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Year-End Brawl

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 29, 2020 4:52 pm

Year-End Brawl

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 29, 2020 4:52 pm

Year-End Brawl

As the year 2020 comes to a close the fighting for America continues and the drama of covid continues as the election gets worse.


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Mobile show you why Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary job on his shoulders and through no sacred cow call Steve now at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble okay all you yeah you talking directly you I hope your praying away from day the big runoff election in Georgia for control literally for control of the U.S. Senate and up very very tired of looking at real clear politics as well as project 538, they built up our aggregators for polling and not by 38 does a lot of dumpling as well.

538 has Perdue at 48% the Republican and stop at 47.6%. The liberals are basically neck and neck and it got Warnock alive remained warlock is supposed to suppose a pastor's got an increasing number of anti-biblical beliefs and the behavior of Warnock at 48.2% local Loeffler at 47.7%. Also, a deadlock and I reading up on some of this earlier today the Democrats are falling behind.

The Republicans actually both campaigns Democrat campaign put out a joint statement about hey we need to get some more money from the mothership and we need more people donating her and I could really keep up with the Republicans and it was asserted by somebody else and unnamed source because that's who we get our news from anymore that the Schumer's, pulling out a consumer's office came back and said not a bunch of hogwash were behind these people. Of course have to say that, but he put money behind him, so that's a big deal a week from today is that special runoff election two seats in the U.S. Senate.

At the same time literally for control of the Senate.

Right now it's 50 to 48 okay 50 to 48 and you've got the Republicans who have believed there so if you get both of those seeds going to the Democrats you get a 50-50 tie in the United States Senate and do you remember you civic student you who breaks the tie is the only time this person gets to vote in the U.S. Senate and it's only when there's a tie-in in the in that if if Joe Biden, Harris take the White House on January 20, which were not there yet. She would break the she would break the tie. So you literally had Democrats in control of both the house and the Senate functionally and then Joe Biden, Harris and the White House in so many ways.

Kiss your country goodbye because her to go hogwild for two years and then I'd like to think working to see a devastating defeat of the Democrats and everything they try to do and do do in the course of those first 24 months in the midterm election so that is a week from today. Okay, so please be praying about that week from today for all the marbles in the Senate. Okay that is a huge deal. I cannot overstate the importance of those two outcomes which we will not know next Tuesday. Because in Georgia like in Pennsylvania, many other places.

Apparently they switch to common core math in order to do their election results and so it's gonna take him hours, days, weeks if not months to figure it out so expect more turbulence as were trying to push out of 2020 into 20, 21, did I put up at the sub Facebook earlier today made me laugh, a meteorologist pointed this out and I was like ARE you kidding me how many days are there in a given year in any given year, how many days are 365 exactly right.

How many days are there in 2020.

It's actually 366 as of 2020 has been challenging enough. We get one more helping heaping teaspoon of 2020 because it was a leap year there were 29 days in February so we get an extra day here at the end of 2020 Yahoo isn't that nice so a lot of things I want to talk about today on the show and tomorrow's going to be strictly a call and show and tomorrow I will remind you that tomorrow another one week out. Prayer initiative with the reading of the electoral college votes on a state-by-state basis in Congress, led by Mike parents and there are some people out there and I want to clarify this before we jump into the other things I want to talk about McConnell what he did in the Senate today. What that means on a talk about. Did you see this is kind of funny. The most admired man in America, which Barack Obama has taken that spot 12 years in a row until this year, so guess is most admired man in America is will talk about that talk about McConnell Marshall sports, which many of you probably don't know Dave Portnoy is the guy that started that pretty trashy guy but in this case a Great American a great small businessman very successful himself trying to do something that our government hasn't been good at and our governors haven't cared about, which is trying to help small businesses only get to that story in a very serious story out of Nevada high school students suing his school. His mother is over.

A lot of indoctrination garbage surrounding critical race theory in an intersection LDL remind you what those mean we get to that story. That's a big deal, especially if you have kids or grandchildren in the public school system. You need to be aware or charter schools you need to be aware what's going on out there and I want to read that too young to share that story with you because it's super important to make sure your your paying attention but a week from tomorrow.

We got the electoral College.

The reading of those of us of slates of electors for each state where you can have objections and stop you may have heard this historic email yesterday a group of Republican suing Mike pence claiming the vice president has sole discretion, to name, valid electoral college votes, a group, Republicans are suing VP Mike Benson asking a Texas judge to grant him the authority to name which electors able to vote in the electoral College for present United States.

The obvious move. There is didn't get Mike parents who is in fact in charge of those proceedings next week, usually just procedural right that just got pomp and circumstance but if they get their way. Don't believe they will.

But I appreciate them trying then there saying that Mike pence can just throw out any state slate of electors based on him receiving an objection or operating on his own his own authority saying yet that too much stuff went on in Pennsylvania so were not cannot receive either set of electors from that state was going to set them aside which at some point could drop Biden below to 70 which throws the whole thing. The House of Representatives where they vote by state they don't vote by individual members and Republicans control more states then Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Believe it or not.

And so they'd be able to elect a real like Donald Trump that's that's kind of the underground plan here so it's Lee Gomer and several others. Arguing that the electoral count act of 1887, which I was talked about last week violates the 12th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, the plaintiff's attorneys in the case assert the pence has authority under the Constitution to reject and approve electors in the case that two or more competing sets of electors submit both the electoral college which happened in a couple of states where they said pay the Republicans even though allegedly they lost in that state signed off on their own set of electors will have that documentation ready to what's going to happen a week from tomorrow and Congress will continue there. When we come back here is already been praying about this stuff already, but we gave the Senate run up seats in the U.S. Senate for all the marbles in the U.S. Senate right now 50 to 48.

Republicans have the lead, but if the Democrats got help, as were actually able to win to both those races next week in Georgia which we won't know next Tuesday by way of course because they can't count votes and George apparently and so were knocking to know next Tuesday. What the deal is a Lester's blowout, but right now all the polling shows neck and neck but also because 50-50. And, Joe get in a January 20 and calmly gets to break every tie in the Republic and the Democrats get to run the table in the house in the Senate and the White House. So go hog wild kids out of control with their parents credit card at the themepark of the the Toys "R" Us or whatever and it'll be shocking to see what they do what they try to do what in fact, they do so next Tuesday week from today you need to be praying for that. Pray for the block to exist in the U.S. Senate for the Republican state, but the seats because even if you're a moderate Democrat. You don't want the new controllers of your party.

The far left run the table the sake of the country.

I think I'd like to think you don't want that.

You see right through that you see the problem, so we need to be praying about that in a week from tomorrow. Of course the electoral college reading. I was telling you about this group of Republicans led by Louis Gomer Acorda quote suing print pants and bring it up a suit alleging that the voter act which came out in back in the electoral count act of 1887 was a violation of U.S. Constitution that Mike Penn should have absolute authority to accept to accept or reject electoral college votes from each state and even for me, a conservative that would love to see Donald Trump get four more years. I'm not comfortable with giving any member of Congress or the elector or the elect. The executive branch that kind of power you're fine with it when it's your guy when it's the other teams guy you'll go ballistic.

So that's why we should were supposed to live in a nation of laws set out and guided by the U.S. Constitution and no one person in this country should have that kind of power and authority. Of course right now or do a point were so frustrated it's so confusing people going. They pass the cell let's go from 602,000 and the house they pass that but a bunch of Republicans were against it because all of a sudden their deficit hawks is funny and in the Senate today. Mitch McGonagle told her horses were knocking to do a unanimous vote which is a provision there that just allows them if they think they've got it unanimous consent.

Meaning we don't really need to do individual votes because everybody in here wants to do this essay don't eat, they can just push it right through. They try to do that with the rays today. They call that what is at the cash act, whatever they named it installment the Mitch McConnell just all he had to stand up and say was I object and that shot that down. They say okay we can't do that because the president wants us to deal with three things. The increase from 600 to 2000. He wants us to deal with section 230, which is a big deal. That's also why the president vetoed the defense spending act because they didn't deal with section 230, section 230 is what allows Facebook and Instagram and Twitter these guys to censor and affect the outcome of an election and get away with it because it's calling them like they're like their free and open platforms except they're not there publishers and if you have a publisher doing that then you get a violation of free speech rights so they that's why he wanted this to 30. He put this in there for the cortical covert relief bill with the omnibus spending bill as well jump to 30 K athletes talking about and then just the electoral mess that we have the allegations of fraud and everything else going on there. So those three items. What what's driving Mitch McConnell who is the total rhino. I have no idea, but I really don't. It's confusing, but welcome to 2020 under so much darkness that play somewhat the spiritual forces of darkness. Powers and authorities of deception and lies okay are out there that's all involved in this. You got the regular human depravity of man. You got politics you got financial pressure in the got spiritual forces of darkness all the stuff is in there, which is why we get half-truths in pseudo-truth and misinformation and disinformation and lack of information by one of the things we need to be praying for us Christians is discernment and for truth and justice, which almost seems impossible right now in this country which is really sad but that's what's going on. And so what this just like with this lawsuit trying to give Mike pence ultimate authority to throw out or receive electoral college votes from each state is probably not can go anywhere and so I'm stumped myself. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place because I know there's been problems with election fraud and voter fraud.

Everything going on there yet we still of U.S. Constitution and we still have to limit power and so you're kinda in trouble if you do, and in trouble if you don't it's really disheartening. So for me when I'm in a situation like that, we need to be praying. Pray for truth. Pray for justice even when mankind is just continuing to do it. Mankind does still need to pray, don't give up. Don't lose hope. This country is worth fighting for because it affects a whole lot of people and I heard a caller on the Rush Limbaugh show earlier today can members sit and form today, but it was a guy from Canada saying hey hey to all my conservative friends down there in America. Don't give up because it that as America goes, so goes the world were like the only one that can attempt to put a foot down when it comes to the advances of communist China and of course was going on with Russia. What's going on Middle East.

So America goes down a lot other people besides Americans are going to suffer, and I really appreciated hearing a phone call from the Canadian earlier today and then you get this just to make it even more bizarre, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama most admired in 2020 trumps first-place finish and the 12 year run as most admired man for Obama tied with Dwight Eisenhower. For the most ever. Meanwhile, Michelle Obama ranks as the most admired woman for third year in a row.

Vice President-elect, Harris's second and I would love to see a couple things about that, but I'm not going to on the ladies side of what they're thinking, but on the mend side most admired men Donald Trump got 18% of that vote. These guys have been doing this for years, ever since the presidency going all the way back to Dwight D Eisenhower K etiquette scalloped that's done this and so Trump came in number one with 18% Barack Obama 15% Joe Biden 6%. He gets 1/3 of the vote of Donald Trump yet according to the 2020.

Common core way of counting votes to be the next president. Anthony found she Pope found she got 3%, followed by Pope Francis at two Elon musk at 1%.

Bernie Sanders numbers and Bill Gates 1% Lebron James 1%. One of these people think the Dalai Lama 1%. Trump takes it first time in 12 years from Barack Obama and Americas done with your out. Apparently does make a lot of sense does it know it does not so just bizarre. All kinds of fighting going on here at the end of the year and I just as a reminder, tomorrow I will be back on as want to know what's 2020 done to you. What you learn what it's done to you for some of you if you if your business is collapsing the rest of us. People need to hear that we need to hear about the realities of maybe for you.

You had a family member die of covert and you and you're afraid that many of us, myself included, perhaps, are taking it too lightly. Greg Norman, the famous golfer had a nasty valve still fighting with copious and said it was the worst thing is ever faced. He's in his 60s very healthy guy and he's like a listen that we overreacted yes but but in terms of the devastating effects of what a computer was taken from him. Greg Norman is like, don't underestimate so maybe it's covert maybe after small business. The Lord is just taught you something about work for me and that will do that tomorrow will become vested for the show we are talking about from the first diamond 12 years 13th year on the Gallup poll most admired man overtakes Obama Obama the most admired man for the last 12 years, Barack Obama tells me a lot trumps first-place finish in the 12 year run. Okay, so there is that and some the guys voting the Gallup poll. 18% said Trump, 50% said Obama 6% said Biden was to admire their by the way, 3%, found G2 percent Pope Francis, Pope Francis falls behind Pope out some two and then you go to this one for the ladies of rethinking gals across country Michelle Obama 10%, Harris 6% Monday from 4% thousand with his prized Oprah Winfrey 3% Angela Merkel 2% Greta Thunberg got 1% right now. Let me return the corners are going to do a couple of at least one good story, okay this was this is interesting to me the number of top 10 finishes okay most top 10 finishes gallop most admired man which they been doing since Dwight Eisenhower case or going back 80 years. Guess who had the number one number of times they were in the top 10 finishes for most admired man Billy Graham was 61. Nobody else is even close.

Billy Graham at 61, Ronald Reagan had 31 John Jimmy Carter. 29 Pope John Paul II 27 Bill Clinton, 26 hacker you think Bill Gates 21 Dwight Eisenhower 21 Nelson Mandela 20 Barack Obama. 15 but number one Billy Graham when people were thinking clearly about a most admired man based on what I think number one would be his demeanor and and probably tied with his demeanor Billy Graham's demeanor was his life that was literally above reproach to look up the Modesto manifesto and how Billy Graham managed to live a life above reproach for 60 years in the ministry. Amazing, amazing, and because they were serious about their witness and we see things falling apart all over the place with a do we have any Christian leaders anymore that I mean big ones that are above reproach. Robbie Zacharias dear that's heartbreaking. Now it's it's come out that he had a major, major problem with the sexual immorality and and this is all verifiable theirs and this is information coming out from Robbie Robbie's are CIM international that they have it they have an independent firm going through all this stuff and he was a part owner and in a us salon Michael Spock in a play; why, but then there's verifiable allegations there of sexual misconduct and is is like Robbie Zacharias who I would've assumed was like a Billy Graham above reproach, but it's gotten so dark and so difficult in the sex saturated culture that we live in that no excuses there but goodness, it's just it's dark and getting darker is and so I come in here five days a week and try to try to occasionally bring up some good news and get away from politics and the news of the day and just that I have to remind myself that hey yes, God is still on the throne. I know how this all turns out we just send darker and darker and deeper and deeper for a while until Jesus comes back hell right every wrong he'll settle every account. Praise the Lord. But in the meantime we live in the tension that then he here yet. One day that's going to happen. Jesus will establish at all here heaven will come down the judgment day will occur, and if you're in Christ by being born again you know you know the deal and in praise the Lord for, but in the meantime it's really difficult this really dark farmer dark and farmer difficult now that was a year ago. So we try to turn the corner for second because I like this story are still sports day Portnoy put them up in my eyes as the American problem-solving spirit. See, that's us not them, not DC.

That's our problem is too many people in America look to DC to be there solution for everything that's liberalism, conservatism is like not so fast, but most of the Republicans are rhinos now thoughts why I love this story just as in daily wire by Ian Haworth as we approach the end of the year. Countless towns across America look fundamentally different small businesses nationwide are being forced to their knees by government mandated lockdowns with many closing for good in others likely never to recover the last number I heard was a million small businesses. By the way of close so far and at least 160,000 of them are restaurants where I go paying out at the grocery store all day long, but I can't go into a restaurant in California and get a meal in six seat and sit 20 feet away from somebody is destroying businesses all over the place back in this article, no country in the world, demonstrating an effective strategy for handling the culminating pandemic. American politicians seem to be limited to just two actions. The first is to continue to squeeze the life out of small businesses as they demand. Further, lockdowns and other forms of societal control. The second is to attempt to quell the fires of economic collapse of financial stimulus packages which is why were about 3 trillion and counting and just last year's fiscal nightmare in the red. Just last year's budget. Budget deficit $3.1 trillion in last year's fiscal year which ended in September goodness during such times were reminded in no uncertain terms just how inept and ineffective basals members a big government truly are in many ways various state and local governments are responsible for the damage done to small businesses.

After all wire economies flourishing in some states while they implode in others. Either the coping 19 virus is unable to cross state lines or contrasting policy has an impact.

This form of reliance on government is inherently antithetical to foundational American principles. Amen. This is a country of pioneers who create for themselves in their communities. Not a fearful flock of subservient subjects who advocate all responsibility and power to others. Well that's largely true in our past and think that's largely true anymore. Sadly, back to this daily wire article even now during one of the most challenging times in modern history.

This American does desires. This American desire shines through Dave Portnoy, founder and president of barstool sports epitomizes this unique American characteristic by the way, partial sports, the big podcasting platform if you love the Lord and Noah's word you won't like most of the stuff on you like this about Dave Portnoy earlier this month he announced was 1.9 million Twitter followers, but he was launching of the barstool fund, explaining that they will try to help as many people as we can talk about small businesses, according to the barstool fund's website. Portnoy has raised almost 9 million already with over 76,000 supporters providing support for 36 businesses, Kevin Redden, who owns pony express cleaners in Scottsdale Arizona was one of these businesses who received financial support from Portnoy's fund. Redden said that the world was lifted off my shoulders quote unquote, I watched the video that by the way some of his kids showed up at the dry cleaning place to tell him that they had gotten approved for some of this money coming from barstool sports. The barstool fund is like what they're like, yeah, yeah, we got approved you got the money and here's this guy's probably pushing is in his mid to late 60s. By the looks of it and just running this mom-and-pop pony express cleaners in Scottsdale, Arizona, and when it when he understood what they were telling that he was getting some money led by Dave Portnoy barstool sports he just started weeping in his mid 60s, joking around.

Only guys doing here but above the and the next thing you know he's weeping because he's getting help. Not from DC not from the night right now from the leper from a successful unburnt name Dave Portnoy who's out there utilizing a platform to raise money to help these people. Despite the partisan cynicism which presents America's evil, selfish or broken.

We are constantly reminded by people like Dave Portnoy that the United States is both wonderful and unique even while our government entities pontificate as they buy for political leverage on the backs of struggling citizens. There are some among us who cut through the partisan and bureaucratic nonsense. True patriots to identify a problem in rather than seeking to twist it to their advantage.

Take responsibility, roll up their sleeves and build a solution. Portnoy has shown us that we don't need to rely on our government instead we need to rely on ourselves and each other okay taking the obvious hole in that story out from a biblical perspective from an earthly perspective and from a uniquely American express fact, that's a great story forget that government they Portnoy's like hey I got almost 2 million people, and follow me on Twitter. I'm a small business guy and I'm just going to challenge and tell you need to donate any got some money from some big CEO pokes to and raise $9 million, and I think about 30 days, which is turn around and helping 36 businesses hopefully to stay afloat. You think we need the government. We don't what we need. Well number one if you're Christian you need to rely on God in prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit and you should be able to rely on the body of Christ ice to say this a lot on the radio that the body of Christ should be a lot more like the Mafia, not the murder and mayhem part. Obviously.

But the part where whether you note. I think this is true in real life, and certainly been true in every movie you've ever seen about the Mafia is that is generally they take care of their own. They look out for each other peer made man in the Mafia. That means nobody can touch you. So imagine if we actually took that position in the body of Christ which is what were called to do Scripture by the supposed number one extends health assistance self-sacrifice to those inside the family of faith first and then anybody outside that we can, but if we actually did that.

Did you know that the average American gives about 2.3% to charity and to church and 5% of our gross income on entertainment but only 2.3%.

Church imagine if we did it right in the body of Christ, we would government at all clear about Portnoy partial sports. By the way, if you want to the barstool fund their website to Google it at the Google barstools fund the barstool fund again. Dave Portnoy's a trash talking foulmouthed dirt bag. In a lot of ways but not this way this story. This story actually gets busy, raises $9 million to help out small business books as of small business guy himself and his gotten productive and he's gotten successful in his leg.

Listen we can't rely on the government. We just can't. It's ridiculous so we can rely on each other right is weight supposed to be in America but especially in the body of Christ. I was just sharing on Facebook live. By the way, if you notice this in some he sent me a note the other day I was wearing it was yesterday. I was wearing a hoodie that I got from my buddy Joe's right there on Facebook live today I Joe Markowitz defender gear I defender in any like man I love that we would get so and I were knowing today. I love this. This is so funny.

Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson okay just have their names listed stacked Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, and at the bottom hashtag squad goals. That's my kind of squad not the squad we see in DC right now. Rashida to leave an AOC bubble but nope, this is a real squad, Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson so cool. Thanks again for that Joe love that part defender okay oh so anyway on Facebook like sorry Melvin, this is just pray for my wife. This is, I all over the place is a great book I talked about it before skull. When nations died America on the brink 10 warning signs of culture and crisis business is on the inside it's no secret that America is facing serious challenges today. Education rising crime rates in the economy, to name just a few other Jim Black deftly illustrates 10 key problems facing America today was striking cross-cultural example showing that every great civilization from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Soviet Union, has faced the same problem is and that interesting, so he basically identifies 10 different areas that are the problem that you tell me if this sounds familiar part one social decay. The crisis of lawlessness, loss of economic discipline and rising bureaucracy, part one, part two cultural decay. The decline of education, weakening of cultural foundations. Loss of respect for tradition and increase materialism. Then you've got moral decay.

The rise and immorality decay of religious belief, devaluing of human life, save 1-234-567-8910 10 points okay. Then he looks back at the Romans that the Greeks at every great civilization that's ever existed in at one point in this book, when nations died by Jim Nelson black. I had a month several years ago by the way you want to guess when he wrote this he said in this book when she when you're getting through it so that one point, all 10 things have never existed in one place at one time.

Until now, and is the United States of America about that all 10 points hadn't existed at the same time in one place until now in its United States of America, and when did he write this 1994, 1994. So what you're seeing today friend is just the part of the iceberg that's been under the water.

The whole time. As we've run headlong in this direction. In America unique were before living on borrowed time.

The average great civilizations in history the world haven't lasted more than about 200 years were living on borrowed time about Maria's Christian I don't I don't I don't worry about borrowed goes on I'm on an eternal timeline so that's cool. I got that going for me which is nice movie reference try to figure out what it is I listen to this minimum to get to the story that for all of us with kids in school or grandkids in school unity are this is Alexis de Tocqueville and democracy in America, which is an unbelievably good read. He wrote this in the early 1800s because Roman civilization Paris through barbarian invasion. We are perhaps too much inclined to think that it is the only way a civilization can die meeting outside forces right at the lights that guide us ever go out they will fade little by little, as if of their own accord. Alexis de Tocqueville wrote.

We therefore should not console ourselves by thinking that the barbarians are still a long way off. Some peoples may let the torch be snatched from their hands, but others stamp it out themselves also reminded us that which is why we should never give up, and we should be engaged to be praying and be showing up and be involved. Why why why bother Steve because this is a nation made up of individuals main the image of God who have inestimable worth in as we go further and further down this road, like when nations die what Dr. Black was pointing out people suffer in a people suffer, you as a Christ follower should be broken and not just broken and not just praying but engaged to do much to alleviate suffering of any kind doing pretty much as take care of ourselves right that tell people if you want. If you're looking for comfort. Don't tuning the show. Comfort is not my gift. Try try try to make it to be truth. Okay, I parents with kids or if you have grandkids, especially in public school system.

This is a story that just broke in the last week. Super important not new. Wish it were, but it doesn't Nevada high school students sues over leftist indoctrination. This is in the Epoque Times epic times great new news source epic times EPO CHK high school senior mixed race is suing a taxpayer-funded charter school in Nevada over quote the course of ideological indoctrination, unquote that is central to its critical race theory based curriculum, which forces students to associate aspects of their identity with oppression. The plaintiff, William Clark and his mother, Gabriel Clark claimed their first and 14th a minute right for being violated.

Students were allegedly told that by refusing to identify with an oppressive group they were exercising their privilege or underscoring their role as an oppressor. Sound familiar, the student democracy prep in Las Vegas. His mother's black and deceased father was white claims there was a hostile classroom environment and that he felt discriminated against in the mandatory year long sociology of change that's the name of it course required for graduation is another required class change the world in which students carry out a political or social work project kind of work are they talking about do you think because the so-called civics curriculum implemented by new management, carried the same name as the previous curriculum parents, including Mrs. Clark were not aware of the turn towards coercive ideological indoctrination until he began seeing the detrimental effects it worked upon their children the legal complaint states the new curriculum quote inserted consciousness raising and conditioning exercises under the banner of intersection malady and critical race theory. These sessions are not descriptive or informational in nature, but normative and prescriptive.

They require pupils to unlearn and fight back against oppressive structures allegedly implicit in their family arrangements, religious beliefs and practices racial, sexual and gender identities, all of which they are required to divulge and subject to nonprivate interrogation. That's a violation of your rights as a citizen by the way, William was declared in class was directed in class to unlearn the basic Judeo-Christian principles. His mother imparted to him and then the school retaliated against him charming quote, some racial, sexual, gender, and religious identities, once revealed the complaint states are officially singled out in the programming is inherently problematic and assign pejorative moral attributes by defendants.

This is critical race theory by the way, if you're white you're an oppressor. If you're black, you're the oppressed intersection. Ellie then starts to combine all this stuff goes okay, if you're a female lesbian Muslim, could you three different minority things there your way above just your average black person in terms of intersection malady. Therefore, you should be getting all the more kind of help and special treatment and anybody that comes against the lesbian Muslim woman is especially oppressive, violating all lick all that intersection outing and you got so they basically take the whole world and divided into little silos at the intersection malady is in critical race theory syndrome goes okay your white so your privilege and your oppressive a white male, more so than a white female but a white female more than a blackmailer black people because Blacks are more oppressed than whites and noted basically talk about unity. No, not an option.

Okay William Clark was required for assignments legal plates as to reveal his racial, sexual, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and religious identities by his teacher who greeted the students by saying hello my wonderful social justice warriors. Clark was told the next step would be to determine if parts of his identity, quote have privilege or oppression attached to it matter what your actions are just matters what color you are, what sexual orientation you are what nationality you are that determines who you are not you plumage was defined as the inherent belief in the inferiority of the oppressed group. So if you're white. Of course you believe Blacks are inferior if you're straight of course you believe homosexuals are inferior if you're Christian. Of course you believe most Muslims are inferior, and so the legal argument that Clark made that William is being compelled to make professions about his racial, sexual, gender, and religious identities and verbal class exercises and an graded written homework assignments, which were subject to the scrutiny interrogation and derogatory labeling of students and teachers and school administrators, the defendants quote are coursing him to accept and affirm politicizing discriminatory principles and statements that he cannot conscience of for you smart kid and smart mom both have a backbone or willing to fight the school repeatedly threatened William with material harm, including a failing grade for none graduation of it failed to comply with the requirements. Talk about coercion.

Talk about indoctrination.

This is real. This is happening and we wonder for not paying attention wonder what happened to our kid. It was the frog in the pot death by a thousand cuts because were too busy pursuing the almighty dollar. Adding on to the house and planning the next vacation pay attention and it's so slow happened. Now you see that coming out of the water you wreck On you and that's on God help us. This is no longer see God willing always

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