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Church Matters!

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November 23, 2020 1:16 pm

Church Matters!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 23, 2020 1:16 pm

Church Matters!

Today we talk with Eric Mapes founder of Church Matters, a clothing and apparel brand designed for comfort and to start conversations on why the church matters.


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Wake up everyone it's time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host noble having Joe which is means we try to help them. They try to help us all trying to serve the Lord.

The timing is especially important and I want to introduce Eric Mapes here in just a second is the founder of church matters, church and I talked about on Friday I mentioned on Friday. Some of the alarming statistics about what people believe inside the church or what they don't believe you have in many occasions you have a church that's kinda wounded and not real healthy. But now, as we seen throughout the year as we talk about black lives matter blue lives matter unborn lives matter.

All that kinda stop but the one thing that you see we really experience this and I don't know about for you, but I certainly experienced it for me. When we went online with church earlier this year were online. Month after month after month and then this summer some point mid summer we started attending RFA church pastor Chad Harvey here in Raleigh. Many of you have heard Pastor Chad here on the show we done some theology Thursdays together, and that first Sunday back. This is a completely open church you want to wear a mask where Matthew don't know where Matthew to wear a mask, a completely open church and my wife and I were literally overwhelmed by by our emotions that Sunday. That was probably the first time in three or four months that we had been incorporate in person worship together and sitting under good teaching and preaching the word of God and singing praises to the Lord together and and we just had not realized how important that Congregational gathering was to us as individual believers and we been believers since 1994 and so that that that thought of how much church matters was profound for us personally and then my good buddy Dave Jones and his good news and handles all of our marketing and all of our website. Site stuff another brother in Christ, introduce me to Eric Mapes in this in this new venture trying to help us have these conversations, church which is a Christian lifestyle bring great apparel actually have never ask you to do some I didn't do myself to just earlier today I ordered I have a T-shirt on here in the studio today for Facebook life. You can see my church matters, T-shirts, a great conversation starter because it begs the question why does church matter and then so I bought a another golf shirt might for myself a fleece sure which is perfect timing is getting cooler and so I'm just excited to be out there now wearing church matters apparel because I want the conversation.

The question is do you want the conversation, but people need the Lord people need church they need Congregational gathering they need to be taught the word of God and so that's where were super excited to have Eric join us and to have a church is new partner here on the show Eric how you doing man things for Conan.

I am doing contact me on the show today you're very welcome in end and I love like on the about page of church or talks about the team have a passion for seizing the day and supporting the church defend the church and then the impact it has on our communities by joining our culture. A passionate, Christian advocates and disciple seeking honor God in all we do, what you and I had a chance to talk before us a couple months ago talking about every thing going on with church matters in the website church, which by the way, is also on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I have a bunch of links up there today, but what what led you down this road. Eric to start this venture because I know you're busy guy got other things going on but I know you felt the let the Lord wanted you to do this different detergent make him glide individual and family, communities, and how important you know like on the about coming to my wife and I know great coat of our children in church.

I mean you know and all the life like that you know from you know from children's ministries nursery to you and all the activities and the impact that no church at our family and your volunteering in the impact we have in the community. And you know the fellowship. I mean it's something that you know the church is sort of your people are no longer going to church in droves as they used to have and I can see the impact it is having on families and individuals and communities and I just wanted tell people that you know it important to the church by the wall in the community it serves. And I just want to be reminded… Yeah and I love the obviously meeting on the radio and everything. I love a good conversation but oftentimes we come to struggle to get one started Pete Barna research couple years ago. They've done this several times found that somewhere of any sadly summer between Eric 90 and 95% of professed believers never really share their faith with anybody. They never have those personal conversations and the things I like about like the T-shirt I'm wearing today and the other shirts I have is, it would help that because it kinda begs the question, even if it's somebody that got that as hate. Why does church matter. Why should church matter to me there's people, especially now with COBIT this year and all the lockdowns we've seen divorce rates go up. We've seen alcoholism go up, wheezing, anxiety and depression and suicide rates go up, especially monks, are you I think now more than ever. America needs the church, but we have to be the people out there having a conversation and I hope your week long trip. Kurt Carol evangelist you know were just sort of like you know the doors open and you're welcome to comment were not one to get be out there and preach it, but I found that I'm wearing a shirt that matter somebody you know correctly will come up to me and say hey that's my T-shirt. Can you tell me more, then opened the door about hey I go to the church of the church is done this for myself or the family or distant the different church makes the conversation starter, and nothing else. You know people who don't like to talk her art data coding elite wearing it.

You know me for something that does no church yeah I know it's you know it's got the big logo on the front where it says church matters.

I got mine on here in the in the studio but obviously when you look on the back and work on used to seeing. Now there's a graphic that we been using for several years. Generally in the culture. We have a bunch of different words back together and but the some of the words on the back, which is so important, especially in the light of where were at as a culture what's going on. This year the difficulty of 20/20 compassionate light and peace and understanding of forgiveness and grace and faith in comfort and joy in mission and boldness and then you've got, of course, joy, peace, humble faith, mission, God, prayer, goodness, love, and and family and kindness. Those are all things that I think interestingly enough, Eric across political divides across the deep and widening divide and ardent in our nation. Most people are going to look at that goat yet. You know what that's kind of what we need more of you know I not like compassion, you know, being humble, you know it's not about who can yelled aloud. It is right next week, who's wrong but goes are all like things that you know Jesus entitles taught it to walk lightly to love thy neighbor.

You know to be good Christians drop each other as we just come previously in society. Talk to you all. We just forget about basic things that make you know humanity is not such a great point here, put on hold or talking to Eric Naismith, church matters, church great teachers, men and women's apparel letters.

So that we can have a conversation that you live and live again tomorrow will be doing our annual things show tomorrow. No Sunday school answers allow that me dear newer to the show. When I say no Sunday school answers. Let me know, light you know Jesus loves me. Now that's true and that's an awesome statement obviously but tomorrow the annual Thanksgiving show is I'm just asking you call in and give me something very specific that you are thankful that the Lord has done in your life in the last 12 months and it can't be like unhealthy or I have a family or I have a good job. Those are wonderful things but I want you to dig a little deeper and be a little more specific. I didn't have a job.

I lost my job and COBIT and here's how God is provided for me okay that's over the so that's tomorrow. I do that every year on Thanksgiving and then I'll be off with family amount beautiful mountains in North Carolina Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday back on Sunday. Back live.

God willing next Friday or next Monday. Sort talking to Eric Mapes today is the founder, church matters, church If you're on Facebook live, you'll see that I've got my church matters T-shirt on. This is also I've got this one here which I love.

This is a golf T-shirt.

I just ordered another one of these earlier today as well as a fleece again.

It's beautiful. It's wonderful apparel right really nice cool casual but it's got a purpose. It's on not like purpose list for the most part, like petite that Star Wars T-shirts I usually wear, especially when I'm in here on the air know this one kinda begs the question, church matters, why, why does it matter in even more specifically why does it matter to you church is the website just getting launched. We want to help our brother Eric as we are all working to get the kingdom message out there and invite other people to consider the question why does church matter so is there anything particular Eric and again, thanks for calling and being with us today was anything particular, the kinda tripped or trigger that is like okay I need to actually do something tangible about this and if you want to start an apparel company, you know, you know, I've been thinking about like your help you let people know that we talk at our church like your bar chart got up and disappeared would make it different so the question is church laughter. Nobody in the committee would know them were not Mitchell church and were not serving the part that I know I just heard back in my brain about how I can do that and then we were doing. You know I'm teaching a class and one of the questions was the church matter in the answer was, you bet it does so you know and I can say that you know like in our community are church like you know, for the back backpack will drive that you usually collect about 50s… Right now I was over the church and we got a Christmas tree and we got all of these present on me. The got nametags for kids around the community that would not get very many crisp that no one so that I'm like you know I gotta spread the news that you know the church matters. We can't let it just go by the wayside because if we do pick it up music and meet the government amended government is highly inefficient about providing for needs and that with ecology is that the toll the church. This is what you will need to take care of the poor and homeless men. Median I got suite we need to and we need to be reminded… Yet again as it is we are talking earlier the context that were in right now is America is in a very unhealthy place and what the shutdowns and everything which is which in many ways. It had a deleterious effect on the church as people been gathering at home going online. But then the brokenness is only increased. All the more. And we need to yesterday put politics as I say this pretty often on the air Eric but politics is important, but the gospel is preeminent. The good news of Jesus and the life that flows out of that when you walk with the Lord is is more important than all the other things that nothing politics is important because, be seated. It the ultimate answer for hurting and broken and lost people in America people and broken relationships abusive relationships, broken homes, is not the right of the left. The Republicans of the Democrats of the government at all the answers found in the church and through the power of salvation in Jesus Christ and and we have to remember that we actually have the answer.

We all look to DC, but we have the answer and that's like the so cool anywhere church matters T-shirt or are golf shirt or the fleece sure like I ordered earlier today begs that question will have you running to some interesting conversations. Eric as you been out there where in church matters gear church By the way everybody like were eager to hurt her, you know what your target heart not have a long drought but I just read you like to look like why I think the church matters and you know in would be different from person person has lived everywhere yet you know you know where the big think I talked about is you write about the church matters is fellowship. You know, especially during this time of you know isolation that you know some of the older people are church may not get to come to church or in person, but it set fellowship of me reaching out to those people and think hey how are you doing you know because there's a lot of loneliness going on throughout United States. Right now our drop will and so I can being a part of the fellowship or being part of the church family means that you can reach out and check on somebody or something checking on you. You have that connection you can imagine are not part of maybe a church family unit. You may be isolated, more so than others and that just copy your least depression and many other again fellowship speaks a lot about why the church matters yet. It's a no-brainer situation, especially with Christmas right around the corner and I know I've got some black Friday Scott stuff going on so want to get to that second but especially Christmas. There is there is a study that came out in the last year to Eric that said that showed about 80% of the people that they identified and talk to. These were non-churchgoers. 80% of them said yeah I would go check out a church of somebody invited me, but we don't invite. We just going to stay in our little holy huddle.

We don't invite. I think there's way more people that are ready for spiritual conversation than we think. What's great about wearing something from church as it helps to start that conversation tell us about. I noticed some specials going on with Christmas and everything black Friday coming up this Friday.

Tell us, how we can engage their working working to run a black correct. I know you're blind writer by party starting comfort colors is popular, people 2030 and $50 and get a free long sleep number colors embroidered T-shirt you prefer, you can write the retail values are like 30 something dollars to the great deal popular shirt menus were just added to the mix. Yet, which is fine and then then again which we spent so much time and money buying things that don't really much of a purpose with them, but in this case, you certainly will. So it's church and by the way, everybody. I do this when I when I bring a ministry on and we talk about whatever's going on in there doing some fundraising stuff.

I never ask you to do anything that I don't do myself. So I went and made my first Earlier I got another golf shirt and then I got the police shirt which I deftly need every day in the studio because for some reason the stinking place is always cold, so I'm excited about that miracle, what your goal here, I mean that there's not really a menu sure we can sell T-shirts and sell all that stuff but book for you personally.

As a follower of Christ, what your goal in doing this you will be like on a macro level. I look at her closing unit within our own denomination across the country and I think like 7 million more are 7 million people or people now don't attempt church menu 20 years ago and all denominations and so you know, really.

My goal is to at least make it steadier or show an increase of church attendance during the next 20 years. Try to move the bar little bit positive than negative yeah and that's that that's a little rule that we can all play church is the website go check it out. Perfect for Christmas but any time of year and it'll help you get in the conversations that was called to get into anyway. Church Eric Mapes, founder think so much brother Helen and I appreciate it. Look forward to partnering their walkable talk again soon there you go. Everybody really really cool.

I love that it is grace because great passage. The message from all other messages) with the fading wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. Our annual think so. I mean, I can talk about all kinds a history for Thanksgiving the real Thanksgiving some article that caught my eye earlier today and I was in no I'm I constantly looking.

It's been attention in a very steep bishopric.

I wake up and I pay attention. That's what I do and there was an article earlier today. Something about the truth of things, giving her some you know whenever I see that kind of stuff for my goal. Boy, here we go here you go. Let's see what they're doing in the truth of Thanksgiving like KRA was one of the liberal news organizations sees me scratch that one of the liberal media organizations concerned no news organizations anymore so tomorrow our annual things can be shown. I can wax on about the actual true heritage of Thanksgiving as we tend to think in terms of pilgrims, which is in the ballpark in the big hat in the big book on the hat and the big buck on the pants and brown and gray and black and white ended in the big gun with the big barrel in the end of it and all its in Turkey and corn in maze and the Indians right but again, remember that the pilgrims were actually the better the better description is the pilgrims were Puritans hard-core followers of Jesus Christ and they were religious separatists who fled the growing persecution of the Protestant movement in Europe for the new land. So you had the pilgrims implement okay 1620 and then you had down further south you had Jamestown Jamestown was a mess. So that was the whole mess with the New York Times in 1619 projects they had. Jamestown is a real America know it isn't the real America was where the religious separatists were who were here to experience and set a course for religious freedom in God did a work in them. They knew they had the eyes of the world upon them. Actually when you look at Gov. Winthrop's statement of the Mayflower compact, it it's thick with mission old language and they knew that if they messed up they would be a byword. Basically a joke to the whole world. And so that's the true story behind things giving you can kinda see that with some of the early Thanksgiving proclamations and some of the early presidents in the United States. So on tomorrow's show. I might do a little bit of that but mostly what I want to do is have you call it, and share or share on Facebook life during the show so that we can give God the appropriate glory for what he's been doing in our lives for the last 12 months and that's like have you ever experienced this in in Sunday school or small group or whatever when it come time for prayer request man once that onset logjam breaks people we have a lot of prayer requests but stop one time ago. Okay, let's do some praise somebody share something you just want praise the Lord for the last week and that logjam is harder to break said to say so tomorrow we break that logjam for the entire show. So just prep yourself for it, but you call in my got them. I say my when I teach young adults. When I teach the high schoolers when I teach the homes will glasses they decently knows Sunday school answers. You can't just answer Jesus or the Bible or the Holy Spirit.

Those are wonderful things. Obviously, the cornerstones of our faith.

But I want you to be more specific and that shouldn't be difficult for us to think think specifically about something you can glorify God for that is done in your life right that should be that difficult.

But oftentimes you'd be shocked as to how difficult it actually can be.

So that'll be tomorrow and show them off Wednesday Thursday Friday back life next Monday so let me do this in the Morgan organa talk to David Fisher at the end of the show.

The last segment too little money Monday act update before you finish up today, but subassemblies going on the news.

The lockdowns are back there getting more visceral. I watched a video earlier today, we need to pray in this. Okay this is I keep using this phrase, and I'm not doing it to be unnecessarily inflammatory, but I'm using the phrase now cold Civil War we had the Cold War coming out of World War II with Russian communism that lasted only up until the 80s when Ronald Reagan basically bankrupted the USSR collapsed yet.

Russia come out of it but never to be the USSR again.

As far as we know, so that was this that was that was the Cold War. We had the Civil War in this country.

Back in the 1860s, primarily over the issue of slavery but also the issue of federalism and the debt that growing death of federalism as the federal government gets stronger and stronger, and states rights. Taking a backseat and so now we have in the situation over and in America ate what I would call a growing cold Civil War a couple classes here and there but nothing like we saw in the Civil War of 1861, 62 and 63 and hopefully will never see that, but we are on that road and so one of the things that we need to be praying for as Christians in this nation's peace, not peace at the expense of truth day, not peace at the expense of truth.

Jesus said, in itself, standing before Pontius Pilate.

For this reason I was born and for this reason, I came in the world, to testify to the true truth trumps everything okay there. The truth, but we do need to pray for peace, but I do think were in a cold Civil War.

What you're seeing right now in this video I watched earlier.

As I and one of the states because the lockdowns are getting tough Blyton assuming he's going to be the next president of the river is taught and no national mass mandate and that the governors don't want to play all go right to the mayors. This is this is coming back and it's going to get pretty ugly. I think unfortunately. So I watched a video earlier today of some shop owners and there were three serifs in there and I like get out. You need a warrant to come in here and search you can't just walk in and the course. The sheriff silicate.

Yes, we can't know you can't.

What we're here to enforce the laws of the mandate law and there like show me the law on the books you have a governor making a need like your North Carolina Gov. Cooper has it stretched out what is normally and traditionally about a 30 or 45 day window for a governor to use emergency powers like Emperor palpitating look it up and then it's been what, eight months, which is completely unconstitutional. And most people just cannot. Okay, but sorry governor vetting the law.

Nobody voted on it. It didn't go through the legislative process it didn't go through the house to the Senate. Senate to the house and then to you for signature.

You just did it and you have the authority to do besides Roman 13 Romans 13 we talk about submit to the governing authorities in the American context. Thank you Pastor Rob McCoy for reminding us of all this, who is the governing authority on the earth in the American context. Well let's go look at the first few want three words of the Constitution, preamble. We the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility on and on and on. Sorry, Mr. President-elect, or whatever your title is you. It's important you remember the words that were the declaration, whichever you prefer. We the people, so this video I mean was pretty ugly and I think it's going to become pretty normal as more more people stand up against the tyranny of the government.

It's not mutually exclusive. So you say what you're not gonna play the government's rules that therefore you don't love your neighbor and in an the government does not enforce the biblical mandate to love your neighbor as yourself. I do that for myself under the power the Holy Spirit right that's called obedience. That's sanctification becoming more more like Christ.

But this is going to get worse as a go to Valley by the way, Gov. Cooper, I'll be in a secure and undisclosed location with more than 10 people there you go, and I believe Sir I have a biblical mandate to love my neighbor as myself, as well as a constitutional mandate to oppose your illegal edicts. It's now loss or you can enforce an edict even before their eye while were on the honor system. Oh okay try that with the stoplight or stop sign or speed limit for that matter were on the honor system human depravity. That's not can work, but in this case there's a growing number of people that are willing to stand up and say okay I'm done. I'm not can keep doing this, you destroy my business destroys my family income which assures my family. It hurts my employees and all the people that my employees spend their income with so this is going to get worse and so the question is which is why we are talking to Eric Mapes in the beginning of the show from church just like a T-shirt it's a T-shirt. Why not a big deal was not the T-shirt.

It's the concept of the conversation, and as the world gets darker and it will preprogram to happen.

As America gets darker and it will then there's this little thing in the BIBLE about salt and light and that's you and that's me by being an obnoxious firecracker but knowing that those are piercingly the realm of death and what fellowship does darkness have with light and when people know you're Christian, you represent a standard and the movable holy standard of God's moral order and they know he exists. Romans chapter 1 and so there's resistance against you because of what you represent. Even Pres. Trump. You know once he started talking about God in the Bible and he holds up a Bible and that you know the interesting and sometimes rather buffoonish ways that he would communicate that. But as soon as he brings that in any talks about Jesus and the assembly pray in Jesus's name in the Oval Office manned the opposition goes crazy, not because of Pres. Trump up because of Jesus Christ himself so we need to be ready at today's good start to be salt and light to speak the name that is above every name tell the one-story that changed life seizes a family with the community estate in the nation. We have to speak about the noble in the seasonal so right that no minders tomorrow. The annual Thanksgiving so no Sunday school answers allowed.

When I asked you to call in or Sharon Facebook. Why something specific that you're really thankful to the Lord. That is done in your life in the last 12 months. Don't just say you know I have a job I have of him. Those are wonderful things but I'm looking for you to dig a little deeper and give a testimony they overcame him. It says in the book of Revelation him being safe.

They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb.

And number two the power of their testimony, and tomorrow is just an opportunity for you to give God some glory publicly to acknowledge and publicly Jesus said you knowledge me before of before man I'll acknowledge you before my father in heaven. But the reverse is also true if you deny me before men, all the night before my fathers in heaven.

So tomorrow a great opportunity for all of us to just share some of the things that the Lord is been doing in our lives. I love doing that show every year, so that's tomorrow will be live and then I'll be off to the rest the week so let's not. Let's turn our good friend David Fisher from La Marque M As always, not gonna throw you under the bus and asked the question David share something about the 12 months that you're really thankful to the Lord for and be specific.

No Sunday school answers allowed a heartbeat.

Your anniversary when the doctors said you three months to year to live your financial affairs in order and I said I know who my God is and I'm going to believe for healing. You and I did with my cardiologist to actually going to use you pass through other three tips you superseded. You done the impossible impossible for healing in your life is just insanely incredible one more to go and I think you're gonna reach about a year and you're now so I'm just completely blessed Thanksgiving. Again I get to see my wife what an awesome testimony and in that we were right along for the ride with that one is much as rare and it's just so priceless to watch God work in your life like that was really cool, which goes right into a great song that you pick the day which I did and how this is coming as perfect as God's just perfect.

So Psalm 23 verse four will start there and talk about some of the financial news out even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me. I know what it's like you heard walk through the valley of the show "a dying three times specifically. I don't like to be on the mountaintop and I know the Lord is Lord of all, no matter were rear but the perspective is he wants us to fear no evil because he is with this you know the waters of the instrument used by shepherds on the curled end of the of the staffers is to pull sheep out of danger. In the end to keep them protected from creditors of God's usually protective dampers for guidance and also the shipper liens against this shows a resting place, us believers have in the Lord. So whatever you're going through your hear my voice.

I'm calling you both look so in tears will reap soon. Enjoy and even though you may be walking in the darkest valley of your life.

Fear no evil for God is with you. That's exactly right. And I love how that is, they comfort me.

Your rod and your staff they comfort me to such great comfort which can really be a great testimony, the watching world as we see things going crazy around us, and even in our personal lives that we can have that peace that surpasses all understanding. And that guy can be quite an effective little pulpit when we then share the good news of Jesus Christ. What a great way to start. Thanks so much for sharing that David more vaccine news came out the day. Is that why the market is up 327 points.

What's going on or about 200 doesn't relate to the vaccine.

Maybe we should call this medicine.

Monday, three weeks ago.

Pfizer came out two weeks ago, McDermott came on today, Austria; came out Oxford University out of Britain to different vaccine though the results were about the same except related to Telstra trials, but the trials are really Darrell, it's not really affecting the market affect the market is having you would think is like a hoopla but as each week. The vaccines come out diminished the potency reboots are important seat of the vaccine market is, like, okay really go vaccine is factoring that it is was really happening. So who knows whether any of the vaccine out it speculates December 11 12 some around there but were still doing dealing with the delivery problem because five church -94°F for delivery. Then we got the system set up so there's still a lot of bumps with that short market. Morgan Stanley came around to the markets are a bit tired so there I think they're tired of though you know what will happen next. Some traders push me pull you think you would cope with breaking out in the vaccine coming out there. 20 throw what they should be trading so kind and very uncertain times. When it comes to depicting the trend of the market. Morgan Stanley said mixture. Don't expect big upsides. There will be a 10% correction third quarter and will probably have a 10% increase overall in the market. All of next year so though not a lot of big news, good news or any bad news either to be interesting, as were most likely going to go through hopefully a peaceful transfer of power in January so that'll be a big impact as well will talk about that as it unfolds.

But last week, last week you reported something that was just massive I have.

I don't know that Pres. trumpets anything specifically about it.

It was China signing that largest trade deal in history.

They left the US out and it's been the eidetic. He said they had been working on it for eight years. Specifically, USA were not bringing you in on this constraint is continuing to move to do whatever they can to diminish the power of of American raise its own standard but tell us about that is trumped done anything is going retaliate in the you know me might only have a couple months left nations and yes your right you were out of it. We were not invited to be a part of the world's largest free-trade deal ever and it did take eight years.

I'm talking about the regional comprehensive economic partnership Re: RCP big victory for China gathered four major allies, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the Philippines for us and there looks like there might be retaliation by prison trumpets administration is close to issuing a list of 89 Chinese companies, aerospace and technology-related that they will US companies will not feel distilled technology or technology or any parts related to technology to these 89 companies in China. What does this mean well $54 billion in attorneys bonds could be affected by this thing shipper goes into place. According to Goldman Sachs and on the bigger picture day.

She needs money for funding. They currently have $635 billion of foreign currency loans out and half of those were denominated in US dollars. So if we collect the chess game you do this we really move this but we were so discontinuous one.

Donald keeps falling or just keep being played. You could see a massive selloff of dollars by China, which we Artie sold $880 billion. Your earlier this year COBIT they would need to sell a lot of dollars to supplement the lack of funding.

The banking system so were in gourmet uncertainty.

If we move this direction could get triggered so quickly that we call the nuclear dollar effect according to what trumpets thing yeah pretty scary stuff talking to David Fisher from landmark capital landmark. is a website get some education, get informed about the diversifying your portfolio. That's why David is helping us every Monday to try to understand these complex things we mentioned. Goldman Sachs already mentioned the US dollar Goldman Sachs and city made a huge announcement about the US dollar. Specifically what happened there. Last week, a day after we are on the radio to give it Goldman Sachs 6% decline in the dollar next year's city said a plunging dollar as much is 20% felony put into perspective for me and the sky is falling, but a 20% fall in the dollars never happened in 26 years of been doing this that would be considered a dollar crash.

I'm not alarmist, but I will why they are saying these big numbers into perspective. We've had a 4% decline in the dollar and the index DX why this year, which is caused a 24% rise in gold a 36% rise in silver it. We just do simple math and it doesn't always win this way but just put some etiology to it. Where was Goldman's right and there's a 6% decline in the dollar.

That means gold will move up some around 36% so will move up 4% since city is right. I even hate to see these numbers which city would be because there can't even fathom a 20% drop in the dollar in one year goal would be up close to hundred percent in children real close to hundred and 50%.

I don't hear me out. I am not saying those numbers here think it's going to happen, but the question SBS why is Wells Fargo same by gold whited Goldman Sachs to ratios they don't dollars by silver. Why use anything but gold banks cool part of the dollar and watch the dollar more than anything else. They walk in the Fed they're saying there's a big downturn in the dollar get rid help and lecture were living in really strange times we have to need to be diligent because were not living in kind of our mom and dad stock market anymore. We need to buy some stable things in 40 years later you cash out of moment.

Everything's finding to go to Disney and you live in your retirement home in Florida those days are over. In the world economy is just a big shell game is a way I look at it the same thing here in America talk about the debt situation 27, 28 trillion in four years and top another 20 trillion on top of that, it's totally untenable when August goes, we don't know. I mean ultimately know as Christians that we have to be very, very diligent in our diligence. Get educated people find out more about 980 880-284-7980 80 one of the other things I'm thankful for is our friendship and your help here in the show, David, God bless you think: and have a great day skimming this week. I look forward to. Thank you. Bless your brother by knowing you, my friend.

I will talk this thing stated. See, no one seemed know myself losing my voice is always

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