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A Nefarious Carol w/ Steve Deace

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December 17, 2020 3:23 pm

A Nefarious Carol w/ Steve Deace

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December 17, 2020 3:23 pm

A Nefarious Carol w/ Steve Deace

Today Steve is joined by Steve Deace of The Blaze to talk about his new and creepy book, A Nefarious Carol.  They also discuss the election and the controversy surrounding it.  Steve also talks with congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana to discuss the constitutional crisis and the election.


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Everyone use time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show.

There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred calls 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble well right got a permit here that-year-old daughter gave me for that smells very Star Wars mystery or near here in the studio with me, which I'll save you from hearing the Star Wars theme of the Emperor's March stuff like that because the dust on top of the tree lights up and got little shell at pretty cool and then we've got to I got eggnog in my coffee. So I'm feeling pretty Christmas year. So in the spirit of Christmas. Let me read you. This excerpt and see how this makes you feel what the Jews return to Zion and the United States.

Demised the prince of the power of the air arises. Thus, the beast's ascension is not from the eternal see he rises placing his mark on every shore turning man against his creator until man exists no more that sub brought to you by Lord nefarious by way of our friend, and of Christian brother and bringer of Christmas cheer Mr. Steve days live on the blaze Monday through Friday to set a 1:48 PM Eastern time. Steve, how are you man that I don't bring you. Never let it be said and of course as you did.

This follow-up which I want to talk about and how this all fits together when we consider a nefarious plot which we did show together shortly after that came out, which for all of you that I love CS Lewis and have gotten into the Screwtape letters. This is very reminiscent so it's kind of a reverse look at the mechanization's in the ins and outs of the enemy, so to speak, of course. Enemy looks at us as the enemy.

So that was a great book in and of itself, and then we get a nefarious Carol pattern after Christmas Carol, which is really a fascinating read and a little bit of a change of direction. There all the work in a following up. So let me know how this work. How do we come to catch up on the dealings with Lord nefarious celebrity I know the plot there of a nefarious plot and then and then how does the nefarious Carol fit into this in the one packet a little bit plot birth and a shower hotel Washington DC out PR work for a previous book and dedication to that book. This book is dedicated to all those utility doctors, specially those of you had no idea you were being used all along for you proved to be the most useful idiots of them all. And I like what weird inspiration, and I started going with it and the idea came to me.

Hey, what, what if. Or I don't want them and let's take the Screwtape letters and let's go next talking about that that they should of the individual about the takedown of an entire culture and in the book a nefarious plot which we published in 2016. This team in general from hell put in writing why he was cast by the devil taking down United States of America and how we get together and do it in the way of the comic book villain with the snidely whiplash.

Now your capture you my plan now is now the Taurean let me rub your nose and you and any put that right in our faith and the point is the fact that we won't adjust. We won't believe it will blow it off early that were not drunk in our own complacency will be highly double that his playing was successful know I never intended to write a sequel to look Steve, I don't. I don't know what the point of the story is from hell want you lost seven right. One morning I got up in early April and this was not my radar were busy at work right now. But for next year as we speak and I got up in the middle early one. April morning in the idea of plot equal with only five chapters written a novella for so can be digested in one car rider plane ride and that this will be dialogue heavy and personal and in the premise would be how would the enemy responded the Lord nefarious at one in the United States is no longer decide how we react.

Having this new toy would be. Let's now is a troll let you that as a launching point for the final stage of my master plan and so one night at Christmastime enemy himself. Satan comes out from behind the shadows reveals himself to a desperate young woman displaying an abusive boyfriend and tries to convince her to join him as a bride to give birth with Antichrist, but for the ritual to be successful, he cannot defeat her intentionally mean the stuff he says is true, it's just from his point of view, but he can write you cannot look at the fever yesterday over she has to choose of her own free will to follow him otherwise.

The rich will not be successful over the course of this book you listed into the conversation at the devil. This woman basically the remaining dance and he attempts to convince her, using her favorite story of her childhood, a Christmas Carol got to do it and he takes her to her past or present in order to try to convince her to join with him for the future which is the fascinating and beautiful aspect of this were talking to Steve days nefarious. Carol available

We got links up on Facebook live and you can just Google that a nefarious Carol and also make sure you get a nefarious plot at the same time I reply first and then Carol but I love the honesty of it because it reminds me so much of the Screwtape letters, which is kind of an inside-out look at a biblical truth, but in a nefarious Carol in this conversation is just fascinating. I found myself at just kinda glued to the pages I was reading through it Steve and there's so much honesty in there as as the devil himself is explaining his is is interaction with human beings and kind of talking about our ups and downs in our weaknesses in our frailties and the girl asking great questions. It's really a great kinda biblical worldview flavor to it in and not not to mention just the story itself, but in terms of combining it with the Christmas Carol. What what was going to the inspiration. There the idea everything is counterfeit that that telling the truth. Shift will be one from a certain point of view with the other side of the looking glass and so what is it time of year that we look at the most hopeful ever and you know what I wrote this in early April. I wrote it about a week in early April. We were thinking man 30 days to spread all the time to think about.

Looking ahead, right, and I was like that's exactly what John Hall was talking to Steve days about his brand-new book available on I got links up various Carol. The time is finally come confident America has been conquered. So what will St. Texas Steve Noble will be right back. So sometime between now and Christmas you had a rather your hotel room. Whatever, it's nighttime. You're all cuddled up trying to get through the night and you end up in a conversation with somebody that knows everything about your life and you sense that there's a sinister presence there, and eventually figure out it's not some under demon.

It's not Screwtape it's the devil himself, and he's got a proposition for you and he's going to look at your past and present in your future.

He's going to show you things and he can manipulate you and he's going to expose you and ask you questions and I will you do it that it's a fascinating thought of the very first book I read after I got saved way back in 1994 with Screwtape letters. I've no idea why that happened. I think my wife had it and all you see hat I have notes we got saved within weeks of one another. So it's not like she had it as a Christian beforehand, but for some reason she had and I read it and I was riveted to that and it was an interesting start to my Christian walk to kinda look at some biblical truths through the opposing lens, so to speak. And that's exactly when you take that kind of mentality you take that kind of approach in the new overlay it under the American story American history, especially what's going on in our days when you kinda consider. You know what one of the spiritual forces of darkness.

Been up to here.

It helps to have a blog like Steve days, a road that came in 2016. A nefarious plot which nefarious demon was tasked with taking down the United States of America and in the brand-new book called the nefarious Carol pattern after the style of a Christmas Carol and visiting the past, present, future young troubled woman embracing himself as an offer for her and to go down that road and in consider that biblical spiritual overlay under the news of the day whether were talking about 20 years ago.

50 years ago hundred years ago or just over the last few months. That's where that such is the wonderful read and very thought-provoking and I would expect nothing less from our good friend Steve days against thieves on the blaze Monday through Friday 1:48 PM. You can find his websites at the Blazer got links up there as well.

Podcast everything else he's been at it for a while. So what do you go into a kind of a different place. When you write this kind of book Steve because the Odyssey been doing radio for a while. Brilliant strategist and somebody that understands politics and in we do some similar things on the radio but you go to a different place.

When you write a book like this. I did what I do. What I did like I was going to stare into the mouth of madness and took me a long time to write that book because I had to I start staring into the abyss if there's back at your I did walk out of those you let it fit the manuscript for weeks or months at a time because it just can be overwhelming, inhabiting that space, but this one because there is a character who background and story of the name Ray got the Star Wars characters actually are. AE and Dr. the middle name of my mom and my grandmother and they both bid is the single woman fleeing abusive relationships in the past so because I know some of that story. Some of it myself. There's more give-and-take this time that it that it didn't feel as oppressive to me to write this story as it did in. Spot because in this story. Young Ray is is Satan off guard a few times and then Terry's well as they go back and forth and as she kinda begins to get her feet underneath her, but it's a fascinating battle back and forth that she's dealing with these various temptations and ideas that he's floating but it is it's it's for me. I'm saying this on the break for Facebook why, but for me when I read nefarious plot when I read nefarious Carol over the last two days. It's a great exercise of my biblical worldview, my faith, my understanding of Scripture as I look at it in a in a pseudo-fictional content.

So what what impact does it have on you in writing this one, Stephen, and even more importantly what he wants. What's your hope what your prayer a fight if I can say that for for what we get out of it. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. When we read nefarious plot but in this case nefarious Carol over the years and try to encourage my audience to do what I call three-dimensional thinking in the first dimension of the biblical commandment know why you believe what you believe the second one though foundation.

The second one is been no why other people believe what they believe. Whether challenges to Christianity claim to other religions claim belief systems, etc. know the environment that you're going in.

The believer, and that's where you have interaction within the third phase will beget the persuasion. The third level is. Why do other people believe what they believe about what we believe and here is a young woman who has a family that is comes from a Christian family, but is struggling with dysfunction generation got it. She herself pled that in the epoxy. She thought she was witnessing and fled right into the arms of the young man God is not prevalent. She doesn't view him as somebody that is accessible to her in her time of need and and yes we all know basic theology: depravity people.

We all reject God because we don't want with it. That is the meta-truth. But what is the personal application.

I was at work itself out in each of our lives. What is what is, what are the battles raging in our minds are that encourage us to engage that depravity to put that defendant to put that wall up in God and to hear that woman's personal story and then how the enemy can manipulate her very real suffering and turn it try to turn it to his bandage and offer a counterfeit version of the redemption story she's looking for. And maybe maybe those believers who read it.

Steve, we can build something that is sorely lacking in our culture today.

Empathy. Empathy what what what what what happens when I walk in somebody else is my conviction means getting to know them and their story and that's a I'm so glad you brought that up that that's something that's been on my radar screen for a couple of months now. In terms of the situation we find ourselves here in the United States and the deepening divide between the right and the left the believer, the unbeliever is that social media has absolutely turn this into. We just gonna stay on our sides of the aisle.

We got this big trench between us, and we live digital hand grenades at each other and then we die much of a conversation I mean you can have a conversation with your cohosting have a conversation with aghast about rarely do we have conversations with people that are completely opposite of us in terms of their worldview, their political leanings. Whatever the case may be, and that's a great thing that happens here in the nefarious Carol is available now on Amazon suggest guide Google that's nice and easy.

We got links up on Facebook live today.

That's it. The helpful thing about that is is you. You begin to have empathy for this girl and understanding your situation, then understanding okay why is she asking these questions that a lot of Christians are afraid to bring up in public, but they think that you know Satan is taken the time to talk to me. Why doesn't God talk to me. Where is God in all these different things going on and it's funny she starts remembering Scripture and it's just I think it's a helpful thing to deal help us deal with our own John. Perhaps our own doubts as we read through her story and I'm glad you picked up on the rhythm she begin to wait honorable in a corner think she's good to be an easy mark. Many find there's a lot of untapped potential there quickwitted. She has a sharp mind.

I just been buried under poor life choices and a good night goes on in the conversation goes on, you noticed out that she begins to rise to the occasion and not actually interest to the enemy even more.

Now he begins to thinking she might actually be more than birthing unit. He might be a true partner that elevates the conversation toward entirely different level to follow up on that we got from one of our segments on hold and then a couple more questions about a nefarious Carol was today's great read and an easy read and read its enzymes for now and Christmas is to be a great gift to get people to exercise their biblical worldview and maybe help them work through some issues that they themselves are facing various Carol for that. Plus a little more like that in elections only come back and talk about his brand-new book that just came out. Follow-up to a book that came in 2016: the various lots and that was up as a book very much like the Screwtape letters nefarious, very powerful demon tasked with taking the United States down and then in the brand-new one in nefarious Carol which is patterned after Christmas Carol, you get kind of the assumption that America has fallen so now what what you do now and this time enter Satan the king himself, the prince of demons, and he's gotta finish his deal right which would involve for most people's reading of the Bible, the Antichrist, the man of lawlessness which the fascinating title given what we seen here in the United States of America, but that just taking a few minutes to finish up that conversation with Steve and they will turn the corner talk about the election a little bit but Steve, I got to the end and thanks for your time today and how busy you are.

I got to the end of it.

I'm on page 95. I get to the end of it and I'm done and I was like okay I miss something because I get to the end of that page and I like about the author I'm go. Maybe my PDFs messed up.

I mean that the ending is fascinating but abrupt and I was like day.

I want more. What's the deal of the ending of this book. Why don't I don't want to spoil it. No known course, the point of the ending is to is to point out our perspective often will dictate our belief system at a given time and and and that's were true conviction of worldview comes in but without that without that kind of a plumb line. The perspective we have no one's ever struggle the way I have no one's ever made the mistakes I have no one's been a stupid as I no one's been as immoral as I can be and so you're the enemy latches onto that woman. You must continue don't think that is right. You broke it broken.

You can't be fixed, and you've already disappointed God of time over and everybody around you so just keep circling the drain, until eventually you go down and and so the point of the ending is to reinforce that it is our perspective on thing that will will will dictate what we believe just because we believe something doesn't mean that it's true yeah and that's what. And then, I'm so glad you brought that up, that's a great way of framing it without giving anything away, because I've seen this on the break on Facebook live that I get reading a book like this and in and that interaction back and forth, and as Ray gets her feet underneath her reminded me that that hey you know what were more than conquerors in Jesus Christ and the greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world about we have to realize the spiritual darkness that's at work in and perhaps a working harder today than they were yesterday, we see that around the country and this year and don't expect it to change in the next year, but that's where you got to remember that it's intimidating that you hold on a second, who's on my side of what true the Mayan possession of and that's where you have this great uplift at the end and that's a great way to describe the nefarious Carol available now on but make sure you get a nefarious plot as well and read that came out in 2016, just a great one to punch fascinating, entertaining, and a great exercise for biblical worldview. I turned the corner, I've got you for this third segment and then we'll talk about the selection so alright let's get down to the nitty-gritty was the selection stolen from Donald Trump.

I will go that far, but what you know. Okay. The treaty never prospers with the reason because whenever treatment prospers. None Dare call it treason. Imagine a sporting event between two bitter rivals.

One team gets to choose who gets to play at home gets gets to choose every fan in the stands get to choose the commentators. I will then convey to the people at all what the narrative of the game there watching with their own eyes actually get and then gets to choose the official of the referee to replay officials that will then determine what are the rules and how they will be executed were honored while the game is being played.

That is what this that's what this mail-in ballots system is an and it's either that or you have to believe there's about 1/2 dozen counties in America where the people there are so stupid they don't know how to use the posted service properly with what what what day the election is right window how to mail a ballot when the ballot has to be mailed in by that that the people of Milwaukee County of Fulton County of Philadelphia, County of Wayne County. These people are still mine down that they don't know how to use the postage system and so therefore for him to drop off the boats that were 90+ percent for one candidate or coach which it it's either that or an eight week we allowed them to use this pandemic to usher in the ballot harvesting scheme with mail-in that they been trying to do for 20 years and and then they just brush it off it will Donald Trump uniquely unpopular. Well, it is not truly uniquely polarizing.

Yet we also got 10 million more votes than he got.

The last time at the exact time right so it's one of the committee. It is one or the other. And I think to believe the former requires a lot more faith than the latter. Slowly asking this question have been a minute. I've been looking for to be when asking this question, you use the word them. We hear them and they all the time they did this day that week. How did they get away with that they coordinated this they did that what that that that's the thing that's the most troubling right now for me is to work through this ago who is they the forces behind all of this, assuming it was coordinated at least to a certain extent.

Who would you say is day Steve, good question.

If you don't I just mentioned Peter counties with our deeply embedded Democratic machine where I mean Moses could have an R after his name.

He has no shot right but these are also the most corrupt crime-ridden County in the country year after year generation after generation. They control.

Note that the Democratic Party, but it's not just your everyday Democratic Party. It's a unique environment where there is essentially a plutocracy for organized crime and in control every vestige of that, the cops, the police union boat.get one of my best friends was one was supposed to be one of the boat observers for the White House. He got broke out in Philadelphia contrary defense of a new state law they can just do any of that because were not Waspy and we never have been a nation of political will, and we always will be. You can put anyone on the books you want, but if you miss what Jesus made final tree by its work. You can say you believe whatever you want what you do. That tells me what you believe. So we can write all the laws we want.

Pennsylvania can lot both are not observed should not be counted. Wisconsin can have a longer book is drop off boxes are illegal and they both do just to start a little care that was lost 500 dropbox that anyway you do about it and that that's really an organized crime and racketeering. And there's nobody to enforce the law when you do when there's nobody to force the law is not cheating if they get to make all the will then them on the fly at the exact date and that's the thing that's writing about this at a been making the comparison at some of this reminds me of what happened with Al Qaeda after 9/11 so you had Osama bin Laden, who was the day in the down.

We actually knew who it was. He had a phase he had a name in history we knew this somewhat where he was, but then you had the cells popping up all over the place that were not coordinating with Osama bin Laden. They just have the same goal in mind, the same enemy the same everything so they were operating on their own. That is, that communicate because they were all trying to accomplish the same thing the right kind of what that reminds me of the hive mind of like what like-minded believe operating you know subject predicate. You diagram to set your diagramming and that's what they're doing here, so was it stolen. I would think it would make it.

It can't be stolen because there's no one to define what the rules now are I are you can't go to the Supreme Court to get redressed because election laws are to be detoxified by the state unless your start date tried to do a voter ID law and can't do that just did that their rules are. We like it when we went and you lose.

That's the rule that the only so is this nefarious wins. We no longer have a representative republic because we actually don't nose pulling the levers we don't help you getting your steep founders gave us this so we would fight de facto wars out of the ballot box in the street when the elections were over we went home we went back to be a neighbor you get into particular pretty take that product. That's the way bring Banana Republic territory and and and and and understand the people that you that there's an element of the spirit of the age of the American left now is not that they want to just beat her stained glass window snatchers their iconoclastic nihilist deconstructionist registrant will raise Confederate history Abraham Lincoln bad now they're trying to a recent American history. And that's the issue that were at play here is drop you were trying to figure out how to we accommodate our different in the only deal they want to offer video you slit your throat do it for you.

That's the deal I did I negotiate with every been defeated or even defeated legitimate political arena, its revival or bust. Now it's is is a crusade.

I think it is exactly like Islam calls words is that when I this is been up to exactly what you write and so is is there any hope. We got 25 seconds left.

Well, given the time as if you're going to begin with that guy naturally intervened to raise Christ from the dead, there's always probably get me in revival political exactly right CVAs nefarious Carol available now on Amazon. Always appreciate your brother. Great blessing to some people.

I bless you have a Merry Christmas will talk soon I shall talk with you later have one and only Mike Johnson McAfee no noble show and that you guys know if you listen for a while. Are you part of the faithful fly family, pretty cynical dude. I don't trust pretty much anybody as far as I can from him including my health, but there are some people that I come close to dressing implicitly in their full of the Holy Spirit in their wise and I've seen how they walked with the Lord and the kind of fruit that's come up the tree of their lives and in the case of a Congressman Mike Johnson, who represents Louisiana's fourth district. Mike and I been friends for 15 years. He used to be one of the top attorneys of the lines defending freedom and one of the most solid brothers I've ever known and somebody that I know I can go to to get wisdom and counsel, especially when it comes to Washington DC.

Merry Christmas buddy, how are you I am doing well my friend humbled by that high.

There during kind you're very welcome. Okay so these are dark and crazy days and you and I been active people in the defense of the gospel and and trying to have a positive impact on this country for years, but not wherein I think uncharted water. I don't think I think this is kind of Mike. I think it's kinda like up like a glacier like you part of its out of the water.

Now that most of its under the water. So let me just going to ask you this big question right off the write up the back. Can you, can we trust. Do you trust the election results at the presidential level or are we beyond that now.

Unfortunately were talking about it on Capitol Hill, even as we speak into my office and meeting with members of health all day long.

There's a lot of handwringing on Capitol Hill. Just. Around the country over the weekend your Fox News at latest: they determined it. Huge numbers of American doubt the veracity of the reliability of the electric bike one 2020. Because of all the overwhelming number of irregularities and fraud that is been because of jurisdiction. 77% of trumpeters 68% of all Republican and I think 37% of the entire electric third of American soldiers think to answer the: for they think the election was stolen.

What whether it actually was or not is a secondary question that first one is a problem you can't go forward. You can't. You can't uphold one of the foundations of the Republic. If the people don't believe that their vote actually matters, but the spirit that yeah because that the concern I have and I think it's founded based on the history of the American populace as it is those numbers grow and get entrenched.

I don't expect most people to fight I'm expect most people to give up and become apathetic and go will why bother voting at all because now are an oligarchy and controlled by very small powerful group of people and it doesn't matter who I vote for.

Anyway you you mention all of that Mike and all the different affidavits in all the different reports and everything that we keep hearing how would you personally as a as a gifted attorney with everything that we know right now is this a case that you would personally argue I mean is this kind of a no-brainer.

From a legal expertise perspective the question of why you know okay so my background and current law and when I was a very young around a lot before you got a lot going back over 20 years ago I was involved in a big high-stakes election fraud case, Louisiana over just in it right and what I learned and experienced is that election fraud case are notoriously difficult. I mean, it's one of the most complicated and difficult cases to be successful and because you're very short timeframe to do it right. You have to have uncontroverted evidence right it is supplemented by affidavits of people that are beyond dispute and their credibility. It's it's it's an incredibly complex thing to do. It takes absolute precision, and you have to do it in a very short amount of time in this year. This wasn't just one Senate race. This was what helped write the business in multiple states. In many jurisdictions across the country. All simultaneously.

It was a it was a Herculean thing to do in the fact that it hasn't been proven is I'm not sure is an indicator for a lot of people that in fact the fraud was there because it just but by the nature of the circumstances. Type in case it was in effect was scattershot. A lot of judges ran for cover didn't want to hear it. The people just don't feel like their mentor grievances.

Yeah, that's a huge problem for small part one what you think of the Texas case and then part two what's what was your reaction when the Supreme Court decided not to hear disappointed and I looked at the Texas case through everything the wall okay III famously know intimately I let a brief on behalf of the hundred and 26 members of Congress.

It filed in court. In my background again is in constitutional law. I don't think that good stuff lately and I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but we looked at objectively, a lot of problems that we didn't we didn't intervene in the case as plaintiffs with the state of Texas hundred 26 of the house or start on does not become plaintiff and adopt all their arguments in their prayer for relief. But what we did was present very very important question. The court now remains unanswered are brief was very simple in its scope. We asked the court merely affirms the meaning of article 2, section 1 of the cost to ship that is the very specific language. This is the presidential electors have to be appointed according to the rules established by state legislature probably had in 2023 visit in the months before the election rules were deliberately changed in the and many of the state not either legislators and doctors report right about governors victory the state election officials go describe that is a serious problem that now remains unaddressed by the spring court because standing and we think the long-term application for the election of Pres. Therefore, yeah, because we know the reality is what you want to hear it or not, anybody listening to us right now is assuming Joe Biden takes office on January 20. If we think that working to get any help from the left side of the aisle in terms of investigations. Continuing this conversation and and concerned about the, the reliability of any election. Going forward, especially on a statewide or national level. That's just not can happen so you just hear this that that the clock ticking in the train racing down the tracks towards us is, is there any hope left for Pres. trumpet in this I mean I understand what can happen on January 6.

I understand how the objections go, but is but do you. Can we expect that all the see any kind of fruit off of that. I don't want to. I don't want to. So far, hope, and in the minds of the right yes procedurally dotted. That is a possibility. Remember, you have to have an objection from members of both chambers right of at least one senator who echo our concern out and I don't know the any of those do that even if they do speak, the reality is the joint session of Congress. Then is suspended.

The house goes to their chamber.

The Senate goes to its chamber. They have a two hour debate rules all the become extra vote.

The reality is we just don't have the boat right okay we not the majority in the house but not the Senate.

Although we have a narrow majority Republican.

Most of them of Arctic that they will not overturn so it feels and looks like a Don Quixote kind of effort at the Sophos focus a lot of people out there doing and saying those things that a lot of confusion, there's lot of a look at the end of the day what your Santa Monica was okay our cost to Republic has endured for nearly 2 and half interest based on the idea that you have the consent of the government. Right. That's the basis of our sin is grounded in the confidence of our people and the legitimacy of restitution and in among the most fundamental institutions of the system of free and fair elections that we write that issue any erosion in that foundation jeopardizes the stability of our Republic itself in so we have to restore the confidence of all Americans that the rule of law can be of help in our election in the future and and about 2020 Spring Ct. has denied review the spark. Most of the lower court appointed on this and so this giant?

Blinkers are smart people.

It's a real problem going forward.

Jan, that's my biggest concern is does anybody have the political will.

I know certain people do on the right.

I doubt that anybody does on the left and who picks up the ball and has the power to actually drive it down the field. That's my concern. I want to make sure people understand what's at stake here on January 5. On January 6 with the runoff election in Georgia for two U.S. Senate sites and I and I want to make people not sleep at night. I know it's Christmas season and everything but I just want to make sure Mike from your perspective. How critical is this to really part of the survival of the nation. As you look at control the U.S. Senate up for grabs on January 6. I'm all in. In January, every one of us are working and contributing going on. Can it be on the ground help but you cannot overstate the importance of these two runoff election Georgia under everybody's work is about you guys but you could hear it again if it if they're able to Democrat Chuck Schumer and his team were able to take those to speak of what we won't recognize this, America's American Republic and in a matter of months. I am not exaggerating.

Of course you know what they're going to get a hold of this is like a conspiracy theory certain Schumer don't brag about their they're going to get rid of the filibuster rule, which means that all you need to narrow majority of run anything from the table. The filibuster is what frustrates were in charge is the safety valve the Republic to prevent crazy things happening in there to get rid of that problem they want and are going to try to affect court with 13 or 27 or 50, 55 judges on the spring court to totally politicize an weapon. I was left of that third branch of government that is just over one want to give statehood status to Washington DC and Puerto Rico. And obviously, their purpose and that is they want to guarantee at least four more Democrat US Senators, which is the current you could do that so that they can permanently seal their majority in the Senate you're talking about. The green new deal you're talking about open borders your talk about massive tax increases on all artwork goes on and on abortion on demand.

There won't be a limit to what they're able to do because they will control the health Senate and the White House, and nearly everything right is time for us as Christians living in the modern age in America where our prayers are needed now more than ever, and that sounds trite I know we say stuff like that all the time but their hand has been exposing none of this stuff.

Like you said might is the shock and mildew every single thing that they said they would do if they take that kind of control which is why we all need to get behind this effort in prayer and in support anything else we can do financially and otherwise representative Mike Johnson always appreciate you my friend. Thank you for being there.

Thank you for holding up God's word in the U.S. Constitution. God bless you pal have a Merry Christmas and I will talk to cc no longer see no one felt God willing let's see, my dad always ever for

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