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What Really Happened Yesterday?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 7, 2021 3:21 pm

What Really Happened Yesterday?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 7, 2021 3:21 pm

What Really Happened Yesterday?

Yesterday Americans stormed the capital building and chaos ensued.  The raw amount of contradicting reports is concerning we know people died and people destroyed a federal monument.  As photos and videos surface more and more people are being arrested and multiple federal agencies are tracking down suspects.  Hear firsthand witnesses on today’s show. 


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now is your host noble crap breath preaching itself because were all reacting rather quickly. I'm I deftly have a tendency to react too quickly. The things I shoot first and ask questions. Second, and often times I I will I will sometimes walk the show. By the way, this is Steve Noble's covert radio case had heard yes and I have covert right now but I'm actually doing quite well and was feeling the starting on Sundays 7 to 10 days. Whatever. But I'm in here all by myself just in case you're wondering you set my intern.

My production assistant is in here this week I got timing. Thank you so I just come in here the side door come right in my studio office is right next to the side door and see anybody don't engage anybody X get my car driver I come in I get ready. I do shall shut down I go home and lay down, but I'm feeling much better and just praise the Lord for that. Anyway, here's the deal. Sometimes I will I will I get really hesitant about doubling down trickling down on my conservative political positions when there's big things going on because I don't want to sell my Christian witness down the river for my political positions case on. I get very careful about that. So as we continue to deal with what happened in the last 48 hours here in America.

I think for myself. Especially I need to slow down, not not not me, not you. Nobody will hear from on the show today so you got a friend Bill roach was up there yesterday that doing street preaching, but he was up there to get his perspective. What did he see because you've got a narrative being played out here that that pretty much think the whole thing. This is the reverse of what happened over the summer.

When I talk about. He mostly mostly peaceful protest except the part that went ballistic. Later in the day and all the looting and writing, but mostly peaceful. But now it's just 200,000 people. Whatever was there no hundred thousand, 5000 I really care is a huge number of people, but now the narrative is there all crazy either. All violent and every single person that when in the building was a Trump supporter. I know just hold on a second. I know there are agitators there. I know, and teapot was there. I know there were people in the crowd that were there to cause that kind of trouble. I also know there were some regular Trump supporters that, for whatever reason, caught up in the moment. Whatever went into the capital and were a part of that. But the overwhelming majority of them. The people are up there yesterday were not like that. Typically, with these Trump rallies and stuff. The vast majority people are discussing normal Americans there very patriotic and got the flags and and yes many of them are Christians. And, no, no float their Jesus banner out there and all that kind of stuff.

That's a whole another subject, but but nobody's in position that you not me. None of us are in possession of the entire truth.

Okay, so whatever system 70, said there were no Trump supporters in their might. How do you know that. And there they were all Trump supporters will we know that's not true, but you gotta be careful and in slow to speak, quick to listen, slow to anger right and I usually violate all that stuff.

So I'm working through this. I'm trying to slow down.

I'm asking you for patience and let's just we know that the narrative is out there and got more to talk about that were to talk to Steve Jason the bottom the hour after the 430 break but wanted to talk to 70 Bill roach and and I've known each other for a few years, not really, really well but run in some of the same circles Bill you're up there yesterday in DC as a street preacher, Paul or Jesus Christ which I appreciate you are up there.

I really preaching a call and in today glad you're okay. Tell us about your experience yesterday. Thank you for having me on today.

I really appreciate being able to share what we experienced yesterday so yesterday you know we went up with the gospel of God ministries and call me overseas that ministry and many of us partner with them and travel different venues and we found out about the rally like everybody else. Through social media. We hold ourselves. This would be a great event to do open-air preaching. Since most of our festivals been canceled. This is like the biggest event that we can get to so we went up there and we left early in the morning and the goal was to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. We weren't there to participate as individuals protest think you know we have our personal convictions in those matters, but the goal for us with something much higher. It would you claim the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who were there and to our surprise, we actually ran into more people who were favorable of our position and unfavorable for you to give your story, so we had one individual who was handing out tracts which by the way, those went about as fast as we could hand them out, taking the track at that event has it, we were surrounded by people and one person was handing one out and you know how we can sometimes typically share the gospel. Using Ray comfort approach, and one guy handed to them.

The guy looks back at one of our team members that would you consider yourself a good person, and the point is that as somebody does open-air preaching and evangelism quite regularly. We never had somebody ask us that the reverse side so my point thing that is is that you know there were good people there and like you said there were probably people there who are agitators and people were members of always different groups in-isms and schisms that we can talk about our experience of the vast majority of people respected what we were doing. They were peaceful they were obviously agitated, but they were out there riding in caring things down. The whole time. In fact, you saw you when it was done, you know you can sometimes judge the crowd in one sense, by how much trash they leave behind in the place was even relatively clean after work so hard. I really didn't face a whole lot of opposition and mean protesters and individuals trying to do harm where where were you out when everything kind of broke loose and there is the breach in the capital and all that stuff.

So initially we were located at the Washington Monument and between where the monument is and where the White House as we were on the corner right right through their and all of a sudden we heard from speaking at you speaking later than normal use was 11 he spoke at 12 and shortly after people started first. We stayed there that's in the vast majority of the crowd was going on to we were actually in the area, one that the breach of the capital occurred.

In fact we didn't hear anything about it. And so we said okay the numbers are starting to go down a little bit now slick move over there and as for going over there. People talk about baseball.

You will then Bill cannot talk after the break time and be right back with Bill roach was up there peaceful nice crowd engaging the gospel conversation for us to talk to my friend Cindy will be right. Wayne seems Bill roach is done as they were his up. There were some other gospel preachers and their sharing the gospel incredibly receptive crowd friendly crowd.

No big deal and then that's and 99.9% of that whole group.

I'm super decent nice people. That's that's normal they might be were all sinners, so you can have obnoxious people, but overall it was a peaceful crowd and in the course things went south so you were telling us Bill when the crowd started moving towards the capital, pick it up there were moving over there and people went to the capital building. We stayed around and headed out gospel tracts and preach the gospel until it felt like the numbers drove us to move to the new location. As we got down there we were hearing is different stories and conversations taking place about what was happening on the capital building but we notice one interesting thing is of the crowd seem to change, just a little bit at the White House area. There were very favorable to us as we got to the capital building we had individual starting to question us. We saw people more antagonistic to the things that we were saying we knew immediately were in a mixed group of people now to think how different you exactly a different crowd, but we continued to proclaim the gospel there and it was interesting even though we were in a mixed group of people knowing there seems chaotic at that time. I mean there was literally like a hot dog food stand right in front of us and families were buying hotdogs and run with her kids and so forth. So you were listening to this, then we head out shortly later and were working on social media's were riding on the train were going. This is nothing like what was portrayed and we were there they were giving camera angles on TV as of this whole national mall in all these buildings were interrupting with all of it. We found it to be the exact opposite and so we get home and we were alarmed by the things that we saw in the me media on the news.

So that's why I kind of wanted to say hey without some balancer look was a beautiful story of this went the whole picture to come out before we give our verdicts on how Trump is or how this figure is what we should do going forward. That's right, John. That's the challenge. Right now earn anywhere in an environment where we tend to shoot first and ask questions later in with social media were all being emotional and bleeding are motions all over the place and I'm just as guilty as the next person, but that's why we have to be slow to speak and slow to slow to anger, and quick to listen in and collect information in the for people of the book and people of truth that oftentimes in this messed up fallen world does not materialize right away so we need to be patient, we need to be that peculiar people as followers of Christ that have that's period of peace that doesn't make any sense. Even in the midst of all this chaos but that's it's helpful to know that I really appreciate that a bill from your report. Thanks for being up there is always you're such a good minister the gospel in such a good faithful servant. We appreciate your brother thank you.

We really appreciated being able to testify what God did to gospel, God ministries over this last week.

Amen Bill. God bless you think so much gospel of God ministries there you go. Another friend of mine that was up there. Cindy was up there, right in the middle of it.

As she often is very patriotic, God-fearing woman, Cindy, how are you thanks for calling it quick and I went make my biggest impact observations. First we went there on that graph and company to speech. We were there for hours in the freezing cold and we were whacking. It was a very patriotic rip and Rudy Giuliani made his announcement had everything to do today is perfectly legal. That made me thinking out loud it but it is something there. They probably have this agreement with creative step in working out the can kick it back to the states as they shut the states define the evidence and I knew they wanted to get the testimony into the record but that was part of the accomplishment of that you know two hours that defendant toward agreement. Whatever it was to get it in their official record which has not been able to get into it in official records of that in the future generations.

When they look back on this don't have an official documented record of what was really done during the election so I thought you understood that and I was proud of the fact that more senators have signed what I was sitting around serious conspiracy believer and we can talk about that another time for people to truly follow all of this actually nonstop which is so far out there and these people are real believers. A lot of them are Christian, so I don't believe any of that and they were saying things like, Mike pence was good to be shot in a tribunal language can be shopper treason.

Crazy stuff from people that are smart people that you would respect people that you know I don't buy it with margin of the street for much of the street people with a bullhorn saying Mike pensive betrayed the president might be tied to president trees and I'm thinking 1:15 and how if you betrayed him. The objection would start at one time. They have two hours writing a clock would be the earliest we would now why are people saying that is were marching up their people with the crowd.

What you think of enough preaching services with a whip up the crowd that is whipped up holy, Lake marching up the street and then someone said that I was with the person to preach the capital, patriots, and preach the capital and I thought about that preaching the capital. What is that mean constantly got closer with the massive crowd I've been to a lot of current rally. I've been to a lot of markets I've been to the barge for life, which is a massive crowd at this crowd with Matt for what my friend wishes like he lets go up there that's what's happening and we saw a man walking around and they look like for sure had bulletproof, that's under their camouflage jacket and I thought wow, that's interesting. Of never seen that before.

My firm is very excited. Let's get up there that's Thinking okay I'm always up to. I'm behind them draft enough of them, literally holding onto the back of wanted a man in a bulletproof vest.

He's in a line of men dressed like that.

We get closer to the front on the steps people are climbing on the scaffolding people are climbing up the while my friend is no longer with me and I think it can be get teargas teargas youth status and this guy said put on your math put on your Mac.

They had two way radios they had masked face and cover your face, your faith, they had goggles they had to pull over their head, thinking to show it to Have no water came from shooting and shooting at and how people being hit and had there was blood running down the face as people are collapsing and the guys in frenemy like we literally were starting to upset and they said were a man down where a man down would gotta stop and I'm thinking a man down and organized a meeting on an organic crab movement is not counting the men in or out man up or down, and so I simple way to minute what you can and tunics and working to turn around and go to a different site because were a man down and I thought I should do and they said if you want to go with another group going up. I joined another group. This was a different group would like a group of you and me coming up people at work and bullet proof that people that were by this time just man, and so as we start telling her and bring this big flag over and he can't people up there shooting these teargas into it and people are screaming, throw them back and I'm thinking to come up the years which is massively crowded. I thought you once we get in there with the purpose of all of that because my computer augmented top they're all dressed in black to all waving flags people on the stairs are still all dressed in black. I'm thinking typical outfit for current supporter. You know we are usually in red white and blue were camouflage and so I decided you know what if I cannot. I have no strategy to get arrested in the capital building sites starting to come down the stairs.

I can be part of that. The crowd went to mass that they want the percentage of people shopping in an inadequate sounding out and coming down. When I got far enough away I start and I just watched with patriots. It was solution to patriot for whole years always just taste big flag on the side of the building.

I was so proud selling tagging at Les Miserables wellness right, not just our house to write thinking they are fully protected with doing nothing for all.

I'm grateful that there will be right back.

Everybody back and see no facility to finish up with my friend Cindy was there, right in the masses. People were moving towards capital in and the teargas and everything else going on in people adeptly didn't fit the regular crowd the regular MO bill roach was saying that earlier he was up there yesterday as well. Working to finish up with Cindy never to jump right over to our buddy Steve days from the blaze, but Cindy finish up what W experience there yesterday, walking back and scanning back and I thought of flag and for all and I felt really proud and looking around at the people that were not not rushing the capital and those with the trump supporters. Those were the people that were wondering what is going on here those of the people that have been peacefully protesting for years. Those are the people who were not violent and then I realized something was different about this crowd. By the time I got in my car and I was driving home I heard Sean Hannity on the radio and the way they were portraying.

It was like a bizarre world. I had not lived in that world.

I had not been and what they were saying it was so soft and funny to me and I started hearing it with an people there and they were blaming it on all the time supporters and if they thought it was aunt Eva and I thought you know what, we walked right into a trap. This was a trap that I and Keith and they lit the match and innocent people like me got swept right up in it because were so frustrated and angry.

But you knew we would because were so predictable and Dave use this thing to burn down time and blame Trenton and people that folded like cheap tents, and there are a disgrace to our country because what happened. They should've known had nothing to do with elections that were stolen and they stopped at that point which was to get the debate into the record so I wouldn't doubt I'm not a conspiracy person but I wouldn't out for five minutes of Mitch McConnell wasn't behind it because it accomplishes their purpose into trump legacy.

Enclosed is a discussion of the election because we've now got off the point of the election fraud and were on the point of times a loser trims crazy time should be removed if he that he do a peaceful transfer of power which he said he would do email telling him it to remove him and shush out all part of the plan, and as Christians we need to keep our eye on the ball because the Lord has allowed this but that Dabo overplayed his hand.

He is the divider trying to divide it is all part of his scheme to take down our country exaggerates anything so much for calling a blessing. Glad you say let's go to our friend Steve days texted me really early this morning. It was very for me is even earlier for you Steve, this is what this is. This is Steve's text me if you know my me sharing this deep, we can this morning with methods I think are people need to hear last time I felt anything like this is when I convicted was convicted to go all in challenging the coronavirus models and data what Steve did an awesome job all year and I think you there needs to be some leadership and guidance from somewhere so deftly the Lord put something on you and I wanted you to call and appreciate being talked to so you could share with this yourself pretty pretty remarkable days were remarkable to work. I guess that if you want.

I think you had on before me.

I could hear her frustration.

I am taking a list when it goes down all the people that I thought I was friends with not to call because they clearly won't have either the discernment nor frankly the testicular fortitude for the moment and I think were getting caught here and she trap the good work getting trapped here between a false choice in the false choice is David Frenchy in captivity to the point that visual child abuse called drag queen storytime our labeled as the price of freedom for Eric Erickson level of sanctimony right just spend my day on social media looking for people wearing my uniform that I can virtue signal to the people that hate me how that how much better I am not like those people right or Beth Moore absurdity Reisman years and years calling the church racist on twitter. Never provide any like specific examples of wherever the hell whatever the Sandhill it is. I'm talking about that. And then there is less join them in becoming an unruly mob and lose control. And I think there's a word were missing here that needs to be reintroduced to our thinking Steve and where I talked to my audience about today. That is meekness and your mild pastors to retire this year taught me what this word means giant of a man.

6364 broad shouldered with the military MP. So in history with his job to police, the other tough guys know no passive aggressive shrinking violet was Pastor Bob.

But if there's one thing I never saw him do was lose control. I saw him get angry. I saw him get passionate, but he taught me what meekness meant was power under control and I think that if we don't exercise that it wouldn't that mean what it means with people in your audience.

Get out of your homes open your businesses open your churches refused to comply, you're not going to lose your mind you are going to rant and rave to do a 29-year-old Baptist seamstress once did on the back of a Birmingham bus not sitting here anymore. My answer is no right and I've been seeing them not losing my mind about putting out a viral video of me going eight.

My answer to snow here I stand I can do no more. May God have mercy on my soul. My answers no, and I think that if we don't provide the vehicle of righteous resistance for the frustration that is rightfully growing in the country. Clearly, the Republican Party is not going to be at either no interest in it or hate people like us just for different reasons.

The Democrats do have to do this ourselves.

The answer is what you have to take the spirit within us the courage of conviction we have and go actually do the thing go do it, go and run for office go and open our offices.

You have to actually do this stuff and I'm tired of seeing videos of one woman against the badgering guy. Frankly the guy doing that. It's been too many years of the strictest teeth up off the floor in autumn. Sandy better woman like that. The one woman wore one woman 1 hair salon open all 20 of you open your businesses. If you walk into a store without a mask. These things are unenforceable but there are but we are complying with them as if they are edicts tyrannical leader making them tyrannical you have as much tyranny as you are willing to tolerate well. There's an old concept in this country called federalism or the states are rather independent and expansive in their powers and the federal government is small and you can look at the federal government in the eye and say thanks but no thanks and we had a couple of presidents in the past, going way back when the Supreme Court came down with the decision. They said okay. Hey, thanks for your opinion and then that was it something Nora I think that's what we have to do.

That's it.

I think we can harken back a little bit.

Steve, do you think to the example, we could talk about MLK's personal character. At another time, but do you think that's kind of the direction we need to go and just kind of talking about letter from a Birmingham Jail reject Aquinas, Augustine Blackstone knows are inherent to how the rule of law was stored in our country. Those individuals are the pillar that inspired the founders on the rule of law. The idea that in our community, our county, we own the Board of Supervisors from Rock Hill and 80 here. The state says the Fed say when I don't. So like to have a nice life appreciate your opinion, that's all that it is our schools are to be open were not penalizing businesses or letting them puppet useless tiny space type diapers forever as totems for your pagan religion on people's faces were not doing these things any longer on the state level same exact thing and I think we have to be willing to do this when the winter when you walk in the 20 if you walk into Walmart without a mask, and the people start losing their minds. You just ignore them and do your thing, go shopping, finished the job.

We have to we had to exercise power under control.

If we don't do that if we don't have righteous resistance on righteous resistance is good to fill that void and that becomes a zero-sum game, and the enemy loves either one of those options because I just leave the chaos of it was interesting with MLK's approach to appeal to the consciences of the nation. I can disagree with 50 or 60 or 70% of the nation. But the one thing that I know about 100% of his nation is that they're all made in the image of God in these place the law on their hearts. Eternity is in their hearts they know God exist.

I don't believe in atheists because of Romans chapter 1, and so I know at some point there's something in there that a righteous resistance of meekness will appeal to that's going to touch some image of God that's in them and I was really affected from MLK's perspective, you look back to Peter and John hate you guys got a quick preaching in Jesus's name the next morning yet. Sorry I were not to do that. Essentially, you do what you gotta do we do what we have to do hey were pulling everybody out of the city Romans, the Roman centurion say because of the plague above above the Christians. They know actually working to stay were to do our thing and we become a peculiar people who are so powerful inner meekness that makes no sense to the flesh, but it's a beautiful it's a beautiful example of exactly what Jesus was.

I called down 12 legions of angels.

Steve you know that 50,000 and 60,000 angels. See you later, and he didn't, well, you know over the Roman government over Christ. If I would just right right, wouldn't that mean that we know we know that Christ was crucified for our spent but in the Roman pagan mind. He was being crucified, first edition.

That's how they convinced Pontius Pilate and the government to go through with the deed that he was no friend of Caesar, this man claims to be a king. We only have one king but Caesar Christ was, not a zealot.

Christ did not practice or preach physician or revolutions.

Quite the contrary frustrated those people by preaching against him another kingdom what they were thinking was going to be restored.

And yet the system still sows him to be a threat because he emulated model what is seen in the world It we need to follow that level of exactly right.

What a great point Steve days. God bless you brother thank you so much for that working to continue the fund set up on my side plus a buddy talk to you later figure is normal to see you know, so I certainly appreciate Steve days and God really got him a great place. Glenn Beck's network on the blaze is on 1:48 PM Eastern time. By the way is on right after Glenn Beck show so it's DEA, CE, Steve days, brilliant political commentator and analyst is a brilliant guy obviously and loves the Lord is full of the Holy Spirit and one of the best things I can do to make the show look good except for the good guys on people like Steve days so just praise the Lord for that. Steve and I've known each other for a while, but we been doing a lot more radial this year in you know he's one of the real serious evangelicals that I know of that has a significant place on the blaze with Glenn Beck, Mormon, and I Steve is Glynis in and so I just thank God for that in that like to bring people and by the way representative Mike Johnson my friend in Congress from Louisiana he called into Fox News yesterday. They were talking him on the phone when they cleared out the two chambers and everything I was talking, texting him yesterday and talking to his press guy today were to get on my convinced the show next week so he was there he was one of the organizers, arguing for the objections and then of course everything changed right and so I woke up just a reminder of what Steve days was talking about anything text me this morning 630 has time and that's where he is like a man. I woke up and I've got this message and I think we need to start sharing it and I like what is it said okay cool, I'll pray for you because he said he was going to talk about it on the show at noon and is super busy guys I was tasked with the time, but then I asked him you know how to go and everything and I was teaching I couldn't could to then when he said, hard to judge your own material that others do that, that's okay. Well, you can tell me, but I'd rather have you doing on the show in the work of the times we called it. Couple things from what Steve just said write this down okay commit write this down. Meekness densities talk about meekness. What is meek Jesus, meek and mild. We have this Western viewpoint of Jesus with this pseudo-blonde hair of the blue eyes.

The pale skin which is so ridiculous because he was pretty much a middle eastern Jew okay and so he looked a lot more like Osama bin Laden than he looks like Steve Noble okay so you just did it.

Jew middle eastern Jew right so we get this kinda soft focus blonde hair slightly curled blue eyes and Nikes like that. Just like above bike away right now and it and he was is the son of God, fully manifested God in the flesh. Okay you work with his hands. He was a hard worker.

His whole life. If you saw the movie platoon. I've always picks and G picture Jesus is looking a little bit like willing to follow. You know, no fat on that body and he's been working with wood and stone. His whole life, so if anything, the guy was ripped. He wasn't a little wimpy to write, then you have this whole notion of meekness, which is power under control. I was wondering if it was good to say the same thing because that's what the definition of meek is power under control. Okay, so Jesus Christ that was the thing that was amazing about him like a business guys from Nazareth.

He's never even been through the official training yet when you listen to what he says in his command of the Scriptures in his ability to make an argument and he just speaks like somewhat the somebody with authority. What we don't like that word authority with your full of the Holy Spirit because you're born again Christian, you have it greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world you have authority okay and I'm not talking about word of faith and all that stuff you have authority because you're an ambassador Jesus Christ day so here you meek power under control there at the end could call down 12 legions of angels. That's about 60,000 angels to angels wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah. When Angel killed hundred 20,000 Syrians that it was overnight overnight and probably never got up off of his honey and so since Jesus said yeah I could call them 60,000 angels. We think that would look like bye-bye earth, see you later it's all gone, but he didn't.

He has power under control. He was meek and then he talked about righteous resistance, righteous resistance. Okay Peter and John.

They drag them in front of the Sanhedrin you guys you can't. This tell Jesus think you can preach in his name anymore. Not that stuff up computer job. Peter basically says sorry we can't help speak about that which we have seen and heard you do what you gotta do working to do what I gotta do what I got. So that's what Steve is saying you don't mass resistance, you say okay hate you guys don't want to do this you know me know my business. Thanks, I appreciate your concern.

I'm opening and a bunch other people open now nothing being rude to people you not.

You can't force people to come in your business but you can open and I tell you what if you get enough people going along a laws only a law if it gets enforced by the way, I'm just telling you the truth here. They might say, 70 miles an hour, but the police never turn pull anybody over is that really the law is they never enforce it. We just have way too many people in this country that word it and I struggle with it sometimes to just willing to lay down and now we got all kinds obstruction I found that I found the article the other day and think I have it with me talking about how many excess deaths were to have as a result of the same. I find as a result of the lockdowns and what were doing to ourselves by just laying down and doing what the government tells us to do often find I got somewhere. It's really alarming like 900,000 which is obviously a semantically higher number than people covered to get economic follow can elevate US mortality rate for your study showed some 900,000 Americans could die as a result of the next 15 years, subtract that on there and they're not dying from covert their dying because like Trump said, gotta make sure that our response is it worse than that virus itself which you're listening to a guy with covert right now. By the way, and I'm here by myself. I walked in by myself. I walk into a side door and on anybody in here my little two room studio tell Satan ago my family so righteous resistance. Don't you think the Republican Party is going to stand for righteousness in this country they're not you know the Democrats are right you know that just on their own party platform and what about leaders no listen. By the way, what's your number one kingdom visiting the states of America is the kingdom of God and loving your neighbor and taking care your family and living out what it means to be free people, which is a gift from God. By the way the government doesn't give us our rights are supposed to protect our rights that are God-given. That's why they're called unalienable you get them you don't alienate them. They're not separated from you. There part of who you are because you made the image of God but Steve. Steve, you know right.

Rightfully so we can we can trust in these people to do anything for us. And by the way. Look back at the first church. They had no political power, yet they change the world did they not how they do that by the way the in 300 years. Rome goes from putting amount like tiki torches. Nero hanging Christians up on pike poles covering what tar and setting them on fire to light is Gardens at night using Christians as tiki torches and 333 and 50 years later Christianity becomes the official religion of Rome, which was necessary great thing, but you get the point. How do they do that they took up arms. Steve no I didn't know they didn't.

They lived spirit infused powerful life that's different from anything else the world has to offer and they were meek and they had righteous resistance.

You guys can worship all that were not. We don't worship Caesar will pay taxes were not worshiping Caesar.

We worship the one true Lord and that's that. Right in the three and a 50 years whole thing flips upside down and flip in the world upside down ever since and mostly almost exclusively without violence because you don't really need it is time shirt just war hey Steve, what about Jesus cleaning out the temple okay will first of all, you ain't Jesus. And number two, the United states of America and our government is not the temple that was the temple of God established by God to David and then sound okay, that's a little bit different than this nation or any other nation so you be careful of that hate.

Jesus cleared out the temple so it's okay for me to go do this that the other thing burn something down now, it isn't. If you're Christian. We operate differently. Hello let me back up to something I said to begin his jokes. I want to make sure everybody understands because I been flying off the handle for last 24 hours and I know most of us have okay but for me as a public person. I don't have a convenient excuse.

Please forgive me if I'm unnecessarily offended you or made you think that I wasn't listening or didn't care. The overwhelming majority of that 200,003, and whatever the numbers and I can argue with you the size of the crowd to see his massive I'm the overwhelming majority 99.9% of normal, decent people there were people there like a urchin from some people and seen some videos there were some transporters are trying to stop some of that and there were deftly agitators was a mixed bag.

If there were a thousand people that got inside the building. Do you think how do you know that there is not a real Trump supporter a month old and by the way, the lady that died was shot unjustifiably in my opinion she was a transporter, she's not.

And if in TiVo.

She served our military in the in the Air Force for 14 years.

She was transported she was in the building.

So right there you can say there were no transporters that did yellow or but I think the whole thing like Cindy was saying earlier. I think that it was most likely a big set up and affordably. Some people fall for and yet human depravity in their herd mentality and things just get going.

The next thing you know you're like oh my gosh how did that happen to human nature. That's how but I go back to what I heard Rush Limbaugh say earlier today. This is a great question is who benefits from everything that happened to benefits. Benefits while there you go, and ultimately the kingdom of darkness. Maybe. But you know God works all things together for good to those who know him. Who are the called according to his purpose. And that's me. I hope it's you got all this for our good and his glory, the building of the kingdom. So remember our friends the face righteous resistance and meekness. Don't give up if you're in Jesus Christ. Remember, man, you're already a winner you're already in the kingdom side. This is the noblest de novo shall, God willing. I talked again real soon as I always used to say

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