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The Biden Agenda

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 22, 2021 4:35 pm

The Biden Agenda

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 22, 2021 4:35 pm

The Biden Agenda

Today Steve is joined by with Brooke Medina, Vice President of Communications with The John Locke Foundation to talk about the state of the union and the new tx bills and minimum wage of the Biden Administration.  


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow. 634 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now here's your host Steve Noble. I am well aware that they generate 22nd 40th anniversary of Roberson, Wade and Morgan to talk about that in the final segment of the show with my buddy Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, but between now and then we'll talk well enough to call it politics or to call it policy. It's it's kind of, both in and trying to calm down from the election fervor. Okay then just basically put on your critical thinking And consider what's going on with the bite administration, especially right now the executive orders flying about all of the place and and think critically and get a hold of your emotions and just this is gonna work our way through these policies as they come. Fast imperious in our they can affect the country and for even those of us here in North Carolina how they can affect us. Brooke Medina years ago how we known each other while Qubec. Thank you.

I think about three years now is longer than that. I know yes is a tantalizing heart lies and having fun. Brooke is the vice president of communications at the John Locke foundation here in North Carolina, a wife, a mother, a military family background as well as her husband served in the military and retired, which is crazy at such a cool deal yeah yeah because he's you guys are so young yet he know very young so young that we are your what here in her mid-30s. Still, let's not talk about that right now that yes that sounds good to me because I'll be 50 all relics by standing on his repressing. Anyway, Brooke is a fellow sister in Christ, we agree on most things we don't agree on everything, and very healthy conversation and dialogue over the over the years and it's been really cool to watch you grow as somebody that knows what she's talking about it as well read, well educated and bring that up to all these important issues order to talk about the by demonstration what's going on policy wiser to kind of focus in on four things you can talk about the minimum wage will talk about taxable talk about energy like the Keystone and were also going to talk about this executive order dealing with gender and sexual identification and all that kind of stuff which the big religious liberty threat about from a 30,000 foot view brought coming. What were you thinking, what were your concerns what you, really got your radar on floor with an incoming now sitting bite administration. You know if it had just been Biden alone, and the Republicans held the Senate's. I would have a vastly different outlook.

I would say that at at the moment. Now I'm in the position where I would say conservatives are wise to brace themselves progressive policies are on their way. Inevitably, I executive order, such as ones we've Artie seen this week. Expect more of them.

Of course you can.

You see a barrage, typically at the very beginning on bed not all hope is lost and not saying that I and I'm sure that there will be opportunities for bipartisanship. I would hope, but overall we we know where Biden stands on a lot of these issues because the parties held them to wishy-washy and I and I don't mean to be disrespectful to him as our new sitting president back and if you just look at his record, you can see that he kind of just goes with you know what with whatever the prevailing winds are exactly yeah and then it is to go while Job I used to be more moderate. Well, like you said, he goes with the prevailing wind so there are periods in his past decades of public service hello everyone, I wait we can see that but that's politicians are not usually operating outside of the reality that they're playing a different game all the time just depends on what's in the air at the time in and will the real Joe Biden stand up I've doesn't even know that stuff matters to me.

He's in. He's got an enormous progressive agenda and progressive players all around them is that a lot of Obama retreads and working to get a very leftist agenda from them for two years and four years in the Senate, which I was hopeful because Schumer in McConnell were talking about what we actually had a 50-50 time. The Senate that back during the Bush ministration didn't last very long, but the 50-50 sharing of power every every committee was 50-50.

There were two heads of the committee. All that kind of stuff and they left the filibuster in place which basically put you in a position where you have to have 60 votes to pass anything so you would like to think there's a bulwark there. What do you think that they might blow out. I don't know how they would block the filibuster because there 50-50 enough to do a vote go 50-50, Larry swoops in and puts the 51st vote in there but to me that's about the only thing that would withhold some of this agenda right and then just thinking about some of the maybe more moderate Democrats are those yet sometimes cross the aisle Joe mansion on Cinema sometimes and so just think about some of them and what they're going to probably be listening to their constituents a little bit more closely and they have to to hedge their votes a little bit and so I think that that might be a saving grace as well and let me just say really quickly no matter what. I know there were a variety of opinions on the inaugural address spent.

I at least appreciated his tone during that even if I didn't agree with all the words of it. I thought it was at that was the tone and so I know that those are always aspirational sort of speech is right but you know who knows maybe maybe maybe there'll be some opportunities there and there is some bridge building agreed that I expected it to be more partisan than it was. I could pick it apart all day long, but generally knowing that it's an inaugural address and being Job.

I was impressed that he didn't trip over his own tongue more than he is only a couple of things and that was normal stuff I do that the course of the day and he's a lot older than I am and so yeah I appreciated some of that town but it's it's rhetoric and it's an inaugural address and I'm here for all the people.

Even if you didn't vote for me, but then that afternoon in the office signing things that he knows are incredibly part of FDR right in the middle the author is Irene grabbed her hands okay. Thinking the anyway yes we digress, yes, will remain hopeful and been saying this for months now. If your house is built on the rock. The sand politics. Your house is built on the wrong foundation so we can be concerned and engage with your father, Jesus Christ. You should not be overwhelmingly rocked by the stuff if you are than I would just tell you you need to inspect your foundation setting that aside, that's the working to get a break in a minute but start with the minimum wage because I know this is one that's got widespread impact and all the people I likely healthy understand it. Yeah, you know I will.

And it's it's interesting because this is constantly pitched to the American people as something that's compassionate, it's requiring businesses and big corporations that I just another way that they can pay their fair share but this is really a way in which lower wage earning Americans are once again hit because gas is going to be automated out of a job really soon. We mandate this but also think about small businesses that have to do this and they can't compete with the McDonald's that might be able to provide a $50 an hour minimum wage so unfortunate going to keep talking about that in and who gets covered under federal minimum wage and who doesn't.

If there's any loopholes thereunder talk about that house that affect people's calculations of my 19-year-old son who works at Bass Pro shop as well. This is probably a 30 to $40-$50 million hit on their bottom line and what he can take it no pay talk about them talking about his that. Practice moving quickly. The vitamins policies were here with Brooke Medina, VP of communications with the John Locke foundation.

What's the what's the website.

John hello see KE as in the John Locke okay John Locke.

That word John Locke foundation and so were talking about these policies talk about minimum wage and will be the repercussions you said this before setting this up. It sounds compassionate. It sounds kind. I know there's a lot of people, Christians that would save it. Sounds Christlike. We want to make sure people are making more money and if you're McDonald's you.

How can you survive any dollars an hour and that's $3320 a week or $16,000 year. That's a, it's not a living wage. Obviously yada yada.

But, but there are some other things to consider with the minimum wage, such as what what else would happen but prices people that don't have a type of education out of the labor market. Essentially, because that increases the incentive to automate you know people talk about robots are coming. Right well government is just like pushing this thing even for further down the line on that front down the production line and so this is like I said, it sounds like it's something that is motivated by these altruistic motives. It's at the heart for the poor allegedly but it's a wrongheaded policy that actually hurts those that are lower income earners. I also it's even teenagers me think of and so I thought that this was an interesting correlation regarding this so minimum wage increases in various cities and states led to fewer jobs for teens and fewer hours worked by those teens which correlated with a crime and criminal externality cost and so I drove up crime rates by your security teams that have jobs at a job exactly you and say think about ways they just like second and third order effects. Another thing is that it leads to price inflation because inevitably the businesses. There are three different types of people are going to pay for the minimum wage increase. You know, oftentimes, like Elizabeth Warren will claim that it's the really wealthy are going to be absorbing this class assured the base to have options writing.they cannot invest their money elsewhere.

But then there are those that the workers will inevitably pay that price. There will be fewer of them that are available be higher because the businesses don't want to invest in that anymore because of the wage requirements and then there's consumers and see think in terms of even groceries that single mom or that struck that family that is just struggling to make ends meet.

And now they have to pay more in their groceries.

Now just because at the grocery stores have to pay their workers more and so there's all these different dynamics and so is anything but compassionate and gratefully right now just in the way that our markets work. We still have a minimum wage. Each state has their own minimum weight of their own, and it occurs companies have their own Hobby lobby's minimum wage is 30 bucks an hour targets I think is 15 yes, others are doing this on their own when they're able to because they want a competitive employment. Are you know they want employees that can be competitive and anyone pay them a competitive wage and so companies are voluntarily already doing this.

So when you're hurt in the mom and pops and those smaller businesses that there's something wrongheaded about that.

We saw this when they did this out in Oregon and is on Portlanders one opposes bakery and Caf biopsy small business's quote small businesses like mine are frequently communicated with.

As if we were a Fortune 500 operation but were not. She said when wages go up, prices have to go up. There's no margin to absorb the cost and I've got a friend on Facebook why washings right now meaningless and it's gonna cost her an extra 100 and 1200, $230 per week per employee. And guess what. If you change nothing else that means Nina. You get to make hundred, $230 less per employee for you every week all this stuff flows downhill, and eventually cause the problem. It sounds good but it actually doesn't work, it's government control versus a free market, and that's a big problem. Let's talk about taxes.

This will be fun there to raise taxes pretty much across the board right in that debt server sure what it seems like which is funny because you know widening company regularly promises not can impact the middle-class. It always impacts the middle-class and the thing is, let me just preface all of this with you know of for years we've been hearing about you know from the left about income despite inequality and things like that.

But if you actually look at the trends income is going up across the board. People are highly mobile think God leg capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system and so you know that's the backdrop of all of this. So yes, there are still income disparities, but unless you can actually enforce and and and enact a quest for cosmic justice where you're actually achieving justice that you know no government is equipped to do then then then this is just the nature of the beast but talk about Biden administration taxes, namely the corporate income taxes. What were looking it's going to go up and that's can go up about 33% of the answers right. But what does that mean it's not just the big corporations they constantly say this is her these are regular business owners that are you know you may know or you yourself might be one and so the way in which that impacts us is that that results once again like them minimum wage, fewer jobs and I fewer employment opportunities you like what you're saying is theoretical. We have plenty of history and hard numbers to go look at when you do this. This is what happens.

And so we saw this hundreds under drug administration.

Unfortunately, COBIT shuttle that the foot for a while but you saw that the impacts of unleashing the economy unleashing the free market versus leasing it trying to control it is always better and that's what you saw across the board increases for all kinds of people, not just unemployment rate but wages real wages were going up all kinds of things a rising tide really does lift all boats. So you're gonna see a 33% increase in corporate taxes. What about personal income tax what's gonna happen, there you have any that I don't have the numbers on that one yet The really good widening capital gains is capital gains is the one that I was also looking at before the show is just that the capital gains tax would essentially double which you think about that. So right now it's at 20% I believe. And so, go up to 39% tuition change and so that's incredible. But what does I do that sends a signal to investors which could be investing in like start ups of people that immigrated here that are healing very entrepreneurial. They want to pursue the American dream and this translates into dissuading investment into that and see if I will economy all do this not help it right so you're telling me if I invest when I get my money in a good 40% of the government at some point there is a diminishing return and its employees go zero you're out, there's no reason the same thing happened with confiscatory tax rates under card which the highest marginal tax rate was like 72% in our inflation rate was crazy. Our loans to get this a home loan was coming in at about 22% by hundred thousand dollar house in its 22 grand that year in interest that was how it was while in this is the you know again this is mostly just political pandering because From a calculator standpoint it doesn't work yet well and and you think about the government. Now it is a federal government.

They just print more money and so they say they are not. They are not attached to the consequences of their action, our children, our grandchildren are yet that they just you know they they assume modern monetary theory like they subscribes now that you just print more money on her way out right and in so it's unfortunate because there are so many victims. I can't member which person said this first but it's bad ideas.

I've caught her eye. Give the consequences but bad ideas have victims and this is certainly the case here, and so on. And I think that Americans are wise to just be strategic and how they invest their money over the next couple years. To be on the defense or talk about that with David Fisher for my mark capital among natural talk this coming Monday and at somebody feels investments like yeah you better buckle up, you better be defensive or talking to Bruce Medina, VP patient John Locke foundation, we come back your energy like stone because here's a job and then all the gender, sexual identification stuff going on will be right back in talking to Brooke Medina today. The vice president John Locke foundation, looking at the implications of the Biden agenda which the train is on the track whether you like it or not, down from cyclic and sweeping back in by some crazy Q and I'm very sorry and I've been with holding my angst in the things that I want to say about profits and about Q and on and I'm going to continue to do that for a little while, but pretty soon I'm in a take the shackles off of that because I think there's some lessons there for us as Christians that we need to learn but are knocking to do it yet because what if I started talking about it this week or next week.

I know my motivation would be off.

I would not be saying things I love and someone to wait until the Holy Spirit tells me my heart is right and then we'll talk about but as we look at these things. The train is on track so you got a deal with what's happening and things are happening quickly so we talked about the minimum wage talked about taxes going up.

Let's talk about energy in general and Keystone and then I want to make sure we talk about this other Executive Order for those mostly audiences Christians conservative Christians Executive Order in preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation will finish with that. But let's talk about energy in the in the Keystone which they do shutdown start where you want to be huge implications here. Gas prices Artie one of $0.12 a gallon here in North Carolina since Biden took office so what I mean. It will just think about this. First off, this is an agreement and a private Inc. agreement with Canada. This is a private company investing in this in order. It creates American jobs obviously is making the investors money but is also providing affordable energy to American hello and so when you think about the government swooping in and say no your permits cancel now after all this money all this capital has been invested for stock that deters future investors because it's ever everything is on shaky ground, but also think about how it impacts our relationship with Canada. Canada is our second largest trading partner behind China were not on good terms with China. We don't even care to be like you know you think about that. So there are first friendly trading partner. That's our largest one and it said obviously they're doing what they can. Trudeau and Biden are onto that different ends of this right now and so they just Trudeau was his first call to a foreign leader. Hey, sorry current cancel permit cancel right, cancel culture, but that's a thousand people a loss of jobs literally immediately bad news on the news, bad news, but I'm unemployed and those are high paying jobs to people that were doing quite well down there working on blue-collar to the backdrop of cold that our economy is already is Artie thing you had to come to a grinding halt. The numerous levels in numerous ways, and I was just looking this is a little bunny trail, but I think it's important I was looking at a chart the other day from morning, consult action this morning is just talking about the impact on mental health and physical health and personal finances of the shut down just coving time women are just like three or four times more impact on the mental health front than men are just that and I just think as a female, just knowing on just the different burdens I carry bed and it just broke my heart to think about how the Biden administration are progressives and in some on the right to will just you know the pay lip service to hearing about those that are made to marginalize her struggle little more than others. And yet we see the effects of these policies play out and we realize those real victims are people that there know that they want to help other somebody up and talk about this since last March that all the different dominoes that have lined up behind COBIT setting aside the virus itself. All these other dominoes which will be falling for years and I don't know about your kids Brooke with you and James but I know at least for 16-year-old daughter. It was very difficult a lot depression, anxiety, having to deal with the loss of all that social interaction brutal and that's John that's just a small portion of society that were to be dealing with that stuff for your so there's there's Keystone but what about energy in general. Do you think that he's going to be all thrown in on the green new deal. You see a bunch of us that happen in the next two years, so I Patrick Gleason from Americans for tax reform. He he spoke a little bit to this the other day on the John Locke Facebook event and his thought on it was that essentially Congress with Biden.

They won't have the ability to necessarily Bagnall passed a green new deal or anything like that but they will be able to you know implement greater tax rates and things like that to reconciliation votes, but the green new deal which would essentially be taxes and you know in order to penalize people who are using clean energy and that sort of thing as passes go around. I think that I think that we should be wary of those things but I don't think that's necessarily eminent.

However, there are many other ways in which you know through regulation that Americans are going to suffer as a result of the sort of energy friendlier green friendly ideals and of course energy will suffer the end energy industry, but also just Americans that are having to pay more for help you write down on the level with their energy at home.

You're put gas in your car. Whatever the case may be, were talking to Brooke Medina, VP for indications of John Locke foundation at the links up for the John Locke foundation website as well as her Facebook page. So make sure you get involved there and get on the email list to pay attention is great information coming out of the foundation all the time so let's do this last one because this one. People really need to understand this to be a lot of implications from a religious liberty perspective Executive Order signed it. Day one generate 20th Executive Order in preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation. This is like a bathroom bill on steroids such yeah well and we continue we continue to have this very fundamental argument is funny because you think about COBIT. We constantly hear trust the science trust the science trust, but when it comes to gender identity, sexual orientation, things like that it science is that is completely secondary and just is heartbreaking because this impacts not only a it tells the person struggling with gender dysphoria.

You know, except this you actually like you need to accept this roster not being true to yourself, right. And so it prohibits them from being able to seek counseling from those who, if they don't want to deal with this and on and then obviously has negative impacts on women and girls when you're thinking in terms of just we've all heard it you know about the locker room. Steve, the bathrooms and things like that but I was even in sports and sports is already taken a beating over this past year and just thinking about the fact that so many females will be forced to compete with males and we just know biologically they're not as females just can't compete like that.

Sorry. Don't you want to be a science denier.

Go ahead. But we've already seen the devastating effects you mentioned the impact of a lot of the COBIT things disproportionately on women in this one disproportionately attend a one on women not just in the sports issue than I can have guys that claim to be women competing with women which means the women will be able to compete.

In most cases, if not all cases but now you have a danger factor because you just opened up. That's why much of the bathroom. Bill you just opened up every girls locker room every girls bathroom at all ages to any man that just has to say. He identifies the woman so when I was 15. If I could get in the girls locker room at my high school by saying identified as a girl I can guarantee you Brooke now this. Now this before Christ just clear That I would do it as a joke, I get it and then fix principles. As you click on this even know you're a raging heterosexual well, not today. I'm not right and read a question they can be sealed inside like it silences them essentially from being able to actually challenge that. And I and so is just that so many second and third order effects but also thinking about in terms of how I don't know exactly how this Executive Order will lay out on that.

If you think about Christian University. Don't use private schools, churches, things like that who I very much espouse an Orthodox Christian view on sexuality.

How will this play out for them and so I once again that this is just a violation of the First Amendment, but also I would say this, the whole big tech argument that we've been having to is another First Amendment issue that's going to be coming up well designed and tied fishing to the big tech censorship because all of a sudden we can lump it in order to call you a domestic terrorist we can save your hate speech in your dangers because you want to take away somebody's identity, which sounds a lot like slavery and were knocking allow that, obviously, so this is it, and down to Christian organizations and so you run a Christian daycare you want all your employees to sign statement of faith. But you gotta comply with our mental Orthodox beliefs and so the transgender person comes in with all the sexual comes in and says yeah but that would be. You can't deny me the jet. You can't refuse this to be based on that, but I'm not can assign your thing, you don't have a right to make me saying a thing as matter fact I can sue you because just to get you out of the context everybody should really understand the easiest way to do this is put the shoe on a different way and go okay just just use of the color of somebody's skin that's easiest way to understand so you coming to my church and I say I'm sorry we don't hire black people here in and everybody should be outraged and we would be outraged and the law would be all over you the same exact powers now going into the realm of sexual identity which they're claiming a Supreme Court decision last year because they're starting to say what is sex me well of your believe in science. Forget the Bible you believe in science.

Sex is male or female in your Audi X chromosome Y-chromosome is not that complicated. But now the claimant is no sex is a social construct. It's a mental position, and it can be when you which it just makes it so nebulous and so difficult to identify and so elusive that it's unfortunate because law should be black and white on his things and that creates this this you know uncertainty in the law and it makes it really difficult to enforce and make some fair and unfair would been talking to Brooke Medina, VP, communications that the John Locke foundation been so great to have you back in.

Let's do this on a more regular basis and I will be right back with Troy Newman is not nearly as nice as Brooke but he is one of my heroes. The president of Operation Rescue is with you today generate 22nd, use the word anniversary anniversary.

Usually imply something that's good. Certainly not unless perhaps you, Joe Biden, but the 40th anniversary of your Supreme Court Roe versus Wade decision Catholic Biden.

This is from website news Catholic Biden March Roe versus Wade anniversary with a pledge to make abortion available for everyone. In the past four years has statement here the past four years, reproductive health, including the right to choose has been under relentless and extreme attack. I mean who cares about babies. After all, we are deep we are deeply committed to making sure everyone has access to care, including reproductive health care. Words have meaning people pay attention, regardless of income, race, ZIP Code, health insurance status or immigration status. I would add, perhaps regardless of whether the fact that your human being created in the image of God. Got all the DNA you're ever going to have at conception that they don't want to deal with reality. The science deniers when it fits them and they don't do a science when it doesn't. And so choosing thing. As we look at that heartbreaking as always, one of my upper life heroes who probably at the top of the list is my good friend Troy Newman, the president of Operation Rescue has been at this long long time.

Troy welcomed her back to the show buddy, how are you a you are doing well and I don't use the word anniversary. Either I use the word Memorial memorialized durable and remember the children 60 8000 million don't know how many thanks for your you're welcome. Always great to have you and is what you know. Unfortunately, knowing that this Biden administration was coming. Like it or not legal or not.

Whatever setting all that aside I I'm sure you knew.

I mean if we if we lose the White House and and Trump loses working to have a day lose of pro-abortion Pro child death legislation and executive orders, and select that as that is. This reality started to really come into focus, Troy. How you dealt with it as a guide. It's been dealing with this on the front lines for decades, literally. As a follower of Jesus Christ as an American. I'm just asking you on a personal level how if you dealt with this turnaround will personally or by civil law or ongoing reality, real results in the number of babies killed Christian books and public and American. Jesus is sitting up on his throne right hand of God the father will body is going to return all truth is is on school and in the enemies are being placed under the out of the ring.

His hands were doggone it Biden brought there's a lot of hope and and little speakers like in that and so that's that's the first part second part we have to understand that there's pretty and know the antichrist is in the world will and were going to see the bloodletting of bloodlust for babies for virtual right and must be on full display and remind your woman one gave the whole gave them all dislike and gave Pharaoh over to a hardened heart, and they do crazy things happen on the do you think that for those of us pro-life Christians was virtually every Christian on the planet but I often tell people hey listen you show me your pro-life faith by what you say, I'll show you my pro-life faith by what I do.

I think we are way too many convictional Christians that have a pro-life profession of faith, but they don't do much with it. Do you do think we focus Troy too much on the federal level trying to overturn Roe versus Wade see in the fat operate. Whereas, maybe most of the gain. Certainly in the last eight years. 10 years a lot of that's been on the state level. Do you think we maybe have our focus off a little bit in that regard, know people there you don't have Supreme Court justice to Congress and the White House, the things that are done or local level. 40 years. But listen, I've been working locally for 30 years. I just left a major rally in St. Louis, Missouri work St. Louis.

We just close down the last abortion bill in Missouri. There's a reduction of 70% or abortion mills last 15 years, 70% quote 1.a major abortion mill just pulled couple weeks ago all the love that it's close down. People cannot withstand prayer warriors. The Stand corrected.

Pro-life action because we got to give you what yes born yes to my name.

You don't want to close babies.

They need to be persistent in prayer in an action and being hopeful of the whole, the God will restore all things. At some point in the future. Do you think with the Missouri situation. Praise the Lord for that abortion free state in terms of what's available.

Do you think that the pro-abortion industry will try to bring the will of a lawsuit there because are they may be concerned now because of the three justices that Trump put in that. Well, maybe we shouldn't flirt with Roe versus Wade. Maybe we'll just leave this one alone. The hardware in the common good and this guy health department. The gleefully fired.

The girl so I don't there is no common there. Will Rogers the one time lost amendment will decide settle, you people are crazy and they do crazier things every single day. So we do work locally on the oral date with County voted crucial family values.

When Wade outnumbered the little box on the little small studies you know you're in there so I do believe I still believe because the white out when it doesn't like it. Every word larger wing will be out there all. We just need to keep working. Don't be discouraged. Don't grow weary in doing good. Keep moving forward but don't circumspectly do it peacefully with honor in regard but they're all there is persecution in the Name even right now just on the phone with a friend of mine in California and pastors in general holding church directly in contradiction. Johnny never really Katie bar the door there not be afraid to do anything like that in the church.

Really, what is the last bulwark on the terms of the way the last bulwark against a lot of that agenda. What what would you say Troy I and we talked about this before and I and I wrestle with this myself.

People say well you know I'm pro-life but that's not really an issue have a tremendous burden for a ride.

I get involved with other things, yada yada yada lot, which I understand where they're coming from, but what would you let somebody that loves the Lord.

First and foremost Christian first Republican American on down the line of what what you think are the minimum acceptable levels of involvement for your Christian that claims Jesus Christ like what if are going to have a couple of things that they should check off and say okay I think I'm being a good steward of being a good ambassador of the gospel in the pro-life arena because I do this that the other thing what you think would be those minimal levels that we have to get into holding the right church church didn't preach and rail against child killing this month like mom sometimes at this point the church but with your dollars yelp outspoken everywhere you can beat because unlike the natural disinfectant. We must mobilize and forward you are regularly but just look at the gospel is about what Jesus isn't about what I am the way the light, the thief comes to steal, kill, and I've come to give life to the full life and the forces of darkness. The Bible does God love death displayed on all around, all around so I would the discerning of doctors that you got a politician or anybody you wrote. You need to give a strong warning in the not support don't want people approach towards the white wash over this idea abortion is nothing more than a couple so it out out murder of God and the children. In his likeness and image, and how would you how would you direct us or suggest we point our prayer life in terms of things to pray for obviously the obvious one is we want to pray for and overturn Roe versus Wade.

But what else should we be leaning into in prayer on the subject will go based country divided based country and we need revival. We need to come to Jesus and the Holy Spirit to come and act in miraculous ways. And it's not like that he hasn't done that before so it doesn't leave people before your state individuals based country nations were still a beacon of light. We must pray like never before. But when the famous Mercer Village) Chronicles 714 if my people called my name will humble sold plate and I forget the little part turn from their wicked little part we got it.

Her from our wicked ways.

We can't be duplicate we can have one world and one split in church, we are your investment investment Planned Parenthood or Chinese gulags, totalitarian regimes, agenda, or one.

Don't like you got quick underwriting and certainly with your dollars. Troy Newman is always great to hear from you buddy, Pres. Operation Rescue, love and appreciate you and I just continue to be an inspiration.

Thanks for the time that you talk you later love you can do that here is out started for me this is about 15 years ago. Somebody asked me during 40 days of like to go pray that abortion clinic Planned Parenthood in Chapel Hill. I showed up I was the only one signed up for that one hour. I stood out in front of an abortion clinic for an hour and prayed I'd never seen one never been around one that changed everything for me because I was all the sudden face-to-face with the dark reality that is money and I would guess you do that you don't need an organization to get out seasonal on the shelf, God willing.

Always say ever for

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