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Stop Worshipping!

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February 2, 2021 5:59 pm

Stop Worshipping!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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February 2, 2021 5:59 pm

Stop Worshipping!

Stop Worshipping the President.  Today Steve talks about the sad behavior the Country has been showing toward the President for far too long. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble Paul that worship believe that what you talk about well this is a one thing I want to talk about the day of the theme that has been running through the show for a while. When we talk about politics specially about the presidency and that little that little document known as U.S. Constitution, so to do that and then of course we just started Black history month and so I do a couple things every year in February. Regarding that guy because there's some fascinating information out there and inspiring and encouraging in and out for a lot of us people of a lighter S Hugh just completely unknown and I love learning about as some of the hist of the history of black America incredible black Americans and and what they've done to impact not only united states of America and its founding in some cases, like you here today, but the world in general and endless. And that's just one of the challenges that we face growing up and how much history do you really know like as a Christian.

There's a lot of different theologians in Christian authors that I that I read and that I know and that I memorize stuff from in and learn from but I can't tell you a single black theologian that's on my radar screen because I just don't know any that doesn't mean there aren't any.

Of course, are but I don't know any and so that's just some interesting dichotomy here in the world so I'm in a do a couple of different shows, trying to get Clarence Henderson on today. Actually, the anniversary of the day that they took a seat at the restaurant and won't Woolworths member that one will worsen Greensboro North Carolina and refused to give up her see clear sentence and Henderson still live incredible man of God and in actually a conservative Psalm and I get Clarence on the show sometime this month and then another black friend of mine, a brother and got to get him on to talk about his perspective on black history. That'll probably lean a little more into the abortion question so will do that but I'm to get a couple things today a really fascinating story at a colonial Williamsburg which is it says I neglected Christian passes being restored and that some of the heritage of the black church in America.

Fascinating stuff and really I think as we move towards more and more Christian persecution in the American context. I think working to find that we have more and more in common, and increasingly in common with our African American brothers and sisters that were enslaved during the early years. The first couple hundred years of this nation's history and in and it's a fascinating thing to consider.

I did a show before with my slightly older brother from another mother Bishop Patrick a wooden senior and the title of the show is teach me how to live like a minority, because as is and it is a Caucasian guy always been in the majority in terms of that perspective. My whole life. But as a born-again Christian I realized several years ago that I was actually born again Christians in America by most calculations are about nine or 10% of the entire population. Actually, born-again Christians okay nine or 10% which makes born-again Christians a smaller minority in America than African-Americans are in sight.

You don't really realize that although I think you're beginning to wake up to that reality. And so my question for Bishop witnesses several years ago was right. Teach me how to come to live as a minority. Since I'm now realizing that I am one from that Christian perspective so where to talk about that colonial Williamsburg neglected Christian passes being restored really cool story and seven black euros of the American Revolution and and that's really cool to sonic go through those things before I get to it as per the show for my friends on Facebook live today, stop worshiping what the world are you talking about, well, I saw this article.

This article dovetails with something that I talk about on the show regularly when we talk about politics or the Constitution. I certainly talk about it in my classes that I teach is this constitutional understanding of the present United States and checks and balances as well as the same thing as happened with the United States Supreme Court. We we will turn over American life for weeks or months when redoing a Supreme Court justice, and that should never been the case and that all the Supreme Court should not be as powerful as it is, but it is so we play the game and now the same thing is true with the presidencies I saw this article in the Federalist written by a young Joshua Lawson who actually has a couple of different advanced degrees, including a Masters degree in American politics from Hillsdale College up in frigid Michigan in the name of the article is it's time to stop feeding the exalted presidency subheading we must regain a healthy skepticism of our top leaders and an innate revulsion through anything that smacks of cleanliness or Imperial deference and I'm telling you right now were all guilty of this, to some degree. Maybe not all but a lot of us okay in terms of the present United States of some lessons there that I wanted to take you through will get to these two stories fascinating about not just some amazing black history in America. Okay, so we start with this one from a Joshua Lawson before he had to break up me just get going for more than a century, presidents have expanded the powers of the executive branch while Congress holds the door open. Compounding the problem. An increasing number of Americans see the person who occupies the presidency as an avatar with whom they should place their value their hopes and even their sense of purpose.

The result has been disastrous briefing on the not monarchial spirit. Monarch month monarchial spirit in everything but name is pull people away from tending. This is super important because I'd keep talking this shrink your America. Okay, turn that an elastic aspect shrink your America meeting by local engage local okay embracing a monarchial spirit in everything but name is pull people away from tending to their local communities, fueled cults of personality done great harm to the checks and balances doesn't designed to protect our political system, leaders of the White House to become messianic figures to their political and media allies their missteps and failures are explained away by a majority of their voters and they receive more and more delegated power from a cowardly U.S. Congress that continues to shrink from its constitutional duties. How we fix this will be an integral part of any attempt to restore balance to our Republic so that he goes on any it takes a look at some history. Okay, so that's why want to take you through this always attempting to teach from a biblical perspective what's going on in this country utilizing as well. The U.S. Constitution just as ancient Romans Joshua Lawson writes, overthrew their last king in favor of Republic 509 BC the American Revolution was a denunciation of monarchy.

In total, not merely rejection of King George III are founders rightly identified monarchs as emblems of corruption, recognizing that one man rule as a way of governing, was fundamentally wrong and incompatible with a society that values freedom yet look at how much play, US Pres. half.

I would talk about the global just chilling out a little bit here is the studio.

Obviously, this is with you today. Talk a little bit of politics and constitutional bolding, and is always a worldview because if you have a biblical worldview. The rest of the make a lot of sense to you not answer my friends on Facebook live. I asked him what the last war, Congress officially declared and were talking about the abuse of the presidency and how we kind of exalted the presidency in the presidents and on the last war that was declared in the state by Congress was World War II everything else since the Korea, Vietnam, all 16 goal force, not none of them were declared by Congress. Again, that's the power the presidency of Barack Obama wax over 3000 terrorists type guys using drone strikes all the world and that we didn't get Congress's permission. That's just one little aspect of what's going on here is an article on reading them really do some black history stuff that's really cool. It's time to stop feeding the exalted presidency by Joshua Lawson in the Federalist to talk about the white Ganga working our way through this mess of the Romans overthrew asking in favor of Republic. The American Revolution was a denunciation of monarchy. In total, not merely rejection of King George III.

Our founding fathers rightly identified monarchs as emblems of corruption, recognizing that a one man rule as a way of governing, was finally wrong and incompatible with a society that values freedom, the American government was designed to be representative of the will of the people and granted legitimacy via their enlightened consent safeguards, checks, balances and divisions power were established to deter both the dominance of a passionate intemperate mob and other single individual and republics, both ancient and modern.

He writes, reason and historical evidence repeatedly prove the greatest threat to liberty comes from concentrated power, that's for sure Americans you told tightly to a deep-rooted enduring suspicion of concentrated power of any kind, especially when it crept into the presidency.

Unfortunately, that well-earned wisdom didn't last past 19th century by the 20th century is George Reedy, writes quote the presidency is taken on all the regalia of monarchy, except remind roads a scepter and a crown unquote his work.

The spirit of the laws. Montesquieu, a brilliant writer. Montesquieu rightly observes there can be no liberty with the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person 45 years later in Federalist number 46.

James Madison echoes his concerns when he wrote this. The accumulation of all power, legislative, executive, and judiciary in the same hands may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. Then the as as Charles Kessler.

As noted in 12 of the 14 instances the Federalist papers mention the word leader or leaders. The word is used negatively about that associating leaders with the demagoguery factionalism advice since United States is at its core nation founded on self-government and small are republicanism Wilson's insistence that the country ought to be led by this Wilson is a former Pres. Wilson ought to be led by a great quote unquote leader of men is not only misguided, but a complete departure from America's philosophical, political moorings, the president shouldn't be that big of a deal constitutionally okay. Significant but not like like every time Tromp or anybody else but trumpeted the salon people would say this about the president and sure some people will say about Biden although not many. They do a great job running the country will newsflash friends. The president doesn't run the country. You don't want to live in a country where the president runs the country that would be of tyranny and dictatorship monarchy. You want that they use that you might like it when it's your guy, but sooner or later in our system of government. It's going to be the other team sky as it is today for a lot of you and me and so will you grant that person. The same power that you wanted for the last person that shared your political ideology. Probably not with one. It's heroism good for the country with the other its despotism and going to destroy the country with her wielding the same power to point so for us as Christians, we should take ourselves out of just purely political thinking. Purely partisan thinking and you want biblical worldview thinking which deals with the reality of pride and sin and man okay transcending the office during the last century of allow the presidency to be turned turned into precisely the in the entity that Wilson wanted to be a turn of events that should fill us with shame.

Wilson's vision of the presidency was taken up by FDR in 1932 through his new deal program then further expanded by Pres. Johnson in 1964. By the time of the election of Barack Obama presidency had not just assume Johnson's great Society mantra being the source of all future healing, promising not just in poverty but abstractions like loneliness itself, but it become a full-blown celebrity outfit catering to egotistical personality surrounded by legions of adoring and undying loyal cheerleaders should sound familiar. On both sides. By the way, Opie called Deborah that open Oprah dubbed Oprah Winfrey dubbed Obama the one that he had like Senior advisor Stephen Miller called trump the most gifted politician of our time. The best order. The big the best present generation all kinds of stuff in his most recent book, Victor David Hanson go so far, so I can trump to Achilles Augustine's Martin Luther and Julius Caesar will be really great statesmen like George Washington or Abraham Lincoln is a tall order for anyone to emulate both Obama and Trump fell far short of the humble dignity of the office that the presidency demands. Now, a lot of us would say it doesn't demand that anymore that's going to get you nowhere. Missing the point. Consequentially, the Imperial presidency became an exalted one, the levels of worshipful praise that we witnessed during the last two presidencies. The detrimental nationalization of our politics should shock us one bit criticisms of Obama's policies, no matter how justified were called what racist of course. And then what would trumpets like we pain everybody with the same broad brush. The pain Tromp and if you'd like trump and you like of rallies, then you're a terrorist and you went into the capital right you do all that stuff.

Here's the big take away from this particular article is apathy okay apathy so as we put more and more concentration. Prayer power focus on the president's guess what back to this article a little by little we come to expect less of ourselves placing more of our purpose in hopes with whoever resides in the White House the fall, dear Brutus is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings that was from Julius Caesar, even strong leg muscles will atrophy after decades of neglect requiring crutches in order to walk after surrendering the responsibility self-government for so long. The presidencies become the crutch worry rest the burdens that used to be shouldered by our communities, our families and our places of worship, the promise, however, that the harder we lean on the scratch, the harder it is to get back up on her own 2 feet and the more we sink into a posture that looks a whole lot like servitude to the power of our collective voices and boats.

We the people must begin to resend exalted presidency and rediscover a quintessentially American antipathy towards monarchs.

The matter of their official title is King, but president and there in lies the point in my point.

As I continued to do hope you'll grab onto this notion of a smaller America shrink your America just because your guy is not in the White House doesn't mean you can't make a difference. There are lots of problems locally to talk about that when we come back before we start talking about, to Black history month stories which are awesome but we have massive problems locally have been putting stuff on Facebook for the last 48 hours about what's going on in the North Carolina school systems in the social studies curriculum and then there's a cartoonist with W RAL capital broadcasting who made this incredibly racist cartoon put a elephant Republicans in a Ku Klux Klan robe also a not so veiled reference to Mark Robinson are African-American governor about the social studies curriculum and talk about it. Let's just get the sheets back on all Republicans, including a black one are now members of the KKK. That's racist as it is the day is long locally here in North Carolina you can make a difference looking at the White House will be right back there in years here Worshiping and putting all of our hopes on the White House. That's why when your hopes get dashed by jumping out invite begin this because we put so much weight on the power the presidency, which by the way, then in our laziness and our apathy takes us off the luck we get off the wall and we don't have to do anything because our presidents gonna fix everything. He runs the country to fix everything but what we do then locally.

Most of us to do our own thing we don't engage in a love our neighbors as ourselves and as a Christian living in America. You have three and 40 million neighbors, but most of them to use moral proximity which is a great teaching of the Catholic Church regarding Christian ethics is know your backyard, what you doing with your own backyard your own community your own school system.

Your local economy to you by local do you do anything to support your local your Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria uttermost parts the world right so to turn the corner talk about these two really cool articles but didn't want to mention something that's going on relative to shrieking your America. That's a phrase I want you to remember shrink your America engage in your America that's a lot closer to home. Okay, so here's something going on black history month right so why wouldn't you have a cartoon W RAL capital broadcasting that's got an elephant. Obviously Republican in the KKK outfit in the bottle. Elvin says we prefer to start with a clean sheet and he's talking about the social studies curriculum changes that they're trying to implement the North Carolina state school board across snorkeling school system in the little paper says new" inclusive North Ghana social studies standards in a course crossed often read and then on the white robe with a Ku Klux Klan member who is the elephant which is a Republican. It says GOP members state school board which would include a black man, Mark Robinson write a black believer by the way, and so now he's my will be a member.

The KKK himself because he's an uncle Tom. He left the plantation of the Democrat mindset and is a conservative Republican, so it's like I don't what's old show or thing is you're dead to me. I got kind of stuck you're dead to me will essentially that's what happens really brutal and so capital broadcasting and W RAL put that up there and the second day of Black history month. And guess who the guy is that put it there. Guess of the artist is will. His name is Mr. Dennis drawn and guess and here's some from Dennis drawn to all my students the code to join the shared eighth grade social studies Google class for the beginning of the 2021 2020 2021 school year is all about the love there is ice in a picture. His phone number is email and he's a teacher is a social studies teacher at Smithfield middle school in Johnston County. So tell and he's also a political cartoonist. Obviously, and he does that incredibly racist cartoon that W RAL capital broadcasting puts up night at lots of pride there no problem with pride. There pride of this got probably proud of this guy proud of that cartoon which depicts all Republicans as members of the KKK because they have a problem with critical race theory and in a very subjective slanted view of American history, but the guy teaches social studies in Johnston County school system. Dennis drawn his name Smithfield middle school. So what how do you shrink your America. I don't know what it is. If you're in Smithfield here in Johnston County want to contact your schoolwork.

Contact the principal if you have a kid there. But if you're in Johnston County there spend your tax dollars there so all of hey we've got a really nasty racist teaching social studies that might be a problem, something look into getting shrink your America involve locally right to sue this on this really cool and honor Black history month, unearthing the faithful foundations of the historic black church. They dug a broken bits of lamp the foot of a per a porcelain doll a piece of what was once a bowl and a brick fragments from the Baptist Church were African-Americans worshiped while they were still enslaved I'm in a work on that whole metaphor and analogy for us living as Christians in the 21st century because were going in a direction were not can have political power which are brothers and sisters that were enslaved didn't had zero political power. They were property excavated down to the foundation, carefully clearing away the earth expose the cross stacked bricks at the base, dusted them off and called Connie Matthews Harshaw Harshaw stood at the edge of the dig member, the historic black First Baptist Church in Williamsburg Virginia she had pushed for this project before anyone knew they would find anything worthwhile. She had come a long way by faith now.

The archaeologist said something to show her I see it. She said we were here and we were strong through it all set. I love this. Through it all. We kept the faith.

We were hopeful. That's a story to tell, unquote.


Colonial Williamsburg living history museum that re-creates the life the 18th-century town is excavating a black Baptist Church. The first phase was finished in November 2 started this January, with the ultimate aim of reconstructing the building and recovering its history lesson. This first Baptist was founded by free and enslaved African Americans. In 1776. Not long after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was illegal for black people to congregate worship then, but they did it anyway. Amen. Wow, that sounds familiar court should at first they met secretly and hidden brush structure, then a Virginia woman decided to let the man she owned become a Baptist minister and going pamphlet became the first ordained black man in America in 1772 dozen years before the better-known Lemuel Haynes, inspired by the great awake great awakening pamphlet preach sin, salvation, and the equality of all before God. Amen. Again a white family dedicated land of the worshipers in the First Baptist Church was built. That's awesome. What's going on there some changes at the heart level. They prayed heard the word and kept the faith through the Civil War. The failure of reconstruction. The rise of black codes and Jim Crow. The Great Depression and World War II were worried about what's going on right now in America. As Christians we need to learn from our brothers and sisters here in the past, then the church was turned down in the 1950s to make way for the Colonial Williamsburg Museum. The site was paved over for a parking lot known in charge thought the simple black churches were preserving until more than a half-century later when Harshaw represented the congregation that continues worshiping, about a mile away. Asked why not, there's this placard about this church that was organized in 1776, but where's the rest of the story. She asked Cliff late, the new president of the Colonial is very foundation he asked her what she would like to have happen. Uncover, literally uncover the history of this church. He said a lot of black Christian history is been buried in America. According to historian Paul Harvey is amazing as many historians appointed out the document. The documentary record is often a reflection of who had power in a given time, not the product of a careful evaluation of what will be important.

Starting in the 1970s historians inspired by the civil rights movement started arguing the black history and especially black religious history was essential to understanding America. Indeed it that's how could it not be the neglect of black history distorted both white and black American perception of who they were, said historian Albert ruled the toe who wrote slave religion. The invisible institution for people to lose their history to have their story did denigrated as insignificant as devastating blown exclusion that affect and effect denies their full humanity. What a great point and if you're a follower of Jesus Christ. When you want that for any group of people to not deny them their own history.

The great towns as well as the great ups wow this is that the Bible narrative the biblical narrative brutally honest does the narrative of this country for you to be honest, great ups and great towns. Obviously still admits the as we kill 900,000 of our own they dig up a new bottle which means someone at this church could write a vanilla extract bottle which means someone is cooking animal bones, which might mean there was a barbecue and they slowly uncover the foundation of an old church. The building itself is probably not going to be an architectural wonder.

Gary said but our study of it provides the place we can have these conversations about how the early African American Baptists and what they went through. You can stand on that spot in its powerful Connie Matthews Harshaw about the right felt that right away. Quote this nobody but God. She said he's all up in the mix unquote. I gotta tell you I love this story and there's so much that we can learn from our black brothers and sisters who endured all that they endured all those years ago.

From the mid-1600s to the abolition of slavery in the 1860s to the civil rights movement.

How do you maintain faith in God. How do you maintain love for your brother, your brothers and sisters in the faith who looked differently than you who don't come to your rescue who don't take up the flag of your own freedom. How do you give that how you live with that. How do you go on what has been the story of God's people for about 5000 years and we should all be learning from that it's an amazing thing to study you think about that for a second and the rise of the black church in America that came through all it came through to keep that faith and I've got issues with black churches. A lot of black churches around the country. Entire denominations have issues there, but the fact that they endured and kept going. Despite all those odds. It's really remarkable. So my question for you before you hit the break and then the last segment rented seven black heroes of the American Revolution. My question for you is the same question I have for myself, what am I capable of enduring. Better yet, what am I capable of overcoming love the Lord be with you, who can be against you right I'll never leave you nor forsake you a set be strong and courageous.

He said okay you got that. So whether it's a political situation in the state of the country. Something going on in your family a relationship of wayward child health issues, financial issues, whatever it is will never leave you nor for sake you is more than enough, so do not appear to be of good courage Lord is with you some awesome message to learn to see if no one will show when you come back seven black heroes of the American Revolution, you know you want to write back if he noticed the noble show. Okay this is fascinating and I said at the beginning show. I don't know much about African American and black leaders, black theologians, stuff like that like when I watch the movie and being brutally honest here which I tend to be when I watch the movie hidden figures. The first time. I may not. That's an awesome movie, three brilliant brilliant black women working at Nassau which are NASA which helped enable the fact that they could get these rockets off the ground and get them where they needed to be. I was like wow okay I saw that movie what I'm about to be 55. That movie came out maybe five years ago or whatever likewise is the first time in my entire life, then hearing the story is an amazing story, is an amazingly inspiring story.

Yes, for African Americans.

Also for women and for people. To endure and use your gifts and your talents and the end of you note to love your neighbor as yourself, which implies love you love yourself to write okay so it's good right so I thought this was fascinating. Seven black heroes of the American Revolution included us by a poet, a guerrilla fighter and foot soldiers who fought on both sides of the war during the American Revolution.

This is from history Channel thousand black Americans jumped into the war on both sides of the conflict, but unlike their white counterparts. They were just fighting for independence or to maintain British control.

In a time when the vast majority of African Americans lived in bondage their forced labor, fueling the economy the fledgling nation. Most took up arms, hoping to be freed from their literal shackles of chattel slavery fact once laypeople have voice in the matter. According to historian Edward heirs of the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown, Virginia. They signed on with whichever side seem most likely to grant them personal freedom. Wouldn't you, I'd be like okay you to decide whom to throw down with your eye.

I've been in slavery my whole life, so who can make me free natural yearning of mankind to be free. Historians estimate that between 5000 and 8000 African descended people participated in the revolution on the patriot side and that upwards of 20,000 serve the crown that interesting sonic slavery started here. Slavery. Slavery spinner you think slavery in America, you need to think slavery and mankind gay slavery's been around for 5000 years and just to set the record straight, which they don't want to do in the social studies curriculum here in North Carolina the only country on the planet that shed about 700,000 people's worth of its own blood to deal chattel slavery was all of this one does that mean nothing does it mean everything. It definitely means something. Don't forget that many fought with attorney bravery and skill their ex-wife lost our collective memory. So here's some here's some of these really fascinating Christmas addicts was a martyr.

I didn't know this Christmas addicts who many historians credit as the first man to die for the rebellion became a symbol of black American patriotism and sacrifice.

In 1770.

As tensions mounted between British and colonial sailors a message in a Massachusetts port distrust and competition among them grew to some familiar, these pressures came to a head on March 5 when an angry confrontation turned into a slaughter known as that's right, the Boston massacre. Witnesses say that addicts, a middle-aged runaway slave of African and Native American descent who worked as a sailor and a rope maker played an active role in the initial scuffle of the five colonists killed. He was said to be the first of to fall making in the first martyr to the American cause. He was taken down by two musket balls to the chest while sale and poor interesting name patriot soldier Singapore began life as a Massachusetts slave and ended it is an American hero born into bondage.

In the late 1740s he purchase his own freedom. Two decades later for 27 pounds equipment of heap of a few thousand dollars today. Soon after court join the fight for independence and listing multiple times he's believed to have fought the battles of Saratoga and Monmouth is most famous. Our first terrorism at the Battle of Bunker Hill were his contribution so impress fellow soldiers that after the war ended 14 of them formally recognizes excellent battle skills with the petition to the Gen. Court of Massachusetts, and it they call them out as a brave and gallant soldier saying he behave like an experienced officer force credited in that battle with killing British Lieut. Col. James Abercrombie, along with several other enemy soldiers. Well, that's a big deal in his white fellow soldiers then judged him by the color of his skin but by the content of his character and thus his actions, that's awesome Col. Ty loyalist guerrilla kernels iron a reputation as the most formidable guerrilla leader in the Revolutionary war. During his years fighting for the British. Whoa, patriots feared his raids while their slaves welcome his help in the liberation so he's gonna work and in between right so they he excelled at Reed warfare is familiarity with the area gave him an advantage in attacks and patriot lands in his daring, skillful execution Is black brigade soldiers largely unscathed as they plundered homes, took supplies, freed slaves and sometimes even assassinated patriot slaveholders renowned for their cruelty is really interesting. The British recognized ties impact on their success and out of respect for all his contributions bestowed on him the honorific title of Col. that interesting again set aside the color of his skin look at his character and his accomplishments course from a British perspective, but nevertheless I think you get my point. The first Rhode Island Regiment integrated revolutionary force. The first Rhode Island Regiment first got an army unit largely comprised of doing on black showcase African-American skills and soldiers in a commitment to their brethren on the battlefield in the late 1770s dwindling manpower force George Washington reconsider his original decision to ban black from the Continental Army. By the way, when you study that is because how do you know where the loyalty lies in the middle of chattel slavery in this country. I can understand his point. In 1778, a Rhode Island legislature declared the both free and enslaved Blacks could serve to attract the latter, the patriots promised freedom at the end of the service. The relatively small only about 130 men. The first Rhode Island Regiment had an outsized impact commander Gen. John Sullivan praised it soldiers for their success against attacks in the battle of Newport saying they displayed quote desperate valor and repelling three furious hats in German infantry units unquote when the Rhode Islanders journeyed to Virginia were several thousand other soldiers were assembling. They stood out, according to a French military officer there as quote most neatly dressed the best underarms in the most precise in all other maneuvers on unquote and one early historian William Cooper lauded their fierce loyalty when their commander Col. Christopher Green was cut down during a surprise early morning attack in May 1781, he wrote, quote the sabers of the enemy only reached him through the bodies of his faithful guard of Blacks who hovered over him to protect him and every one of whom was killed unquote while this was interesting. Phyllis Wheatley ever heard her patriot poet Phyllis Wheatley was a revolutionary intellectual who waged a war for freedom with her words captured as a child less African than taken a North American and sleep Wheatley had an unusual experience bondage. Her owners educated her and supported her literary pursuits. In 1773 at around age 20 Wheatley became the first African-American and third woman to publish a book of poetry in the young nation. Shortly after her owners freed her influential colonists read Wheatley's poems and lauded her talent, her work which reflected her close knowledge of the ancient classics as well as biblical theology carried strong messages against slavery and became a rallying cry for abolitionists quote. Remember, Christians, Negroes, black as Cain may be refined enjoying the angelic tree was that mean the Gospels opened everybody. She also advocated for independence, artfully expressing support for George Washington's Revolutionary war.

In her poem quote to his excellent sleep excellency George Washington Washington who himself had been forced, and his formal education at age 11.

Appreciate it. Wheatley support extolled her talent. The commander even invited her to meet, explaining he would be happy to see a person so favored by the muses. Let's do the last one so this is fascinating.

James Armistead, Lafayette.

The double agent during the revolution, James Armistead's life changed drastically and enslaved person in Virginia to a double agent passing Intel and misinformation between the two warring sides. When Armistead joined the patriots efforts. They assigned him to infiltrate the enemy so he pretended to be a runaway slave wanting to serve the crown and was welcomed by the British with open arms cuts that's amazing. At first they assigned him menial support task, but he soon became a more strategic resource due to his vast knowledge of the local terrain.

Armistead's role got more interesting when the British directed him to spy on the patriots since his loyalty remain with the colonists he claimed to be bringing the British and tell about the cloning Army but he was actually pushing incorrect information to foil their plans. In the meantime he was learning details of the British battle plans which he brought back to his commander, Gen. Marquita Lafayette that's so cool this serve the Americans well because of Armistead's efforts.

They got the insight they needed to successfully execute the decisive siege of Yorktown, which effectively ended the war years later after testimonial from the French general helped secure Armistead's freedom, the former slave changed his surname to Lafayette.

That's really cool, isn't it an inspiring return for one more. I think I do this Peter Salem colonial here Peter Salem is best known for his crucial contributions at the outset of the revolution born into slavery in Massachusetts in the mid-18th century Salem joined the patriots in the earliest battles of the war. This meaning is a Minuteman at Lexington and Concorde is owner supported this decision and freedom so that he could remain enlisted sailor earned his place in history for his role in one of the most important Revolutionary war fights the 1775, battle of Bunker Hill. Although the British defeated the Continental Army and in this encounter wasn't a total loss for the patriots there killing of many redcoats encourage them to keep up the fight. Many historians credit Salem with killing a key officer of the crown major John Pitcairn just as he was feeling the top of the American readout and demanding that the patriots surrender Salem's role is believed to have been memorializing John Trumbull's painting, the battle of Bunker Hill beautiful fascinating credible story of black heroes from the American Revolution, and we look back and we judge them by the content of the character interaction but you also need to phone back contact that they had been enslaved, yet still they fought for freedom, their own and there are others. The others of their same skin color as well as fellow colonial. We have a lot to learn from the story okay this is Steve Noble and Michelle God willing I'll talk to you again real soon.

I always used to say ever

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