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2021 Financial Outlook

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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January 4, 2021 11:27 am

2021 Financial Outlook

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 4, 2021 11:27 am

2021 Financial Outlook

After the first market drop due to shutdowns 2020 was a great year in the market now we go live with David Fisher and ask “Will 2021 measure up?”


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Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

Wake up everyone gets time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble lower five of them to be exact and you know my voice isn't quite as normal. It's because I'm not quite as healthy as normal. Might even be the big C word. I don't know yet that we had exposure to some friends last week so we'll see what happens. I'm deftly not feeling great but were in here today and especially for tomorrow and Wednesday which will be absolutely historic days. Happy new year everybody absolutely historic days in US history tomorrow because of the two Senate runoff races down in Georgia we can get an answer tomorrow Probably not. Can we trust the results of that. I don't know the more time I spend listening, reading and watching the different things that have been put forth as considerations of the integrity of this past election, the more I think they need to put the kibosh on the whole thing and end detectors again asked for a 10 day stay and say okay we need to but yeah I think I'm really be auto investigated in 10 days. No, but they might build a find enough or at least two verify enough of the American people to see. But who knows minutes. Seems like the whole fixes in an across-the-board and then if we have a Biden presidency. What second look like my buddy TJ sent me this welcome to the Arab nonstop stimulus. This was in Wall Street Journal President-elect Joe Biden are now making it clear that the recent two 900 billion stimulus bill will will be at best only a down payment on a quote in the now 3.3 trillion of total stimulus spending is just the beginning quote" it sounds like Americans headed in your program a permanent stimulus.

So what in 2020 will wind up being a great year in the markets. Is it even remotely possible that 2021 could come anywhere near that. And so, after a lengthy sabbatical taking care of yourself as well as some time off for Christmas and the holidays. Happy new year Merry Christmas buddy is good to hear from you David Fisher landmark MR how are you I am so glad I'm on the program would not feel very good but you're in my prayers and my thoughts always been a little bit more a lot a bit more right now.

Sorry about that. My brother, I'm doing great knee replacement. That is a brutal thing I heard from somebody to have it done. There's three things that are the most painful childbirth.

I know I'm not up for that. That's impossible. The kidney stones and the replacement have both of those and they are both painful. There different types of pain and I'm glad it somewhat behind me. Your little bed behind the initial payment and just continue to pray for one another as we have for a couple years now David and got to do what he's going to do. We can trust his plan above and beyond our own yeah he's been good to both of us in so many different ways we could never stop counting our blessings. I just prays all right for that and for you. Well obviously we ended around here were going into another one that's going to be. I probably just as interesting if not more so. But last year 2020 is officially in the books and looks like the markets did pretty good now. You know, 7% is the normal averages over 50 years on what the indexes do they now destroy that 6.9%.

S&P doubled that little more 15.7% of the NASDAQ wow 42.6%. As I said a year ago, gold and silver would outperform most of the stock market. I was right to supplement that's just insane. And that's because said about bonds and will talk about that later on but anyway otherwise gold and silver were the number one performing assets 25.2% in gold and the number one asset Silver 48.3%. What a crazy upward movement of the silver market in Milan is attributed to metals going up because the dollar went down the most aggressive and one of the years of 26 years.

In doing this 6.7%. That's a big fella like a lot of her currency and that being the US dollar.

That's a big downward movement in the dollar yeah I'm working out talk about that because that's a big part in reading more about hearing more about what we can expect the dollar and of course everything that China is doing, not the least of which, their goal is to pretty much decimate the United States of America as a word is it world source, but will why did you mention a couple things but gold and silver in the NASDAQ just completely off the charts completely above average, and what people would normally expect. Why did that happen for second date to mandates price stability and sustainable employment. But the Fed did something that they've never done before in the wing outside of those two mandates bonds for the first time corporate bond and show because of that that inflated because a big one in the tech rally in the tech stocks being the NASDAQ specific specifically five stocks aggressively more than the rest, but there is a lot of movement upward across the board as a whole. The Fed also printed money which causes if you use your analogy to skills, money, or dollars on one side income you cream or something. It devalues up something and it causes the oversight or skill to go up. So when dollars are created more of them go down gold and silver goes up, and on top of that the Fed just put in perspective. In a two-week period of time from November 15 to the 30th.

They increase the money system 26 explosion of money creation. We never have anything in the 11 year period of time from 2008 to 19 the money supply increased $2.2 trillion last year. Chris increased in one year, 1.3 trillion socialist insane how much there increasing the money supply and course the government that that all cause a huge rally in the NASDAQ, but I would say this if your people asking Santa another bring that you give them any powering like that but the all want for Christmas is a bull market in 2021 better than 20/20. I went to hang your hat on that because there's a lot of people thinking inflation is coming. Interest rates might rise things like that and that's not actually good for markets in stocks.

I think rid of good market in stocks, but all think of them have the same repeatable 48% increase of 43% increase in the NASDAQ yeah and it was amazing with 2020 is the backup of all that COBIT in the shutdowns and the devastation of the economy, which of course turned around in black silence and a B and C and see what the fourth quarter growth rate is coming in after Stan's having to be around 10%, which is amazing, obviously, but it was a wild year and if you had a great year on the stock market in gold and silver. Yeah. Like David said we don't ask for more than that in 2021. I think if we can just okay that was the pretty good prairie test will talk about a lot more dissent than the come back to this whaling seems to and seeing his Friday and out tomorrow. Of course the runoff election for the two U.S. Senate seats down in Georgia. Can you even trust the results of that election in 3 million people voted earlier ready to me. Huge turnout tomorrow and if the presidential elections any indicator of what we can expect we won't know anything tomorrow night. By the time you go to bed and I don't know that we'll know anything by the end of the week is apparently in Georgia.

They've lost the ability to count that lost the ability to pay attention and's and so on. There's all kinds of things going on down there. There was in the presidential election. I know reasonably that won't be for all the marbles literally in the Senate is rumored's 50 to 48 right now 50 Republicans and 48 Democrats. But if they were actually to win. The Democrats were to win both easy to be 50-50 and swoops assuming, Harris and Joe Biden take the White House in swoops, Harris, who only gets to vote in a tie. And now you've got the progressive crazy whacked out. Amen. A woman disgusting agenda which has no holds barred.

If you have Biden and, Harris and the White House and Nancy Pelosi controls the house and in the Senate. It's tie so and, Harris breaks all the time about your inner you have devastation in this country like you had never thought I was possible so I'm to be in your talking exclusively and praying and praying the air together and talk through these things tomorrow and Wednesday because Wednesday is the big showdown in Congress joint session of Congress. For now, thank God answered prayer.

You've got a number of senators now plus over 100 has a representative Republicans that are gonna contest the contested states when it comes the electoral College vote. We haven't seen anything of this size and the history of the country and that we need to be praying and crying out to God, and we don't deserve mercy, but we continue to pray for that all way to the there's so much wickedness there so much darkness and so part of me because I know the Scriptures I know where were headed not only as a nation but as a world and in you won't have full justice until Jesus comes back and initiates it himself. But in the meantime, we should always work towards that work towards the kingdom work towards truth and justice.

Perfect. Perfect justice and against the forces of darkness and is just crazy as we see all this unfolding internation is really just heartbreaking. But today were focusing on the economy. What happened last year what we can look forward to this year I with our good friend David Fisher landmark is always or 844-879-8882 the same phone number they've always had for you to get an education. That's over here to talk about, we inform we educate you make your own decisions that were just trying to give you as much information as we can, David. Again, thanks for taking the time today happened when you outline the call. I called the perfect storm. We would be a control storm. We would probably do a special money Monday specifically on that because I think things will look completely different than what I think her to look like right now it would just be utter chaos. Like you said so I will be in prayer with you guys about that. Not happening. So yeah exactly right. We need to be crying out the Lord. Again, I approach that throne with fear and trembling, because I know as a nation we don't deserve it, not the least of which is the murder at 61 million babies, which we called legal since 1973, but everything else going on. Did you see David and I will get right back to our content that the identical cortical Methodist cortical minister in the House of Representatives, closed his prayers, talking on the name of the monotheistic God and Brahma, which is the creation God of Hinduism, which is not which is fake. Anyway, that's a lie that's a false religion. And then he said amen and then he pauses and says a woman happened in the house rep. That was my initial reaction to eyeglasses on my K idiot. It's not a gendered term. It simply means I agree. Essentially exactly but he actually thought he was being progressive and enlightened this the guy that calls himself a minister and he goes a man and a woman. It's it's I mean it's just I don't know that I keep saying David that I can't be shocked and stuff like that happens a lot worse than that of an Alpine spiritualist. I did not catch that a court haven't been doing much turning to them tell very good but that should you talk about the fall of the country that the spiritual fall of the country leads towards other people things falling in the country except that's the heart of the country and that's what our country was founded on. And that's why we're having all these other issues. If the hub yet that's exactly right. That is the ground that it was all this other stuff is coming out of it's really really heartbreaking. So when we have the perfect storm or not will will deal with that if and when it happens but but where would you say our government spending and national debt is had in 2021 because we obviously totally blew that out at an at a record pace in 2020.

Our budget deficit was about 3 trillion in were up at 27 and half trillion. Now what what what can we expect in the next 12 months with the letters SOS, count, most favorite ship. I'm talking about stimulants over extravagant spending sets were redheaded you know they just pass this $2.3 trillion bill, which is the on the bill's 1.4 in the COBIT 19 a bailout package of 900 billion show in his market to stop there. The budget for 2021 two between 5.5 to $6 trillion, which is higher than it was at 4.9/last year, you know that's nothing green deal which is conservatively true trillion dollars, many say it's more like 10 trillion. And there's a handful of economists are saying she got it all wrong reached 100 trillion is more so the foundational principles gonna pay for itself through the tax cuts that Pres. Trump put into place corporate tax code and personal tax good so and there is no way limit if it was to true anyone paper about silk working to spend like crazy. The government is going to spend like crazy. They're going to stimulate the Fed is going to do that like crazy. We thought we saw a lot in in 2020. I think it's going to be. I'm my prediction. Towards the end of the program. I'm going to predict less than that.

But I think in reality to be wrong in my prediction I made once again to conservative so it's a lot of spending a lot of stimulus on behalf importuning of our government. Yeah, and that references earlier, the Wall Street Journal op-ed piece luck in the Arab nonsense stimulus nonstop stimulus and the one point they say because Mr. Biden's proposed program is little more than Mr. Obama's tax, spend and regulate agenda on steroids because his appointees are merely greater root retreads of the Obama administration. It's excessively optimistic.

I believe that his stimulus will do any more good for the economy to Mr. Obama's did. In reality, stimulus spending has nothing to do with good long-term economic outcomes and everything to do with political outcomes and that's that's so well said. But that's the deal that they're just continuing to prop up there's no responsibility whatsoever that it's a moral outrage, but we hear people rarely talk about it in those terms, but it's just continued to get worse and worse and worse.

It will be.

That is how the government is set up there not set up to get on balance the budget. We only have one president last 20 some years clean for little bit. Is there one year and it's just not have to you mentioned that the dollars earlier.

That's a big deal is a big deal. Not only here but around the world were talking to David Fisher landmark M and talk about the dollar left. We can expect to see happening dollars in the next 12 months will hear that McAfee bill to see Noblesville if you never tried fancy you never done your fast. The next 48 hours and probably a pretty good time for you to give it a shot.

So fasting could involve just fasting from social media fasting from television fasting from sugar best at whatever you could do bread and water fast but over the next 48 hours working to see literally historic things happening in this country tomorrow, literally, for all the marbles in the U.S. Senate, which could being all the marbles in the federal government for at least two years. If Democrats somehow were able to somehow air quotes somehow able to pull off a two upsets tomorrow and that their neck and neck okay so I'm being optimistic so their neck and neck, and if they actually happen to win those two seats tomorrow. Have a 50-50 Senate and all ties would be done by, Harris assuming they get it, which I'm not assuming that yet but that's what would happen. That's the perfect storm.

Okay then the next day you have the official this is the official day Jean January 6 and two weeks later you have an inauguration.

Maybe, but generally six now in Congress joint session of Congress in a minute talk about this ad nausea them tomorrow and Wednesday were to pray together on the air tomorrow Wednesday. Over these things. Okay, so that's a big deal that's historically never seen that many states contested in history this nation you got now at 12+ senators finally and you got over 100 Republican representatives in the house and there can objected seating or certifying the electors from six different states, and that when every time they do it when the next day comes. Update the cut up the joint session of Congress.

They split they send them back their individual houses. They have two hours and hopefully this is something we can all be praying for for Wednesday. Hopefully there's a compelling case made were people actually have to deal with the truth comes out of the dark into the light now. Now that's a that's a stretch, and only God can pull it off, which is light.

If you're a follower of Christ, you need to beat it in prayer as often as much and as as as broken heartedly. As you can. Over these next 48 hours.

This is literally for the defeat the future. This nation so it's not necessary mostly for you are for me for David Fisher landmark capital. It's for our children and their children. And that's why we have to engage for our posterity, which is the word realtor around very much anymore.

I mean how do you feel about the general state of the nation.

David and country that pre-9/11 it today where we are losing our sovereign sovereignty as a nation and the founding with the principles of our nation was founded on our godly beliefs, our freedoms are spiritual freedoms, financial freedoms, so there is a big cancer from within caused by her own doing on your mind, but our leaders and it's become acceptable and the new norm and it just is like a snowball this building and growing and so I think he knows we look back we see people say remember the good old days. I think were those were the good old days, every facet we can try to when it comes to default of our country or countries still agree nation to win one live anywhere else might not turn my back on my country. I pray for blood toward doing everything that is causing destruction to our country. Yeah, I know only God didn't consult that only God can reveal what needs to be revealed by many to be crying out to him even though we have no right to crapper mercy.

That's exactly what we need and that's the same thing with the gospel for us individually.

It's the same thing for this nation's and so make sure were doing that what we talked about a little bit touched on the subject of the dollar, but what he thinks can happen in the value of the dollar in 2021. Goldman said a month ago that all all 6% of total 6.7% last year. City said 20% and I did a technical analysis 20%. I kept saying you previously on your shows that that's just this seems unheard of them were talking about. We just talked about in the more I'm seeing the technical chart to get all technical and over people's head, but just as a fundamental which is the spending in the stimulus and foreigners showing the dollar and the Fed having the Bible at all. That's the fundamental and interest rates are factored into that within the technical is what the dollar trees at like the Dell trade to 30,000 and change the dollar has an index of trades by 103 was the top number this year on March 22 for the top of the highest dollar had been by index is currently at 89, it broke through a lot of support levels this last year there broke through psychological number today 90 it's 88 is a support level.

That's not a big one if it breaks to that. It's going to go quickly or it can go down to 79, which would be more than 6%, then the next major level. After that is 71 which is right at a 20% fall in the dollar this year. If it goes below 71 then will be in territory.

It's never been before. So technically this is why you're hearing a lot of people. If any studies watching the financials and exclude gold for a second if you're hearing people saying the dollar is going to fall this year. That's why they're saying that because traditionally, December is the seems to be in the 50 year span.

The most negative month of the dollar while January. Historically is the best-performing month so we take on January look at all the other months and this year probably see you fall on the dollar and typically you do have two years back. The back of an aggressive fall in currency. We have an aggressive fallout. Sure, it's accessible to how that is acceptable in historic terms to have another year of a major fall. I think city now could be possibly right I was saying no no no for two and half months when it was announced was camped out on that.

But not that I'm accepting it as I wanted. I'm accepting it because I can see were there were there so many people have embraced the idea and technically the chart shows that we could get there. Unfortunately, what does that mean to your average consumer. Your average investor with a have a little or a lot in terms of the value of the dollar. How does that affect your average US citizen. The average person listening to us right now to travel abroad means you get more money traveling. If you're means less money coming of the US stock market. If your foreigner, which means less market upside in US stocks because 1/3 of the stock market movement is because foreigners are choosing to invest in it.

It also means that the trade deficit could get smaller because our products are cheaper and bought more. It means that gold and silver will rally more unfortunately which means it's a signal that we have some financial problems going on. It also means of foreigners are going to show the dollar because of its losing 510 1520%. You have to offset the bed through an interest rate in the interest rates are not bad. So you have a guaranteed loss by holding US dollars, so you will literally see the bathrobe plug being pulled the drain. If this happens, there's going to be you thought we saw a huge selloff in the dollar, five foreigners working up a massive selloff and working to have a bigger financial problem than ever before. If it goes to that the city's group is right at the 20% level, which means a financial crisis could come in 2021.

Unfortunately, yet really sobering and scary stuff what what about the said because they're always trying to prop things out to just the big shell game as I always mention we talk about the Fed sees me. So what you think the feds gonna do this year. That is an extreme using mode to go quantitative easing printing money out of thin air and the federal official target for inflation is 2%. It's been running like 1.1% others. A survey out there that says inflation are interest rates 74% say higher interest rates 23% said is give you the same entry percentages are single registration, 20, 21, while I bring up interest rates because if we have a decline in the dollar and we have inflation. The Fed will be forced more than likely to have. To raise rates to attract new money to finance the step structure. So I think that I think inflation is going to get close to the 2% if it we have a financial crisis is Google beyond the above 3%, which is going to below them because of the 70s all over to the Fed is trying to maintain this shell game I don't think they have their hands around this thing. I think they're just let's just keep throwing money at it.

Throwing money at it.

That may work for couple years three years five years, but at the end of the of the duration of time you get up you create that you gotta pay down the debt you have a service that debt and not even looking at that and neither is the government so that's why this the financial crisis will come. If not, if it is going to come in the longer we wait to deal with it, the more horrendous it will be in another doomsday her, but I could see some things aligning this year in 2021 that highly disturbs my spirit. Yeah, I mean right at the end of that Wall Street Journal article I mentioned. That's what they said it is a question of if the government is going to run out of other people's money. But when.

And that's exactly what you what your they just can't get it done because the fundamental assistant dealing while you want to do some predictions only come back to David.

Yet I felt great time going to do that with David Fisher landmark is always a will be right back. See Jesus saying everything about back in Steve Noble to Steve Miller so I dislike that little intro that I said let them play and keep my mouth shut for me anyway. Great to be with you doing for money Monday today with a good friend, David Fisher landmark is always the website land Mark or you can give him a call and I see the way old-fashioned way these days, 844-879-8882 is the number 844-879-8882.

A great source of education information you make up your mind. Not that I'm not selling anything to say hey here's a guy knows, especially from the precious metal side of it all is as part of a diversified portfolio. What's the deal at that house that work. Why should I consider it as your questions for David and his or 844-879-8882 but were coming into this new year and that we've done this die each year in the past David so here we go again with some predictions. Let's I've got my notepad out in my pencil and ready to go silent.

Let's let's go through the setup predictions you have for what were looking at 2021 out there, but I'm not David Letterman, I'm David Fisher, 10, so the number one. The Fed is going to pump at least $1.2 trillion in quantitative easing. I'm not talking about expanding the M1 money supply that's on top of that, so that's were reductive. The $3 trillion and/or the Fed is going to let inflation rise above 2%. They wanted to get to percent last year. They didn't do it. The rise above 2%. I hope the campaign of their editors and going higher on number three, the Fed will not raise rates next of this year unless we have a credit or bond crisis or if inflation gets out of control.

The Fed and rises about 3% then they will be forced to raise rates otherwise reach her to stay low and if you're wanting to buy a house because the rates are low or refinance. Now is the time to do it. Rates may be a little bit lower in the next coming month to two months. It's a great time to get organized.

See the yields go down and and and TJ probably has a better handle on this than I do.

But that's what I'm seeing reach mortgage rates are going to go even a little bit lower, so corporate taxes this Pres., Vice President-elect Biden is the president corporate taxes are to rise and rise substantially not good for markets, personal taxes, those that make about 400 K those taxes will rise and I think he said he's stopped there. I think that's just the start personally to taxes are analyzed in 2021, the government will spend $6 trillion only dish this year I'm going to go spend 22+ trillion 2.3. We spent 4.9 last year to spend 6 trillion this year and if you know if the big green jewel passes it's going to be eight or 9 trillion cells on predicting the government go spend 6 trillion, and have a budget deficit at least 2 trillion Siamese were and how some businesses generating some really got the country because rid of three truth $3.1 trillion budget deficit last year. So $2 trillion. I'm saying it to be at least the national debt, which is a 27.5 trillion is going to be up 32 trillion or higher unemployment currently is 6.8% will go down but still be about 5%. Going back to where it was before. Source markets possess the clonal performance like you did last year right here, don't expect that. I think you're going to see some more normal movement.

I'm in a predict, say, 10, 12, maybe 15% movement in the indexes except for maybe the NASDAQ having a hair more because the Fed is committed to buying corporate bonds, which is fixed text stocks more than others, but dollars going to go down more in 2021 then they did last year, which means is going to go down more than 6.7%. I hope it doesn't go down as much a city's editors and gold and silver again this year will outperform most of the major stock indexes like it did last year, except for the bubble of monastic yes so not terrible, but again I think over the next 48 hours. That's going back and had a huge impact on all that we might throw lotteries off the top 10 list and I might be saying look for bail him if those things happen like you said, look for bail in the I meant come to battle within the next four years. Yeah, so we'll talk about that though if the if even when if we get to that, the one the words that did not occur in this whole conversation today that we talked about a lot in 2020 was China, so do you have any thoughts on what we can expect that a China in the next 12 months. Especially if there's a Biden administration who I know, I think she's hot. Unfortunately some pretty good relationships in China will connect China back into the heard what he want to call it is going to build ties with China, not in its and China was China surpassed United States whispers the economic power house country and I think they're going to even surpasses a more this this year than last year trying is is drawing ties to the EU significantly right now in the EU is in his and placing it have a whole bunch of problems with bricks it on their own and they need for another economic source to partner with China is laying the foundation to become the economic power of the world. It was there a couple hundred years ago or more.

And now there becoming that again in the early stages and they have to compete with the United States and one way to compete is the old adage, keep your enemies close your friends close, keep your enemies closer. As I think you China wants a relationship with the United States because they want to source out there products to us in order to buy them. That's what Europe is doing now and so it's by the cheapest products in the cheapest bars come out of China because wages are the cheapest and ice think you're going to be a strong tie.

Also, the economic, the France of the Paris agreement court agreement is going to be reunited with American. It and so during this year more of a IA OneWorld dish this coming again and the disc also help on central-bank level greater than ever before because really feel the digital currency is coming to the forefront of this year more than ever before.

Yeah, those things I would encourage all you guys. I died didn't hold still and this couple months ago called the great reset which is real. Idalia usually happens in January they punted till May this year because of gilded but that's really made me see this in the mounting that the financial crisis the covert situation as an opportunity and that stops them literally, you know, the statement is literally right out of the pages of Scripture. In terms of one world government globalization and dealing doing away with the sovereignty of really every single country on the planet which would set up nicely for for a man of lawlessness, of course, but these things are all real and are going on just general just to finish our conversation. They just general thoughts on what an investor should do in this environment for 2020 1 PM anyone after class.

Don't be on Cashel Bialystok so vie en rose say don't be only gold silver get some representation to all these areas.

If you don't have some money saved up save some money. After you have that done gifts diversified, not just in stocks. Get some gold and silver, don't be. Top every and leverage investment like real estate, even though interest rates are low. It that's what caused the bubble before going so just be careful to diversify and you want to buy gold at a discount silver a discount because the things that we described today are a very a nitroglycerin for gold and silver so make the call to get the information gifts from education and help us help yourself to allow to learn how to invest in gold and silver and natural about education, you will be interesting to watch this year and since diversification is always a big deal. It's always sound fiscal policy for an individual investor, but there's so many curveballs that are potential out there.

You gotta be willing and ready to move in again. One of the things you deal with the gun of a financial blueprint is understanding.

Okay, here's what we do. Here's what we have here is where exposure is and are we top-heavy are we not that diversified and that's one of the first things people have to do right is kind of a doctors checkup of their investments in general. If you're financially sick to go the doctor our country financially sick and that's an understatement.

So go to the doctor. This is a cardiologist, Dr. type of thing. It's at the center of the economic environment called the dollars of the debt, and that's where I'm the financial cardiologist because papers paper and papers gone by the wayside before but gold and silver stood the test of time. It's a biblical and it's been around for thousands of years.

What a great point in the great reminder for all of us landmark. is the website after David and his team land market where the old-fashioned way. Stephen likes to say 844-879-8882 is the phone number 844-879-8882 when they call you guys where they can experience David.

No pressure. Lots of education, answer your questions sent out a packet and she were your thoughts are down the road and in the you'll have a lot of questions. As result of the packet in the balls and their coordinated to see him accordingly and they make sure we should all be praying over our finances as well. Not just things that the country or things with us personally, but we should be praying about our finances as well. David, thanks for being on today I'll continue to pray for you. You do the same for me and I will not have an area we'll talk again next week. My brother died and are developed by David Fisher, just a great friend, a great supporter of the show, and helpful. Very very grave the situation ran is worse but do you know the Lord Jesus Christ is your house built on the Rogers adult is the end of a Biden presidency present what happens tomorrow. What happens when what happens in the world you or not price your house with the firm foundation in medicine shifts to change. Nothing changed your eternity that you know him. This is Steve no one is still God willing, I always used to say

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