we are entering letting him go to public school at one of the reason is because of the lack of diversity that that is the Christian school and other side of that is even with like the history lesson think that the teacher are or teaching are 100% accurate so so even with that, I guess just my perspective is even know you got homeschooling but in the private schooling section of the issue there. Well, yeah. Now I'm in the other direction right it's a problem in either direction right, but now thought of going to public school think that you have the good typical foundation and we talk like like weight and we talked all think any part of the child in any school regardless. Talk to your child, but you need to explain, but like black cloud matter. Yes, we believe blight logistically, but up to walk or or approach to what the difference between backup like loud open and we are very clear to make sure that you like relative all about what that we want to take him around to understand why that that doesn't mean that all white or or bed.

All black people are good. We also also explained that if the people and our brother Thomas doubted a family to my house around and work, but we do not do so.

We Are all will make sure that the Bible works regardless came in and that I would say Norm that I hope everybody on the show, whether on Facebook or radio are listening to you because that's exactly how we need to wade into this.

Listen, I realize if you go to an all Christian school at this get there could be aslant there and there could be people that are so overwhelmed or so concerned about the slant left that they slant right or they don't go down some roads because they think they're fearful that it's going to help the agenda on the left and so you have some intellectually dishonesty in both directions. I don't implicitly trust any organization I don't even implicitly trust myself. We know we have to be suspicious of all that stuff but I really appreciate you saying that in the key. There is hey you know what, let's get a firm biblical foundation once we believe our son or daughter's ready then we can wait in there as salt and light and do it as a team that's a great thing that you're talking about Norm. You talk and you guys engage in so you walk through this together. You can't just send them off letters to private Christian school or go public school and just assume the best. That's just not responsible, especially in these days yeah I agree with you. So like I don't know why. In public school for 20 years so while there are yet to be true in public school, but why had no problem paying over it.

I don't I don't agree with the with the narrative about many Christian that they take a prayer out child the law, I can't remove anything that's so took them out of make people understand and there there again.

The Bible is the foundation. Call thank you so much for your very encouraging things and got kicked out of schools and like really what God are you talking about my guiding been kicked outta anywhere where that come from little defeatist attitude. Forget we are more than conquerors. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. Remember that I let's jump over to James's gone and from Raleigh. James thanks for: thanks for your patience. Go ahead.

Yet when: quickly good good print) that teaching in the wake of friends there teaching." But there in the minority, and when they say I would never send my kid into my school system and pretty sure I can much better when there thing that inside the system and on the outside and Charlie are really how do they explain that jeans I mean when they mean that's what I've heard that before. I've known that for years, but it's a very sobering thing to hear. It's something we need to pay great attention to, but how they kind of accident you say okay what why when you send your own kids. What's their answer.

So I think it's on multiple levels.

One unit ideological. What were saying.

Knowing what is being taught," but also just fact that their stretch with company they have to teach and how they can teach them to the standard that they wish they could all, it's not just ideological but just a resource to stand okay quality of patient they wish they could give you so not just an ideological problem that's functionally broken, correct yet that such a powerful point. James thanks so much for calling and ensure that I really appreciate where the TV go talk to you about it at this and forget it. Facebook live video problem not your problem. Okay, so that was founded year that okay he's got James has friends that teach in the school system and they said I wouldn't send my kids here. Okay, it sounds like these are godly people because they understand. Okay, back to Ben Shapiro, fax don't care about your feelings. They understand that you're going to have some good people in there just like James's friends just like our caller from Charlotte. His wife teaches in their praise over kids don't don't tell anybody what school system should be teaching but but but your people and their but they're far and few between right and so now this is just a matter of what are the odds here. If I know there's an 80% chance that my child is going to get misled purposefully because there's all kinds awoke people in the school system from the top to the bottom and don't you know that they want your child to be just like them. And if that's a it's a child being raised in a Christian family will now like you Trumper's. We got a D program you because you're just a mind numb robot and if you believe the Bible. These kids are so messed up you probably think there's only two genders, you probably have a problem with the homosexual lifestyle. Yada yada yada. Right. Of course in and you and I tell my students and I tell the parents in my classes. I said, by the way, don't be under any illusion that I'm objective.

I am not.

I have a mission. I am on a mission, but I am I can be brutally and electorally honest when it comes to these things and so there's things that we need to talk about what this country past, present, will see about the future that need to be discussed, that are just wicked, not the least of which is 61 million dead babies okay so you want America's greatest nation on the planet. I agree that, but that's a relative statement relative to what relative to other people, relative to other nations.

Okay am with you relative to God's standards. No ratchet to Boettcher us, and we export it. Okay so get over it. You think the red white and blue is holy and pure know, I know you know that, but sometimes we act as if America's above reproach is all we need to do because there's a lot of amazing and beautiful things about this country. There's garbage to there has been there stilling intellectual honesty that's on him after you can't get that largely in the public school when 80% of it against you. 20% of it for you that math doesn't work in your favor. Just like Goldstar Christian and your kids are four hours a week in the church in kindergarten flow.

That's thousand dollars total 2400 and church of same.

Assign the logical brutally honest. There are many many many many teachers to be just like just like most cases, that public schools see no one almost got welling up talking and my dad always used to say

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