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Attention: Nazi Trump Supporters!

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January 15, 2021 4:19 pm

Attention: Nazi Trump Supporters!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 15, 2021 4:19 pm

Attention: Nazi Trump Supporters!

Attention if you voted for Trump or defended any of his actions you are now a Nazi supporter!  Today on the show Steve breaks down the claims the media has levied against all Trump supporters. 


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Wake up everyone just time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred forgery 866-34-TRUTH or check it out alive. Steve Noble now does your host day feeling really snarky right that's a deal so I can be prepared for that also wanted to give you heads up in the fourth segment of the show today starting at 4:48 PM Eastern time here live on the radio show and on Facebook live.

My good friend, our brother in Christ Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana. He was there in the chambers in the house chambers arguing against the Arizona certifying Arizona electoral college votes last Wednesday and then of course all all heck broke loose their capital and then I heard Mike not that long much time later, 30 minutes, maybe calling in the Fox News radio from its current and disclose the undisclosed location.

The night was texting with them later that evening and of course they went back in and eventually certified the vote."

Like 330 in the morning. So were to talk to Mike in the final segment of the show.

Today I Congressman Johnson it and just get it get his report, his perspective, he was right there when it all happened and later in the evening and then of course the impeachment vote two days ago in the house and then moving forward with most likely to of our three branches of government controlled by Democrats, and what second to look like besides not good in what's his advice to us is up as our brother in Christ, politically and spiritually as we move into the next two years which are going to be wild and not great. So that's my Johnson representative Mike Johnson will talk to him in the for segment. Okay, let's kick.

Let's kick it off because I want to do something just a special little thing for all you Trump voters out there because apparently you should have a different national anthem.

Your national anthem should actually be well but with play that your international anthem should actually be a bit apparently you know this sounds familiar to you. I don't know that you're willing to admit it publicly. Go excellence for all you Trump voters out there that's the German national anthem and of course the one that they were using. Even back in Nazi Germany days. Wink wink. For all you Trump voters out there to bring that down a little bit and then I leave in the background, though for this story just start seeing an anchor everyone who voted for Trump sided with the clan Nazis and writers John Lemieux whatever economies days course of examining talking to Chris Cuomo. They do this little bit this little a trade-off between their shows.

Know what you hear is why you can't say that everybody who voted for Trump is like the people who went into the capital response. Cuomo asked Don Lemieux hybridoma more German national anthem from travelers. If you are on that side. You need to think about the side you are on Don Lemieux and said that women would everyone, I am never on the side of the clan banks principle people conservative or liberal, never on the clan site principle people conservative or liberal liberal never on the Nazis side.

Women responded, lumping together over 74 million Americans voted to reelect the Pres. with white supremacist and Nazi followed and prodded right and if they say I don't agree those people I disliked from policy well get out of the crowd with them. Get out of the crowd with them.

Women responded you're in a crowded, voted for Trump if you vote for Trump devoted to the person who the clan supported you voted for the person who Nazis support, even for the person who he all right supports that crowd is the one you're in.

Which is why for all you Trump voters were playing the German national anthem right now very same national anthem that was played when Adolf Hitler was the Chancellor Nazi Germany. So in case you thought nationally at the United States was your anthem. According to Don Lemieux a euro okay okay snarky story number one out-of-the-way ENOUGH of that thinking is that receipt that you guys can download ring to let's go on. Shall we.

Let's continue our our snarkiness here on the Steve Noble show today because you know I'm in the mood.

This is funny Nancy Pelosi leads impeachment speech with words that she had banned. I love this man fun. I hope you have fun just one week after creating a house rules package removing the words for many legislation. What words you know, mother, wife, daughter, grandmother, you know, not the kind words.

Just one week after. In her opening comments Nancy Pelosi referred to herself as a wife, mother, grandmother and a daughter during her opening of the impeachment debate. She is technically not in violation of her own restrictions as gendered language was only banned from legislation and other written text, not speech. As our conversation please not yet. However, there is something deeply ironic about forbidding others use of words while so prominently centering them in your own speech.

I love that. Oh, Nancy, wife or mother or grandmother in a daughter that's just such hateful speech to say that and then just assume that means that you're a biological female you have any rather than an Audi and all I kind of stuff right right. Let's move on to loggia snarky today sometimes escalating I can do in response to the realities that rage around the story.

I've got plenty of other series stories and commerce in my Johnson in the fourth segment this is a good one I guess is funny because I'm sick like that squad member Presley Republicans engaged in chemical warfare. Did you know that last Wednesday amongst all the things that were happening Wednesday afternoon chemical warfare.

Did you see that you hear about that. Are you unaware that it's like Saddam Hussein all over again right weapons of mass destruction, chemical warfare representative a on a Presley Democrat from Massachusetts, by the way, now I think she looks like what's up what's the land where the Black Panthers from what cycle what Wakonda okay now she's doing a whole Wakonda think she shaved her head. Okay, so she's bold representative, a Presley Democrat from Massachusetts said Wednesday. Couple days ago that Republican colleagues who did not wear a mask while they sheltered during last week's capital riots had engaged in chemical warfare. It's chemical behavior.

She told CNN's Don Lamon girl Don Bateman complicit from the very beginning and their willfully criminality carry the water for Donald Trump in these science denials which allow this pandemic to read out-of-control and then by refusing to wear the mask. This is criminal behavior that chemicals where prayer far as I'm concerned, obviously. And then so will have more by weight my Johnson my brother in Christ by about 15 years now that a lot of activists.

Things used to be one of the top legal eagles at the lines defending freedom. So when I got into the activist world here in North Carolina back in 2004 he started to help us and we partnered on things in North Carolina started 2005 and then got elevated up to the U.S. Congress is the number one expert for religious liberty in in Congress is an amazing guy and he's been on the show many times for those of you that have been a part of the program for a while and he was there during the impeachment trial.

He was there during the siege.

He was there. Afterwards he is there now with that you know there's gonna be 20,000 troops in DC. By the time we get the Wednesday and so were to get Mike's front row seat perspective and everything that has been happening and what we can expect to happen in the near future. Over the next couple years so so one of the few people I trust in the Washington DC, implicitly representative my Johnson will be on the fourth segment. But back to Anna Presley who is apparently from Wakonda said Wednesday that Republican colleagues who did not wear masks were guilty of chemical warfare is criminal behavior.

She told us CNN's Don Lemieux of Avon complicit from the very beginning and their willfully criminality to carry the water for Donald Trump he heard me say that for the break and then by refusing to wear the mask. This is criminal behavior that's chemical warfare so far as I'm concerned, Presley left the room with her age last week.

She said when she saw mask list members inside as well. Quote the second. I realize our so-called safe room from the Violet what violent white supremacist mob. Every single one of them included treasonous white supremacist anti-masker members of Congress coincided the mob in the first place. I exited furious that more my colleagues. By that day are testing positive.

She tweeted on Tuesday. Presley said that she was proud to cosponsor resolution with representative Cory Bush to expel members for not wearing mastering the siege, the Republican lawmakers criticized for refusing to wear. Mastering the lockdowns are eliciting this these chemical warfare agents. Obviously, members of what's the other group set in the bad guys in Avengers. The bad guys you know a red skull hydra Hill hydra for representative Margie Taylor Greene of Georgia hydra Mark Wayne Mullen of Oklahoma in the Bigs of Arizona, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Michael Klatt of Texas and Doug Lemieux fa of California so seriously. We actually have people like this in Congress. They're guilty of chemical warfare caused and where mask while okay let's let's move on to some more serious things. By the way tomorrow.

Tomorrow 1 PM here in Raleigh, North Carolina. 23rd annual North Carolina rally in March for life.

I know that you're frustrated. I know that many of you are feeling powerless in the face of everything going on in our nation both digitally and in the real world in what's happening in Congress and the White House and the election all the other stuff about you are not so do not buy the lie from the devil and do not sell your joy down the river for a bolus to pay. Don't do it in one of the things that you can do that we should be doing is upping our prayer game. I mention this yesterday for me personally if I prayed nearly as much as I post. I'd be like a champion of the faith, but I don't so I'm not in that regard.

Okay just deal with it. That's just something we all need to be much more committed and serious about prayer. If your spouse were on there that just got a terrible diagnosis. If you have a wayward child that something directly hitting your family and you are really desperate.

Your enemy crying out to the Lord.

We get all bent out of shape about the state of our nation into a certain extent.

We should do we do we do we get all exercise in our prayer life doing nothing. Most of us know, although I would think that in the last two months and perhaps in the last 12 months American Christians have been more prayerful than they have.

Maybe in the last 50 years. I don't know my thinking probably, but let's just remember that okay you're not powerless because you're a son or daughter of the king you're a joint heir with Jesus Christ. Okay so to call your cell powerless is to completely misunderstand what it means to be a Christian. So please do not buy into that lie from the devil, just rebuke him for that garbage.

We rebuke you Satan that's ridiculous. That's yet another lie. What a shock but one of things you can do is show up okay this is something I'll be talking about this a lot in the coming days because we can still make a lot of advances on the state and local level and when it comes to the issue of life. There's been a whole lot. I mean, some of the greatest strides in America.

On the issue of life are happening on a state-by-state basis. We have a lot of conservatives in charge and so pay attention to DC but don't get to don't let DC transfixed you thinking all kinds of garbage. Unfortunately, because of that it wasn't basically dead in this country. But there's still a lot that happens on the state level and the cause of life.

Show up, go to love find out where love life is going on because are growing every year, part of that and then tomorrow from 1 to 4 PM.

Come do something. I know you also. Your pro-life, that's awesome.

See the little rubber baby on my microphone stand here in the studio. If you're on Facebook live. That's a like a 10 to 12 week baby. That's the average size when there is evacuating them by talk about the Holocaust and that still happening 8 to 900,000 times and in this year alone in America.

40 million worldwide do something so come out tomorrow. 3:59 PM. My concern about any bad elements showing up a little, but not a whole lot.

This can be a lot more good God-fearing people that are there actually willing to take a stand take a little time out of it Saturday to show up for the countless babies in the moms and dads. So join us tomorrow with Bicentennial Plaza, right in front of the Gen. assembly. 3:59 PM tomorrow weather should be fine. It'll be in the mid 40s. Dress appropriately become out do something, I guarantee you if you've never been a pro-life thing like this before. You will feel the blessing. The minute you get out of bed tomorrow morning. The minute you make the decision today I'm going that God's going to bless you for your obedience and when you get up tomorrow you go through your morning you like I'm going. He's gonna bless you for your obedience when you get in the car. He's gonna bless you for your obedience when you show up like I don't know anybody here yeah the King of the universe knows you, your your good show up.

Pray agree listen clap march and pray that makes a difference.

It does, does it make the difference don't waste your salvation sitting on the sidelines. Customer 1 PM here in Raleigh Bicentennial Plaza downtown right when we come back one more segment stories only get through some to be talking quickly is normal and then we'll talk representative Mike Johnson in the fourth, but I want to get into this one code lockdowns have no clear benefit versus other voluntary measures international study shows what a new study evaluating coping 19 responses around the world found that mandatory Lockton orders early in the pandemic did not provide significantly more benefits to slowing the spread of the disease in other voluntary measures such as social distancing or travel reduction. The peer-reviewed study, which was conducted by group of Stanford researchers analyze coronavirus case growth in 10 countries in early 2020.

They compared cases in England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Nederland, Spain, and the good old US of a to South Korea and Sweden which implement in less severe voluntary response of some to go through some more of that for me come back fascinating study and then politico then Shapiro freak out there and then some really deep thoughts on the island left will be right so we will that's what the international study said analyze coronavirus case growth of 10 countries and France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Nederland, Spain, US. All countries that implement mandatory lockdown versus South Korean Sweden which implement a less severe voluntary responses. Name analyze the effect of less restrictive or more restrictive measures has unchanging individual behavior and curbing the transmission of the virus. One of the things that I think they date Ms. here in this big deal is that Americans don't respond well to orders direct orders we just don't part of the American spirit were independent. We have an Independence day right so when the government comes in is that this is what you're going to do EDR and you immediately lost at least half the country, probably more like 60% adjuster can respond well to that are using that model research is to determine that there is quote no clear significant beneficial effect of more restrictive measures in case growth in any country. We do not question the role of all public health interventions they said were coordinated communications about the epidemic, but we failed to find an additional benefit of staying home orders and business closures. The research added though the studies approach did not determine any significant benefits to implementing mandatory lockdowns others have shown that lockdowns and save millions of life which I always say how how can you prove that how do you prove a negative.

Well, this didn't happen, that did that to save millions life prove that you prove that you can't court case dismissed. See you later your gone speech 1018101. See you later your gone you can't prove that is like that present drums and I say to me in life you can't prove that you can't do we save lives. We believe so, how many we think it's a big number. How many I make 2 million 5 million 3 million hundred thousand. It's a lot more than zero.

Okay appreciate the honesty so and this one no clear significant beneficial effect on case growth in any country for locking down and closing businesses great.

So all this destruction on personal lives, income, mental health, physical health, emotional health, psychological help people that are abused at home, broken marriages, suicide rates, addictions, on and on. All these dominoes I started talking about a year ago in March. All of that unnecessarily lined up.

Sure looks that way. That said, heartbreak okay. It is been Shapiro thing this freak out because politico dared to let been Shapiro post something the other day and they went ballistic. There because politico is very left and people go ballistic because they don't want an equal exchange of information that only on a conversation. They want domination.

This is about conversation.

This is an about tolerances about intolerance and domination about power and control, especially if you have somebody as brilliant as been Shapiro.

That's the other thing that bugs them is because they know the guys gonna make a good case for whatever is writing on and you cannot allow that power and control. You can allow can't write. So I was talking about these two articles on the go with Spencer, claimant next week to talk about the other one can violence on B justified.

That's a biblical perspective right to get to that. To do that early next week me to this one today and in the nice segment of the show coming up again to talk Congressman Mike Johnson. He was there during the debate in the objection on the floor.

He was one of the people in the house making the objection to Arizona. He was there when all heck broke loose. He was there that night is there for impeachment and he's going to give us the view right from the fronts row. Okay when you talk to him in the fourth segment of the show.

The threat of revolution is pretty heady, so listen carefully. Spencer clave in a daily where we are flirting in this country with the darkest and most serious kind of civic disaster. The disaster political violence not only the shameful and deadly fiasco in the capital building on January 6, but the merciless parade of arson, defacement and slaughter that tore through our cities. In the summer of 2020. These are like the first thundercloud that pass over the air before storm. The storm comes, it will be the ruin of us all. People like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Vice President-elect, Harris, or pretending now to be shocked and appalled at the possibility of armed rebellion.

Remember that just last year, Harris publicly invited donations to a bail fund for writers in Minnesota just as much now as then, whether the they fret theatrically about insurrectionary get brazenly on what people like Harris are out for is power. They are part of the problem and should be regarded as nothing more but the hard truth is whatever faction of writers seems most sympathetic to partisan eyes mobs in the street and in the capital represent profound failure all around failure of leaders to lead failure of the people to respond maturely and wisely.

Failure of government to serve the men and women who employ it. Failure in a word of the American regime I'm I'm far from believing that the failures permit permanent or fatal for the country but it's worth understanding this moment for what it is, so that we can take it with the seriousness it deserves is not about grandstanding or hot takes Suzanne Spencer, clave, and at the daily wire when and why do people take up arms against their fellow citizens, and against their governments rights talk about the founding fathers here strangely framing it that way. Give some small hope for a path forward because we have confronted these questions before our Constitution was written by men who believe deeply in the rule of law, and yet they had just fought a war to overthrow their rulers less than hundred years after the revolution, America would turn in on itself and fight another gruesome war between the federal government and arrival army of American citizens that were awful though it was within slavery. Let the nation come into its own, so it's not as simple as saying political violence is never justified in leaving it at that. If only it were the political violence founded our nation a listen or use jump to conclusions here. Just keep listening and there are times times in which extreme catastrophe and oppression when it is tragically the only solution I will be as clear as possible at the outset that I do not believe this is one of those times. But I also want to seek some clarity for all of our sakes about what those times are and how we should think about.

For that we can rely refer to the founding fathers themselves were well aware of these complexities very Federalist, 28, it was written by Alexander Hamilton, 1787 as a state for voting on whether to ratify the new Constitution passed the first weirdly encouraging thing. Hamilton says about clashes between the government and the people as this, they happen quotes additions and insurrections are unhappily maladies as inseparable from the body politic as tumors.

Interruptions from the natural body rights. The idea of governing.

At all times by the simple force of law which we've been told is the only admissible principle Republican government has no place but in the reveries of those political doctors whose sagacity disdains the admonitions of experimental institution.

Hamilton was thinking first about the need for the government to put down conspiracies and insurrections of military force, as Sen. Tom cotton wrote the now infamous op-ed for the New York Times and antiphon BLM are terrorizing urban centers quote the federal government has a constitutional duty to the states to protect each of them from domestic violence.

That's the practical consequence of what Hamilton was arguing clave and from daily where shortly before the Constitution was drafted, Massachusetts had faced an armed uprising known as Shays rebellion in which a veteran of the revolution and his supporters fought against increased taxation of banks. The founders were appalled at the prospect of the revolutionary spirit might not have been satisfied. In 1776 quote the flames of internal insurrection were ready to burst out in every quarter from one into the other of the continent. We walked on ashes concealing fire beneath our feet, said James Wilson.

Looking back on the tense days of Shays rebellion sounds familiar, doesn't it. So Hamilton was keen to vest the government the power to stamp out empty cans constitutional insurrections he wanted to ensure the stability of the government and protect the people from the horrors of sedition.

It helped that Washington his revolutionary credentials were impeccable had reacted with passionate indignation when a group of his own soldiers conspired to attack Congress and demand pay in the Newburgh conspiracy.

The founders had learned the hard way and taught explicitly that violent revolution is something to be avoided if it's even remotely possible. And yet there was and still is the fact that our own Declaration of Independence takes the possibility of justified revolution as a given quote when in the course of human events, not if, but when it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. But how do we know when the revolution is such a painful, bloodied, miserable thing and it is how can we know when to make the terrible decision of taking the cost upon ourselves. Now Hamilton addresses this to an Federalist 28. What is been called the right of revolution may fiddling fittingly be invoked. Quote if the representatives of the people betray their constituents in such a case quote. There is then no resource left but the exertion of that original self right of self-defense listen that super important which is paramount to all positive forms of government. What Hamilton argued actually be more feasible to rebel against the federal government and against state governments because rebelling against the federal government would require a vast coordinated and carefully planned assault.

This point is that's much more difficult. But that would slow it all down right it's a pretty apt description of the Capitol Hill assault, which was a federal level riot with a state or local level of disorganization. The motley crew protesters and rabble-rousers that flooded in the building were unruly, disorganized, without a plan they have concerns about election integrity, some of which I share the writer but the course, but the court cases, attempting to prove that November 2020 was a fraud had failed.

One would be hard-pressed to say that they wanted or if they wanted was trump back in office how they realistically thought they were going to achieve it. What Hamilton argues about real justified rebellion is, in part, that they have to be thought through and given the gravity they deserve. The fact that the United States is a big diverse and centrally governed country actually helps ensure that any successful revolution in the event of true federal usurpation would have to be carefully considered one of the other things he talks about inherence want to wrap it up is the fact that there American revolution started defensively you had what you had the massacre in Boston then you had shots fired at Concorde in Lexington, shots fired by the British government first.

So much of what happened in the American Revolution was self-defense that opened up a broader war, but they had also been fighting for their independence democratically and through face-to-face interaction decade but it started violently self-defense, only different comparisons to be right back, and to show there are not yet trustful and the people. If you because he's my brother in Christ, we been friends for 15 years been on the front lines together is helped out here in North Carolina when he was one of the senior legal Eagles for lines defending freedom and then God brought him into the Congress as a representative from Louisiana our brother in Christ, if you're in Christ Mike Johnson Carsten Mike Johnson is your brother in Christ as well and just a great blessing to us and to the nation. My brother Mike, how are you the Barbara report. You're very welcome you as well and that was a harrowing day last week you were one of the first people I thought of when that was all going down so just come to share with us is as much as you feel like it what what what was that like at one minute I was watching you giving your speech when you are making your your points for the for the whopping five minutes that they gave you in the objections to the Arizona electoral college votes and then the next thing you know things. This kinda came came unglued below. Is it like actually being in there and experiencing that it was surreal. You know you're right. I had just completed our or five-minute or the O storm, so to speak, and there was a rocket that began on the floor. They started locking the doors of the erected the proceedings and Complete commander came down to Laurent that everyone don't panic. We need you to duck down under to the booth in the chairs and grab the gas mask because teargas is going to release the capital has been breached, and though it has collated pretty quickly or politically, but we could hear the voice of the what, like thousands of people coming down the hall toward the chamber because when you're in the capital building horrible good everything echoes anyway. And then that was needed by glass breaking and what I like gunfire. It was just built and people were scattering and again in and go.

The chamber doors began to older people breaking and they finally decided to evacuate out and down scurrying down to the hallways and the big room point prepared, but you do the whole thing people ask over your motion. You and I was never afraid or fearful about it. I just had this profound sense of that.

I mean really did. This could happen in the people's house and no income and what is referred to as the cathedral loved democracy and a republic. You know that it come to this. That was the overriding emotion and wake the concerns of leading up to that, Mike. It seems you know I think a lot of us were just shocked that I was shocked that there were more people there in terms of defense and in police and National Guard. What was there some sense that did you all have a general sense that he there's a couple hundred thousand people right down the mall from us and this is, this could be a little dicey today what you like doing it. Would you know I was preparing our argument through the big electoral college boat and go around the country for laundered art director at one of law and not written a memo that scores of members were following in all that info.

I was really deeply involved in our profit and have been for the preview 24 hours. I was watching television or anything generally knew him in our course we all knew they were to be a really dumb at work on, but for our printer listening to capital me that's a pretty good so and so we know.

I didn't think it would be any of the ocean.

We never I didn't anticipate the marauding group of writers were felt and unfortunately for all of apparently the capital please didn't think about either, even though he had all the info it was a colossal failure in all of your leaders investigation will be gone on for some time try to figure out the chief of the capital please resigned in authority in regard to the house resigned as well.

I think a minute you know it's been just a really tragic and unfortunate worked all around nebula looking for the future what you want your advice talking to Cox and Mike Johnson from the great state of Louisiana what your advice says is a fellow Christian Mike as is this only theories going around in conspiracy theories and assertions in antiphon BLM and and people are involved from the right and people from the let all this kinda crazy stuff in and you know it's an alphabet soup in terms of the people that were there. One of the challenge of the last 12 months is there so much disinformation, misinformation, lack of information. It's so hard to ascertain the truth in these very dark times that were in what your advice does just in how we move down this road because it seems to me like the church is dividing even more now even over something like this. How can we move forward in a productive way that's honoring to the Lord with respect to what happened last Wednesday is a great question and I think the answer that same as the overriding question what happened next word we go conservative as believers, what were an uncharted water right wing high-speed extended metaphor them from Louisiana good everything explained in either a football or hurricane when you're out in choppy seas and uncharted water. When you've lost your way and you cannot even arise in the old days before he got digital bicolor gimbal right next three axes and was the more you can always find the true North. You can always find your direction. After they were lost in circumstances that what is our gimbal and it never changes. You know what we have to focus on right now is the eternal truth of God the Word of God stands forever. It is eternal right and the Constitution will stand long as we can defend and hold and keep them for whatever charges to keep our eyes focused on true North. The true North never changed. As a matter what's happening in around their work always. We know what the truth is that we follow the prescription of God's word in those foundational truths. We followed the core principle, but I called the seven core principle of conservatism. For those of the American principles that have guided our nation individual freedom, limited government will call peace through strength of responsibility, free markets and human dignity which include the sanctity of human life and all these other things we we stand by those principles. We don't look to the right of the left we hold faster than we defend him and we will get our chance.

Good man again because how to weather the storm.

It really is that simple.

And it probably will help in the meantime to turn off social media showing work or not. Not at all is not at all. And that's a big problem for all of us in mentioning this the last couple days talking to Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana that if I prayed as much.

As I posted idea I'd be a warrior in the kingdom of God.

Now everybody we all need to learn from that. It's amazing to me, Mike, that the second impeachment second time in 13 months. 50% of all presidential impeachments in the history of the country under Nancy Pelosi that if that that I I'm like okay here's the deal that's all political.

Anyway, impeachment was always supposed to be a really huge issue obviously and now I fear that is just become yet another political tool up there on the hill in about what what your response to the whole impeachment of our president when they try to convert get over your go. I was on the impeachment of Pres. aspect are effectively concordant.

We did data we made a point back then that look this is a Dangerous Rd., Russian collusion coax all of that narrative. They think they try to impeach Donald Trump with no evidence and no credibility in the back and we said then your opening Pandora's box your weapon. I think what is a rarely used tool in our constitutional structure. There's a reason they're going to look impeachment over the years because it is such an extreme measure is intended to remove someone from office here. Not only was it groundless the procedure was ridiculously this is no thoughtful deliberation, no hearing, and the purpose of course was political retribution to punish president. This is not what impeachment is for a course to be out of office on Wednesday the whole thing is just a charade and and but I'm telling you my friend, Nancy Pelosi does not care. They are, they are appealing to the most radical fringe and that day growing and they have to appease them over and over and over. That's what this was and it to the detriment of the whole country and our Republic itself. Yeah it's it's is very much reminds me of whether you want to talk about Nero and Caligula What the crowd loves is let's learn to trust more Christians to the lions. In order to continue to perpetually what's going on there and that growing part of their base.

All the sudden you just got thrown red meat the red meat in this cases president Donald Trump.

And so the impeachments of them, who cares what the people out there say we know that by the way about Nancy Pelosi and the left as they don't give a rip about most of the common American citizens. What will you do as far as going for now might be and how can we pray for you.

Talking to Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana because it worked. We got this two-year daily news were about to get. Of all the really dark political dreams of the left as they just gonna ramrod like crazy with Congress and the executive branch. What are you most concerned about and how can we pray for our members of Congress that are conservative great humor. When he retreated that one line are going buckle up. They need they believe that they may have a window two-year run that radical agenda dark list of dreams that they've all had no they wanted convert our country into some sort of socialist utopia which we know that in end and told her to try a lot of it. They think they got to your four because history tells you that the first midterm election of Pres.'s party generally loses 20 to 30 feet or more. We think we got a great shot at regaining the Republican majority at least in the health of two years and so that that is a we can look forward to what we have to do between now and then hold the line and those fundamental truth that we were just talking about a few moments ago and and we can also realize these are the last resort will have to on the third branch of government. That is, the court remember the as we talked, Trump had a remarkable 2000 true constitutional conservative originalist to the court there in place now to handle your yeah that's a great point were going to have to really be thankful that God gave him the opportunity to place that many conservative judges. Hopefully conservative judges across the judiciary branch is really going to need them in the next year's Congress and my Johnson the great state of Louisiana, my dear Christian brother, thinking my friend is always such a great resource is very pleasant.

God bless you and your family talk to anybody I tell you to talk later.

What a great guy just love my Johnson finally was talking about the seven core principles of conservatism. He got those on his website. His congressional website help put that up on Facebook my page come out tomorrow you need to do something. I know you want to do something about tomorrow. The annual rally and march the life of 1 PM in downtown Raleigh. This is God willing that always used to say forward

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