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2020 vs YOU!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 30, 2020 4:23 pm

2020 vs YOU!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 30, 2020 4:23 pm

2020 vs YOU!

Today Steve opens the phones to ask: What have you learned about yourself? What has God taught you? How have you changed? Did 2020 kick your butt?


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Thank you and God Bless

The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
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Line of Fire
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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of tree but no sacred calls now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host Steve Noble the cow fill it like it. RT minus what one get one extra day of 2020 as if we wanted another day in 2020 will you get one because of the leap years will get 366 20. Well, 366, 20, 20 days as opposed to 365, 20, 20 days so my question for you is what has 2020 done to you.

Now that's the good the bad and the ugly could be something about your health may be of its covert related. Maybe you lost your job because of what's happened in 2020. Maybe you've lost your faith in the American government. The American governmental system may be you struggle with your anger may be it's been good for your marriage. Maybe it's been good for your health, may be you change some things. As a result of this crazy year that we are finishing up. So that's my question for you today. When open up the phones and I know we have a couple of stations that are off-line today because of a wake forest basketball game, which is a big deal here North Carolina but for the rest of you. I really want to hear from you. How has 20/20 affected you how that changed you. Maybe what has God taught you through all of this. It's been a roller coaster year a lot of different things going on obviously but but when you think about it, how have you changed how has 2020 changed you, and that could be via God teaching you something or reviewing some problems or creating new ones. Maybe it's because of your business got shut down and you're out of a job. That's a pretty big way that 2020 has changed you and affected you and impacted you. So that's my question for you today and would love to hear from you. You can chime in on Facebook live. You can just type in there or call and preferably would love to hear your voice today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH how has 2020 changed you impacted you good the bad the ugly or or perhaps what is God taught you as a result of going through this crazy year of 2020. That's what I want to talk about. That's what I want to reflect on some opening up the phone lines to all of you and I hope you'll call in and share.

Just think about it for a minute or two, formulate your answer.

You don't have to be you know an incredible orator to be to call in your radio show. I know most people are little uncomfortable with that but you're not. Most people okay knocking a lump you in with most people think about it and because it's important we need to dialogue to the stuff share these things together specially in the body of Christ. Perhaps it's something the Lord is taught you corrected you.

Whatever the case may be, how is 2020 affected you are changed you so Colin and I would love for you to share sure that or you can just as for my friends on Facebook live. You can just type it in the comments box and I'll do that I'd smother people on Facebook today chime in on that question something for all of us to consider work through. As we get to turn the corner in 2021, believe it or not.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH again would love to hear from you today and I let's ponder how 20/20 has affected us, changed us again. It could be the good the bad and the ugly. Okay while you're calling and 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH couple of big breaking news things we are just a few days out from January 6 January for the course next Tuesday. The big election down in Georgia you should be using your social media and texting anybody you know in Georgia should tell them to get out and vote for these two Republican candidates because that could be the only break in the fire like to be the only fire line that we have between Arava totally radicalized left agenda in the future.

This country so that's Tuesday and then Wednesday next next Wednesday week from today, January 6. The big showdown in Congress with the reading and certifying of the electoral college votes.

Of course, have 12 people in the house. 12.

Republicans now is willing to object and now finally you have somebody in the Senate that's willing to go along with that which is great but none other than Josh Holly whose is quickly becoming my favorite member of the Senate is not already so Holly says he'll object to electoral college certification. The bike victory in January 2 to get a dozen transporters in the house and I have Holly will see if anybody else is in there, but said it going to object and he'll highlight what he said was the failure, some states, most notably Pennsylvania to follow their own election law. So there you go. That will stop the process on Tuesday of go as they get through it as a get to a state that any book that people want to object to and again it's gotta be one in the house of one of the Senate, which obviously be Republicans. Then they stop the clock they get up to two hours to separate gold to their separate chambers and discuss it, and that's where the Trump team.

Another article I just pulled from the epic times president trumps campaign advisor said the team is aiming to present evidence during a potential congressional debates, not potential anymore. It's can happen so you got that so they're going to present some evidence there.

Working with people in the house and the Senate to try to get that stuff out tomorrow and people in the American public and to try to put the pressure on the Democrats would probably will work, but I really appreciate that the doing this and let's make sure between now and then were praying for these people pray for Josh Holly pray for members of the house.

Pray for trumps team pray for truth. Pray for justice. This other article they were to get your calls 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How is 2020 affected you changed. You impacted you a court find Prince did not back lot lawmaker plan to overturn election results. That's what the lawyers are saying attorneys representing representing Louis. Gomer is from Texas and the slate of Republican electors from Arizona indicated in a court filing that VP Mike pence did not agree with their position that pence could choose between counting the electoral votes of Democrats or Republicans from states where both parties had submitted votes. This is happened in the battleground states and so that's allegedly what's gone on. They had to talk about it for the actually filed and this is Louis Colburn and others filing a case against Mike pence trying to enforce what they believe is the constitutional angle here and it looks like pence isn't agreeing. At least that's what his lawyers are saying in this so that's another part of our prayer efforts over the next several days.

Pray for Holly Josh Holly in the Senate, pray for these members. These Republicans in the house. Pray for trumps team and pray for Mike pence for courage and wisdom and strength for truth to be revealed.

Shockingly enough, again.

Okay so I got Jill was on hold and I'm going to hit a break here you guys in about 30 seconds.

I don't want to pull you on the put you back on hold so hopefully Jill you'll be okay. Thanks for call and insists I'd love to hear from her and the will talk to Chuck is coming in from North Carolina jewels all the way up in Iowa but I would hear from you to how has 2020 affected you. 2020 wins or are you waiting maybe you aren't JB Luster job. Maybe you lost your health maybe 2020 devastated you and you just want to share that so that we can stop and pray for you. I'd be happy to do that. Give us a call.

Give me a call. How is 20/20 impact. If you change you are happy crap. How is God' 866-34-TRUTH 866 portrait day Dave 2020. My question today and I would love you to call in. How has it impacted you how the learned. As a result of going through this crazy 2020 year coven. Everything else, and maybe it's good maybe it's bad maybe it's really ugly whatever you'd like to share has 2020.

How has it affected you impacted you. What is it taught you and a lot a great conversation on Facebook live if you want to join us there. Just go to the Steve Noble page on Facebook and you could chime in there and all my friends there. As Sharon a lot and I'll get to that hearing a little bit but would love to hear from you via phone 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH Jill, Merry Christmas, happy new year my friend. Thanks for calling it you 2020 whenever 20 10 may not know what we know they got that no what I learned hat number one guy in control. I really look online for work after I Got word getting together and playing with Brandon either online order to gather at air but ever thank you order prayer more Bible kind water got with you on through all that more and more of my actually do all the okay I have been working. I would have thought yes it's a good I think a lot of us Jill and myself included, have experienced that contrast where things have gotten so crazy and went. When we had the cold that started in the George Floyd and BLM in the writing and the looting of the protests and in the election and everything else that's going on in the and the terrible impact on the economy this that the other thing that that peace that surpasses all understanding. I think for a lot of us that we've experienced that to a greater degree than we ever have before, which is very obviously very kind of the Lord, but also just true to his word and I think I wanted to ask you was that was that. What kinda diving deeper and in spending more time in the word and prayer and stuff you think part of that was the opportunity to because we just didn't have as many other things we could do that point are not what" you truly lot for you really, really know all you find that out. Got word with. I want to challenge you daughter. I want to challenge you and I have found that really, really rewarding yet here I am God not real pirate membrane will are trying that I know guy find me the fire so no so good bless you happy happy new year and I am on my I get. I get you some really so encouraging. Thank you so happy new year to you soon bye-bye that was great. Let's jump over that and if you want to call and I love to hear from you as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

How has 2020 impacted you house it. What is it taught you could be good to be bad. Could be ugly what kind of toll is 2020 taken on you I did when did you lose are you better off what's going on 866-34-TRUTH 7884 or 866-34-TRUTH Chuck, thanks for holding started keeping on hold goats along, go right ahead. No problem. I guess I'm getting older and how I react you are driving by growing up. I got bad.

Really bad on you or read the word but okay all good everything is good were in the Lord and one day he will Lord my name forever be. Yeah, we got that you know in our back pocket.

We know that sense of reality today is much as it was yesterday is Michael Geiser tomorrow in our front pocket.

You very good. So how how would you say to Chuck. I would assume is asking right-click what he thinks the single biggest impact that this crazy year of 2020 is had on you personally. Well, I've gone through great trouble with my over on drug met up on you know you bribed like Deborah but you know like the old go now.

It lit the court going through prayer and that well you court are you know but I remember that I love you no matter what and what I'm not you nice you know I don't wish that on anybody at all costs. No year I've been in the VA mental health for things that happened a long time ago. The Navy who are you and will they were involved with the friend of Barnett, and I felt like a greater euro euro three or so and I could live although your daughter old. She then I went and thank God. I thought and and now I got the American flag on my right shoulder near my birthday. You know that with Bible.

It was a short, not not to react sure to tell the FBI your NIF long time now Doesn't make it better know he's from that which is great.

Yeah it worked only every day One other thing like you did you their children are like the characters you know I my wife died I married again. I forgot you been in a 19-year-old boy now but no complaint no complaint. Everything is good. Thank God Stan is so good towards the love so thankful to God about the earthly's mercy and long, so good and so rich Chuck you so much God bless you brother think you got going here. We love your brother. I appreciate that style indices fat now and stuff like that happens in you. Listen and you're like well he lost his first wife is lost, other children, it sounds like challenging issues to carry for 20 years. As a result of military service. All of that yet God is good faith endures forever praising the Lord is walking with joy in God's patience and long-suffering with any of us shock me you lazy thanks that Chuck got blessed 866-34-TRUTH 866 34 through three right rest of the day and borrow it or not, and allegedly allegedly that still what's but still about 30 hours away, or whatever. So I'll believe it when I see it, but it's been a challenging year on a number of fronts a very different year and alarming year. A dark world year confusing year chaotic year and so the question I am asking you today and hopefully call in and share this house. It changed you house it affected you your different person today than you were 12 months ago, especially considering, and in light of everything that's happened this year. How is it changed you what you learn. Maybe what you've learned about yourself or maybe what you learned about the Lord that maybe a lot of us have learned that we can actually be contends with doing and spending a lot less, as so much of our regular route activities been shut down, including for some of you work. So what kind of an impact has 20/20 had on you.

What if you learned what is taught you what is God taught you and and what's happened, but so what. The 2020 when did you win the Lord winning in your life. As a result of taking you through this crazy year 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and maybe for you it's you know what Steve 2021 kicked my rear end. Okay, that's true for a lot of people that that doesn't make you any less or worse or something that anybody else it's been probably the most difficult year for a lot of people. And if that's your case, I'll call you and share it and will probably just pray right then and there if you want us to do that I might do it anyway but call and and and let's talk about a got a bunch of comments from people on Facebook live today because I think we need to consider this. And maybe this can be some things that people share that you maybe I should consider that more. Maybe that's something I should work on and that's why we need to be introspective of ourselves. A look back in order to have a healthy perspective right it's important we need to consider these things as part of building wisdom 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number as always, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. How is 20/20 impacted you and I would you learned and perhaps a house that affected your faith. I know for a lot of people and I got a lot of comments on the get to hear and second, it sat a huge impact on how we look forward and what we do with our time and what do we value what really matters when you strip around strip out much of our retail and restaurant life is there enough left of in your world in your life that you can be content with such things as you have even the apostle Paul said he learned to be content. And I struggled with that for a long time and then spent four months studying it. That particular passage and a few others and then taught on it and that helped me in this year learning to be content in I think that's a lesson. Probably most of us struggle with my buddy Clay here in Raleigh, North Carolina Clay, thanks for calling and man, I appreciate you and what you want to say world warmhearted with your brother you think again you radio window. The people that are so involved in their that bring it work needed to be, you know, are you this year has been challenging for many people out there you know there's been some belt through grid many questions as you know, people are always wondering what's going to happen next. Will you know two days from now will be stepping into a new year, but I just look at the change thing all. Not much is changed, but I'm looking at it is like God the father is in charge soberly and control all making thing where he needs them to be all you know I heard something that got my attention over the weekend and there were three words that that came out there were forsaken, forgiven, and for all and I interesting thing is when I hear certain pastors on troop radio bring forth a message message.

It just grabbed a hold of you, you know, you think they were certain things that you've introduced and a member of first got to meet you you Noel.

I was very thankful to the Lord because I'm not going to go away. From what I told you I believe your powerful God brother. I just really believe you know you brother Robbie.

The Lord bless you and your man because you know what it felt.

Troop radio and it what is presented.

What is put out there letting people know stuff that they need to hear and for me, you know, I could really go on but you do with all this stuff that is got to happen. I have got to make 21 brothers and sisters, and I'm talking black people that I wear a hat or a work shirt and they seem to have a short and they say nausea. Not sure what brother tell you what is a blessing because I tell them I'm not trying to be really butchering, but creation does so much more than the book of Genesis. Yet the Lord things when he needed being able to make somebody being able to talk to Bill strike up a conversation and you share that conversation the changes when you make that person and you all can strike up something is right, all you any good back-and-forth Loughran. I'm so very thankful troop radio know that there is a story on how I felt. But you know what that is not about me because of what Rick Lord in his book and purpose driven life. Those first few words about you about making your life the way the Lord needs it to be given word that so what is so important you and everybody else out there was born. Have a plan Product from day one to where we are going now again I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to you brother Robbie and Bruce to everybody else. There because you know what God knows what he's doing now.

He knows what he's doing with the radio stations in stations.

He knows what he's doing with each of his believers and anyone knows what he's doing with the grand plan and that's where all of us that that got a remember that stop that should be the foundation that your house and sitting on that your life is sitting on.

That's the rock.

But if your house is on the sand of the world or politics or what happens in DC Boivin have a hard time Clay great points always so encouraging. Thank you so much brother love you man. Happy new year brother Mary Christmas to you got a feeling that this unit this coming year is going to be a wonderful thing that the Lord is going to have a minute. But people are going to just see what really can happen and really make a difference in everything about what brother keep doing what you doing man because I am thankful for you.

I appreciate you and I love you because you know what the Lord love the first JV is exactly right that's the gospel brother thanks now talk to you.

Thanks for calling. Always so encouraging and in that really is and is that man that really appreciate such as truth radio, the Christian radio. In general, and not so important. The word of God. I mean this is the only ultimate truth you're going to get meeting bench for your willingness to crowding all these things right.

Going back but if it's not based and centered on the word of God and if it's not about building the kingdom and is not about proclaiming the gospel that is falling short.

If you have other truth in their T ultimate truth eternal truth got a habit.

I do want to share this if you want to call, and by the way, 866-34-TRUTH eight, 784 866-34-TRUTH a lot of great things that my friends on Facebook of ensuring today what I want to share with all of you will because I think we need to be looking looking back and considering how 2020 is impacted us. Maybe we missed the boat a little bit here and there and develop something so this is just some from some folks on Facebook Pat improve my fasting and praying daily praises to him for Diane that continue to serve and help people with mental health and strong advocate North Carolina nonstop at times, but so worth it.

And in so important because mental health has gotten worse as a result of 2020 and COBIT in the shutdowns and everything so that that should be a much bigger issue for all of us paying attention that just like Chuck said earlier with his son drug problems that's gotten worse addictions of God were suicides gotten worse mental health anxiety, depression, all of that hold them close. I'm just reading off the Sears and I like this one to stay off Facebook it's good that's good advice.

Read as a friend on Facebook and she got is got open doors for me to get a medical education during a pandemic. Didn't see that coming. But hey, on an adventure and it was fun to watch that on Facebook watch her post on Facebook. Is she starting to get an education to be in the medical field that was caught. That was cool. Richard said to believe his words sound strange from a believer, but to really believe his word six days in six days times of stress in the last days means times of stress and difficulty. He will return to rule the nations with a rod of iron means exactly that a great point and my friend Sharon just great pro-life hero. Her husband's industry virtually disappeared, special events, right gathering special events conferences that come to stuff her husband did that that that was business but it disappears a couple little jobs here and there together somehow. We have not missed a payment or lost anything. I don't know how Sharon said what God exactly right? What about you I was 2020 impacted or seen file six 634 truth portrait will show the last live show 20 be back on Monday and next week some great guess I'll be in the office of on Wednesday. None other than n-gram lots that would be Billy Graham's daughter the best preacher in the family next to her dad. So I've known him for years in the very first time I did Facebook live was with n-gram lots in the studio that we used to be Southeastern Baptist theological seminary that goes all the way back like I don't know 2016 or something so Anne's grades in such a great teacher and speaker in just full of the Holy Spirit, and especially coming out this year in everything she's experience with her battle against cancer should be a very, very rich show Sotheby next Wednesday and I'll do that live from her office and her ministry headquarters which happens to be here in Raleigh North Carolina so will get at it then occurs next Tuesday. The Georgia runoff next Wednesday the sixth thing down to be with and is the Senate and House come together for the reading of the electoral college votes from each state analogize Holly stepping up that just came out this afternoon you can have objections in the house in the Senate which stops the whole process and with each state that they object to visit up to two hour window for presenting arguments to say hey I don't think we should accept these electors cursing on the votes of the house, but a good. It is a good opportunity to get some information out there so many people are just writing it off, although a good chunk of the vast majority of Republicans believe the election was messed up and you got about 13 to 16% of Democrats saying yeah I think there's a problem, of course, there is how asked how extensive it is looked pretty extensive.

How conclusive is the evidence. A lot of it looks pretty conclusive and is all kinds of stuff out there. I mean just the dealership information so we'll see what trump steam doesn't in working with these Republicans in the House and the Senate and Josh Holly's the one right now the Senate, but there could be more but asking to be historic day. That's next Wednesday and next Tuesday. The election next Wednesday and I'll be like with n-gram lots so busy busy week as we push into 2021 but as we finish up 2020. My question for you. Today was simply how is it impacted you house it changed you who want the 2020 when to curtail and or have you grown or you better person today than you were on January 1 for COBIT and all the other stuff before George Floyd before BLM, before shutdowns before our churches made the decision. Most of undead to not get together, kowtowing to the government claiming Romans 13, all I can. Good stuff. How's it impacted you has a change. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number is always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH would love to hear from you and to share how's it how that impacted you has a change you. What have you learned I wanted to keep sharing because there's so many great ones here on Facebook that people were sharing patients and to trust him fully and then to be more patient learn to be happy even when you can't be with friends or go out.

That was the one I think a lot of us are paying attention to keep my eyes on him, not on what's happening in the world and read my Bible more.

Be strong and be courageous Amber on Facebook said to not fear right we see in the spirit of fear and literally take over this country and around the world and we believers, born-again Christians not given a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind so that really is a good indication it shows you that there's a whole lot of people operating the vast majority without the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, they do have a spirit of fear that's been a huge trust that God is in control of the matter how things look.

God is good all the time. It's push me close to the Lord than ever before and just reading from Facebook. These are just great things and things to consider as you ask yourself that question.

What I learned how my different, we shall be taking an inventory like this.

Okay Karen said he's been truly blessed me this year, count my blessings. That's good to keep my lamp full is the Lord return is near. That's good on from Cheryl right.

Don't be caught off guard, be ready for his return today closer today than it was yesterday. Member Corolla said 20/20 taught me to focus on what really matters, which is gotten family man that's been so true for most was right going a walk. Spending time together, which for some people's been tough. You're not you you're used to get a break every day. Also in your in home all the time and there's been a downside that obviously for people that are in abusive relationships, whether it's a spouse or are a mom or dad and that's brutal on the matter how good you try to be. It is never good enough for some people said Glenn okay not to be so trusting about that because the government and the system in general has really been talk about disappointing radically disappointing. Maxine said, life is still good and got a still great, amen. That's that house. My house is built on the rock now in the sand kind of mentality is the reality right as a Christian, and hopefully you've experienced that Mel had a good list here not to trust our so-called experts had to say they live big-time way to political not to be a sheep, but to be a lion. Good list for Mel living normally and staying happy.

Work better than a mask and social distancing. Living by fear is our greatest enemy living with confidence in God helps boost the immune system and it works 100 times better than a mass in isolation.

I serve a great God who can protect me hundred one times better than the stupid health protocols, then stepping out in faith. I'm smelling Facebook numbers and said patients And said God taught me. We are not in control.

Like we think God's large and in charge right were deftly noncontrol. Ethan said and drive around my sunroof open because the rapture is coming. Good attitude to have more faith and trust. Our Lord belief in and peace to be a piece. God is good trust and then life goes on. Even while the world has loses its fate to pray because everything else is failing as it that's a great one has it affected your prayer life is if you haven't prayed more this year and if you and I can be praying a lot over the next few days because Tuesday's common that's the runoff and Senate.

The Senate is to Senate seats down in Georgia.

By the way, on social media and with friends or texting. If you have any connection and you know if you have a lot of friends on Facebook.

You don't know who's in Georgia who know somebody's in Georgia should be encouraging everybody you know anybody in Georgia. Hey anybody in Georgia get out and vote for these two Republicans.

Even if you're a moderate. Even if you're an independent vote for the two Republicans because that's the only block that there's going to be most likely in the Senate and Congress and if you have Biden Harris presidency and Democrats run this the house by slim margin, but they still own the majority and they win those two seats in the Senate.

It's a 50-50 time.

Which means, Harris, the vice president breaks. All ties you can see where that's going to go talk about radical change.

2020 will look like nothing compared to 2021. That's what happened.

So we all need to be praying and messaging about this boat next Tuesday and praying and messaging and calling your representative, especially your senators and say hey you need object to these questionable results in the swing states step up so many of them are playing the game and they're looking on down the road listen to counselors and their listening to pollsters and they're not just basing their operations and their decisions on an allegiance to the truth and what's best for the country set Biden and Trump aside for second were talking about the survival of this nation as a representative republic.

So we need to be acting. We need to be praying Annette on Facebook said he has sustained me right. It's been a tough year but we got through it.

Here we are. So he sustained us but I can't find a church that life is not getting better in a downward spiral for almost 20 years and I'm tired of thinking it will. I appreciate that. That was from Sandra on Facebook about that. I can't find a church that can mean you can't find a church is a good solid Bible believing public preaching on compromising church or when it's open. Goodness gracious. I'm grateful for RFA church in Raleigh.

There's others that are open Calvary down in apex and here locally.

There's other churches are open and praise the Lord for that hilltop is the churches that are open but a lot are still that's difficult and I appreciate that honesty, it was God's decision to give us free choice panting adult children's taught me that I can trust him with their journey. Amen to that friend Sarah Facebook never give up never give them trust him completely and watch God is good all the time and has a plan patients. I'm just reading these guides in control and this too shall pass. Trust. Hopefully this is encouraged to you as we finish up this year to take it one day at a time. I put my trust in him alone. Amen I was Barbara and Facebook. Anita said this God is faithful always and shares those who are dear to you and let them know what a great point that we've gotten any better this year, expressing her love and appreciation to each other and we gone out of our way more to express encouragement check in on one another one another's in Scripture for us as believers are massive. Hopefully that's just crazy years. Help us with that hold no grudges asked for forgiveness daily and forgive those who seek, forgive, even if they don't ask good keep my focus on Jesus, said Carol. Denise said it's taught me much about myself, how to adapt and work how to treat every day is a blessing. What a great lesson how to be thankful for Lysa at life as I've lost friends to COBIT Denise on Facebook how to be thankful for my family and friends how to accept each day is a gift and never take anything or anyone for granted. Amen. What a great bunch of answers there should be challenging to all of us.

God's in control.

Trust in God is good and trust him always taught me how badly the Democrats cheat, said Alisha-Facebook a lot out there a lot of fruit on the tree for me personally, since you asked definitely contentment. Contentment is been something I wrestle with often on it shown me the beauty of a simple her life not running around like crazy not going to restaurants not going to a movie every Friday Just retail life the retail lifestyle. When it gets cut off and out run around spending time in home boardgame just hanging out talking breakfast together, lunch together, great in some difficult things.

My wife and I am challenges family and stuff God brought us through it all were more than concrete greater is he that is in me that he is in the world. Great point Marina on Facebook think that this year's got not. Amen.

God is good that he woke up there. My lungs hallelujah I 88 number take stock of them as we finish up the screen. Search your heart hopefully were more like him. Now were here this is noble to see Noble show Mary Christmas happy new year and all

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