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An American Success Story

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December 23, 2020 7:37 pm

An American Success Story

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 23, 2020 7:37 pm

An American Success Story

Today Steve is joined by Joe Markiewicz founder of Defender Gear to talk about why he started his company and what it is.   


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Everyone is time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve Brown at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay okay there's a lot that we could be talking about writing a dog but a $900 billion. COBIT really bill. I tacked onto a $1.4 billion trillion dollar sorry I see I got to change your language and start talking about the government millions. That's nothing billion. That's nothing. Now you got a deal with trillion so $900 billion.

COBIT really package or a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill tie all that together and when you get you get a big old turn for lack of a better word, and so then trump last night I did the show yesterday or to meet my new friend Joe Markowitz's is good and he's stuck with me forever because it like me as a follower of Christ, so you could let yesterday show Joe. I did the name of the show yesterday was I agree with AOC, which was a first. Have you ever agreed with AOC.

I don't think so. Okay so yesterday I went out on the best stuff was going on. She put out a tweet about how ridiculous it is that they're giving us a 5500 page bill and expecting us to vote on it in a couple hours. Nobody can read it and the American people of course don't know what's in it and is harkening back to Nancy Pelosi and I will tell you what's in the bill after we pass it now. That kind of garbage so then Chris came out and said he retweeted AOC and said I actually agree with AOC that I read that I read AOC's comments on Mike I agree with a AOC in Tulsa.

Gabbard put out a video open to that effect on Mike.

Okay now I agree Kelsey Gabbert as well. And then last night the president comes out saying this whole thing's a pain. This is ridiculous were given some 600 bucks to people to help COBIT really five things to be 2000 and last night AOC comes out. Pelosi comes out. Bernie Sanders comes out and says what we agreed the president. That's the bizarro world were in today. We could spend all afternoon talking about that but were not going to spend our our talking about American success story, and what God is done in one man's life and trying to touch other people's lives and in this case, not only through business practices Joe but also through the gospel of Jesus Christ and then a little venture that Joe started a couple years ago called defender gear defender's website. I'll show you some of that as is just like you guys that grew up working to find out about Joe's background how I came to know the Lord and in your success as a business person.

The both of us.

Joe got to the point were like okay we see what's happening in this culture and in our country in a country that's been really good to us and I can't sit idly by and do nothing. You have to engage you.

Gotto engage as a believer you know we have to fight and engage were replanted. This is as a believer.

We've got to be able to. We gotta be able to take our passion and not wait for the perfect time but we Gotto engage in. We've got to get involved. We've got a talk and we gotta move in in a working to be held accountable by what we do or don't do.

Steve and and at and as part of my story yeah and so that they were not unpacked that because in many ways Joe and I share a similar path as we've engaged in different types of business background stuff but then as we go back in order to do that to going to see Eric but what can grounded this come out of because whether Joe's a successful business person or not, whether you are or not.

As a follower of Christ will have a calling on our lives in this not just to benefit ourselves. It's to benefit others and hopefully bring glory to God about where you trace all this back to business success. Caring about the country.

The willingness to take a step of faith and do something about it what what what was it like growing up. Joe Markowitz yeah so I yeah I grew up in upstate New York, Rochester, New York. My dad worked for Kodak graduate of Penn State.

My grandparents grew up in coal mining country Wilkes-Barre Scranton Pennsylvania my mom was a registered nurse. You know my dad worked during the day my mom would always work at night third shift as she worked to deliver babies at night and four kids.

I was the oldest of four and had a great upbringing.

I was able to get an engineering degree at RIT up in Rochester New York. Steve, my first passion. Believe it or not was not the become an engineer that was by default my dad would was an engineer but my passion might at that time I dream was to play professional baseball. I had some looks, not a high school I did get hurt in college and and that pretty much solidified my path to finish up my degree I get down here to Raleigh North Carolina worked for IBM. All my friends, my parents, everybody thought that it was I was set for life. Yeah, I was really good.

Joe your man your so lucky you work for this big company you are set out for me and I'm just going to give you highlights for me being set. I did feel that is as good as I had as a stable job I had, so to speak. There was always something saying there had to be more and it wasn't because I was unhappy about my income. I was very fortunate. Some of my college buddies didn't have what I had but but it really led me to be in a great position to say I'd love to build to start a business of my own and that's how things got started early in and I had, I came across some wonderful people that became not only great mentors among the great friends of mine today and and and I just choose very carefully who I listen to you wasn't afraid to Warren court wasn't afraid to learn, but I just needed a mentor to coach. That's how I got started in business. Would you describe your upbringing is kind of middle American middle American yeah you know, we lived in a modest home when you're put in four kids through eventually college second mortgages on homes, cars, I don't think I ever remember mom and dad had a new vehicle. It was always preowned. Most of time in upstate New York gets really cold in the winter time it just a little doesn't work or doesn't start you know but yeah it was middle America and what about that, what about faith wise growing up.

What was that like for me. I grew up Catholic, which meant mom and dad and with my background Polish Lithuanian background. Dad got us to church. We went to church, but that's the extent of it. I was not a believer it wasn't. It was in anything other than an obligation, and that set me up for what happened later in life. Well, I think in in in now. You grew up Catholic. I grew up mainline Protestant denominations. My wife Gina grew up Catholic and and what we all have in common. Even though we didn't share the same faith tradition is you go because it's the right thing to do and you went presumably your whole young life on somewhat of a regular basis. I did as well, but neither one of us were believers seek and be in church you can be church. You can be religious you can be Protestant you can be Catholic and still not be a Christian. So really get into that as well and then more business success and that eventually how did you get to the point where you started defender here.

What is offender here. I got a bunch of examples here in the studio which is really cool and one American who follows Christ with another American follows price trying to help out our fellow Americans, not just with the gospel with the country itself.

This is Steve Noble will great fact with Joe Martin McAfee is noble to see Noble show Merry Christmas to you tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Friday is Christmas day and I heard tell heard a rumor that a week from Friday is actually going to be New Year's Eve or actually can enter 2021.

I'll believe it when I see I'm here Joe Markowitz.

I'll believe it when I see I keep checking my calendar Joe Rhodes are going is 2021 still out there.

What you read over to get back to your story and appreciate you being here today to get you to learn more about Joe's story.

Now the Lord is done in his life and defender gear which will talk about her in a little bit defender but what you read on 2020. Let's that's gonna pull it back for your low, but then will go back in and learn more about your faith journey. Well 2020 and in our world was about making corrections. It's about adapting.

I like to say the word have to figure out as my world entrepreneurs adapt, create and execute your Steve, we haven't we haven't missed a beat, but we just had to do it differently it in my world. It's it's about reaching people. You gotta be a reach. People inspire people coach people train people develop people can be built upon trust. We just had to figure out different ways to do it. So honestly we haven't missed much.

We just had to be creative.

We had to adapt so you and I just stop watching all the mainstream stop listening to all the naysayers and all the people out there that have their own theories. We were too busy doing stuff to really pay attention all the other people talking about how bad it was honestly and as an entrepreneur, unifying opportunities in a lot of different places. I think 2021 is going to be a year filled incredible opportunity to matter what you do.

Whether it's in Christian circles and and hopefully will touch upon that today. Sure, I'm a big believer in that we have a great opportunity but but even if you have a desire to start a business of your own in this gig economy you note the side hustles the people have. There's going to be entire industries created and people multimillionaires can come out of times like this. I believe that yeah yeah that's encouraging to hear.

And that's a kind that entrepreneurial spirit mixed together with that hope that never fades in and the trust that that God can get through these things and not just you know drag yourself across the finish line but that you actually might be able to succeed and do better than just finishing the race. Yeah I you see things out there in a different circles and I do but but I'm not discouraged at all. I'm not. I'm not worried about it. I get more concerned about which will talk about our country are our liberties or freedom which leads into great segue to to talk about my passion for starting defender gear a few years back and so I'm not I'm very optimistic and I choose to stay around optimistic people so important. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Talking about building each other up in the faith, whatever talk about business or the resentment the state of the country. We tend to mirror you tended smell like taste like what you marinated see better. Be very careful what you're marinating in because that's going to take determine who you are, how you act, what you say and in your shaking your head because you know that to beach.

I don't want to catch what some people have in us and has nothing to do a covert state of mind.

Yes it's their perspective in life and and I just have learned to stay away from people to just do not do not have the vision and the passion and the optimism that I choose to be around God's good boundaries to have in place. So growing up Catholic.

I grew up mainline Protestant. How did you come to know the Lord in the saving way.

Oh, you know, straightforward on me to tell you very I was very skeptical and cynical of Christians where we grew up.

The only the only Christians I knew. Pardon me for saying us were broke Wimpy and I don't want to criticize any particular denominations on go tell you I didn't have a very high regard for Christian until I got out in the business world and I start to come across people that not only were they successful, but they also had their act together and create marriages, their families were amazing.

Marybeth and I might now my wife Mary Beth and outages were dating forever.

She would say she's in your same dating weight way too long. I got around people that seem to be able to have stability. I look at their kids at a great self image. I heard people speak about truth confidently go. Who are these people in a more got around him. It was obvious there was something on the inside that was different. I didn't have it and I started really seeking it and and what that led to was actually at a business conference and it was an optional loss Sunday morning service because we are all away from home and and my wife and I girlfriend the time Marybeth and I we saddened that we heard not a priest not somebody had gone through seminar we heard someone who was a successful businessman. Great family man. Dad husband but also he was bold about who we served and and he was a believer and he actually for the first time in my life. He actually shared with me a very simple message called the gospel new information and and to me it wasn't rules, it wasn't how many times I went to church. It wasn't about all the things that I'd done for God I to do hardly anything for God.

At that point I didn't think I'd ever have a chance and and I heard a very simple message. It was it was true freedom and liberty spiritually for all eternity and and it changed my life from the inside out and it began my new journey. How did that out of that what what were some of the most obvious ways that affected you right from the get-go. My wife and I were both lost. We got married.

So we tell people we are equally unequally yoked driver both lost.

We got saved literally within weeks of one another and something's changed me. I grew up in a household where GD and JC was pretty much punctuation and Veterans Day.

I got saved on the side of the road and outside Columbus, Ohio. I literally couldn't do it. I like it that so used to say in GD you know I would get is good, doing hello and it wasn't some distant deity thing. It was my father or my Savior and I just couldn't. I just couldn't go something on the inside of you to change right you asked me what changed and I'm sure my wife is smiling in the other room, but ice to cuss like a sailor. I it was embarrassing even think about how bad it was because my self-image was based upon how much I can get people to pay attention to me or be moved and so I used to cuss like crazy shot all, and and all the sudden I just something stop me from doing it. I didn't want to do it it it was repulsive to me and I know that might seem simple, but II had already not that I was an alcoholic. But I was a party guy. I was a fraternity guy back in college, I had no desire to drink anymore. Ivan had alcohol in 33 years I have clean, think anything of really cost for under the cover because since ever since I got it and got started and really change my life and is an amazing and it's not because somebody told me or pointed a finger at me. It was that I didn't want to, any desire is for you right well the old man's dad a new man comes alive exact belly stultified him call me that obviously still at the fight that old man. He got his old Joe and Aaron's old Steve clearly felt by the butt when your desired changes, especially overnight.

You know, okay. And of course other people start recognizing that like what happened in just different about you talk about that when we come back talking to Joe Markowitz defender you learned about that well is this is the family I look back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble so you wear this shirt, black shirt that read, write, that got little hammer and sickle atop my record is that since socialism kills hope dreams and freedom. I'm holding up here for you see on Facebook like appear on the radio while you're missing. Okay so this is on Facebook like you could see that using the back of it right okay with you where this one this this is a bold shirt. Yes, Americans are descendents of those who refused to be ruled live free or die. That's a pretty bold service yeah we we don't mess around without women and we have a good number of our customers so they're pretty proud of that when a war that when in the election booth.

Your couple month ago and I can just see some people going into the store wearing that shirt without a mask. Just as it's a conversation.

Yes it is that my conversation started.

Now these names are familiar, and we talked about this before when we were hanging out our good buddy Dave and his studios recently at his office on Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson hashtag squad goals. Now we have the current squad which falls far short of this bar, obviously Washington and Franklin Jefferson.

So you've got some constitutional stuff going on here. You have some governmental political stuff going on, you've got also that we talk about defender gear and okay now I got this really cool hoodie. I mean beautiful. Great.

I love this fabric given what this fabric is called. It's a really sitting on it so that ETF chosen for more.

John 1516 okay so now we've like what that's of the same thing defender gear and now in my life.

So here's another thing. This is also hoodie wife will love it. This is pink Dell America strong, proud and freeze in 1776. So you guys can see that when two beautiful artwork great messaging and so how do you go from building a marketing business and being very successful. It's not like you are lacking income and it's like I need and I need a side hustle so that I can bridge the gap here to pay her bills sold so defender gear, what was the genesis of all of that through the years. You know you you have a business your own and you start I for me.

I start caring more that they're just something about that. If you succeed or fail.

It's up to you. I like that responsibility. Give me a chance I'd a very comfortable job, but when I started a business of my own meal.

There were outcomes that I wanted in life and ended the things I did to get to the outcomes I wanted that for really like them. You don't enjoy them all the time but it's the outcomes you want. Well, God blessed us, and in we still have those businesses going today but but for me it's not enough to be able to be debt free. Or take care of your family or live in a nice homework have cars to me were supposed to be doing more than just paying the bill sit at home watching Elder Jeff take care me myself and I asserted cared about my country. I started really reading for the first time in my life. The Declaration of Independence to the Constitution. I started reading the some of the early writings I I thought it was aerobic. What some of our found I did lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. And so I started having a greater appreciation of the men and women who will walk the blue line and defend our laws and defend us on a daily basis are aligned got crossed.

Was there some incident, was there something that happened that drove you into this year is successful man loves the Lord married and kids comfortable appreciate the country Fourth of July founding fathers it's kind of the minimal standard for a lot of people, but but it obviously went to another level. Was there something that triggered that will use a 2020 return triggered to Joe get triggered by something I really believe that that I remember when Ronald Reagan came on the scene I wasn't in business yet, but he was just finishing out his his second term, but but I gotta tell you what I loved how he spoke about America. It made me to be proud to be an American. I grew up in this in the 70s so much in the 60s as a kid but a 70s. Nobody talked about the exceptionalism of Jericho.

It you know in Jimmy Carter when he was wrapping up. We were in dad we had gas lines. It was a disaster in here comes Ronald Reagan and made it cool to be an American again and to start believing in America and what America stands for and what liberties and freedoms we have and it is exceptional and say American exceptionalism in terms of arrogance. Yeah, it means that we are an exception to what we see in the world.

That's a great way of putting and and still today for all the forces of people forces of evil out there that are trying to pull down and to discredit America and to make us like everybody else that goes against the grain of everything I believe that that we are special that we are that shiny light on the hill, and that inner freedom and liberty does not pass through the bloodstream through the genes that mean every jet were one generation away as it's on a regular talk about right from losing our freedom and so I is there a line I think it was just a metamorphosis over a period of time that I just started believing that there are some things worth fighting for example, that's exactly right is a great is the first thing that drove me on a mission trip. As I had a successful small business I'm in the kingdom were raising her kids were homeschooling and so I hated the government some self-employed right so we homeschool.

We do all the right things and I'm to take care me myself and I and God had to drag me halfway around the world Africa before I had the guts to ask and share the gospel with somebody because it didn't cost me anything over there and all the sinister realizing you know one of these days with this castle I built. I'm in at the put down the gate and put my kids out of the world and what am I pushing them out into and what I do that positively affect and that was just my four kids. What about all the other kids around me. So then I realize very deeply convicted that I was living an exceptionally self-centered life and if your last name wasn't noble. If you deliver I lived. I wasn't particularly interested in what was happening to you. I was really action was happening to us but not other people's I got convicted by my apathy and you gotta do something you know you and I we do it in in different pass in different arenas, but there is for a believer, a true believer of war and apathy. I don't think there's anything in the gospel to talk to us about being comfortable that there is there has to be it's almost you got, you better live outside your comfort zone. There is a dangerous freedom and in the world is not going to stand up and cheer for you.

But if God before us, who can be against us and and a greater one lives inside of me. I believe that if your not being criticized. If you're not having people speak about you in a negative way disparage you if you're if you're if you're comfortable every single day not doing anything you're not doing anything. I go so far as they are not doing it right.

Jesus said in this life you have trouble, which in the original language tribulation, you're getting a blowback I don't run around and be a jerk in order to get blowback. But the more you run around and care about the things God cares about and fight for the things God wants us to fight for and into engage in especially to wear that banner probably is a follower of Jesus Christ you're going to get some blowback and if you don't, you're not doing it right. You're just you're an undercover Christian and there's no room in the Bible for them. That just doesn't exist is so good you know. Yes, we been blessed and we've done well in business but that platform if you're using it just to be comfortable yet. I think there's a gonna come a point where you may lose that platform.

There are so many people hurt not there. Steve you see it in the people you minister to it in my world, which out. It is more of the business world. After so many people that are so hungry for truth help man so hungry for an example, a mentor or somebody that could just talk about truth unashamedly because most people believe it, but there there doing it privately. There they they don't want to stick their neck out to write you afraid of losing some were being criticized or unfriended yeah unfriended social media, but but what you and I do is we got to this point were okay.

We figured out certain things is what we've had success to some degree to do with that and and that's where I was send we've had a platform and we use that platform to reach people who are hurting and I think people of all different race, color, creeds, people to don't look like you and I people that don't believe like you and I they still want a better light out of their kids and their kids right kids they want to elevate themselves. Also see you and I with a certain degree of joy and happiness.

They don't have it. The world doesn't have it. Yeah that's so important to realize that that's so good I say one of the most important one of the most Bible things and I I have in my life is my witness, which is why I'm II enter this room.

Monday through Friday with a certain amount of fear and trembling.

There's some roads.

I won't go down there certain ways. I won't treat a caller because I know my witness is more valuable than my ability to win an argument to put somebody in this place, but then to your point. If you have an everybody listened, watching you all have a platform they will. I'm not a successful business person like Joe. So what I don't have a radio platform exceed so what you have a platform in your platforms different than our present better figure.

Whatever, it's just different and you have to use your back at his noble defeasible show here with Joe Markowitz are talking about well in American success story. Yes, there's that successful business rear and then became a follower of Christ. He and his wife at the same time I and very similar to my wife and I got got say within weeks of one another and then told us that successful business doesn't need to worry about making a bunch of money and then all of a sudden seeing the world around him outside of his business surroundings. I gotta do something about this specifically talking about the country that were so blessed to live in, and then defender gear which started when when the defender gear start was about four years ago, warriors got defender is a website and looking at it right now and I'm showing you guys some stuff on Facebook like is a website so there's ladies, there's old lady side there's men ciders out over this T-shirts I love these T-shirts you got the one that we talked about earlier enemy of our freedom for you ladies. It's a really cute shirt. This is socialism on the front got me little closer.

That's really great. Got defender worth fighting for. Love that one ladies camo fearless American T-shirt. Really cool stuff. Betsy Ross all that with the 13 stars that's can get you in trouble.

Joe what are you nuts, freedom fighter that one's out there resist socialism. I love that for the people that watch and listen to the show.

These are all ringing true. It's 08. By the way. Christmas is just couple days away and it's okay it's it's not it's not out of form to give Christmas presents that show up. Couple days later.

So take advantage of that.

Especially if you have a patriots in your life if you love the Lord, because you also have great Christian messaging in there as well and in and you keep doing it and what your help what your hope and prayer for defender gear what you and I talked about this several times. Not exactly sure what what God is doing with what I do. He shows me enough that I keep going. He doesn't show me so much that I think I'm all that. But then what your hope what's your prayer, why do you keep doing defender gear and speaking out to do the dispatching to talk in your recording put out videos and you can find my Facebook by the way that a great page in Facebook defender gear on Facebook to check that out at defender gear is the simple tag on Facebook and the website. Like I mentioned defender but but what's the goal here what we trying to see happen. Well, I never wanted to start defender gear just to have an apparel company because it's not the most profitable businesses in the world. I can tell you that thought it and here's one more thing. There's a whole lot of people that can make a T-shirt with American flag on it and there are thousands of help and I never wanted to have a company like that. I wanted to be able to do something that lined up what I believe and so if you go to our website which I appreciate your doing it.

You will see messages that are biblically-based, historically based, I do everything I cleaned everything and it's got a lineup with our ideals and and on top of that I try to provide a good value, good quality product.

What's my goal with it. You know there's some really big ones out there. My competitors are huge and I will mention money here will ever get to that big I don't know that's not really my dream.

My dream is to expand the platform so we can educate so we can create dialogue so we can cut. Let's calm reason together that I do believe that liberty and freedom act as as our founders created is not only good to be eat is the right way. We are all by natures nature's law and and and the law of God were all born free.

I think most people are just ignorant and nave about who they are and it and in fact America is unique. It was created not by revolution like we saw in France, which was a very secular revolution. But this revolution was started primarily through the pulpits, George Whitefield and many others that that really spoke about that freedom, spiritual freedom that we are all born free, and that inspired people to find out who they were and why it's important that the kind of government they create is for people and if the people are in power, then we have liberty if if people are afraid of the government we have tyranny so you ask about my vision is to educate eat is to create dialogue it is to create more. Let's calm reason together rather than when when we have differences rather than calling each other names and yelling and screaming at each other. Let's talk let out also daughter did RR did our differences, our differences make America right if we handle it right rather than just trashing people censoring people shadow banning people and I'm go on and on. So that's my hope. Who would've ever thought you and I be sitting here on a December 23 talking about this you you have a beautiful platform my platform.

We hope that we we help each other get the word out absolutely well that's something that we you talk about education you think about it super important partier stories that you educated yourself first. You got educated before you got loud. I gotta go get educated first before I start speaking out. It wasn't even my idea to start teaching the Constitution that was homeschool moms ideally taught it to my wife and told it to me in the course of just being obedient, but then you go okay and I get it. I talked about patriotism. I thought bunkering with the country but how much do I actually know the background and the backbone of how this thing works to actually know the Constitution actually know why American exists, and what was going on back in the 1700s. You mentioned George Whitfield. Most people don't know what that the first great awakening. There's no way we would've won the American Revolution, the country was falling apart religiously was becoming increasingly more secular just like today and in in religious apathy had set in and the. The Enlightenment was there which was just us getting high on ourselves and then the first great awakening brought church unity brought a ton of new people and brought a boldness back into the faith that had to be there. This happened about 2030 years before the American Revolution got started and start understanding that if you actually have a conversation Joe and you're talking to somebody like somebody that's watching defender gear. The YouTube channel when you're doing liberty dispatch video what you guys need to go check out if you can actually have a conversation. Most people are rational and if you actually can stay engaged long enough, you'll find some common ground in them and they start thinking and emotions take a backseat to rationality then is okay because our founding fathers were brilliant but they were rational and it made sense and understanding that these are inalienable rights because they come from God.

It's not the government bestowing on us.

All these blessings. It's we need a system that protects the blessings that we arty have my government because it's made of humans that tends to get too powerful a concentration of power those checks and balances and all the other stuff and we gotta get back to education, which is why am totally right there with you. I think my number one job and all that I do is to educate and inform because without that forget it's over and I think were seen today. We we know that information is power, we just saw this in the selection, and in effect pretty much the last four years in Donald Trump's administration is that the mainstream media, academia, Democrats left if they could now control the dialogue and he can control information they could win, they could actually win and and Leona go back to something I believe in a practical sense. If I could inspire people to slow down enough and just let's calm reason together.

I loved asking people why do you believe the way you believe. Yeah, as a Christian all men want a great way to start a dialogue.

Why do you believe what you believe we are values. What were you come up with that. I don't know.

It's a great way to begin something that could lead to maybe not at that moment, but then then finally reaching out and saying I know there's more to this same thing with their freedom and their liberties and our constitutional republic. Why should people be really upset about what has happened over the last two months with the selection. I don't care with you are a big Biden supporter Ivan found too many or Trump supporter.

It doesn't matter if the fact that, are you, aren't you concerned about the integrity of an election in a democratic republic.

Let's talk about that.

It rather than just having a mindset of the end justifies the means. We have now to get that guy out of there at what price. The loss of our republic right or election exactly right, etc. in the things that we complain about the wrong people with too much power controlling the narrative. That's exactly what happens when you allow election integrity to disintegrate if you're okay with it if it's your guy or gal benefiting but wait until it sure ox getting gored and then the whole narrative flips in the in the side that was okay with it now and for years is gonna lose their minds because every but on both sides yet to have the intellectual honesty and you have to have the vision the selfless vision there's a word that would fit perfectly in the rationale behind what you're doing and it's a word that our founding fathers used a lot that actually appears in our founding documents and the word is posterity, not prosperity, but posterity, what's coming behind us and in I don't I'm not fearful about much at all anymore, but I am fearful for the future of our children because if we lose the integrity of a voting process. This is not the United States of America's right.

It's a Banana Republic dressed up like the United States, like wearing a T-shirt or something, but that ain't fundamentally America and who's running the country and this what you and I are doing here is that were trying to take our little part of the world right as a catalyst for biblical principles integrity of our Constitution and preserve it all fits together and it's all to the glory of God. Always Joe Markowitz pleasure. Things are coming today very much. You're very very welcome. You're very very welcome. Ernie had a few people jump on Facebook by jumping over and getting some defender gear for themselves so that one. Make sure you do that it will put you in the crosshairs because Olson people are to see on your shirt or your hoodie or your hat leave but like Joe said, be willing and ready to have the conversation defender you can also find him on Facebook and YouTube channel. Check out Joe's liberty dispatch is this Steve Noble in the seasonable show.

Merry Christmas to you guys and God willing, I thought again real soon.

Like my dad always is ever forward

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