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Ending 2020 With A Bang...or a Whimper?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 28, 2020 4:50 pm

Ending 2020 With A Bang...or a Whimper?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 28, 2020 4:50 pm

Ending 2020 With A Bang...or a Whimper?

Christmas of 2020 was not without interest.  Today Steve talks about Trump, Gingrich, and The Church.  Are we ending 2020 With a bang or a whimper? 


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Wake up everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble very well.

There are work. Still here, complete with United order stuff online. I don't know protest that got COBIT or what the committee that was made in China by four-year-old I don't know but actually had ordered a while back a Darth Vader tree skirt exactly Christmasy and it finally came in like on Saturday or something so I brag came into the studio and I drop some stuff off in the end boom. Now that I got the proper trees are down there on this side of Christmas. Oh well, what to do about it. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

We had a great guy, Christmasy Christmas day December 26, December 27 at a sweet 16 celebration with our youngest daughter and so just been a fun weekend. Very enjoyable family. I hope yours was as well as well as in the news just keeps coming at us ferociously only in 2020.

Do you get a an explosive RV situation on Christmas morning.

That, of course, and in Nashville and then it didn't take long because we just live in a crazy culture and a and I don't know that's specific to America. I think it's going to normal around the world now, but we certainly are in that season here in America. So of course he's in front of the 80 and one of the AT&T buildings AT&T down the street that everybody looks at who owns the building whose involved AT&T and then a printing facility burned to the ground in New York or New Jersey that somehow was connected to voting machines in dominion software and of course the Nashville situation somehow connected to dominion in the voting thing and then because as I read in the Sheridan article last week and talk through it to a certain extent in this in the selection everybody was a trump owner absolutely everybody here the voting against them could aid him or your voting form because you love him or you just can't stand the thought of the Joe Biden administration with, Harris and then of course next week will have the runoff senatorial election from skin to be in Georgia on Monday nights that will be there the day before, so he'll be there Monday, January 4 next Monday be doing a big rally trying to help those two Republicans down there to win the two U.S. Senate runoff seats races there all the same time. What oh what a way to start 20, 21, with all those everything at stake in the U.S. Senate and and of course in the united states government in general.

Assuming the Joe Biden quota quote assumes the office on January 20, which I'm not gonna believe that we actually get there. And so it's just kind of not so right in and that's just where Arezzo trouble be there next Monday than the been the Senate election special election on Tuesday the fifth of course we will not know because they cannot count they don't know how to run anything apparently and George earned a lot of these other states.

So if you think working to know on Tuesday night before you go to bed who actually won the senatorial runoff elections. That's a ridiculous notion like going that now were just getting it trump Biden part two in the days and perhaps even weeks to come as the ill-fated United States hangs in the balance.

No big deal. And of course the very next day, Wednesday, January 6. You have the congressional reading under the leadership of Mike parents of each state's electoral college votes and they've got several people in the house, led by a representative Mel Brooks who says there's dozens of house members ready to challenge those which is fine is constitutional in election law that was passed in late 1800s, that's fine, but you have to have some Republicans in the Senate willing to sign on to each one of those objections and Mitch McConnell try to push that down because he just in the end, just a rhino trying to protect his own little feet from up there and I think would like to see trump leave constraints been rocking the boat for four years and it is done with that and sold all things a big mess till next week will be quite historic to say the least, but were in that season right now anyway.

Speaking history to get into a bunch of things because you know I was one of the people that was applauding the president for pushing back on this bloated omnibus spending monstrosity dinner there that they tied to the covert bill so they can push it all through and pat themselves on the back and he stood firm on Natalie's for a couple of days and then he folded up like a cheap suit over the weekend and ended up signing it.

But there is something in there that he referenced an old executive power that in the House of Representatives anyways can go nowhere, some to take it through that several of the things and great article by Newt Gingrich. Thanks Sarah on our board for making me aware of that and then some good news about you, Christian conservatives, me being one of them in and they election turnout.

I mean, monumental, and it's something very important as we push into the 2021 to remember something that is a big stick and a big deal if we choose to exercise it as conservative. Convictional Christians okay so we'll get to that and then an article written by a former atheist of Great Britain by name of Rob Slaney's the 2020, the year the church was as sharp as a two-edged marsh mellow saga to that, but it's got a funny right. Let's start off with a smile today and in the good lesson for all of us. This is the daily wire Girl Scouts gives Boy Scouts of poaching recruits.

Boy Scouts gives Girl Scouts of starting a ground war. Okay, this is the deal. There's a life lesson friend if you stand for nothing. You'll fall for anything. So, as the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts much like our country have pushed away from their founding principles and their roots and just embrace the culture in homosexuality and transgender is him the gender stop in all the confusion everything else. What happens is you end up imploding in on yourself and then as both organizations are dying there trying to poach from one another to try to stay afloat. And of course that's not can work, but that's that's what's going on Girl Scouts ignites its America claim in court documents that the Boy Scouts of America engaging in a highly damaging recruitment war that is poaching potential members. In response, Boy Scouts, which is currently rebranding to become scouts BSA thus leaving room for pretty much anybody that wants to join right there there cleaning Girl Scouts of Gloucester ground where the New York Post reported that the feud between the two organizations began years ago when the Cub Scouts announced the girls would be accepted in the organization years ago. That was 2018 and 2019, the Boy Scouts announced it would rebrand to become a gender-neutral organization and also accept girl stand for nothing fall for anything and you implode in on yourself when you try to chase the elusive, not so elusive hand clap of the world see the end of Romans chapter 1 as we applaud one another, sin thing just collapses another shock. It's sad, but is not a shock. This other poaching each other according the Boy Scouts blame for the roof and marketplace confusion lies in everyone's feet what it felt. Girl Scouts said Boy Scouts responded to their latest filing a statement accusing Girl Scouts starting at ground war there. Both leading out scouts reporting 2.2 million members 1/3 as many as the record mentorship 72 Girl Scouts at just 1.7 million members come from entire membership of 2000. By the way, if you want to hear Raven wherever you find your podcast, Apple, Google, to modify whatever is all over the place.

So there you go to website does the you will see something at the top of the website page through the end of this week, as were doing some urine fundraising on this is on Christian radio which you generally have to pay for. And so we need to raise funds to help do that to keep the ministry flow. By the way, this is been some huge juggernaut were think the Lord for that 3031 32 stations that were on right now and focusing primarily in North Carolina little bit outside of that, but our main focus is North Carolina and we think the Lord for that, but we have out through Facebook and through radio God's given us.

You know, a significant platform. It's not huge it's not you know nationwide big time conservative talk radio, but for a station in it for a show that's dedicated to applying the truth of God's word, regardless of whether it's popular or not. The end and to have a live format which is super important. You listen on on on the Christian radio station that you're listening to which we praise the Lord for everything. One of but the vast majority of the programming on there is is preaching and teaching, which is great.

We need that in the little bit of talk radio, but not much, and certainly not a lot alive talk Christian talk radio that gives us the ability to respond to what's going on in the news really within a few hours and in regular conservatism has that platform. Certainly the mainstream media has that platform a conservative Christianity doesn't have a lot of live programming which makes this platform that much more important that we have an ability we have a platform both on digitally Facebook and podcast versus radio that we can get on the air and basically talk about anything that's happened in the last 24 hours and that's really important to build apply to a biblical a conservative concept construct both theologically and culturally to the news of the day and so you know this is a bounce we we run this whole ministry on roughly hundred $80-$220,000 a year runs the whole thing that gets me had a decent income to support my family and not whining about that. I'm thankful for that in the radio costs and studio costs like stuff so it's always important at the end of year so we can begin the new year strong, and especially as were coming out of 2020 and 2021 with what's going on with the presidential election and the continued degradation of our culture, then we need to maintain that base. We need to maintain our platform so that's it. So if you go to the website. Does Steve know will and you feel prayerfully convicted and you think yeah I want to support. This is been a blessing to me and I'm not here for popularity.

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I'm concerned with the truth. I try to speak the truth as much grace and love as I can muster, but I'm not.

I'm not trying to kowtow to one side or the other, that's for sure. I'm just trying to be faithful to the calling, the Lord is placed on me and this ministry.

This platform to apply his truth, not just the politics and the news the data, but everything every nook and cranny of life. So if you feel compelled and would like to help support us, we would certainly appreciate that.

Just go to does Steve Noble We are regular 501(c)(3) ministry so your donations are tax-deductible and you could do it right there on my mail check all information zero the homepage Steve Noble okay, one last thought of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts in this groundwork because they both compromise of the Boy Scouts, which is to talk about moral integrity are not all about moral ambiguity and when you do that you have no base on which to stand here just chasing after the things of the world and in there's a way that seems right to me right. But in the end it leads to destruction, which is exactly what's happening to the Girl Scouts in the Boy Scouts. It's sad to see for me as a former Boy Scout in both my son both her sons made Eagle Scout, but we are in a very Christ centered troop and so is the Boy Scouts was compromising collapsing all around as we stood our ground but that's not the deal anymore and so they're starving to death or dying often so there poaching each other trying to put up another sign another color in the flag. Another of another appropriation for the world to try to get the world to come in is not working and that's sad but it's also true, kinda for the church.

If you're not going to stand for the things of God. You should fall get out of the way quick claiming to be disciples of Jesus Christ.

If you're not willing to pick up your cross and follow. I wrote a devotional on this today if you want to get the devotional is just called the daily dose, just text the word dose DLSE 66866 and the day was Jesus talking in John chapter 15, working our way through the gospel of John about the world going to hate you. But don't worry hated me first Jesus but it's gonna hate you. You stand for the things of God. You speak up for the things of God. You do your politics be of the things of God. You talk about the culture via the things of God, you engage your friends or neighbors or coworkers utilizing the word of God and use like utilizing the truth of God, and you will get some hatred. It may not be overt but you can get it if it's it might just be in their heart in their mind, but you can get it.

Okay that's the deal to run around trying to be the nicest person on the planet. It's important, but if you're all grace and no truth.

You're just a compromise or solid is they will get to that, but in the sure okay so let's talk about Donald Trump. He came out swinging on this big fat stimulus bill that look great is like a mean I'm not signed, this thing is so much got garbage and there he was talking about it in this video the other day 85 and half million for assistance in Cambodia hundred 34 million of Burma. 1.3 billion for Egypt and the Egyptian military, which of course by Russian military equipment 25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan. We talked about that the other day, 505 million to Belize close to Reese, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

40 million for the Kennedy Center in Washington DC which is even open a billion for the Smithsonian. An additional hundred 54 million for the national Gallery of Art so is hammering away and saying you know the 600 bucks per person is ridiculous.

I should be 2000 per person and 600 per kid and you guys have so much pork in this because they combined the omnibus spending bill at the coronavirus relief bill and is just a big blue and so we stood up and hammered away and that was great right I was cheering for that you probably were to but then just within the last 24 hours. He signs it, but there's this little copy okay.

He says that some asking Congress to amend this bill increase the ridiculously low 602,000 and 4000 for a couple. I'm also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful none none unnecessary items from this legislation in the semi a suitable bill or else the next ministration will have to deliver covert relief package. Pres. Donald Trump announced on Sunday evening that he was signing the coronavirus stimulus package and the government spending bill and that he will use the something most of us have never heard of impoundment control act of 1974 in an attempt to get Congress to drop what he called wasteful spending right so he's easy utilizing that saying I can come in here basically cut a line item veto as president. I told Congress that I want far less wasteful spending more money going to the American people in the former $2000 checks.a.a.Trump said that he would sign the bill along with making any making many rescissions under the impoundment control act, which allows the president to impound funds when he transmits a special message in accordance with the ICA US Government accountability office explains one sending the message amounts proposed for rescission that is for permanent cancellation may be impounded for a period of 45 days of continuous congressional session so you say and that right on to sign it with a strong message that makes clear to Congress that we slides need to be removed and signing this bill to restore unemployment benefits, stop evictions provide rental assistance and money for PPP return or airline workers back to work and those were all part of the $900 billion.

Coronavirus relief. Then he got the other thing okay the rest of it. The omnibus spending bill which was just a bunch of kids in a Toys "R" Us that still existed with their parents credit card okay but that goes to Congress and zoos in charge of the house. Oh, that's right, the Democrats in charge of the Senate.

Well, the Republicans kinda with Mitch McConnell who in many ways is just a rhino, so I'll tell you what the lead Democrat set on the House Appropriations Committee to go there and died will accomplish absolutely nothing that many other things will become backward. I could see no one. This email will show why did you do that Pres. so strongly against the big bloated on the bill that they then tied to the coronavirus build 900 billion for the coronavirus relief bill and then about another 1.3 1.4 trillion for the omnibus spending just nightmare train rack bunch of kids with their parents credit cards down in Disney or something and just buy everything fund everything. Take care all your friends. Take care by your foreign entanglements. Yada yada yada thrown around money like we have it. We don't and then all of a sudden he comes out and he signs it and they called the bill a disgrace righty was he hammered it, which was great and then he there sending back" a redlined version of the bill, the Congress, which includes nine a Bynum breakdown of formal rescission request insisting that any wasteful items be removed from the bill as is present is the quote I told Congress that I want far less wasteful spending more money going to the American people. Trump said in a statement issued by White House Deputy Press Secretary John Deere on Sunday much more money is coming. I'll never give up my fight.

The American people and you know he hammered away. That was good and they referenced kind of a an old and around type maneuver. The impoundment control act of 1974, which is kind of calling Congress out to me it looks like a bit of a stretch, but it goes to the house and goes the sentence go to the house first right so House Appropriations Committee chairman need a low, low E Democrat New York said that she and her committees Democrat majority plan to reject the resident's request quote Pres. Trump is indicated that he will now send us send a rescissions packet back to Congress that aims to reverse funding his own administration requested and undo the careful bipartisan agreement that he just signed. She said in a statement. House Appropriations Committee has jurisdiction over rescissions in our Democratic majority will reject any rescissions submitted by the Pres., Trump by turning the page on this request.

We will now all we will allow the Biden Harris administration to begin to build back better assistant.

That's a little saying build back better. Funny. So in addition to increasing the size of the stimulus checks Congress is promised that section 230. A provision in the communications decency act, which shield social media companies from liability related to third-party content in their platforms will be quote reviewed and either be terminated or substantially reformed quote unquote that the House-Senate House and Senate have agreed to launch an investigation into potential voter fraud in the presidential election. Sen. Mitch McConnell applauded Pres. Trump's decision course South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham confirm that Congress will vote on additional stimulus checks and repealing section 230 calling the moves. All wins for the American people course. He says that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump's decision, welcome news for the 14 million Americans who just lost her lifeline of unemployment benefits on Christmas weekend and for the millions more struggling to stay afloat during the historic pandemic and economic crisis. As is usual, now just a whole lot of confusion, backpedaling, maneuvering going on. Washington DC, which mostly takes place out of the sight of us. Newt Gingrich why I will not give up is a lot of things in this article, this kinda depressing, but sober mind. A lot of things in here. I really appreciate him writing to Simon to share a fair amount of it. So this is a Newt Gingrich writing on his website. While not give up is talking about presidential election as well as American General, my unwillingness to relax and accept that the election was over regrettable level of outrage and alienation unlike anything I've experienced in more than 60 years, and involvement in public affairs the challenges that I and other conservatives are not disagreeing with the left within the commonly understood world we live in alternative world complete. We look at everything from completely different perspectives I talked about this recently here on the show in terms of like to use the Tower of Babel. Kind of in a strange reversal cutaway. We don't have a common language in America anymore. We don't have a common Judeo-Christian basis so that language is gone and we have no common acidic language anymore because people understand civics and so then you have the right and the left conservative liberal and they don't have a common language so that they see eye to eye on very little. Okay the left world is mostly Newt Gingrich rights the established world of the forces of been dominant for most my life my world is the populist rebellion, which believes we are being destroyed.

Our liberties are being canceled and religions are under assault. We also believe that I believe other Democrat led coven 19 policies of enrich the wealthy while crushing middle-class small business owner. Some hundred and 60,000 restaurants may close as a result of covert of million small businesses nationwide and counting. By the way have gone down because of covert.

Now people my world are told is time to stop resisting and cooperate with the new president, but remember that the Democrats wanted to go wanted to cooperate with Trump so much that they began talking about his impeachment before even took office, the Washington Post ran a story on Democrat impeachment plots the day of the inauguration. In fact, nearly 70 Democratic lawmakers boycotted his inauguration a massive left-wing demonstration was stage in Washington the day after or Madonna. Now she dreamed of blowing up the White House to widespread applause.

The same forces want me to cooperate with their new president. I find myself adopting the Nancy Pelosi model of constant resistance. Nothing I've seen from Biden since the election offers me any help that you will reach out to the more than 74 million Americans who voted for Pres. Trump so not reacting to the boat so much as to the whole election environment. This Newt Gingrich writing this when Twitter and Facebook censored the oldest and fourth-largest newspaper because it accurately reported news that could hurt Biden's chances where the New York Times and Washington Post. That's a great question. The truth of the hundred Biden stories now becoming impossible to avoid or conceal the family the Democrat nominee for president received at least 5 million from an entity controlled by our greatest adversary. All that kind of stuff with some of this. Most Americans who voted for by never heard any of the stuff over told before the election. It was Russian disinformation once they did here here about 17% said they would've switch their vote vote according to the poll by the media research Center that would've affected the entire election censorship work exactly as intended. Newt Gingrich rights but this is just the start when Twitter sensors for a five Rush Limbaugh tweets and one day I fear for the country. When these monolithic Internet giant sense of the present United States.

I fear for the country. When I see elite billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg are able to spend $400 million to hire city governments essentially to maximize turnout specifically Democratic districts without any regard to election spending was a good governance standings. I fear for the country. When I read that Apple has a firm rule of never irritating China and I watched the MBA kowtow to Beijing. I fear for our country. When I watched story after story about election fraud being spiked without even the appearance of journalistic doing due diligence or curiosity. I know something is sick election process itself was the final straw in creating the crisis of confidence which is accelerating and deepening for many millions of Americans. Aside from a constant stream of allegations of outright fraud.

There are some specific, outrageous, any of which was likely enough to swing the entire election. They list out a bunch of these all share this article in Facebook live feed the entire elite liberal media lied about the timeline of coven 19 vaccine. They blame Pres. Trump for the global pandemic, even as he did literally everything top scientists instructed in due for more than four years the entire establishment mobilized against the elected president of the United States as though they were in immune system trying to kill a virus. Now they are telling us we are undermining democracy. Yet more than 74 million voters this Newt Gingrich writing who supported Pres. Trump despite everything given the election mass. The number could easily be significantly higher. The truth is tens of millions of Americans are deeply alienated and angry Biden governance from the left and he will almost certainly be forced to that number will grow rapidly and we will win a massive election in 2022. That's an off year election that would be like taking over control of the house and maybe even the Senate deepening the strength in the Senate or taking a back spending what happens with the election next week. Given this environment, I've no interest in legitimizing the father of a son who Chinese Communist Party members boast about buying nor do I have any interest in pretending that the current result is legitimate or honorable is simply the final stroke of a four-year establishment media power grab. It is been perpetually perpetrated by people who have broken the law cheated the country of information smeared those of us who believe in America over China history over revisionism in the liberal ideal of free expression over cancel culture. I write this in genuine sorrow because I think we are headed toward a serious bitter struggle in America.

This extraordinary coordinator for your power grab threatens the fabric of our country and the freedom of every American. That's Newt Gingrich the title of the article why I will not give up and that's it's not easy to read but I agree with most of the things he say in a link to the article in the Facebook live feed today very very serious what's going on here and it's been going on for a while. This is not new.

Okay, but Trump was Trump's presidency that trumps style everything about it has just been the perfect accelerant for things that are already there. The desire to completely reshape reshape America was already there. The desire to completely cut the regular American people especially conservatives out of the process was already there.

It's just Trump but by the fact that he was against the swamp against the regular machine didn't play by their rules just exacerbated all of that for them and and everybody was a Trump voter in the selection everybody either voting against him vehemently or foreign, mostly vehemently just been amazing and I appreciate Newt Gingrich just being honest here, and he fears for his country and so why I fear for the nation. I'm not completely in the tank thinking that America's got no hope whatsoever that light is fading a bit. I mean that a bit significantly, but when I come back here's another article is Tony Perkins and the FRC Christian conservative shattered turnout records for trust. We still have a significant amount of influence. The question is, even if you get out the vote. If it's as broken as it appears to be as given over appears to be that even matter.

Better be people of prayer.

Now more than ever we write back with you back from this little bit of Christmas break I was nine for this week will be live today.

Morrow Wednesday be off on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day them back live Monday but this Wednesday I only like to do some type of a wrap up show of the year. So, on this Wednesday were to do just call you to scholars for the whole entire show and with one question is when asking one question is, what have you learned going through 2020.

What what's change for you when you learn about yourself, how is God worked on you in 2020 when you learn to be change. What are the boil off what kind eyes that he gets turned up and is purifying the precious metal right the dross floats to the top, what maybe what was that for you. What did you learn how to 2020 change you, so we'll talk about that this Wednesday and then be back next week and maybe will do come the biggest stories of the year as we move into 2021 will see but this is the craziness that were in is I guess from a radio perspective gift that keeps on giving. I'm not gonna run out of of the content anytime soon as our nation continues to cut that spiral down into this great chasm of division but I mention this recently him to get back to this am working my way through a really fascinating report. It's about 120 pages long. I was taken some nationwide surveys and questioning polling over the summer about what's going on there any finding something that we actually both sides of the aisle actually agree on what you can. Interesting visit us in our people in DC now people in the swamp just regular people out there between the coast and and distrust of government in and lack of believability that the government's action to solve anything that's pretty common denominator live so we do it, that as we march into the future and is 2021 comes flying at us next week and if I Trump doesn't get another term and we just be a person of prayer.

Okay been praying, praying specifically for those that are involved in trying to unmask fraud and illegality. We we cannot exist as a nation if we don't have an election system that we can trust.

That's the biggest issue. Pray for the stability of the U.S. Constitution. That's at play here and for the divide. Pray for Donald Trump pray for everybody involved in the process that the forces of darkness would be defeated and that truth would have its day and that things would be uncovered that need to be uncovered and that truth would prevail.

But don't give up.

That's why Reggie that that kind of depressing. In many ways Newt Gingrich article why I will not give up is not giving up and I'm not giving up and you shouldn't give up what is the Trump presidency, or anything else. Now we get to the other side of January 20. What happens at the what happens next week with the Senate.

The two runoff elections in Georgia. That's a huge deal if Joe Biden assumes the presidency on January 20 and the Democrats take the Senate, friend. You will not recognize this country in a matter of weeks. You just won't do have an absolute control. The whole process, the presidency, the executive branch and the entire legislative branch controlled by the radical left, which is completely out of the closet has no shame and there are no restraints there that they take the Senate to get it 50-50. They when those two seats it's 50-50 in the time boat is, Harris assuming Joe Biden assumes office.

I'm telling you, you won't recognize this country and it won't take very long. And that's coming that that could be coming at us. We need to be praying about that, and ultimately, what is our house now shall we live. That's the big question I brought that up for Christmas how we live, how we operate effectively as Christians in this environment as as our government slips away at the very nation that we live in and love. Most of us slips away.

How do you live in a how do you thrive and not just survive but thrive. How do you live effectively and that dual citizenship is an American primarily as a follower of Jesus Christ is not an easy answer to come up with is a lot of biblical grounds, there is one things that the Scripture tells us to do. But sometimes that's easier said than done when you're in the middle of it. I think any of us expected to see yet that nation and that state that it's in right now even going back to the beginning of the year in January is 2020. The Eurovision bubble of the Buddha and it all starts blowing up. But this is. This was this was encouraging to me Tony Perkins put this out from the family research Council Christian conservative shattered turnout records for drop course the downside of that is if it's so broken.

Why does it matter. Don't give up. Okay hold on four years ago. Researcher George Barna would be the first to tell you that he never thought he'd see a stronger statistic Sage cons there called those Americans. He carefully segments out is spiritually active governance engaged the Sage right SAGE and conservatives nearly maxed out their turnouts at the polls. 91% of them driven by their dislike of Hillary Clinton showed up to vote shattering every record ever set we thought well will never get to see that again in our lifetimes. George Barna says you can't really get much higher than that he was wrong and couldn't be happier about this election. These voters showed up and staggering mind blowing quote on quote numbers. A whopping 99% of Sage cons turned out to vote.

No one else George explained even came close. They cast we cast 23 million votes.

That's 1/3 of the presidents total and what makes that so impressive. Barna explained the Washington watch is that they only make up 9% of the population. And yet this 9% of motivated Christians accounted for 14% of the vote. Talk about impact. Now let me throw this and this is in the article.

What if we were actually calling legislators, especially in hot button states. What if we are calling our legislators what if we were under no praying regularly for those in authority over us, praying regularly pleading with the Lord, for truth and justice prevail in the selection. What we are doing that your responsibility just doesn't end on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November every two years know it's every day. It's 24 seven. As a Christian day. Of course none of this back. The article has made its way into the media's analysis, in part, I'm sure, because they don't want to admit how much political influence, Christian conservatives have it conflicts with their 40 year narrative that the religious right is a dying breed and it also goes against their phony storyline that evangelicals turned against Trump in 2020 and absurd met the Barna research thoroughly debunks part of the problem Barna explains how the media defines evangelical and understand religion or care about religion.

He said that just as people hey, do you consider yourself to be an evangelical born-again Christian.

They love those two groups together almost 90% of US house call themselves Christian.

But how many of their ideologies actually line up with what the Bible teaches hole therein lies the trick right you can call yourself a Christian, but does that mean you are stated in the garage.

Does that mean your car if you go to churches that mean your Christian no like Jesus told Nicodemus you must be born again if you like a CPC that born-again thing a lot I don't really know what that means. Okay if you don't know what it means to be born again, this is gonna be easy for you here. You may not be a Christian if you don't understand what it means to be born again you may be relying on your own quote unquote good works.

Being a decent person thinking you have more good to offer than bad.

If that's you, and you don't really understand what it means to be born again. Do yourself a favor, okay go to my website to donate nothing as want to go to the website, the Steve Noble show and in the end. At the top. Even at the bottom of the homepage or to see it one button one navigation option that says heaven.

Just click on skin and walk you through what the Bible says about who is a Christian and who is not, and what it means to be born again that that sounds like a kind of a foreign weird concept you. My concern is that you're actually not a Christian, according to God's word. You must be born again. Jesus said it himself in John chapter 3 to Nicodemus, a big time religious authority of his day.

You must be born again. Make sure you get that right Barna doesn't do that are the regular polling people don't do that media doesn't do that. They just say are you Christian yeah sure. So that's that's really a compelling story that we showed up we are 23% of terms vote and really 9% of the country. Conservative evangelical born-again Christians. So it's good. You still have a lot power for lack of a better word, but you have to exercise that is like a car of the great engine you never press the gas pedal's not going anywhere. We actually do in the natural have all kinds of power when we get out we vote and we engage. But even more so if we had our knees and we pray let's finish with this. This is convicting this from a former atheist in Britain name Rob Slane. The showed up on zero just couple days go on the 23rd beer that 2020 dear the church was as sharp as a two-edged marshmallow to curious back to the Bible contains the phrase, fear not, many times, whereas the word nice is never used.

You hardly know what to look at the state of many churches at the moment seems to be an overwhelming emphasis on being nice, which generally means never saying anything provocative or dangerous or which could be seen as being judge mental go read John chapter 15 okay, I must admit to being more than a little stunned by the reaction of many churches this year. Whatever calamities befall us in life.

Christians are exhorted to overcome by seeing them as a light momentary affliction which is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison. That second Corinthians 4. This is not mean never fearing rather it means that we are to overcome that fear through faith's on Psalm 91, the psalmist and say you will not fear the terror of the night nor the arrow that flies by day for the pestilence that stalks in darkness for the destruction that wastes at noonday, and he says is not because he's stoic, but because he just said this, I will say the Lord my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust. True belief in the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ is supposed to equip the Christian overcome fear, yet it seemed to me that the reaction of much of the church to a coronavirus with an infection totality rate of around .2 to .26% has really been no different than that of a non-Christian, but this is not the half of it. Fear the viruses shape the way many have responded to the most astonishing powers over church for eight centuries. Talk about governmental interaction. I missed dinner may have been nervous back in March when some fear that we are about is sort of play coming our way. However, at the very least govern okay were with you for a few weeks but after that, you can't stop the finance hardly. Not only do the majority of churches in the country seem to think that jurisdiction of the church doesn't have a lot of shape awaiting worship okay you're looking for popularity you're looking for softness think the best way to represent the Lord is just not make anybody and you're not doing Jesus said don't hate us hated him. Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing, I'll talk you always used to say ever for

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