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Let's hear some REAL incitement!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 14, 2021 4:31 pm

Let's hear some REAL incitement!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 14, 2021 4:31 pm

Let's hear some REAL incitement!

As we continue in this world of double standards Steve begins a compare and contrast on liberal incitement to what President Trump said last week. 


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of tree no sacred down call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble okay so that the better we talk about people we know, because I had the COBIT at the COBIT job.

I didn't know that all last weekend not feeling great yesterday. Today feeling very normal is normal at Steve Noble can be the dumbest contradiction in terms, but it's it's good to be rock 'n' roll and in if you want to know what it's like. If you haven't had COBIT yet that lease for me is a soon to be 55-year-old in pretty good health. I don't have any pre-existing conditions, no corm comorbidities. I met a healthy weight and don't drink of smoke all that kind of stuff so for me it was a little foolish and attempted a very slight temperature 99.3 or something furred. I don't even think a day and kind of upper upper like a head cold type thing, and that lasted for about 10 days and eight days really is and my symptoms started to go away on Monday this week and by Tuesday started feeling really good yesterday.

Today feel great surprise Lord for that.

And here I the 99.997% chance survival rate for so many my age at 54 years of age almost clocking in the 55 came through for me and here I am praising so anyway setting that aside, I wanted to do this on Tuesday. I think it is Tuesday, when we actually ended up having to play best of show because we had some some things and switched online and but that not talk about social media giants, and so I wanted to take your phone calls on Tuesday and just open it up because I was talking all last week I had some guys a great conversation about everything is been going on since the cortical and Senate results in the quote unquote election and cortical George all I can stop if he had that and then of course you had the stop, a steel rally and then what happened at the capital and then you have impeachment which came through yesterday. So crazy bizarre infuriating in many ways seven days.

The last week just a week and so here we are 2021, January 14, were not even halfway through the month in June and 20, 21, making 2020 look somewhat normal is in it, so I have not open up the phones I haven't given you a chance to call in and share what you're thinking some to do that for most of the show today just what you think about the state of the nation, the state of the union want to give your short little state of the union address what happened in DC that capital invasion whatever you want to call it. All of those titles and names can be inflammatory, depending on who's saying it and so there's I call it whatever you want to really care.

Or maybe you want to talk about all these prophecies all these words from the Lord. All these prophetic people in the last two months, saying for sure and they're still saying it minimum are still saying it 88 Donald Trump's can be sworn in again next Thursday next week on Wednesday so I can be what you think. Joe binds to be in jail, they can arrest my pent all that kind of stuff. Maybe you want to talk about that maybe you want to talk about the impeachment yesterday to impeachments in 13 months.

Two out of the four in the history of the United States government. Nancy Pelosi gets to put her name on two of those. I think it was a complete farce political farce at the joke and it brought into question because they use the word incitement as well as insurrection the world does that even mean right. So peaceful protests Senate control 50-50, which is then going to go to, Harrison the tie-breaking vote I'm making the wild assumption. Apparently, according to some people that Joe binds going to get inaugurated next week. Blessing impeachment is a lot out there right a lot to be thinking about praying over. I know people are mad infuriating concerned worried maybe you don't care maybe you're apathetic but I do want to know how you're replying, how you're responding all this. What do you think what you have to say about the state of the nation, given what's happened in the last seven days you want to talk about all those things are just one of those things that's fine only give you that opportunity today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our phone number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH really would like to know how your processing through everything that has happened in this country over the last week and now here's something else were going to talk a little bit about incitement and in insurrection. Okay, so let me play you a montage of various people on the left and let's consider this for me have the commercial break. Does this sound like incitement to you that's that's my question. Okay, so it's you or any other way. I check this out. People need to start taking to the streets.

This is another needs to be addressed in the streets for as long as there's unrest in our lives.

State show me where it says the protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful immigration legal low SSN station around here for is white. Most of them radicalized to the right a lot why Mexicans write a summary like punching her in high score to Jim and people in the lust, not social.

There still have to go put a bullet in the character and not Madonna White House series is under investigation by the Secret Service.

After saying she hopes presidents from his assassination will take Trump out our voting system are 1600 Pennsylvania for election day November and, meaning everyone should take no level is been by the transporter not that long ago. So there you go.

Does that sound like incitement to you. Incitement is pushing people towards violence. By the way, violence, and not just illegal activity, not just to go be obnoxious but pushing them towards violence when you look up incitement in the law and of course you have insurrection. So we come back home to read to you what Donald Trump actually said at the stop the steel rally last Wednesday what they're calling. Incitement will compare those side-by-side and see what you think.

Let the chips fall. Or they may will be right back.

Show and I was playing for you in the first segment and him and I got the tax. The actual written words from what president drum set at the stop. The steel rally last week regarding Congress and marching to the capital. So I want you to hear what he saying in compare and contrast that to the video montage I displayed you a bunch of elected representatives and some actors like Johnny Depp. Hey, when's the last time an actor assassinated the president then get away that stuff.

Why, because of the left judging the left which there always going to judge themselves as innocent, but when anything happens on the right and that they can use it against you. They will and is in him to take you into some comments that AOC had on her Instagram live feed about truth detecting and managing and overseeing the media, then the question becomes, whose truth are you going to enforce will get to that with AOC but also wanted to give you a chance just to call and and share what you think about what's been going on here in the nation want talk about what happened at the capital last week, Trump's role non-role with the impeachment from yesterday. Whatever you would like to save don't talk about all these prophecies that are out there people still saying hey there arrestor starting tonight. Trump declared martial law on Saturday like oh yeah that's news to the rest of the three, and 40 million people in America any of it whatever you want to chime and I want everyone to sound off on because most the time and on twitter and other places you don't have an outlet what you have one here so call in and share how your reacting what you're thinking how your processing through everything that's going on in this nation. In the last seven days 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH us go to James first writer my backyard in Raleigh.

James think so much for calling it go right ahead.

Hey James are either try that again James either. Okay, not sure was going on there. Let me go to in Scotland and from North Carolina. Hopefully will get that connection there a and thanks work on llama Steve go ahead I hear number one it's always good to you and thanks for Gollum I you know I can't tell you my brother that you really tell it like it is. I every time I listen to Shelley. Some people try so hard to be balanced. You know at everybody thought that that we you outlet you people that are telling telling people what we Christians are going through. That's number one point but thank you. Thank you. I.

They never went anywhere. But anyway Maxine Waters hello statement. How can these people. What is wrong with the conservative with the Republican that that we don't and all the people thank you note company want to shoot something horrible and happy with their faith yell at the head and all that it yeah exactly and Polonsky and her first comment with all the riot before the murders in the burning looting. As you know what people do what they gonna do is you don't point is, where do conservatives today. I mean I'm on Facebook and I and I and now I'm built with Facebook but I'm also that it go to we need from you. We let you know right exactly and I'm trying to do what I can to be heard in my own small little world. But what what went contributed.

What should we do, what made you so bad I know so many II didn't want him at first, and the more I thought You and the more I know Garlington and protection for effective estimates and thought that you yeah I'm talking about just in terms of a platform in communicating and speaking our minds is that what you mean but also being able to be heard enough to make a change.

Well, yeah, I'll take that can go ahead and and hang up. And so you hear me answer on the air. Okay I got transferred okay, I'll jump on that.

Thanks again for calling okay will first of all that you know everybody's getting invites for all these different platforms rights as she mentioned me. We this cloud hub. There's WhatsApp's faith dumb which I talk about here on the show they been on before and the founder faith and was on. That's kind of like a Facebook very Christian centric and conservative faith dumb you can get that off the app store and of course we'll see what happens with parlor, twitter, Facebook, which are still operating.

And you can take a stand on that exam, not on Twitter anymore, not on Facebook anymore, but the time the people are still are, and in the only if the only reason you're on social media is to speak about political issues you're under utilizing your father Jesus Christ. So is that the only thing we want to tell people about his our opinions on politics back that up for me, but biblically, by the way, if you can do think that's the only thing and gabs out there. Of course gabs another one and so there's other options right now.

I'm wondering as the cloak of the smoke clears, whose connection be able to handle all this capacity and all the switching Facebook and Twitter were down there carpet capital market marketization market This week so I'm still recovering drop. I like $50 billion so people are leaving there that's fine. I understand that but there's other things to talk about besides politics. Other not. And can you have a gospel witness on Facebook and Twitter. Regardless of what they do. Yes, you can can you also get away with political talk on Facebook and Twitter. Yeah, I'm not a big twitter person but I still do a lot of Facebook. I'm not leaving it. I'll continue to use it and I'm playing with the mankind's machinery and you expect that to be pure. The wind driven snow or perfect. Listen to Fox news has a lot of garbage. I see garbage ads on other places to better conservative in that claim, you know to come to care about American values. So you're not can get some perfect platform, but we need to continue to speak the truth in love, and be compassionate patient speak the truth. By the way, be very careful with your own media bias with your own bias in terms of your beliefs, political and otherwise, confirmation bias, which I'm in a share and retreat everything that that I agrees with my position already but I'm in a ignore everything else yet to be careful about your own bias. Be honest, but make sure were praying we spent as much time praying as we do posting things might change, but we don't know what that really looks like we as we spend II can just opt out just flat out tell you I spend way more time on social media than I do on my knees every week and you think that's pleasing to the Lord. Of course not where you think there's more power for me as an individual Christian in my prayer life are in my posting I can tell you right now it's in my prayer life's not in my posting, but we live in the exact opposite way through you to be careful with all that and then don't throw the baby out with the bathwater work. This is this is not new. It is nothing new under the sun.

Thank you, Solomon, and this is been going on for a while and it will continue to increase in its deception and the darkness and the difficulty that's the deal. Read the book. We've known this was coming I just didn't think we really thought that we would be involved in something that smelled this much tasted this much seem like this much that was like in times kind of stuff.

And that doesn't mean worth 20 days or 20 years away from Jesus coming back. None of us knows when that is. But you better start living like it's a whole lot closer because it obviously isn't things I believe things are speeding up but you gotta be careful, don't overreact and don't react and engage out of emotion but also if the only thing your posting is politics and I struggle that myself. There's other things to talk about other things to point people to this other important things besides politics, so let's use our platforms, not just for politics but for the proclamation of the gospel. I think we all need to start hiring James.

I still have you on hold hopefully will give it a hearing when you come back to play in Raleigh if you want to chime in as well.

866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH with you so can I continue talking through all his issues that are unfolding best.

They do want to get called on to try to get James on here and see James if you want to call back in more than happy to try to get okay what ever you want to say I love to hear from you. I think he was in a talk about thinking that Trump bears some responsibility what happened last Wednesday. I can look at that an agreement that from a global perspective from a really high altitude metanarrative in terms of just Trump riling people up his supporters sees these good at that and that does create.

It's like kindling for fire right but it takes some work to go from a little little kindling to a 30,000 acre brush fire that takes a little bit more than just kindling okay and that doesn't remove personal responsibility from people. But I want to read you exactly what he said but if you want to call in and chime in on any of these big news that she's just kind of an open line day here on the show.

I'd love to give you the time to do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884+ it's a lot harder for big tech to censor us on the radio entering Facebook life. So pick a manager that 8663 foray 7884 866-34-TRUTH let's go to my buddy Clay Cullinan from the Raleigh area's thoughts on the nation playthings are: go ahead. God bless your marriage made mid afternoon. I work for tomorrow. You know what I will start going all you know it was far but will be six years that you got a look got all the horn and get people calling and what they're all stored up truck wall.

I will one of the people that found in about told you what all fall toward the man that all that most people probably don't have any don't have a yellow streak noted back and we know that is a tricky thing that we really needed this country and you know I am not going to go away from saying that outfield's editorial goes what he was, you know, people made a choice to break your president look at what is up, but to me everything that has been done including last Wednesday. There's so much stuff negativity in geography.

I could go on, I could use several words but I don't do it quicker lot person that awarded you.

What are godly people and everybody else that you know your report about the thing I'm actually believing correct me if I'm wrong please do that last week last Friday you a wonderful godly man who shared his story about getting up early that Wednesday morning and going up to do what he did, then you also talk to a wonderful godly woman that she shared her story of how Babel walking you know it's interesting how the work and situation more hurt. From what I've heard, and I believe that most people that were there holding all the people back not to go to the capital somewhere and because we just jump in there Clay, one of the things that we all need to be careful about over talk about this incident or anything else is is is very general widespread type of language so it is that most from people what they were couple hundred thousand people or so. Most young people were involved with the whole thing. So there were some from people that were trying to start, and we don't know exactly who was to who are agitators who was anti-father who was queuing on people who were trump supporters to be really careful with that because none of us are in possession of all the truth.

That's why I just caution all of us to be very careful with making declarative statements about something that's got so many angles to go ahead.

Sorry I am with you and I hear you. What I'm looking to work, but that's why I am sure with everybody and I could sure what you think of. Would you before but I'm not sure correctly from over again that I don't care about politics. Colcord shows a tendency to just rule one thing and they have done that they've done not the last four years.

One. That man is like reading you know you know the story about Jesus that like that he would capture that night.

She said no I'm yeah he was able to greet people as you know the score. He was mocked coming walk. People will read out chapter 53.

Knowing what that sacrifice is what are everything but what about you know what I believe that Donald get out of that position for reason and that's why he brought VP going and you know how sometimes I feel that he brought the little space I don't go that way don't go that way, easy going and we even have no other Jay Sekulow go broke. Pastor Don will go after Robert and those people will come along called it was needed. You don't think that you know everybody else has tried to do that people so I will.

I truly going to ballpark that shall deposit everything going wrong. We do need to be in prayer really do because you know the way things are going the way things are traveling, you know turned out pretty in the week yeah and I appreciate the point and that something we need to remember and especially in the prayer site of a play. We need to we need to make sure. Like I said a few minutes ago, do I pray as much as I post no.

I post more than I pray.

So what do I think I'm actually going to make a difference in this culture, and a lot of times I think we we really don't ultimately believe that much of the power prayer. If we did we would be doing a lot more. Some of you do some believers I know are my wife is and that's awesome.

Most of us have a lot of work to do on that one altered bring up about.

I'm really good. Every heart I heard you talk about yesterday. Yeah the porch and yet I will bring that up in the last thing I'll do it now doing your job. Absolutely. Thanks much. Will talk to you later and simply go back this inciting thing and I appreciate Clay Cullinan, Sharon okay here's exactly what down from set okay you heard earlier and I put the link up you can go watch the video yourself on the Facebook life either my Facebook page. So if you want to jump onto Facebook later if you're still doing that. Just go to the Steve Noble show page and you'll find it during the Facebook life for today also posted a couple days ago. So just incredibly insightful, violent language, including clone bone at the White House and Brad Pitt time runs last time a movie star assassinated present. Okay not going to talk then there's this word for word from last week at the stop.

The steel rally before a decent size of size of the group I went to the capital.

This is Donald Trump Word for Word. Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault under democracies talk about what he believes that the election was stolen after this were going to walk down and I'll be there with you were going to walk down then walked down anyone you want.

But it but I think writing stock in what directions, but I think right here you walk down to the capital and were going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women ever probably knocking to be cheering so much for some of the right right right. We we love some of them the ones that are standing up against certifying the election results from the swing states and then the ones that aren't work or an architecture for them and I can be happy because you'll never take our country back with weakness because you'll never take back our country with weakness. That's agenda general declarative statement and it's true. That's not an incitement to violence that's in such a factual statement. You have to show strength and you have to be strong. That's also not inciting.

We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors will been lawfully slated lawfully slated okay Word for Word here present at states last week.

This is what they allegedly what they did, Steve Senior moment. This is what they preached.

I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the capital building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard today.

We will see whether Republicans stand strong for integrity of our elections, but whether or not they stand strong for our country, our country, our country has been under siege for long time, far longer than this for you. Don't okay, that's it.

That what what is that you go cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women are probably knocking to be cheering so much for some of them will be going to a basketball game to cheer for a team when I get is your ability okay right. Some get.

We've come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors will been lawfully slated lawfully slated his every right say that every right to make that church that incitement isn't.

I know that everyone here will still be marching over the capital building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. We've been here that all summer and one of the most patriotic things you can do is protest, have we not that's page.

I would agree on. That's not always patriotic but certainly American because that's a guarantee right under the First Amendment the right to protest, to peaceably gather that's fine and to encourage people to do it. That's not incitement you to go down there and bust in the building and shown what for people just that, but not the president's direction, incitement, know this is Nancy Pelosi and the liberals in 10 Republicans.

Members of the house that just can't stand the guy from derangement syndrome and want to put the final nails in his political coffin. That was what yes it will be right back with AOC is noble. This season was so great to be with you in your communication. We are talking about little bit about Trump little bit of the yesterday which is just a political kabuki theater there just trying to bury him make sure he doesn't come back and they don't have the votes in the Senate because to convict in the Senate. You need a two thirds that would be 67 senators you that that 67 senators vote to convict Donald Trump of inciting insurrection. Neither one of those words in, and that the law would apply. I was just reading you what he said you can't make the case. No court of law is going to find him guilty. There, but that doesn't matter in the U.S. Senate is not a court of law is just a bunch senators, but they would need 67 votes to convict, which would require 17 Republicans to convict in us like a nap so they know and I can get a conviction and but so this is all just kabuki theater. I think they're trying to do everything they can to damage not only Donald Trump at all of his followers in the Republican Party in general and so that's the kicking him all the way on out the door and will inflict as much harm as they can. And that's part of the whole Trump derangement syndrome. It's crazy but what about the people that are still to be there some really AOC. You may have seen the story but because I'm a communicator on radio and Facebook and podcast and stuff, this one caught my attention is to catch your attention as we talked about the purge. The other day what's going on with big social media big tech Twitter and Facebook and all the other places AOC was doing a live Instagram on her Instagram page and somebody asked her about dealing with communications in the media very alarming very real.

Okay they got there were going in this direction. Don't think that we are. So here's AOC talking to her followers on Instagram listen very carefully. Let's play discussion in Congress about federal truth and reconciliation is to help me so stay in response to medium-term response fully crystallized when I say that there's absolutely a commission being discussed. Tori style rather than treason. Shannon interesting concept for us to explore and to think that several members of Congress and some of my discussions have brought media literacy because that is a part of what happened here and were going to have to figure out how we rate so that you can't just spew information and misinformation is when things have differing opinions on it's another thing entirely to chest or false okay summarizer okay all right this should send Chris Matthews style shivers up your spine to hear a sitting member of Congress and the House of Representatives AOC Alexander to accustom this talking about the media in a commission with investigatory power dealing with truth and reconciliation. That's much reconciliation, but true investigatory media literacy and how we rein in our media environment information versus opinions.

Here's how this works.

This is just the did this is just the deal on the liberal leadership okay if you disagree with them. If you don't see the world the way they do, then you need to be reigned in because your spewing hate, disinformation, and lies that they claim to be the party of tolerance there.

Absolutely the party in the Mecca of intolerance. The only thing they tolerate as their own stuff. Okay, you come against that and you are in tolerated no way were not to deal with you so she's talking about and believe me this is real because they want total control is the same thing that's always true. On the left radical left wants total control. I don't have a dialogue we don't have a debate we want control power control is like having an abusive spouse abusive husband is all about power and control. So once they get all the reins of power. Next week, which I believe they will. Then they start clamping down and then it's the how do you define what's true sound like someone Pontius Pilate right, what is truth. Truth as their worldview. Truth is what they believe in anything against what they believe their opinion is a lie, misinformation, disinformation so defines the terms of the game. In this case it would be liberals define what is true define what is literacy what's media literacy anyway we have to rein in our media environment so if you come out and make claims that there was all kinds of election fraud. All they have to say is that's misinformation and disinformation based on what because it is. And once you rule in the White House and Congress.

You don't when the last time they had to rationalize what they did to us and even every two years. Hey, I'm spanking the American people here for second you and me, even every two years. When we reelect or put up for reelection every single member in the House of Representatives, 85 to 90% of the incumbents get reelected. We complain and we wind like crazy but we largely as a nation keep putting the same people in their mother rationalize anything.

We sat around and complain when they signed a 5000 page bill that they didn't even read as I did the show.

I agree with AOC because she's complaining about that big fat spending bill that they passed and Trump signed a couple weeks ago and it got worse with the bonus in two hours he was 5000 page bill.

We can't possibly vote in this go back to Obama care and Nancy Bliss is in a wool will read the bill after we passed. That's not a representative republic oligarchy that the government that's a country run by a very small, very powerful group of people at some representative republic and if we can't trust our election system that's gone via a representative republic you live and what we might not we might be there already.

So here's my question for us Christians. Let's just assume for the sake of the remainder the show does this assume that this disc is it's worse just keeps getting worse, less power, less control, less voice, more censorship, less representation, we never have another conservative in the White House the next 50 years you might your to see some pushback in two years. That's can be while the midterm elections, but let's just say the general twin trend for the next 34 years and all I'll be with the Lord. By then, probably 40 years by from now is downward and conservatism, the death of conservativism is him and America. The rise of radical liberalism, Marxism, and ultimately communism and that's just the deal. That's where were going for the country's going nuts with the world's going great reset happens. Yada yada yada way that I do now shall we live.

I can handle that. When you do. If we picked you up today and moved to China. What would you do if we had a time machine and push you back into the first century church living under Nero, Caligula, the biggest psychopath. Some of the biggest psychopath leaders certainly in the work and world history but in Rome listen Caligula talk about a sexual deviant you want to talk about any of the Roman emperors, and that's the government you live under you got nothing. You have no representation, no influence, no voice know nothing when you do what we do live there yet see where were on our way there.

All I'm doing is asking where do we focus, what gets our time, talent and treasure is, like I said earlier, as I feel this test all the time I post more than I pray that if I prayed as much as I posted as much time as I spent reading the news studying the news posting about the news doing radio if I spent that much time in prayer. I don't even know what that would look like. I don't even know what that would do my own personal life and personal walk with the Lord. If I were that prayerful. If I trusted God and believed in the power prayer that much, but I think largely we struggle with that over time for a couple thousand years.

Most likely, but what if we what if we just got better once we got better at training up our own children speaking the truth sharing the gospel you want to see America change you better pray for great awakening is the only thing is change in this country at this point is major spiritual influence. That's only thing the only thing that pushes back the darkness is the light and the light is in the Republican Party and it's not Donald Trump is the truth of God's word. It is God's word. It's the spirit it's got himself how you invoke that how do you bring that into this world you live it out yourself. You share it and you teach it. That's it. And then the chips fall where they may be faithful and then you go to bed at night and it's not your responsibility to save the entire country but you also cannot sit on the sidelines and watch it burn and do nothing. Why, because this country is made up of 340 million people, 800 and 900,000 of them we kill every year in the womb. But besides that dream 40 million people, all of whom are your neighbors, and as this country gets darker, and as the government gets more radical, more more people will be harmed. Seriously harm in your to see a reversal of every pro-life increase in the last four years going to get reversed in the next few months if not the next few weeks and so real prices are paid by real people. When a nation starts to go down this road and our sense and that's why I stay engaged. Talk about politics. I stay prayerful about politics. I vote, I try to influence others in their vote. I try to educate. That's why I teach for five classes a week for high school age homeschoolers.

I do what I can and I leave the results to the Lord and it's a lot easier for me doing that to go to bed at night knowing that I did what I could. I did what I could man one thing we gotta do a lot more of his pray and preach and evangelize to see people.

I don't think right think right for the Holy Spirit but we don't do that got but holy cow, but he exchange Clay mentioned this and I appreciate this this Saturday I'll be there. Hope to be there with me looking for some the doing. I need to do something.

Okay, this is easy come out generally succeed this Saturday 3:59 PM downtown Raleigh. The Bicentennial Plaza. That's right in between the two museums right in front of the Gen. assembly building downtown Raleigh the 23rd annual North Carolina rally in March for life be an awesome event and it will be you doing something because of my and for the Christian witness. This is see no one deceive noble shows God willing I'll talk you again real soon. My dad always used to say ever for

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