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January 26, 2021 4:33 pm


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January 26, 2021 4:33 pm


It may sound like a crazy conspiracy theory but it is not. The World Economic Forum is made up of the most powerful corporations and government leaders on Earth and they are meeting again this week to discuss The Great Reset.  The Great Reset will fundamentally transform virtually every area of life and institute a worldwide Oligarchy.


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Wake up everyone it's time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay like perhaps you and nine.

Three. Sound like something get off 410 883 and a friend, or friend what it work. 1414 and 18 always kind of a dark web things and in will and what is it that we titled the name of the show today other than the obvious is the noble show. Welcome back to be with you of the great reset and as you get into it. That's what I'm asking you ready for that. Are you ready for the great reset. Are you ready to see a solution to most of the problems on planet Earth. I mean literally across the spectrum, so that's what the great reset is in a powerful their meeting this week. Normally they meet Dabo Switzerland. This tiny little town of about 3000 people ski down and they play off-line on their Gulfstream's huge money people and governmental leaders.

I'll tell you what companies are Volvo people are involved because it is the most some of the most powerful people in organizations on the planet, and government leaders, although not governments themselves, but government leaders, for example, like Pres. G. Of China okay and you're in your last name may be trumping your last name EB Biden, but in the global economy and the global world, the real mover and shaker is not them.

It's it's Pres. G from the People's Republic of China. P. R.

C. And he's involved and out what China's what China wants to do with it all. Thinking probably.

They can run it all but this is even bigger than China and once I unpack this for you. I did a show on this back in August. On August 20 to get the podcast to go to the Steve Noble and get the podcast reset. The world was the name of that when I did it on August 11 of last year. Okay. And I want you to be aware of what's going on to the mastermind cortical behind all of this is not Dr. no, it's not that what's his name and Mini me it's a guy by the name of God. Dr. Hurley's not even a doctor. I don't think a PhD.

He is a professor Prof. Clouse Schwab born in Regensburg, Germany in 1938. He's the founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum, the international organization for public-private cooperation and now what they're calling the great reset. This is not Barry.

This is not hiding anywhere. This is out in plain sight. You go look at it all your's yourself a W EF WE or just or just Google the great reset and you'll get right to the website but they got a huge agenda. All these people all these companies and involve this week. All virtual because a cobra 19's with all his big zoom thing. But the great reset is out there and it's gaining momentum and most likely looks like the mechanism by which you could have a one essentially a one world government, and eventually the rise of the Antichrist fits right into this nice and neat well package all setting up nicely. What's our place in all of that is another conversation but this stuff is happening and it's real so I want you to understand it's over to spend three segments of the show today and that will make up for yesterday.

I conveyed a chance to to speak to Dick Brogdon yesterday of the missionaries when dealing with Muslims for 25 years is an awesome show from yesterday and he was in town so that worked out so will hear from our are a good friend and resident expert on the financial world David Fisher in the fourth segment of the show today so will do a little money Monday update on a Tuesday okay I want you to hear from a Prof. Clouse Schwab himself. So this is him explaining a little bit of this great opportunity that we have right now because COBIT and other things in the world for this incredible opportunity known as the great reset so here's Prof. Clouse Schwab you coming out sex also pursue leadership China in terms of fighting.

See academic and trauma salts in Vigo raping its economy. We have no window of opportunity to create Cisco Cloverleaf search which we all Cisco release is necessary because we have seen set up our policies switch reports you before C.

Cornell, buyer will spark us so so supportive. She's not create see necessary and crucial society necessary for harmonious societal development. Social sustainability forgery are doing just sink should be overwhelming all Fost. It is developing in see a pursuit inducing McAtee's so we have a great opportunity at this moment like we had after World War II to have some way be giving in our global corporation in good organization in managing all global sales. I hope shortly.

Don't miss social paternity.

Okay, so there is Prof. Clouse Schwab talking about a great opportunity just like on the heels of World War II which is kind of funny and ironic coming from a German so when he's talking about is the world economic forum which is been around since the early 70s, but the great reset is so big it's so enormous is the goal whether globalism is a globalization. Yes is it socialism not really isn't communism, not really. It's something called corporatism and really get that going around government going around you going around me.

It's basically world governing world affairs. Completely holistic way to share some this information with you. Your jaw should be dropping, you should be going really, really, but I'll also also attempt to Christianize this a little bit and sell it a little bit and you can hear another video only come back, which kinda paints this whole picture is about four minutes. It's very well done. Great video quality of the audio's excellent the music the message. The content setting up the need for the great reset because when you look around.

Is that okay is this really working a look at the national debt clock to look at the international debt clock look at what's happening happening with COBIT responsible what's happening with famine around the world. Yada yada yada.

On and on and on. You go and it's a big colossal huge mass of the point. The great reset is all systems got messier free-market capitalism. Capitalism autonomy people not caring about the environment and we have COBIT 19 which is done nothing except completely exposed just how unprepared we are, how we lack cooperation how we have all kinds of problems in the system and so instead of fixing the system is hit the reset button control alt delete gone reset the whole thing. What that's a question and then who's in charge is of a question when unpack all it is for you to go to great reset the world economic forum there meeting virtually this week. Normally they all fly into Switzerland, Switzerland, and the Gulfstream to sign their all and feel like anybody else will be right back with you and talking about the great reset hostility you facility as well. Changing basically how we live about governance pretty much how we do everything worldwide him when unpack a bunch of stuff with the people involved with the corporations involved that will blow you away. And this is not about socialism is not about communism. This is about corporatism, which I'll get to but I wanted you to hear this. This is the great reset right up your website there meeting.

Normally they would meet dollars in January this year because the COBIT which they love. I can scope is the big set up here exposing that we need. Essentially one world governance one world system and the whole thing that we have now is broken. We need a total reset of the whole system so they would normally meet in January and Davo Switzerland but now they're doing it all in mind because COBIT and are doing it right now this is happening this week, Monday through Thursday and and wait to hear the companies and the people that are involved, but this is their kind a promo piece. What is the great reset you hear this is the so this just listen as a regular consumer and and and think hate. I want you to go in this thinking I bet there's some good stuff in here because without discernment without wisdom without a biblical view without understanding human nature what's going on governance. It's going to sound good and there's some things in here that I was cynical yeah oh yeah okay good night but you judge for yourself. You tell me if you can hear the hiss of the serpent, or if you can kinda see Satan here who masquerades as an angel of light. So this is the great reset world economic forum kind of their promo piece video without a sound so doesn't matter if you can't see it right lateral dramatically changed the actions we take the things he lets you define generation this time. Think what history will say about this crisis societal Frank social proof that when we need to restructure my life is an opportunity we can see the rays of hope in the form of a vaccine that is no vaccine for the planned nature needs of nature needs a bailout status quo that you before simply because it was right. Please challenges we face cooling for great reset sounds more like that's what I think you should know went to some people have an opportunity to people he's been disenfranchised by very consistent and pushed the suspect's conspiracy has different priorities families that's part of why stations are so hot to come. But yes, decision-making.

All politicians see academics, activists, you wrote about getting people together as you may not like write down at the table and defendant cetaceans have left from the same it always does actually trust is this trust is not so nice and we can say that we really need one.

Yes because well Texas so it's claimant affects those fast 20 2144%. Don't start to increase. By more than 25 to 650 people fell back to remember about those rich people was message from 2020. Should be capitalism as we met with his capitalism to incredible quality planetary emergency because everything is yes.

For these reasons that the form talks about something called stakeholder Which would shift businesses away from just profit because they want to change where the focus of our recovery logo a new dashboard for the needs to encompass both prosperity and institutions well-being for full credit score about getting the right to tell you that some relationship I received my people's we have a window of time which is closing and we can find solutions have great ideas and shaking. If you want to change.

Then she get involved's agenda right okay that's enough of that. And in turn on get involved right Davo's agenda, world economic or on the great yada yada yada so that take up your skeptical glasses and all that stuff and just when you listen that he is all the world problems in memory of it. This incredible imbalance of wealth and the riches keep getting richer.

I mean they were really did well under the COBIT 19 pandemic in 2020, of course, you can continue to the rich are doing it to the poor, and we want everybody involved. Yada yada yada. But is everybody really got me involved in the great reset and other bunch of normal people taken apart and taken part in Davo's we have our regular people, almost like a representative republic that go in there and represent regular people like you and me, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, rich people, middle-class people, whatever. Well let's let's look Shelley look at his symbol now. I went to their partners page of done this before tonight's show on August is the partner page from all the corporations that are involved great reset. Okay, listen, these are just the ones I recognize Marie this really fast you should recognize most of Bank of America, Cantor Fitzgerald, Berkeley city credit suites Deutsche Bank Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, MasterCard, Morgan Stanley, PayPal, RBC, stud state Bank of India, UBS, Visa, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Stanley black and wrecker at Stanley Black & Decker Boeing Gulfstream Anheuser-Busch bear cargo PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Tyson Foods Honda Hyundai Toyota Volkswagen Volvo Dow Chemical, Merck, Mitsubishi, Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm, AARP, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Of course, CBS, Johnson & Johnson, the Mayo Clinic, Madura now Madura now llama dharna hello experimental vaccine number Pfizer oh yeah, every elegant Apple I Amazon Web services that you don't parlor, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Google, HP, IBM, MasterCard, Mac, Microsoft, Verizon, AIG, BlackRock, Bloomberg, Western Union, Ali Baba group, Sony, BP, Chevron, accidental ADP IKEA, Procter & Gamble, Lego and Walmart.

Those are all involved in those it is the corporations up this huge list that I recognize that her name Brent Peter multinational massive corporations control way more of what happens in the world than governments do. They got around that. That's why were talking about corporatism with the great reset but what about some world leaders. What about some governmental leaders will start at the top of Pres. G People's Republic of China, the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of Japan, the president of France, the federal Merkle rental Chancellor of Germany. The president European commission, the president of the Republic of Korea, Vladimir Bowden, of course, president Argentine president of South Africa. Prime Minister staying present us with the Federation, the federal Council president of Columbia, Costa Rica, public Prime Minister, trees on, and on the go there so I just am so jacked up here radio back down but I'll blot out a documentary reset was the back of the noble publisher. Okay, so let me drive you into some of this, I was just flying through all of these companies are this is not about countries is about Corporation.

These are all the biggest corporations on the planet. I give you a list before the break up, just the ones I recognize as a bunch of other ones on their okay but the ones I recognize and need a bit big massive players, Google, Amazon, Facebook all the stuff who's controlling conversation all over the place and you look at banking you look at industry travel. You look at the energy, all of it and and all these major corporations all around the world are all involved in Dapo's and the world economic forum and great reset so you look at the great reset is in the document that I printed off from their website, they just did just Google the great reset they're not hiding any of this. Okay you want to go on up the dark web to find this stuff. It's readily available. It's right there for you to see, and knowledge is our best weapon against this is our best defense is knowledge so people understand that when you hear their propaganda. They can pull the wool over your eyesight, masquerades as an angel of light going to something a great answer to so many of our problems was a great reset on nobody's of the smartest corporations merge people on the planet, so I guess we can trust so this is about the people know the people run.

This isn't about voting. This is an election is corporatism and corporations in bed with governments like we see right now with their own government.

And like Google and Amazon Facebook Twitter not simply taking over the world. So here's Canada. The pillars of this harnessing the fourth Industrial Revolution, which is by the way, the meeting of technology with humanness's fourth industrial Tech revolution in the digital age, strengthening regional development on the ski. Some examples revitalizing global cooperation shaping the economic recovery redesigning social contracts, skills and jobs restoring the health of the environment, developing sustainable business models have this whole wheel on here so we'll which then shows you all the subcategories of what the world are you talking about and work my way around this.

Just so you just give you this big primer and painting with a really wide brush you can see that this is literally about resetting how the entire world works literally in and thereafter.

This is real is going on digital economy and new value creation, artificial intelligence and robotics block chain that's like involved with digital currency drones digital identity.

Internet governance the ocean banking and capital markets aviation travel and tourism future of health and healthcare international trade and investment, global governance COBIT 19 financial and monetary systems, public finance and social protection cities and urbanization, climate change, geo-economics future of economic progress to go to the other side international security geopolitics future of food, air pollution, environment, natural resource security 3D printing plastics in the environment, batteries, corporate governance circular economy, whatever that is for us justice and law, human rights, gender parity course that was going to be in their LGBT and Q inclusion taxation future of media, entertainment and culture digital economic economy and new value creation, artificial intelligence, robotics, artisanal okay so they're talking about this Dabo's manifesto, which is what the great reset all about. And again I am at. I opened up all the floodgates here. I'm just pouring all of this information out on top. What you see. You know how holistic and worldwide. This is in some of the most powerful corporations and people on the planet are involved is not about voting is not about power.

The people this power to corporations corporatism case of this is from their own document why we need the Dabo's manifesto for a better kind of capitalism.

Capitalism do we want that may be the defining question of our era, we want to sustain our economic system for future generations. We must answer closely so they talk about shareholder capitalism embraced by will most Western corporations were told that a corporation's primary goal should be to maximize profit. The second model is state capitalism, which entrusts the government was setting the direction of the economy and is risen to prominence in many emerging markets, not the least of which is China, but compared to these two options they write. The third is the most recommended stakeholder capitalism model. I first called Schwab the model I first proposed half-century go positions private corporations as trustees of society is clearly the best response to today's social environment of challenges well then he goes on to talk about the Greta Thunberg effect your little girl from Germany or images from big climate person writes like 16, she went out just goes ballistic on everybody at all these meetings of the elite one likely reason that we need to get here is the Greta Thunberg effect.

He calls it young Swedish climate activist has reminded us that adherence to the current economic system represents a betrayal of future generations owing to its environmental and sustainability so she's yelling at the rest of us that were killing the planet that she and the rest of the kids right.

Another related reason is that millennial's and Jen's. He no longer want to work for, invest in or buy from companies that lack values beyond maximizing shareholder value. Apply Marxism and socialism with good and finally executives and investors of started to recognize that their own long-term success is closely linked to that of their customers, employees and suppliers on and on and on it goes okay. This is why old global domination and restructuring of every nook and cranny of society including business okay. We should seize this moment.

He writes to ensure that stakeholder capitalism remains the dominant model that in the world economic forum is releasing a new Dabo's manifesto what you going do it I got it right here from last year. Universal purpose of a company in the fourth Industrial Revolution basically telling all these companies all they need operate, and they get a great and they determine how much money you can make and how much profit they can have based on their grading integrating is based on well I don't know LGBT Q diversity is based on how they handle environment and then they control how much people pay much people get paid they control corporate payment payouts stock price all that stuff okay so you got this entity. This worldwide and stable elites that control the whole thing and determine what the deal is with each company based on how will that companies playing by the rules well who sets the rules who enforces the rules it's it's literally a worldwide oligarchy oligarchy, which I think is how America runs now is government by a very small, very powerful group of people. Okay, so this case it's the top 200 corporations in the world and their leaders, and a few government leaders that are willing to play ball. But once you get all that corporatism together, and economic power behind that and the technology behind that. Just look at Facebook and Amazon Amazon can D platform pretty much anybody because everybody uses Amazon Web services then drop you like hot cake I can be gone off of Facebook. Right now they just decided were done with this stupid?

We are out here okay so there's another article I put a link up to it on time to go through the great reset up only if it if only it were just a conspiracy.

This is written by an Andrew's stud offered in the national review. This is November 27 of last year. Okay and everything in here is really scary. I'm just gonna jump to the okay finish up our time with Dr. David Fisher do Monday Monday update. While we still have any kind of ability to invest. Come, Lord Jesus, we should always be careful before writing theories off as nuts, it matters that some of the world's richest and most powerful people are are so interested in resetting the way we flip you can think what you like about their ideas and activities. It would be foolish to deny their significance. Indeed, it is a believe that there's any sort of conspiracy needed why this is the two writers here the great reset is being orchestrated in plain sight and not by a shadowy group of plotters, but you asked to accept that is not to deny that it may be consequential as I wrote my earlier article, so the WTF world economic formatters and so will.

It's great reset if a recital of some of what the form is achieved or enabled is not proof enough of that. The list of politicians, businesspeople and other prominent people who attended its conferences sign up for its partnerships and subscribe to its initiatives ought Shirley to do the trick but the world economic forum is not the center of some vast conspiracy. Dr. Schwab is Dr. disturbingly influential not Dr. evil. What is striking about the great reset is not the scale of its vision. But how often and for how long we've Artie been hearing in one form of another variance of its main themes, the need for drastic action on climate change stakeholder capitalism.

The financial is a ship moving away from the Anglo-Saxon model thinking of the planet before we travel, shop, or even eat themes that many cases have emerged from the fringes to take center stage and not only in front of the Dabo scrap the elite consensus on the way ahead is disturbing.

And so it is this other writer observes one critic is called Dabo's and ideological synchronization environment for individuals, corporations and governments to keep on the same page that's different from conspiracy, but not that different. When bad ideas are adopted internationally by some of the richest and most powerful people in the world. The effect can be the same great reset might be all the more terrifying or not being a sinister plot even more so as it may well represent too much are too much. Our future for comfort is long past time to push back one very small step could be for shareholders to insist that their company's executives travel to Dallas on their own time and on their own dime pushing back Geo social, political, business, engineering, absolute globalization, run by the elites and people like, let you think, harasses the problem, or Joe Biden their bit players in all of this and then when this stuff starts to happen and I believe it will because it's all would fit nicely into what God can do.

In the end times of the great tribulation trip elation greater relation and then of course, in walks the man of lawlessness in walks the antichrist and we start reading stuff like that. Seeing that it's real, do you think that's really that big of a leap that one guy can walk into this, he brings in the one element that don't they don't have which spiritism and the next thing you know they're all bowing down but then praise the Lord Jesus, so remember that I will be right back after this picture again only a primer. Please forgive me.

And there it is, that they felt what I needed that song to anybody pasta just change the years as I used to set on condemning but just trying out some of the ladies that is Thursday yeah you some Christian music and ice and secular music. I throw that in there just to do a little test on our desire to judge one another and to make sure you're paying attention. It's important especially when I do a Monday Monday update with our good friend David Fisher. He's not just a great brother in Christ and expert in the financial markets going on in the world of banking and also how that interacts with the world of precious metals and our brother in Christ, in his been in that world for 25 years and so we have an opportunity every week to come to learn from David and and try to be better stewards of the resources that God gives us David how are you my brother, I'm doing great. So how do you like the banking quote you're talking about me drinking Jimmy Yellen being paid last year's $7.3 billion in speeches, royalties, same thing. She's going to regulate those royalties will trick about another conflict of interest yeah I think Bernice any sane person says I'm having 3 million bucks were running around and speaking and then now she's going to be allegedly providing some oversight of the said banks that through $7.3 million, last night, I see no problems there. David, I think you're being paranoid anyway great great to have you here and I appreciate that being about the bump back a day in honor Monday Monday update friends we talk about finances and money and possessions on a regular basic basis because the Bible does and so we have to be as good a stewards only have a little or a lot or somewhere in between. Like most of us delete we need to be good stewards and so when the Bible talks about it on a regular basis.

We need to do the same and I really love Monday Monday update David because we always start with passage of Scripture one my favorite books to teach is the book of Ecclesiastes. So let's start there. Seven verse nine do not be quickly provoked in your spirit for anger real guy in the lap of fools we could resort to anger. Work may be those that might be good to point it didn't go elected and your brother mind that the show struck in the side of anger is like it's affecting your spirit and I keep trying to befriend him in ministry mentioning your goal. If it control you. Don't let the sun go down on your anger, it also can be as simple as simple today as there's another brother use investing and we go to funding notice and were planning on take back and forth like six or so times they could were both extremely busy and I could breathe thinking what he must be angry, but it wasn't his concern and he was concerned and so you know whatever the thing being small or big, take a pause go with anger be part of your spirit, because that's not what the Lord wants wish for a relationship with him. Yeah, there's a time and a place for it and you have to make sure you live self-controlled, or even remember your righteous indignation and look at Jesus. What he did in the temple and I was remind people I yeah you're not Jesus. So your your your operating you see through the glass dimly, so I had somebody taught me years ago.

Lisa's always be suspicious of yourself and be willing to look in the mirror like David did. And you know, search my heart Lord and revealing me on the unclean and wicked things, especially when were angry boys so easy to mess up and lose the joy, the Lord in an appeal to think clearly so such a great passage a great reminder. Thanks for that. So what's what's going on this week in the market. Things are to move fast and furious, but what's going on that might influence the market this week three major things week of earning fact hundred and 22 out of the S&P 500 stocks organ report report earnings this week and have done so already. There's been bullish call auction starting June rear 14 32 million contracts changed and so that's a huge huge movement of people betting that the markets can go higher, and Apple. Apple and truffle remove the popular books Apple Apple core leader sales are expected across the hundred billion to close on the six consecutive quarterly profit first thing reporting of earning second thing is said is going to report on Wednesday. The material changes are any changes to the question is on the ruptures mind is when is the timetable that the Fed will start buying less treasuries and when will you start showing treasures called tapering yellow and the third thing is this whole package probably can get past this this week of the $1.9 trillion deal for covert, 19 yeah, because they been set the table for dad in and you know Chuck Schumer was talking on a we needed is for the people we gotta get over our partisan bickering way to do what's best for the country. All that can a lot be talk and they're gonna move that through pretty quick, and all these things and affecting the market so but what about like last year: 19 obviously had an ongoing effect on everything going on with the markets, how much should we factor COBIT 19 and this year because now are talking about the experimental drug they like to call vaccines and all this kind of stuff. So much of a game changers COBIT this year when it comes to the markets nearly as big a question, but Goldman Sachs did write a big pure article over the weekend called what could go wrong in 2021 2021 skews me. They gave three downside risk. The first one was the consumers would remain very cautious because the vaccines not fully open area for everybody and is not contained.

The second downside risk is there's a virus that's mutating which could cause more problems than the third one saying it could mutate so severely that we might not have a vaccine for the mutation and we might even have a shutdown so there's some question marks that are unanswered will you know when we get there, but they do linger, not this is reflecting the market, but affecting the psychology of people's yeah because is missing the market. We talked about this before. It's amazing how emotional the markets can be we can have.

We know the economic factors we know what's going on with business. We know what's going on with the government, but that doesn't, you look at the numbers and he located some problems here but the market is so emotional and what happens on the news. What the president prompted this many times during his administration and he would tweet something and next thing you know Boeing stock is taking whatever the case may be, so it's really amazing how emotional the markets can be. Are there any other kind of major things that we might face this year. Other headwinds that might cause a problem for all of us terms of investing well 20% of your topic of one article 20% renters in America are behind on their payments to $5600 so obviously that fixed them affects landlord the trickle-down effect trying to surpass the number one destination for foreign investment capital last year, we will United States plummeted 49% in that capital coming into our country in China rose by 4%.

Just keep in mind these facts are coming from China to did you just put a risk on that, David, is this a disclaimer. Yes labor China is reporting you so I will say Forbes magazine pretty reliable source is writing the article.

So the watch and see what happens but that's the case, and in fact Trent was the only country that actually had incoming money more than money going out so we may be watching that that is the new wave of what term is trying to do this for a long time around the stock market. Oh boy said this before, many times with the new new factors out now the market is in a bubble of the new fact.

But here's a regression to trend short the peak of mastic burst in 2000, mastic. So 70% were was that there was 129% overvalued in the regression to trend short were rewrite 1929.

It was 979% over the value limit crashed after that were rehabbed December 2020, just a few months ago.

Two months ago, 150% to 4% over the trendline so every time we moved up over 100%. There's been a full-body of 50% or more clients will just be very careful putting all your eggs in that basket great all the markets going up the wind like you said Steve gets emotional interns become very violent and that's what we have to be very very careful and in and that's where a lot of people don't really know money to get in while they get inside. While the getting is good. But you don't know where the clip is that we know there is a cliff you just don't know when the trains go to get to that part of the tracks and that's what we have to be prayerful and careful and we need to see good counsel in and make sure were diversifying in and what about the gold and silver. That's kind of the epicenter of what you do. David there and what about the effect on all of that what we know that the government did ballooning expandable and don't look back. Big here right there all Santa. This like the biggest thing going big we've ever seen, so you can be around eight to $13 trillion in spending that can be this year, which is unheard of. So when Jim Lyons spoke on that day. Record derivative contracts and silver massive half $1 billion, showed up in the Gerber derivative silver market, which is people betting that's over explode the perspective that was 20,000,022 20 million Troy ounces and the only male mind. 2.2 million ounces of silver day. Some of the contracts were huge so in the 1.9 trillion rescue plan. This can be really good for gold and you look at any time. The they spend money like on the green deal and all these things will be aligned up gold shall respond to that sort is relatively undervalued knowing that the government going to spend like crazy. The fit to print like crazy and we have a recipe for higher prices and gold silver.

Yes, it is usually an inverse relationship trouble in the market trouble what's going on with that look at the other end of the teeter totter and that's where you see precious metals going the past amazing study. Speaking of studying information.

People learn more if they want to call her company the old-fashioned way.

440457584442575 or go to our website.

Landmark David, thanks for your patience as we can think to help us understand all the fan on top. Got bless you brother, but she will talk about bitcoin next week to excellent grave that I actually think about this is normal. So, tomorrow we'll talk later. This is always ever for

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