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The Theology of Work

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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December 3, 2020 10:35 pm

The Theology of Work

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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December 3, 2020 10:35 pm

The Theology of Work

Today on Theology Thursday, The Theology of Work.  Why do we resent this four-letter word?  Steve believes that most of us have a bad theology of work, so today he makes his attempt to correct that on today's show. 


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble and now is your host, how I found you have a red pickup truck. Behind me, you would know that taught them about the fog radio but I'm talking about.

Go to the Facebook page about the noble show Steve Noble show Facebook page and you could check it out via Facebook. Why would you live right now you can see behind me on the screen in our friends that is good.

Marketing is just the website out to Dave Jones and his team. There is thoughts on my daughter's working there right now really exciting so that it a great job. Ms. Naylor came up with these four different Christmas see Steve Noble show, things that we got up on the screen which is: we have, of course, the Star Wars Christmas tree in the background. For those of you that are initiated for the rest of you all just pray for you so great to be with you today. I wanted to do theology Thursday.

Sometimes on theology Thursday. Not that I think is usually theology. Thursday involves a guest but something happened yesterday when we were talking to Lance wall. Now who's part of the big prayer effort, not just here in America but around the world with respect to our election integrity in the current election. What can happen after all this and he mentioned something yesterday that Kai triggered for me. What were going to do together today on theology Thursday which is the theology of work in the last segment of the shaman throwing a little bit on the theology of vocation work in general and the vocation is more of a specific direction that you might move and predispose pre-programmed to be in certain aspects of the working world versus others getting that to. This is something that I teach in my Christian ethics class for high school homeschoolers but I learned it originally while working towards my Masters degree in ethics, theology and culture at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary so Lance wall L yesterday during his appearance on the show said you know 90% of people are in the workplace to do it just kind of regular work and only 10% are really in vocational ministry won't the numbers wise and evangelicalism across the actual Church of Jesus Christ is probably more like 97 and three. The vast majority of Christians you meet are not in the pulpit they're not working at a church. The not working in a ministry that not hosting a Christian radio show.

There is out there, moms, dads, some homemakers, some part-time some full-time but most of you. Most of us are in the workplace. One way or another. But when the last time you heard a really good in-depth teaching at church on the theology of work like what's the deal with work from a theological perspective because in our culture. Really, you know work is what it's a four letter word. You see the bumper sticker I owe I/O so off to work I go. You hear the loverboy son everybody's working towards the weekend. We all restaurant chain called think God it's Friday or why are we so excited for Fridays because Saturday and Sundays, the weekend and we don't have to work and so work is something that's really misunderstood. We can have our church life. We have our Sunday Weaver Monday night Bible study Fellowship. We have our Wednesday night supper and Bible study whatever and then we have right and so that's a really bad theology of work for a Christian who tries to follow Jesus Christ and try to understand his work.

So I'm to take you through a theology work and in the last segment.

Like I said for us as parents.

If you're a parent I special I challenge you as I've been challenge myself on the issue. The theology of vocation is different than the theology work okay sounds good to kick this off him to take you right through all this Masters level material in the try to make it is interesting. I can't as I can, but I'm in a move quickly to have got a lot to cover a case of the doctrine of work this.

Do you know that work is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible 800 times worse. Jesus was the son of a carpenter right became a carpenter himself.

Jesus's parables dealt with all kinds of work including sowing and reaping and buying and selling and fishing and shepherding investing. It means that work shows up all of the Bible. Both the old and the New Testament. Me, Paul instructed his readers to be hard work, hard work, you can find in Colossians 3 or four second Thessalonians 3 and what was Paul what he do that. He just live off donations no he was a tent maker and actually he refused to depends on on solely on gifts from the churches. Now he took somebody did his part. He worked and oftentimes inside the church as well.

We view work is what is it good or bad cop I did. If you are in my class.

I would do word association and I would make your buddy class. I point to you and I would say okay I say work you say toil money, career bills, 95, whatever. So we sometimes our struggle as we look at work generally as bad like it's supposed Paul Wright toil work post fall work is bad. Leisure is good right that's that's kind of a dichotomy that most of us live with is why work.

Everybody's working towards, we can write some view work is a necessary evil. I mean I got have money right new M&M money by not inheriting it as I work. It's a means to an end right that's it. We we work to live, and we live to work. Are you a workaholic or do you struggle with the other end and your lazy, you tend to blow things up. You're not a great employer. Not a great worker and then we have this problem and and this is cut, called dog sniffing we have false dichotomies to work subject desires will test knowledge class jobs versus service class job. So who do we hold in high esteem in terms of work, a doctor or plumber and knowledge class job for a service class job. We know the answer that generally were to think more highly of Dr. and less highly of a plumber right that's a false dichotomy. What about this this guy over here makes 250 grand a year and this guy over here.

Make 70 who's more successful who's probably more fulfilled.

Who's doing the more important job. That's a bad false dichotomy as well. High-paying versus low-paying job so that gets in the muddies the water when it comes to a theology work and then like what Lance wall now was talking about yesterday sacred jobs versus secular jobs. I just, you know, I work in the Department of transportation or I'm just a teacher or I work at a software company.

I do IT. I work in the construction trades. I work in a builders we build houses and then there's pastors and there's missionaries and there's PhD professors at the 70 people, you know, like Steve, no. Who does Christian radio and teaches kids about Christian ethics and then doesn't Constitution civics class from a Christian perspective and sometimes people are like, yet I think those jobs are more important wrong turn just different. Okay, that's a bad theology of this word works only come back a few more misconceptions about them really dive into it and I hope by the end of the show today you like you know what what I'm feeling type of work that you do today is tomorrow. It's important God will pack all that today, and theology.

Theology dealing with the election nets that were in right now and election integrity in general and specific to the Biden Trump question. Obviously the next one is Sunday night 8 PM Eastern time you go to Lance's Facebook page. They been doing these for weeks now really an awesome effort then there doing some Jericho walks. I think they're called around state capitals are not sure if they're doing that here in North Carolina but in other states. I know they are probably definitely in the swing states. The Pennsylvania Michigan, Wisconsin, what have you. And so Lance yesterday mentioned something about when 90% of Christians are in an vocational ministry right. The just and kind of regular work and I thought oh work. We don't really have a good theology work. Most of us don't. But the Bible which speaks about work over 100 times is very clear and really takes you to the deep in the pool of the pool. So how many of you love what you do. How many of you really enjoy your work. How many of you feel like your work is significant versus yeah uniting economic money.

My jobs okay.

I'm not real thrilled about it.

I guy don't you know is that integral to your Christian life. By the way your job what you do 9 to 5 or 40 hours a week of 50 hours a week, or 70 hours week how much work you feel like that's a real real integral part of your walk with Jesus Christ, or is it some out like a separate bucket a different silo, Christian stuff.

My expressly Christians doubled here in the know you work and go to work tomorrow here. I can't wait for vacation in on vacation is a bad thing. Most of us have an incomplete understanding of work we have a bad theology works up and taking it through some things there. We look at it as a daily grind right here to challenge a lot of us feel lack of purpose in our work run sure about our careers, we feel insecure in our employment work as hard as boring as pointless and frustrating is exhausting in oftentimes thankless a donor it really great job in there with that mundane task much. How often you hear that so then we think okay here's the deal. This is post fall work is post fall so it's toil creation is fallen coworkers or unredeemed is just a big mess right so rather than being masters of our work. We become its slaves rather than ruling over our work.

Our work tends to rule over us. Not all of us but a lot of us struggle with this and so we can have an incomplete understanding of our Christianity when it comes work so we have our salvation. With this internal life insurance eternal life insurance policy, but not really any kind of major impact on mankind.

Apart from Sunday and share the gospel but could the gospel lifestyle include your work, not just your work in case it how it affects other people, but just the work in and of itself does your work as boring as meaningless as it might seem to you might it have intrinsic value to the Lord that you're just doing something you think is boring and meaningless. Same thing different day in God's looking at that going and is receiving glory from just you doing your job. Does that sound possible to get you there because it gets a big part of it. Other kind, incomplete and improper views. This is right out of that material. I used to teach Christian ethics class okay and I withdraw this when I was working on my Masters degree, engaging Christian activities work okay how do I be a good Christian work this out.

A lot of us played out.

Well I'm I lead a Bible study. Okay, that's awesome. II have a prayer group.

We pray in the morning once a week before work. That's wonderful. I think it's great. I invite my colleagues to attend church. I will invite all my coworkers in the office to come to church service got Christmas eve service. That's a great thing and I share the gospel and I some tracks on my desk and I Christian counter to put a Bible on my desk that kinda stuff. And those are all wonderful things but is that is that the extent to which we think of our Christianity overlapping are intertwined with our work life as if it is worth work falling way short of what it is about this.

I've come to make more more money so I can give more more money to keep. That's great is that sleep is at all what about being an vocational ministry and overtly great overtly Christian business Iva. I have a I put the fish on my business card so that's I'm nailing this work theology. Well, it's nice to have a fish in your business card, but that it hey we put up some Christian literature in a retail shop. We have some signs out there. We we start a coffee shop called Hebrew.

Okay, that's awesome, but could you start a coffee shop. That doesn't say anything overtly Christian contracts in the bathroom. You don't even play praise and worship music you literally make coffee and lattes and yada yada. You make food you serve people. Could that be a worshipful thing and you and and you don't play Christian music or is somehow missing both their right see what I'm doing. I'm taking us down the road of a kind of its shallow understanding of theology of work being a Christian network so that's that's were off. What about where were start working towards a good view of work okay. Towards a proper view of work from a theological perspective, a proper connection between faith and work means thinking out and applying the implications of the gospel for one's entire life, including your work work glorifies God. It serves the common good.

That's a big deal and furthers the kingdom of God.

Work entails men listen to this reforming and creation which has been deformed by Senate. Most of the time when were working were trying to create order right words sometimes revealing the chaos and we create order. God is not a God of order and chaos is a God of order. God doesn't need our good work. By the way, doesn't does he have any means of course not. But who does your neighbor neighbor need your good work and I could be a neighbor here in your own city in your community in your state. Somewhere in this country.

It could be a neighbor on the other side of the world. Who benefits from something you do with your work here so it's also about being a good neighbor and good God works to serve others through our work while really God could use me to bless others through my work.

That's pretty cool I think it's pretty cool it's awesome and creation, God made provision to meet mankind's material needs right before the fall. Mankind was given herbs and trees for food after the fall, mankind was given animal skins for clothing and meat for food.

Interestingly, God built into the pre-fallen world, the resources necessary to meet mankind's post fallen world needs meaning everything that we need God's Artie provided freefall and postal when it comes to the common good of mankind, God's common grace all the things that we used to make this and make that provide this service and provide that service. That's all of the natural resources quote unquote that God's Artie given us that we even uses through our work to provide for his creation. Pretty awesome thought I loved Christianity is different from all of the really religions. By the way that it does not teach that sin entered the world after golden age of leisure and it does not teach that the afterlife is a place of eternal leisure.

True freedom is not the ability to make unhindered choices, but the knowledge and ability to do that for which one was listen to this super important design that is the function of a court of one's essential nature which entails that four letter word work silver created a working work is integral to how God provides for mankind to see how important it is your work. Hey Steve, I'm not on the Christian radio. So what your work still matters it as intrinsic worth a week week we clean businesses for living. Okay, that affects a lot of people, not just the jobs and the revenue you create what you help the people that you serve and you help your business to run better and to run more efficiently and to be a nice environment which makes their employers happy their employees happier and it's a nice place to work and so maybe they can work hard and produce better products, which then blesses other people.

All because you showed up once a week or every other week to clean this intrinsic value in it. And even if nobody says anything as intrinsic value in that work with really get to next to get into just the intrinsic value work versus that's a thoughtful doing today theology. Then open the whole, very, very important teaching very, very important theology by redoing it today.

I'm going theology. We'll be right back in a now really normally ask us all to do with the rich and will go sell all your stuff born come and follow me. But the question is, would you be willing to and how much of that stuff mean to you anyway.

So as I love that science met Poppa by the way, APA, PA, Matt Poppa met

I want my favorite Christian artist that it's like Paul.

It's like the apostle Paul as guitar and keyboard, and writes music that's out deep math stuff is need is a lot of hymns now hymns are different kind of worship music and contemporary music, and I hope you check that out each the dear friend.

We done a lot of events together and just will really bless you in the way that he does praise and worship music specially is newer himself as just superpowerful talking today on theology Thursday about work a four letter word. I oh I hosed off to work I go. Everybody's working for the weekend and thank God it's Friday to be tomorrow because we have kind of justice this not really healthy attitude and understanding of work. So a theology of work for us as Christians appear Christ followers very important, didn't really think about it much myself until I did a whole semester of this when I was pursuing my Masters degree and ethics, theology and culture out at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary and I'm like okay I never really thought of work.

I certainly didn't know that I can.

There could be 25 PowerPoint slides take you through understanding work and that you can have such deep discussions about talking about some of the distortions of work as I'm to be a good Christian at work by doing thus and so on have a Bible there Christian the Christian calendar, to share the gospel and to start a Bible study and those are all awesome set those aside. Those are things you do at work. I'm talking about the work cell is there intrinsic value in the work itself. So that's look at the restoration work can really talk about the value work. The intrinsic value and in the last signature especially for you if your parent on the theology of vocation like what work is your particular sphere in the economy where I should be or my son or my daughter or my grandson. My granddaughter, so get it okay let me finish up this part on work so the restoration of work. What's the deal in a fallen world. Paul refers to the hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God. That's Roman eight Romans 820 and 21 Scripture speaks about a new heavens and a new earth person will be eradicated and mankind will be able to labor unimpeded by sin, not floating around little cloud plug in our okay will be able to freely manifest the full image of God and humankind. For those of us that are in Christ right so we can work hard and be creative and do beautiful things. Now what's it gonna look like when we have perfect teamwork, perfect motivation, unhindered by sin of any kind.

You think culture just stops creativity just stops God the creator. We are creators that bear his image were little mini creators as a part of what we do when we work and to think that it will all just stop and it's a permanent vacation like a cup Christian sandals club for all eternity. And to me like that's glorifying God.

Just sit around and sing songs all day for eternity. There's a lot more ways to worship than just singing you should worship in the way you work, how you treat people how you react to people you interact with people, how you serve one another. That's all worship worships everything everything all the time you're either worshiping well, you're not. So I think about it with my slightly sanctified imagination.

Unlike me, what will we be capable of as individuals wonderfully glorified as individuals and as a member of the body of Christ in terms of what we can create together for all for the glory of God because that is worship don't just think I'm in a worship the Lord for all eternity. Which means you're stuck in the choir room. That's a really limited understanding of worship you broaden that baby out there okay get much more explosively and excitedly imaginative about just things that we can do that are beautiful, but Manuel Ray said you introduce a perfect motivation. Perfect teamwork is just mind-boggling.

If I love talking about and work the restoration work okay value work.

Let's keep going. Hey works foundational.

Mankind's existence that the deal goes all the way back to creation it will one day be possible to labor. According to our correctional design at the time of the restoration of all things FX three.

That's were talking about the new heaven and new earth right it's also possible to speak of the value work in the here and now.

So don't just get all heavenly minded. Let's talk about the here and now work in and of itself, has intrinsic value. What you do a factory line putting in HVAC stuff at a new house cleaning offices being a lawyer working at a school being an account being a homemaker. Whatever although it the work itself has intrinsic value in instrumental value, meaning it's useful, truly amazing to think about that intrinsic value of work is the goodness or value of work itself being an image bearer of God it's good for man to work resonates with their design and that it mimics God who is also a worker. So think about always describe the swimming class is about a resource when you bring the resource up the front line. They put them in that cage they look like they love being in the cage. No because they're not designed to be caged in their design to run so you stick them in that situation where they're not doing what they're designed to do, you get nothing but frustration and anger and eventually off a broken horse. We see this problem with the welfare system when we make.

We have this terrible unholy alliance between man's sinful nature and mankind coming up with a system that they can then use to enslave some people and then we take advantage of it and get away with it and I can get my bills paid I can get basic substance. Substance without working in and you know what that does to a human being.

It breaks them down like a race horse stuck in a cage because nobody is designed to be lazy and do nothing were designed to work and to be productive and creative.

So we create a welfare system that takes people out of that realm of work were actually just abusing the image of God and that's why you see so many people that are stuck in the government dole can be very angry and kinda depressed. They don't feel good about themselves, even if they act like they do because it's against their design.

We promote order. We cooperate with others. We put divinely bestowed gifts and talents to use. This is intrinsically good. That all comes to our work.

Just as God binds delight in his work. Genesis 131 so will me and ultimately find the light in his labors. I love this Solomon. He taught on the intrinsic value work.

Solomon wrote there's nothing better for a person that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil work. This also I saw is from the hand of God, for apart from him who can either have enjoyment. So I saw that there is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his work for that is his lot meaning you are created to work. Is it that's a bummer can agree created for vacation of all you do is bit vacation and you don't work your to be miserable.

Don't you know that yet. So we have we got to get our theology, but work right okay so I'm so interested in.

This is what I was excited to teach the value of work being instrumental. The instrument of value work is seen and what work accomplishes or produces our blessing others is God's common grace through the labor of mankind.

Wealth is produced and God provides for the material needs of his creation, including ourselves, our families, and others right so how do we provide food, shelter, clothing through work. How do we educate, how do we care for.

How do we bring people along how do we disciple. That's all part of the work process to.

So you see God providing so much for his creation and isn't it interesting in the garden he created out from the garden to do what to look at it. No, to work at intended. It was built into the system and God looked at everything he created in Genesis is that it's good it's good it's good it's good it's good. And even when it was good. It was built in the system that man would work at intended. It's part of the deal as part of the fabric of God's creation. And so that's why you gotta have a really deep understanding of work so that when you go to work tomorrow and you centered on some of this, we spikes gotta get a paycheck and I got paper stuff, which means any money and money than I have to have a job and in all just a social worker and just teacher. I work at a factory in down the belly of the whale.

Nobody knows who I am such a waste of time. I feel so unfulfilled won't listen, I understand all that I spent years when I was running my house painting company not being fulfilled because I got into it for all the wrong reasons, and then as I learned in them.

I started learning this kind of theological training is like okay how my guys clean house.

How I supervise them painting a house how I interact with the customer the way the house looks for it will be the customers. Not to say I think we had plenty of people known services that just treat you like to help the elk Yuma Bill Capon thanks.

Here's the check by nothing no encouragement, no positive reinforcement. Nothing but you can look at the house and go hey hey father, heavenly father, look what you think looks nice kept the place clean lines and the edges are tight coverages.

Good yeah well done, good job that's good awesome and nobody else could say a thing in the Lord would be my inspector. In that case go yeah you guys did a nice job. Give a good value. Good job. See what's next.

Now you house down on the corner. Okay cool, let's go right so now there were some meaning to my work that didn't exist before. Because my theology was that okay so that's what I wanted to do this today again because Lance Walnut brought it up yesterday that 90% of us probably 95 part" of quote vocational ministry so you think that there's not a whole lot of intrinsic value work from a kingdom perspective because you're not pastor, but here it will point okay. When we come back over things, especially your parents. The theology of location, location closely. What kind of work? Talk about that you get in your theology work battered in completers you because work with God-given. We were created to work that the part of what it means to be made in the image of God to bear the image to bear the mark of the Muggle day God works God's creative God's orderly and we do the same thing in a miniature way and that's why what if you don't feel appreciated the work you feel like your work doesn't matter, then I'm really talking directly to you because I'm telling you on the authority of God's word. Your work does matter what it is how you do it.

The end result. The process your attitude and when you interact with other people in your workplace or if you have to work with other people as a part of the creative team that matters to but the work in and of itself. It doesn't involve another human being. Nobody else ever talks to you.

You can't share the gospel with anybody. Nobody can see your Christian finish nobody's gonna see your Bible on your desk.

Nobody's gonna see your Christian calendar. All there is is the work and the work still matters it still has intrinsic value. But what about vocation. What about what you do or are like a calling.

So this is from the end of this particular teaching that I learned when I was in not working on my my Masters degree and that I teach now to high school. He told scores came in my class in Christian ethics.

So vocation so little Sarah little Billy or whatever comes to you in there finishing up another half way through high school and I like mom, you know, I think I'd like to be a teacher or dad, you know, I think it really like to play clarinet for living or I want to be an artist or some other thing that what's the first thing as parents, we tend to think when our kids start talking about a job like vocation like come on, be honest, you know what it is right money. Well, that's nice and that's sweet. And maybe you can do that as a hobby or maybe you can volunteer but I don't know that that's really such a great dear job because you know it doesn't really pay much doing a lot of toil a lot of trouble to payment so here's the warning to you and to me as a parent is that when we play that game with our kids just like I get a dual show. This will open up the phone just like college education because if you know what college there's a good chunk of this culture that's gonna look down some wrong with you you stupid you lack drive you not going anywhere that of the right.

Do you think you have. You think you have to go to college for God to be able to work in and through you and you were in the workplace, whatever that you think you have to do that you don't hardly get to this point in the world when not everybody's going to college for the history of the world. How do we get there how we ever survive only goodness so the challenge for her. Is when our kids start getting old enough they start talking about a vocation, do we write that off because we judge it based on its income potential or do we stop and think all in a second.

I wonder how God designed the son of this daughter of mine this grandson of his granddaughter.

That's what you're getting into vocation. Okay that's overdoing here in the last segment of theology Thursday.

The term itself. Vocation comes from the Latin word full care, which means to call Kate like a calling. The doctrine of vocation is the idea and teaching that everyone is called to a certain type of work not necessary specific job but rather stations in life, you know. So at this point in life. This is the season here and I'm called to this and this is the new season over here and called that it may be something that's more creative. Maybe something with little more cerebral. Maybe something for more scientific maybe something that involves working with people. Or maybe that involves working with your hands tonight or get into vocation right and so they're not tied to a paycheck or employment. That's the concept that's why leave you pick up locations can pay well right now and that's bad you have to work you have to make money. After surviving. If your husband or wife if you're the breadwinner. God says if you don't provide for your family worsen unbeliever rights.

That's a big deal. He got a make enough to be self-sustaining and then hopefully build bless others, but examples of locations included government officeholder and employer in a business, a manufacturing employee's spouse, or religious leader are all examples of vocation through vocation. God cares for and rules the world we Aaron thinking of God being either far above the created order or residing solely within us, we sometimes think the world runs on its own and I got only works in mysterious ways right. We often neglect to think of God working in the world through his people in what appeared to be ordinary ways. The idea that God works through vocations is the doctrine we call Providence. The term prominence comes from the Latin word meaning to provide about that. Martin Luther said that vocations I love this are the mask of God, through which he provides for the world. I love that it's a great big thought to contemplate and to work through. Believers are more accustomed to thinking of their own service under the Lord, sometimes through their vocation part of God's mission is to serve man.

Jesus taught the Son of Man came not to be not to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.

I am among I am among you as the one who serves. That's Matthew 20 and Luke 22 God's provision for mankind through vocations is not contingent upon man's ascent. For example, the pagan business owner I love. This is where you see God's design showing up even in the people that reject him wholeheartedly to see the pagan business owner is motivated solely by profit still used by God to employ people and provide goods for the community for the common good of mankind. Common grace even through the guy that says there is no God.

Whatever you Christians are idiots. A bunch of scumbags put a bunch of hypocrites. God can even use that person does to provide for mankind in general. Vocations are a way through which man can love and serve his neighbor, the vocations in a given community create a vast interchange of work to which people are continually giving and receiving with one another. I show this to my students in class and I say okay this is talk about.

I want to view has a business family restaurant.

Okay, let's talk about all the people in this chain that are involved in this vocation that your parents were called to to own and operate a restaurant is that suppliers, customers, what about slide what insurance is about people you buy from and about the farmers and what about the truckers that the farmers that used to get their product to the market and how they sell it at the market and how to get to the store, the supplier and no stock but stock market and next thing you know I got an entire whiteboard field of people who were involved in a system that provides for the common good and Mike and so your parents having this calling this vocation where they just felt led to be a business owner.

Specifically, a restaurant, look at all the impact here, look at all the interaction here is not cool and only 16 1415 1617-year-old are in class as their eyes are just opening going well I did because I didn't really see it that way. Go make a lot of money. Have a cool car get a nice house go on vacation.

That's it. That really it's it it's all no man your part of this vast fabric of how the king and creator of the universe provides for his creation is a pretty awesome thing. Now it is possible to send one's vocation of your doctor who believes in the Hippocratic oath, but you perform abortions you've imported the image of God and yourself see that okay so that that's a no-brainer, right somebody in certain industries were clearly there going to be sinful rights of certain vocations that then go no, hey, I was called to be to provide certain substances that allow people to self medicate.

No, that's not cool or the pornography industry or the gambling industry which really attacks on poor people and stuff like that. But those vocations are just say the story really quickly about our oldest son who just moved the same Cisco is on show, not that long ago and I we did at SLB podcast together because he's significantly more left than his mom and his dad on several things, but is a rocksolid believer and but pro-life and stuff and in early on EEC so this can a creative streak in him and then once he discovered it is the only kid I've ever known. No human I've ever known. That said, he got the chills. The first time he experienced the periodic chart like this my kid who was chills from the periodic chart what and then they got that that kind of clay that there will to make molecules with toothpicks right through the end is a scientist right there you go. Then he takes chemistry hates it. Hated it then was noticed by the time is like 13 1415 pretty much learn anything on YouTube start modifying some video games which we finally started to let him play in his modifying videogame so his disability. This creative thing is a good artist and then the computers and so finally, like I don't always beginning of his senior year in high school he homeschooled and my wife takes him to North County State University to the computer department spent all day there right college tour talking at the end of the day the lady says you're in the wrong department. What did you guys are in the wrong department what what department should we be.

You should be in the art department really was an enemies's decent artist but that's not really what he wants to junction in the art department, but where they utilize computers and maybe in gaming stuff or 3D design stuff like that. All okay, so as we turn to look back, starting when he was like for you start to see these little titles here and there that eventually ends up at the school call fulfill university down in Orlando which is like a the Mecca of media arts to do game art and some people go on another Christian should be gaming sure you're right. Let's turn it in an enema write the whole stinking thing off. We don't want any Christians going in there with always people with these messed up worldviews that are all bogged down in the videogame universe and let others like little mold die. What no get in there man so once he does this and he goes to the school. He's like hand glove.

And he loves it and he's a good witness for Christ.

He works really hard. He's the one that just moved to San Francisco is about the only Christian I know that I would say yeah I can get you to get out there and I agree the rep well but worked well witness in your work, even if you don't open your mouth. Your work has intrinsic value and that's vocation analogous to do things that has a predisposition is that both balls were know that's a little bit you pretty.

I wish I had discovered that earlier my life. I didn't but I got careful here will of God like you got following the noble and noble showed great theology Thursday. Hope you enjoyed it got lonely. Was not that always

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