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Losing Your Mind Over Politics?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 21, 2021 4:35 pm

Losing Your Mind Over Politics?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 21, 2021 4:35 pm

Losing Your Mind Over Politics?

In today's society and political turbulence are you losing your mind?  I hope today's show will help you out!


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Thank you and God Bless

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Everyone is noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cow call Steve now six.

Check it out online noble now here's your house noble led what to do next. What we what we do now that Joe Biden is in the Oval Office and off to a running start pretty much noticeably in the bad direction.

So today in the regular theology Thursday. I want to do theology Thursday based on just come let us reason one to another in trying to encourage one another. So here's what I like to do daily to turn the show over to you and you call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number same as always.

866-34-TRUTH you call in and just tell me how you're doing.

How are you handling this. I know it's a massively disappointing to many of us and I what's going on in the inauguration of Joe Biden in the new direction and everything happening.

So what, how are you reacting to it. How are you feeling how are you doing maybe you have a word of encouragement that you want to share with other people may be God's given you that gift of encouragement and certainly we need that in the body of Christ.

I think that's a currency we don't trade and nearly enough. We don't encourage each other that much if you know, we tend to get, in this little echo chamber of woe is me and were angry, and all I can stuff so I just curious about how you doing how you handling this.

What's encouraging you what's getting you through this and the simple fact that that we have to talk about it this way should be in a little bit of a yellow flag for most of us and a tomorrow on the shaman to talk about something to put up a picture a couple weeks ago on Facebook and it was just a picture of the golden calf in all of its glory, and all of the Israelites around the calf having a little party and then I said okay and I'm not can unpack this in the days to come when I feel like the timing is right, and perhaps tomorrow to be a little too close to the wound of what's happened with the selection but to do it anyway in the and just put it out there and come to keep keep us looking in the mirror and in questioning our own motives and maybe were there some and idolatry in our lives are some interesting twists of that story in Scripture in the book of Genesis of what happened when Moses came down the 10 Commandments.

There they are, in all their glory, those crazy Israelites in the golden calf and what God had him do it. So McKenna bring that end tomorrow, but today I just want to see how you're doing and it especially if you want to just encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ, not everybody listens. The shower watches the show as a conservative politically and so for some of you your your celebrating and you know for you. The wicked witch is dead. Okay I think I can understand that, from a certain perspective.

But for most people that are part of this audience of part of the show, your conservative politically as you are most likely theologically, some just wondering how you're doing how you're handling it. And if you have any words of encouragement for the rest of us. And because there's a lot of people that I've heard from that I comment Steve and what we do really disappointed. So if you want to sound out the new things I love to hear from you today and and just fill up the hour without having that conversation here amongst the that the children of God in the body of Christ. 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and now. Let's encourage one another today showing in the midst of everything going on in our nation. Let's start with let's go to Faye's call in and from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Faith, thanks much for calling today. Go ahead hi. That people need their connection to the administration and let it a personality unknowingly on this show and doubted that Donald Trump, the man on the benefit of Donald Trump are going to invite your audience to go to a website called That's where I found a picture of the lighthouse that that is just tight and you'll see the policy that the truck administration, memory went to the library printed at all on the computer at the library. My printer staff get you one hate typed pages, duration, policy. You summary or breakdown of all kinds a category one page.

It things that were achieved in the company. Ministration that benefit the United States people its economy and off to the world.

People in the world economy and not not too much about that on this radio show and where we are people playing personality over and above the policies of administration that that personalities everything. That's what at the place we are and I think experience shifting that the button warning and and for me it ministration of administering the law of the land. First and foremost directed by the Constitution and one of the first things he did was writing Executive Order house divided can't Executive Order about illegal immigration. People need to think about that person who took office more acute, carry out the Constitution.

One of the first things I did when I got that down just in the Oval Office with your writing Executive Order that totally against the United States Constitution immigration law. Now leave it at that. Yet I think I appreciate your calling in faith and I'm wondering save maybe you're talking about the show. Prior to this one because I even just yesterday I went through that article from the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald with all those think he was the president Trump for all the things that were accomplished and I've always separated the two. There's the president Trump's behavior is an individual the way he communicates what he treats people sometimes versus the things that he accomplished.

I think he was a great president.

From a policy perspective, just to clear the air a little bit and accomplished a lot of amazing things. The White House before Biden took over, put out a list of accomplishments and it really is amazing that he is one of the most effective presidency. Certainly in the modern era, and I can and I don't have a problem separating my problems or my issues with Donald Trump in the way that he would sometimes communicate tree people versus the job that he did and I can all defend that all day long.

Zero. How can you as a Christian support Rohrer because he did this and he said in a dip into his past which we all have one but as as a as it is a presidency man, I'm right there with you.

I think of that at the he and his administration largely did an excellent job. I think that a lot of missed opportunities early on but in the last two years, especially in the midst of all the garbage that got thrown had but sadly were to see a lot of that stuff literally evaporate evaporate. So again, I would agree with her, say get your mind off of the personality, so much focus on what they're doing and Joe Biden off to the races doing a lot of things that will be right back there handling the transition hourlies was the power you want to see a peaceful transition of power. I just pulled down a video to share it here little bit after the show and then everything that happened. Talk about hitting the fan for years ago a Donald Trump.

There was massive violence in Washington DC and all over the country and so people opposed to Donald Trump and opposed conservatives and Republicanism went ballistic and inulin and gosh it sure was bad yesterday.

Nowhere except where where to get lit up yesterday Portland and Seattle. Same old same old who was doing that, primarily leftists and aunt Eva where all the conservatives were artworld the transporters yesterday burning stuff down and break in the things spray painting the side Starbucks. Oh, that's right, there were in anywhere we get on with our lives, such only what we do is conservatives get on with their lives. And if you're if you're falling apart.

You need some encouragement.

Maybe today's your day here on the shelf you want to call and encourage others point us to a passage of Scripture talk about the providence of God, that would be great. Just want to hear from you and how you're doing today and how you're kind of working through this transition as we switch from Donald Trump to Joe Biden switch from conservatism to liberalism and how you deal with the as an American and predominately as a Christian. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH him to jump over to Greg Connor from South Carolina, Greg. Sorry to keep you on hold for so long, go right ahead. Thanks for calling all that think about what I think Democrats are going to, but I'm happy because I'm never you can answer all God is you even evil, and it filled the night all the work you will feel a lot like I really think that this going to work the end time and you know You going to guide us through this. If you're a believer that raised the changes his mind. Pray for the government every day. I do that will recognize God with all if they don't then you know the abortion this all these crazy Executive Order that you snowballed. You know I will follow prior know the only thing of going to yield her back for God that we do that every day but I'm comforted know that my creator isn't going to live a mere man met with you and I love that point Greg think so much for calling in and out yesterday. I even not disappointed, upset, concern. But I had a strange piece yesterday to and I've been down this road.

I was explaining it to my students in my classes yesterday and today a citizen I been down this road before. I was really upset and concerned when when Bill Clinton when I was really upset and concerned when Barack Obama when I felt really good when the Bush 43 one and that that nailbiter back in 2000 that crazy election with Al Gore and up and down and up and down, back and forth, back and for the right and left and right left in this country convulses tends to do that to the one side to the other side we go back and forth, and there's a way that seems right to man. In the end it leads to destruction, and all the while, unlike what has my job description actually change as a follower of Jesus Christ. It has not has my destination change. It is not as they is the rulership the despotic ruler ship of the universe change as a result of what happened in America, whether in elections completely free and clear or messed with or not know none of that stuff change because God doesn't change is the same yesterday today and tomorrow is not like a shifting shadow. It's fully set.

That's why I keep bringing up what is your house built on Giles builds on the rockers. It built on sand you're losing your mind right now. I would just lovingly challenge you check your foundation should be losing your mind concern absolutely.

But we live in between two worlds at the tale of two cities in many different ways in a tale of two kingdoms and is to be tension there until Jesus comes back or we go to meet him, but in the meantime the just is what it is. So it's okay to be pragmatic as long as you're being theologically accurate want to jump back to Faye. They appreciate come back and go right ahead. Yet unity to get one page of the account administration yet. What is that if I get on with Katie it off. I find it candidate came Park.last trap administration okay, would you have another website for that because I guarantee you it's not the White House website anymore. They cleaned all the Trump stuff out of there yesterday the 1770s project gone God is there another website for founded on what way all Gateway bond Right very good founded on January 9 grade. There preceded that think you Faye appreciate that.

God bless you. Thanks for gone.

Sorry, I just had to get to another color 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and somebody on the other day was funny on Facebook they they listed gas price oil price all these other things and said okay. It's the first day of the Biden presidency put these numbers somewhere in the will check them in two years and four years and that's that's what you do, that's reality, right and accountability. Let's jump over to Dan is gone and from Raleigh. Dan things for gone and go right ahead. Believer is called PO.

Very simple. Look what gotta do it to the love and worship God and love other people, and God love people are not going from personally and he wants you, the believers that have excepted up through faith.

The matter for Democrat or Republican were here with the design and purpose to be disciple and disciple others and pray for those who don't know God love them enough to die from personal and and it is so freeing Dan and bring so much peace when you keep your eye on that ball when you keep your eye and what Scripture what God is clearly defined as our job description. If you want to use that phraseology because it kind of pulls you out of the mass of the earth and the world and get you reorders or re-oriented to true North and just liked asked Jesus trying to trick him.

Of course, hey what's the great, and what's the greatest of all the commandments well you just said love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself, and I yeah that will include politics, but primarily does a lot of things other than politics that can allow us to do both of those things I think is a great point.

Skirted your mind with untrue and why you're going to be frustrated but if you fill your mind with the word true. You'll be free from the noise is exactly right. What a great point dancing so much for calling and I really appreciate that and what your words of wisdom. What are your words of encouragement. How would you suggest that we move forward because I know the majority of the of you in this audience are not happy about the election you're not happy about Joe Biden becoming the president at all.

Bubble bubble bath. All the other stuff. So how do you deal with it.

How you work through it. How do you keep your eye and the ball.

How do you maintain your joy. How do you not sell it down the river for a bolus to and yet what a great point, so I'd love for you to call and ensure that today, and you might be encouraging. I guarantee you, I've heard from enough people and not just the last 24 hours, but last couple of months that need encouragement and we need to encourage one another to keep your eye on the ball and remember that there's a metanarrative there's a bigger story going on whether you're talking about the right of the left there is a much bigger story a play for the souls of mankind and and in that's really where your primary focus should be.

Now politics fits in their because it affects people, and it represents truth claims. See, gotta get in the right absolutely matters because it affects people. There's a lot of things that affect people to primarily the gospel of Jesus Christ. How are you dealing with this.

How are you finding encouragement do you have any piece or are you really a mess. I'd love to talk to you about it. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 784 or 866-34-TRUTH. This is the warmest also show you right back to back. It seems a little good to be with you today is your is your internal temperature control by what's going on in the news controlled by Joe Biden replacing Donald Trump the election stolen, or otherwise lack of election integrity. Overall, which is nothing new. By the way, I think it's a whole new level.

Now, but what about the state semen I'm looking right now might forget Washington man even when it came to the pro-life thing. I appreciate some of the things that Trump did the Congress largely does nothing and most of the pro-life gains in America and tomorrow's officially pro-life day. By the way that most of the gains in the pro-life movement in America on the state level. That's federalism. That's the way our founding fathers wanted to be the federal government should be the epicenter of everything. It's become that.

So now my Kate let's let's drill back down and reinvest in state and local politics and the state of your nation in terms of where you live, the Catholic Church would call that moral proximity God's gonna hold you a lot more accountable for what's going on in your neighborhood in your community then he will in Washington DC. So what are you doing to serve love others to love your neighbor as yourself. And I think those are all very very important word suggest asking you today DPS of encouragement to share a few discouraged if you need some encouragement. What I do now Steve that kinda stuff though all today's a wide open for you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number of love for you to call in 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and if you're feeling great you're upset you're disappointed but your faith with the Lord's got you just got that piece of surpasses all understanding your 10 out of 10 out of 10 is a postal one in your despondent and you want to try to encourage others. Maybe it's a passage of Scripture, something the Lord is spoken into your life through his word. Then call and ensure that because I guarantee you this people listening to us right now, but need to hear that and I would I would appreciate if you would be willing to do that for your brothers and sisters in Christ that are struggling today. 866-34-TRUTH eight 784 or 866-34-TRUTH is going to Judy is gone and from South Carolina. Thanks for calling Judy go right ahead. I pray Lord charts, not man. We need to correctly leading Bible everyone we meet and it's not about charge, but remembering that God the only one truly in charge and it's not about what's going on in our nation about going in our heart we need to pray for everyone heart that they turn to cry and repent and give him the glory. Amen Annette, that sounds a lot like our ongoing job description. Space followers of Jesus Christ that has not changed at all has a Judy. Now let me every day and you know what my favorite going to come back for me whether he take me in the rapture before that I'm finding your way fine either way and I am right there with you. That's an awesome point, a great encouragement. Thanks for calling Judy appreciate it. Got bless you and your welcome and then I posted this I just yesterday I put some cheering, while others are enraged but far too many are still lost hashtag wakening hashtag revival. Let's remember what's eternal. The US isn't politics isn't environmentalism isn't environmentalism policy. The border LGBT Q plus NTP, yada yada yada.

Yada yada.

None of its eternal but you know what people are. So what's more important souls. The state of the nation state of the soul. You think God cares more about America or Americans cares about America because Native Americans Americans who are human beings made in his image that helps out to help me to remember helps to keep me on true North 866-34-TRUTH is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's go to Susan all the way up in Minnesota is a cold up there today.

Susan, thanks for calling. I have 500 going to get down below zero tonight but were you good yes you are going to well I went. That conquered land but got a plan for all of us, as we know, and I still get the plan for president Trump but whatever perspective or whatever direction you can ago I quit focusing on Pres. Trump now focus direction towards him and what helped me is that I'm a Catholic. So I say the rosary every single day and according to the Catholic Church. At the most powerful of all prayer so I feel really good when I'm gone lift me up just makes me feel good when I get down again. You have out and down but then I just turn to God, okay God don't let me slip you know I'm but then and you know and it doesn't work now people might think you're crazy. I grew up in a Catholic family and Catholic school and all that I veered in a different direction through life and I came back my written and headstrong.

You know that the faith and came back to the principles of life, but I want to share with people, doesn't mean you have to favorably think about people I Like that crave for my mother always told me when people I mean to you, pray for them. Mom that's hard to do and that's what I do now. I've learned as being older I learned to pray for the other people that are mean to you and Nancy on Facebook I just ignore and I just think August. Pray for, that's awesome Susan, thanks so much for calling ensure that I appreciate okay thank you for having me on your show. Bye-bye God bless you and that that's great now you my sister-in-law went to be with the Lord last year came to know the Lord to born-again and a born-again Catholic and up at the rosary for her really helped her focus is so whether it's that the Lord's prayer. Whatever it is the thing that I love about that is to have a tool there that can help get your eyes off the world and off your present trouble. Your present concerns and get it focus back upwards northward, if you will, and it weathers the rosary of the Lord's prayer. Just getting in Scripture and maybe reading it out loud or listening to Scripture in the Bible app, you gotta get reoriented back to the real source of truth, the real source of peace and everlasting meaning. And that's great, great point. I really appreciate that wonderful call.

Let's jump over to Maggie's call in and from Wake Forest, North Carolina. Maggie thinks for calling a redhead on all welcome caller everything that I hear that right now dark right knee and might I want I am and I should go to God, pray I'm dying by my sure you have out there and when that I and and I did not agree with the good thing is like after that time, and I think Americans I know I speak for myself that at that time came below for a lot of American what we believe, then, as American and what work and I think now what I want to say. Remember that and that not meaning it.

Okay what were family brat American what you want and correct and burning first lab. Throughout the year. Let me back for years I did not I would not fall: I mean when I think about.

I didn't start poking my in my 30 and learned my and I and even what I've learned from you and other people need to be no you know what are they are as American and I don't know where they are about making your own go off the radio and break down. Okay well what ever now.

I think that what that thing our country people and their company and there are a lot of things that are happening from the right carry on work now for ER at the mayor and that I'm not that person because I'm my family very lovable. Basically, that not I think that you know of at the hour that that's exactly is a great point Maggie and I appreciate you saying that in then again that's it's that balance between focusing on the here and now what we can do in this nation and fighting for what we believe is right and true.

Good is beautiful and honorable and then, but also remember this is an even bigger plan above that the kingdom of God. Thank you so much that Maggie got bless you. Thanks for calling and If we don't, please find a little differently than everybody else, plus or minus how can we show what difference is being priced or open for you encouragement some words of God's truth that are helping you get through the severe conservative Christian, you're not having a great time. The last 24 hours. The last couple months and I know a lot of Christians were really quite despondent or depressed and really down in the dumps of what's going on in the nation, and now this hard turned and laughed and a and I understand that and appreciate that so perhaps your that's not you, maybe you're doing okay, maybe you're full of the joy of the Lord in the tubular passage of Scripture, something that God is really use to minister to you or you just got that far down in your mature walk with the Lord that you have that peace that surpasses all understanding. It doesn't matter what the world throws at you. You're like Wanda just doesn't stick and that's where you end up so you can have the peace that surpasses all understanding. That's how you can be anxious for nothing.

Think about that anxious for nothing that actually possible. Yes, it is it is only through the word of God, keep your focus on him being full of the Holy Spirit following after him and you could have. You can have us a piece of espresso understanding you can live without anxiety can be anxious for nothing, but that's a sign of up of a mature Christian. Not everybody's there yet and hopefully we all will be one day I better take this phone call because not to be in trouble because I cut my older sister on hold to locate Our Area Pretty Good. Thank You. Thanks for Calling. You Are Mentioning Encouraging and Encouraging Others and You Know You and I Talk Politics. Many Times, and Yes, Yes, I'm a Conservative Christian I Voted for Trump As Times and It Wasn't on Personality Which I Don't Care Far Back Policies and You Now I've Had This Huge Stick in My Comic Going into the Election and I Prayed A Lot for God like a Spear Well and It Wasn't Personal.

It Was My Concern for the Country and That There Was Just Something There That You Know II Didn't Think It Was a Slam Dunk, and I Certainly Didn't Expect All of the Stuff That Happened in This Area Swing States, but for Me, Once the Election Was over, and Everything Else. It Took Me Actually Complement of Soul-Searching Talking with Warren, My Husband Is Very Calm and Is in Calming Influence on Me Indeed and Really Thinking about As Dad Used To Say. First Things First and You Mentioned It about Being a Christian and Being a Christian First and an American, Which Is How I Look at It and through Various Devotion and Reading the Bible and Actually Quite Frankly Turning off A Lot of the outside Noise and Whether That's on Social Media and Not Following Certain Things We Don't Watch Network News. Haven't for a Long Time. Don't Watch Fox Anymore. Even in the Evening. At Night When Were Watching the Late News. If They Start to Get into a Political Story. We Just Affect for You and We Stay Aware and We Read but Were Really Limiting Our Exposure That We Can Get Back to a Better Point of Equilibrium. If That Makes Sense. That Makes Total Sense of Flame Writing It down to Minimize outside Noise and Limited Exposure.

I Mean the One Lady Called in for Minnesota. What 7.

There Can Be -3 Tonight.

I Would Suggest If You Live in Minnesota and That's -3 Tonight That You Don't Run around outside in a Bathing Suit. You Should Probably Limit Your Exposure to the Bad for You and I Think Whether It's Mainstream Media, Fox News, Whatever, Whatever Is Just As All These Places Focus on Politics All the Time and When You Ingest That It's Comic Marinating Response to Marinade on the Word of God. Why Is If You Marinade a Steak Number to Be Really Gross.

Here I Do This in My Classes. This Is Just so Bear with Me. Everybody If I Marinate a Nice Piece of Steak and Urine for 24 Hours and Then I Cook It. What's It Going to Smell and Taste like Right Very Good. Excellent Smell and Taste like Your so What You Marinate in Is What Comes out When You Get Caught in. So If You're Marinating in Politics All the Time. That's All It's Going to Come out As Politics and You Should Be Marinating in the Word, and That's a Great Limit Your Exposure and in Cut out the outside Noise Because We Can Really Get Deceived or Taken down by That It's Foolish and Were Not Keeping Our Eyes on the Things above, but, Well, the Overwhelming Overwhelming and Even on Facebook and You Know I'm on Facebook Quite a Bit and I Share Some Things That Are Perspective.

Sometimes My Own A Lot Of Time and Only a Couple People in the Media and Actually Trust but I've Also Just on Facebook on and Look for More Devotional Related Threads to Follow Things That Are More Positive and As You Said, I'm Trying to Marinate Myself in Those Things. But It's Not Easy You Know I Still Struggle with Letting Go and Letting God but That's What I'm Supposed to Do and I Know It and You Know My Struggle to Get through This That My That He Has for Me and I Know What's on the Other End and This Is Just Where It Is Today. Ultimately, It Is His Plan Is Well and I Trust Him above All Said It Better Myself and on the Host of the Show.

I Love You Thanks for Going in Okay but My Older Sister One Upping Her Little Brother Very Good. And Then Hate and I'm Just in the Run up in My Family That's Exactly What I Was Thinking Hayden so Aiden Is on Facebook Live Today for the Radio Show. For Those of You That I Listen on the Radio. Facebook Lively Talking to You Because It Is Totally Awesome Star Wars Adorned Studio That We Just Go to Steve Nobles on Facebook You Can Join Us at Saying That's Exactly What I Was Thinking Philippians 48.

So Here's the Challenge Is Talk about Limiting Exposure and All the outside Noise and It Can Be Overwhelming and You Get This Thank You Hayden Philippians 48 Finally, Brothers Finally, Whatever Is True, Whatever Is Noble and Honorable. Just Sure Lovely, Whatever Is Commendable, If There Is Any Excellence That There Is Anything Worthy of Praise, Wait for It Think about These Things and I Would I That's I'm Leaning in That Way.

Think about These Things. If It's Not True. If It's Not Hon. Scott Noble This Not Just It's Not Pure If It's Not Lovely but Not Commendable for the Snotty Excellence There Is Nothing Worthy of Praise, Then Cut out That outside Noise Limit Your Exposure to That That Can Be Overwhelming and the Things of This World. Stick with Me Here the Things of This World Will Grow Strangely Dim in the Light of His Glory and Grace Is the Old Hymnal Says the Things of This World Will Grow Strangely Dim the Light of His Glory and Grace. I Am Not Advocating. If You Don't Know Me Very Well. I Am Not Advocating for Apathy. I Am Not Advocating for Disengagement.

I Am Not Advocating for 40 or 40,000 Acres in Wyoming and Let's Just Get Out Of Here Not Advocating That Why Because You Live in a Country with 340 Million Neighbors and You Live in a Country Where the Government Still Allows Some Level of Interaction with Us As Citizens and the Laws of Fact in One Way or Another. Pretty Much Everybody so If You Are in a Nation Where You Can At Least Try to Interact with the Legal System That Impacts All of Your Neighbors and You Say You're Supposed to Love Your Neighbor As Yourself, and How Do You Not Interact at Some Level, the Very Least of Which Would Be to Pray for Those in Authority over Us. Pray for Those in Authority over You so That You Can Get All Your Political Dreams to Come True.

Like Footprint Pedro for Present Know Is How to Set Pray for Those in Authority over You so That You Can with Quiet and Peaceable Life so We Can Be about Our Father's Business. We Just Want a Government over Us. That's Fair and Just and Equitable and Allows Us to Go Live Quite Peaceable Lives so We Can Be about Discipleship and Evangelism in Growing Our Own Faith and Loving Each Other Well and Loving the Neighbor and Loving the Widow, and Loving the, the Fatherless, and the Downtrodden, the Poor and the Weak and the Marginalized.

I'd Rather Not Have All This Crazy Government Stuff in My Life so I Can Go Be about That Business of My Father. That Was That Was All about. Because Remember, I Said This Ad Nausea and so Many Times in the Last 12 Months. Paul's Telling This Exhorting Young Timothy Pray for Those in Authority over You, and Who's in Authority over Them at the Time Nero Muro You Think Donald Trump's Obnoxious You Think Joe Biden Is an Idiot You Think It Is under Casio Court's, You Name It. Nancy Pelosi, Tom Cotton, Whatever. Pick Your Picture Flavor. You Think They're Bad. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton.

You Think They're Bad. Nothing Compared to Nero or You Think It's Tough Living in the United States of America Live and That's Pick You up and Drop You off in China.

What You Do There You How Much Political Influence You Have in China Zero Right Left Nothing. You Got Nothing. Nada. Okay, so Let's Remember That As Bad As It Can Be Here in America Could Certainly Be A Lot Worse. So You Engage III Moaned and I Grown and I and I Engage in the Here and Now I Lament over but I Long for That.

There in the End It's a Temporary Deal like He Said This Temporary Sweater on Your Right. You're on the Right or Ticked off about the Laughter on Your on the Left and Took off. But the Right If You're in Christ. It's All Temporary. It's a Light and Momentary Affliction That Is Working Itself into an Eternal Weight of Glory.

And When Were the Fair. My Dad Knows This. Now My Mother-In-Law Knows This.

Now My Sister-In-LawWhen You're There and You Look Back for Salt Lake. This Is Awesome I Kinda Wish I Got Here Sooner. This Is Great.

Oh My Goodness, but Also for A Lot Of It Makes Sense Now I Get It. OSHA Done More Than the Things That Laugh but I'm Here Now, in the Things of the World. Strangely Dim at That Point I Knew If He Were to Think about What You Look Back and Understand Things That Will All Be about. Lori Got More Where You Got You Saw How You Deliver You through This Building, If You're in Christ, Not Letting Your Kids This Is Steve Noble and God Willing I Talked Again Real Soon. If You Fear Friends That Always Is

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