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Pastors Speak Out

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January 8, 2021 3:53 pm

Pastors Speak Out

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 8, 2021 3:53 pm

Pastors Speak Out

After a concerning week, Steve talks with Dr. Michael Brown host of The Line of Fire, and Pastor Chad Harvey, Lead Pastor of Cross Assembly in Raleigh NC.  listen to what they have to say on the recent events of America. 


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Wake up everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve

Now here's your host Steve Noble. Okay, welcome back to Copenhagen. They five much better. By the way, the Lord, so in my case we've heard from the president obviously heard from a lot of politicians we've heard from my so-called prophets we've heard from pundits we've heard from people on the right people in the lab from me and all over the map right but have you have you heard much of a pastoral response because I think more than anything we need to hear from our pastors and not NRR men of God are leaders in the pulpit and in the church as to how now shall we live as we deal with the frustration and the anger and the confusion in the in the all the ideas out there in this conspiracy theories and and the prophecies and I was listening to some total whack jobs earlier today at my opinion, and well, even if I can get. Then I got going to pull amount and install truck back in there and and just crazy stuff so I would suggest over the weekend.

Perhaps we all back away from the social media trough, but I wanted today to hear from a couple of the men of God that I deeply trust and respect, and one of them, not the least of which would be Dr. Michael Brown line of fire is on the radio right before me. Michael, thanks for calling in buddy how are you great great great show on the network. LOL flip the script here a little bit. Well, I know you been taking some heat on twitter and other places this week you and and I agree with you, I'd I've been down the same road with you on some of the Trump stuff in the election and coming out a couple of days ago.

Going okay okay guys listen Trump. Secondly, the president on January 21, and people just go ballistic about all that and it's just while the spirit of confusion which we know is not of the Lord. But a lot of people a lot of us Christians are falling right into that there's chaos and there's confusion. Michael help us to have some clear thinking here as followers of Jesus Christ you so many things going under support for Trump at all?

Where things could go under Pres. Joe Biden of their prophecies, Trump would be like in 2016. It was strictly accurate when are you crazy now, the same people thing to be like in 2020 and older being wrong sort that out massive deception and confusion there bunch of different things, but to me break it down. I make no apologies for voting for Trump in 2016 and 2020. I conducted clinical Biden and I did feel I should vote with the hope that he will keep his promises. And although I knew the collateral damage. The type of person he was the proverbial bull in a china shop. I felt that good can outweigh the bad, and that's why Buddha from getting 2020, especially with radical left rising and being is dangerous it could be in so many ways. At the same time.

I always had concerns about the collateral damage had concerns about us looking to Trump in a wrong way is Goldberg culture personality where we would build all of them work. Christian leaders were even sacrifice their own ethics and integrity to been over for years to defend his nastiest tweet. The fight sold my own is that if trumpet humbled himself and listened to some of the godly men around him and his treatment of others just become a decent human being on Abilify but you lied about, then I sent it to just humbled himself, it's not.

I'm not the great man. I didn't do it.

I'm not the best present ever humbled himself and become a decent human being. If the church stop looking to him in an idolatrous way in which many of them did that Hollywood could've had four more years of Trump mothers electoral fraud are not nothing to stop it. I ultimately believe that God said no to four more years of Trump's run 27 so much prayer so much seeking of God.

I personally believe that God said no to former years of Trump for the reasons that I mentioned as further prophecies. I believe in New Testament prophecy on the charismatic myself, but prophets don't lead the church. This is not just some independent arm that speaks and every prophetic minute screws this part of the body part of the leadership function. Everything should be processed accordingly. And when people start saying you have to believe the prophets extracellular mixing Old Testament with you and if you want to carry the authority of an Old Testament prophet fine, but if you miss it you die. It's it's totally different now and and I believe I have insights as to how so many people could be so wrong. Part of it is you get caught up in a partisan political spirit and not even realize it. Part of it is we compute God's intent with what he promises, what will happen.

Part of it is that Trump did so much good in fighting for causes for certain that we align ourselves form with him and to prophesy into that part of it everybody saying it to their many reasons why so many could be so wrong but come January 20. Steve there'll be people who have faith in God.

That's what concerns me. There gonna be people backsliding the others it just throw out anything charismatic and needless to say, our winches taken it terrible hit through these years will be more now Jan, it's really it's really challenging because we get to so many people you've seen in social media and radio all week I've been inundated with it and text messages and private messages, and yada yada yada.

It would appear to me that for a lot of evangelicals, at least the ones that I'm hearing from seeing thing attention to reading that the state of the nation what's going on with Trump and Biden is is like concern number one for us as Christians and I caught myself earlier today Michael and Dylan show prep while I was still at home. I stopped for the first time in 24 hours I stop in Ike I asked the question. Gosh, I wonder if Ashley Babbitt the woman that was a 14 year Air Force veteran who died at the capital building yesterday. I wonder if she knew the Lord. It took me 24 hours. Michael to that question and I love Jesus and I'm on this radio station five days a week and doing all this stuff just like you do and that and where she went in the blink of an eye was not my concern for 24 hours. I think I think I'm struggling with my priorities as well. You get caught up in it and in evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the contest publicly came out in the summer of last year. I laid out 10 steps that we had to take in order to pass the Trump test which was to vote for him without losing our testimony to unite around even if we divided over Trump in the first was we have to put the cross before the flag and then another was reacted with spiritual activity. Before political test and another was to call if an election fever format Michael you will be right back and ask your question I asked myself earlier that day] Dr. Brown Mike Brown line of fire. I radio program heard over the nation. Just as rate work. A godly man. Wisdom and encouragement and challenge have been listening to Michael for years and were getting it right back to him but I told him just a few minutes going.

I'll ask you this question. Did it ever occur to you.

Did you did you wonder if Ashley went to heaven.

Did Ashley Babbitt know the Lord has anybody said that at that question in the last 24 hours.

I just asked it of myself earlier today sitting in my dining room table. Dylan show prep and then I stopped and repented and lamented and said, Lord, why is it that 24 hours later after this woman is tragically shot and killed my just now wondering where she is. Are my priorities out of whack in are yours. When we do. As the days get darker talk to Dr. Michael Brown this is Steve Noble Greg and Michael, thank you for being with us and busy you are the guy I appreciate you sharing your heart and that we have lost sight of eternity likely screamed the other. The other is wanted it up high in the sky save net now and go to heaven and we consciousness, we don't think about real justice in the world will be don't think about the poor and the hurting we don't think about abortion week and I would just get saved and praise the Lord go to heaven and any other extremist we become so politicized side of eternity and the writing is to live every day. In light of eternity and and it's it's often a difficult thing to look disable this is about shedding of blood is about preserving religious liberty.

So the we can preach the gospel, yes, but we still lived here to look at Joe Biden, Harris is people for whom Jesus died and was the safe who would not vote for them was to the doctor brought Obama and Hillary Clinton do we look at city to people from Jesus died.

Some of them as we were before we were saved.

Do we pray for them that we pray for Donald Trump is God raised up, Trump 08 we get so politicized that we week failed to recognize America is a country on the planet.

I believe the divine destiny, but another country on the planet part of the world that the church is God's people make the every nation on the earth, including America, God's kingdom is not to be confused with the American flag.

So if we start with the kingdom. If we start with loving God, loving our neighbor if we start with an okay America is in crisis right now. What a great opportunity for evangelism opportunity for helping people in computer instead. We just polarize more anyone in the church were attacking each other 77 and my concern is just like you I'm not the radio to to get a name from the seller to make, but after pay money to be a go. I want to help people. I want to serve people.

I want to serve the body as you next week. Do it now to our neighbor.

Right now we were soap all brought in a constant article should welcome screen within current clearly are few things as believers as fellow followers of Jesus, can we agree that we would only God right now badly and we need each other a few basic things.

If we can start their and just calm down step back matter who's in the White House Jesus is Lord metaphysical as our neighbor need to gospel if we could major on the major actors. Things will fall into place and we could see a great mood because of confusion. These are great times out point but would humble ourselves, let's get God's heart. And yes, let's think about eternity. I so appreciate you drawing us back to that yet.

I often say this on their Michael and thanks for the encouragement.

I often say on the air hate. Oftentimes I think we care more about America than we do. Americans and wild America is important because Americans make American Eric is made about three and 40 million people made in the image of God who have MS and estimable worth. Jesus died for you care more about saving Americans her seat, saving America are seeing Americans saved and I think right now were praying for political answers but were neglecting the bigger issue, which is lostness and lostness of people just act out of that when the lemon tree bears lemons.

It doesn't shock me. That's exactly what it's gonna do and so I think the biggest problem in Americas is largely we become a secular nation. We turned our back on God and and while the division in the political realm is terrible right now. The division inside the body of Christ is even worse in that and Satan loves that even more than he loves the division inside the political world in America. Do you agree that I absolutely descriptive and rapid said earlier to New Testament that was coming unite around Jesus if we divide over Trump and other cultural events in great simple why we care more about America and American speakers like bottom line is Eric is here today and gone tomorrow that all the nations of the Roman Empire, the Greek empire.

The Persian Empire Babylonian Empire Syria for go back in history there all here today gone tomorrow.

That's the reality of the world. The name of Trump will be forgotten. All of our nation be forgotten is one thing that really worship and endure forever and in the ultimate question is this who will know him forever and ever. The ultimate question is will I stand for God. My life makes in the light of eternity. So it's not only evangelism and discipleship chart.

I was a source of their own relationship with God in prayer and repentance. But Democrats okay great commission.

If we can stay focused on the great commission and really make disciples. Those disciples then in turn would be political leaders would be judges, they would be college professors they be godly parents, so if if we could look at the gospel in a whole big way and start there and move from there out. America could be greatly impacted yet. I think that's that's a key message for all of us and then I think I think one of our challenges. Michael is that we look for a just give me a list of things to do. Kind of like the rich young ruler, and I can go cross them off, and the challenge being a Christian is that were called to so much more than one thing you have one thing that's on your heart that your really pulled about and that's fine but you can engage the political realm and speak about it and study and in engage that.

But if you leave other things out of believe your own spiritual development. Your own quiet time your own Bible study your own prayer life and trying to lead others to Christ and disciple others. The challenges we have to accept the fact that we have a lot of work to do in a lot of different realms, not just one thing I think were looking for an easy way out.

Yeah, and again to cover rent to fixing her to a person to fix things instead of realizing okay.

More important than than the state of Congress, the state Supreme Court who's in the White House more important than that is the state of the church for many years about somewhat conservative presence of darkness is much as I am looking absence of PE we get our lives in order before God and good things are doing and with me but I can't change out America can change. My neighbor came to family budget me with God's help.

There's an old evangelist Gypsy Smith from generations ago was asked how you pray for revival that I drew a circle on the ground most inside that circle and I said God revived everything in the circle literally done is that the last house we would present my little little carpet next to one of the chairs on the floor would fourth and I would stand on that little piece of carpet slated just to figure that out for God revived everyone it restarts it will be blessed exactly what a great word. Dr. Brown God bless you brother thinks-athon and we appreciate all your work is left to tell a doctor later will be right back with have to start hatch and hurting right up this is a well never let it be said that I'm not a gambling man, what will you go to Las Vegas what he believes are disappointed that the powder dry so I go from having Dr. Mike Brown on the charismatic to going to having my good friend Pastor Chad Hartley on his Pentecostal so see their llama gambling man Pastor Chad Hartley cross assembly church in Raleigh, North Carolina, previously known as RFA are you buddy a great man are you doing well. I'm okay.

It's interesting days to say the least, heartbreaking. In some ways but hopefully encouraging in others, so I was talking Michael Brown first. After the show to try to get his his perspective as a man of God from kind of a pastoral perspective about what we do in the midst of this cello. However, you kinda want to unpack this as a pastor and looking at what just transpired and there's the conspiracies in the prophecies and all this kind of stuff going on and then there's just malaise. There's anger. There's desperation people not know you know we gotta keep fighting.

We gotta keep doing it on the political is everything to talk about it personally for you pastor as it as it is a pastor and as a man of God as an individual Christian and for more from a pastoral perspective and how do you kinda lead a church through these are very challenging days.

You have a few minutes with him when he I very clear statements of Scripture primarily got word on how to handle these things so or goes out and I'll make it very quick. You know me I'm concise.

I want you five statements of the word of God on how to handle this thing. But I'm just a quick look at.

I keep I need to clarify this is to be keep your people basically save the evangelical church only to do a gut check for supporting Donald Crompton maybe don't work your lesson a linear module at the time there was only one candidate standing for the strength of the of life, religious freedom, support a visual support of law enforcement, one candidate is not like we had seven can give totally Gabbard at the port of those things. I may have voted for her.

So I just want the church to beat itself up because some of us endorsed Donald Trump at the time. Okay, we have no more choice and so I don't really divided due to begin.

I would've done the same thing I did Dr. quote biblically quote righteously and incidentally I think one platform to have people at the other thing I keep your people say now the churches is either back we need to be unified. I agree with that waxwing break John 17 is important. Make them want you and I are one father so I believe in the unity of the church just do a quick little caveat here. We don't compromise truth for the sake of unity, but that there's a false church in the true church out there. Mafia Warnock represents the false church and so if unity gives him an ordained minister and believe in the that's not the true church, and so let's just be really careful with this call unity. If that means to lay down your convictions on the sanctity of life lay down your convictions on this old Marxist BLM thing.

I don't know the Lord wants us to compromise unity, compromise, truth is like that make sense. Absolutely I agree with you hundred percent were absent.

They going everybody listens on the same page.

I think we just put the clarify, but look, my response will happen without Wednesday number one we got academic God's people never riot we never burn things down with their care things up. It can interesting history does repeat itself. John Knox at the till his Scottish performers the same thing.

He had Scottish performers going outside the bounds of law and not like a wrist. Martin Luther was likely more brutal and the Ethiopia.

The government crackdown on the peasants. Even though there my supporters and resulted in the light. Beat the peasants revolt in 2000 peasants in Germany were killed, and these are Luther's supporters and so I do think biblically and historically we have a mandate to say God's people handle things differently. We don't prepare things down.

We don't storm the We don't burn things I do want to ask this because you know some folks trust me a few weeks ago just about Portland and Seattle downtown Raleigh riding meeting people at this general, people don't feel like they're being herded.

Sometimes I have to write right on Asheville tube assembly now would be carping work shall have the right things down a bit at I want to say to folks who justified violence a few months ago. You know maybe you just need to sit back should email and contemplate the new normal. You've created the world God created for the rest of us exactly right me.

That's the duplicity of the moment and what's been going on all years. It is to champion it when it's your your your cause that you get behind that you decry it when it's not at all depends on whose ox is getting Gordon.

The one thing that the vast majority Americans on both side lack these days.

I say this all the time on the air is the intellectual honesty everybody and is is kind of confirmation bias sing their way through everything and you live.

If you're a Christian, you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ.

Then you call balls and strikes based on the word of God. It does not matter who standing at the plate, which is what makes us prophetically dangerous to both sides because will call it out regardless of whose ox is getting Gordon. That's the prophetic edge that we have to have your FRONT all the time you're blowing it.

If you're all Biden all the time. You're definitely blowing it for us to do it right, you better be upsetting people on both sides that I'll that's a pretty good barometer that you're holding fast to the truth that you cannot normalize by at least standard politics and shot another state your understanding of what I got a solution. I'm not the smartest guy in the world.

My solution, it would.

It will help us all okay. Why don't we as a society come up with a list of rules. I will look let's call them on the walls and everybody is expected to follow the walls.

Whether you're right BLM supporter or trump supporter with your Republican or Democrat. All will follow those laws and if we break those laws. We will be punished equally. You think I might solve a problem. Well, I tried that it was private.

Last summer I will setting up your own country downtown Seattle and straighten way with weeks and weeks okay as people got this fundamental we are people law were people order I call people out in July, September, when they violated that I'm calling people out now in Washington in in January as people of God we believe in objective truth.

We believe in the rule of law and and so well, whatever.

But look, speak, it cannot give you because your question from a pastoral standpoint, 40 church. I do believe this. I do believe worsening prophecy starting to play out repertoire. I coming back. I do believe that these are signs of the last date and so how do we question how do we live in these last days and I will give you five answer straighten the Bible okay number one is the church. We gotta be holy 13 says the night is nearly over the day of judgment that almost okay so if you believe that we are in the last days pulses. Look, I'm talking to you the day of judgment is all almost what we do let lay aside the deeds of darkness put on the armor of light but decently, as in the daytime, not in carousing and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality in the Capri. Not a sentient jealousy church really believed that what is happening right now are the prelude to the final countdown number one got to live holy lives in. I'm sorry every objective standard for error every objective study on the spiritual health of the church were just as messed up as the rest, and I would never want gotta be holy. Number two. These are the last date we got a serious first Peter 47 art and of all things is near Edwards. If you believe that what we are seeing are the signs of things are winding down the end of all things, or near what you do. Look, therefore, be sober, but it be serious people think our days of church is being built on skids entertainment and silliness in our youth ministries are built on. Looks like it but you kind of faith we can really think those dates might be over this coming Sunday will may not want to come to our fake Adobe preaching ill. I just really believe if these are the last date and get serious and talk to Evan ill and eternity these last days.

No more be holy, never to be serious. Number three. Pray again. First Peter four segments same passage. If these last days. Be sober for the purpose of prayer The church this several months ago, our nuclear weapon in our arsenal is not a voting power are nuclear weapon prayer and fasting and we got great Evan number four go to church but hubristic 1000 and let us not neglect our meeting together. Some people do but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near, the author of Hebrews, or as Rafael quick likes to put achievers really believe these are the last days. Saying computer. We got together to get a hotel that's out there chatting up against the breaker and put on hold and will come back and finish that sexual urges or I hold right there talking a passage at Harvey. He said RFA's episode 2020 cross assembly now processing. For you where we go will be right back that weekend and how the book pretty pretty call really, in hindsight. Anyway, that's all joking aside, obviously were in a very serious season and but every once in a while it's okay.

Don't sell your joy down the river for a bowl of stew like Esau did in and remember whose you are what you have to look forward to what you already have and the word of God in the spirit that's inside of you. So remember all that okay Dominic get right back here to passage at Harvey who is the senior pastor cross assembly RFA that's so 2020 right cross assembly is the church cross assembly.word one of the churches here in the Triangle area that's wide open and preaching wide open as as you can tell with you for chat on the show who's been on that many times before, and then I'm in a pulling back in here and just second but I know Chad you can hear me said, let me just set this up as Chad taken us through five things five clear statements from the word of God. Assuming we are pushing into the last days which we can always say that but why let's all admit we've never sensed it as much as we do now.

Okay so I'm just going to go with that because because, theoretically, theologically, actually we are closer to Jesus's return. Now that we were a year ago and we were a week ago, but obviously it looks like and not just here in America don't.

Sometimes we act like Christians in America. We act like the whole prophetic calendar and eschatology revolves around the city of God is going to be landing in Washington DC. It isn't okay and for me as a Caucasian believer, I have to remember in the grand scheme of things in the body of Christ worldwide. I'm like a spot the buttermilk so it's it's what we gotta quit being so American centric but there are things going on all around the world. Obviously just go spend some time studying the great reset which you would think was like in the sub notes in a study Bible. Somewhere in the book of Revelation and that's that's all happening okay so assuming that that's where rat these these five statements on the set this up.

I mentioned this the other day from Habakkuk chapter 1 verses two through 50 Lord, how long shall I cry for help and you will not hear or cry to you violence and you will not say why you make me see iniquity and why you idly look at wrong destruction and violence are before me strife and contention arise. So the law is paralyzed. Injustice never goes for for the wicked surround the righteous.

So justice goes forth, pervert it and here's the Lord's answer look among the nations and see wonder and be astounded, for I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told well what if the work that the Lord wants to do in our days isn't based on what happens in Washington DC. But what happens in our individual walks with Jesus Christ our stay.

Lord and Savior. So, in light of that up after Chad welcome back greatly to actually okay, so setting all that up. We were talking about five clear statements in the word of God responding to what's going on in this present darkness is like a tale of two cities the best of times, worst of times, assuming that obviously last they things are speeding up right now I think you'd be a fool to not admit that be holy, be serious. Be sober for prayer. Go to church was number four, which for some people.

I think we need to see pastors now start to say okay government nice try. I'm opening were going to church all these statements are. It's almost as if the Bible is saying okay if you really think you're living in the last date I want to correct these five state Bible verses. I just pulled out of here. These are Bible verses specifically targeting the believers were living in the last days. Answer number 410 25 wiki quoted that do not soak together but AA at the very last part of it is especially now that the day of his return is drawing near, the work if you believe the last base come back to church and I'm telling if you're afraid to get go visit if you're old.

If you're not, but if you have a propensity for corpulent see if you got pre-existing condition. Well done, well plate okay yeah stay with otherwise you need be back in church and the number five is if these are the last base share the gospel second and before 1000 look in the presence of God in Christ Jesus to judge the living and the dead, and this is the unit in you is appearing and his kingdom work. If you believe you coming back like you do start claim preach the word of God. That's not just for pastors but not the radio. All of us drawing out this morning we launched a family from our church they're going to a Muslim Islamic country and people that live the world a little bit and all this unrest in America would you launch your family from your church to go full-time live in a Muslim country because if people are dying faster from COBIT.

We gotta get the gospel faster if people are going to heal to integrate be brutally honest.

We as the evangelical church.

I don't know that we really think the people who die without you. If we really believe that if we believe that Jesus is coming back soon, but they have judgments coming to.

I think maybe our priority would be different yet man I was good of the heart have convicted the girl that got killed. The capital you know what I did not ask where did she go to humans. Met with Dr. Brown and that really convicted Jan, that's a lesson here for to make it a really bad, but that's a reality me with when the sit on the ship is sinking and it is and if you want to talk about the shipping United States of America.

The overall condition of the world both apply both are true. Do you throw them in the American context say the ship sinking, people are gonna drown. Let me throw your U.S. Constitution know you petition your throw on the only thing that's going to save him, which is the gospel of Jesus Christ and we get rewarded forever for just being faithful with that whom God chooses to enable to believe in all that out on another subject, but but that's up to him, but were called to be faithful, especially as the days are dark and your right and we can we don't really believe in hell, otherwise would be telling way more people in like the barn numbers and burner for years is always made money on bad news. So I always take it with all know 90% of believers never personally share the gospel with anyone.

So I would just ask all of us right now. What percentage of your social media posts have been gospel centric versus politically centric. What what percentage your conversations are political versus gospel, how often are you lamenting over lost Americans versus lamenting over America and in lesson I'm as guilty. I'm more guilty than the next person because I'm a bigger hypocrite than sit on his radio show five days a week and we need to share the gospel as it people's lives depended on it because they do and this art that when you asked me a note to be. I'm sure whatever I was praying about this and install it. Okay, I can articulate this one up.

I would've been better off as an American citizen had Trump been elected, but I'm better off as a citizen of the kingdom of God notified I think really gave the evangelical church, a false sense of security and apathy.

Now stick with what happened in Georgia to get rid of the assisting take place in the church get serious.

I think honestly all the metrics are going against evangelical Christianity and I think will provide the environment having a blast with the gun for the ministers in a Muslim context east of power brings out the true nature of Islam, weakness and persecution brings up the true nature of Christianity about that and that's been true since Jesus exemplified it himself and weakness of our Lord Jesus Christ who could have called down 12 legions of angels, but he didn't and let's all remember that pastor Chad so great to hear from you. Thanks for calling in today and I will be in church on Sunday past, and because covert but will be back as soon as possible and I really appreciate your brother.

Thanks for calling today 65 help. Talk to you later bye and that's a great word from Pastor Chad Harvey and I really like that guy will appear in the triangle across in the can come out on Sunday because her wide open and I can come out there and praise the Lord but I don't expect to feel uncomfortable. Everyone is gonna love you well very welcoming, loving church life on the pad.

Pastors have not worried about whether is going to step on your shoes or your toes. He fears not man but God suggest that there you go there sure there's your warning on that point when he said the sifting and the brutal this is going to happen. Okay. And I'm like okay good luck bring it.

I want to bring okay I'm ready for that.

Are you so this was the political director for ABC news based in Washington DC.

Hate to hear this is what he pleaded okay and then the erased as of 7:31 AM I think. Yesterday, Trump will be an ex-president and 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of rid of Trump's me is the easy part. Now listen cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else and then they change the tech they change. That language later because you don't want to talk about cleansing that sounds like ethnic cleansing, but that's exactly what the devil wants to do and he'll use Democrats and the mainstream media to do it and I was listening to Glenn Beck earlier today and he was going back tends to be a little little dramatic, but he was sent okay got a phone call and he was like okay today is, I'll be but I'll tell you in 20 minutes is good radio. Keep it ready to indent I'm telling you this for years is begun it's here so that he's talking about EB references The Daily Beast wrote a smear piece about a guy named Elijah Schaefer alleged shapers when these guys that's out there in the middle of all the mock taking video. He's a believer is conservative sleeve in the midst of everything yesterday in DC so The Daily Beast writes a smear piece about him, entitled Glenn Beck employee employee boasts of breaching Nancy Pelosi's office alongside revolutionaries you can see where they're going with that right so he says they're coming after Elijah. Elijah Schaefer was in there because they have press credentials in white and an L press credentials at Wellesley's in their cataloging. Everything is another to go after and CNN is going to investigate.

And that's what they want to do the laser CNN leading the charge to find out why Newsmax is still being carried by AT&T going to go after Clear Channel to go. Don't rush when he doesn't talk, it screens Glenn Beck said further to go after sponsors and everything in the near I am the little Christian radio guy, so I'm not big on the radar screen, but I guarantee you name the name of Jesus and supporting Trump at some level, especially the spiritual level you are the enemy.

To those that are still held captive by one enemy we actually do have getting it works. The power of God will only be magnified if we are blessed faithful this is.

He's not on the shelves. I'm willing always

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