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Good Christmas News and more…

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 18, 2020 4:58 pm

Good Christmas News and more…

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 18, 2020 4:58 pm

Good Christmas News and more… 

Today Steve shares the good news going on in the world and Steve is joined by Peter Scheibner the director of Christmas Sweet. 


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth no sicker down call Steve now at 86 34 three 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble right Mary today. Can you believe it now. I believe Christmas is still coming. I believe that I see on the calendar are all doing our shopping and everything is Christmas shopping today so I'll wait for the day. Merry Christmas early a week early so excited about that. I still have to see it to believe it. That 2021 is actually coming in a few weeks, but that Christmas adeptly coming and it's been a difficult year. We all know that and Christmas different this year and a lot of churches and wire as we have a lot of stories that are concerning a lot of things that are upsetting us, whether it's COBIT, whether it's the election. Whatever the case may be, if if there is ever time or we needed some Christmas cheer we needed I would call it a diversion. I would call it a refocusing on some things that that the metanarrative of restoration of reconciliation of the gospel itself is still on top of everything else. All the news of the day and so one of our our friends here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area of North Carolina here in the Triangle's colonial Baptist Church. I've been teaching down there for years in their home school program, which is awesome. Pastor Stephen Davey senior and founding pastor colonial Baptist. One of the greatest teachers on the East Coast phenomenal but they also have just an immensely talented staff.

They got an incredible music program and they've cut and indent the answer to this strange environment we find ourselves in. In terms of Christmas in church this year they take in all that town the ability and and broaden a lot more talent on that and it created an actual Christmas film that's going to become available this Sunday called Christmas suite. All is calm and that we should all be excited about that and what what a year of all of them recently that we really need this kind of a message so we got that Peter Scheidler's joining us.

He's the director of Christmas we all is calm Peter, thanks for calling MN Merry Christmas how are you I know well you're very welcome so obviously you know were kind of in a lane change type year for the church and going virtual and going online and all that kind of stuff. So what was going to the Genesis behind you guys coming up with Christmas suite always, such a wonderful idea. I was able to watch part of it with the link you guys were kind enough to share with me and it's just a beautiful production.

You guys really went all out.

Thank you. About 18 years old.

Colonial very long-running Christmas program that were done every year and that our church had offer in musical theater, but for obvious reasons that really want to get a bit off that. We got it throughout the later part number really started having questions about you know if we working to be able to always yeah what can we do that match that dander and I don't know. I did all of you.

I have virtual like done with. I've done with the whole event on a play on Mike. We didn't do that at the week will we openly spelled out with the best version of funding you could watch the screen for the movie that we can do that we wanted to make a movie. Though it was early August will hear the motion and we've been nonstop since then you get the films done, but we actually we made a movie and it actually kicks off and maybe connect to be and what you can watch and I put up the links on Facebook like Christmas, Suite but it will be available this Sunday the 20th at 7 PM in an interestingly enough, Peter, isn't this an opportunity perhaps to reach more people with this Christmas story in his Christmas movie and the production then you guys have ever had before.

What you write about that week we talked about that back in August 20 I think a lot of people on my topic but I kind of you did of the other negative way for me but the truth is, I think God presented with a unique opportunity this year to reach people in new and unique way.

Internationally, we can reach about 3500 3500 people in a good year week at the church were not limited to ship and many people as we can make aware of the film.

You people can and any code forwarded to future years. Not this year to be available forever as long as people are interested in Christmas content or film can have a ministry and shut it out yet because while you listen real preprogrammed at this point Peter to gather around and watch something on Facebook or Amazon. Whatever the case may be, especially this year, as we've all been enduring the covert shutdown so week we had that ability we have the muscle memory to do it what it what's going to be here for you guys colonial with you Peter as the director and everybody else involved in any Brewster who was kind enough to to reach out to me what kind of your hope and prayer as to how God can use this form of art historian Sen. on the gospel and so I hope that I hope that you maybe don't have a walk with Christ, if you don't think it would be that folks who you have a walk with Christ would be encouraged and and grow in their faith.

As a result, watch the fill film like that that that a few things going for one, it has to be thoughtful for a film that the designed to bring people to Christ at the gospel entertaining. You don't have to posted on the watch of Thurman on TV that is not what we were about 180 I enter. We need a phone that was uplifting and I think our film for all three of both level from the narrative, the music involved. It really is very quick hour and 1/2 yet because colonial has me for years. I've never since I moved here. My wife and I can have a musical background of been well aware of all the talent is deposited in colonial Baptist Church, not the least of which would be your pastor's ability to to preach and teach the word of God. But it's so cool that that this now opportunity with the darkness of COBIT and everything we dealt with 2020 is going to allow that to shine even more brightly and I and I really appreciate your attitude. We get a look at this as hey this is a great opportunity.

Let's make sure we don't spoil that. So what can we do whether we go to colonial Baptist or not. If we love the Lord. We care about the lost house. How would you guys suggest that we use this as a tool to proclaim the gospel and build the kingdom that request number one, we can't don't not to advertise colonial bath oil that anyone you don't want to turn people off. So the first thing you can do is tune in on Monday this coming Sunday at 7 PM and you can watch it or you YouTube and you can watch it there on Colonial YouTube channel, but share with your friends and family. You have unpaid relative share with them. Don't watch party. We have lots to organize have one party for the garden wall or whether they be bringing people to their home. There are several churches across the country that are going to be having showing for them to be in their church services or encourage you feel the water from their home is always that the film I can get out to our communities hopefully pretty good. The real meaning of what a great opportunity because like you mentioned before you going to have fatigue of all the online stuff but that's where RAM right now and fatigue of bad news, and consternation in the election as important as all these things are obviously the gospel is preeminent. What a great tool that God has given you guys Christmas sweet all is calm is the name of this taking this long-running musical production and I drama at colonial Baptist Church online into a movie form called all is called Christmas sweet American Merry Christmas to save nobleness.

Steve Noble show did you catch that in the last segment I was talking to Peter Scheidler who is the director of Christmas sweet all is calm, it's the long-running musical theater that the colonial Baptist Church here in the Raleigh area has been doing an incredible church, Stephen Davies, the senior pastor and credible tent talented music program down there and then with COBIT and everything the coded is it funny how we change the way we talk with the COBIT and everything so now they're doing it online and they've expanded it into a movie and so I was that trying to give you the website stuff there at the end and then hit the commercial break and in sometimes probably more often than not. I think sometimes we just have a technical problem in and I don't hear 30 seconds about Truax.

I hear 22 seconds about whatever and so I'm so trained muscle memory wise to work with 30 seconds, but in this case, there was no technical glitch. There there is nobody else I can point a finger to. It was just me.

Just me messing up and waiting too long to get to the punch line and so right at the clock always wins. Does matter what I say what I feel or what I think of the clocks always and when this is the deal with my radio which part of the reason I love her at my radio because I prefer to be up on the high wire without a net. So just to confirm everything. This is there putting it online goes live this Sunday at 7 PM Eastern time and the website is Christmas sweet SWEET Christmas sweet okay and beautifully done. I was able to watch part of it online. They gave me little sneak peak access online is really beautifully done and again they have an amazing talent.

So let's push away from the table of politics and COBIT and all the other stuff in the stress of the season in the year and this is also great tool this is that when those easy things that we can do because you do not know what your faithfulness what God will do a little mustard seed and God could grow an entire tree or a nation, a small number of religious zealots jumping on a boat and risking their lives to cross the Atlantic was the mustard seed that led to the birth of the nation in which you now reside. If you're here in the United States of America and and in the nation, imperfect as it is that is been the epicenter of so many blessings, not just here in America but around the world for a couple hundred years and that started with a mustard seed of faith so you sharing something on Facebook or email or twitter or whatever something like Christmas sweet all is calm from our friends at colonial Baptist Church. You do not know what God will do it that and so you try even if it doesn't look like you don't think you can make a difference. You're called to be faithful only the fruitfulness in God's hands. Okay Christmas sweet art so that leads me to something ironing sharpening iron.

I've got a bunch of different stories here that want to get through which we will get through on the fly through them so as usually have to get a listen fast as I talk fast and think that I had a great conversation challenging conversation with my board members earlier and this is just what I do on the air is. I I process a lot of things verbally and so sometimes it can be a little bit like whiplash. So when I'm having doubts usually get here okay so on the one hand, I can talk about what what is possible in Congress when we get to generate fifth and six.

Of course got these two things back to back.

We got the Georgia runoff election, which is really for all the marbles.

If Joe Biden becomes the present United States and the and and the Democrats pull off steel take those two seats. Whatever down in Georgia in the U.S. Senate then becomes its 50-50 tie and then the vice president night stays becomes the president of the Senate that would be, Harris and then she only votes in a tie so now you got, Harris is the tiebreaker in the U.S. Senate in your imagination can run off what that would look like house control by Democrats Senate effectively controlled by Democrats and a Democrat in the White House.

If you're conservative your wildest nightmares will come true and a couple of months. Okay, under that kind of cortical leadership and so there's that.

And then there's court cases, most of which have been dismissed for procedural reasons, not because they heard the evidence, and there still things going on.

George is conducting a statewide mail about that just broke last night.

Signature audit okay so there's still efforts underway, and people talking about the trunking to declare martial law on December 14 put by the way, for those of you that said that I was four days ago Eddie on Facebook live Mike pence is the tiebreaker know isn't not when you go look at the Constitution and subsequent loss.

Okay, gotta go look at the laws that are on the books. Mike pence doesn't break in time. You don't want an individual having that kind of power in terms of the voting if they do objections to the electoral college certification process which is what's can happen in DC in early January. Okay, setting that aside, there's there is the will of the Lord. And so my board member is like hey I think I maybe you're not making it seem like that. Don't bother, don't bother praying. Don't bother calling the representatives I put down all that the leaders of the house and the Senate that the Republicans in charge of that the legislature's in these swing states and call them and now because of this objection process coming up in January and in the Congress.

You should be calling your particular state representative, especially. If you're conservative your Republican column and urge them challenged encouragement is to loan courage is what the actual word means. Encourage them loan them your current encourage them take a stand and not a stand primarily for different Donald Trump is the stand for the very nature an exit stencil threat to the United States of America in terms of a representative republic. If we lose election integrity. We don't have a United States of America anymore sing a banana publican oligarchy government controlled by very small powerful group of people they were them in air quotes by Steve days on the show said yesterday. Hey, we don't live in a nation of laws. We live in a nation of political will is what you see operating right now so let me clarify this for everybody got God can pull a dead man out of a grave right. Jesus say Lazarus, come out you don't hear the old Joe peters a way had to say Lazarus, otherwise everybody in all the graves there. Bethany would come out, which is entirely possible please Lazarus, come out even a dead person isn't too far gone for God. That's what he wants to do so is the selection gone is the thought of a Donald Trump second term can't know is the window a little smaller as the door closing. Yes, the guy doesn't care about closing doors and doesn't care about the size of your window or my window or anybody's window. God has authority over everything. So if I've if I've given you the thought that there's no hope. Please forgive me. That's not that was not my intent. I do believe that there is hope and I do believe that maybe something can happen in the court of law because it's December 18 and the fat lady doesn't really saying until January 5, six, and 20. So this thing and it's 2020 for goodness sakes, anything's possible. And you have to continue to fight and you have to continue to believe Paul sawing that he had the faith to be healed, said get your stuff and stand up and the man was healed so we have to have great faith. So by giving you that the impression that I don't have faith please forgive me. That was not my intent, or if I've given you the impression that it's not don't bother doing anything that wasn't my intent.

Either every legal votes. Great website by Thomas Friedman that you should go look at because a lot of great information there and then you take it and decide for yourself is a lot of great information and updated information. And there's a way for you to take action, you should do that you should be praying every day fervently for truth and for justice and for the very future of this country because like I said and I'll continue to ring this belt. We can't trust our election process of our election process is that given over. This is the United States of America anymore. It's some kind of an American version of a Banana Republic. And unfortunately, most people will will slink back and sale of my vote really doesn't matter, then why bother, and then we just handed it over to like I said, recently. Apathy is not an option and I do have faith and I will try and I will talk and I will pray you should do the same nothings over and some God says itself. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Novotel will be back to dive into a bunch of these different stories.

Some are good summers raising summer just interesting to read that very first visit Noble's noble show all I know you think okay okay but I is very Lord, I believe, help my unbelief River that we were dealing with the nature of our culture: 1920 20. In general the election results, Trump, Biden, and then in one of the dangers and what I do on live radio is as I as I processed verbally so and so if if I'm doubting things and frustrated your pre-much going to know I don't craft everything. I'm not an elected official. I don't feel like I need to play that kind of game and so I'm I'm painfully honest on the air sometime. Sometimes my wife will say Sharon too much. Hello Dean, thinking sharing too much Steve I think we lack a lot of authenticity in this world and everything is crafted and finely honed and edited over and over and over again and I think I struggle with some of the same things that you probably struggle with and so I wonder when Hannah Mike man I want some justice here on some truth and on the other hand, unlike America and working were going downward in a burn and then were like I'm like Jonah, I got hey Steve, go to Nineveh and preach the gospel of really yummy that you want me to move to San Francisco at all those crazy people out there and and walk around all the piles of human feces and they discarded drug needles in with all the crazy liberal politics and preach the gospel. Forget what we really need Lord is free to bring in earthquakes at the San Andreas Fault and drop the whole stinking state into the ocean. Some of you are saying amen and I think that's what Jonah was thinking with Nineveh. So God did what he needed to do to Jonah Spitz amount back on the beach. Jonah walks and I was just saying this with my friends on Facebook live only. Could you imagine how Jonah preach the gospel. After that they repent. Hey you guys, God's God's real man, you better get right with him. Okay, I did learn I'm a go sit appear on the hill and watch it burn which is exactly what Jonah wanted, and sometimes cards on the table. That's what I want Mike you know I Lord this is burn this place just us bunny burned to the ground.

Just let us get the full weight of our sin, but that's not what he did to me. Sometimes he allows us to get the full weight of our sin. That's because God chastises those he loves, and he corrects you and build you up, that's how the vine dresser prunes.

The vine proves the branches to produce what even more fruit. Second Corinthians chapter 1 to be a comfort to those that God has given you the comfort so you comfort others with the comfort that you received.

That's part of the pruning process and so sometimes I just like I let it burn as liberals so there's me who wants California to fall in the ocean and then there's our oldest son, who moved there recently and got a great job and is have a heart for the city loves the city architecturally everything the way it set up, but he has a heart for the city he's in a really good church that he just moved out there. He's got a heart for the city were like oh no, really. You want to go. Of all the places that I don't want my kid to live it. San Francisco, but of all the people I know that I would send their to bring a gospel witness in a way that I think will be very effective. There, it's our son. So do you want to be like Jonah and write it off when you want to be like Jesus and in believe and act and never give up doesn't give up on any of us we should give up on this stuff either. I let's get going here is a funny, not McConnell. Mitch McConnell warned Senate Republicans against challenging election results and then this other article Senate Republicans consider challenging Joe Biden's win despite Mitch McConnell's warning what's going on here. This is the swamp versus people to want to clean it essentially is going on. Mitch McConnell I think is a Rino who mostly just wants to get things back to the way they were when they don't have to answer for the president and it ought to deal with all this radical stuff that Donald Trump wants to do.

Can we just go back to work nice quiet calm, even though the country just continued shoots up the foot, at least, at least, it was an easier job. You know what I think that's a lot what's going on here McConnell on Tuesday's call site in 2005 objection from former Sen. Barbara boxer after George W Bush's reelection, which delayed the process by a few hours KICK the Kentucky Republican warned that he hoped no one particular in the class of 2022. Thought that was a good idea. That's just that's a veiled threat. Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy atop Trump ally has dodge questions from reporters about whether he supports Brooks's gambit is guided likely I let's challenge the president's right to go to the courts have as legal challenges heard McCarthy added and he said he still has more opportunity to do that so way through those and see what happens on these guys just trying to cover their behind this don't want to fight. I think that's not your hearing. Did you hear the story of allegedly allegedly watch your confirmation bias here somebody lackey that works in the Supreme Court, you know, one of the don't know if it's somebody that's clerking or what the deal is said they they heard this screaming match with the justices and primarily Chief Justice John Roberts talking and 70 brings up Bush Gore when they're talking about the Texas case and allegedly although I I don't have a hard time believing this. John Roberts is like I don't give a Blank about a Bush Gore because they weren't having riots back then. So now what dictates the policy of the United States Supreme Court is fear. Fear of how people are going to react their your job, sir. To all of you on United States Supreme Court is to rightly interpret and protect the U.S. Constitution and if our nations as far gone as I think it is in terms of election integrity, and like Steve Day said yesterday elections and stole another taken because the whole is that is not about the lots about political will and clearly the Democrats have more political will than the Republicans. And so you're afraid to write a great wrong because you're worried that people are going to get upset and there might be some violence and so you never do anything your ear you're making decisions based on fear and mob rule. And that's not the United States of America either just I don't have a pure democracy that's mob rule. And if that's true, holy cow, I got that got Mitch McConnell just wants things to go back the way they were the slow death by a thousand cuts kind of governance in Washington DC because nobody has the boldness to take on the system or the swamp. Trump did Trump does, but that man that brings you into the fray and I think most of these folks don't want to go to the fray. It took him six or nine months to even get on his side. After he got elected, and they could even defund Planned Parenthood to think Republicans really defund Planned Parenthood I don't know you show me your faith by what you say, I'll show you my faith by what I do. Wow. You know what's up with that, Mitch McConnell, here's what I hope I hope that there are brave Republicans in the house and the Senate that are talking today like Mike Johnson from the house yesterday and they they bring up their objections and they fight. They fight down to the last word in the last moment for truth and justice and not primarily for Donald Trump but for the very survival of this nation.

That's what I that's the prayer they would need to be praying that we need to be calling our representatives, your representatives because they're a part of this endgame. Okay and encourage them, which is to lend them courage and encourage them to stand tall into object and then have a conversation that's the problem with most of these court cases they been dismissed over procedural issues. There really hasn't been a great situation where they've heard all the evidence will do it in something you can do, not the least of which of the most powerful would be to pray. Is this the website I mentioned before, every legal the Thomas Friedman put together and great information. Great education or just carpooling together everything and there's some action items there. You can send an email to every Atty. Gen. you can see, send emails to your state representatives and you should, if you're complaining about it. You're in Ella's consternation about about you not doing anything about it.

Then sitdown and you lost your right to complain if you're not willing to do something about it. You shouldn't be whining about gay so there's that. Then I like this story and the follow-up in that Sen. elect Toby stays this way. Tommy Turberville defines Mitch McConnell opens door electoral College challenging the Senate would have to do it in the Senate. He said he indicated this week that he may challenge the electoral college votes from several key battleground states in the U.S. Senate in defiance of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell some congressional rep Republicans led by Representative Mel Brooks and Alabama are discussing a plan to challenge the results. Well you see what's coming. This is to prevail even reading about it in the house were going to have to have to have to do in the Senate. He said good for you, sir, transit is any other things represent her books is been leading the charge to challenge the results electoral college in Congress quote I find it unfathomable that anyone would acquiesce to election theft and voter fraud because they lack the courage to take a difficult vote on the House or Senate floor. Amen. Bro. Last time I checked, he said that's why we were elected to Congress.

Yes, one would think, wow, pray for these folks these men and the women to have a backbone to fight for truth and then get the truth out. Let the case be heard and then hopefully you have some adjudication that deals with truth and justice while pretty amazing. I let's let's let's whiplash to a good story. I love the story. The story is so encouraging to me and reminds me of the story that just came out recently with the wood Supreme Court found for this radical thing called religious freedom just recently in a couple of states while you you mean that the state can't shutdown the church know they can't. That would be illegal that matters anymore, so I saw this one. I love this is now California. California judge rules San Diego County restaurants can now not plastic radio shenanigans hold that for after the break.

So don't go anywhere, come back and you can see what this San Diego California judge says about restaurants and strip in California see no fees over the country today. Really, I mean I have one cup of coffee this morning up it at one cup of coffee when I came had a great conversation with King family I've known for several years and her son Riley's been in both my classes and they love to have conversations about theology and the church was going on politics so we did. We wrap that up from Primus from three to right before the show started some kind of jacked up anyway and I switch to tea, so this is just who I take it or leave it as easy to do you like it, turned the channel turn it off a disconnect from Facebook live. Whatever the case maybe but I rarely militant, so you can always come right back to San Diego. I love the story someday asked if I'm snarky, I'm always snarky as the sunrise knees and set the last yes Steve snarky California judge rules San Diego County restaurants can really open repentant sinner set strip club ruling also protects eateries so California governor Gavin Newsom's office immediately appeal the judge's decision. Of course California judge ruled love this is waiting to know fight back. Did you know there's some million and climbing businesses that have closed for good.

Across America. As a result, the covert shutdowns. A million plus that's a lot of devastation but nobody likes to talk about California judge ruled that all the San Diego County restaurants can reopen for on-site dining falling in line with an earlier ruling that strip clubs could remain open despite governor Gavin Newsom's novel coronavirus related health order that calls for such establishments to close up shop Thursday San Diego County ruling, which was just yesterday was a setback to Newsom stay-at-home order which officials said was issued in an effort to slow the spread. I thought we did that already mask shutdown slow the spread although the coronavirus for the states. Intensive care units run out of beds by the way, I saw another story that the state then adjusted its number of hospital beds down so to date shutdown about hospitals, no just misreporting. The Democratic governor's office medially appeal, bringing uncertainty to restaurant owners who cares about them. Writer cares about you. Small business owner weighing whether to buy it just like Bill Gates.

I shared that story a day's worth what hundred $50 billion in yellow restaurants and bars and something should probably stay close whereabouts at least six months. Easy for you to say she's I don't even listen to something like that to buy food and schedule step a week before Christmas. Amid the possibility that their victory could soon be reversed. The case was initially brought to the court by two San Diego, strip clubs, and resulted in the major victory for California businesses that are fighting public health orders that they say have hurt them economically announcing his decision in favor of the business in San Diego Superior Court judge Joel Wolf fell. God bless you sir said his ruling Wednesday was straightforward and going beyond the strip clubs that sued the county and state, cheetahs, gentlemen's club and pacer showgirls international County officials requested the next day hearing to clarify how far the ruling extended.

It is intended to encompass all restaurants within the County of San Diego will fail said the brief Thursday hearing that lasted all but eight minutes because the law indecency doesn't take a long time to deliberate over again.

Should be pretty obvious that the government really doesn't have the right to destroy your life and then in the lives in the in the welfare the well-being of all your citizens, meaning all of your employees, and all of your suppliers and everybody else that gets taken down. The businesses fail over million of them now nationwide San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria tweeted in response to the decision writing that the city is working with county and state officials to determine the next.

Yet we can't we can't let these people survive quote no one wants our small businesses to be close. Yes you do. But the science and data are showing a dire trend in hospitalizations and deaths. He wrote over 1200 and died in San Diego County in the ICU capacity. Southern California's drop 08 set Google right quick. What the abortion numbers are in San Diego County.

Just look at 2019 abortion statistics San Diego County guy try to find so he saying that their capabilities drop to zero. We have a collect collective obligation to accept the personal responsibility of keeping each other safe hours after the injunction was issued Wednesday San Diego County and suspended enforcement of its restrictions barring indoor and outdoor dining and live entertainment in the county 3 million, the state second most populous yeah because why would we ever want to trust people to make their own decisions. But see, but Steve but Steve we have drunk driving laws correct drunk driving, which is deadly and can kill people. Steve Steve Steve Coburn kills people well if you're 69 and under. You've got a 99.997% verified by the CDC survival rate okay in ice.

Let's move on.

You get the point. Laura Daigle what did she do wrong.

She got removed from New York's rocketing celebration which nobody under the age of 55 and watches anymore, but that's another story. She got removed from New York ease New York's rock in the eve celebration. You know why Laura Daigle is a Christian singer-songwriter. Okay, why, why because she's Christian.

No, it's worse than that because she talks about Jesus, no. It's worse than that because she believes the Bible will most of anyway. Well know it's worse Christian recording artist Louisiana native born Daigle is been removed from Dick Clark productions annual New Year's rocketing celebration after the New Orleans Mayor demanded the singer be scrubbed from the event because she let us song an outdoor worship event in November gets better. Democrat Latoya Cantrell said the you say singer-songwriter should be removed from the national event as a punishment for violating public health guidance since old leftist CBN news reported in a letter sent to executives. The Dick Clark productions, Cantrell wrote the following who elected this woman. She harmed our people. She risk the lives of our residents and she strained our first responders in a way that is unconscionable in the midst of a public health crisis. This is not who we are and she cannot be allowed to represent New Orleans are the people she will fitly endanger unquote Daigle sin was her impromptu participation in the let us worship event hosted in the French Quarter last month by praise leader and former political candidate, Sean. I don't even know how to pronounce his last name. He's been doing these all over the country at the UC HD fix that annoys the lookup child singer said she actually happened upon the event when she was riding her bicycle near the French quarter close to where she lived the 29-year-old recording artist led those gathered at the outdoor event in the him great is thy faithfulness help dear Louisiana Lieut. Gov. Billy Newson or a Republican told WW L FM the entire situation is a misunderstanding, it's war is way worse than that, sir, come on, where's your backbone.

He said Daigle stopped at the let us worship really because she heard people praying for hospitality workers.

He went on to explain Daigle only sing a hymn after being asked to do so. Noting the entertainer wasn't responsible for the crowd that is already gathered then guess a review Cantrell for her horrible, nasty mean work to block Daigle suggesting the ordeal throws the entire new ease event into jeopardy quote our big chance to promote Louisiana New Orleans to have the rug pulled out from under undressed by such a hateful, horrible, nasty mean. Unbelievable act. He said you just can't put words to it. So Daigle dared to sing out loud lead worship outside putting the entire population of New Orleans at risk because of it hashtag because scope point. Thank you, Catherine, Sean Foyt, that's the worship leader, maybe to throw that guy in jail because he's just running around creating a situation where 99.997 a of the participants will survive.

I will finish with the thank you Lord that my house is not built on this rock built on the rock of Jesus Christ. Thank you Lord that this is all temporary matters and we engage because it involves people made in your image, but thank you, Lord Jesus, that one day every tongue will confess and every knee will bow you wipe away every tear every wrong will be righted. Every account will be settled. Every injustice will be dealt with and paid for either by Jesus himself on the cross, or by the perpetrator who refuse to repent. Thank you Lord that perfect justice is coming and flow like a free flowing river out of the city of God.

Thank you Lord for all of that.

Thank you Lord that that's the rock on which our houses and their homes are in our lives are built. Thank you Lord help us to be joyful of that all the time.

In Jesus name, amen.

War in history comes for Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln didn't do enough black lives. According to militant proponents of the woke revolution in October. We would talk about San Francisco before member in October the San Francisco United school district school names advisory committee will suggest a list of school names to reap re-replaced in the city on that list of the school named after Lincoln the great emancipator fairly not good enough in just a few years. The discussion about history and monuments is gone from whether we should keep Confederate monuments to erasing the president who orchestrated the Confederacy's destruction regarding link and it seems the woke and John Wilkes Booth are now in alignment. This is a slippery slope right stared step in at the daily signal. It's a freefall that a parachute recent report by the San Francisco Chronicle that is been making the rounds illuminates just how bad things are become in some education circles quote Lincoln is one of dozens of historical figures who, according to a school district naming committee lived a life so staying with racism, oppression or human rights violations. They do not deserve to have their name on a school building San Francisco Chronicle reported part of the criticism.

Lincoln is about how he treated Native Americans badly, particularly the Sioux tribe is always been an unfair charge, but he was simply added to the remaining committees list without debate. According to the committee chairman. This is the only reason for abandoning that scumbag quote Lincoln like the presidents before him, and most after did not show through policy or rhetoric that black lives matter to them outside of human capital and its casualties or wealth building on and on and on and went to start to look at their list of what disqualifies you, anyone directly involved in the colonization of people in slave owners leaving ventilators of genocide or slavery to exploit workers and people. Those are directly oppressed women, children, where transgender people both connected and he was right. Those who are known recent white sinners have recently seen. There is final that sounds a lot like me to is none righteous, no not want all that sin and fall short of the glory of God locating okay. Merry Christmas everybody. God loves you.

Don't forget that God loves us American to hear about all this is God willing, it always said performance

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