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March for Life this Saturday!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 13, 2021 5:06 pm

March for Life this Saturday!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 13, 2021 5:06 pm

March for Life this Saturday!

As protests and marches have become common in our society listen as Steve is joined by Dr Bill Pincus the President of NC Right to Life to discuss the upcoming March for life this weekend. 


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Wake up everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay are you down little frustrated, powerless at the country takes a huge turn to the left which for most of us is not good news. I weathered from fan or not. If you're conservative after biblical Christian that cares about. Yes, you were talking about the full hour today the issue of life, which makes a regular appearance here on the Steve Noble show as it should. Anybody that that host the platform or radio show or whatever that calls himself a follower of Jesus Christ should be regularly bringing up the issue of life, and certainly I were to spend the hour doing that. So one way that you can avoid feeling powerless is to do something, not the least of which is prayer.

We should be deeply in prayer for our nation and what's coming in these next few weeks you months few years and so we need to be people of prayer. Stay in the word I stay connected to your local body of Christ stay encouraged with other believers, but on the issue of life.

You can still get out there.

It's not illegal to show up and to have a peaceful gathering. A peaceful protest if you will, to have a march for the cause of life as has occurred every year for years now and here in North Carolina the 23rd annual North Carolina rally in March for life. Is this Saturday. Great timing to fight back those feelings of frustration and powerlessness. You can come out.

I'll be out there. Hope you'll join me and then a lot of people again from across the body of Christ. Protestant Catholics coming together for the cause of life no better cause to do together other than the gospel itself at this Saturday the 23rd annual North Carolina rally in March for life.

So were to be talking about this issue and a bunch other things throughout the course of the show and were also going to hear from a good friend of mine that's on the front lines to take care of the continue button there.

Please set up that's on the front lines as somebody that's got her own story and will also talk about her experiences out there in the front lines in front of the abortion clinics but for the entire show. Today is my pleasure to welcome Dr. Bill Pincus is the president of North Carolina right to life Bill, how are you thanks for calling it a great great aunt. The support for the pro-life movement absolutely, and we appreciate all your efforts and everything gonna tell us a little bit about what we can expect this Saturday what's gonna be happening this Saturday. This is from 1 to 4 PM and Bicentennial Plaza which is right across the street from the Gen. assembly in between the museums there in downtown Raleigh but tell us what to expect when I got some great speakers lined up in other things happening in the room to talk little bit more about what's happening in the legislative front your own experience with this, but what Saturday gonna look like last year we had about 1200 people there and we expect to have as many and hopefully more. I was very new to being the president as I'm only 14 months into this now but don't Saturday. Starting about 1245 have a Christian band playing for about 30 minutes that life Community Church praise band after that will present the colors will sing and store Star-Spangled Banner and then I'll have a few remarks about the current state of North Carolina. Following that antipode CEO and president Tonya Baker Nelson will will do the implication. And then now will lead off with the congressman Mark Walker used to be district 6.

He is no longer in office now, but he is very pro-life and running for the U.S. Senate is going to run yesterday as well is that that's correct.

He didn't announce that recently in where were were glad of that because Yetter great pro-life record in the Congress and the House of Representatives and also our new Lieut. governor Mark Robinson who is a incredible speaker, very powerful speaker and loves the Lord and is pro-life. He's going to be awesome as well yeah were really looking forward to that became darker breakfast last year we we can't postpone the prayer breakfast this year because of COBIT in the restrictions that the hotels were putting on how many people we could have at a table and that type of thing but we were not going postpone the March city tried to say we couldn't have the parade but you know our First Amendment rights allows to peacefully assemble and protest, and we been doing this since 1998. So this is our 23rd year we've never had a complaint filed against us.

We've always been peaceful and we do not condone violence. We do not want anybody with any violent, intense, because it's just not right you know the Lord teaches love and when the Lord was mailed on the cross he said father forgive them for they do not know what they're doing exactly right in on that in our stand against violence is one of the reasons that were out there.

The violence of abortion itself, which will of course unpack more as the show goes on. But it's such an especially right now, Bill.

We all understand that were being watched. Watch perhaps more closely than we ever happened before in light of what happened at the US capital last week and so we need to be prayerful and vigilant. We need to be on the lookout in case there are some bad actors that want to show up and try to ruin this, but I want to talk about this in the next segment of the show. Bill is is working to see unfortunately I think working to see if the legislative level federally not here at the at the state level and working to talk about that but federally working to see a reversal of all the great advances that we've seen in the last four years under Trump administration are pretty much can be wiped away by a bite administration.

It won't take them more than a few weeks or a few months to do that in now more than ever.

Perhaps we need to be even more vigilant than we have in the past this is that this is a challenging season were about to start. Amen to that. And so how do you act from from your perspective and in organizing a march like this. Was there ever a concern that well maybe it would be appropriate to step back from it.

This year, and this kind of embolden you guys in North Carolina right to life and the rest of us pro-lifers that know we need to not be controlled by the circumstances in DC. We need to do what's right. That's exactly right. And you know the March for life in DC started in 1973 and the longest continuous annual protest in United States history protects lights from the moment of conception until natural death in North Carolina. We started our marching 1998 and we done it every year and we will do it every year. Rain, sleet, no sunshine, do it close to the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in 1973 with January Dr. Bill Pincus president North Carolyn Wright life put you on hold or if I can break this is Steve Noble.

This email shall be right that self-healing rated, angry, powerless.

You don't have to follow Jesus Christ. Greater is he that is in me than he world we operate from victory, not towards victory need to remember that we walk around like like we have some kind of were a bunch of losers and let political power. Are you kidding me, your father, your Savior, your friend if you're in Christ is the creator and controller of the universe okay and in you are his son or you are his daughter through Jesus Christ, you are a co-area joint area at the table with him and were here to occupy until he comes back and that's not a passive thing is not a wimpy thing. It's not a sit back and just cry in your soup thing.

It's an engagement thing for the cause of Christ. The gospel being number one in the cause of life which are talking about today is the annual March for life's coming up this Saturday here in North Carolina the 23rd annual North Carolina rally in March for life this Saturday, January 16 from 1 to 4 PM that's in a Bicentennial Plaza which is the basically the concrete area between the two museums right in front of the North Carolina state legislature. If you are been down there you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'll be there North Carolina to Gov. Mark Robinson will be there.

He will be off the hook in terms of his comments is a great speaker, very powerful, very bold, not afraid of anybody or new Lieut. Gov. Mark Walker was in the House of Representatives is now also getting ready starting to his run for the North, Carolyn R. North of the U.S. Senate is going to be there. And of course Dr. Bill Pincus, our guest today is going to be there is the president for North Carolina right to life and again Bill, thanks so much for being with us today.

I really appreciate it and a great thing well you as a physician for for many many years.

How did you come to get into the active part of being a pro-life Christian bill because I say this all the time on the Aaron and I'm not particularly here to make people feel comfortable I'll say it reminds me of James. You show me your life faith by what you say all show you my pro-life faith by what I do. I don't know any convictional Christians Protestant or Catholic that that don't say there pro-life but what getting actually involved in the pro-life movement is different than just saying you're pro-life so how did you kinda end up on the front lines because I know you're out in front of an abortion clinic several days a week now and you're praying with pro-life people that are on the front lines, but how did you kinda cross that line. Bill and get that much involved, well you know it interesting Steve because I agree with you, your luck times were nonreactive. My mother was very pro-life. I have five brothers and six sisters came from a large family. We were very religious. We grew up in the Catholic faith Catholic faith has always been and always will be pro-life but you know what I went through my middle stages of my life. I wasn't very active fellow at my church in Asheboro nominated me to be on the Board of Directors for North Carolina right to life in early 2000 and I started becoming more active at that time I still have my practice and I was quite busy with that so I supported the organization financially but then you know is the lead latter years came back you know I was thinking, well, you know, retire soon. Barbara Holt, who was our immediate past president and is still very active in the pro-life movement with national right to life, told the board she was going to retire and that we needed to have somebody else stand so I stepped up to the plate and was elected and I'm in my 14th month now, so I'm a little bit new on the political aspects of things, but I'm willing to learn and I've made a lot of contacts over the last year that I hope will pay off this legislative season gets up in the high gear yet because we need to make sure we talk about that before we do that I wanted to ask you.

I know you you get out in front of the abortion clinics with some of the other sidewalk counselors and and Tim Rogers, our mutual friend set up the show today and I appreciate that Tim's on Facebook live with us in bill. Just FYI, mi Casa Su Casa alright so were brothers on the same team eternally run the same team with his life issues. So I'm very involved and have been for years.

So anytime you guys need a statewide bullhorn. You have my number.

You have my email. Don't be afraid to and I will share this platform with anybody with the cause of life because it's not my platform and Scott's platform and just trying to be a good steward. But what was it wasn't like for you to actually get out there on that front line take us into what your experiences been like standing outside an abortion clinic as a Christian trying to intercede for these moms and dads. These babies all Steve it's it's it's really interesting because you never haven't done that you don't understand the whole picture.

You know when you're sitting there praying out there and in your with the counselors that hopefully will be able to offer hope to the ladies you see many many people come in and their faces are are are sad, some of them are crying. Obviously, some of them are very determined. Also but were there to offer them an alternative. And you know I was out there so I guess a month and 1/2 ago to cold, windy day. Rain and I had my one sign days for life way to end abortion and this lady came to turn in the records come the other way so she couldn't turn but I made on eye contact with her and just then my hidden prayer and instead of turning she went out the next block and what's so crazy about this. You just don't know the power of what you're doing in the prayer she turned into an empty lot and sat there for a few minutes and I looked up at that direction and then she came back down, drove into the driveway to the abortion facility, but stopped in Boulder winter down rolled her window down, and several of our sidewalk counselors who are trained in helping these women and presenting alternatives to them were able to talk to her so they came into the parking lot and they spent 1/2 an hour talk with her and it was just incredible iced I stayed out the front. I was still praying it was cold and windy. The trucks would come behind splashing with water Street. I was put after the counselors that talk to her. She said that man out there I need to give him a hug he saved while while I tell you she came up, rolled down the window. Come over here. I need to give you a hug and I just lost it. I gave her a hug. I told her I loved right praying for her and her baby. She had actually driven from out-of-state and it was just it was an incredible experience and that doesn't happen all the time.

We pray that it would you like the Lord said, you know, I'll leave the 99 sheep and go after that lost one that's what we try to do on the sidewalk, but the focus of North Carolina right to life is legislation and we are adamant at trying to get pro-life legislation through and signed by the governor and made into law because we know that as we tighten restrictions on abortion were saving more babies and just last year in 1920, alone at sorry 2020 alone 42 million babies worldwide were reported. The number one cause of death in the world and that's just mind-boggling. You take a moment to think about is unconscionable. We think about it in the American context as we should stay still 850, 900,000 a year by most estimates were sincere in America for 40 million worldwide is is just shocking. Most people are unaware that in so this continues to happen under our watch. As followers of Jesus Christ will apathy simply is not an option element to put you on hold when we come back another person that has a personal experience with abortion and sidewalk counseling will be right back Mac and Steve Noble to Steve Noble so get back to our conversation with Dr. Bill Pincus is president of North Carolina right to life, but I have lots of great blessings that come my way. As a result of being on the radio and being an activist in doing different things on the way back to 2004 and God will just allow me to meet people. My brothers and sisters in Christ in different ways the radio or Facebook or through different events, we do, and car lest ours is, is calling in to share her story. She also works right out on the front lines and dear sister in Christ and a wife and a mother and a front-line worker in this fight for life and that we been going back and forth for a couple years wondering when this day would arrive when Carla joined me on the air in the days finally hear Carl how are you sister that's okay your with friends. So don't worry about it. It's like were sitting at a Starbucks having this conversation, so no big deal.

I appreciate you calling and well, it's your story and in wanted to give you the time to share it however you would like to talk about your story and how you ended up in the pro-life movement but do not take us into what God is done in your life and so that we can kinda get a front-line view of what were talking about today for my 30 years making anything about my story. I want really nice story of God's glory.

He really get a work in my life. Currently and now I think you know he gave at work. I would completely pro-choice and I completely believed in me and I'll get it for my story began in 1991 freshman in college and you know very excited about this opportunity can re-grant that I never really expected college to be in my future and my parents. My parents could afford are probably not about trying to get to life on black ink had God's favor upon my life which I am not going to collect data. Freshman first hearing back before hand. Where I very, very much. Right away I found myself pregnant and having the typical fears that most women go through when they're experiencing pregnancy, and I would have to say my boyfriend keeping this baby. Not wanting to put to shame.

My family on abortion like my only option. They were Carl, how conversation led me to believe that this greatly. Why not going to be ale and unfortunately that wasn't the case and a lot about me, gave my portion but I don't recall it can be a little frustrating that I figured got got a reason I unable to recall certain things that stupid little membranes blank the abortionist walking commenting on my toenail polish all I believe my boyfriend dropped me off. I don't think you know the thing that I have always held on to pick me up from the abortion. Now my boyfriend because he he went to play golf after an apparent walk a couple of mouse back to his apartment after my abortion and that's really all of my story that I that I can recall fairly way and experience that I was now prouder that actually gave 90 years all-out believe that it would not could have made from a situation like medically many situation we take all that anger and shame we get Darien buried it, I would never tell anyone have a free you not fear judgment left me I could never tell my parents now.

I can try to move on with my life and in what what was the turn of events Carla dad's brought that back and then got you to the point where you are willing to get to the front lines and get involved with the movement. The very thing that's left at dark stain on your life was the thing that you would run to eventually. But what kinda got you there well not really, just about five years ago. I think that I currently believe that pro-choice Asian body actually is. Could not tell me differently. I only person that I've ever told my portion sorry to have a conversation. Now he is conservative. I like liberal had a conversation and reported eating really understand what had gone. But he let me and I went along with everything that I will leading up to the election abortion was just like everywhere on TV, radio. You talk about it, hearing the deep conviction in 2015. Everything that I believed about abortion conduct back out. I felt like God was there telling me going again. What is a partial-birth abortion look like Carla and I hear appeared on TV and stand.

I would go online, never ever inclination to go and research what had you now wipe out a light bulb went off like it started removing the scale what it look like an eight week 12 week full-term on United immersed myself in the nation and hijack God was so gentle with me and get it little by little information that was out there.

I think it Like a clich that required a little like that.

I meant that I was laying on the table but no drastic very unexpected what they were doing to me baby me.

I wonder if this is what I felt my portion and that's all I could think about it. It was extremely painful and it was just triggering sure.

Further, further began working at 15 challenge for me and now I can't and heard a lot of conversation pregnant Mike what I'll renew it sure will remember how we all need to hear that and remember that that we think everybody has the same level of knowledge about the stuff that we do and that's just not true enough for some people it's because they don't want to know. But for a lot of people just literally ignorance and I don't say that to be rude, it's just the reality of it and so once you got educated on that. I just have to move us for little but I'm sorry Carla, but like the first time you went out and you showed up and you got involved and you showed up at it at a clinic what was that like for you that day to be involved on this side of the light decision to be out there advocating for these moms and dads and babies brown liner. Gary okay, I never expected I watch you approaching people. I got very shy to approach car strangers and start up a conversation about what they're about to experience your Q in America for very terrified why young girls like me like Dr. Pinky fat found arrived in there crying. I just avoid I contact with you are very firm nothing to change polygraph and guy gave me the present.

Keep it together and I really tried care. I felt that compassion for them, because I think they'll be that person probably try to always hello hello is always at Carla when he first showed up the well everything I hear you're coming up on three years later, Carl.

I'm up against the great God bless you, you did awesome things so much for calling right so for those of you here why you're looking at my to be on the radio with me as I got my eye speaker stand right in front of me and on the speaker. Stan, I got it right underneath the microphone part like that looks like a baby while it's a little rubber baby and just for that. You can see I got my hand right next to Facebook like so you can see, that's one of the little rubber babies. That's basically 1/10 10 week baby 10 to 12 weeks there. That small about the size of my pinky hold my pinky appeared to.

By comparison, and that's that's where that 10 to 12 week baby that's it and that's when most abortions happen. That's the real deal.

That's what you're out there contending for and people will tell you it's just a clump of cells as nothing is just a decision. It's it's nothing it's it's a fetus.

We don't even call it a child right but it is you get up in close and personal with one of these little babies, and you're going to see that the eyes of the nose and the mouth and the ears and the fingers and the toes. Everything okay in it. There is right there and that's why I have it on the mic stand today, but only as a reminder for myself, but as a reminder for you that were talking about little children here were talking about babies real people have all the DNA they're ever going to get right from the moment of conception as a human being that God knew before the foundation of the world and is worthy of respect, dignity and protection, and praise the Lord for Carla story in such an important point that she got dropped off at the abortion clinic by her boyfriend and then she had to walk home by yourself and that being by yourself and not having support around you is often times the difference between life and death and who's the support well that should be yes. That's the reason you go out there that's the reason we pray that's the reason we strapped and were talking to Dr. Bill Pincus has been with us for the whole show was the president North Carolina right to life and now you can come out and see Bill this weekend and hear him speak as well as a North to the governor Mark Robinson. He'll be off the hook and Mark Walker, who is serving in North Carolina in the House of Representatives is now running for the U.S. Senate follower of Christ was also a pastor and that's this Saturday, January 16. If you feeling powerless, frustrated, angry over the condition of the presidential election what's going on in our country right now. Pray about this stuff all the time. We should be praying without ceasing, but this is something you can actually do. You can put feet to your faith and do something positive with that frustration you're feeling and come out and join us this Saturday I'll be out there with my wife. 3:59 PM Bicentennial Plaza which is right downtown Raleigh across the street literally right in front of the Gen. assembly is going to be an awesome time of fellowship with fellow Christians, and will hear great speaking great comments in prayer and then will march together for the cause of life. It was so great to hear Carla story, Bill wasn't yes it certainly was. And you know Steve, just a follow-up on that a little bit if you take a young child sleep for five or six years old and you show them a picture or an ultrasound of the baby there not to call it a fetus, their plates, baby and it just is ongoing, that we, as an adult. Put that together. You know it's a baby it's not a clump cells is not a blob of tissue. It's a live human being just like you said it has 46 chromosomes. All the DNA necessary and when the babies in the womb. That's how God designed it nine months. Life in the womb protected by the mother and it's such a tragedy that we go and say oh done. I'm done with my problem. They call it a problem you know throughout Scripture you know women who were barren were shunned and it was children are gifts from God.

That's my sincere belief and you know until my dying breath.

I am going to try to protect life, you know, from the moment of conception until natural death.

We have bills that we would like to try to get through the legislature this year, the one that most people may be familiar with is the born alive survivor act was brought up in 2019 and basically says that if a baby survives the abortion even though the intent was to kill the baby that that baby now has to be treated like any other baby don't infanticide and that's a barbaric treatment mean it's crazy all the other bullets, near to my heart is the abortion pill reversal notification act and this you know as a surgeon I had to give my patients informed consent so I would tell them not only the good things but oh, these are potential complications that can occur right in with the abortion pill. If the lady changes her mind within 72 hours. There's a two thirds chance that we can save that baby and this bill.

The only thing it would require is that the abortion facilities the abortion this that are intent on destroying life.

Give the lady a pamphlet that says hey call these numbers if you change your mind and that may save a lot of babies. We know that since Dr. Delgado wrote came up with that in 2008 2009 that over 900 baby step and there's no deleterious effect yeah really is an amazing story. I've had him on the show a few times and had a chance to meet him in person and a great story behind that but a portion of the website. You guys can go to and this is this happens okay. There's like like you were saying Bill is over 900 babies that have been born as a result of this course, people in the left leg, others unproven bubble about what they don't want anything that's out there for the cause of life.

But abortion pill is the website that they originally set up we can find out about that. And yet at 72 hour window because you know there's women that regretted the kind of come come to their senses like we saw in the movie unplanned. Unfortunately she went through that but but you can reverse that really a miraculous opportunity abortion pill is a website that so okay so we got the born alive act once again and it will see what Gov. Cooper does with that, assuming we can get that past which I'm sure we can but the abortion pill reversal act, which is basically requiring the clinics to tell them that this is an option for you if you change your mind, there's an option that's basically how that works.

What's what are some of the other legislative initiatives going on for this year, so there are two other bills that have been passed in others to eat and again the one that we have in front is the protection against dismemberment abortion and these are usually later term abortions after 15 weeks the babies too large and they end up having to rip the baby apart and this is something that no human being should have to go the baby at that time is fully capable of feeling. It they try to get away. In fact, in the movie unplanned. You can see the baby that was incorrect but the baby darting away from it. So this is another horrific bill that we as humans should be treating each other with respect and the final bill that we'd like to see is one that is called the pain capable unborn child protection act and we know from medical studies now is over 50 studies that document that the baby definitively can feel pain by 20 weeks of age. The spinal thalamic track which basically will take a nerve from your big toe run it to the spinal cord melt your brain up to the thalamus is completely intact.

At that time and so again this is just a barbaric procedure where the baby has no anesthetics whatsoever. It is painful until the baby guys so these are just our society has turned from God. We are barbaric, but you know in the end, we know that the Lord's will be done and that he will be victorious. Amen. That's exactly right.

And as I mentioned before, you know we we operate from that victory.

We this is a mop up operation from an eternal perspective but yet there there's like you said earlier builders 40 million babies a year right now worldwide that are being taken out being killed via abortion and a lot of these be of the things you're talking about when you get into that at 13, 14, 15 week when it's all dismemberment. That's the only choice there is dismemberment and then of course the cane capable kick pain capable at 20 weeks, and just trying to back this down.

I know there are some people out there like no it's all or nothing, but every one of these moves will save lives in every one of those lives matters get give us. We got about two minutes left Dr. Pincus were talking to Dr. Bill Pincus is the president of the North Carolina right to life, and I've got the big rally in March for life this Saturday from 1 to 4 PM here in Raleigh, Donna Bicentennial Plaza which is literally in front of the Gen. assembly but one more exultation and challenge to our friends listening across the state today and in other places. This is just happening in North Carolina. By the way to to come out of this Saturday, and even though we might feel rejected right now and down because of what's going on politically. Why should we join you this Saturday.

Well Steve it's a great introduction to our organization. We been around since 1973 founded by Emma O'Steen. She is now 98 or 99.

We need members to join our organization so we can keep you on our email list. We will notify you about upcoming legislation get involved. Call your legislator send them an email. You be surprised how many people are nervous about that. I know I was when I first talked to my legislators but it they need to hear from us. They are elected by a server. We the people that's exactly right. And everybody would be sucked just like how much your prayers can make a difference or just your presence as you shared earlier from historian Carlos got countless stories. I've seen it myself. Everything you do out of faithfulness matters, and God will use all of it.

You'll get to see a little bit of it, use it. Also, let's all do our best to be faithful to the cause of life which you can do this Saturday. Generally, 60 3:59 PM right downtown Raleigh advice gladly go to North Carolina right to life and see and see RTL.word is low, but their offense click on that there were pretty easy. This Saturday 1 PM Bicentennial Plaza). The legislature downtown Raleigh help you because God bless you my brother, thank you so much for all your time today. We appreciate all your doing welcome. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday. This is the self, God willing. I talked to him this is always ever forward

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